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tv   Today  NBC  May 31, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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verizon. felicidades ! captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, it's a happy winesday, wednesday, may 30th, everybody. hope you're doing really, really well. hodie is. >> you could hear it from over there. >> actually, i love it. love it, love it, love it. >> okay. on the front cover of "people" magazine exclusively revealed earlier on the "today" show is the new baby! jessica simpson and her new little baby. >> maxwell.
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they're going to call max or maxy. which is quite sweet. >> her hand tucked behind her ear. >> all the weight jessica lost is in that baby's cheeks. she has got the chipmunk cheeks. one cute little thing. >> there are reports out there that say that jessica simpson for selling her photos got $800,000 from "people" magazine. "people" is not confirming that. it's interesting when you think about the price of a photograph, isn't it? i think it's j. lo's twins. >> reportedly $6 million, right? >> and then angelina jolie. >> the record is $14 million for the twins when angelina and brad pitt had their babies. but they gave all their $14 million to charity. >> right. brad and angelina. >> we're not sure what j. lo did. we're not sure what jessica's going to do. >> she's going to make some money. weight watchers is doing a campaign with her so she can lose the baby weight. people love transitions. people saw jessica simpson, she
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gained the weight. she talked about it a lot, too. >> here's the thing you have to be really, really careful of when you do things like that. a lot of people are struggling right now just to put food on their table. to hear that -- you know how many people would love to get paid to do something they're desperate to do, lose weight? everything is more of a struggle for the average person when they watch the lives of celebrities. all the more reason that celebrities, when that happens to them, their good fortune should be shared. i'm not going to tell somebody when they make their regular living what they should give. just with things so hard, it would be a smart thing to do. >> i didn't realize -- i didn't know how she made money. her clothing line -- >> over $15 million a year. she's a sweet girl. i'm hoping she will set a really good example for people. >> speaking of people who are wealthy and wasting things, clint eastwood's -- >> according to some, hodie. >> how else would you call it? >> art. >> clint eastwood's daughter had a $100,000 birkin bag.
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she and her boyfriend decided it would be artistic if they lit the $100,000 red crocodile hermes birkin bag on fire. in the name of art. so they burned it. and chain sawed it. she put a quote under it that said destruction is a beautiful version of freedom. would you want this bag? are you sad to see me destroy it? well, people were mad. one twitter person wrote, burning a $100,000 purse is not art, it is self-indulgent, wasteful, lazy and showing off. >> another person wrote, could have used a cheap k-mart bag. instead waste money that could have fed hundreds spoiled and clueless. try working for real. this is what i'm saying. sometimes these things backfire. if she was trying to make a statement about the fact that materialism is -- is shallow and it's not going to bring you joy and bring you more joy in your life and fulfillment to destroy the things that are just -- they're status symbols,
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basically. >> here's the thing. she did -- let's pretend she bought the bag for $100,000. she put money into the economy. she can do what she wants with it. it's her business. however, if you're living paycheck to paycheck watching someone torch 100 grand, you're looking at it like how could you be so insensitive to us. if her real message is we can be free and this is nothing but material stuff, the point wasn't made. people got mad. i think she even got some death threats which is insane and ridiculous. >> worse than destroying a $100,000 bag. let's keep it in perspective. i just think we have to be extra careful during really, really hard times for people. a lot of people are not going to be happy for you. you know? they're going to be envious. >> it just seems so wasteful and silly. if you're carrying a bag, if you have that bag and you're
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destroying it in front of everybody. >> i haven't seen their new reality series. "eastwood and family" i think it's called. i do know dina. i had dinner with her a couple of times. she is so fun. clint's present wife and hopefully last wife. she's as real and down to earth and fun as you can be. francesca is not her child. this is clint's daughter from a different relationship. all righty. let's keep it in perspective. >> i wonder what people think. because a lot of people really say, look, it's your money, you can do with it as you wish. >> which is true. >> some people say, how could you? go on to your facebook page and let us know what you think about the torching of the bag. >> do you also think part of the money that jessica's making with the great joy of having this baby should be given to charity? all right. not that they have to. wouldn't it be nice? >> wouldn't it be nice. all right. here's a question. have you ever cried at work? have you ever gone in either to ask your boss for something or
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whatever and you break down. or have you ever felt so crummy at work that you're at your desk and you start sobbing and you're trying to run to the bathroom or whatever? the question is, is it okay to do that if it happens? the coo of facebook, sheryl sandberg, gave a speech at one of the harvard graduations and she said she attributed her success to crying at work. there you have it. >> i think she actually was trying to make the point that she -- honesty is such a great quality in a person. if you can feel comfortable enough with your honest feelings to express them, you're going to be more of a successful person. that, i get. there's lots of different kinds of crying. you can tear up over a sad -- we tear up around here a lot. you hear some of these news stories and you can't help it. but there's tearing up, and then there's bawling like a baby. it's also, what are you crying about? >> i think some people -- >> a hangnail? injustice in the world? >> some work in very stressful environments.
