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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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freeway because it's easier but it's just not right now. >> reporter: so she's happy to learn starting tomorrow afternoon a metering light will regulate drivers getting off highway 280 and moore park in san jose. >> i feel that it's going to help. >> reporter: in addition to the on ramp caltrans will turn on metering lights on six other on ramps on highway 280 all the way to 11th street in san jose. by fall, another six metering lights will be up and running along on ramps connecting cars to 280 north. don't plan to sleep in just yet. the $5.5 million project will save commute ears mere 30 seconds. right now during peak commute times 9,000 vehicles uses southbound on ramps. the big pay i have for motorists is safety. >> they are going to reduce the congestion and increase the speed of the vehicles traveling through the corridor. a bigger benefit though is the safety. as vehicles merge on to the mainline, that'sing if to make it a much safer condition for
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everybody driving. >> many drivers say the metering lights drive them crazy. >> because i have them where i live now when i'm coming to san jose and it takes me literally 20 minutes to get on the freeway. >> i would say get rid of the lights. they don't really help. i get on the freeway just fine without someone stopping me. it's just going to create more traffic essentially. >> reporter: which means when the new metering lights go on tomorrow some drivers will see red even after the light turns green. during the past year caltrans has turned on 89 ramp meters here in the bay area. by the way, when you're sitting at that light tomorrow, you'll be there between four and ten seconds. reporting live in san joerse, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. acting on a tip the sheriff's dive team pulled the body of a man out of the waterway near blossom held and sanchez. the santa clara county sheriff's
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department believes the body had been submerged in water overnight. detectives say they are treating the case as a homicide. an unconfirmed report says the death was the result of a fight between two men in the pond. only one of them making it out alive. it was a first in the start. nearly seven years ago fremont police began refusing to respond to unconfirmed burglary alarms saying it was a waste time and money since most of them are false alarms, but now residents say the real thick is happening and burglaries are on the rise. nbc bay area's stephanie trong is live at police department. >> reporter: the police department is saying burglaries are on their way down in recent years but the neighbors i spoke to say that's not what they have seen. they are ready to fight to change all the rules. she paid for a security alarm system. after her house in the mission san jose district of fremont was broken into. >> it's the desperation. they will take anything.
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>> reporter: that was three years ago. since then countless rents have also fallen victim including her neighbor whose front door was busted in just over a week ago. >> i was so scared because she is very -- she is there all the time. she's very careful. if her house is broken into, where are we? >> $40,000 worth of mostly jewelry stolen. she believes she nearly had a run-in with thieves who may have been casing her home. >> turn the corn we are hoodies on and when they saw me they got in the car that bolted. that's a good indication. next day trees outside were broken so you know they were look inside the neighborhood. >> reporter: second time for her. the first break-in happened in 2005 just after fremont enacted its verified response policy not responding to an alarm unless seen or heard by someone. these resident are fed up, but fremont police say 99% or burglary alarms are false and eliminating the response time saves an average of $60,000 a
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year. in fact, according to their numbers, the numbers of actual burglaries has dropped the last several years with only one consistent figure. the percentage of false alarms always hitting over 99%. >> so do you want your resources, you know, at a house where it is almost always going to be a false alarm, or do you want them out, you know, patrolling the populated area of the city? >> but these women say they are doing everything possible. >> if you are seen on our street, your picture is taken, your license plate is down and your car photo is taken. >> and it's time for some sort of change. fremont police stressing this day as an average of $600,000 a year, but how does this policy compare with other cities around here in the bay area. we'll find out coming up tonight at 6:00. for now live in fremont, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> what a difference two weeks make, pinnacle of optimism to valley of defeat. facebook stock continuing to
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tumble today. business and tech reporter scott budman joins us. scott, when does the slide stop? seems shocking. every day we see this. >> reporter: the $23 billion question and for now we're still seeing a ton of insider selling and employees haven't even had a chance to sell. facebook shares started the week today the same way they started last week, a big tumble. the company is now down below $29 a share. lost nearly $22 billion of market value since ringing the opening nasdaq bell. now, this is still a very volatile stock. can you add to that rumors out this morning that facebook is thinking about paying a browser company called opera. all in all you've got some nervous investors, and they are selling the stock. now also hit, facebook social networking cousin zynga. the company has fallen since facebook went public, today dipping 8% to just above $6 a share. janell, these stocks are not for the faifnt heart, and facebook still has a lot of selling out in front of it.
