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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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san ramon jewelry store, four men stormed the small store. four armed men. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us in san ramon with the latest. >> reporter: raj, there isn't the first time that this jewelry store has been targeted. that's according to business owners. but it is the first time, according to them, that they know of, that it's been targeted in broad daylight. >> you see the whole street's blocked off. i don't know. it's chaos. >> reporter: san ramon police say four suspects went into golden treasures. and shots were fired. >> apparently, once a person was shot, they ran out of the store and were located lying in the street on the ground, based on the injuries. >> reporter: police say the other three suspects were able to get away. taking off in a 1990 four-door
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sedan. police will not say who fired the gun in the store. >> my parents were fine. >> reporter: the owner's daughter says she doesn't know if there were guns inside the store. but says everyone needs to be prepared for the worst. and her father would never do something he isn't sure he should do. >> they're strong people. >> reporter: friends of the owners who run a jewelry store themselves, say protection is more important than ever. >> if you have a jewelry shop, you don't have a gun, for me, it -- you have to have a gun. >> when the price of gold is so high, it's normal. it's easy money. you stop in the next jewelry store. and you can sell there. it's a big target. >> reporter: other business owners say they have also been robbed and had their store
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fronts vandalized. >> it's really dark in the evenings. yeah. >> reporter: police say they are still looking for the three other suspects. they do say there's surveillance video from the shopping center they are reviewing. if you have any information, you are asked to call san ramon police. decision 2012 now, taking center stage right here in the bay area tonight. the location is ritzy. and so was the guess list. with 300 republican v.i.p.s, shelling out serious money for a meet and greet at the chateau caroline. jean elle is live in hillsboro with more for us tonight. >> reporter: the former secretaries of state, george schultz and condoleezza rice
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both told a crowd of romney supporters. supporters left the chateau caroline beaming about their candidate. >> i'm a democrat. and i love mitt romney. >> reporter: nicole richardson says she's supporting the gop candidate's economic plan. >> i think he has very good business sense. he is fiscally responsible. i'm not putting down our current president. >> reporter: donors say former secretary of state, condoleezza rice, did formally endorse romney. but they say there was no talk about adding her name to the ticket. >> i would love that. >> reporter: george schultz and former governor, pete wilson, were also on the list.
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along with silicon valley ceo, meg whitman. and they were met by a quiet group of supporters. the secretary of commerce says that romney has a history of bad business decisions. and he will hurt the economy. >> he will do anything for the next election. in contrast, president obama is a long-term player. >> reporter: tickets started at $2,500 and went as high as $50,000. one event volunteer said if he had the cash, he would hand it over. >> it's not an investment in romney. it's an investment in our country's future. >> reporter: donors will be asked again to invest in their country before the election. romney campaign staffers told the crowd this was the most successful fund-raiser the candidate has had in california
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yet. but an exact number was not revealed. they made millions together at bain capital and they are long-time friends. meg whitman co-hosted romney's run through the bay area. and some say whitman could be auditioning to be romney's campaign running mate. political analysts say whitman does not bring what romney needs. >> some might think it's a good idea. that it might enhance romney's reputation with women. he needs someone confident. he needs someone from a swing state. he needs someone who won't upset him, be more flashy than he is. >> other names being tossed around. mark rubio, tim pawlenty, and chris christie. california's primary is tuesday,
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june 5th. it's coming up. stay with for up-to-the-minute coverage on election day. a former san jose teacher is behind bars tonight. today, milpitas police arrested him at his home in san jose, after a nine-month investigation. he's been on administrative leave since last september when the school district first learned of the investigation. school officials say there's no indication any students were victimized. they tried to force his hand in many ways. san jose mayor, chuck reed, succeeded in tabling the issue until after the election. the issue, gay marriage. where does the mayor stand? george kiriyama joins us from san jose tonight, where there's a spirited debate.
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george? >> reporter: there was, raj. and councilman rob carr says it's a civil rights issue. but mayor chuck reed feels differently. so, he got the committee to table the issue until after the election. chuck reed has dismissed the idea of a resolution supporting marriage equality. >> i'm not going to participate in this. i view this as another piece of a national political campaign. >> reporter: it's an issue the mayor has largely avoided, saying he's more focused on the budget and pension reform. but this councilman says he can focus on more than just the economy. >> on behalf of the residents of san jose, he needs to stand up on the side of civil rights and equal rights for all. >> reporter: carr would like to see reed and other mayors to support equality. he's not asking mayor reed to go
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against his personal beliefs. but do what's right from a legal standpoint. >> it allows the mayor and anyone else to hold on to their religious beliefs. but at the same time, stand up for our constitution. >> reporter: he wanted to have the vote next week. but the rules committee decided to table the issue until after the election. reed questioned the timing. >> the timing of this, in relation to the election campaigns is unfortunate. >> reporter: the president came out in favor of same-sex marriage. >> there's no reason our mayor can't do the same. >> reporter: and the mayor plans on meeting with lgbt leaders after the election. >> george, thank you. volunteers will resume the search for sierra lamar on
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saturday, picking up where they left off today. the man accused of kidnapping and killing the teenager, is expected to enter a plea in court tomorrow. he was arrested last week, after investigators say they found dna linking him to the missing girl. sierra was last seen on the morning of march 15th, heading to school. today was the preliminary hearing for two men accused of beating bryan stow. they are accused of the attack outside of dodger stadium on opening day. prosecutors produced a phone call between norwood and his mother. >> hey, mom. i got arrested for that dodger stadium thing. so, yeah. no, i don't know. not much i can stay over the phone. >> during that call, norwood went on and admitted he was involved to a certain extent.
