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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 2, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning to you. looking live at the sunol grade. we want to make sure you see the fog sandwiching down on the bay area today. it's going to be warm, but there's a cooling trend in the forecast. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter. rob mayeda has the day off because his wife just earned her
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ph.d. isn't that cool? she's a doctor. >> very nice. congrats to her. this morning we are waking up to fog as you saw earlier in the sky cam. really, it's the thickest across the peninsula into san francisco where we had drizzle and strong winds overnight. 54 right now in the city. 57 in livermore. san jose, 57. sunnyvale right now at 58 degrees. quite a mild start. you'll notice as you take a close look at some clouds that scooted through overnight, that was the cold front. that's going to make way for a system that's going to move through on monday. that's actually going to cool us big time. we are talking about a 30-degree temperature drop in some locations, believe it or not. places like livermore, concord, you'll be in the mid-80s today. come monday, the 50s and 60s along the coast. 83 in san jose, los gatos and santa cruz today. nice beach weather there. lots of sunshine expected this afternoon. kris, same for tomorrow as well, but details on the major cool
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down coming up in just a bit. new this morning, former egyptian president hosni mubarak suffered a health crisis arriving to prison where he was sentenced to life in the role of killing 850 protesters during an uprising last year. the 84-year-old was facing a possible death sentence. as he sat in court, mubarak appeared behind a caged enclosure and on a hospital gurney. mubarak resigned last february after 18 days of massive protests in cairo and other egyptian cities and hundreds of demonstrator deaths. outside and inside the courtroom there was chaos as mubarak was sentenced with people shouting and fighting. some still calling for the death penalty for mubarak. the court acquitted mubarak's two sons on separate corruption charges.
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and demonstrators were vocal outside the courtroom as well. mubarak is the first leader to be tried in his own country since the beginning of the abe arab spring uprising. this morning searchers will gather again to look for morgan hill missing teenager sierra lamar. sierra's family and friends refuse to believe she's get dead. as george kiriyama reports, they held a rally in fremont where sierra used to live. >> no rip, no condolences, she's out there. >> reporter: despite a murder charge against antolin garcia torrez, sierra's family and friends refuse to believe she's dead. >> we still feel she's alive despite what the sheriff's office says. we believe she's out there. and we are not stopping until she comes home. >> we have donations if anybody wants to donate. >> reporter: candlelight vigils
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and rallies continue to attract hundreds of people. some who never met sierra but are touched by her story. >> there are a lot of people who care about somebody they don't know and they care a lot to help. >> reporter: the lamar family made it a goal to attend many of the rallies as they can. it is important to boost this spirit for everyone involved. >> it helps inspire them if we stay upbeat and visible. >> reporter: the crowd lit their candles and made a pledge to continue searching for sierra and to bring her home. >> we love sierra. >> reporter: george kiriyama, "today in the bay." the search starts at 8:00 this morning with volunteers checking in at burnett school in morgan hill. in to oakland police are searching for the man who shot and killed another man on 96th avenue near olive street at 10:00. police responded to gunfire in the area and the victim was
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taken on to the hospital but died a few hours later. a 19-year-old from hayward is in jail in connection with a botched jewelry store heist. officers arrested kristniel hayassad. the 18-year-old waved a land gun entering the store. one of the store employees shot him and he later died. police are still looking for the other suspects. police need your help as they work to track down a man who they say kidnapped, carjacked and then tried to sexually assault a woman in the east bay. pleasant hill police released this sketch of a suspect who investigators say had a knife on him wh he attacked the woman last saturday night. she was getting into her car in the parking lot of the pleasant hill shopping center on contra costa boulevard when the suspect approached her. she says he forced her to drive about six miles to martinez. then tried to sexually assault
