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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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oakland police together with federal agents have arrested dozens of the city's most dangerous and violent criminals over the last several months, the worst of the worst, people they say who carry around guns the way most of us carry our cell phones. thanks to the operation, alleged gang members, drug runners, and gun dealers are behind bars. >> we have two weapons with a scope. this is a high-powered weaponry. >> reporter: you're looking at just a handful of the guns oakland police and atf agents have pulled off the streets over the past few months as part of operation gideon, an effort to arrest the most dangerous criminals. >> these were firearms taken out of the hands of those we determined were the worst of the worst criminals and those responsible for the shootings. >> reporter: they announced the results of the undercover operation this morning. they've arrested nearly 100 people including a man who
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alleg allegedly orchestrate add bogus deal to stop a grenade launcher to undercover agents in richmond back in march. >> we hope what we've accomplished so far sends a strong message to those who choose to engage in violent crime on the streets of oakland. we are watching. we will find you. we will prosecute you, and you will be removed from the community. >> reporter: chief howard jordan says he called on the atf for help following the killings of three young children last year. >> just the fact three toddlers were killed in our city last year, and we reached out to the feds and this is what they provided us. >> reporter: police say what they've uncovered is just the tip of the iceberg. thanks to help from the feds, suspects like these oakland brothers accused of selling high-powered guns from their auto body shop, are now behind bars. >> we average about 100 murders a year, so we need to do a lot better job and be a lot more effective in getting guns off the streets. >> reporter: now those are some of the undercover federal agents
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have now returned home. this operation will continue with oakland police and local a it tf agents. we have also been told about 60 of the suspects face federal charges and very like ly could e assigned to federal prison outside the state of california if convicted. that means that they would have to serve is their parole far away from oakland so there would be no quick return. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. now to the south bay, they found what they were looking for but there are stilllenty of questions for police. a dead body was found in aond in san jose. a map's body was found in a waterway near blossom hill and sanchez. divers pulled it from the pond this morning and believe -- and they believe it has been submerged overnight. investigators are releasing very few details except to say they are treating the case as a homicide. a witness report says the death was the result of a fight between two men in the pond with only one of them making it out
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alive. police have not confirmed that information. >> right now the fate of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is being discussed. we have a crew and camera inside city hall as we speak. they are discussing whether any further testimony is needed before they provide a recommendation. the san francisco board of supervisors will vote whether to permanently remove the currently suspended sheriff from office. mayor lee wants mayor mirkarimi out. he pled guilty to a false imprisonment charge stemming from a new year's eve incident in which he admits to grabbing and bruising his wife's arm. >> new at 6:00, another california lawmaker wants to use state fines levied against pg&e to pay for a multibillion dollar upgrade of the pipeline. jerry hillin troe deuced the measures today. if passed the $200 million pg&e has set aside for fines stemming from the san bruno pipeline explosion would go to upgrades.
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he says the measure would reduce the measure the utility would be borrowing and the higher utility rates customers would pay because of those loans. state senator mark leno backed a similar bill that stalled in the state legislature. >> south bay drivers can expect a very dramatic change on their commute. several meigring lhts along a busy stretch of 280 will turn on for the first time tomorrow afternoon. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live along 280 in san jose with what this $5.5 million project will mean for you if you drive that stretch. marianne? >> reporter: well, what are you going to do with your extra 30 seconds? that's how much time these new metering lights are expected to save you during your daily commute. now this light here is going to go online tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. this is the last time you'll be able to breeze through this on ramp to southbound highway 280
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in san jose during your evening commute. that's because starting tomorrow afternoon at 3:00, you'll have to stop at a metering light here off maker avenue. >> for the sake of everybody else, i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: allen larson isn't as convinced. >> i think it's going to create a mess. it's going to take are forever to get on. >> reporter: tomorrow, in addition to this on ramp, caltrans will turn on metering lights on six other ramps to southbound 280 all the way to 11th street in san jose. right now during peak commute times in the corridor, 9,000 vehicles used on 0 ramp . caltrans says the metering lights will improve safety. >> we've done a lot of studies in the area and have a lot of issues with congestion. in collaboration with other partners decided to start this project and it's now come to completion. >> reporter: but don't expect to get home any sooner. >> where we're activating the ramps we expect about a 6% increase in travel time.
