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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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bob redell live in coopertino with an update on this ongoing cleanup. bob, good morning. >> we're on the southbound 80 connector to northbound 85 where you have this mess blocking the ramp. we just spoke with chp, they want to get this open back up by 6:30 before the morning commute really begins to pick up. that's the eta, about an hour and a half from now. you can see the tow truck company has arrived. they've got two wreckers right now just a matter of figuring out how to move the vehicle. what you've got in the background is a double trailer that had been hauling dry cement tipped over here on the bend, crushing the guardrail, some of it is off the roadway. it's basically three vehicles. you've got the tractor where the driver sits and drives and the two trailers. the challenge is turning this right side up without splitting over two trailers with dry cement.
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we spoke with the driver who happens to own this rig. he's okay. he tells us this happened a little over an hour ago. he left the cement plant here in cupertino on the way to santa rosa when this happened. >> i was driving 25 miles per hour, and then i come here, i didn't hear anything. just slowly tip over. >> reporter: the driver tells me he thinks his load might have shifted and that shift in weight might have caused his back trailer to tip over. chp's going to be looking into it they tell me into whether he was driving too fast. again, we're on the southbound 280, northbound 85 connector ramp. this is for people commuting down the peninsula perhaps to mountain view for work. this is shut down, though chp is working very hard, they tell me, to get this open hopefully by 6:30. reporting live in cupertino, "today in the bay." another big rig mess in the
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east bay. firefighters spent hours this morning working to clean up this diesel spill. northbound 880 in oakland. this is live pictures right now after a big rig plowed into sand barrels there and landed on top of the concrete divider. firefighters say about 80 gallons of fuel leaked on to the interstate near high street. the highway patrol shut down three lanes just before 2:00 a.m. let's check in with mike inouye to see how things have progressed since then. we understand the sig alert has been called off. >> yes, because all lanes of 880 have just reopened. even the slow lane which was blocked until a few minutes ago has reopened and we'll take a live look out there and show you the flow of traffic past the scene. but you still see those flashing lights. there's still a crew and truck there. all this activity here live on the screen, that's in that construction zone just off of the freeway. no construction workers were hit, but my friend photographer -- our photographer
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who is out there said this truck went in, hit the rail, busted up the fuel tank and that caused all the damage, as well hitting that cement divider and all those barrels. the cleanup continues at high street, but again, no lanes are blocked, just a distraction by those flashing lights. now back down to san jose where we're looking at that closure bob showed you, as well, the two trailers for the cement rig hoping to reopen by 6:30. right now, completely closed. your two alternates just before you get there, get off at foothill expressway, take that up towards los altos and homestead over to 85. that's the easiest and shortest route. but if you do pass by the incident hoping it's open when you get there, well, we do have an option to the south, sunnyvale/saratoga road, take them up to homestead or fremont, but that might send more folks past the area where more folks from apple will get off the freeway, as well. so far, it's closed, guys, back to you.
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and this morning, a wild story here. san francisco police searching for a cab driver who they say beat up a passenger with a tire iron. this all happened wednesday morning near filbert and van ness. the driver allegedly hit the passenger right in the face with a tire iron. this passenger was treated at a nearby hospital for an eye injury and a cut to the face. the cab driver took off and has not been located. 5:04. now to a developing story in the east bay. where investigators are searching for suspects wanted in a botched jewelry store robbery that left one man dead. christie smith is live in san ramon where police have a possible description of the get away car. christie, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, there are still a number of questions about what went on inside of this store after four armed men stormed the jewelry store yesterday afternoon. and with the intent of robbing it. but one of them was shot and
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killed possibly by the store owner or an employee. the other three got away. and san ramon police are still looking for them this morning. this botched robbery happened in broad daylight. 4:30 in the afternoon. the four men ran into the gold and treasures jewelry store, but the tables turned quickly as one of them was shot and ran into the street during the evening commute looking for help. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police didn't say who opened fire, but they did say no customers were inside. the daughter of the owner says she doesn't know if there's a gun in there but her family isn't likely to just standby. >> i know my parents were fine, that was about it. >> now, there are reports that some men tried to rob the store earlier this year, and other shop owners in the area say they've been robbed before too. police say that the other suspects took off possibly driving a white four-door car 1990s model. police, we're told, are