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her. the woman fought back. she managed to get away but so did the suspect in her car. a silver ford 500 sedan. anyone with information is asked to call pleasant hill police. well, imagine watching your home getting robbed and not being able to do anything about it. that's what happened to a san jose family. these are pictures from that robbery in which burglars were stealing from the abbad home. they installed security cameras which caught the burglars ransacking their home in the middle of the afternoon on wednesday. motion detectors alerted the homeowner who was at work, called police and then had to watch helplessly from their computer as the family's belongings were ripped off. the family, needless to say, is devastated. >> it is very scary to think that, yeah, it's very hard seeing a stranger in your house and somebody who is not supposed to be here. it is very hard. it was especially hard just because of the boys, they went
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through all of the boys stuff. >> police arrived minutes after the thieves made off. they have copies of the images giving the family hope they could get some of their stuff back. girls are invited to speak their mind at a town hall meeting in san francisco today. the meeting is aimed to engage local san francisco leaders in solving problems that girls face in the city. among the topics, health, safety and education for girls. san francisco first lady anita lee will deliver the welcome address followed by a screening of the critically acclaimed documentary "misrepresentation." the town hall meeting runs from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the university of hastings college of law. there's a fee of there are 10 a person. today is your chance to get a glimpse of history. a former presidential yacht will sail from the port of oakland to redwood city for a special one-day public viewing. that's only happened a few times
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in the "uss potomac" history. the tours run from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. it will cost you $5 if you're a grown-up. kids under 12 are free. and the potomac was franklin roosevelt's presidential yacht until he died in 1945. still ahead on "today in the bay," no ordinary prom for these kids, but these kids aren't ordinary kids. we'll show you the party that's a good dose of medicine. and caught on camera. tourists cruising near a glacier spotted an unusual fight. a massive iceberg tipping over. you'll want to see the rest of m at
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trading in the hospital gown for a ball gown. kids and teenagers battling serious illness got some special medicine last night, a chance to
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party just like their healthy friends. "today in the bay's" jean elle is just what the doctor ordered. >> i feel like i'm trapped in a little boy's nursery room. >> reporter: amanda seacrest is tired of her hospital room. she's been here a month rekoefring from a heart transplant. seacrest's sister is doing her makeup and she's wearing a ball gown for the lucille children's prom. kat kathy's teachers transformed the cafeteria into the mystery of the deep. >> we have a lot of kids who will never get the opportunity to go to a prom, so that's why we do it. >> it's all about music, games and joy. there are big smiles behind those rest pray or thes. former patients now volunteering say prom night can make kids forget about being sick. >> a lot of the kids that are here don't get to get out. so this is an opportunity for
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them to get fun and to win prizes. >> reporter: not everybody can be here in person. some people are attending the prom via technology. what do you think of this prom? >> i've been to prom as far as i've seen it. >> reporter: these days isolated patients can be part of the fun. >> it is pretty cool. i did not expect this. >> reporter: the party is a hit with seacrest. >> the candy bars. i haven't had a reese's peanut butter cup for over a month. i've been craving that. >> reporter: for a short period of time, this felt like a nice world. >> they do great things for the kids there. this was not the titanic but passengers onboard a boat tour near argentina had their own iceberg experience. as they passed by the glacier, the tour group was stunned to see a part of the iceberg flip over and then rise out of the water like a big blue sea
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monster. one lucky tourist captured the unusual sight on camera and uploaded it on youtube for the rest of us to see. the bbc reports a fellow was once the biggest glacier in south america, but it is now shrinking. well, what was once considered a wacky idea for survival grows into an actual business. coming up on "today in the bay," the creators of this survival capsule explain how it will work in the case of a major disaster. and good morning this morning. you are looking live in san jose where the fog is starting to lift. we have sunshine ahead and a warm weekend. but hang on, things are really about to change. we are talking major cooling in our seven-day forecast. you don't want to miss it.