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you're exhausted. you're tired. >> what do you mean? >> someone says one more thing to you, you know what i'm saying? >> yes, sara. >> you just come unglued. i am one who would go to the restroom and let it -- set it free. >> i've seen it. it ain't pretty. >> stop it. >> hoda, you have a very long fuse. i do, too. but when it's over -- >> it's over. >> over. >> helen comes to play. >> evil twin. >> her evil twin helen comes out. >> a lot of people have cried in very public settings. men as well. we've seen john boehner -- >> please. >> that's just how people -- some people are not -- >> he didn't stop. president bush just teared up. >> andre agassi. bubba watson. are you a pretty crier or ugly crier. >> i am an ugly crier. >> me, too. the worst. i would cry more if i were a pretty crier. >> i used to do quite a bit of acting. twice on "touched by an angel." both times i had to -- i mean, sob.
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you want to see something ugly, google me on "touched by an angel." or this film i did called "spinning out of control" where i'm a drug addict sobbing on the top of the -- >> what happened? >> first of all, i can cry instantly if you want me to do it. >> do it right now. >> all right. let me see if we can do it. i can't do it with laughing. please, people. >> quiet. >> now i can't do it. because you got me laughing. but i -- see. i could have. i was on my way. there's a drop. anthony's trying to help me. i did it in the makeup room for everybody this morning. >> yes. >> i studied acting. they teach you how to do that. >> you think about something sad? >> yeah. i think about my daddy dying and it's right there. it's right there. that's the manipulation. some people use their crying as manipulation. >> i agree.
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>> you guys know what i mean. the girlfriend that -- right, jer? >> the girlfriend who boohoos because she wants something. all right. we have the story about a not very bright teenage girl in australia. she was at her grandmother's house. her grandmother apparently is one of the women, she has lots of money and keeps it in the house. under the mattress or i don't know what. >> why don't we just give out her address. >> the teen decided to take pictures of it and post-it on facebook. hey, look at my grandma's money. she took the picture, put it on facebook. robbers saw it. thought she was i guess at her own house. they went to her mother's home looking for the cash with knives and things. the mom said, i don't have any money. it's not here. >> go to grandma's house. >> they took a few personal things and headed out. >> we're laughing about it. that could have been a really, really ugly ending to that thing. >> no kidding. you have to be careful when you're on facebook and you're either posting where you are, where you're going, you know, how long you're going to be gone. because people look at those things and there you have it.
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>> it's all, again, about why do we have to advertise every private thing in our life? who cares if you're on your way to whole foods? who cares? didn't you at one point, hoda, because you were twittering? is that what it's called. tweeting on your twitter? i'm afraid of that word because of what might come out. it's a dangerous word. were you doing that thing? >> i was doing it. sometimes you can leave the locater on so people can know where you are. i tweeted something. they said, how's 86th street or something. i was thinking, how do they know i'm on 86th street. i realized the locater, you have to disconnect that. i tweet sometimes. it seems harmless. you're not thinking about it. i tweeted i was in nashville. of course i'm not in my apartment, i'm in nashville. >> maybe there should be an extra button. you do your tweet. don't you have it on e-mail? do you really want to send this? there should be something like that. it just gives you one split second to think it through.
