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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a dead woman inside a car full of poisonous gas. i'm bob redell. >> gop front-runner mitt romney makes a stop in the bay area today. the latest candidate looking for california cash. i'm christie smith. i will tell you how much it will cost to attend this fund-raiser. much warmer weather today than what we experienced yesterday. and we keep on climbing for thursday, your full forecast in just moments away. nimitz drivers, tracking a potential hazard for you traveling north into oakland. i will give you those details coming up. here is a look at drivers on the golden gate bridge on this early wednesday morning. may 30. look at the fog. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thachks for being with us. it is 1996. >> i'm jon kelley.
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we have breaking news to tell you about right now in fremont. hazmat situation leading to the discovery of a dead body. this is all happening right across from the kaiser hospital on civic center drive. bob redell is at that scene now with how fire crews are working still to get things under control out there. bob, good morning. >> good morning to you. earlier this morning, free monday fire found a car full of poisonous gas with a dead woman in the back seat in the garage. this is on civic drive near walnut, across from kaiser. a hazmat team determined it is hydrogen sulfide. i don't know if you can hear it from where we are standing but there are large fans blowing now. the fire department is venting that gas out into the air and it will dissipate without hurting anyone else. they said that the only thing that there might be a smell of rotten egg. now the husband who had been having marital problems found his wife dead in this car.
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lives in this condo complex. found her around 1:30 this morning. apparent suicide. there was a container of liquid inside and a note that said poisonous gas. that's when he called 911. the fire department decided he did not have to evacuate when they determined that the gas was contained to the car. again, they are dissipating the gas. once the gas is out the scene is clear, inning that respect, they will go in and do their investigation as far as what led up to this and, of course, coroner will have to come out and remove the body. as far as affecting other people in the area, no evacuations. they say it is not a threat to the outside public. this will dissipate. it is more of a traffic issue for people who are here at civic center at walnut drive. this is an area, one block stretch, shut down and not affecting people trying to get to b.a.r.t. bob redell, "today in the bay." new this morning, firefighters still on the scene of a stubborn house fire in oakland. it is happening on martin luther
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king way near 28th street. right now, the fire appears to be smoldering but much of the roof is gone. one person inside the home on the bottom floor, he got out just fine. he's not hurt this morning. fire tiers have evacuated the house and had to take -- have taken on a defensive position. >> also this morning, the groundwork now laid for us is penned san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's hearing on official misconduct charges. the audience applauding at the commission meeting. members deciding only a handful of witnesses will give live testimony in next month as hearing. mayor ed lee and mirkarimi both on that sort list. mirkarimi's wife is expected to testify as well. possibly by a live video hookup. mirkarimi now fighting to keep his job after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor domestic abuse charge for bruising his wife's
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arm. in decision 2012, and the race important the white house, it come to the bay area once again today. week after several campaign fund-raising stops by the president. mitt romney comes to town. christie smith is live in hillsborough where romney will hold a fund-raiser tonight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. this is quite the estate we are talking about. 95 rooms. 65,000 square feet. this fund-raiser will cost you to attend up to $50,000 apiece for gop front-runner mitt romney. co-chair of the event is meg whitman. former republican candidate for governor of california, now ceo of hewlett-packard which, of course, announced plans to lay off thousands of workers. according to the chronicle, romney recently went on record defending her. and said he wished she were elected governor of california. but one berkeley economist says that the event, location, and whitman represent a risk for mitt romney as democrats
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portrayed him as an out-of-touch millionaire. one gop strategist points out you may recall president obama attended an event at an estate of actor george clooney and also attended a fund-raiser here in the bay area in atherton where dinner went for $38,000 a plate. christie smith, "today in the bay." governor brown not losing voter support in his call for higher taxes. but that could soon be the case. according to a brand-new survey. new ucla -- "los angeles times" poll shows 59% of those polled approve of brunt's proposed tax hikes. that survey found once the voters were actually presented with the arguments against that plan, that approval dropped to 50%. one argument against the tax hike is lawmakers might waste the money raised by higher taxes. their stock star may be falling but menlo park leaders like the idea of investing in
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facebook. the city council approved the environmental impact report clearing the way important the company's campus expansion. facebook wants to add thousands more workers, up to 6600 eventually. and in return, facebook will pay the city about $850,000 a year over ten years to offset the impact on city services. and make a one-time payment of more than $1 million. headquarters may be expanding but facebook's share price just keeps on shrinking. now 24% below that opening price. business tech reporter scott mcgrew says those shares may keep dropping. >> good morning. that's really the best this morning. traders are making actual bets because facebook started trading on the options market on tuesday. an option exactly what it sounds like. people pay for the option to buy or sell facebook at later date at a certain price. one popular price is $25. so we can say lots of people are putting a lot of money on the expectation that facebook will
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continue to sink. at $28 a share, which is where it is now, facebook stock is trading at a very high price. compared to the amount of money that the company actually makes. it has a high price earnings ratio. wr facebook would have to continue to grow incredibly fast to justify its price. investors buy stock on what they expect to happen in the future. they hope the company will grow into the price. it is like buying a pair of children's shoes. you don't buy the size that fits. you leave room for growth. if you were buying apple, a new pair of the shoes, you would buy a pair with a little bit of room in the toes. facebook would be like buying a 6-year-old size 12 shoes. the price even after it traded yesterday is still incredibly high. don't let people tell you investors are glum with facebook. even at $28 a share it is an incredibly high price that shows they are really still quite bullish. >> p/e ratio very, very high. love the analogy of the shoe.