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reviewing surveillance tape. i do have a call into the watch commander this morning. as soon as i hear from him, i'll let you know what he had to say. reporting live in san ramon, christie smith, "today in the bay." a former elementary schoolteacher behind bars this morning. arresting 50-year-old johnny urias accused of possessing and manufacturing child porn. he's been on administrative leave from will rogers elementary since last september. the district says there's no indication any students were victimized. well, this morning, marin county high school is warning parents about a prank that could lead to legal trouble. the high school in mill valley is days away from the annual senior scavenger hunt. but a similar activity last week led to graffiti and vandalism. no one has been arrested for the tagging, but law enforcement says patrols will be beefed up in the area through the weekend. and today u.c. berkeley
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heading to court to crack down on protesters for occupying farmland. they will state their case at the hayward hall of justice starting at 9:30 this morning. they're hoping for an injunction and restraining order against a group of activists known as occupy the farm. if the regents are successful, each protester could face up to six months in jail. protesters have been camping out on and off since earth day. they want some of the land preserved as a community garden. the university says that land is used for research by the college of natural resources. 5:07 now. any talk about san jose mayor chuck reed backing a pro-gay marriage resolution will have to wait until after the june 5th election. it's an issue the mayor has avoided saying he's more focused on budget and pension reform. but council member says mayor reed can focus on more than just the economy. he would like to see the mayor
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join other big-city mayors in supporting marriage equality. he says he is not asking mayor reed to go against his personal beliefs, but do what is right from a legal standpoint. mayor reed questions his timing. >> i think the timing of this and the connection to the presidential campaigns as well as local campaigns is unfortunate. >> cannot treat people as second class citizens when it comes to marriage and that's what's happening now. so it allows the mayor or anyone else to hold on to the religious beliefs, but at the same time, stand up for our constitution and treat everyone the same. >> he wanted to have the full council consider his proposal next week, but the rules committee and mayor reed have tabled the issue until after the election. it is 5:08, and all week long we've noticed a gradual climb towards higher temperatures. today looks like we're hitting that peak. going to be another hot one. >> going to be another hot one. and this is part of the reason why. you can see, you can actually see some blue high atop a
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pyramid. we've got blue skies already. what you'll notice is there's a direct correlation with how much cloud cover we start out with versus how much we -- how warm we get during the day. so we're starting out with less cloud cover. that means san francisco, you're going to climb by about ten degrees from yesterday's high. 52 in livermore, good morning there. and 54 degrees right here in san jose to start. a good-looking forecast. you can go ahead and turn that heater off if you're running it this morning. because as of about 10:00 a.m. today, temperatures in the mid-60s. and the building breeze is part of the reason why. wind out of the west-southwest at 10 miles per hour. your future cast tells the story. by 7:00 p.m., getting our strongest winds. you want to keep that in mind. overall, we're looking nice and warm and we hold on to the warmth as we head through tomorrow, which is good news if you've got the day off and you want to hit the beach. 80 degrees at noon inland, today 90 degrees in the heat of the
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day it is going to be on the warm side. for now, i'm going to send it back to you guys. >> thank you very much, christina. and the world's first commercial spaceship has left the parking spot on the international space station and making its way back to earth. the space x "dragon" spacecraft going through hours of orbital operations before it splashes down off the california coast. that'll take place at about 9:00 this morning. it's supposed to land about 550 miles southwest of los angeles. the "dragon" capsule is loaded up with more than 1,400 pounds of old equipment and a few science samples from up there in space. last week, the capsule delivered over 1,000 pounds of food and clothing to that space station. history in the making. in more space news, the faa clearing the spaceship for test flights. the six-passenger spacecraft has a one-year experimental launch permit for flights beyond the
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atmosphere. owned in part by the virgin group. it's already taken deposits, get this, from more than 500 people for rides which will cost $200,000 each. >> there's a lot of rich people in the world. >> yeah, kind of bored looking for things to do. >> i know. 5:11. coming up, the minivan that put soccer moms on the map is no more. why chrysler's pulling the town and country just ahead. plus, mark zuckerberg is on his honeymoon, should he come back and address the problems at facebook? right now, live over the bay bridge, what a beautiful shot. got the sun out there, got the lights on the bridge, twinkling across to the traffic. couple of big rig accidents and christina talking about the warm weather coming up. and for the latest news, weather, and traffic any time, check us out on facebook, search nbc bay area. no matter the season, i still get dry skin. introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond.