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that relates to about a half a minute. and, again, although that doesn't seem like a lot of time, the bigger impact is the safety element. >> reporter: elizabeth potter commutes to downtown san jose using surface streets. she says once the metering lights are up and running she'll try the freeway again. >> i feel it it will help when we're getting onto the freeway it will not be as congested so we can get on, get over and get to where we need to go. >> reporter: if it means sitting at a red light for ten seconds, navigating metering lights is a lot easier than navigating traffic. it's a way that these lights makes you impatient, brace yourself. they plan to activate six more lights by the end of the fall. now these will all be in the northbound direction of highway 280 here in san jose. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area enthuse. >> thank you, marianne. meanwhile, it was smooth sailing on the dunbarton as the span reopened earlier than planned, linking fremont and menlo park
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opened at 3:00 after a three-day closure for seismic fitting. they installed steel plates to allow it to flex during an earthquake. it could require another weekend closure. on saturday night he scored the game-winning touchdown for the san jose sabercats. late last night he was found dead inside of a santa clara hotel room. police are investigating the death of 26-year-old johnny. they do not believe any crime was committed. he was a newcomer to the sabercats, joining the team earlier this month. he was also a star player for the university of washington before joining the arena football league. the sabercats today canceled practice. you see here some flowers were left it at the hotel where he was discovered. the sabercats released the statement. johnny was a great team guy and hard-nosed player, and he will be sorely missed. our thoughts and prayers go out to johnny's family in this difficult time. well, just last week the warriors announced they plan to
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leave oakland and move back to san francisco. talk is chief. they need a lot of things to go their way to build a new waterfront arena. this afternoon the san francisco port commission held a closed session to get the ball rolling. nbc bay area's kimberly tere joins us from san francisco. this is no easy task, money and po politics could be working against the warriors. >> reporter: and historically that has been the case in any building project in san francisco. it seems as though in this case the team and the city are doing everything they can to push this project and meeting with the port commission is a critical step in that process. golden state warriors say the new $500 million arena to be built on the waterfront will be privately financed but the port of san francisco owns the property. pier 30 to 32 which the team hopes to 0 build on. in a closed session at this afternoon's commission meeting, the cost and terms of the potential lease and development
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deal for the warriors is up for discussion. >> the reality of the project is very challenging project, to say the least. especially when you consider the location. >> according to some officials in addition to building costs, the warriors will also have to pay a minimum of $100 million in site preparation, another $95 million to get out of their current bond debt with the oakland coliseum. >> i think they make a decision to go to san francisco so our job now is to ensure that they leave their financial obligation to the city of oakland. >> reporter: it appears the move won't be a slam dunk which brings up the permitting process. >> the difference can be pretty tough and long. >> reporter: small business owners we talked to including steven cornell who owns browning's hardware store say they've been working for years with the city and county to streamline the process of building and/or opening a business in san francisco. >> we all have to go through the
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process of some sort. they're going to have to go through a lot more hoops than many businesses. so if they get fast tracked, maybe it will filter down to the rest of us, also. >> reporter: the mayor and other city officials behind the warriors, it will be hard for them not to come out on top. city officials are already creating a time line for the design, review, of the arena hoping the team can move in just in time for the 2017-2018 season. we asked the port commission about today's meeting and also generally about the process of building on the waterfront. they referred all questions to the mayor's office. the mayor's office referred us to another city office, and that staff did not call us back. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. still ahead, despite burglary in one bay area city, and now some people are asking if a police policy is partially to blame for it. >> i'm scott budman. a new internet virus has the united nations attention.