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>> thanks so much, scott. >> you bet. the fate of suspended san francisco sheriff reasony will be discussed. they are expected to see if any further legal arguments are needed before providing a recommendation about mirkarimi's future. then they will decide whether to remove the embattled sheriff from office. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a false imprisonment charge in which he admitted to grabbing and bruising her right arm on new year's eve. >> decision 2012 and here we go again. donald trump questioning president obama's birthplace, this while trump and mitt romney are at an event in las vegas tonight. the las vegas fund-raiser comes just a few hours after trump rekindled the birther debate questioning whether mr. obama is
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an american-born citizen on cnbc this morning. romney's campaign has dismissed it as a non-issue. the republican candidate says he believes mr. obama was born in the u.s. our question tonight. do you think romney's association with trump will help or hurt his campaign? text or call in your response. you see the number right here, 408-300-9222. press one for help, press two for hurt. we'll bring you the results on our 6:00 newscast. a bet on the future that paid off. still to come at 5:00, how one man's dream to fix a bay-area school became a reality. >> and devastation twice in two weeks. the search for survivors in italy where they are digging out from an earthquake. >> also. they have enriched my life. just getting to know them, having them be part of my life. >> and the call of the wild. the bay area woman whose passion for her profession is as big as an elephant, even after 20 years on the job. >> and good afternoon.
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i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc way area weather center. plenty of wind today from the coastline to the eastba, anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. those numbers, they are going to be getting even hotter as we head into wednesday with mid-80s for the south bay. we'll talk about a return of 90-degree heat and how long tha. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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today the u.s. expelled senior syrian diplomats from washington, d.c. this was in response to the massacre of 100 civilians in western syria last friday. the killings were believed to be carried out by pro-government forces. today u.n. envoy kofi annan met with syrian president bashar al assad urging him toned the violence. the u.s. and european allies are pushing for sanctions. the search for survivors is under way in north italy after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck this morning. at least 16 people have been killed. an estimated 14,000 people are
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now homeless. rescuers with search dogs have been digging through the rubble all day. residents are also dealing withes could of aftershocks that have hit the area. this is the second major earthquake to hit that same region in less than ten days. the nation's highest civilian honor and among the recipients, stockton native and co-founder of the united farm workers delores quarta, in washington, d.c. along with legendary singer bob dylan and senator john glenn. a touching ceremony. she is among 13 recipients of the medal of freedom. she founded the usw with activist cesare chavez in 1962. among her fellow recipients tonight, former secretary of state madeleine albright, novelist toni morrison, and we mentioned bob dylan and john glenn. >> growing outrage tonight over the alleged misuse of money from california's 9/11 license plate program. the patriotic plates read we will never forget.
