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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> he's slimmer, trimmer and talking about things he never talked about before, including balco. life after baseball. is barry bonds like you have never seen him before. good evening. i'm jessica aguire. >> i'm raj mathai. electrifying and controversial figures back in the spotlight. barry bonds wants back in the game, but not necessarily on the
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field. he referred to himself as a convicted felon and gave an interview to us about his future. george kiriyama with the story you will see only on bay area news. >> i have to say barry bonds is sleek and relax and amazing that he stood there and answered questions from reporters for almost 30 minutes. that rarely happened in the playing days. comcast sportsnet bay area was the only camera to capture the interview as he discussed balco to the hall of fame. >> inside again and bonds hits one high! >> he doesn't have regrets over what happened in the steroid case. >> it is what it is. i went through the system and i'm a convicted felon with the department of justice. i live with it. >> a judge gave prosecutors until mid-july to respond to the conviction appeal and could be next year until we hear a decision. >> that's what i am. i went through the system.
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i think what they gave me, i have an appeal right now. >> how this affects his ability to get into the hall of fame and something he said hasn't given it much thought. >> i don't try to predict the future and analyze what others are thinking or how it will turn out. i face my opponent. >> bonds would like to move on to help the giants in some capacity and specifically tim lincecum. >> for lincecum wants the answers, i can do it. if he can contribute, that's fine. if he don't -- >> if anything, he would like to move on with the rest of his live and be done with the court case that stretched for several years. >> i gave my life to baseball. you know what i mean? i gave my whole body. for the game and love and
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everything else. >> bonds is recovering from back and hip injuries. the injuries happened in his training that include cycling. he is now down to 212 to 215 pounds. >> thank you, george. it's an annual tradition. the memorial services at the crosses of lafayette. a hillside dedicated to memorializing each skpefr soldier since the iraq war. you were there when something happened with the mother of one fallen hero, stephanie. >> that's right. it's a special moment. while we were talking to her, something took her breath away. her son was 6,000 and 493 fallen soldiers honored at the hillside. >> when he was killed i couldn't look. i couldn't look. >> yolanda's voice chokes even now four years after her son was killed in action, three miles
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from her home were the crosses honoring the heroes. it's a place where her son used to visit all the time and tonight is her first time. perhaps the hardest step this is mother had to take. >> it was about realizing my son was dead and that was a difficult realization. >> finally it took an hour before something caught her eye. >> there is my son. oh, my gosh. someone wrote his name. wow. >> stunned, vega wiped away the tears. just one of many here to honor a loved one. the tears fell freely for many, including barbara whose nephew was killed in afghanistan 11 months ago to the day.
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>> his mom remembers him every day. >> nadya's son was i canned eight years ago and she devoted her live to supporting the veterans. the same mission for yolanda vega as the sunsets each day. she thinks of honoring her son's memory by helping those who did make it home. >> if he had come home he would be giving his attention to all those who came behind. that was who he is. >> yolanda is a member of gold star mothers of america. she and others honor the veterans by visiting the local v, and giving them hugs and saying hello. their way of saying we understand and thank you. live in lafayette, nbc bay area news. >> our heart felt condolences to all of them on this memorial day. today marks the passengers and crew on flight 93 who died in
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the 9/11 attacks. friends and loved ones gather at the union city memorial where they are remembered with a marker of red granite. there is a reading of the names of those who crashed while en route to san francisco. relatives say history shows they did not die in vain. >> people don't sit back on a plane when something is about to happen anymore. we sl seen instances where they have risen up to stop people from doing odd things on airplanes. i think that's part of the legacy. they are an inspiration. >> a sad ceremony, but a celebration of the strong friendship they forged through a tragedy that united them. >> the worst possible news for his family. a 21-year-olsoldier from from salinas has been killed in afghanistan. he died onr- saturday. specialist ville mar was
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attacked when he was attacked with an improvised device and flown back to the united states yesterday. this picture was taken of his flag-draped casket as it arrived in delaware. he graduateed from high school in salinas in 2008. the mayor said he is the eighth sa lynn as area native to be killed in rack and afghanistan. >> a suspect is dead and a vallejo pd is investigating. police shot and killed an ton baretta after a high speed chase. the car stopped because of flat tires. they pulled what turned out to be a card case from his waist band. he was a good father who worked for 50 years as a supervisor at a napa winery. >> when you are talking about fractions of seconds, there is not a lot of time to assess. they have to react or put
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themselves or others in harm. >> nobody's perfect. he had a dui and that's why he ran. he didn't want to go back. >> barrett did have a criminal record that includes five felonies and he was on probation. thursday night police shot and killed another man who allegedly threatened them with what turned out to be a bb gun. >> we have late news regarding the dumbarton bridge. it will reopen earlier than scheduled. instead of 5:00 it will open at 3:00 a.m. it has been closed for retro fitting. they installed a new joint that will give more flexibility in earthquakes. they installed new medians and will restripe the bridge. the $60 million project is expected to be completed by next year. >> get ready because it's going to be wild. wild as in many wildfires. we are not out of may yet and cal fire announced the start of
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the wild player season here in the bay area. looking around to the hillside, it's no mystery why. jodi hernandez shows us what to expect as fire season kicks off. >> we're should be seeing here in may a lot more green on the hills and have such a contrast. >> that has the fire chief very worried. this year's lack of rain turned things brown and dry extra early, making the bay area's vegetation more flammable than ever. >> that moisture is down to the point that we have not seen them in documentation and this low to where they would take off instantly when they are preheated in a fire. >> continues led to an earlier start to fire season. beginning today, cal fire stations across the bay area are staffed and ready to roll. >> they are geared up to save
