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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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might cost to you attend this fund-raiser in a live report. hot time, feeling like sumner the city today. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. cool start will make way to a hot finish with temperatures close 90 degrees in some cities. >> we are watching the 5 off the oakland freeway. we will let you know if it is affecting the sensors. >> we will take to you san francisco. life look at the gorgeous embarcadero. all lit up nicely on this early wednesday morning, may 30. "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thanks for keeping us company on this wednesday morning. it is 5:00. i'm marla tellez in more laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we start with decision 2012 and the race for the white house. this morning the bay area once again serving a as a political atm machine.
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republican presidential candidate mitt romney headlining a fund-raiser in hillsborough today. just hours after locking up the delegates needed to clinch his party's nomination. christie smith joins us live from hillsborough this morning outside of the very mansion where romney, yes, will be courting a lot of big spenders tonight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's exactly right. you would have to be a big spender to attend. mitt romney's schedule includes a dinner this evening right behind these gates that you see here at the chateau. tickets are running up to $50,000. this is a 65,000 square foot estate on the national register of historic places. it has 95 rooms. the fund-raiser is co-chaired by meg whitman. former republican candidate for governor in california and now ceo of hewlett-packard. 88 of forbes richest 400 people live in california which certainly makes it wealthy,
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obviously, and certainly pockets are safe, continual praig stops in the 2012 campaign. one leading fund-raiser for president obama, according to the chronicle, calls this a richie rich event with the location and supporters that are coming. republican strategist is quoted as saying not so fast. you will recall recently president obama was just at the estate and george clooney. attended a fund-raiser. that cost about $38,000 per person. breaking news now in free monday where firefighters and police are working on a hazmat situation near kaiser hospital on civic center drive and walnut avenue. bob redell is taking us to that scene now. once again in fremont. police working on a hazmat situation near kaiser hospital on civic center drive and walnut avenue. convicted palo alto man is
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hoping the high court can save him from execution. me gel galupo is scheduled to be executed for the murders of would brothers after san jose jury store. the 50-year-old believes prosecutors withheld key evidence during his trial. he says the information supports his claim he acted under threat from the colombian drug lord. the state supreme court has 90 days to make a ruling. several people in the bay area right now are trying to stop the release of a man called the angel of death. burt levy, still recovering from the scars, of being run over by david adias in 2001. adias plowed into his car into the street, killing four people, including levy's sister. adias was convicted of second-degree murder and found legally insane. he's in court this week asking to be released to an outpatient treatment center. >> not taking into account what
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he did to me, that would be he gets a little less than three years for each of his murders. that doesn't seem quite fair. >> a familiar sly traveling to those hearings in santa barbara to make sure their son, who was also killed in the attack, is not forgotten. the hearing is expected to last several days. a deadly police chase in contra costa county will get a second look. the core for will hold an inquest into the death of joseph smith. the father of three visiting from arizona was killed last october when a parolee being chased by police slammed into smith's car. smith was visiting pittsburg to attend the funerals of his two older brothers. a seemingly healthy player for the san jose sabercats is now dead days after scoring a winning touchdown. johnie kirton's body was found at the an inn on el camino in
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santa clara. a teammate was looking for the 26-year-old when he discovered the body. kirton joined the sabercats a few weeks ago. the last play saturday night, he scored a winning touchdown in overtime. people who knew him are now reflecting. >> tragic. the highlight of his life the last couple of years has been -- he has become a father. his daughter was, you know the center of his universe. >> investigators say that it appears nothing criminal happened in this incident. the county coroner looking into kirton's medical history to find more clues on his death. 5:05. bank robbery suspect is on the loose this morning in the east bay. lafayette police are looking for this man. take a look. he is suspected of robbing a bank of america branch tuesday near 1st street across from lafayette public library. investigators say he handed the teller a note before taking off with some cash. police are not saying how much