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and facebook's stock price it continues to fall as investors wonder when to jump in. >> also, an unsettling discovery in lake tahoe. the new technology uncovering some hidden dangers. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. the onshore flow coming back. also a few areas of fog at the coastline with our marine layer building up. however, it will be all about increasing temperatures. we'll let you know how hot it's going to get and when the potential 90s will return in a few minutes. and we're asking you to weigh in in our flash survey question this evening. do you think mitt romney's as s association with donald trump will help or hurt? 1, that it will help, 2, that it will hurt. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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facebook is hoping to get some likes from the city of menlo park. the city council could vote on
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the expansion plan as early as tonight. if approved, the plan would allow the company to nearly double its workforce from about 3,500 employees to nearly 7,000 workers, but with more workers comes more traffic. facebook has already agreed to restrict the number of cars going to and from its headquarters by encouraging employ yes, sir to take shuttles, car-pools, or bike to work. facebook also says it it will provide the city of menlo park with about $15 million worth of benefits over the next 14 years. while facebook may be expanding, its stock value is changing. investors wait iing for the big facebook turnis around are still waiting tonight. in what's being called a big flameout, facebook shares started the week the same way as last week, with a tumble. the menlo park company below $29 a share having lost nearly $22 billion of market value since the opening bell rang from the nasdaq. this is still a very volatile
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stock. add to that rumors is yosurfaci today that facebook may be thinking about buying a browser company called opera. lots of nervous investors still selling the stock. from a flameout to a flame, the united nations already reportedly set to issue a warning about a new computer virus called the flame. here is what we know. it is a virus recently discovered in iran and other parts of the middle east. not yet sure where it comes from but it's a virus aimed at data. u.n. officials say it may have been created to attack iran's nuclear infrastructure. the department of homeland security says it's looking into the flame but reminds us it has not struck yet. google, meanwhile, is taking another shot at trying to sell you a chrome book. this is basically an inexpensive l laptop with the chrome operating system built in. while chrome itself is being downloaded a lot on other machines, the chrome book has not sold well. google is changing the books a bit and making them for sale at best buy. and a little later in the show, silicon valley takes its technology on the road
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specifically to southern california for a new ride. we'll have an inside peek at how they made transformers coming up at 6:40. we talk a lot about local technology in the movies. some of the same companies are the same with budget cuts and tuition cuts, we're learning tonight the system has spent millions of dollars upgrading the homes of university president. more than $2 million has been spent in the last decade upgrading the kitchen, garages, even hiring interior decorators. the sacramento bee reports $430,000 was spent on the president's home at cal poly. the bill was $300,000 at cal state fullerton. $275,000 spent by san diego state university. and $115,000 at csu northridge. all of the approved presidential housing is in southern california. well, the search is over tonight 0. the high speed rail project has a new leader.
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the new ceo of the high-speed rail authority was named today. he's no stranger to the $7 billion project. in fact, he spent years as a consultant and was the executive director of caltran to 2000 to 2004. morales steps in at a crucial time for high-speed rail authority. over the next three months the legislature must decide whether to start building the first 130-mile leg in the central valley. that stretch will cost $6 billion and must be completed by a federal deadline of september 2017. if the project misses the deadline, it could potentially lose some of the federal funding putting the entire project in jeopardy. technology is uncovering new information about lake tahoe and the prospect for widespread earthquake damage there. the usgs used high-resolution imaging to see through the c canopy to the formation of the ground below. the research detected seismic fault lines which are more substantial than originally thought. experts worn that a quake with a magnitude higher than 6.3 could
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trigger landslides stretching from truckee all the way down 25 miles south to emerald bay, virtually the lake's entire western shore. and engineers are double-checking in southern california. it's a problem they say went undetected for years. they say too much vibration, like an earthquake, could cause the backup generators to shut down incorrectly. these generators are one of several contingency systems that would activate if the station lost power. >> let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. it is getting warmer. >> i think you're getting excited about that. >> i am. >> i can tell. the numbers are going to be jumping quite a bit here if you head throughout tomorrow and some peek heat hitting us by thursday. comfortable for the south bay. 71 in los gatos. gilroy could be one of the warmest spots. 75 in san rafael. numbers cooling off with that onshore flow.