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welcome back, everybody. heads up as you head out the door for work. not a good day for big rigs. this was a crash out on the connector from southbound 280 to northbound 85. this wreck may not clear up and let traffic through completely until about 6:30 this morning. also on the east bay, a big rig crash interstate 880 in oakland. this one's near high street. the good news out there, they've cleared it up, all lanes back open on the freeway. well, the motor city could soon see a piece of its history disappear. a trade journal is reporting the chrysler group will no longer make the chrysler town and country minivan. according to this journal, the ceo of chrysler says it will be discontinued in 2014. the automakers plans involve focusing more on the grand caravan and crossovers.
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well, there's growing pressure right now this morning for facebook founder mark zuckerberg. people hoping he'll say something about the company's troubles. >> he's on his honeymoon, last we heard in italy. it's either been the best or worst timing for a trip overseas depending on how you look at it. some investors would like to see some reassurance from the newlywed that facebook is still on the right track. employees too would probably benefit. we talked in the past about how a company's stock price becomes a major distraction to workers. as for zuckerberg himself, he actually dropped off the list of 40 richest people on facebook -- as as facebook shares fell another 2.25% on wednesday. the online travel reservation system kayak has reportedly delayed the ipo again, in part because of pressures from facebook. kayak would have been the first internet stock to go public since facebook did.
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don't read too much into it because it's been on again off again for a while now. general motors pulled the facebook advertising days before the social network went public. where did those ad dollars go? for that, we turn to seema mody live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> yeah, that's right. interesting story here. general motors chooses football over football. signed a five-year deal to make it the official sponsor of manchester united. saying it was unrelated to the decision not to advertise in next year's super bowl. gm hopes to cash in on the estimated fan base of 659 million worldwide. in terms of where the markets are at right now, futures are slightly higher after yesterday's selloff. stocks dropped across the board wiping out tuesday's rally, the culprit, europe once again. bond yields surging in spain and italy on concerns about mounting debt in those countries. that pushed investors into safer
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markets. asia fell overnight, but we are taking a look at european markets and they are trending higher today. we get a ton of economic data out this morning with two reports on the job market as well as numbers on manufacturing and a revised look at first quarter gdp, which may show the economy didn't grow as much this winter as previously anticipated. the dow falling 160 points to close at 12,419 that's how the dow closed last night. it is now on track for the worst may since 2010. the nasdaq losing 33 to close at 2,837. guys, sending it back over to you. >> thank you. well, i said it before, and now there are statistics to back it up. in the race for tech, san francisco is winning. the "wall street journal" ran the numbers, says san francisco is growing its tech industry much faster than san jose. the south bay still has far, far more tech workers, 211,000 work in the south bay, 94,000 tech workers in san francisco, but
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san francisco is accelerating. now, facebook had a lot to do with that. because kind of the cutoff line for the u.s. census department is about menlo park palo alto, palo alto, south bay, menlo park, north bay. when facebook made the crossing, it really helped san francisco's numbers. >> and they'll soon be adding to that with all the expansions in menlo park. thanks very much, scott. how hot is it going to get today? that's the question we're asking christina loren. >> good morning. it is going to be a warm afternoon. but we're starting out nice and crisp and cool, good morning to you. 90s on the temperature map. right here in san jose, i'm going 88 degrees, and you can see the reason why vividly here. already getting sunlight. the sun is going to rise just before 6:00 a.m. this morning. and once it comes up, we are going to start to warm up. this is typically the coolest point of the day. you think about it, it's the furthest point from when the sun was last out. throughout the day today, your temperatures are going to start to climb as of about 7:00 whereas we have to wait for that cool air typically until about
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10:00 a.m. as a result, 90s on the map today, 51 degrees to start you out in san francisco. high pressure still in control and this time as we head throughout the next 24, 48 hours, it's moving into the great basin. it has been in control of our weather pattern, but now it's going to push our winds offshore, especially over the east shore where yesterday we actually stayed rather cool in places like oakland and san francisco. not going to be the case today. i'm bumping up your numbers by about ten degrees from yesterday's highs and yesterday already a warm day. it all works out like this. 88 degrees in san jose, 85 in los gatos, and 88 degrees in san jose. we are fair game for records, as well. not just today, tomorrow, 88 degrees, not cooling you off all that much. and then as we head throughout the remainder of the weekend, we'll start to tumble your temps, but not all that much until we hit monday, tuesday, wednesday. area of low pressure to our north, and it's going to you shaller in a stronger onshore flow. we'll get more of that june gloom we're so accustomed to