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shrouds herself in fog. is the fog going to stick around for the rest of the day? anthony slaughter is in for rob mayeda today. >> we are looking at the fog, as you mentioned. and we are waiting for the fog to start to lift. in fact, here in the south bay we are already starting to see the fog lift. sunshine is out there. and it will continue to filter on in throughout the rest of the day. really, we are talking about mostly clear skies from really now until the rest of the day. so enjoy that. temperatures are mild in many locations. we are in the 50s. i mean, we are talking about 54 right now in san francisco. 59 in concord. 60 already in sunnyvale. a very mild start. it looks like we'll continue to warm very nicely with plenty of sunshine. in fact, you'll notice we had a live of clouds if you look really closely at the clouds moving through overnight. and that was our cold front that actually moved through. it did weaken. and it is going to continue to dissipate. but there's another system offshore. that one is eventually going to move this way and eventually
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bring in some rain heading towards monday. even into tuesday as well. but it doesn't look like we are looking at any rain this week. in fact, we are basically going to be looking at sunshine for the remainder of the day. in fact, highs look like this. we are talking about 83 in san jose. 83 in los gatos as well. 76 in redwood city. it will be a beautiful weekend. in fact, as we head through the rest of the weekend, we are talking about 80s returning. and we'll continue to see the 80s through tomorrow. now, as i mentioned, there's major cooling on the way monday into tuesday. we'll really cool off and do expect to see 06s, 60s inland and 50s along the coast. it is going to cool off dramatically once we do hit monday into tuesday. but in the meantime, enjoy the weekend. if you live inland, we are talking about the 80s. if you are on the coast, it will be cooler with the microclimates in full effect. we are talking about the 60s, but not too bad. we have sunshine. we are happy with that. >> if you have too much fog where you are, then go somewhere else, right? >> down in the south bay or the
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east bay where it is clear. >> thank you very much. a castle designed to protect you from a tsunami started as a wacky idea in a contest, but the makers are getting a last laugh because now it is a viable business. our affiliate in seattle shows us how. >> as you can see, it is just a sphere. >> reporter: julian and scott are engineers who turned their idea of survival into a three-dimensional model. >> i think people, in general, are very affair aware of potential disasters. >> reporter: inside, seating for six complete with harnesses, storage for food and blankets and a white space and water serving as wait to keep the people upright. >> and it doubles up as a water storage tank. >> reporter: but this is also a model of a business. and out of this aerospace engineering firm comes an offshot, a new company called survival cap shul. and this model will become a full-size prototype in six
7:19 am
months. laura duran is an architect hired last october to draw up plans to test it. >> i started out with this job expecting to work mostly with planes but now i get to go back to something buoyant. >> reporter: they are expecting the patent to be approved any day. as they wait to protect their idea, they have come up with new ideas for it. it is not just a way to ride out the crushing forces of tsunamis like last year's killer in japan, survival capsules could save workers from burning oil rigs at sea, save people trapped in flood and even based on land in tornado country. and it would be cheap to build. smaller models costing around $1,000. >> it is just a bunch of roaden frames and a shell. >> as soon as we get the patent in our hands, we'll be approaching potential manufacturers. >> reporter: they are talking to eight companies who would build loyalties to build it. >> how do you breathe inside the capsule? it would be equipped with oxygen
7:20 am
bottles and vents to open once the worst of the disaster is over. if you are looking for a giant home, how about a giants home? pitcher esposito wants somebody to buy his house high in the hills for a cool $11.5 million. that is what they say in the real estate game, here are the specs. it has more than 7,000 feet. four bedrooms, five full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, sits on 2.25 acres and a new guest house and a pool. he is selling his home to live closer to at&t park. he doesn't want to commute too far. no word on exactly which neighborhood he's looker for. it is a home so energy-efficient that it can be heated with a hair dryer. and this morning you'll get special recognition in an award ceremony. this is a look at the state's netzero home in the willow glen
7:21 am
neighborhood. the house actually produces as much energy as it consumes. it has solar panels but perhaps even more impressive, the windows have sensors so the shutters adjust to take best advantage of the sun. >> it is the wave of the future of construction. and actually responds to california's global solutions warming act of 2006 that mandates that all of our residential and commercial construction goes to netzero energy by 2020. >> the builder says the house actually creates enough energy to also charge his electric car. much more ahead on "today in the bay." remembering adam brown from adistricted drug addict to navy seal. the remarkable story of bravery. no matter the season, i still get dry skin. introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond.