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we'll take you out to our live hd sky camera network and what you'll find tonight, that's traffic backing up on the golden gate bridge but we are fog free at the current moment. while we're expecting some fog, we're not expecting it to be too thick. here it is on the satellite radar picture. we are storm free-for-all of california, but as we look at the overall pattern, we do have this onshore flow out of the west. and that will continue the fog as the immediate coastline over the next couple of days. but here's the thing. if you live inland, also for the peninsula, high pressure will be building offshore that will bring us this warming trend for this week. tomorrow morning we'll start off with the fog in the immediate coastline and the peninsula that starts to back off. look at this, clears out by the afternoon hours. sunny skies expected across the entire bay area. that will leave us with 48 in redwood city. 50 in livermore and also 51 in the valley. your day planner has numbers popping up into the mid-80s inland. by 4:00 p.m. upper 70s at the bay. and then just when things start
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to get hot we'll talk about larger changes coming out of the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. that includes some cooling. >> thanks, jeff. we'll see you shortly. still ahead at 6:00, where is the money going? new questions over a state scholarship program that was supposed to honor the victims of the september 11th attacks. also ahead, the over-the-counter drugs that may protect you against one particular form of cancer. and mitt romney's planned visit to the bay area is already stirring up some controversy. the connection to meg whitman. and here is our flash survey question. do you think romney's association with donald trump will help or hurt his campaign? text or call in your response to 408-300-9222. 1 for it will help. 2 for it will hurt.
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decision 20012 now, controversy for republican presidential candidate mitt romney tonight as he celebrates his victory in the texas primary with the donald. tonight's las vegas fund-raiser comes a few hours after trump
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again raised the issue of president obama's birthplace. questioning the president's citizenship. romney's camp dismissed it as a nonissue but opponents say the alliance could cost romney politically. he officially clinched the nomination for president after a big win today in the texas primary. he needed 38% of the vote to get the 1,144 delegates required to win the gop nomination. now we asked you if you thought romney's association with trump would help or hurt his campaign. an overwhelming number of you think it will hurt him. well, tonight las vegas. tomorrow night hillsborough. mitt romney is coming for a fund-raiser co-hosted about by meg whitman. let's bring in our bay area political analyst larry gerston. there might be a down side for romney coming to the bay area. we'll start with the campaign cash. always helpful when you come here. >> reporter: when it comes to california, to run a presidential campaign, this state is golden for any serious
6:24 pm
candidate. last week president obama picked up $6 million in northern california, and that was after collecting $15 million two weeks earlier in southernc california. that amounts to about 20% of all the money he's raised. hey, romney is no slouch. he's already picked up nearly $11 million here, and he hopes to add a couple million more tomorrow night. so far, he's raised about 10% of his campaign fund right here in california which, of course, is a very blue state. >> is there anything of a down side here, guilt by association? the dinner co-hosted by meg whitman, no stranger to us, just announced 25,000 layoffs at hp, add that to all the discussion about how bane capital was known for laying off workers. will this, can this, be an is e issue? >> reporter: of course the democrats would love to think so. but let's face it. romney is not going to get their votes anyway. the big struggle is what the big struggle always is and that's over the votes from the independents. romney's problem now is not the
6:25 pm
layoffs per se but his inability, so far, to present his role as a moneymaker for the company. now there's a difference between what a businessman does and what an elected official does. what romney needs to do is show that just as he could help businesses, he can also do the same thing for employees as president. >> so are democrats bark iing u the wrong tree here? is there a danger here in their criticism? >> reporter: i'm going to tell you something, president obama and the democrats can't rely only on romney's past. that's not going to be enough whether it's a businessman or a governor. obama has a record to defend. and that means not only showing his successes on job creation but explaining why it's taken so long for the economy to come back. here is the bottom line, raj, it's that each side must articulate their vision always while defending their record, and they both have a record that could be questionable. >> okay. very good. larry, thanks for your inside. mitt romney in hillsborough tomorrow night. >> we did some digging into the connection to romney using data
6:26 pm
compiled by whitman has given nearly $400,000 to republican candidates since the year 2000. she gave nearly $105,000 to romney since 2007 including a recent $100,000 gift to romney's pac, restore our future. still ahead, it was supposed to stop kids from smoking and help smokers kick the habit. a new study says billions of dollars collected here in california appear to have done anything but. >> reporter: and i'm stephanie chuang where police won't respond to a burglar alarm unless someone sees or hears it. is that working out? that's coming up. and i'm janelle wang. the u.s. hands an eviction notice to syrian diplomats after a gruesome massacre and a frantic certificate for survivors after a deadly earthquake rocked northern italy for the second time in days. your international headlines next. ♪