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as for stow, his family says he still doesn't remember that attack. up next, cannibalism revealed on tape. police, on what triggered this buttal attack. and tim cook, and steve jobs. what he learned from the former co-founder. and the truck that wasn't supposed to be there. and plenty of warm to hot weather across the east bay and south bay. we had 87 in walnut creek. 86 in pleasanton. gets warmer on thursday. close to 80 by the noon hour. we'll tell you when the temperatures will cool and when the allergy forecast will get better.
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a deadly shooting spree today in seattle. a gruesome scene but just one suspect. authorities in seattle said a gunman shot and killed four people before he then turned the gun on himself as police moved in. the suspect is, tonight, listed in critical condition. police say he opened fire on three people inside a cafe this afternoon. and then, shot another woman during a carjacking five miles from that very cafe. >> our detectives feel confident in saying this suspect is the same suspect who committed the terrible crime up at 59th and roosevelt. and also committed the crime at 8th and seneca. at this time, we feel pretty confident we have the suspect in both these cases. that we don't have somebody outstanding. >> "the seattle times" is
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reporting the man had a history ofment mental problems. police say a student in a pickup truck ran into a group of teens crossing the street. seven of the hit were students. and the eighth, a 60-year-old woman. no words if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. a bizarre and cannibalistic attack that might be fueled by drugs. florida police say this video shows a naked man attacking and biting the face of another man. they say 80% of the victim's face was missing. and the attacker swallowed some of the flesh. it happened over the weekend. police haven't seen anything this extreme. and they've seen similar cases of people after taking a new potent form of lsd.
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>> cocaine and lsd cause delirium. when you don't have control of your actions, you find yourself in situations you don't want to be in. a morbid crime spree with vandals opening coffins and breaking in. they removed the handles and the door bolts on several crypts after squeezing through holes in the fence fitted with barbed wire. >> the fence is breached regularly. but it's taken a turn for the worse. the 15th of may, somebody hiking on the trial behind me there, noticed there were two coffins laying out, exposed. >> the cemetery has been haunted by similar acts of vandalism dating back several years.
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can the spacecraft of the future beat the heat. after more than a week in orbit, the dragon spacecraft will leave the space station tomorrow morning. and will splash down off the coast around 9:00. now, other spacecraft that have visited the space station were designed for one-way trips. dragon was built in southern california. the program was founded by elon musk. the apple apparently doesn't fall far from the tree. steve jobs' successor, tim cook, reflected on the lessons learned working with the late icon. >> the focus is key. he taught me that the joy is in the journey. and this is a revelation today. and i think he taught all of us that life is fragile.
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>> cook appeared at a question and answer session. the questioners attempted to pry information from cook about upcoming products. but the ceo did not tip his hand. cook told the audience, he continues to see the stunning success of the ipad throughout the world. a flame to carry. we catch up with sarah williams, of just 22 americans chosen to carry the olympic torch in london. williams grew up in the area. and she skyped with jodi hernandez. >> i'm beyond excited. >> reporter: 19-year-old sarah williams says she can't believe she'll be heading to london to play a special role in the public olympics.
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1 of 22 teenagers to carry the olympic torch. >> i was just -- i don't know what they saw in me. >> reporter: what they saw, an incredible spirit of giving. inspired by a book written by a former foster child. williams started a blanketmaking project four years ago. and the project spread nationwide. >> the kids don't have anything. so, a blanket. you think of what that symbolizes. security and warmth. >> reporter: thanks to williams, thousands of children across the bay area and the nation have something to hold on to. foster a dream and martinez distribute blankets to children around the year. >> when they come to the birthday party or come to get their backpacks, they're going
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to get a blanket. it's going to be theirs, no matter what's going on in their life. >> you think of the parent, they're the one who is coaching and leading. sometimes you get a surprise gift and she's definitely been one. >> reporter: williams hopes by carrying the torch, she'll spread awareness about foster children. she'll be thinking about them every step of the way. >> i'll be thinking about the children who need a little extra love and a little extra comfort in this world. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we're proud of sarah. 19-year-old kylan will also be a torchbearer. he founded two nonprofit organizations. internetting family, which teaches skills to senior citizens. and webukate. he will carry the torch through andover. and 58 days from now, the opening ceremony in london.