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this time of year. two hot days before we start to level off and cool off on sunday. let's check your drive. mike has been busy. any improvement out there on 280? >> some improvements as far as the connector ramp goes. this is what you're talking about, christina, southbound 280 to northbound 85. there is that truck accident. let's show the live picture out there. you can get the shot here. there there's the overturn -- and as far as improvements go, i was telling her it's because the crew has arrived. you see them trying to hook up one of those rigs. as well as the other cement trailer hauling dry cement and the rig. clearing that from the roadway. there was a small diesel fuel spill. no injuries, but this has shut down the connector southbound 280 to northbound 85 as they continue their work there, let's get back to the maps. i'll explain what's going on. for your alternate, for folks making your way up from cupertino or sunnyvale and mountain view. you can take foothill expressway back to 85, or you can pass it
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and go over to sunnyvale and saratoga and get back over to 85. still relatively light flow of traffic. but this does take you as far as the southern alternate where a lot of folks get off for apple computer, for example, you might have heard of that company. that will change the traffic flow. chp gives the update. looking clear as far as the roadway goes. that's starting to pick up. a smooth drive 880 at high street. we still have the flashing lights. all lanes of 880 have cleared, the sig alert has canceled. the clearing at the construction still going on there. this is the distraction a lot of folks will see off of the freeway. back to you. >> a little bit better in oakland, thank you, mike. coming up, the big apple says big no to big gulps. why new york city wants to ban the big sugary drinks just ahead. and a live look at the golden gate bridge. a little ominous on this friday eve as jon kelley likes to refer
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to it as. traffic moving just fine heading into san francisco so far. your time now is 5:21. that's a cool shot. d a
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welcome back, everybody. 5:24 right now. the sweetening ingredient high fructose corn syrup will not be getting a new name. the food and drug administration rejecting the request to rename the sweetener corn sugar. the industry group submitted the application in 2010 and has been using the name corn sugar in the marketing. the association says that syrup is a form of sugar, but the fda disagrees and says sugar is a solid, dried, and crystallized form. well, keeping informed of
5:25 am
this, new york city is fighting obesity by going after supersize drinks. plans are on the table to place a 16-ounce limit on sweetened drinks sold at restaurants and other public places. sodas sold at grocery stores will be exempt. this would make the city the first in the nation to ban super-sized beverages. >> what are you going to do next out there? tell us we can't eat pizza? >> maybe. >> i eat pizza all day long. let's check in with christina loren. looks like a good day out there for pizza and everything else. >> you're taking your kids, not just a big kid like jon kelley, to school this morning, you want to dress them in layers. temperatures in the 50s, and we're ending up in the 90s in some cities across the bay area. make sure you do dress them in layers peeling off the first layer by noon, 80 degrees inland, 90 by 4:00 p.m., your full forecast minutes away. we continue to follow the sig alert. live look at southbound 280 to
5:26 am
northbound 85, that's the reason it's closed, yes, they have hooked up that rig now and we're hoping they're able to right this first cement rig without it ripping apart. if they do, we have maybe a 7:15 reopening. back to the maps, the alternates for you, foothill or highway 9. saratoga up to homestead back to 85. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, of course, time spent with your family is always priceless, but got to be honest, not everyone would've passed up this price tag. telling fox news back in the day he offered jerry seinfeld $100 million to film one more season back in the show's glory days. guess what? the comedian said thanks, but no thanks, turned him down saying he wanted to start a family. the hit sitcom ran for nine seasons before wrapping up in 11 1998. >> here's the thing, we can still have a family. there's time in the day for more
5:27 am
things to do. >> no, we don't. >> of course not. 5:26. two eighth graders go on a trip to six flags and never come back. why the search is spanning several bay area cities today. and right now, a live look outside, that's the palace of fine arts up in san francisco as the sun slowly starts to come out. a little bounce, christina loren can fill us in on that. it's 5:27. and for the latest news, weather, and traffic updates nb bay area.cebook, search nbc bay area. ♪
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. it is uh 5:29 right now. thank you for very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. an update to breaking news in the south bay where cleanup continues after a cement hauler spilled its load on to a busy freeway interchange. bob redell live in cupertino at 280 and 85 with an update on the cleanup efforts.