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then again, what if everything didn't? the 100% electric, zero-gas nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. they are the men who do some of the dirtiest work to protect our freedom. u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s are often
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shrouded in secrecy, but the take down of bin laden brings them to center stage. one man was addicted to jail, cracked and disabled and went on to defy the odds to become a navy s.e.a.l. leah sutton from our station instand zand takes us inside the life of adam brown. >> reporter: husband, son, patriot, words to describe adam brown. his parents remember him as a child in hot spipgs springs, arkansas. >> he was a compassionate, caring, fun-loving, and i still think of him as a little 10-year-old boy. >> reporter: now adam is the subject of a book called "fearless." >> now the average general journey from small american boy to u.s. navy s.e.a.l. >> reporter: when adam went to college, he mixed with the wrong crowd and started using drugs. >> it got so bad that he was stealing from us. and this comes from a child that
7:25 am
was just as honest as could be. >> reporter: addicted to crack, he lived on the streets. janice and larry prayed for a turning point. they finally got one when adam landed in jail. there he became a christian. >> he truly accepted the lord while he was in jail. >> reporter: adam became guided by his faith and determined to change his course. then he met kelly. >> i saw him, he saw me, and from that moment we were never separate. >> reporter: adam found the direction his wife needed. he married kelly and joined the navy. in true adam spirit, he went for the toughest job. >> the idea of him becoming a s.e.a.l., it didn't surprise me because this is a man who knows no obstacles. i mean, he lived his life full-throttle all the time. >> reporter: and he went full-throttle in his new career excelling in every way. s.e.a.l., husband, father. >> my kids called him the gentle
7:26 am
giant because he was just a good, good-hearted man. but then also had the aggressive side that he did for his job. >> reporter: but then a training accident took his dominant right eye and three of his fingers were smashed in a humvee rollover. for many the engineers would be career-ending. instead, adam focused on his next goal, the most elite navy s.e.a.l. team. and against all odds he made it. >> he believed passionally in what they were doing. and he wanted to make sure our children had the same privileges to do. >> reporter: the first operator to join the team with one eye, nothing held adam back. he was known for putting others first. in afghanistan in march of 2010, that's just what he did. >> they were in the middle of the hornet's nest, and he put his life on the line to help establish this mission and to protect his teammates. >> reporter: running into enemy fire and throwing a grenade to
7:27 am
take out a gunman, a final act of bravery, a final sacrifice. >> the ultimate warrior, so to speak. >> and that was leah sutton reporting from san diego. she says adam's biography "fearless" shows the true life of a navy s.e.a.l. over just the outer shell. this 11 yield tyler sullivan wasn't at school on friday. instead he was at honeyville with his dad listening to the president. immediately following his speech, tyler had a chance to shake hand with president barack obama who wrote trialer an excused note. >> really, he was going to write me an excuse note? mr. ackerman, please excuse tyler, he was with me. barack obama. >> tyler said he's had
7:28 am
autographs before but this was on another level. he hopes this excuse holds up monday morning. health problems for former egyptian president hosni mubarak right after being sentenced overnight for the killing of protesters during last year's uprising that ended his rule. plus, the power of the written word. oakland police team up with neighbors to launch an unlikely approach in the fight against prostitution and jobs. ♪ [ kari ] i used to serve my country in the u.s. army. ♪ then, i was hit by a drunk driver and lost my legs. but that didn't change a thing. because i still serve my country, i just wear a different uniform. [ male announcer ] citi is joining kari miller to give back to the paralympic military & veterans program.
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join the movement at and help citi help u.s. athletes make a difference. together, every step of the way.
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good morning, san jose. a lovely start to the day in the south bay. a foggy start in the north bay. and inhe you know, you make the best of it when you have things like graduation parties. a lot of those are going on this afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with anthony slaughter. who cares, the grads don't care, they are just happy.
7:31 am
>> it's a good day either way. we are used to it, it is fog. if you have lived here long enough, it is just secondhand nature. we are looking at 54 in the city with fog. 60 in sunnyvale. a mild start there. the weather headlines do show that we are going to see things remain warm this weekend with 80s inland. a very breezy coastline and major cooling just to start off the workweek. in fact, here's an idea of how cold it will get. movermore, 93. nday, they will be at 65. so get ready. it will cool down big time. but not today. the south bay is looking at 80 across the board. san jose, right near 83. danville, 84. the warmest in the east bay with 86 in concord. 66 meanwhile in san francisco. so you get an idea that it will remain cool on the coast. the next seven days, here's the proof. 84 for today. 66 by monday. get ready and get the jackets ready. it is becoming breezy on monday and tuesday, but a beautiful weekend unfolding.
7:32 am
graduation all in order. >> thank you very much, anthony. searchers will once again be out this morning looking for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. sierra lamar's family and supporters made a plea last night at a candlelight vigil in washington high school in fremont urging people to continue searching for her. despite a murder charge against antolin garcia torres, sierra's family and friends refuse to believe she's dead. >> we really believe she's alive despite what the sheriff's office said. there are certain reasons why they say what they say, but we believe she's out there and we are not stopping until she comes home. >> candlelight vigils and rallies for sierra continue to attract hundreds of people. the lamar family has made it a goal to attend many of the rallies. it is important to boost the spirit for everyone who is helping their cause. new this morning, we are learning former egyptian president hosni mubarak suffered some sort of health crisis after his sentencing overnight.