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we'll be there to provide the coverage. >> when they get back, you can have a powwow with them and have a torchbearer reunion. >> a very exclusive club. >> have you started packing your bags yet, raj? >> i'm ready. current numbers, in the 50s and 60s on the board. hold on to heat down here in the south bay. 60s near gilroy. you'll find some haze is forming. we're also trying to see the fog push into san francisco. we have high pressure, a loss. that's helping to provide sinking and dry air. it will be hard for the fog to make it inland. we can't rule it out on the immediate coastline. by thursday, it will get hotter. remember the spf and plenty of water. it's not going to be hitting triple-digits. temperatures in the 90s can exert you a little time outdoors.
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storms in washington today. but here's the high pressure sitting on top of california. that's not going to budge as we head into thursday's forecast. but it's not going to be where everyone's expected to get hot. we have will have a cool sea breeze in the 50s and 60s. we're not expecting to shatter records here in the east bay. 54 in fremont. low 50s in napa, throughout wine country in santa rosa, 51. daytime highs will be warm. but not the warmest in the south bay. we might see a cooling wind from the bay. it keeps san jose 87. the east bay will win out with some of the hottest numbers. 90 in walnut creek. 91 in livermore.
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89 in pleasanton. and you head back over to the east bay hills. the numbers will be different. with mid to upper 70s. 70 in berkeley. 72 in oakland. 87 in santa rosa. there you have it. you want the cool weather, you don't have to go too far. bodega bay and half moon bay will be in the 60s. by this upcoming weekend, the fog, the drizzle comes back. and some low clouds. here's the good news, though. if you've been suffering from allergies for 10 to 14 days like me and my facebook fans, by monday, the temperatures drop into the 70s inland. and a cooler sea breeze. we may actually have some relief that does not involve any sort of prescription. allergy medicine. >> good. >> he dropped facebook fans. he has more fans than we do. >> that's for sure. >> thanks, raj. up next, you don't see video like this every day.
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tonight, we know what caused the truck to come crashing through.
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oh, my. some people in minnesota are feeling very lucky tonight. take a look. it was the lunchtime rush at this bar. and from was a special visitor, unexpected. a pickup truck crashing through the wall. police say the driver suffered a medical condition and lost control. amazingly, no one was killed. however, six people were hurt. doctors say if it wasn't for a quick-thinking neighbor, who jumped in to help, the injuries would have been much more severe.
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well, tim lincecum has to wonder when he will wake up from his current nightmare. he's 0 and 3, with an e.r.a. of
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0-7. he can leave one behind with the diamondbacks. a windy night at the ball pack. there's the wind. paul goldschmidt hits tim lincecum where it haurts. a solo shot to left. that was the only run he gave up. he struck out six. turnaround could be coming from him. he didn't get hl p from his offence. buster posey, to right with two on and two out. diamondbacks win, 4-1. >> outside of the walks, it was better altogether. no big innings. but the crucial inning was the home run. that's the one pitch i'm thinking about right now. josh willingham, now of the minnesota twins, trying to sweep his former team. that being the oakland a's.
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first pitch, runners on the corner. twins on the board. 1-0. bottom of the fifth. willingham just launches it in the upper deck. his tenth of the season, his second of the series. twins win, 4-0, as the a's lost their eighth-straight. jim harbaugh wants to get something straight. alex smith is a 49ers quarterback. and he says the plan all off-season was for smith to be under center, even when harbaugh went to evaluate peyton manning init march. manning signed with denver. unsolicited today, harbaugh wanted to make sure you knew that. >> the perception out there, that we were flirting with peyton manning. i keep hearing that over and over again.
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it's silly. and it's untrue. it's phony. even the perception that we were pursuing him, you know, we evaluated him. >> congratulations to mel ka cabrera. he had another hit tonight. he ties randy wayne for the most hits by a san francisco giant. he can't break that streak and set the record sauce the giants are off and it's the last day in pay. he has to be satisfied with the win. >> maybe he plays on hey 32nd. >> that's a good day. >> i love that day. >> thanks, mindi. >> we'll be right back.
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maybe it was something about the team moniker. "the l.a. times" reporting that scenes from a porn film were filmed on the field of the los
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angeles coliseum field. the stadium isn't identified by name. the stadium, home to the usc trojans was empty because college and professional teams across the nation canceled games in the aftermath of the september 11th attacks. it is not clear if someone gave permission for that shoot. >> thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. ♪
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