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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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- well, i guess we'll never know. you should have just left it alone. - i... - i got to get some air. - babe. - hey. jess. - oh, hey, i can't really talk right now, okay? - we have to talk. what's going on? - i don't know what's going on. - what happened? what was that? - look, you-- we're old friends, and you're just freaking out because you have feelings for naya. - i'm freaking out? - yes. that must be what it is. - so none of that was you kissing me back? - all right, when some-- - yes or no? - i don't know, okay? i don't know. i don't know. - never mind. - maybe you're on the boardwalk. i don't know. but you didn't have a coat on, so will you please call me? hey, queenetta, i can't talk right now, okay? - do you have a dustbuster? - wait, you're still
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in our apartment? - i went home to sleep last night, 'cause you went out of cornnuts, but this morning i came back in to check on the voting. - yeah, joe won. - i know. you're welcome. - thank you, q. now i really have to go. - so i kicked back on joe's inflatable wolverines chair, but i think i had some tacks in my pocket, because that thing exploded. - oh, that's okay. accidents happen. - but then i was so scared you'd be mad, so i knocked down a bunch of stuff so it would look like a burglary. - okay, queenetta, i need you to leave our apartment right now, okay? and lock the door behind you. - gotta go! - [sighs] [cell phone rings] joe? hey, buddy, you gonna pick that up? - probably just gonna let it go to voicemail. - can you please let me in? [door unlocks]
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babe, i'm really sorry. i should have left it alone. i just was worried that no one-- - didn't think my game was good enough. - what? no, babe, what are you-- are you crazy? your game is amazing. there's, like, a thousand people in there that all they do is this, and they can't stop talking about it. this is what you were born to do. are you kidding me? that's why we did it, 'cause i believe in you so damn much. - i have to say, i, uh, i've never seen that many happy nerds in my entire life. - i'm kind of like the nerd whisperer, right? do you forgive me? - guys? could i come in? oh, man, this is just where i want to be right now.
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oh, god, joe, i am so sorry. if it makes you feel any better, i just ruined my life again. - did you talk to rav? - wait, what happened? - she and rav kissed. - rav and i kissed. - okay, i'm getting out of the tub. - no, joe, we're all in the tub now. - what happened? - i don't know. i think he has feelings for naya, you know, and he's scared, and it just--i was there. 'cause, i mean, it's not like he cares about me like that. - jess, i never told you this before, but, after rav punched peter at your wedding and you guys got in that huge fight... - mm-hmm. - rav disappeared for, like, a whole year. i didn't even know where he was. i think he was just so destroyed 'cause he thought he lost you. so i don't think it's 'cause he doesn't have feelings for you. - well, what do i do now? - go talk to him. - yeah, that's a good idea.
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- okay. [screams] [all scream] - oh, my god. - so wet. - go, go, go. - oh, joe. i'm glad i caught you. i'm annie heller, vp at phoenix games. - i know who you are. - i am a big fan of your game. everyone at phoenix is obsessed with it. - babe, i told you. - why don't you call me on monday so we can talk about working on it together? if that's okay. - that's totally okay. awesome. - oh, and sorry i missed your party. i don't really do that kind of thing. well, don't let me keep you. it looked like you were chasing someone. - thank you. - okay. buh-bye. thank you. thank you! - this is it. this is it. where is he? len? - okay, i'll check the casino. babe, have you heard from him? [knocking at door] - wait, he texted me. - what? - he left.
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he went to brazil with naya. - hey, hey, hey. we'll figure it out. okay? okay. - i think i messed up, len. - no. no, no. - okay. my butt feels very wet. - i know. all our butts are wet. - yeah. - i know. - i love you guys.
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imagine your house being robbed and you're watching it happen. catching they'ves. >> and witnessing an iceberg capsize and it's all on video. and a baby is rescued in a run-away stroller.