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fremont police began refusing to respond to unconfirmed burglary alarms. at the time they said it was a waste of time and money but most alarms are false. >> now thieves are on to it and the real robberies are taking place and cops are nowhere to be found. stephanie chuang has the details and joins us with what will happen next. stephanie? >> reporter: raj and jessica, the people i spoke with have lived in fremont for decades and they are to the point now where they say they're scared not just to have their things stolen but that they may get hurt especially if police are nowhere to be found. >> when they couldn't find an open window then they just filed through the front door. >> reporter: solomon is still shaken after thieves made off with $40,000 worth of jewelry including her wedding ring. she believes she came face-to-face with two men who had been casing her south
6:30 pm
fremont home for weeks. >> when they saw me, they got in the car and bolted. so, i mean, that's a good indication. the next day trees were broken so you know they were looking inside our neighborhood. >> reporter: this is the second time her home has been targeted. the first came in 2005 just after the fremont police department enacted its verified response policy meaning an alarm isn't enough. they will only accepted an officer if someone actually sees and/or hears the burglary. >> everyone is frustrated. i don't know anyone who has not been burglarized yet. >> reporter: according to fremont poe lee, the number has gone up about 10% since last year but the number of burglaries at alarmed homes and businesses have actually dropped the last few years with the percentage of false alarms hitting above 99%. >> we just don't have the resources to go out and chase these alarms. >> reporter: as for other cities, palo al it to has seen a recent is climb. officers temporarily stopped responding to a home that has had more than seven false alarms
6:31 pm
in a 12-month period. police respond to every alarm, none of those cities has seriously considered a policy like fremont's, a policy that upsets resident fred green who says three of his neighbors have been targeted in the last three weeks. >> the two homeowners that were involved, actual people inside the home or in the yard, they were told by the police that it is getting worse. these types of criminals are not the kind that will just run. if they are comprehended, they're prepared to fight and possibly kill. >> we're making it hard er and harder, getting cameras, getting dogs, people are taking pictures from their windows. so even if they don't see us, we see them. >> reporter: these neighboring adding they want a compromise with the city and the police department who don't respond to all the calls but at the same time don't ignore them all either. live in fremont, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> he is charged with several brutal attacks but fred says he
6:32 pm
didn't do any of them. he pled not guilty during a hearing in san francisco today. he's charged with 24 felony counts in connection to the violent rapes of three women. police say those attacks occurred months apart. authorities arrested him in january when he was employed at the food service worker for the san francisco unified school district. a 6-year-old boy is now the second victim of a deadly car crash in berkeley. xavier chavez died friday, the passenger in the back seat of a car that slammed into a tree at california and alston on may 18th. xavier's mother also died at the scene. the driver is facing drunk driving charges. police say he had a blood alcohol level of two and a half times the legal limit. governor jerry browne is calling for an investigation into alleged misuse of funds from california californians. the plates read we will never forget. a portion of the proceeds was to fund scholarships to helpchdren
6:33 pm
towards anti-terrorism efforts. an associated press finds california collected nearly $15 million from the plates. of that money, less than $22,000 went to children of the 9/11 victims. the report found that nearly $3 million went to plug the state's budget deficit by both governors schwarzenegger and brown. california voters go to the polls next week to decide whether to increase the tax. billions raised so far have not been all spent on prevention programs. the centers for disease control reports that previous laws directing the spending of tobacco tax money leaves the decision on how to spend the cash to local governments. and that, while some of the money is being spent on deterring smoking, usually more is spent on everything from fixing sidewalks to expanding juvie hall. during 2003 state lawmakers used the money to help close the state's budget gap. >> the crisis in syria is at its
6:34 pm
tipping point. that's the warning today by u.n. envoy kofi annan. >> janelle wang is here with our international headlines tonight. >> raj and jessica, a ceasefire brokered last month has collapsed, both sides failing to stop the violence with one of the bloodiest massacres so far since the uprising began over 15 months ago. today kofi annan met with syrian president al asad in damascus urging the leader to take immediate steps towards ending this conflict. >> we are at the tipping point, the syrian people do not want a future -- their future to be one of bloodshed and division. yet it continues. >> last friday more than 100 civilians, including many children, were murdered in the town of hula. they were carried out by assad sporters who went door-to-door killing people. nine other western countries have expelled syrian diplomats asking them to leave their country immediately.