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money he got away with. this morning, the groundwork is laid for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's hearing on official misconduct charges. the san francisco ethics commission deciding on the rules and format late last night. as you can hear there was a lot of support for mirkarimi at the meeting last night. he is fighting back against his removal of office by the mayor. the ethics commission made a handful of witnesses recollection expected to give live testimony. including mayor ed lee and mirkarimi. mirkarimi's wife is also expected to testify. either in person or via video from venezuela. mirkarimi pleaded guilty back in march to a false imprisonment charge stemming from a new year's eve incident in which he admits he bruised his wife's arm. that hearing starts june 19. we are following breaking news right now in the east bay where oakland fire fighters are battling a raging house fire. this is happening on martin
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luther king way near 28th street. firefighters still have a whole lot of work to do. thick black smoke is rising into the air. and crews are calling for more help to fight the flames. they evacuated the home and are now taking on a defensive position that has been too difficult for them to act as the main body of the fire. we do have a crew headed to the scene and we will bring thank you latest information as it becomes available. mike inouye is watching to see how this is impacting traffic. he will join us shortly with details. this is happening in oakland. martin luther king way near 28th street. a house fire that we are following. in other news now, teeing off in the driving range may soon cost you more. palo alto city council's financ committee endorsed a plan to increase most municipal fees by 3%. it is part of the city's effort to raise revenues and align local fees with the cost of providing services. the changes would bring in about $570,000 in the next fiscal
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year. full count sill will consider the matter in mid june. south bay commuters will soon get that green light at a stretch of roadway known for serious traffic. seven metering lights along southbound interstate 280 in san jose will turn on this afternoon at 3:00. the lights begin at the moorpark on ramp and end at 11th street. by fall another six metering lights will be in place for drivers heading north. caltrans says the project will cut drive time and provide more safety. some commuters are seeing red and think there could be more backups instead. >> where live now, come thing way, it takes me literally 20 minutes to get on the freeway. >> i would say get rid of the metering lights. they don't really help. i get on the freeway just fine without someone stopping me. it will create more traffic. >> hard to make everybody happy. more than 9,000 cars each take care of the stretch on the 280 which will now have the new metering lights. good morning to you. 5:08. if you are wondering what to
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wear today, think -- >> sleeveless. >> yes. >> we are leading by example this morning. good morning to you. now you will probably want to cover up those arms. at least important the first part of the morning. shaving off the first layer by about 10:00, 11:00 inland. 49 in sunnyvale. 52 degree this morning in concord. air quality is still in the healthy range. we have good air quality out there. if it does get too hot in your home later today, you don't have an air conditioner to open up the windows, we will have really nice air today. we are expecting showers towards the end of the next seven to ten-day period. that's the good news. this is the time of year the air quality starts to suffer with very little rain. 67 degrees, no rain in the forecast today. quite the contrary. temperatures warming up into the mid 80s. by 4:00 p.m., 83 degrees. and in san jose. tomorrow even warmer. i will take you through that 7-day forecast and maybe your kids already have summer off. we will talk about which beaches
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will be best as we head through the upcoming days. let's check your drive as promised. mike is watching that fire situation. >> definitely. the fire just off of 98. we told you about. again, this is our 3-d map. right around 580 and 24 where they are all coming together. actually on mlk from what we understand. 28 to 29th. mlk is major roadway. parallel to 980. if you use that freeway you should be okay. there may possibly be smoke. possibly flames visible from the freeway. we have seen no slowing in the last 10 to 15 minutes on that roadway. you can see san pablo avenue. market and west. parallel with mlk jr. way. that's your surface street. no slowing on the sensors. bigger issue for the freeway looking at construction. bringing down a couple of lanes both southbound and downtown oakland. eastbound heading away from the berkeley curve around ashby avenue. we will take you through the south. talking about another issue.