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a portion. proceeds was to fund scholarships to help victims' children, and the rest going to anti-terrorism efforts. the associated press investigation found that california collected nearly $15 million from the license plates. of that money, less than $22,000 went to the children of 9/11 victims here in california. the report found that nearly $3 million went to plug the state budget deficit by both governor schwarzenegger and governor brown. high salaries paid to top executives at california state universities could be frozen following action by the state senate today. the controversial issue has opinion in the spotlight since last year when it was revealed that the new president at san diego state was paid $100,000 more than his predecessor. today the state senate passed the bill by santa clara state senator alquest which would ban pay raises for csu administrators for the next two years. raises would then be capped at 10% for four years. critics argue high salaries are necessary to recruit top
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university executives. the bill now goes to the state assembly. >> the berkeley school district hired a dean of attendance at berkeley high this year. smart move. the district earns more than $1 million extra and saves more than 100 teaching jobs when students show up to class. the school has increased attendance by about two full class sizes. similar increases were seen districtwide. school districts are given money from the state per student. volunteering in the bay area takes all shapes and sizes. in the case of one oakland woman that size is over 10 feet tall and weighs over 1,100 pounds. >> let's be clear. that's not her size but an elephant that we're talking about. here's that report. >> you've heard the phrase an elephant never forgets. well, scientists say it's an exaggeration but not far from the truth. the part of the brain that handles memory is well developed in an elephant, and it is completely irrelevant when it comes to tonight's bay area proud. they don't need a good memory to
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remember zoo volunteer sheryl matthews, not when they see her as often as they do. >> hi, elephant. >> reporter: elephant day at oakland zoo was a great success, at least as far as the humans were concerned, it was. >> each trunk full of water is about eight gallons of water. >> reporter: special barn tours tout hundreds of elephant life in the zoo while raising thousands for conservation outside of it. elephant day was likely like any other saturday. one filled with a steady flow of unfamiliar faces. >> hi, handsome, fella. >> reporter: and one very familiar one. >> hi, guy. >> reporter: one that comes every week with a kind word and a remarkable work ethic. sheryl matthews, you see, has been volunteering with the elephants at the oakland zoo for quite some time. >> every saturday for the past 20 years. occasional vacation. look through your binoculars. >> reporter: this interspecies love affair began two decades
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ago with a course to become a dosin at the zoo. >> she is eating. >> reporter: participant were required to spend an entire hour over multiple visit observing a single animal. >> i was looking around for an animal that i thought i would recognize again and decided that i could probably recognize our male elephant? and if it wasn't love at first sight, it was certainly love within those first 60 minutes. >> everything about them, their behavior, the way they move, the way they indacted with each other, they were big, they were powerful, also very intelligent, just fascinating creatures. >> reporter: these animals, sheryl says, has literally altered the course of her life. she's traveled to africa more than half a dozen times to see elephants in the wild and participate on research projects. she has spent nights at the oakland zoo observing the animals while they sleep. she even helped care for a calf that sadly passed away at just 11 months old. any one-on-one time, sheryl
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says, is magic. >> they have enriched my life, just getting to know them, having them be part of my life. they have become a special part of my life. >> reporter: and staff at the zoo will be happy to hear that sheryl has no plans to go anywhere. she will be here next saturday, and the saturday after that, the elephants, of course, they'd no reminding. >> it's the best day of my week. oh, i shouldn't say the best day. i also babysit for my little great niece and that's a pretty good day, too. >> reporter: i want to let you guys know something. bay area proud, if you want to share that story, want to get in touch with me, via facebook or twitter, the links are there to watch all the bay area proud stories we have done to share them. all in up place at, one-stop shopping for all things inspirational. >> you have the best tv job in the bay area because you're talking about positive stories that make a difference.