6:35 pm
al qaeda's number two in command killed in afghanistan. the u.s. confirmed today that forces killed him on sunday. he was responsible for attacks on nato and afghan forces. northern italy continues to search for survivors after a deadly earthquake in the region. cameras captured the many aftershocks. at least 16 people are confirmed dead after the magnitude 5.8 quake hit this morning. historic towers and churches crumbled. rescue teams, as you can see, are digging through the debris looking for victims. today's quake comes just days after a more powerful quake hit the same ex pkt region killing six peop. an estimated 14,000 people are now homeless. down in rome the vatican
6:36 pm
continues to rock the catholic church tonight. pope benedict's butler gabrielli was arrested after confidential vatican papers were found in his apartment detailing vatican corruption. officials believe he is just a pawn in a much larger scandal involving vatican dissidents, possibly even a cardinal who want change at the top. pope benedict says he isn't afraid of what might emerge in this winding investigation. and those are your international headlines. >> thanks, janelle. she's been representing san francisco for a quarter of a century. today house minority leader nancy pelosi reflected on her own career. pelosi appeared during a speaking engagement today at the fairmont hotel. she became the first woman speaker of the house and served as speaker from 2007 until 2011. she told us her work is about the people. >> many honors can be bestowed
6:37 pm
but nothing compares to every single day for 25 years walking on the floor of the house representing the people of san francisco and california. >> originally from baltimore, pelosi graduated from trinity college in washington, d.c., in 1976 she was elected as a democratic national committee member and was later elected party chair for northern california. in 1987 pelosi won a special election in the house of representatives. >> stockton native and co-founder of the united farmworkers is in washington tonight where she received the nation's highest civilian honor. she is among 13 hopored today with the medal of freedom. she founded it in 1962. mopping her fellow recipients, former secretary of state madeleine albright, former astronaut and senator john glenn, toni morrison, and music
6:38 pm
legend bob dylan. still ahead here at 6:00, get ready to roll. silicon valley's speecalffts e not for a movie but for a ride. >> and the over-the-counter drugs that may protect against a particular form of cancer. >> and i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. may have been windy but it was warmer with a lot of sunshine from the north to the east bay. numbers get even hotter for wednesday with mid-80s. we'll talk more about that and we'll have to it give you a sneak peek as that friday forecast, the giants and the cubs go at it.
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in health matters tonight, some popular painkillers may soon get even more popular. a new study shows taking them could lower your risk of skin cancer. researchers at the net herlands studied 20,000 skin cancer patients be a found those who took nsaids on a regular basis or anti-inflammatory drugs were less like ly to develop some forms of skin cancer. a new study finds the lungs of smokers can help save the lives of transplants. they tend to live longer than those who refuse the lungs and stay on the transplant waiting list. it's an option patients should consider in situations where a nonsmo nonsmoker's lungs are unavailable. let's turn things over to jeff and talk about the warming trend that we're seeing. >> yes, and i'm guessing that you're excited? >> i'm excited about it. >> and then when it hits 90, well, we shall see. yes, we are expecting the numbers to go up quite a bit the next two days.
6:42 pm
some haze in downtown san francisco. we'll detail who will have the fog and who will get those hot temperatures in a few minutes. ashocker at the french open. the 49er putting his money where his mouth is. and a very welcome sight for giants fans. a swinging panda. if only my dry skin was as soft as his. [ female announcer ] introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond.