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freeway through fremont 880 and 680 at the limit. incident right there in the middle of your screen is civic center drive. we are talking about that between walnut and in mallory. right around the hospital. folks, civic center drive as one of the ways to get into the b.a.r.t. station there, b.a.r.t. sun affected. -- is unaffected. back to you. >> okay, mike. thanks. 5:11. coming up, dropout debt crisis on college campuses. why so many students are racking up debt. apple's ceo tim cook makes a rare interview to "the wall street journal." we will show you clips coming up. check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. 5:11. stay with us. d foot cream. it has moisturizers that penetrate thick skin. thanks. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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welcome back, everybody on this wednesday morning. got to like this shot. the sun illuminating the mountains out there. that blue backdrop with the city in front twinkling. we will tell you about a nice day ahead. christina loren talking about temperatures pushing towards 90 degrees if not above. 5:14. >> college debt was no degree to show for it. this is the reality facing plenty of college-aged kids this year. education experts say more and more young people are just drowning in debt because they are dropping out. in fact, the recent analysis by think tank education sector shows almost 30% of college students that took out loans dropped out of school. now this is up from less than a quarter of students a decade ago. paypal is expanding beyond the west. the company added 15 retailers that will accept the online payment system in stores. among those expect start
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accepting paypal, barnes & noble, office depot, toys r. us. paypal is in place at 2,000 home depot stores nationwide. and no more push to talk for sprint. the company says that it will shut down its nextel network as early as june of 2013. the decision will cut off service for the walkie-talkie nextel phones. the company says it it is working to move them to the sprint network. >> scott mcgrew says it happens all the time in business. >> yeah, seems like a good idea, jon, at the time. it isn't always. i remember one of the apple announcements from steve jobs where steve pooh-poohed the idea of putting it on ipod. the new ceo of apple talked about jobs last night at "the wall street journal's" all things digital conference. one of the rare interviews he agreed to. take a look. >> he would flip on something so
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fast that he would forget that he was the person that was taking the 180 polar position on it the day before. >> give me an example. >> he was -- it was an art. you would never know that he thought the opposite. >> steve jobs. you can find more of that interview of all things. to some degree addresses the controversy. before becoming ceo cook was in charge of the factories. other news, shares in facebook fell below $30 monday in very active trading. facebook also started trading on the options market. allowing traders to make bets as to where they thought the price was going next. there are lots of bets this price will go much lower. we will talk more about-face book coming up at 5:30. let's talk research in motion. check in with seema mody. p she's in the cnbc head quart
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wers that. >> good morning. shares falling as much as 15% in after-hours trade last night. the struggle blackberry maker and warning of a first quarter loss and has hired adviser to review all of the options including an overhaul of its business model. the stock is down nearly 90% from its high in 2008. in terms of the market setup futures are lower as european markets are slumping. yields on spanish bonds are surging. once again making it that much harder for the government to pay its bills and refinance its debt. reports say that the european central bank restructured the same plans to bail out troubled lender bankia. in terms of data, we are getting more numbers poe s on pending h sales. the stocks rallied after closing and showed the public it is committed to the public staying in the eurozone. dow rows 125 points. and the nasdaq gained 33 to
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close at 2870. >> thank you very much. more about-face book coming up. right now we have breaking news out of free monday. police and firefighters there on the scene of a hazmat situation in fremont. bob redell is live near the intersection of civic center and walnut avenue with all the latest details. >> reporter: good morning to you. hazmat with fremont fire department investigating a possible case of poisonous gas. this call came in around 1:30 this morning and the gas is located possibly inside of the garage of that building there. that's a condo retail complex. retail stores on the bottom. condos up top. this is on civic center near waln walnut. across from kaiser's medical center here in fremont. as i mentioned the call came in around 1:30 this morning. in this condo complex, a man and woman who are married. they are having marital problems. early this morning, a man went to look for his wife. found her dead inside their car
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in the basement where the garage is located. in the car, along with her body, was a note that said poisonous gas. that's when he called authorities and that's where he had the situation right now where hazmat has been going in there. they believe this is contained to that area. it is contained to the garage. to the car. that's why they have not called for an evacuation of people who live upstairsors anywhere else in this area. what we understand they are doing now if they haven't already, you can probably see them suiting up in the red suits. her going to go in with a chemical snipper. that's an instrument where they can electronically snip, if you will, the air surrounding the car inside of the car to get a sense of whether a, there is a poisonous gas there, and b, if there is, just how concentrated that this is. fremont police telling us that it could take a while to figure this out. to determine whether or not what the next step is. if you are traveling through this area, this is not affecting b.a.r.t. if you have to go cut between civic center here, starting at
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walnut, you obviously will have to find an alternate route. local traffic should not be affecting your route through fremont. >> bob, thank you very much. inventing and fluid scene out there. we will check back with bob as that progresses. >> he said it is not looking like it is affecting local traffic but still check the situation with mike. >> folks not familiar with the area, you heard civic center. one of the access points to b.a.r.t. as bob said this is not affecting it because the closure is a separate section just to the east of walnut. between the library and walnut where the mall is. 24-hour fitness and some restaurants over there. this is the closure for civic center. that's the alternate and not a problem here for the area. 680, looking all right. 880 through free monday. nice flow of traffic. we will take you to the south bay with a good number of construction sites. 85 around 87. 280, saratoga. all construction crews are there. not causing any major problems.