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and good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. raj is at at&t park. faith and hope the search for the person that kidnapped sierra lamar. but friend and family of the morgan hill teen held a rally to make sure she was not forgotten. we're live in fremont and george is where sierra used to live before they moved to morgan hill? >> reporter: that's right. tonight there was a lot of talk about faith. strongly sticking to something, strongly believing in something. tonight, family and friends sending out the message. sierra is still alive. >> no condolences. she's out there. >> reporter: despite a murder charge against garcia torrez. sierra's family and friends refuse to believe she's dead. >> we really feel she's out there despite what the sheriff's
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office has said. there's certain reasons they say why they say what they have to say but we believe she's out there. we're not stopping until she comes home. >> we have donations. anybody want to donate? >> candlelight vigils and rallies continue to attract hundreds of people. some that have never met sierra but are touched by her story. >> a lot of people care about somebody they don't know. they care a lot to help. >> the lamar family made it a goal to attend as many of these rallies as they can and say it's important to boost the spirits for everyone involved. >> keep a presence around people helping us. that motivates them and helps inspire them if we stay upbeat and vizable. >> the crowd made a pledge to continue to search for sierra and bring her home. >> we love you sierra. >> thank you, guys. >> now, there was also a plea to the crowd for more volunteers and for more help at the sierra lamar search center in morgan
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hills. tomorrow morning, another search beginning at 8:00 in the morning. live in fremont, back to you. >> thank you, george. imagine watching your home getting robbed and there's nothing you can do about it. that's what happened to a san jose family. check out these pictures. burglars stealing from the abad home. the installed cameras caught the burglars ransacking their house right in the middle of the afternoon. motion detectors alerted the homeowner who called police and then had to watch helplessly from chair computer as the families belong's were ripped off. family is devastated as you can imagine. >> it's very scary to think that, yeah, it's very hard seeing a stranger in your house, somebody that's not supposed to be here. it's very hard. it was especially hard just because the boys, they went through all of the boys' stuff. >> now the police did arrive minutes after the three thieves drove off and investigators have copies of these images giving the family some hope they'll get
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their stuff back. we're taking names and we're watching you. that's the gist of a new letter-writing campaign aimed at stopping prosecution in oakland. they ordered two oakland motels shut down for a year and now it's moving on to the men cruising the streets looking for prostitutes. our bay area reporter got a sneak preview of the "dear john" campaign and i understand this is the first for a city in california? >> reporter: thaurtd. atlanta and portland have used the same campaign and we're fold, to some success. oakland is the first city in california to send letters to alleged john in an effort to deter prostitution. >> walk on international and you'll see it. and it's not difficult at all. >> andy nelson is one of about two dozen people who live or work near international boulevard who recently received training from the oakland police to spot and report johns to law
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enforcement. >> square them, embarrass them, wake-up call, whatever it takes to let them realize that, you know, you're doing your dirt here but we're watching. >> nelson, the deputy director at the east bay asian youth center says prostitutes in oakland start young. underage girls are often seen selling themselves on the streets. >> i see kids out there who i know are 15, 16 years old and it's just heart breaking. >> fed up, nelson and others have started marking down license plates of kwars driven by jones and later he fills out after form describe what can he saw including a description of the vehicle and the driver which h then turns over to oakland police. if a license plate is reported more than once, the police send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle. >> not accusing the person driving the car of engaging in anything but letting them flow what could happen. the city has strong ordinances against prostitution related crimes. >> police say a letter showing up at a john's home or workplace
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is often incentive to keep them from coming back to the neighborhood. >> that's the hope, for the johns to feel uncomfortable in going out there and doing this. right now they they'll emboldened and think they can do it without any repercussions. >> and now that i judge ordered two oakland motels known for frost fusion to she down nelson and other neighbors hope the campaign will help drive the remaining johns away. >> i think the kword is getting out there to these guys, look, this neighborhood is really sick of it. not going to put up with it. probably ought to think about moving on. >> nelson said he made about half a dozen reports in the last two weeks and he's already seen a decrease in activity in his neighborhood. the dear john campaign is on a trial basis. opd plans to launch the official campaign in about two months. live from oak land, back to you. >> when we come back, it's giant price tag. why barry zito says he just can't live in this megamarin
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mansion anymore. >> and stunt tourists watching mother nature caught on tape! and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. numbers near 90 and also, plenty of record temperatures close to record. now we're tracking rain off to the north and we'll have details on what that means for your weekend forecast and how cold to it's going to get and when those showers arrive in just a few minutes. g
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2r5iding in a hospital gown for a ball gown. ill kids got some special medicine. a chance to party like their healthy friends. we see how prom night is just what the doctor ordered.
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>> everything is blue here. and i feel like i'm actually trapped in a little boy's nursery room. >> amanda seacrest is tired of her hospital room. she's been here nearly a month recovering from a heart and liver transplant. tonight is different. seacrests sister is doing her makeup and she's wearing a ball gown. for the lieu seal pack card children's hospital prom. kathy ho and teacher of teachers and volunteers transformed the hospital cafeteria into the mysteries of the deep. >> we have a lot of kids that can't make it to their prom or who will never get the opportunity to go to prom so that's why we do it. >> there are big smiles behind those respirators. former patients now volunteering say prom night can make kids forget about being sick. >> ea lot of kids, especially the in-patient ones don't get an opportunity to get out so this is a great opportunity for them to have fun and win prizes.