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>> in the country. >> in the country, i stand corrected. >> in the country. >> thanks, raj. >> thanks. can you feel it in the weather is changing. a bit of a warmup. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> if you like the warmer weather, i think you'll love what's coming our way wednesday and also thursday. the thing that may put a little bit of a damper on anyone heading outside is that allergy forecast. the moderate forecast for all of grass and oak, does not look better to get better in the immediate. cooler temperatures 61 in san mayato and temperatures close to 80 degrees in gilroy. live hs sky network here in san francisco, clear and fog-free. as we head into the morning hours, we'll see most of that fog that we do expect hugging right up against the immediate coastline. let's get your weather headlines also her as we head into wednesday's forecast. even go a little bit warmer. temperatures spiking inland and then this decent summer blast in that seven-day forecast which could even have some 90s coming
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our way. here is the impressive thing though. at least for this time of the year. the storm track is taking an unusual dip to the south this. would normally bring us rainfall, but here comes high pressure edging up here from the pacific. that looks to deflect the storm activity for us and also eventually bring us temperatures 10 to maybe 15 degrees above average. warmest weather lacks to be here on thursday as that peaks out with near record-setting temperatures where we could go another 10 to 15 degrees higher than today this. will get us close to a record in napa. about the only spot. the old record was 87 set back in 2002, and there you can see the average high this time of the year in the mid-70s. as for the fog in the morning hours, most of you here across the peninsula, also the coastline, we'll deal with that. a quick burnout as that wind starts to switch to more of a drying and also an offshore wind. a sunny finish as we head throughout the afternoon. 51 in los gatos and 52 in concord and also 50 back into
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livermore so not overly cold there for your wednesday morning and daytime highs actually in the 80s. a decent surge here by the afternoon. grab that spf. shorts will be okay. 82 in los gatos and 38 in sunnyvale and mid-80s for the east bay. livermore 85. walnut creek 38. 82 in the castro valley and a mix of 70s to 80 degrees right there in fremont, and for the san francisco peninsula we'll keep it close to 70 degrees. not quite there. and 65 in pacifica and 65 in half moon bay. can you see with this heat event it will be very cool at the coastline and you head just slightly inland. hottest weather for thursday, also into friday with upper 80s to near 90 degrees. looks pretty good for the giants game as we head into friday right here on nbc, and the numbers will start to back off by this weekend. saturday and sunday we'll go for a mix of 70s and also 80s, and then by next monday and tuesday numbers do go down, and right now the forecast models do show a chance of showers to the north
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next tuesday, so as summer gets closer mother nature is still trying to make up her mind. >> a roller coaster out there. >> i know it is. >> we're holding on tight. >> thanks. >> sure. >> still ahead here at 5:00, a local seventh grader put his school on the map, literally. >> and it's already in your medicine cabinet. now it may be the key to reducing your risk of a specific type of cancer. >> and how the first lady is adding another lina stay wh .
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be careful what you post on facebook. you could get robbed. that's what happened to an australian family after a teenage girl posted a post about a large sum of cash. after she posted the picture two thieves arrived at her family's home with a knife and wooden
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club. the girls did not live there anymore. they took a small amount of cash and some personal items. fortunately no one was hurt. in health matters, some popular painkillers may soon be getting more popular. the new study shows taking them could lower your risk of skin cancer. researchers in the netherlands studied nearly 20,000 skin cancer patients. they found those who took the so-called nsaids on a regular basis or anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen were lesley to develop some forms of skin cancer. >> michelle obama owes book "american grown" is now on sale, a look at white house vegetable garden through the years since eleanor roosevelt's victory garden and shares stories of americans across the country who have established school and community gardens. proceeds to the book sales will go to the national park foundation. >> just ahead a way area seventh grader now the big man on campus. this story next.
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he got a hero's welcome. a fremont school is celebrating after one of its students took the top three spots in the national gearing graphic beer. varun mafhadevan is the big man on campus. he took third place in the competition that was held i washington, d.c. last week. he won a $10,000 scholarship >> yeah, i was really excited and i felt really good at how well i had done and how far i had come in the bee. i was confident but i never knew i would get this far. >> varun, you are the man. he plans on putting the money towards college, maybe even go to harvard. the competition began with about
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4 million students nationwide. the winning question, here it is, this is what he missed. what is the bavarian city located on the dan uniriver that was the legislative sleet of the holy roman empire? ? the question confuses me. i'd never get the answer. >> if you ask me to name a city on the danube, i could do that, but that other city. >> what is the bavarian city located on the danube the legislative seat of the holy roman empire. rage answerburg. >> i would have missed that, too. >> he is so smart. actually going to be on the 7:00 p.m. show on comcast 1186 with kris sanchez so we can drill him again. >> see you again at 6:00. >> good night. n
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