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southbound 101, down to one lane around marsh. but not any slowing there. let's get you for a live shot see how things are shaping up. end with the soft golden gate bridge. there is a glow to the lights. you know. you can see the lights all the way across. moisture in the air. fog not so much of an issue at the golden gate bridge. christina loren, meteorologist, we have -- well whashlgs do we have today? you tell me. >> we have a good looking day shaping up. 49 degrees in sunnyvale now. 15 in san mateo. 47 in santa rosa. headed towards a nice day. you did see a little bit of moisture trying to develop. the fog out there is trying its hardest to set tool the surface not going to be the case because we have pretty significant wind out there. as long as that wind continues to pump offshore, we are expecting a nice clear start here in san jose. coastal fog 37 hugging the immediate coast. certainly likely this morning. interest won't last long. by 9:10, starting to get a nice, clear break. lit get hotter as we head through the second half of today by ten degrees from yesterday's
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high. 90s return for tomorrow. and for us, we are now -- start the fire season monday. now you want to be on guard. you are having a barbecue, going to be out and about. no cigarette butts out the window. we want to be on our best behavior when it comes to fire danger in california. it can be very problematic this time of year. we need your help for that. 67 degrees at noon. 83 degrees by 4:00 p.m. temperatures warming nicely today. use your ac. tomorrow more likely using the ac. 90 degrees, near record highs. level off just a touch cooler for your friday. 88 degrees. remember you can always seek shade. stay indoors with the ac on. check out the giants here on nbc bay area. s saturday and sunday, we cool off a touch. making for more comfortable outdoor plans inland and monday to tuesday, an area of low pressure will move in and maybe we will have shores in the north bay. back to you. >> a little bit of everything. thanks. 5:2 5:22. tackling head-on collisions on
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welcome back, everybody. all the nothing san francisco, we will check the forecast with christina loren in a moment. it is 5:25. new pilot program, very important one being launched to protect kids on the football field. coaches, if you want to get involved in this, you only have a few more hours to sign up. today is the last day for youth football coach necessary san francisco and oakland to apply for this. eligible teams will be wrought fitted with new helmets for their players. usa football says the goal of the program is to remove all helmets ten years or older. that's a good thing. coaches can apply online at
5:26 am safety. >> you saw the fog. let's check the roads. construction on the roads. >> that's one of the changes, yes. there's still construction on the road. one of the crew that just reported for southbound 101 clear. just after i made the last repo report. no lane restrictions. we are track thing, a fire off of 908. 28 to mlk jr. crews heading to the scene. a structure fire off the highway. avoid mlk. use west or market. >> mike, thanks. the gavel is coming down on apple later this month on the auction block. one of the original apple circuit boards is going up for bid later this month at sotheby's in new york. only a half dozen of the original 200 are still in working condition. it is expected to fetch $180,000 at auction. also on the auction block, memo written by steve jobs during his d days. it includes changes to be made
5:27 am
to atari soccer game. it is expected to go for at least $10,000 at auction. 5:27. coming up, high stakes at chevron stakeholders meeting. why problems bidding to protests at home. >> also a seismic shake-up at lake tahoe. the new fault line that could leave you shaken and stirred our summer vacation. more trains rolling along peninsula tracks. we willourl w your weekday commute could soon get a lot easier.