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>> i got to show you this. you have never seen a bra like this. look at it! >> let's take a chain saw and burn it. >> it's a bodacious bra. let me tell you something. this bra is for a great cause. it's called festigals. a four-day weekend they have in new orleans. designed by this wonderful woman named janet salsiglia from east greenwich, rhode island. a jewelry designer. 100% of the proceeds are going to go to cancer research of greater new orleans. look at this thing. it's called the jewel of the nile. she made it for me. >> it's egyptian, hoda. is there a starting bid? >> go to also martina mcbride made a bra. i think james carville. >> i don't want a bra made by james carville. >> go to look at the jewels. >> it's heavy. >> jay should buy this for you. you should do a belly dance for him. >> you are insane.
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it looks good on you. >> i'll wear it for the rest of the show. >> no, you won't. sara, you got some hot dads to talk about. >> here are some of the finalists in the hot teacher category. justin david hackett from houston, texas. ron pinelli from new york. thomas russel jr. and dean shikadans from glen carbon, illinois. jeffrey lawrence barney from baldwin, michigan. >> who are you going to pick? >> go to and vote for your hottie. >> we'll announce the winner june 12th. >> can't wait. all right, up next, how to get out of your bad mood when you get up on the wrong side of the bed. >> what do you mean? doesn't happen to me. plus, something that will cheer you up. funny man. one of my favorite people on the planet. martin short. why his new movie "madagascar 3" hits his --
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you've all had them. those days when the last thing you want to do is go out in the world and put on a happy face because you are just not in the mood. >> "cosmopolitan" magazine wants to help you get out of your funk. kate white is editor in chief. jennifer hartstein is a psychologist. >> you're beautiful with your big statement jewelry. we are women. hear us roar. >> there are mornings when any of us will get up out of bed and you're just not feeling it on any given day. >> yeah. after a three-day weekend, too. coming in yesterday, it's tough. maybe something's been festering. it finally rears its ugly head. >> maybe you're at the end of your fuse psychologically as well. >> there could be that. you went to bed with something on your mind. you woke up with something -- >> you drank too much. >> you don't feel good. the weather's bad. it's hot. it's rainy. there's so many different things that can impact our mood.
2:21 am
we have to really figure out how to get on the other side of it. >> are some people just moodier? i have some friends you feel like no matter what happens they're reactive. >> it can be chemical, right, naturally? >> we were talking about that before. absolutely. there's definitely people who can be moodier just because of their makeup. because of the environments in which they were raised. there's so many different factors that impact how we deal with life. some people are just more reactive and more sensitive than other people. >> you can train yourself a little bit if you follow your steps? >> we'd like to think so. >> people are basically quite selfish as well. the only people's feelings that matter are their own. >> they can't push themselves out of their own way. >> right. they can't see past themselves. >> you're supposed to tolerate their bad mood. it's all about them. >> one of the things is just fake it. >> after we just told everybody to be honest. >> it doesn't work. >> the interesting thing is, when you create a smile on your face, whether you feel it or not, studies show that actually
2:22 am
the muscles in your face send a happy signal to your brain and it really does elevate your mood. >> you can act up -- totally agree. if you can act opposite, so to speak, to your bad mood you can send this message that you can convince yourself that everything's okay. also you're convincing the people around you that everything's okay so they're going to react differently to you, too. that can improve your mood. >> almost like a self fulfilling prophesy. >> even if you're a generally cranky person you think that works? >> yes. and smile into a mirror, too. >> hoda's the happiest person on the planet. >> she wasn't referring to me. one of the other tips you have is walk away from your current surroundings. just get out of there. >> often what's creating the bad mood is something that's happening in the space. maybe it's a co-worker being annoying. you're at a party and someone says something rude. you sort of have to step back, get away from the scene of the crime. when you change the location, you're interacting then with a different locale. that's a nice distraction. >> i call it an adult time-out.
2:23 am
you can often problem solve what you want to do next. >> exercise is one of those things. >> oh, people would be dead if i didn't get on the treadmill. and i'd be in prison or in a loony bin. >> releasing those endorphins which are mood elevating, and sometimes when you're really feeling annoyed, doing some kick boxing or something that's a little bit more aggressive is good. >> although you have to be mindful of that. because for certain people, doing something aggressive can actually make them more angry and more aggressive. you have to really know yourself. but exercise does boost that good mood part of you. it's only going to help you. it's going to make you feel good all over, not just in your mind. >> what about music? i find that an instant mood changer if you feel crummy. >> even if it's crummy music. >> you have to pick the right music. it's very easy to pick music that actually could keep you more sad or more angry. >> something up beat. >> there's one thing we're leaving out. people always avoid it. i think it's just a huge part of the component of being a happy person. that is prayer.