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>> not everybody can be here in person. some people are attending the prom via technology from their hospital room. eshon what do you think of the prom? >> i think it's fun as far as i've seen it. but -- >> these days, isolated patients can be part of the fun. >> i didn't know what to expect. >> the party is a hit with seacrest. >> the candy bar! had reese's pieces. >> promgoers leave with a picture, a remiengder of the night the hospital felt like another world. jeanne elly. nbc bay areas news. a solona neighborhood is biting back after being bullied by a pit bull, ben, a dangerous animal, after being involved in a pair of separate attacks. a woman says he picked up and
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they were bitten. the neighborhood board decided it could not wait any longer and went to pass out flyers to residents warning of ben's violent history. >> people are going to be wanting to walk around, nice weather now. they're going to be wanting to walk around. they need to know it could not be that safe. >> that's good. we want them to make their residents aware of issues. that's part of what neighborhood watch and being part of a community is all about. >> now, we attempted to contact ben's owner to talk about those recent attacks in fairfield. but no one answered our attempts. it wasn't exactly the titanic but passengers on a boat tour in argentina had their own iceberg experience. check it out. as they passed by the glacier, the tour group was stunned to see part of the iceberg just slip over and then rise out of the ocean like a big blue sea monster. one lucky tourist captured this sight on the camera and uploaded
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it to youtube as you're watching it. the bbc says this was once the biggest glacier in south america and now it's shrinking. remarkable. >> unreal. >> i would have been freaked. >> yeah. i probably would have -- wanted to do camera and running the other way, too. >> swimming. >> but we're not going to have gray shers around here because it's so warm? >> yes. we'll continue tim saturday and then cold weather coming our way but not arctic. a look outside of the skycam are network shows fog here across the golden gate bridge and plenty of fog in downtown san francisco. that will be lingering as we head into saturday. let's bring you to our weather maps and we have rainfall off to the north but we won't get any of this over the next 48 hours. but eventually the chance of showers will be coming to the seven-day forecast. the main thank that will do ask keep the onshore flow with us. a few low 60s down in the south
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bay. let's bring you to the next 48 hours. what will primarily see the winds starting to shift instead of the dried offshore it's will be more on shore bringing 50s and 60s at the coastline and spots in the 90s today will be coming down to the 80s and we'll find a lot of 70s on the bay with that south-south westerly winds and by sunday, showers off to the north that brings us a chance of showers even into monday. mid 50s to start in loss and concord with 57. daytime highs in the southbound low to mid 80s and down three to six degrees from what we experienced today. 84 in dublin. 85, walnut creek. cooler by the bay with 79d in fremont. 72 in alameda. san francisco, going down into the 60s. berkeley, 71. 74 in oakland and 84 in santa rosa. on your three day forecast numbers trending into the low 70s and upper 60s by monday and
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then a few chance of showers with a weaker system that will pass on by and we'll clear out quickly. by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. sunshine returns and eventually so do the 80s. the fog tomorrow morning but i always say on saturday when we have fog, it's a good excuse to sleep in and take it easy. >> take it easy. we can use a little bit of that. coming up, a quick-thinkinga bay by this a run-away stroller.
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joe how about a giant giant's home. barry zito is selling his sprawl mag reason compound high in the hills. the price tag? $11 million. as they say in the real estate, five baths, two and a half bathrooms on two and a quarter acres and a new guest house with a pool. and zito says he can't keep usbeca he he tas obeuse he has to live closer to
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the park. back in a moment with sports. ♪
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welcome back to nbc bay area. giants hoping to catch the cubs hibernating as the teams met for game one of a four-game series at at&t park. mad bomb on the hill tonight. let's see if the orange and black would attack first. bottom of the third, giants up, 2-0. milky cabrera hits it to triple dally and ryan comes around and scores to make it 3-0. milky's 80th heat which leads the majors. an joel bloopers single a 25-hit streak at home intact. breaks don mueller's record for longest in giants' franchise history. madison bumgarner, by the way, stellar, 11 ks. giants hang on to win 4-3. bumgarner felt plenty good afterwards and said he's loving life right now.
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over to the as and royals. trying to ebds an eight-game losing streak. top of the first, runner on second and two outs and strikes out swinging. a lead-off double and bottom of the first, one on and betancourt doubles to right and alex gorton scores from first. two batters later, runner on third and a sing toll left. betancourt scores and 2ids-0, royals. the a's continue to struggle at the plate and they lose 2-0 and they haven't scored since tuesday. cardinals and mets. johannes santanna on the mound. top of the sixth, a little controversy. carlos beltran, former giant, with a hit down the third base line, rule aid foul ball. look if the chalk. it was a hit. we digress. ninth inning, santanna, one out away from the no-no.
11:29 pm
strikes out david freese, the first no-hitter ever in mets' history. new york wins, 8-0 is your final. that will do it. jessica will be right back after the break.
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a quick-thinking truck driver and passer by, heros. the video captured from outside a garbage truck in seattle washington. the driver notice the stroller in the path and jumps out of a moving vehicle and the passerby caught the stroller before it crashed. the garbage truck driver said the baby's mom thought she locked the stroller while she was chit chatting the friend. mom needs to learn to lock the stroller. so warm tomorrow? >> yes. >> at least for me.
11:32 pm
>> of course, inland. for you inland it's warm and near the coastline and peninsula, a reason to sleep in. fog in the morning. >> perfect. >> exactly. trying to please everybody. a few showers for those of you that want it. for everyone else, well, you know, stay inside and get your umbrella. >> positive attitude. thank you, jeff. that will do it for us. have a good weekend, bye-bye.
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