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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 31, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> a surprise visit to solyndra in fremont by republican candidate mitt romney. i'm bob redell. we'll tell you what he had to say. >> marking the start of a new era in space ends with a splashdown. new details about the mission. >> how about this. no contract and $55 a month for the iphone. scott mcgrew has details on a new carrier offering an apple plan. >> here is a live look at the san francisco bay from san francisco. looks to be a gorgeous day shaping up. we'll check that forecast with christina loren. the news starts now.
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>> good morning. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. breaking news on the campaign trail. mitt romney still in the bay area taking another swing at the obama administration. that's right. the influence gop nominee having a news conference at not so ironically solyndra. bob is live where he says the photo opp was timed to coincide with a new attack ad. good morning. >> reporter: solyndra, this building couldn't have been a better place for candidate, republican candidate mitt romney. he has been in town for a fund-raiser. he made an unannounced visit in the past hour to the failed solar company. here to criticize president barack obama's decision to give government-backed loans to the
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solar company using as an example of failed stimulus project promoted by president obama. you might recall that president obama came here in 2010 to out the solyndra how government can stimulate the green economy, giving $535 million in government-backed loans. it went bankrupt last year. governor mitt romney calling this a conflict of interest, the fact that he believes obama gave this money because these were his friends, his cronies and failed with the taxpayers left holding the bag. governor romney criticizing the president saying this is an example of why this type of decision reflects why he has not been able to in his words revive the current economy. >> the reason that the stimulus has been unsuccessful, that the turnaround has taken so long to occur, that the recovery has been so tepid is that the president fails to understand the basic nature of free
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enterprise in america. he thinks that government dominated decisions like this make america stronger. they make us weaker. >> reporter: as i mentioned, this was an unannounced visit, was supposed to be a surprise visit but the word got out, so they were actually trying to keep this to select members of the press until the rest of the local media showed up. when asked why to keep this secret the governor responded he believed that president obama supporters if they knew he would be visiting in advance they might be doing something or might try to do something to stop him from coming here. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> it's going to be a fun battle. the new nbc poll shows president obama and mitt romney deadlocked in three battleground states, tied at 44% each in iowa, colorado obama gets support from 46%, romney 45%. and in nevada the president at 48%, romney 46%.
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>> turning to the morning commute, it was a mess on a couple of fronts. first in oakland, a big rig accident on 880 near high street overnight had crews cleaning up a diesel spill and sand barrels. this was not the worst. a cement hauler overcalled in cupertino and impacted traffic all morning long. mike inouye has the latest. better news. >> much better in the last ten minutes. we had south bound 280 to 85. that intersection was closed but just minutes ago chp and our crew who we had out there, just completely cleared the area. here's what they had. video from earlier this morning when we were out there, that is a cement hauler, that filled with dry cement one of the two trailers overturned. a total of 80,000 pounds. they lifted it up. looks like when they transport a whale out of sea world. there you go, held in midair.
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they had to move to the cab being righted. this cab is lifted as well as the rig it's towing. you see that blue thing on the left, it's a big air bag. he's like hey, this is to make sure the truck is safe. make sure this guy is safe. get out of the way. they got it back on its wheels. they were able to clear this before 7:45 but had to repair the guardrail. again, just before 11:00 a.m., we have reopened the transition from southbound 280 to northbound 85, again back here on my shoulder you see the interchange, things are moving now through the interchange through cupertino but it was going to get a concern if it lasted into the afternoon. that's no longer the case. back to you. >> mike, thank you. new at 11:00, we're getting our first look at the video of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi's wife showing the bruises he left on her arm. the san francisco city attorney just released the emotional
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tape. >> he left them. this is the second time this is happening. and i want to work on marriage, we need help. i tell him we need help. and i'm going to use these just in case he wants to take him away from me. >> she asked a friend to make the video after the new year's eve argument that led to domestic abuse charges against her husband. he pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor false imprisonment charge but the plea prompted the mayor to suspend the sheriff and charge him with official misconduct. a commission will continue hearings next month that could lead to his permanent dismissal. >> the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar returns to a courtroom.
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he may be entering a plea. he was arrested 10 days ago after dna testing alleged to have linked him to the missing girl. search parties are trying to find sierra. she disappeared the morning of march 16 on her way to school. >> two men accused of beating a giants fan are back in a courtroom this morning as their preliminary hearing continues. witnesses say the two suspects were looking for trouble at dodger stadium during the giants/dodgers opening day game last year. prosecutors also played a recording of a cell phone call between norwood and his mother in which he admitted he was involved in his words, to a certain extent. the victim of that beating, bryan stow, he is still undergoing rehabilitation for severe brain injuries. >> we're learning this morning more about a san ramon robbery that left one of four suspects dead.