2:24 am
prayer can change everything chemically. this is the day the lord has made. i will rejoice and be glad in it. it reminds me of the bigger scheme of things, you know? it works. >> or a type of meditation. whatever takes you away. >> anything that takes you away. >> exactly. all right, thank you, ladies. >> thank you, ladies. up next, those photos that'll leave you saying "what the what?" again? >> yes. right after this. throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage.
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it is time to take a look at all those photos that make you say "what the what?" >> once again, sara has reached into the depths of her collection to come up with the best. thank you so much. >> i know you love this segment. >> we do. >> the first one comes from jackie ludden from washington, d.c. is this place right up your alley or what? after 9:00 a.m. you are free to have beer and wine. on the patio after 9:00. >> you know what? i like this. >> wow, wow, wow.
2:29 am
>> our next photo sent it in lisa prodo from naples, florida. this is my kind of refreshments. that way. and the men are, too. make it a double, and we'll call it a night. >> make the men pay. >> karen waters from pawling, new york, submitted a photo of a man who appears to be playing the flute on the major deegan. we're hoping that he's parked. we're not sure if there's movement. it's called marching to the beat of your own drum. >> he just decided to spend the time. >> look at him. >> he was moved to provide music for his car. >> how did they get it from both sides? >> he was parked. >> someone was like, this is worth getting it from all sides. they didn't know him. they were on the major deegan. >> that's their story. >> you got a picture from the right and left. either two people have great timing. >> call us cynical. there's a story there. >> we also have a photo from katie rogers from lancaster, pennsylvania.
2:30 am
look at that. they've got some vacancy. then view down the rooms that are available. >> that is creepy. >> we even have the honeymoon suite over here. >> you can go together. >> that was a little bit of a downer. finally, sherry dee from northeast pennsylvania submitted this photo. >> who would go in there? >> who doesn't go to the bathroom with their girlfriends? you just keep the conversation going. >> are you kidding? you do? >> normally i'm in a stall. but i'd leave the door open and do eye contact. >> sometimes if it's a onesie i'll go in with a friend. i don't care. who cares? >> you're not going to go to the bathroom with me after this segment? >> no. will you make the grade? we'll play "who knew?" that's always fun. after this.
2:31 am
2:32 am
and we are back on this winesday, wednesday, with more of today. we're ready to play our weekly trivia game we call who knew?" it is cap and gown season. today we're going to test your knowledge of everything graduation. kathie lee, of course, is right across the street at the nbc
2:33 am
experience store. she's ready to hand out $100 to those who get the answers right. to those who don't, they get her cd. how lucky are they? who better to help me out in the studio than robert franek, the author of princeton review's "the best 376 colleges." not 377. 376. you ready? >> i am. >> great crowd over here, hoda. they want to tell you something. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's a big crowd. oh, my gosh. >> what they're saying is happy winesday. but they didn't do it very well. sweet little high school graduate from -- where did you say? texas. okay, honey. here's the question. what was george clooney's college major? premed, broadcast journalism, drama or geography? >> drama. >> that's all right. you got your diploma. now you have a great cd.