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facebook shares fall below $30. what's in store for today? we will take a look coming up. fremont hazmat team investigating a case of possible poison gas after a woman is found dead in a car. break out that summer wardrobe. temperatures climbing by ten degrees from yesterday's highs and the warmup continues
5:30 am
tomorrow. your full forecast moments away. >> over my shoulder, highway 24. highway 84, getting word of a sig-alert. we will give you the update on that coming up. we give you a live look outside. very foggy one over san francisco right now. christina loren says that should be blowing out and let nice sunshine in. good morning, everybody. time now is 5:30 in the morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. shares of facebook will start trading today in strange territory. below $30. scott mcgrew says the price will go even lower. >> good morning. these are actual bets. facebook started trading on the options market on tuesday. people pay important the option to buy or sell facebook shares at a later date at a certain
5:31 am
price. the popular option price is $25. we can say lots of people are putting lots of money on the expectation that facebook will continue to sink. facebook closed at 28.84 on the nasdaq tuesday, down almost 10% from the day's opening price. now, even at $28 a share, facebook stock is putting a huge multiples compared to the amount of the money the company actually makes. it has price earnings ratio of 98 by comparison, apple's is 13. share prices reing reflect where people think the company is headed. at $28 a share, facebook would have to grow incredibly fast to justify that price. in that way buying shares is like buying children's shoes. you don't buy the size that fits. you leave room for growth. if you were buying apple for a new pair of shoes for apple, you would give them room at the toes. facebook is like buying a 6-year-old's size 12 shoe. at that price even after it traded yesterday, it is still incredibly high compared to its
5:32 am
foot. people are glum about-face book. at $28 a share, they are still very, very bullish. we may see that sink later. >> scott mcgrew, you are the master of putting things in perspective, shoe size is growing. while the stock is going down the city of menlo park thinks facebook is a good investment. the city council approving the environmental impact report clearing the way for the company's expansion. facebook wants to add thousands more workers, up to 6,600 eventually. in return facebook will faye city $850,000 a year over a ten-year span to offset the impact on city services and facebook will also make a one-time payment of more than $1 million. 5:32. protesters from the far corners of the globe will gather in the bay area. the target is chevron's shareholders meeting. several groups plan to emdemonstrate on at that time company's headquarters. protesters plan this afternoon outside the company of san
5:33 am
francisco offices on california street. the protesters say chevron is destroying the environment and point to an oil spill in brazil and an explosion on offshore riggs near nigeria. chevron was also ordered to pay $18 billion for a pollution suit in ecuador. 5:33. update on breaking news coming out of fremont. police and firefighters on the scene of a hazmat situation at a condo business complex. bob redell is live in fremont with more details for us. bob, good morning. >> reporter: we now know what that poisonous gas was in the car in the bottom of the complex. i don't know if you can see the three firefighters pulling those large fans. they are ripe beyond the tree there. what they are going to do is bring those fans in and in this garage here. what they are going to do vent that gas out. there may be a minor evacuation. we will keep you up to date on that. hazmat came in with a kemptal sniffer and determined this gas was hydrogen sulfide.
5:34 am
it is a gas that can be created with household products. this call dmam around 1:30 this morning. a man and woman who live here in this condo retail complex have been having marital problems. the man was looking for his wife. he found his wife in their car in the garage which is on the lower level of this complex. she was dead. and inside was a note that said poisonous gas. hazmat came out here. they determined right away this was contained to the car. that's why there hasn't been an evacuation of the building or anything along those lines. as they determined this is hydrogen sulfide, i don't know if you -- men and women in those red bunny suits coming out of the garage, it is hard to see, they will be going in with these fans. they are going to vent it and they say it does dissipate fairly quickly. but as fremont police say they may have to evacuate people on the outside. i'm guessing what they are talking about perhaps is just the emergency personnel because on this side is an office building. it is not office hours yet. they say it could be several hours or at least a long time
5:35 am
saying before this situation is cleared up. we are here at civic center and walnut so you have about a block of this stretch of roadway. right across from kaiser. that's still closed down. reporting live here in free monday, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much for clearing that up. san jose parolee accused of a deadly crime spree will toons questions today. accused of carjacking and killing 60-year-old radio host cindy wynn after shooting and injuring a man at a willow glen gas station. he led police on a three-day manhunt before he was finally arrested in west sacramento last october. if convicted the crime could count as his third strike. he now faces eight felony counts including murder with special circumstances. and expected to enter a plea later this afternoon. the search continues in just a few hours for missing south bay teen see air lamar. police and the santa clara county sheriff's office have been searching throughout morgan hill during the memorial day weekend.