5:30 am
how's it going out there? >> reporter: it's slow going as southbound 280 connector ramps and northbound 85. i spoke with chp, marla, and i said that 6:30 estimate they initially gave us, what do you think? and he said that's overly optimistic. in other words, looks like from what we're hearing this could be perhaps 7:15, which is going to be during the morning commute. if you're commuting down the peninsula down to mountain view, you use the southbound 280 connector ramps and northbound 85, might want to reconsider your route this morning. so here you have it. you've got three vehicles in front of us. there's a tractor hauling two trailers full of dry cement. and the wrecker right now is trying to overturn one of those trailers. the challenge is going to be the x factor in all of this, if you will, is whether that trailer splits open. if it splits open, you're going to have dry cement all over the road and that clearly is going to add time. so they're taking their time on this. and i was talking to the tow truck company. they've got two wreckers out
5:31 am
here. and this is considered to be a big job considering in the business of overturning rigs, this in this instance is a big job. this hauler was heading to santa rosa just picked up a load at a cement factory here in cupert o cupertino. we spoke to the driver. he's okay. says he was going 25 miles an hour, he believes the load shifted in his back trailer causing the entire rig to tip on its side. one part is in the roadway, the other part is crushing the guardrail and is off the roadway. chp will be looking into whether this driver might have been speeding. it's a matter of clearing this roadway. caltrans also has to come through here and do some sweeping. there's so motor oil, a little diesel that spilled. fire department was able to put some sand on it. as far as your alternates around this area, the southbound 280, northbound 85, the connector ramp, i want to send it over to mike inouye. >> good morning, bob.
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first of all, thank you for that update. chp, 6:30 not a reasonable time. this will affect folks as they head to the north because they'll have to use foothill expressway, that's the exit to the north there and take it over towards homestead and 85 north as you're rejoining the flow. or you can travel further south and get off of there at around sunnyvale/saratoga, that off ramp will take you north through town and you can get off at homestead over to 85 or take fremont over to 85 or continue about the city. back to the live shot. and they continue to watch this. this is fascinating to me. we're watching to see if the walls of this cement truck rip apart or not. if the entire thing is able to stay intact, then, yes, 7:15, 7:30 for this to reopen because they have to upright two rigs there. if it does rip apart, this will be a huge problem for cleanup and that could last much of the morning.
5:33 am
bob redell continues to follow this right here in the south bay. now over to the east bay, we have the situation for 880. the early morning big rig accident still has the flashing lights in the construction zone. all lanes of northbound 880 at high street reopened about an hour ago. but we still have cleanup going on in the construction zone. a live look out there has the crews still going on with the sweeper. finally hooked up that big rig and the trailer is clear from the area. so just a distraction as this is going on. a typical construction zone. as the sun comes up, the flashing lights are not so much of an issue. a smooth drive north past the coliseum into downtown. back to you. >> appreciate it. there is concern this morning for two young teens from the north bay who may have run away during a school field trip. 13-year-old and 14-year-old were visiting six flags the discovery kingdom on wednesday. they disappeared during the trip, but they were later spotted at a b.a.r.t. station the very same day in san francisco. the families right now desperate
5:34 am
to bring those children home. the polly klaas foundation also involved in this effort. the man accused of killing 15-year-old sierra lamar will return to the courtroom today. antolin garcia-torres is expected to enter a plea. he was arrested ten days ago after dna testing allegedly linked him to the missing morgan hill girl. volunteer search parties are still trying to track down sierra whose body has still not been found. she was last seen the morning of march 16th in morgan hill heading to school. pleasanton investigators right now having no luck at all identifying the body of a woman found inside of a trash can. investigators say the woman has dark hair and was wearing blue nail polish and old navy t-shirt and pajama pants, but her fingerprints have not revealed any clues about her identity. the body was found on dublin canyon road last week. police hoping to create a sketch of the woman in the next few days to try and get the public's help in ultimately identifying her.