2:34 am
>> that was a good guess. his actual major, broadcast journalism. >> i heard it was your major as well. >> yes, it was. >> he went to two schools. didn't graduate from either one. northern kentucky university. princeton review favorite university of cincinnati. broadcast journalism following his dad who was a famous journalist. >> darling girl from philadelphia. also a graduate of college. good girl. which of the following college dropouts was only two weeks from getting his degree when he left the school. bill gates, mick jagger, brad pitt or jimmy fallon. >> i'm going to go with bill gates. >> it's a good day for me. >> it is a great day for you. the correct answer here is brad pitt. why? why two weeks before? >> just two weeks before graduating from university of missouri, called mizzou, he said he loved acting and wanted to move to where the movies were. he loved to los angeles, had a series of odd jobs. his biggest odd job was dressing up in a full-scale chicken outfit for a fried chicken joint on sunset boulevard in los
2:35 am
angeles. >> you're kidding me. you can start anywhere. >> nice gentleman from alabama. which college majors are getting the highest paying job offers this year. computer science, business, engineering or health sciences. >> computer science. >> i'm on a roll! >> this is your best day ever. all right. the correct answer here, engineering. >> engineering. computer science is a close second. $56,000 for them. but $58,500 for engineering folks. there's a big message for young college graduates. 10% more college graduates will get hired out of school this year than they were just last year. starting salaries are also up. $42,000 is the mean salary for college graduates this year. >> don't hear a lot about that. good to know. >> nice lady from alabama. which of the following actresses is fluent in five languages and has a degree in psychology from harvard? jennifer garner, natalie portman, jodie foster or halle barry. >> natalie portman. >> you broke my streak. >> she got it. >> wow. five languages?
2:36 am
>> five languages. german, french, japanese, arabic and hebrew. she's such a great scholar. 2003 graduated harvard. she's famous for saying i'd rather be smart than be a movie star. >> i think we have time for another one. >> gentleman from arizona. in a famous commencement speech at knox college in illinois who of the following gave the graduates this year advice? geyour own tv, it pays well. the hours are good and you are famous. was it jon stewart, anderson cooper, stephen colbert or matt lauer. >> stephen colbert. >> yes! >> yes, indeed. he's a funny commencement speaker. >> this is one of the most downloaded commencement speeches on the internet. 2006 at knox college. his brand of humor and great advice for kids. >> where you from, honey? >> missouri. >> who of the following graduated from emerson college with a degree in speech therapy? howard stern, jay leno, jerry seinfeld or david letterman? >> i'm going to say "c." >> no.
2:37 am
but you'll love this cd. >> exactly. the correct answer here, jay leno. >> jay leno graduated in 1973 from emerson college. he says he went to school in massachusetts. his guidance counselor said you shouldn't go to college at all. he started his first comedy club in 1973 while he was in college. >> thanks for coming to see us, robert. coming up next, funny man martin short shows off his animal attraction. oh, my god! we're going to talk to him right after this. another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour? well... listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. take one in the afternoon, and you'll feel alert and energized 'til the cows come home. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy.
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martin short is an actor, comedian, writer, and, yes, he is a singer. he is also in for a wild ride in the new 3-d animated film "madagascar 3: europe's most wanted." >> it's the threequel. to the franchise. he plays the sea lion who discovers a new death defying act. >> i always dreamed of doing this, from the time i was a little pup, to be a human cannon ball.
2:42 am
except, you know, a sea lion cannon ball. >> is it dangerous? >> is it dangerous? yes, of course, it's dangerous! >> now, are you sure about this? >> i'm sure. >> because if blowing up is your thing, then you're in the right place. >> si. that means yes. >> and he goes. >> and he goes. he's got to do for me what he always does when i see martin short. >> you have to say, ladies and gentlemen, martin short. >> ladies and gentlemen, the incomparable martin short! i love that! it kills me. >> usually there's a little more applause. no, no, no. that was like -- [ chirping ] >> we saw the movie yesterday. it's hard to keep a franchise going. i think introducing your character brought -- we loved the first two.
2:43 am
>> yes. but this one especially. you know, you add something special. >> also, it's 3-d. it's just spectacular. frances mcdormand, jessica chastain and bryan cranston are new to this. >> a lot of new people. it's just unbelievable. >> it's amazing what they do. >> how many different accents did you play with until you decided on the one that you chose, which is -- i've never quite heard before? >> it really is italian! i actually had an italian coach. she quit. i would go through my dialogue. and then she would say -- because it's very random. you say -- it's nice to see you! sometimes you say, but i'm going to the store. i'd go store. no, no, no. you can't do that. they'd say improvise. i would just make it up. >> how much of that is improvised and how much was from the script? >> you don't really remember. you do the script. you improvise around the script. you're always by yourself. >> a couple years earlier, two
2:44 am
years ago you did the dialogue. then the movie comes out. that has to be a rush, though. >> i think it's exciting when you see -- normally when you see yourself for the first time, you've done something, you're kind of sitting there and you know you're going to hate it. but seeing that, you're just doing half the job. what they've done is a celebration of this art form. >> speaking of celebrating, can we celebrate your son who, by the way, is a graduate? >> graduated from notre dame a week ago. it felt fantastic. as i sat there, i kept thinking -- i was listening to emotional speeches. i drifted, too. four times three kids. boy, that's a lot of stage work. >> do any of them know -- the other two already have jobs and things? >> yes. >> duly employed, thank god? >> one works at warner brothers. katherine works at ucla psychiatric center. >> you did get one smart one.