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i might get new sneakers myself. >> speaking my language. meteorologist christina loren, you can go with the open-toed today. >> yes. you certainly can. you will walk out that front door and find mostly cloudy conditions. as you can see here, live picture, we have a full deck of clouds overhead. calm conditions are leading to that cloud cover. that fog formation right in san francisco. however, it is not going to last very long. as we head throughout the upcoming hours, over the course of the next three hours, most of that fog will push right back out to sea. and your temperatures will start to climb. it is cool in sunnyvale this morning. 48 degrees there. weather headlines tell the story for today, coastal fog. probably factor until maybe 8:30, 9:00 today. after that we are going to see partly cloudy skies and making way to full sunshine before the day is done. it gets hotter today by ten degrees and breezy to windy throughout the day. winds will pick up and especially overnight. as we head through tomorrow, the 90s return. much warmer weather than we had
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so far this year. make sure you are ready for that. good news i have to report to you in terms of your air quality today, go and open up those windows if you don't have an ac in your house or car. we have good air quality. we will hit 83 degrees in places like san jose at 4:00 p.m. warmer elsewhere. we will take you through the highs and even warmer day tomorrow. 7-day in just moments away from now. we want to check your drive. here is mike. >> folks are warn being the nimitz. traveling north into oakland. watch for this. reports of a large block of wood in one of your right lanes. now i know wood is not soft and blocks don't roll. this is going to be an issue and can remove it. no slowing at the scene. there may abtraffic break over the next bit. starting to build for the south bay. look at this. northbound 101. showed you earlier, kicked off 20 minutes ago.
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stuck around. north of 680. slowing for 101 through the area. >> thank you very much. south bay commuters will soon get a green light at a stretch of roadway known for serious traffic. seven metering lights along 280 and downtown san jose. those lights begin at the moorpark on ram and end at 11th street. by fall another six metering lights will be in place for drivers heading north. caltrans says the project will cut drive times and they will also provide some safety. some commuters are seeing red and think there could be more backups instead. >> i have them where live now. it takes me 20 minutes to get on the freeway. >> i say get rid of the metering lights. they don't help. i get on the freeway just fine without someone stopping me. it is going to create more traffic. >> on average, more than 9,000
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cars take that stretch of 280 which every hour, that is. will have the new metering lights. a project to spruce up the west band and bay bridge is moving forward the the artest behind the proposal to put 20,000 l.e.d. lights say the lights will debut late this year or early 2013. this is a rendition of what the project would look like when done. cables will be covered in the lights. they will move in patterns inspired by water and traffic. >> that's awesome. >> i know. wonder if it will be a distraction. >> might be. it is like a harp playing sweet music. >> very nice. 6:11. a man convicted of killing four people with his car is seeking his freedom. find out how an east bay family hopes to stop that from happening. overnight a british court sees a -- or says wikileaks founder julian assange should be consider dieted to face sex crime charges. it is not a done deal just yet.
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we will tell you exactly why. wow. blinded by the sunrise over san jose. san jose looking good out there. here you go little man.