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we're used to seeing silicon valley technology on the big screen but now some bay area finding their way into a new ride. >> owned by nbc, turning to local technology for a new 3d side. bur ness a our business and tech reporter scott budman takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: they first attacked the silver screen. now they're invading hollywood with a big boost from silicon valley. jumping off the screen in the new transformers ride at universal studios. >> we wanted to create a space where we could bring these giant, robotic alien creatures to life. >> reporter: the $40 million attraction is the most technically advanced universal ride yet. it features custom design motion
6:45 pm
based vehicles. it seats 12 people inside. that bring you up close to 3d images created by bay area giant industrial light and magic. where a team of artists using servers packed with graphic chips from silicon valley created 3d high resolution themes. >> and what's great, it completely immerses the audience right away. like you believe that when he jumped on the front of your car, he's right there in front of you. >> reporter: it's the closest you can get to the transformers thanks to 14 giant screens and a swarm of custom visual effects. >> escape megatron. >> using 3d technology to bring the creatures up close to you. we have wind effect to make it seem like you're going much faster than you really are. we have water sprays for different water effects that happen. and we even have a heat effect in this attraction when megatron
6:46 pm
shoots you with his atomic cannon and that comes right at you heading in 3d you feel the heat of it over your head. it gets your attention. >> reporter: hollywood magic meeting silicon valley technology. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> the megatron hits you. >> are you going to see that? >> i love rides, so i want to get hit by the megatron. i love it. let's bring in jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist. >> that's going to be wild. just watching it and not even being in it i felt like we were part of the ride there. phenomenal. all right, let's get a look at today's numbers. in the south bay, 84 in gilroy. that was the warm eest on the board. 77 in livermore and then you see here for oakland, san francisco with that westerly wind was the strongest. the numbers in the 60s and not too much warmer in santa rosa with 72 degrees. right now the westerly wind from the coastline to the east bay anywhere from 10 to about 20 miles an hour dropping the current numbers. it is from san mateo into san francisco.
6:47 pm
holding on to 73 in gilroy. dropping off quickly for tonight. as for weather headlines, we'll hold on to the fog at the immediate coastline. not expecting too much inland and for wednesday numbers will be going up. and we're looking at a summer blast in our seven is-day forecast. it will be short-lived but when it gets here a lot of you will be enjoying it. the unusual thing about what's happening right now, the storm tracker is unusually close to the west coast. in fact, if we didn't have this area of high pressure building in off to the south we would be getting rainfall. this does not look to budge here in the next 72 hours so we do think the hottest weather again here for wednesday and also thursday. here is the thing. it's not going to be hot for everyone up along the coastline, not expecting major beach weather. the way the winds will set up, some cooling winds along the immediate coastline. as you head inland, that's the hottest from the east bay down into the south bay and that's where we could have a few records here especially as we head into thursday. for wednesday, it will be close to records in a few spots but we're not expecting to shatter widespread numbers.
6:48 pm
85 in innapa is is our forecast high and that is 87 set back in 2002. so it is unusual to get weather this warm this time of the year. for tomorrow it looks like we'll be about ten degrees above average. we'll start with the fog it at the immediate coastline and then by the afternoon the way the winds are setting up, good-bye fog and hello sunshine for the next couple of days. we'll begin with 47 in santa e rosa. 48 in redwood city. also 51 in the valley. daytime highs will be going up anywhere from 5 to to 8 degrees in the south bay. 84 in san jose. 82 in los gatos. you're going to get close but it looks like the south bay will win out with the warmest numbers. always a competition between those different spots. >> 68 here in san francisco for your wednesday, 78 in san rafael. you don't have to go too far on a wednesday to find some sort of warmth. and our three-day forecast, you don't have to go too far. it looks like thursday will be
6:49 pm
the hottest. then as we head into this upcoming weekend, moderation but definitely does not get cold by any means. we'll have a mix of 70s and also 80s and it will stay cool by the coastline. and for monday and tuesday, there is cooling. there is cloud cover and our models are picking up on a few showers to the north. by no means does it bring any rainfall here to the bay area at this point. so your huge extravaganza for all of the fifth graders, it looks okay right now. >> hyperventilated for a moment. >> i know. sliding down a little bit. >> let's get to sports. let's bring in henry from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. >> a panda sighting. pablo sandoval's hand is not completely healthy, but that
6:50 pm
can't prevent him from tweeting, panda tweeted, quote, san francisco, here i come. and when he returns it won't be a moment too soon. the g-men trail the dodgers by 7 1/2 games. now pablo stepped up to the plate for batting practice today. he took 20 swings batting left-handed. it was his first batting practice since his hand surgery. the gm brian sabian talked about pablo's timetable to returnec t the lineup on today's "chronicle live." >> they think he's way ahead of schedule. the bug a boo is him hitting right-handed. we have to figure out how many at-bats he will or should need at the minor league level. we might start in san jose and have him dh first and move him on to fresno. i think the two-week window is realistic. >> speaking of the giants, vo l vogelsong is has been playing the giants song all season. his home run average is the lowest amongst the giants starters. and tonight he goes for his
6:51 pm
fourth win. jaymee with the latest info on the orange and black. >> yeah, henry, and he has been lights out here at at&t park. in his last 21 games here, his e.r.a. is 1.98. he's been lighting it up and really proving last year was not a fluke for vogelsong. >> every time he's trying to be as consistent as he can. that's just vogel. he's a competitive pitcher. >> every single guy, we know we're going to have a great game. >> he commands the ball. he commands four pitches. he's prepared. he knows how he's going to pitch that game and every hitter, but he just makes too many mistakes. >> a lot of people we're going to ask, you don't have that kind of stuff and locate.