2:45 am
>> they're all geniuses, my children. >> you and nancy have got one of the greatest marriages of anybody in show business. how many years now for you guys? >> we're married 36 years. >> but you're still, like, in love? >> madly in love. >> why? >> cute. i'm cute. >> that is true. >> and you make each other laugh. >> yes. >> speaking of making each other laugh, you have a little something in that bag. >> this is something that jeffrey katzenberg suggested -- wanted to gift you guys. >> jeffrey knows us well. >> these wigs are monumental in the movie. >> when you see the movie, you'll understand. >> look at this. wow! ♪ i feel pretty ♪ i like to move it, move it, i like to move it, move it ♪ >> these wigs will be the biggest product as of june 8th when the show comes out. >> we'd like to make a request of you.
2:46 am
>> what, baby? >> when was of us is gone, you have to come and co-host the show sometime. >> let me just ask you something. i'd love to. what is the pay? what is the pay? is that just for the honor of doing it? because i've been there. >> we can discuss the pay. but it's june 20th we'd love to have you. >> june 20th. let me just say, back to the pay, i know you're not getting scale. i know that. >> just a little over. >> a little over. >> give it a thought. we'd love to have you. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> love that. martin short and "madagascar 3." >> opens in theaters friday, june 8th. tomorrow, martin's co-star, cred rick the entertainer will be here. up next, the latest fashions that will make your kid a happy and well-dressed camper this summer. right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist chris warren tracking storms once again later today in the plains.
2:47 am
the mississippi valley, parts of the south and the next system moving into the pacific northwest for some more wet weather. the big cooldown is on the way. close to 100 degrees in chicago on sunday. today, completely different story. more than 40 degrees cooler. it was 97 last sunday if you remember. still warm and nice in new york down to d.c. hot in the south. 90s and upper 80s. 60s and 70s for the northern plains. chance for showers for parts of the dakotas, into the far western portion of minnesota. and then that next system pushing into the east. say goodbye to a couple of pleasant day there is. the ohio valley staying in the 60s for the most part and cooling down in the south. upper 70s, that's it for you in atlanta. the heat, this is where we're going to see the heat cranking
2:48 am
up in the southwest. this is going to be bad news for firefighters having to battle the blazes in the southwest. a few showers in the intermountain west. parts of the great lakes, especially around michigan, will with dealing with some showers and parts of the south. mid 80s, though, back into some spots, including kansas city. temtds in the lower 70s for the northeast. still cool along the west coast, the pacific ocean keeping things on the cool side. for monday, a few showers throughout the tennessee valley and in the northeast. and then on tuesday, things are pretty quiet. remember, you can "wake up with al" weekdays on the weather channel. [ female announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪
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okay, you guys. before we go on, martin just told me as he was leaving, he said, kathie, you probably didn't know, but his beautiful, precious wife nancy did pass away a year and a half ago of ovarian cancer. i feel so badly. but he said, kathie, he said, at her funeral mike nichols said just keep the conversation going. the way he was speaking of her sounded like -- >> he said he had one of the great marriages. at the end he told you, i still do. >> my apologies to him and his family for not realizing that. still, he's one of the greatest guys ever, ever, ever.
2:51 am
so sorry about that. time for today's style and dressing your kids for summer camp. >> just because they'll spend their days rubbing around in the sun doesn't mean they need to sacrifice style. which is why we brought in friend and fashion stylist ms. jenn falik. our first is colored denim. a big thing for kids? >> big thing for adults and for kids. i love the look for summer with some shorts. >> here we have isabella and austin. what's happening with isabella and austin. >> isabella has joe's jeans denim shorts. purple. matches the top. sequinned vest. land's end lunchbox has a cooling pack so you can keep half your food cold and half of it warm. >> you know who austin's mother is? allison broad. who happens to be right there behind the news desk. >> so cute! >> they're wearing their shoes.