5:36 am
the suspect was recently charged with the murder of the 15-year-old. torres has not entered a plea and is scheduled to make a court appearance tomorrow. breaking news right now in the east bay where oakland fire fighters are battling a house fire. we just have brand-new video into our newsroom to show you. this is happening on martin luther king way near 28th street. you can see there the flames shooting through the roof and black smoke here rising into the air now. but the good news is the fire appears to be smoldering. now they have evacuated the home and are now taking on a defensive position. it has been difficult for them to act as main body of the fire. we will continue to stay on this house fire in oakland. martin luther king way near 28th street. cuts could be in the works long term for caltrain. in the short term more trains could start rolling down the track. transit agency meeting tonight to discuss proposal to add six trains to the weekday schedule and stop time by up to about
5:37 am
five minutes. caltrain says the weekday ridership historic high this year with a 12% increase. and 20 consecutive months of ridership growth. caltrains says it is not expecting any service cuts or fare increase this year. but that could all change next year when caltrain runs out of its one-time only grant money. another transit agency thinking about expanding service. bta wants to expand light rail by about two miles long. along capital express way and san jose, that's between alan rock, light rail station there, and east ridge transit center. bta holding two public meetings to discuss the proposal. the first is on june 11 at the evergreen community center. ing the second one will be at the hill view branch library on june 14. mother nature is turning up the heat today. >> cranking it up. >> right. meteorologist christina loren checking the forecast for us. >> yeah. we have been have been waiting for it. you will get a treat today. you will see temperatures that are very comfortable later on
5:38 am
today in san francisco. i want to point this out. very rare to see fog and wind simultaneously. you can see the flag all glory blowing in the breeze. that's indicative of the winds out there this morning. they are going to pick up. as a result, whatever fog has developed mostly hugging the coastline now. situated over the bay. it is going to burn off quickly. your futurecast tells the story. stop the clock at 8:00 a.m. you can see what's left of the thin marine layer situated right over the bay. and then by night, one hour later, completely pushes back. we have a good looking day with a lot of sunshine coming in early. as a result your temperatures are going to sfror yesterday's highs by ten degrees. 83 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland and this isn't even the warmest day of the week. we climb even more so for your thursday. stay tuned. your seven-day outlook on the way. wednesday, start thinking about the weekend right you a round now. that's in the forecast as well. weekend update best beach tows hit. let's check on your drive with mike. >> we have a sig-alert, folks.
5:39 am
highway 84. reports of a car got into an accident and went off the roadway. one lane eastbound lane is blocked right now. as a result because of crews heading to the scene. and update just comes in. there you go. that's the first incident. all lanes have just cleared. this incident here, bob redell reports hazmat, an update, affecting a one-block area. civic center drive. north side of kaiser. a b.a.r.t. station in the area is moving smoothly. no delays for the system. 580, livermore, slowing westbound direction. we are hearing being -- over at the dublin b.a.r.t. station as well. tracking that over here at the traffic center. guys, back to you. >> busy wednesday. thank you very much, mike. we are learning the lake tahoe area is now -- more earthquake-prone than previously thought. scientists uncovering new faults in the mountains west of that lake. they say that the steep fault
5:40 am
formed range could generate relatively strong earthquakes with magnitudes from 6.3 to 6.9. and they could trigger landslides along the tahoe/sierra frontal fault zone. that area stretch from west of truckee to the south area. squaw valley and fallen leaf lake. 5:40. coming up, race to the white house. live team coverage as mitt romney heads to the bay area afteeg delates to delegates w hinto his party's nomination. s
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5:42 am
republican mitt romney has enough delegates to clinch his party's nomination for president. we have team coverage in place this morning. christie smith, she is live in hillsborough where romney will headline an exclusive fund-raiser and big money tonight. we begin with tracie potts live on capitol hill. she has a look at the issues that could be setting that stage for a very bitter campaign
5:43 am
coming up ahead. good morning. >> good morning. he's already coming out. what was very long and bitter primary race. now 30 more delegates than he needs. romney has to get that nomination. yesterday texas voted and put him over the top. romney was actually in las vegas campaigning with donald trump in las vegas. it was a fund-raiser there. in fact, they were both slamming president obama, donald trump said we are simply borrowing too much money from china. >> they look at us, they laugh at us. they think we are stupid. >> it is the birther issue that seems to be following romney around, association with trump, who keeps bringing it up again and again. whether president obama was really born in hawaii. and now some of the same birthers of a california group questioning whether romney was born in michigan. romney at the request of reuters, a news agency, has