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welcome back. early on a hump day, wednesday, that's the 880 flowing through oakland by the coliseum. traffic starting to pick up in both directions. mike inouye will tell you how thick it will get on those roads and more. it is 6:14. the bay area survivor of a deadly car rampage is outraged by the possible release of the man who almost killed him levy is still recovering from the
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emotional and physical scars of being run over by david adias. back in 2001, adias plowed his car into a crowded street killing four people and including levy's sister. adias was convicted of second-degree murder but found legally insane. he's in court this week asking to be released into an outpatient treatment center. >> not taking account what he did to me, that would mean he gets like a little less than three years for each of his murders. that doesn't seem quite fair. >> and east bay family is traveling to the hearing in santa barbara to make sure their son who was also killed in the attack is not forgotten. the hearing is expected to last several days. a convicted palo alto man hoping t high court can save him from execution. miguel is scheduled to be executed for the 1983 murders of
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two brothers at the san jose jewelry store. the 50-year-old believes prosecutors withheld key evidence during his trial. he says the information supports his claim that he account acted under threats from a colombian drug lord. the state supreme court has 90 days to mauck a ruling. 6:16. deadly police chase in contra costa county will get a second look. the con onlier will hold an inquest into the death of joseph smith. the father of three visiting from arizona was killed last october when a parolee who was being chased by police allegedly slammed into smith's car. smith was visiting pittsburgh to attend the funerals of his two older brothers. new this morning. britain supreme court says wiki leaks chief assange should be sent to sweden to face sex crime charges. assange's attorneys have two weeks to argue, to reopen assange's appeal. the attorney says that the judge's ruling is based on a
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point never argued during a would-day hearing in february. the court says that it will reopen the case if it has to. assange will stay in the uk for now. the death toll from the earthquake in northern italy now stands at 17. rescue crews pulled the body of a worker from a collapsed factory over night. officials say no one else is listed as missing from tuesday's magnitude 5.8 earthquake near bologna. we can tell thank you olympic torch will be burning with a bay area touch this summer. 19-year-old sarah williams from pleasanton has the honor of carrying that torch on july 9 through the uk town of buckingham. very, very cool. williams, one of 22 americans, chosen for that honor, she was picked because of her charity work she created to make please blankets for foster kids. her project called creative kindness now has spread to six different states. >> how exciting for her.
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congratulations to her and the good work she is doing in the community. 6:17. we will check in with christina loren. an honor to be here with weather like this. >> we are going to have some of the nicest weather across the entire nation today. temperatures are looking good. let's go ahead and take you outside and show what you it looks like this morning. here is a live look at the embarcadero and what i want to point out is we had a lot of fog earlier. it is now just 6:18. we are already starting to see that fog clear from the top down. the sun doesn't set until after 8:30 in some bay area cities. we get a lot of shine. highs are coming in later this time of year. between about 4:00 and 5:00. you want to keep that in mine. i want to point out san francisco, reason for the clearing not just high pressure coming in early. bringing shine in. we have winds picking up and will con to pick up as we head throughout the day today. that will mix up our atmosphere and keep dense, cold fog from settling to the surface.
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as a result your temperatures are going to climb from the upper 40s and 50s into the 60s and 70s by noon today. rounding out the day in the mid 80s. upper 80s in fairfield today. central valley. and southern california getting downright toasty. when it comes to winds you will get the gustiest conditions right by the water. i want to point this out on this graphic. just to show you. we are not going to see winds quite as strong inland today or east shore. we are expecting bayside. that means we could see high waves pick up. you want to keep that in mind. futurecast actually individually displays that this morning. you can see here breezy conditions. for places likant yok and concord, east bay hills where we get some pretty gusty winds from time to time. strongest winds today will be at the coast. keep that in mind. good day to fly a kite. 74 degrees in free monday. 82 degrees today in san jose. up to 90 degrees tomorrow. we are going to level off and cool you off just a little bit for friday. saturday, sunday, cooling starts to take effect. area of low pressure moves in.