2:52 am
they're from crocs. their chameleons. they change color in the sun. cool patterns. he's wearing boden jean shorts. >> next trend is hot neon. >> neon, yes. >> rachel and nala. >> rachel and nala. they're showing the neon trend. you can go all out or a little more understated. rachel is wearing the tie-dye short from century 21. you got to go off the shoulder. '80s inspired. check out the laundry bags. these are so fun. looks like a big bag of skittles. if kids got dirty laundry, this is the way to scarry it. nala is wearing an h&m t-shirt. i love the sunglasses. when you buy these, register them online. if your kid breaks or loses them, they send you a new pair. she has a digital underwater camera. >> next up, polka dots and
2:53 am
stripes, nicole and matthew. >> where are they, hoda? >> here they are. i love this. these are two bold patterns. with polka dots, you can mix and match as many polka dots at the same time as you want. just make sure they're different sized polka dots. love the boden shorts. land's end cardigan. her head band is from sweaty bands. no matter how sweaty and hot it gets, it stays where it is. love our j. crew striped t-shirt over there. >> last one, i hope. >> jessica and soloman, come on out. we're running out of time. >> how fun is this? i love this. feels timeless. love the floral pattern skirt, chambray top. comfy, easy to run around in. they look timeless. for camp picture day, this is a perfect look. it looks like it can be taken anywhere.
2:54 am
>> thank you, jen. >> nice job, guys. up next, after a day in the sun, what's better than giada de laurentiis' chilled soup? first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
it is time for cooking with giada, our friend and chef, ms. giada de laurentiis. just created some chilled soup just for us. >> these aren't just your
2:57 am
ordinary cold soups. >> what have you done for us? >> i guess you guys have never done spiked, chilled soups. i thought why not put your soup and your cocktail all in one. i'm going to put you to work. >> convenient. saves so much time. >> why not, right? it's kind of fun. obviously you can do them unspiked if you like. these are chilled. let's make it more fun, right? you're going to cut some watermelon. you've done that before? >> oh, yeah. last weekend. >> i'm going to dice? >> you are actually going to cut this lengthwise. >> like this? >> yes. you know how to hold a knife, right? don't chop yourself. okay. we're going to cut -- we're going to take the seeds out. >> oh, come on. >> all right. i'll do it. with a spoon? >> you can just do this. come on, come on. >> i can do that. >> look, look, look, look. she's ahead of you. >> you know what? she's a perfectionist. >> what we're going to do is put them in the blender. we're making a chilled, spiked watermelon and cucumber soup.
2:58 am
does that not sound yummy? >> oh, yum! >> dump all of the -- >> we're already done. >> we're waiting for your cucumber, lady. >> would you hold on a second? >> look how pretty it ends up look ing. whenever hoda's done. >> you got to break it up. >> she would stuff it in. >> it's disgusting. >> all right. what else? >> a little more basil. basil, cucumber. salt and pepper. >> what are you pouring in there? quarter cup of? >> vodka! >> you know it's going to be good. >> we don't usually. but for you we'll make an exception. >> of course. ready? >> grind it up. >> go, vitamix. >> while we're waiting -- you don't mess around. we're going to point out one quick thing. in july when you turn on the tv and you see a clairol commercial, guess who's going to be on. >> hoda! you know what i forgot to tell you.
2:59 am
>> you can't live in this for just a minute. >> we're making a dish. you want to make your little garnishes like that. you've got one over there, too. watermelon, feta, and basil. >> perfect. >> pour it in here. taste that and move to the back one. serve it in a martini glass. you're going to have to at least taste one. just sip it. for one second. i'm going to get back here and i'm going to make my orange chilled, scented, spiked tomato soup. >> mmm. that's delicious. >> that's delicious. >> that would be fun at a party. >> that's a great one. >> tomato soup. >> orange scented tomato soup. carrots, shallots, tomatoes. maple syrup. tomato paste. basil. cook it and forget it. if you're adding vodka to it you need to let the soup cool completely before you blend it. >> got it. >> all righty. love you, clairol lady. come back tomorrow.


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