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people's homes. life and property is our main focus. >> cal fire officials say conditions are so dangerous this year it's crucial for homeowners to do their part. >> each homeowner has to make sure they do a 100 foot clearance to give us a fighting chance for them. >> to add fuel to the situation, fire stations across the bay area and state have been forced to cut back. it just could add up to one of the worst fire seasons in recent history. >> i'm nervous about the type of fire and how big they will get and the lack of firefighters. it's going to compromise the safety of the people as well as the firefighters. >> nbc bay area news. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center and the wind wasted no time in picking up 15 to 30 miles per hour from the east bay. numbers are warm up here for tuesday with upper 60s by the
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noon hour. we will talk about a much hotter seven-day forecast in a few minutes. . >> fukushima radiation is found in tuna caught off the california coast. >> i had to deal with it. >> she one of the most well-known coaches in the bay area and making a stunning admission. >> look out below. you will hear fromedtarte plane apart moments after take off. we are back in a mem. rt
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>> she went back into the deep so other it is won't have to. she is telling her story of sex abuse at the hands of a trust and revered mentor.
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that started when she was just an eighth greater in mo raga. the damage stayed with her well into adulthood. she finally got justice from the molester. she showed how she was resurfacing with new resolve. >> i just shoved it into the different part of my brain and kind of cut that part of my life off and kept living a wonderful life. >> that are life started to crumble with the flash backs of sexual abuse with the sports coach. >> the flash backs are so real i was seeing what happened to me and seeing the scenes over and over 16. >> the abuse started as a 14-year-old student at joaquin intermediate school. >> you are giving me special attention and i thought it was because i was her favorite and the superstar athlete. >> she gave kristin this secret
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set phone seen in the picture. this photograph was used in court as evidence. >> she gave me a hug and was kissing me on the cheek. she kissed me halfway on the mouth and i knew right then that she -- this was terrible and she wanted something more. >> it ended when kristin reached high school. it primarily ended when she met a young man named scott. they started dating. that's when kristin said she got the kournl to break the cycle of abuse. scott and kristin married in 2007, but three years later her husband noticed she was getting depress depressed. >> she was emotionally crushed. >> after that kristin broke her silence. with the support of her husband, family and coworkers, she went to police and got the evidence she needed. she is serving an eight-year
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sentence after a plea bargain. after all the years, she is finally free of the horror she went through and knows she is speaking out for a purpose. >> the only way i can start to know the pain and the trauma is to believe i was put her to make a difference. >> worry support, abuse victims can come out as a winner on the other side of silence. in walnut creek, nbc bay area news. . >> tomorrow marks another fateful day for san francisco's suspended sheriff. the ethics commission is expected to determine if further legal arguments or testimony is needed before they provide a recommendation. the board of supervisors will decide whether to remove him from office. he called for the ousting following the sheriff's domestic abuse case. they pleaded guilt to a charge from a new year's eve incident where he grab and bruised his
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wife's arm. >> cal trans is standing behind the work of contractors about safety issues on the new span of the bay bridge. the sacramento bee found records of a construction defect in the foundation of the signature tower. a 19-foot section of concrete had not hardened. a builder never reported that defect that meant the concrete was not further examined or repeered. the investigation uncovered what it calls problems with the piles and errors in test data. caltrans officials insisted they are extremely confident in the foundation. >> what goes up must come down, just after take off. an air canada jet is being inspectioned after one of two engines failed after take off. small pieces of metal debris found along the path crashed on
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to at least cars below, but did not injury anybody. two people recalled the moments before the plane landed using one engine. >> while we were in the air they were really, really vague. it's a problem with the engine and we will have to come back. by the time they landed we got into more details and the imagine was overheating and they found it serious. glad we made it back. >> looking around when it powered down, no one seemed to bat an eye and think anything was odd. >> that was a boeing 777 bound for tokyo. >> a special delivery that no one ordered. pacific blue fin tuna with radioactive contamination. 6,000 miles from japan to the u.s. beverly white from the nbc station in los angeles has more. >> 14 months later is confirmation of radio activity in blue fin tuna, all be it
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slight ae amounts. it is no surprise for the scientists whose work is tagging of marine life. >> dhar a great service for science and society. >> pacific blue fin spawn off the coast of japan and grow up to 1,000 pounds. sushi lovers acknowledged they were concerned when disaster first struck. >> we love sushi and we got over it and got past it. >> the disaster and what went on, we are cautious of what we serve. >> i can't stop eating it. it's that good. i am much healthier than the other foods we eat here. >> while they assert the cesium detected in blue fin tuna is not thought to be damage figure consumed, this scientist
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believes it should drive energy policy. >> it's a good lesson about nuclear power plants i think on the coastline. it's important. >> again, that's beverly white from the l.a. station. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri and the holiday weekend is just about over. >> the reality of the workweek. >> they will welcome folks from the grind. moisture picking up into the east bay that will likely produce areas of patchy fog in the south bay and the peninsula. numbers of coal and you have the desire to head out in the next hour or two. they feel like the 40s in the north bay and 52 in oakland and 55 in santa cruz. live hd skycam ra and transamerica building shining bright. 3,687 windows and trying to out shine the bridge and we know who had the big 75th birthday. let's bring you back to the headlines.