5:35 am
now to a developing story in the east bay. one man is dead today and three others on the run after a jewelry store robbery. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in san ramon where police are trying to track down a band of robbers. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. police say they're looking for the three men that got away. they're also reviewing surveillance tape after they say four armed men stormed into a jewelry store here in san ramon. but before they could get away with anything, one of them was shot possibly by the store owner or maybe an employee of golden treasures here on san ramon valley boulevard. four gunmen ran inside in broad daylight. the robbery attempts fell apart quickly when one of the suspects was shot, ran outside looking for help during the evening commute. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police didn't say who fired that shot. only that no customers were
5:36 am
inside. but the store owner's daughter said she only had time to come down and see her family is okay but says they're not likely to be victimized. >> they're strong people. they're not going to let people hurt them or other people around them. >> now, other store owners in the strip mall say they've been robbed too, and the golden treasures store carries watches and jewelry. investigators think the suspects got away in a white four-door 1990s model sedan. of course, if you have any information, you're asked to give san ramon police a call. reporting live in san ramon, christie smith, "today in the bay." an oakland raiders player known for big plays will be on the defensive today. darius hayward bay will be arraigned in court in a few hours facing dui charges after driving erratically on the bay bridge back in april. bay failed several sobriety tests. if found guilty, the 25-year-old could face up to six months in jail. well, you can expect traffic
5:37 am
delays, foul odors and a lot of noise. sounds like a beautiful scene, doesn't it? this happening in palo alto this summer as pg & e replaces a gas transmission line. it runs along charleston road. city leaders say pg & e has no testing record of line 109. crews will also be digging up parts of line 101 which runs parallel to highway 101. a public meeting about this project will be held this afternoon at herbert hoover elementary school. well, for the first time in a long time, san francisco's budget proposal will include spending for the next two fiscal years. mayor ed lee will present his proposal for a balanced budget this morning at city hall. lee has made several announcements in recent days including investments for small businesses and commercial areas. and a hiring plan for police and firefighters. the city's budget and finance committee will sift through the details in june and vote on any adjustments. 5:37 right now. let's check back in with
5:38 am
christina loren to find out about our friday eve forecast. >> you'll likely be adjusting the thermostat in your home because we're starting out mostly clear even in san francisco, san jose. not a cloud to be found in the sky this morning. and as we head throughout the morning hours, your temperatures are going to climb right off the bat. let's start here at sunnyvale, 54 in san jose, and 46 degrees this morning in santa rosa headed toward a really good-looking afternoon. if you like the warm conditions, if you don't like the warmth, go ahead and hit the beach because that's where it'll be comfortable today. 72 degrees at noon. that's room temperature at noon bay side. meanwhile, at the coast, a little bit on the cool side, but rounding out the day at about 74. so inland cities, we will get the warmest, 90 degrees, pretty hot stuff, your seven-day forecast reveals a cool down and a potential for showers. coming up right now, back to you guys. >> thank you. it is 5:38 right now. still ahead, the crisis in syria. the u.s. being pressured to send troops in after just a horrifying massacre.
5:39 am
but we'll tell you what the president if he's planning on taking action or not. the latest ahead in a live report. and how about a live look at the golden gate bridge? little bit of that fog beginning to clear on this thursday morning. your time now is 5:39. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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in seattle, a gunman dead this morning after killing five people during a shooting spree. police say the man went into a cafe near the university of washington yesterday and shot four people. he then shot and killed a woman during a car jacking several miles away. that man ended up killing himself as s.w.a.t. officers moved in. the seattle times reporting the 40-year-old man had a history of mental problems. from florida, this is just disturbing video of a really bizarre and freaky cannibalistic attack that may have been fueled by drugs. surveillance shows video of a man apparently naked here attacking and biting the face of
5:42 am
another man. investigators say nearly 80% of this victim's face is now gone. officers ended up shooting and killing the suspect during that attack. the victim now remains in critical condition at a nearby hospital. officers at this point investigating whether the potent form of lsd may have contributed to this scary attack. in new jersey, former rutgers university student dharun ravi will turn himself in to start serving a 30-day jail sentence. the 20-year-old was convicted of using a web cam to spy on his gay roommate tyler clementi. clementi ended up committing suicide just days after ravi posted video of clementi kissing another man. well, now to the crisis in syria this morning, the u.s. is cracking down on that country after mass killings. the state department calls a new level of horror. tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill with more on pressure to get the u.s. military involved.
5:43 am
good morning. >> reporter: marla, good morning. it's diplomatic and economic pressure right now that crack down the u.s. freezing assets at one of syria's banks and joining other countries kicking out its diplomats, its ambassador. but the u.s. is not looking at military action right now. all of this after a weekend massacre that left 100 people dead, 13 bodies found bound and dumped in eastern syria. rebels have given the government there a 48-hour deadline to comply with an international peace plan, u.s. special envoy annan was there for a couple of days meeting with syria's president who says they're at a tipping point right now. >> this regime knows only one word, which is shoot. and as long as that is the approach of this regime, then we understand and must understand that no plan, no peace plan is going to work. >> so what will work? mitt romney says we're not doing enough, that the u.s. has put this on the back burner.