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bringing us showers as of late tuesday and into wednesday of next week. again, we are going to see your temperatures in both directs. roller coaster ride continues. go fly a kite, mike. >> you are not the first girl to tell me that. that's awesome. we are looking over here to free monday whe -- fremont with bob redell. covering a hazmat situation. north of the kaiser facility. very short closure and traffic gets by. that's just fine. you can access the b.a.r.t. station. he wants only point out he has seen bus necessary the area have to recruit. to or from the b.a.r.t. station. that might present a couple of minutes delay. he didn't want you to get caught by surprise. there you go. dublin b.a.r.t. station still has police activity there at the parking structure. however, this does not affect the b.a.r.t. 49 cranes moving on time. 407 minutes is your drive out of the altima pass.
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not major issue once you get towards the dublin interchange. light volume relatively speaking. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights turn order just after 6:10 this morning. slowing in all lanes. fog burning off and starting to lift. compresses through the area. not a problem for visibility. back to you. >> mike, thanks. if you are a politician being called a flip-flopper as the ultimate insult, scott mcgrew says not your business leader. >> not so much. i remember one of those apple announcements where steve jobs actually pooh-pooh'ed p idea of putting video on ipods. they were digging in the wrong hole. obviously he changed his mind. tim cook, new ceo of apple, talked a lot about jobs last night at "the wall street journal's" all things digital conference. take a look. here he is talking about steve jobs the flip-flopper. >> he would flip on something so
6:22 am
fast that you would forget he was the person that was taking the 180 polar position on it the day before. >> give me an example. >> it was an art. he would never know that he thought the opposite. >> you can find more of that interview on all things address it is controversy over fox factories. before becoming ceo he was in charge of those factories. other news, shares of facebook fell below $30 monday in very active trading. facebook also started trading on the options market allowing traders to make bets about where they thought the price was going next. lots of bets this price will go lower. economists in the european union recommending spain be given an extra year's time to hit its deficit target. this after one of the largest banks teeters on insolvency.
6:23 am
it is a hint that the eu is softening a bit on its demands the countries make the draconian cuts to the budget. cuts have been unpopular and led to the fall of governments in italy and france and greece and when we say the eu we mean germany. germany's running the show. and it seems to be softening some of the demands just a little bit this morning. >> okay, scott. thank you. 6:23. mitt romney coming to the ball area today for a fund-raiser. he may have been overshadowed by the trump. yeah, getting trumped by trump. live report. ng
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turning now to decision 2012. mitt romney will attend a fund-raiser in the bay area. later today this morning, people are still talking about who was with him at an event in las vegas tuesday. christie potts is live in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump in las vegas helping raise money for mitt romney's campaign which moves forward with the momentum now after the texas primary literally put him over the top. he has 30 more delegates than he needs to secure that nomination at the republican convention later this summer. both of them, donald trump, and mitt romney slammed president obama in vegas. romney called him a big disappointment. he seems to be testing his message to undecided voters.
6:27 am
in terms of trump, the big challenge here is that mitt romney associating with trump is getting criticism because trump keeps bringing up this birther issue. whether or not president obama was really born in hawaii. now that same issue seems to be following romney as well. some questioning whether he was born in michigan. he released his own birth certificate to reuters. news agency that requested it. showing he was not born in mexico as his father was. was in fact born in detroit. >> thank you very much. 6:27 now. still to come on "today in the bay," caltrans following a tune following reports of safety questions the bay bridge. find out what it is now saying. also breaking news out of fremont. hazmat crews at a bizarre scene. we are live to tell y-- at the to tell you what's happening there.