7:33 am
he was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the killing of hundreds of protesters during the uprising last year. one state media report says mubarak had a heart attack while on a helicopter flight to prison, but that has not yet been independently confirmed. the 84-year-old resigned last february after 18 days of massive anti-government protests in cairo and other egyptian cities. and the deaths of protesters. outside and inside the courtroom there was chaos, shouting and fighting broke out after the sentences were handed down. some people still calling for the death penalty for mubarak while others were celebrating the verdict. the court acquitted mubarak's two sons on separate corruption charges. also new this morning, defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. will shift more navy warships to the asia pacific region over the next several years. during a speech at a conference in singapore, panetta said 60%
7:34 am
of the u.s. fleet will be assigned to the asia pacific region as part of the strategy to increase u.s. presence in asia. panetta dismissed suggestion that is the move will bring conflict or oppose a threat to china. two pakistani intelligence leaders say an american drone fired two missiles at a motorbike in northwest pakistan killing two suspected militants. this was the fifth such strike in the country in less than two weeks despite pakistani protests. in new mexico firefighters are having a tough time getting the upper hand on the massive wildfire there. in fact, the governor describes the terrain as impossible. firefighters have been holding burnout operations to try to choral the growing fire in the national forest. it is now 15% contained and has blackened 340 square miles. suspected johns were taking names and watching you. that's the aim of the letter
7:35 am
campaign to stop prostitutions in oakland. a judge ordered two oakland motels to shut down for an entire year and now is moving on to the men who could be cruising the streets looking for prostitutes. monte francis got a sneak preview of the dear john campaign, a first for any city in california. >> just walk down international and you'll see it. it is not difficult at all. >> reporter: andy nelson is one of two dozen people who live or work near international boulevard who recently received training from the oakland police to spot and report johns to law enforcement. >> scare them, em bars a them, wake-up call, whatever it takes to help them realize you are doing your dirt here but we are watching. >> reporter: nelson who is the deputy director at the east bay asia youth center says prostitutes in oakland start young. underaged girls are often seen selling themselves on the street. >> i see kids out there who, i know are 15, 16 years old. and it is just heartbreaking. >> reporter: fed up, nelson and
7:36 am
others have started marking down license plates of cars driven by johns. later he fills out a form describing what he saw, including a description of the vehicle and the driver, which he then turns over to oakland police. if a license plate is reported more than once, police send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle. >> not accusing the person driving the car of engaging anything, but letting them know what could happen, the fact that the city has strong ordinances against prostitution-related crimes. >> reporter: police say a letter showing up at a johns home or workplace is often enough incentive to keep them from coming back to the neighborhood. >> that's the hope. the johns, for them to feel uncomfortable in going out there, doing this right now, they feel emboldened and feel they can do it without repercussions. >> reporter: now that the judge ordered two oakland hotels known for prosecution to shut down, nelson and other neighbors hope the dear john campaign will drive the remaining johns away. >> i think the word is getting out there to these guys that,
7:37 am
look, this neighborhood is just really sick of this and not really going to put up with it anymore. so, you know, you probably aught to think about moving on. >> monte francis, today in the bay. >> nelson says he made a half dozen reports during the last two weeks and has seen a decrease in activity. right now the dear john campaign is being run on a trial basis. the oakland police plan to officially launch the campaign in two months. well, if you have an eye for beauty and a passion for speed, you may want to head down to pleasanton today. the good guys 19th annual two-day car show kicks off in just about 40 minutes. this is a live look of a preview of what's happening today. it is all going down at the alameda county fairgrounds on pleasanton avenue. there will be more than 2,000 hot rods, custom cars, classics, muscle cars of all years, makes, and models on display. my favorite is the '56 chevy. the show runs from 8:00 to 5:00
7:38 am
today and tomorrow. sunday, i'll get one. much more ahead on "today in the bay." a tough may jobs report. the national jobless rate is once again up, but what about here in the bay area? we'll take a closer look. what about over here? sure. no problem. ♪
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roar! alright, what do lions eat? ♪ and once again we are looking live at the beginning of the car show. it doesn't kickoff officially for another 20 minutes, but those guys put a lot of elbow grease into those beautiful cars out there. it's happening at the alameda county fairgrounds. investors are spending the weekend worrying about the latest job numbers as they are ugly. the labor department says only 69,000 jobs were created last month, well below what analysts expected raising the national jobless rate to 8.2%. but what about here in the bay area? scott budman finds locally there's both a struggle and a strength. >> reporter: the latest employment numbers tell two