5:44 am
released his own birth certificate showing he was born in michigan and not in new mexico as they claim and his father was. >> thank you very much. we come our coverage with christie smith. live at that time hillsborough mansion where supporters will contribute big-time dollars to romney's campaign. big event coming up tonight. >> reporter: yes. good morning to you. you are going to need deep pockets to attend this fund-raiser. according to one report, up to $50,000 per plate to come to this fund-raiser with gop front-runner mitt romney. now that that it is getting lighter out here, you can see how grand this place is. 55,000 square feet. 95 rooms. one of the largest mansions in the country, we are told. the co-host of this is meg whitman, ceo of hewlett-packard and former candidate for governor here in california. democrats are, of course, raising eyebrows at the event. calling it a richie rich-style
5:45 am
blowout. according to the chronicle this morning. saying the choice of venues and people endorsing it showed the republican front-runner's weakness is obviously dark voters near california. however, one gop strategist points out that you may recall president obama recently attended a fund-raiser and that one cost about $38,000 per plate. roaring live in hillsborough, christie smith, "today in the bay." tobacco companies are fighting hard to stamp out proposition 29. reports show they have contributed about $41 million towards defeating the measure which would raise taxes on cigarettes by a dollar to support cancer research. commercials and mailers made from the contributions are make the difference according to a public policy institute of california poll. support for prop 29 slipped from 67% in march to 53% this month. a controversial bill outlawing gender abortions is
5:46 am
heading to congress this morning. that bill would impose fines or prison sentences on those who perform the procedure because of the sex of the fetus. it would also revoke federal funding for institutions which conduct such procedures. the house will vote later today and the bill needs a two-thirds majority vote to pass. britain's supreme court says wikileaks chief assange should be sent to sweden to face sex crime charges. assange will likely appeal the decision. assange is accused of sexually assaulting two female wikileaks supporters during a speaking tour in 2010. now the charges came to light about the same time he posted classified u.s. military documents on the wikileaks website. also in britain, the former top media adviser, by an's prime minister is now under arrest. andy coolson faces charges of lying under oath during an investigation in the phone hacking at the newsful word's tabloid. comb son is a former editor
5:47 am
there. he quit as david cameron's communications director in 211. we can tell you security is 12e7ing up on the river thames it is a uk continues celebrating queen elizabeth's 06 years on that throne. about 12 00. . the dimond jubilee celebration taking place this weekend and about a million people are expected to go out there and line the banks of the thames to watch and take in the events. >> heavy rain has flooded parts of southern china and killed four people. rain pounded the area from sunday night through monday morning. floods and mudslides damaged or destroyed at least 800 homes. thousands of residents evacuated. the heavy rains have also drowned farmland and submerged highways. the economic impact is estimated to be at least $16 million. and take a look at this. from south america, parts of
5:48 am
western colombia are covered in ash. the cloud went more 3200 feet into the air. local authorities have raised the alert from yellow to orange. signaling an eruption likely in the coming days or weeks. airports in several local cities have been closed temporarily. pretty to look at. >> not pretty to smell. >> exactly. couple of good reasons to live out here in california, no volcanoes and get great weather. >> you know, it is the best thing, too, air quality. much better situation in that department. because it is going to be so hot, lot of people around the bay area don't own air conditioning you don't know tonight their homes because you get really nice weather. especially if you are waking up with us near the coast. you will want to open your windows up today. we have good air quality. want to point that out. look how clear it is to start. we have a sure sign here that it is going to be hotter than yesterday. taking a live look at san jose where it is completely clear.
5:49 am
yesterday at this time we had a lot of cloud cover. mostly cloudy conditions. that's indicative of high pressure, clearing things out. warming us up. make sure you are ready. break out the short sleeves. 50 degrees in san mateo. 52 in oakland. we head throughout this afternoon, winds will become more of a factor p.m. it is the winds that will warm us up as they go to sea. offshore flow that we are ex-3eex expecting for today. that's pretty gusty. as we head through 16 tonight you can see here that it will get even more so on the windy side. you can tell by your key winds picking up between about 6 and 10 in particular over the higher elevations. high pressure is firmly in control by weather patterns. it is driving those winds offshore. amplifying for today. big, strong ridge for this time of year. we are talking about potential for records as of tomorrow. take a look at the highs for today. 70 in san francisco and oakland. as we head through tomorrow you will hit the 80s. even in downtown san francisco forecasting a hot one. 80 degrees tomorrow.