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hazmat called out in fremont after they find a dead woman in the back of a car. a car full of poisonous gas. i'm bob redell. we will update you on this situation coming up. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is the latest candidate coming to california looking for cash. i'm christie smith. i will tell you how much his hillsborough fund-raiser may set you back. you will want to grab a water bottle and dress in layers. inland today, temperatures spiking as we head through this afternoon into the mid 80s. the 90s on the way tomorrow. your full forecast in just moments. as the commute builds, 880 from san jose it is smooth. right now live look outside at san francisco. that's the transamerica building there. just less than an hour ago, just fogged in. blown out. christina loren telling bus a nice day ahead on this wednesday, may 30, "today in the
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bay." good morning. it is 6:31. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we are following breaking news out of fremont. a dead body leading to a hazmat situation at a condo complex across from kaiser hospital. that's where bob redell is live at that scene. he has information that's now challenging those crews there as they work on this. bob, good morning. >> reporter: yes. good morning to you. the hazmat crew with the free monday fire department has cleared this car of poisonous gas. woman apparently killed herself by releasing the gas in the car sometime overnight or yesterday. you are looking at that garage entrance there. that's where the car is located. base many of a condo retail complex here on civic center dri drive. this was the scene a half hour ago when the fire department brought in three large fans and
6:32 am
vented the gas out of the garage into the open area. this is hydrogen sulfide. when it is vented it dissipates very quickly. interest didn't cause any harm to anyone wrought side. now they got the call around 1:30 this morning. there is man and woman who live in the condo complex and had a fight. they have been having marital problems. he hadn't seen his wife since yesterday. he found her at 1:30 this morning in the back seat of the car. she was dead. in the car with a container of liquid. there was a note on the window that said poisonous gas. that's when he called the authorities. when the hazmat people came out here, they determined that this situation was contained. it was not necessary to do a full scale evacuation. they had to determine what was inside. they used a chemical sniffer, device. and they determined it was hydrogen sulfide. it can be a -- gas that can be created using simple household products. again, they believe that this was an apparent suicide. not sure if it was the gas only or a combination of the gas and
6:33 am
something else that led to her death. again, that gas is now out of the garage and no one else was hurt. and now it is in the hands of fremont police to do their investigation and have the coroner come out here and remove the body. reporting live here in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> now to decision 2012 and the race for the white house. after clinching enough delegates to win his party's nomination, mitt romney heads to the bay area on a fund-raising swing. christie smith is live at the hillsborough mansion where supporters will contribute big bucks to romney's election campaign. >> yes, good morning to you. mitt romney scheduled late this afternoon includes a dinner right behind me. tickets, if you have it, are running up to $50,000 apiece. this is a 65,000-square foot estate. it has 95 rooms. the fund-raiser is co-chaired by meg whitman, former republican
6:34 am
candidate for governor here in california. now ceo of hewlett-packard. one economist is quoted as saying of 88 forks 400 richest people live in california. making it not only wealthy but certain pockets of the state lake hollywood and the bay area are obvious and continual fund-raising stops in the twek campaign. one leading fund-raiser for president obama calls this a richie rich event with the location and supporters. republican strategists say not so fast. you will recall that president obama was just at the estate actor george clooney and also attended an atherton fund-raiser. that one went for $38,000 per person. 6:34 this morning. protesters from the far corners of the globe will gather in the bay area. the target, chevron's shareholders meetings. several groups plan to demonstrate at the company
6:35 am
headquarters on bollinger canyon road today. protests are planned this afternoon outside the company's san francisco's offices on california street. the protesters say chevron is december roying the environment and point to an oil spill in brazil and explosion on an offshore rig near fly year yeah. chevron was ordered to pay $18 billion for a pollution suit in ex-with a door. south bay commuters getting green light at a stretch of roadway moan for serious traffic. metering lights will be turned on for the afternoon commute at 7 ramps on the southbound entrance 280 in downtown san jose. these lights begin at the moorpark on ramp and end at 11th street and by fall, another six metering lights will be in place for drivers heading north. new development this morning in the bay bridge safety investigation. ing the director of the california department of transportation says that he will consult with independent experts from outside of his agency about testing and construction
6:36 am
concerns involving the foundation of the new eastern span. sacramento investigation sunday said that outside experts believe that there are flaws that could affect how effective there bridge might withstand a major quake. the investigation revealed a builder failed to disclose test showing a large portion of poor or soft concrete in that foundation. 6:36. a parolee accused of a deadly crime spree will answer to charges today. he is accused of carjacking and killing 60-year-old radio host cindy wynn after shooting a man at a willow glen gas station. he was arrested in sacramento last october after a three-day manhunt. he is due in court today to enter a plea on eight felony counts, including murder with special circumstances. if convicted it will be castillo's third strike. 6:36. meteorologist christina loren
6:37 am
joins us. we saw a shot of a clear san francisco. >> we still have some of that nothing over the open water, jon. as i have been pointing out it is going to clear quickly. it looks like by 8:30, even 9:00, your mid morning hours, getting a completely clear day area. which is actually quite contrary to what we usually experience. may gray, june gloom. getting close to the month of june. not going to be the case the next couple of days. temperatures will soar without that natural coolant coming off the pacific. we are going to see the opposite. offshore winds pushing the marine layer back out to sea. 52 degrees in oakland. 48. chilly and sunnyvale. futurecast tells the story whatever fog develops out of here by by 10:00 a.m. it all works out like this for today. lot of sunshine inland, bayside, at the coast. 73 degrees at noon inland. warming up to 83 degrees. highs coming in between about 4:00 and 5:00 this time of year. you may be using your ac even in san francisco if you have one. as we head through the next two
6:38 am
days. very warm weather on the way. i will show you that in your 7-day outlook. it is wednesday, we are thinking about the weekend. you have to work for it. mike here to help you get there on time. >> you have to get to work. want to point out this fire we con to track, house fire, mlk at 28th. because of that scene, a photographer has shown us live pictures all morning, mlk is closed between 27th and 31st. west or telegraph or market are easy alter nature -- alternates for you. meering lights at the tool plaza. minor delays there. looking at 880 past the coliseum. live shot shows you a smooth drive as the volume starts to pick up in the southbound direction. northbound not a problem as you are passing by. sun is coming up. into the south bay, smooth drive. northbound 101 north of 680, soaring itself out. capital ex-pray, 40s 50s to 880.