7:41 am
stories in the bay area. >> the opportunity here is very scary. >> reporter: for unemployed teacher erin lane, job prospects are so bleak she's thinking of leaving the country. >> japan, europe, anywhere, really. but it's very difficult to find jobs within the united states. and we are seeing more opportunity abroad. >> reporter: a couple miles away inside, the glass is half full. thumbtack, a san francisco start-up, helping you find and hire local workers, is growing and just released a survey calling california unfriendly to small business but calling the bay area friendly to small business. which is why the company is here. >> one of the main reasons we ourselves are located here is because we are close to financing, closer to other people to learn from, it is close to industry and veterans that we can learn from. and without that, we probably would have located elsewhere. >> reporter: one of the hottest
7:42 am
areas on thumbtacks? people offering to help write your resumé. emblemattic of a strong sector willing to help others. >> people are looking to remodel their homes, find a real estate agent or wedding photographs because they are going to get married soon. >>er the country is still struggling to find jobs. out west, they're hiring and changing the way we find our careers. one other note in the small business survey, female entrepreneurs are 37% more likely to think of california as friendly to small businesses than their male counterparts. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, a quick-thinking garbage truck driver saves a baby in a runaway stroller. you have to see it. and here this morning we are waking up to low clouds and a little bit of fog, especially over in oakland. we'll break down the weekend
7:43 am
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welcome back this morning at 7:45. you taking a live look over san jose. the fog is starting to lift up with visibility starting to improve. and you can see we have plenty of sunshine on tap for you for the rest of the weekend. good morning, i'm anthony slaughter in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking the fog. and that's all that we are tracking this weekend. another thing is the warm temperatures headed our way already up to 61 degrees in sunnyvale. at the beginning of this hour, they were at 57. we are warming very quickly. the fog is still holding on tightly to the city and the peninsula across the north bay. now this morning, we are going to continue to see the coastal fog stick around. later on this morning, i would say after about 11:00, the skies are going to start to clear out. we are talking about the 80s inland. just like we saw yesterday, a
7:46 am
few places got back to the 90s. one place, livermore. in fact, look at this, livermore at 93 yesterday. by monday, this is the cooling that's headed our way. we are talking about temperatures inland in the 60s. so it is going to be very cool once we do start off the next workweek. it is all because of a system headed our way. you can see it across the pacific, the clouds there, that's the next system. we have high pressure in control for the meantime. that's continuing to keep a strong grip on southern california stretching all the way up to the bay area now. this cold front that moved through earlier this morning, it's washing away this moving into the mountains. eventually we'll see high pressure really take control once again. but because that cold air moved on in, and now our winds are blowing right over this cold pacific ocean, we are basically talking about cooling weather headed our way. so today and tomorrow, 80s inland. but hang on, if you live in the coastal areas, 65 in san francisco today. and then it gets really cold. in fact, look at the seven-day forecast. we are talking about 50s as we head towards the coast area.
7:47 am
yeah, that includes san francisco. so get the jackets ready. it's going to come breezy by monday with a few drizzle patches. but otherwise, no big rain event. it just looks like we'll see a little drizzle on monday and then back to seeing sunshine. >> all right, sounds good. thank you, anthony. if your weekend plans involve flying in or out of sfo, be sure to double check for delays. arriving flights are more likely to be affected by one of the airports two main arrival runways that's closed through monday morning at 8:00. that means it will cut in half the number of flights arriving per hour. sfo could cause delays at peak travel times. during the closure work crews will upgrade lighting, signs and infrastructure. changes which are federally mandated. today is national trail day. and if you are able, you're encouraged to head outside and get into the national surroundings. parks are hosting workshops maintenance projects and guided hikes. in pacifica they'll weed and replace dirt in the bootleger
7:48 am
set at mori point at 10:00 this morning. for a full list of other locations to get involved, log on to click on national trails did to find the event near you. a quick-thinking truck driver and a passerbier are hailed as heroes after saving a baby in a runpay way stroller. it is all contact on camera. video captured from the inside of the garbage truck shows the driver hopping out of the cab after noticing the stroller rolling into the truck's path. he jumps out of the moving vehicle and the other passer-by caught the stroller before it crashed. the baby's mother thought she lost the stroller while talking to a friend. lesson learned for every mom, but apparently the baby not crying when he was taken back by his mother. he was laughing and smiling. kids. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, life and death in swan lagoon right here in the bay area.