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the areas of drizzle for the immediate coastline. throughout tuesday we will have warming inland. we will hold off the larger heat until we get more down in the seven-day forecast. we have rainfall out here in the pacific. this would normally produce measurable rainfall. look at this. here comes the jet stream with the area of high pressure that will deflect the storm activity and that will help to warm us up. if you head into wednesday and thursday, that is the warmest slot of weather. for tuesday it's that fog. by wednesday that is when you notice the difference for the east and the south bay. 8:00 a.m. and santa and the peninsula. you may have it meander back and throughout the afternoon, we will have a sunny finish for most of the bay area. about 90% of us and 10% up against the coastline you have the fog struggling to move out. 49 in the valley and 50 in
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livermore. daytime highs should be topping out from about 3 degrees to 5 degrees. 75 in san jose and 75 in las gatos. this will be the warmest spot on the map. slitly cooler in the east bay. 76 in pittsburgh and 73 in pleasanton with low 70s for hayward and fremont. for san francisco, can't bumming you out of the 60s. head up to santa rosa. on your three-day forecast, temperatures to the mid-and upper 80s wednesday and thursday. not going to hold on too long. not going to get cold by this weekend. low 80s and for monday and tuesday, upper 70s. we will be staying put inland and 60s for the coast. real nice weather coming as we head back to work tomorrow. i know everybody is going awe, work? not too bad. >> we're can't top what we saw last night. it was breathtaking.
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just ahead when we zuckerberg's chinese tv star. sort of.
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the new buzz from men low park is about a phone. a facebook phone. the company hopes to release their own smart phone by next year. the paper quotes several facebook employees who say more than a half dozen apple engineer who is worked on the iphone and ipad are on board facebook for the project. bloggers are skeptical about the ability to build a successful smart phone. the ad business is not keeping up with the shift to mobile devices so they may not have a choice. >> the social network is blocked, but founder mark zuckerberg is making it past the sensors. tv viewers caught a surprise camera with him and his wife on state-run tv. it shows him behind two police
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officers was inserted into a documentary by solving high tech crime in china. they visited china back in march. back inom a ment with more barry bonds in sports. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪
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the 2013 sl.
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scott reece in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. there was a time not so long ago that seeing arizona on the schedule sent shivers down giants fans collective spine. the d'backs have beaten san francisco straight games, but suddenly that tide is turning. trying to make it three straight wins and memorial day at at&t and they are throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. batting and angel is running. blanco is running as well. the double steal and the giants steal a run and make it 1-0. 3-0 and here is blanco with the stick.
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that will play and they make it 4-0. they pitch out of a ninth inning jam and barry zito through seven innings for the first time since april 14th. >> it was big. i have been backing myself in a corner and having them fight back and tough counts. not something you can do consistent consistently. >> i can't say enough about how he handled everything including not being on the postseason roster. he has been a team player throughout and glad to see him having success. he is that kind of guy and doesn't dwell. that is to do the best job can and did it when he went out there. >> barry bonds wants back with the giants not as a player, but an instructor. among the notables with the media session with the game for which our camera was the only
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one present. they addressed last year's felony and offered up his tutorial service to the struggling ace. >> i sometimes want to help. i was going back home and thinking that's about it. to show you something. 51. >> josh redick, have a season. 14 on the year and the a's have a 1-0 lead. it's 4-4, the sacrifice fly and allows runs. the a's go down and the losing streak is down six games. celtics heat game one.
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dwyane wade and the bank opened on this holiday. he had 22 later in the fourth. wade, the drive. sweetness with the left hand. the heat win it by 14 and lead the series one game to nothing. they play with arizona tomorrow at at&t and a happy memorial day for from those of us here at comcast sportsnet. >> thank you, scott. back in a moment. sp
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there is a lot of shake over an upcoming option. elvis presley was laid to rest will be on the item block. in 1977 and following his funeral in graceland, his body was encrypted in memphis. in two months the body of him
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and his mother will be moved. they will auction it off in a two-day sale on june 23rd and 24th. the opening bid is $100,000. >> we say good night on this memorial day weekend. see you tomorrow.
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