6:39 am
>> mike, thank you. 6:38. coming up on "today in the bay," controversial bill heading to congress today. find out what type of abortion could be banned. a man is caught sneaking on to a plane at a busy california airport expose major security flaw. >> ♪
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a wild security breach being investigated at san diego airport. >> tsa says a homeless man walk through the terminal and hop order a plane without a ticket. they say he walked through an emergency fire door at the terminal that led on to the tarmac and climbed aboard the united plight and had already taken a seat before a flight attendant realized that he didn't have a ticket. the plane was immediately evacuated. the man is now in jail. facing several charges. tsa officials are investigating this breach. >> pretty unbelievable. 6:42. coming up, 15 minutes of uninterrupted news and including a live update on an overnight hazmat situation in free monday. we will tell what you firefighters found at that scene coming up in a live report. >> presidential campaign a bit . try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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welcome back. some fog hanging around the golden gate bridge now. christina loren says not to worry. will be a nice day. fog will be blowing out very, very soon. hang in there. it is 6:45. as we begin 15 minutes of commercial-free news. >> controversy kral bill that outlaws gender abortions is heading to congress this morning. the bill would impose fines or prison sentences on those who perform the so-called sex selection procedure. it would also revoke federal funding for institutions which conduct gender abortions. the house will vote later today. the bill needs a two-thirds majority to pass. the former president of the liberia has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for crimes against humanity. charles taylor is the first head of state convicted by international court since world war ii. the decision expected to set a
6:46 am
precedent for other on courts. charged with aiding rebels that left 50,000 dead in sierra leen. britain supreme court says assange should be sent to sweden to face sex-charge cases. his attorneys have two weeks to argue to reopen the appeal. the attorney says that the judge's ruling is based on a point never argued during a would-day hearing back in february. the court says that it will reopen this case if, in fact, it has to. assange will right now stay in the uk. death toll in northern italy stands at 17 from the earthquake. rescue crews pulled the body of a worker from a collapsed factory overnight. officials say no one else is listed as missing from tuesday's magnitude 5.8 quake near bologna. the "today" show coming up next. matt lauer shows us this morning's top stories.
6:47 am
>> good morning. coming up on wednesday, mitt romney clinch it is gop presidential nomination and fund-raiser hosted by donald trump. should romney be doing more to shoot down trump's latest attempt to question president obama's birth place? we will get into that. also ahead, story that will get the attention of anyone that had trouble with a neighbor, a couple who says that they have suffered years of cruel harassment at the hands of their neighbor. they have even captured some of it on video and say a restraining order isn't stopping it. they will share their story. first look at jessica simpson's baby girl and what simpson saying to "people" about her adjustment to motherhood. and jenna bush hager sits down with the hottest boy band on the planet, one direction. as we get started on a wednesday morning, right here on "today." >> matt, thank you very much. meteorologist christina loren checking the forecast. surprised you know in a. >> i happened to catch them.