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police now confirm one of the employees at the golden treasure store on san ramon valley boulevard shot and killed 18-year-old. police say he was with three others who attempted to hold up the store yesterday afternoon but gun fire erupted and the would-be robbers ran. byroo later died. three others got away. >> a northern california family says their son remains in custody because of the color of his skin. the family says police pulled him over on april 18 near the cow palace for speeding, then proceeded to ask anybody in the car if they were on probation or parole. the family claims when officers found their son was on probation, they then pulled him out of the car, handcuffed him and ended up shooting him with  stun gun. they say they don't know why he is being held. this is called by them a case of racial profiling. >> any one on parole or any one
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on probation. that was the first question. it wasn't, this is the reason why we're pulling you over. it was, is any one here on parole or is any one here on probation. that was the question. >> we talked to police who say they received a personal complaint from the family and right now they are conducting an administrative investigation but they would not give other details about the case. >> the hunt is on in san francisco for a cab driver police say got so mad at a passenger he beat him with a tire iron. it happened yesterday morning near filbert and van ness. the passenger was initially upset when the cabbie was talking on his cell phone. the two got 18 fight over the fare. when the driver dropped the passenger off, officers say the driver hit the man in the face with a tire iron. the passenger had to be treated for an eye injury and cuts. >> uc-berkeley taking its battle against occupy protesters to court. they have been camping on the farmland on and off now for
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months. the university working toward ultimately kicking the protesters out of the area for good. nbc's christie smith is live with all of the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the courtroom here in hayward is packed with people carrying signs in fact, have been warned not to flash them during the court proceedings. these are defendants and supporters of occupy the farm. what's going on is that a judge has already issued a temporary restraining order, and it could go ahead with a preliminary injunction today that could bring things a little farther to prevent more than a dozen defendants from any activities at the track in albany until this goes before trial. members of occupy the farm are waitsing now for their attorney to speak to judge hunter. it's brought by the university of california, the activists for urban farming were removed from the property owned by the university earlier this month, many arrested for trespassing. they had been farming the land since april 22nd upset with
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possible development there among other issues. the university warned them they would have to leave. the university needed the land back for research and education but this morning one activist told us he thinks this is really just meant to intimidate the occupy movement. >> it's about fear. you know. they want to scare people so that then people don't try something like that again. the most interesting part is that it's not targeted at people who are there, it's targeted at future people. >> reporter: the university says that this occupation really got in the way of the researchers trying to work there, they say they tried to have a dialogue but didn't work out. it's also seeking damages for the cost, things like attorneys fee t cost of the officers in helping out, the security. one university spokesman told me by phone that they offered it to drop the suit if the activists left on their own but they
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didn't. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> instead of how low can you go the question is how high can we go today? >> i like both questions. >> you know, we'll be answering both questions when we get to the seven-day. we're swinging the temperatures up and down yet again. good morning to you. temperatures this morning are very mild. take a look at this live picture. oakland a's, no game out there today but if there was, it would be nice and hot. giants also have an off day today but they are back it is a it tomorrow. catch that game here on nbc bay area. we'll have that forecast for you coming up. i wanted to point out where temperatures are now. warm in livermore, 77 degrees. san francisco, not much separation in terms of temperatures by the water. we have the offshore flow. we started out mostly clear, sunshine by the city bringing temperatures up toward record levels. just like we're experiencing
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right near hee re in the inland cities. breezy as we head through friday. and then 2 to 5 degrees cooler as we head through the weekend. we are going to see a really nice weekend. it won't be as hot, comfortable for outdoor activities. that's coming up. back to you. >> sounds good. thank you. new information about a deadly seattle shooting spree. what we learned about the gunman today. >> it's a splashdown in the pacific, a look at the end to the historic flight of the space dragon capsule. >> plus, prepaid hone mingp.