6:52 pm
it would be a fluke. >> and the giants have dropped 0 nine straight to arizona at one point but they have now rattled off three wins in a row against the diamond backs and they will go for four in a row tonight as they look to take the series from arizona. reporting live from at&t park, i'm jaymee sire for bay area. from the diamond to the gridiron. 49ers second of three scheduled otas this off-season. one of the 49ers is predicting a breakout, pro bowl type season, and he's backing it up with cash. mindy box has more on cornerback terrell brown. >> on new year's day against the browns, terrell brown came away with two interceptions and the regular season with a career high four picks. but it was a one he missed during the year that he remembers most.
6:53 pm
>> i dropped four picks last year, easily. so that could easily, you know, be a good pick. >> going into his second year as a full-time starter, he told his 8,500 followers on twitter he will lead the league in interceptions and make his first pro bowl. >> something that's always been in the back of my head but now is really a reality and i'm putting forth the effort, which i was already doing. but anytime you have some success, i think you want to build on that and get better with your play every year. for me it's going out there being technically sound every down, going out there and making plays. >> brown is backing his statements with his own money. if he does not make the pro bowl for the 2012 season, he will donate a game check, approxim e approximately $50,000, to three community foundations that help underprivileged kids, single mothers, and convicted felons get back on their feet. >> a great story, mindy. to tennis now. serena williams, she's done
6:54 pm
speaking french this year. the number five seed in the tournament lost in three sets, 4-6, 7-6 and 6-3. serena has competed in 47 grand slam events in her career. this is the first time ever that she lost in the first round of a grand slam tournament. crazy right there. don't forget, complete giants and a's highlights tonight at 11:00. a's and twins are playing right now. that game is scoreless in the sixth inning. raj and jessica, are we'll have a lot to talk about tonight. >> okay. looking forward to it. >> thanks, henry. for a full half hour of local sports coverage watch sports net central tonight at 10:30.
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here's a look at what we're working on for our 11:00 newscast. one of the most prescribed medications available. tonight the food and drug administration is warning of a fake, what parents need to though about a popular medication used to treat attention deficit disorder and why getting your hands on it could be more harm than good. that's tonight after "grimm." a fremont school is sell is britting after one of its students took a top three spot in the national geographic bee. a warm welcome back from his teachers and classmates in fremont. he took third place in the competition that was in washington, d.c., last week and that earned him a $10,000 scholarship. >> i was really excited and i felt really good at how well i have done and how far i have
6:58 pm
come. i was confident but i never knew i would get this far. >> now he plans on putting the money towards college, maybe even to go to harvard. the competition began with about 4 million students in schools across the country. what is the bavarian city located on the danube river that was the legislative seat of the holy rowman empire from 1663 to 1806? >> that's easy. >> the answer? >> you didn't know that? >> i knew that. i swear i knew that. i knew that. >> kris sanchez is here hosting our 7:00 newscast in just a couple of minutes. and please tell me the big man on campus is coming in. >> he is going to come in with us. >> i'm going to ask him how his parents kept him motivated because that's what we really want to know as parents, right? talk about the united nations that is now among the nation's ex syrian diplomats. >> fantastic. see you at 7:00 and hope to see you at 11:00 as well. ♪
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