5:44 am
france says they're ready to send in troops with the u.n., russia and china very unlikely to go along with that. some say we should be arming the rebels. the white house says absolutely not. that'll just make a bad situation worse. marla? >> okay. we will stay on this story, of course, thank you, tracie. the blind chinese activist at the center of a diplomatic standoff will be speaking today in new york city. chen guangcheng had been on house arrest for his campaigns against forced abortions. chen escaped and sought refuge at the united states embassy and arrived in the u.s. earlier this monthment. mitt romney's campaign is counting its cash today. tickets to a fundraiser at a hillsboro mansion. campaign staffers told the crowd of about 300, it was the most
5:45 am
successful fundraiser in california yet but did not reveal how much was raised. cameras were not allowed inside. outside you can see here people gathered to voice their support for obama. and nicole richardson says she's a democrat but supports romney's economic plan. >> i think he has very good business sense. he's fiscally responsible, and i'm not putting down our current incumbent president, but i just think he has a passion and he loves the country. >> donors say former secretary of state condoleezza rice did formally endorse romney. but they say there was no talk of adding her name to the ticket as vice president. >> also from that quest to the white house. former president george w. bush returning to the white house. but for a different reason. the president and his wife laura will attend an unveiling of their official portraits. president obama and first lady michelle obama are hosting this event. this one is an old tradition but there could be a little tension, little uneasiness as the
5:46 am
campaign season's been heating up. we know president obama has been critical of bush's record while he was in office. and back to our breaking news that we've been following all morning long in cupertino. a cement hauler crashed on the connector from southbound 280 to northbound 85. this is a live look at the scene right now. what they're doing now is they have uprighted the cement truck. it was on its side for most of the morning. so far, of course, this is likely going to affect the morning commute. but they are making some progress hoping to get this cement truck out of the lane, southbound 280 just as soon as possible. mike, of course, is keeping his eye on this. bob redell is live at the scene, as well. so we will stay on this to bring you the very latest out of cupertino today. >> mike pointed out the truck didn't split as they picked it up, so this will go faster than had it split. christina loren, hot, hot, hot. >> hot, hot, hot. but the good news is, if you do get stuck in traffic this morning because there are going
5:47 am
to be residual delays there, obviously, at least the weather sh nice. 56 degrees in oakland, 54 degrees this morning in san jose. we've got a great-looking day shaping up. if you want the warm conditions, if you're ready for summer, you're going to get a taste of it today. throughout the afternoon, wooe' be in the 60s by about noon. the 70s and 80s popping up on that temperature map inland as of noon today. go ahead and open up the windows in your home if you don't have a.c., you're going to want to seek shade today if you work outside. but good air quality, i'm happy to report that. throughout the day today, the breeze will pick up just as it did yesterday. the winds are going to shift. throughout this afternoon, that's an offshore flow as high pressure sets up over the great basin. and from your future cast, we stop the clock at 8:00 p.m., getting more breezy. throughout the day today and tonight. so high pressure moving into the great basin. today it's going to amplify and be at its strongest. we are expecting peak warmth today. the winds will continue to pump from land to sea warming along the way. and today, the record potential in places like san jose,
5:48 am
concord, even santa rosa. 90 in livermore, and much warmer than we typically get this time of year. we're in record territory today. now tomorrow, just about as warm, we're going to cool you off just a little bit. 84 degrees by saturday, more of an onshore flow. we'll bring about a little bit of a cooling trend for saturday, but then the real cooling sunday, monday, and tuesday as the low pressure drops in from alaska. this is carrying cold air with it, jet stream taking a nice dip to the south. for us, more fog in the morning, cooler afternoons. 82 degrees by wednesday, good air quality in the forecast as we might get showers up in the north bay between tuesday and wednesday. 5:48, let's check that drive. how are we doing out there, mike? >> so far, want to let the rest of the bay area know we are watching that, as well. highway 4, typical build. right on schedule for antioch. there you go for that thursday build, and livermore pretty standard, 16-minute drive slowing through livermore and at
5:49 am
the dublin interchange. 580 through oakland and 880 moving very smoothly, but the live shot out there, we have that earlier big rig that went into the construction zone at high street off the northbound side. now, a while ago, about an hour and a half ago, all lanes reopened, but we have this rig blocking part of the construction zone there. they're just starting to move this rig and the trailer is still there at the scene and so this is the activity currently going on. a distraction for folks getting off the freeway at high street, but no slowing shows up on our sensors. back to the map and showing sensors for the south bay, looking at 101. we're starting to see the volume starting to kick in now. speeds into the 40s and the southbound side showing a little bit of disturbance, flow, and maybe trucks moving through that area. no one's moving here. southbound 280 to northbound 85. your alternate is foothill over to homestead or highway 9. and sunnyvale, saratoga over to homestead, as well. let's get the update, a few minutes to work on it. bob redell is out there showing
5:50 am
us this shot. they have indeed uprighted and now back on its wheels is the first of the cement trucks. the second trailer is still there. has to be uprighted. and the cleanup, a few gallons of diesel fuel spilled. the alternate is foothill over to homestead as an alternate. we're looking at 7:15 for that to reopen. and looks like that rig has been righted intact. we should have something close to that. we're looking at 7:30 and slowing. tougher licensing laws are saving teen lives. a new study by the insurance institute for highway safety found the death rates for teenage drivers has plummeted since 1996. that's when states began enacting a range of new limits on teen driving. the most important change, the ban on teen passengers. there's a 21% reduction in the fatal crash rate associated with allowing no passengers versus allowing two or more passengers.