6:48 am
i don't get into boy bands. >> your heart was set on hanson. we have a good looking forecast for today. we are going to be warm. grab water bottle if you are waking up with us inland and work outdoors. you want to seek shade. 3:00 to 5:00, temperatures will be close to 90 goods in some cities. i'm talking about the warmest outlying cities, gilroy, morgan hill. and even fairfield today could hit 90 degrees. more 90s on the temperature map tomorrow. you want to layer up. and make sure you are peeling off the layers as the day continues because by about noon today, temperatures will already be. now calm winds have led to a bit of fog formation at the keyes. lit not last long. most of it is already cleared. your weather headlines tell the story for today. hottest, breezy to windy conditions. the 90s and increased fire danger as we head through thursday and friday. warmest days of the week.
6:49 am
keep that in mind if you are barbecuing and make sure we are on the best fire safety. if you see anything spark it could become a very big problem, dry, breezy conditions in the bay area. for tuesday, coastal fog, five to ten degrees warmer. onshore flow this morning. things start to change as of this morning. drive the winds out to sea. pushing that marine layer way back. natural coolant mother nature provides us with here in the bay area. we are going to lose that. as a result temperatures will soar. 84 degrees today. that's the forecasted high. livermore, 88 for fairpeeled. getting very close to the 9 on-degree mark in gilroy. downright perfect conditions in places like san rafael, oakland, san francisco. tomorrow the 80s return to the bay. 90 degrees inland. 83 degrees in places like san francisco as of tomorrow. it is going to be warm. that's more like oakland, 85 degrees. as we head through tomorrow. so just about as warm inland as what we are going to see at the bay without that fog.
6:50 am
without that natural coolant. then friday we will get a little bit cooler as the area of low pressure tries to drop into the bay area. that's not going to impact us all that much until saturday, sunday, monday. we will see those 70s return. more of the coastal fog in the morning and then by tuesday, that area of low pressure right now will drop in and maybe bring us showers. little something for everyone on this 7-day forecast. 6:50. let's check your drive and see if we like that this morning with mike. >> good morning. we will take you over to the tri valley. how do you like that? looking at slowing, though. travel time is pretty normal. 24 minutes into the area. very pleasant drive once you are west of there, dublin interchange. smooth drive through cass -- castro valley. the split off of 238, down towards the san mateo bridge. pretty typical traffic flow through this area. we will get you a little closer to the bay bridge.
6:51 am
nice flow for all of the freeways. no major traffic slowing. east shore freeway about 22 minutes now out of hercules. into the tool plaza with metering lights on. look at the golden gate bridge, low clouds around the area. traffic flow nicely. free monday the roadways just opened up. i am hand it off to you. we will talk to bob and send it over there. >> mike, right. we have been following breaking news out of fremont since early this morning. hazmat crews have been dealing with a very bizarre situation involving the discovery of a body and the release of some gas. bob redell is live at the scene with the latest for us. good morning. >> reporter: yes. car full of poisonous gas that was parked, still parked in that garage in the basement of that condo retail complex. the gas is now gone. even though you can see the hazardous material team is still out here. fremont fire department found a car full of poisonous gases around 1:30 this morning with a
6:52 am
woman dead of apparent suicide in the back seat. they determined the gas was hydrogen sulfide. gas that can be created with household products. and it is highly toxic in a contained space like the inside of a car. now the fire department used large fans to vent that gas into the air where it dissipated without hurting anyone else. as i mentioned, the gas is now gone. the husband of the woman, they have been having marital problems. they had a fight. he hadn't seen her since yesterday. found her around 1:30 this morning. inside the car, near the body. container of liquid. on the window, a note with a handwritten word poisonous gas. no one had to be evacuated because the hazmat determined the gas was contained to the car. and right now, just up to free monday police to continue their investigation. again, right now they believe that this was a suicide. just a matter of doing the investigation and having the coroner come out here and remove her body. bob redell, "today in the bay."