7:49 am
the romance that bloomed after tragedy struck. but first, mike inouye has ideas for your weekend in the community calendar. >> good morning. i'm mike inouye. there's a lot to do today in the bay. we start with the station-sponsored event. the northern california soy and tofu festival in japantown. you'll find a number of soybean products to try, except for that one. that's for meanted. not so nice. but i came to appreciate anything else that soy can do. tofu here made with spread and desserts. wonderful desserts. last year my buddy george kiriyama from the station was a judge. he's going to do it again from what i hear. this starts at 11:00 this morning in san francisco. we'll move down the peninsula from francisco to fako. the palo alto chamber orchestra focusing mainly on chamber music tonight at 8:00 in the theater at the community center. they will take you on a journey from the golden baroque to the
7:50 am
edgy production called "bach to the future." they are not uptight. and we head south for one more unusual pairing of firsts for this historical landmark of the winchester house. the orchid expo. the seventh year for the expo but the first to be held at the winchester mystery house. this year's show features orchid sales, world-class orchid growing sessions and, of course, the secret room. if none of this appeals to you, still stay in the saturday spirit "today in the bay." [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios good morning. happy saturday. here's how we started out the day in the sunol grade. a little bit of fog and cool for the beginning of the week. get out to enjoy the rest of the
7:53 am
weekend. most people don't think deer have a lot going on in their head, but one thing i noticed from the video is deer are quite curious. >> deer are some of the supporting cast in a new video produced by stanford, but it is the mountain lions that are the real stars along with coyotes and foxes. there are solar-powered cameras mounted at the preserve capturing the things animals would never get to see. bobcats playing with each other, sometimes playing with their food. one is even seen topping a rat. high in the air we slowed it down for you to see it as well. biologists say the cameras capture moments we may not ordinarily see in hours of field work. visitors will now have more reasons to visit san francisco's palace of fine arts. in fact, six more reasons. "today in the bay" reports on the park's new swans and the tragic tale that led to their
7:54 am
arrival. >> reporter: this is one of san francisco's most scenic spot. a tail of murder, forbidden love and rebirth. >> it's a sad story there. >> reporter: like the story of "swan lake" a drama of good and evil playing out in the lagoon of the palace of fine arts. and it began with the death of a beautiful swan. >> we had that one killed by some beer party group. and they just broke her neck. it was a horrible thing. >> reporter: the dead swan was the sister of blanch who later drew the attention of a young suitor named blue boy. >> he fell in love with blanch. i mean, she's an old cougar. she's almost 16. and he's 3. >> reporter: last summer the union produced a baby swan, but evil forces once again emerged from the depths of the murky lagoon. >> reporter: last year we lost our single baby swan to the nests around.
7:55 am
>> reporter: two weeks ago they welcomed six baby swans. the banks of lagoon now filled with admirers showers the family with bread crumbs and whole wheat cheer owes cheerios. >> identify keeps getting reborn here. that's beautiful thing. >> we are hoping all six of the new ones will make it. because they are the icing on the cake here. >> reporter: the caretaker says despite the joyful scene, there are still dark forces at work. >> there were some people with nests, in like a white van, that were down here. >> the city's park police is stepping up night patrols near the palace hoping the drama of tragedy and redemption will include a fairy tale ending. joe rizotto jr., nbc news. still ahead on "today in the bay" we have our own youngster mix joining us. we'll talk to him and lisa next.
7:56 am
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7:58 am
we have some special guests from pets in need. volunteer lisa simmons is here with frank, a sweet border collie whose bffs are chihuahuas you say. >> yes, his best friends are chihuahuas. >> he's a lap dog. >> yes, he is. he's a little on the shyer side. he's come a long way with us and will continue to go a long way. he needs a great home, which would be a little on the quieter side. >> but he's a border collie, so he's very bright. >> he is bright. he picked up things so quickly. this is his first outing on the leash. he's done fabulously. >> you can find out more about frank or any of the other pets in need available for adoption at no 5:00 and 6:00 tonight because of the stanley cup.
7:59 am
so we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00 or tomorrow at 7:00. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios


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