5:51 am
>> while each state is different, the study shows the stricter the restrictions, the more time a teen driver has to learn and mature behind the wheel. 5:51 right now, coming up, new solar standards, why the state could force you to go green during your next remodel. plus, fairly lousy news about jobs sets the stage for wall street. we'll take a look coming up. and if you're wondering what san francisco bay looks like, we'll show that to you. a little bit of cloud cover on this thursday morning. but christina says mother nature's going to crank up the heat today. 5:.ll check in with her in a . us.h 5♪ jimmy bond i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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and the fresh scent will last until you're ready to wash again. [ buzzer ] [ laughs ] [ both sniff ] and this fresh scent will last? it's like you shoved a rainbow up your nose. i should go. downy unstopables. the fresh too feisty to quit. welcome back, everybody. we have breaking news to tell you about from cupertino, first,
5:54 am
a cement hauler out there. we have a live look. it's being lifted upright after a crash on that connector from southbound 280 to northbound 85. we've just been told this may not clear up and let traffic flow completely smooth until about 8:00 this morning. and the big rig crash, another one over on interstate 880 in oakland near high street. all lanes there, much better news, they are back open on that freeway. well, future home construction in california will soon have a different look. the state is expected to approve several updated energy efficiency standards for new homes and buildings. among the biggest change is the insulation of solar ready roofs during construction. new homeowners are not required to install fuller panels. the energy standard would take effect next year. well, one of silicon valleys more important venture capitalist firms is breaking silence this morning after being accused of sexual harassment. scott, they say they're innocent. >> this coming after the storied
5:55 am
company was publicly accused of allowing that harassment to continue against a junior partner who sued the company on behalf of herself and 20 unnamed female employees. now the woman had, what she called, an unwanted sexual relationship with an equal and then was kept out of meetings and fired, she says, after she complained. in its first public statement about the matter kleiner perkins' manager said, in the end, facts, ununfounded claims will determine the outcome of the suit filed against us. we will vigorously defend our reputation and are confident we will prevail. other news, we get the big jobs number tomorrow. but today we've got a sneak peek as the company that handles payroll processing said america appears to have added 133,000 jobs in the month of may. once again, a less than stellar number. and san francisco based wells fargo will spend more than $420 million to settle a predatory
5:56 am
lending suit brought by the city of memphis. the allegations is wells fargo would write mortgages, get the fee, then sell the loan papers to someone else to avoid the risk of the loan. this is something the bank absolutely denies, but it is paying out the settlement. back to you. >> thank you very much. christina loren checking the warm forecast on this thursday. good morning. >> good morning. yeah. yesterday, the highest we reached was 87 degrees. that was walnut creek, even pleasanton hitting the upper 80s. look at all the 90s on the map, 90 in livermore, 90 in concord, and just about 75 degrees in san francisco. i'll let you know whether or not your city will break a record today or tomorrow, and then we've got rain in the forecast. we're going to swing your direction, the opposite way when it comes to your temperatures. let's talk to mike about your drive. >> well, we had a cement truck swinging above the roadway. let's get a live look out there and see how it's doing. it has settled on to its wheels
5:57 am
and now the first cement truck has cleared, at least back up right. the second one in the distance has to be uprighted, as well, so they can clear that. southbound 280 to northbound 85. back to your maps, get off one exit early, take foothill expressway, up towards homestead, back to 85, or sunnyvale/saratoga back to the south. 5:57. still ahead, a deadly shooting at a jewelry store in san ramon. but who fired the fatal shots? we'll have the latest on that investigation just ahead. right now, a live look outside, that's alcatraz, the rock out there. a little bit of fog out there, never fear, the warm eser arrive. ha a arrive. hang in, going to be a hot one. g
5:58 am
5:59 am
disruption for your south bay commute, i'm bob redell, we'll take you live to cupertino to update you on an overturned


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