6:53 am
also new this morning, firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in oakland. we can give you a live look. you can see the flames are now out. crews are still there. it was a much different scene earlier this morning. flames were shooting high into the air at the house on martin luther king way on 28th street. just after 4:00. firefighters had a hard time get hangdle on the flames so they took a defensive position. much of the roof, as just saw, now gone. crews are keeping an eye out on it for the hotspots and they are assessing the situation to see if it is safe inside the building. one person was living inside the house. and got out okay. it is 6:53 now. south bay commuters getting green light at a stretch of roadway known for brutal traffic. seven metering lights along southbound interstate 280 in downtown san jose. will turn on this afternoon at 3:00. and those lights started at moorpark and ends at 11th street. commuters are convinced this is
6:54 am
a good idea. >> i have them where i live now. it takes me literally 20 minutes to get on the freeway. >> i would say get rid of the metering lights. they don't help. i get on the freeway just fine without someone stopping me. lit create more traffic. >> starting in the fall another six metering lights will be in place for drivers heading north. back to decision 2012. the race for the white house returning to the bay area. mitt romney arrives today for a fund-raiser at a hillsborough mansion. christie smith is live outside of that mansion with details on the price of admission. going to cost you quite a bit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, i have been speaking with neighbors waking up this morning. they tell me that there have been big names here before. they are excited to have mitt romney coming here to this estate. they also tell me that they are probably going to stay inside this evening and away from the activity surrounding the fund-raising. tickets are going for up to
6:55 am
$50,000 apiece. 95 rooms, 65,000 square feet. co-chaired by billionaire meg whitman. she was the former candidate for california governor and now head of hewlett-packard which just said it plans to lay off thousands of workers. one berkeley economist tells the chronicle the location and whitman could be a risk for romney in california. democrats are trying to portray him as an out of touch millionaire. but supporters of the gop candidate as they remember president obama last month attended an event at the home of actor george clooney in southern california and he just attended a dinner and fund-raiser in atherton where those plates went for $38,000 each. this morning, protesters from the far corners of the globe gathering right here in the bay area. target is chevron's shareholders meeting. several groups in the -- plan to
6:56 am
demonstrate the company headquarters on bollinger canyon road this morning. protests are also planned for this afternoon outside of the company's san francisco offices. those are on california street. the protesters say that chevron is destroying the environment and point to an oil spill in brazil and an explosion on an offshore rig near nigeria. chevron was ordered to pay $18 billion for a pollution suit in ecuador. snow a's accused attackers are due in court today. they are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on assault and mayhem charges. just last week prosecutors added federal counts of weapons possession against the two convicted felons. th sanchez and norwood were arrested last year for beating snow and leaving him severely brain damaged after the dodgers home opener against the giants. search continues in just a few hours for missing south bay teens sierra lamar.
6:57 am
the police in the sheriff's office have been searching throughout morgan hill during the memorial day weekend. a suspect was recently charged with the murder of 15-year-old sierra lamar. torres has not entered a plea and scheduled to make a court appearance tomorrow. this morning the groundwork is laid for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's hearing on official misconduct charges. the members deciding only a handful of witnesses will give live testimony in next month's hearing. mauer ed lee and mirkarimi are on that short list. mirkarimi's wife also expected to testify and possibly by live video hookup. mirkarimi is planning to keep his job after pleading guilty to domestic abuse charge. jerry brown is not losing voters in their support in
6:58 am
california for the higher taxes. but he soon could be according to a new survey out. a new usc "l.a. times" poll shows 59% of those surveyed approve of the proposed tax hikes. is your vein found once the voters were presented with arguments against the plan, approval dropped to 50%. one argument against a tax hike is lawmakers could waste that new money raised by higher taxes. rare opportunity to own a piece of tech history. one of the original apple circuit boards is going on sale later this month at sotheby's in new york. a half dozen of the original 200 are still in working condition. it is expected to fetch $180,000 at auction. a memo written by steve jobs during his days at atari. memo includes changes jobs stock to be made to atari's world cup soccer arcade game give it a lift. it is expected to go for at least $10,000 at auction. the romney campaign meantime updating its iphone app.
6:59 am
>> this after someone discovered the app spells america wrong. scott mcgrew joins us good morning. app has a feature you can use your iphone to take a picture and overlay a better america i'm with mitt across the picture. here is the transparency. i think he may be able to see the problem here. it says amercia. obviously this is not governor romney's fault. anyone can make a mistake. europe is going to heck in hand basket yesterday. dow climbed triple digits. down triple dimg its today after traders said oh, yeah, that's right. the total is twice the amount of money spain has in the emergency fund. facebook up ever so slightly this morning. still under 30 bucks. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much. >> quick check with christina loren. >> yes. we will see a good looking day. little hot for some people. 85 degrees. and make sure you are ready for


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