5:50 am
by friday, leveling off just a little bit. then as we head through the upcoming weekend and next week, things start to change. area of low pressure will drop in from the gulf of alaska. this will generate a significant dip in the jet stream. more of an onshore flow. low clouds sunday, monday and tuesday. jet stream really starts on move south tuesday. i think we will get a little bit after shower activity. late spring showers on the way for the start of next week. let's check your drive. 5:50. heating up. >> you know as far as the volume goes, yes. as far as the road crews go, look at this. we have a 280 at saratoga. 85 around 87, one of the crews picking up the ones north. still hanging out. no major slowing. right here, north of 680, 101, volume starting to increase. starts to slow down from sully north over the next half hour. we also have 87. keep that in mind. the volume starting to build for the south bay. free monday, we have haz a hazmat situation, one block of
5:51 am
civic center drive. bob are a del follows that situation. smooth drive in both directions fremont coming from pleasanton and livermore. 17 minutes. because of the slowing lou dublin and pleasanton. over here, police activity continues at the dublin. pleasanton and b.a.r.t. parking structure. no delays for the system itself and accessing the station. awful these routes into and out of the city under the bay, moving smoothly now. in towards somersville, 19 miles per hour. live look out there. we will show you how things are shaping up. these folks have to wait and a few cars, fast tracking and no metering lights just yet. low clouds hovering around. back to you. >> i like how it looks you can
5:52 am
pick up one of those cars. coming up, medical milestone that could help a mother hold her daughter for the very first time. >> those enhanced children's books. electronic ones may not be as good for your kids as we first h no matter the season, i still get dry skin. introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond.
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5:54 am
browning in fremont. a live look at the scene on civic center drive near walnut avenue. firefighters and police working on a hazmat situation there. bob redell has been out there all morning long gathering information the scene. we will have a live update with bob coming up at 6:00. we also have a live look at a house fire on martin luther king way near 28th street in oakland. we are being told a person was inside of this building. fortunately they were able to get out uninjured. right now that fire looks like it is completely out.
5:55 am
we can tell you it is still smoldering and we will keep you updated. 5:54. a medical breakthrough could help a mother hold her daughter for the very first time. a houston woman is undergoing the first ever double-arm implant today. katie hayes lost both her arms and legs to a bacterial infection she contracted while pregnant. she gave birth to a healthy baby. john hopkins hospital says that the procedure to attach another person's arms and hands will take at least 15 hours and will require about 40 medical personnel. >> wow. what a medical miracle that is. federal regulators warning parents to be on the lookout for fake versions of the adh drug aderal. the fake ones are white and typically come in bottles with misspellings on the label. fda says it learned of a handful
5:56 am
of cases of people getting the fake versions after buying them online. now the fda says that the fake do not work and they could also be dangerous. a new study says that regular old books are better for your children than books on tablet. scott mcgrew joins with us this. good morning. >> good morning. study conducted by a science museum in new york says while they couldn't find the difference between children's books in the -- on kindle, it found huge differences when the books were enhanced with bells and whistles. the kind of thing you more li likely find on an ipad. kids who read an enhanced books were far less likely to be able to explain what the story was about compared to kids who read the same story in a book. amazon coming to you on xbox. microsoft says lit add amazon's instant streaming to xbox caming console. allowing you to watch videos and movies from amazon. much like you already can with netflix. if you pay for prime service you
5:57 am
can get many of shows shows for free. wall street took a break from a long series of losses tuesday on hopes the greek voters will elect politicians who want the to stay in the eurozone. spain says it will talk a loan to rescue one of the biggest banks. spain's borrowing costs are really high. about seven times what you pay in interest to buy a new car. european central bank says that news reports that it refused to help bail out those banks are untrue. now sign of times, ecb made that statement on twitter. meanwhile, facebook has sunk again. down almost 10% yesterday to 28.48. well below $30. a look at why and what is ahead coming up. >> scott, thanks. still ahead, south bay giving the green light against gridlock. the question is will your [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan do a lot of sending... and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving.
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