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welcome back. seattle authority this is morning trying to figure out what prompted a man to go on a shooting spree that left five people dead and a city on edge. police say the man killed four people inside a cafe near the university of washington yesterday, he then carjacked and killed a woman several miles away. the man later killed himself as
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s.w.a.t. officers were moving in. the seattle times reporting the 40-year-old gun man did have a history of mental problems. >> the space dragon capsule has returned to earth ending its 9-day voyage to the international space station. the unmanned ship detached this morning before deorbiting. three main parachutes guided it down into the pacific ocean off the coast of baja california. boats were in position to receive the capsule with 1400 pounds of old gear from the space station. it will be transported to los angeles before returning to the space x factory in texas. >> history being made. the question, what happens to the dragon capsule now? scott mcgrew says nobody's talking. >> right. i don't think it's going to stay in texas. the point of the dragon capsule is it's reusable. that's future. this made history so space x says it's going to display it
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but where is not clear. firsts often go to the smithsonian. the spokesperson told me that my question whether space x would end up there is, quote, premature. it will be a museum piece somewhere. cricket wireless will be the first prepay phone company to offer the iphone. you can sign up at target and best buy. no contract, $55 a month. i talked to a sales person. he says the sales department had not been briefed so it's unclear if you can bring your own iphone in or buy theirs. it's not subsidized so a $500 iphone. general motors which is famously not advertising on facebook or the super bowl has made an advertising deal with the most popular team in the world, manchester united. not on the jerseys but on stadium signs et cetera. it's owned by american, the same who own the tampa bay buccaneers. facebook shares down better than
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3% on another stock slide. some investors wondering if mark zuckerberg should come back early from his honeymoon. the dow industrials just turned positive after a fairly lousy day, up a single point. tomorrow we get the big jobs number from the labor department, 5:30 a.m. our time. we could use good news. we don't expect some good news. back to you. >> zuckerbergs didn't get an ipo honeymoon. >> not the gift he was looking for but i think he's doing all right. >> christina is tracking a nice day for us. i like it. >> it's easier to say that in the comfort of the air conditioning. but you might be kicking yours on if you have not had to yet this spring. final day of may could go down as a record-breaking day in the weather department. a live look over san francisco, you'll see that flag from time to time in the breeze. that will pick up a. downsloping breeze, that's warming us up so much. we're going to hold onto that as
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we head through tomorrow. a beautiful sight to see. very little cloud cover over the city by the bay. did you notice a little choppy. any one who is going out on the boat today. 77 degrees in livermore, 74 in concord, 66 in napa. the micro climates really doing their part. taking temperatures from 82 degrees in sunnyvale to 61 in san mateo. san mateo, you'll warm up to about 82 degrees in the heat of the day. these winds start to pick up. we have calm conditions, and that's why you haven't warmed up yet. this is what we expect. 88 degrees in san jose, 85 los gatos, 75 in san francisco, 85 degrees in santa rosa. about as warm as we head through the final day of your work week. high pressure has moved into the great basin driving the winds offshore. tomorrow it's not going to weaken that much so temperatures 88 degrees down from 90. your noon reading for friday, look at this.
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87 degrees in antioch so not a lot of relief inland but more coastal fog tomorrow. so that means a cooler day. good news is if you've got tickets to this giants came it's going to be phenomenal. 7:00 p.m., 62 degrees, winds out of the west at 10 to 15, making it feel very comfortable. mild. at&t park, hey, you don't have a ticket, we've got your ticket here on nbc bay area. you can catch that game 7:00 right here all the action starts and of course we do our best to show you all of the inside information when it comes to the giants as your giants station. 84 by saturday. cooling you off sunday into monday. and then maybe guys, a few showers up in the north bay on tuesday. so a little something for everybody. back to you. >> okay. thank you, christina. opening the pocket book for the first time in years, san francisco's mayor unveils his budget plan and it does include new jobs. a look at what kind of employees the city would likely be hiring. >> surprising new information about the push to legalize
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marijuana in california. we'll let you know how people in the golden state feel about the issue. >> coming up it's "30 rock" followed by access hollywood live.
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we're following breaking news now. we're getting word that the verdict is in the john edwards campaign contributions corruption trial happening in greensboro, north carolina. this is day nine of jury deliberation, so again we're getting word that a verdict is in, in the john edwards trial. however, we are still waiting to get word on what that verdict precisely is. as soon as that comes down the wires we'll bring that to you as breaking news. >> we can tell you san francisco mayor ed lee is presenting his proposal now for a balanced budget in city hall. for the first time 18 long time the proposal includes spending for the next two fiscal years.
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lee made several announcements in recent days including investments for small businesses and commercial areas. and hiring more police officers and firefighters. the city's budget and finance committee will sift through the details next month. >> the movement to legalize marijuana in california appears to be going up in smoke. a new poll from usc and the l.a. times shows 46% support legalizing it. strangely, california even lags behind the rest of the country on the issue. a gallup poll in october showed 50% of americans support e'll me miowe'll have me for f y ng uoup right after this break. p
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we're hearing from the young little lady who captured the country's attention at the spelling bee. >> engluvies.
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>> that is incorrect. >> 6-year-old lori the youngest contestant misspelled and was bounced in the preliminary round. at a news conference, she missed the word because she was not paying attention and was bored. >> i was tired from the wait anyway. so overall, it was just -- boring. really boring. really, really boring. >> she is too much. the little celebrity has other interests, she likes grilled cheese, swimming, and angry birds. >> a few more years to win that. >> we're following the breaking news, a verdict has been reached in the john edwards trial. that verdict has not been made public yet.
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