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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, a peaceful weekend barbecue rocked by a drive by shooting. three others were injured, including a 67-year-old woman. plus, the images are horrific. a passenger jet crashed into a neighborhood in nigeria. more tn 150 people were on board that plane. and a change in the weather. just in time for the start of the workweek. nbc bay area news starts now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. a shooting in vallejo stunned police and neighbors. it happened during a barbecue at a park in a normally quiet part
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of town. and in the end, a 57-year-old man was killed. a 67-year-old woman was shot, and two others were injured as well. and tonight, police say the shooter is still on the loose. nbc bay area's monte francis is at crest ranch park in north vallejo with more for us. monte? >> the shooting took place here at the park where the victims were having a barbecue. tonight the police are calling the shooting both unusual and tragic. this is a weekend so you'd expect crest ranch park would be full of visitors. people have apparently heard about what happened here last night and the park is empty today. and the crime tape is still up. among the victims, a 57-year-old man who was killed. a 67-year-old grandmother was injured. but we understand her condition is improving. a 35-year-old man wualso hit in the arm and suffered nonlife threatening injuries. and a 17-year-old is listed in critical condition. the victims'w3 identities have t been released so it's not clear if they are all members of the
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same family. they were all having a barbecue together when shots rang out at 11:00 last night. just minutes ago we were talking to a woman house sitting nearby when the gunfire erupted. she asked usçó not to show her face. >> i was watching tv and then all of a sudden, i just heard a lot of gunshots. and then it stopped. first started up slow, then stopped. then got faster. so i thought it was firecrackers. i was going to sit back down and watch tv. then a few minutes later, i heard it again. >> witnesses told police the shots were fired by a man who was seen in a dark colored sedan at this point, investigators aren't sure who the gunman was targeting. police have not made any arrests. you have any information that can help, you are asked to call the vallejo police department. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. giants star pablo sandoval was back on the field one day after he was linked to a criminal investigation.
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he is in stockton on a rehab assignment with the san jose giants. before today's game, he spoke td reporters. so far he's kept quiet about the allegations. the santa cruz county sheriff's department is investigating sandoval in a sexual assault case. investigators say noñi charges have been filed and sandoval has cooperated. his attorney told nbc bay area news his client met with investigators regarding what the lawyer called a consensual sexual rap. we have a crew at the game in q stockton and another speaking with the lawyer and we'll continue to bring you the latest on this developing story online and also during our 6:00 newscast. the man at the center of the shooting death of a florida teenager is back in jail tonight. 28-year-old george zimmerman turned himself in to police today. after a judge revoked his bail. prosecutors say zimmerman lied to the court about his finances saying he was broke at his initial bond hearing in april. that information was critical because it helped the judge determine his bail.
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well, on friday, the judge ruled zimmerman misled the court by failing to disclose the fact that a website had raised more than $130,000 for his defense. zimmerman's attorney says it was an honest mistake and that his client did not know if he could use that money. he says he will seek a new bond hearing. >> if you look at the statute, i think he is still entitled to a bond. however, having put something in front of the judge which the judge relied on that may not have been fully true, is going to cause a concern. he's going to have to address that with the court. >> zimmerman faces second-degree murder charges for shooting and killing trayvon martin back in february. zimmerman claims it was self-defense. in nigeria, a jet crashed into that country's largest city today killing more than 150 people on board. government officials say the dana air flight crashed in a populated neighborhood near the airport. the jet hit a furniture shop and the nose of the plane ended up in a three-story apartment
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building. several thousand people gathered at the crash site as rescuers tried to put out fires and tried to save any survivors from the wreckage. it's unclear if the pilot was trying to land when it went down. in the race for the white house, supporters of president obama and mitt romney are dueling over jobs tonight. after dismal job figures and an increase in the nation's unemployment rate. brian mooar has this report. >> reporter: this past week brought discouraging jobs numbers. and in an election that's going to be all about the economy, mitt romney's campaign says the buck stops with president obama. >> the problem is this administration and this president policies are hostile to job creators. >> the white house is blaming congress. >> these are the architects of obstruction and now they are complaining about the pace of the recovery. >> in his weekly address, president obama said congress has been sitting on his jobs idea since september. >> there's no excuse for that.
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not when so many people are still looking for work. not when so many people are still struggling to pay the bills. >> the white house wants to raise taxes on the rich. republicans in congress say no way. and that the president is rinking a $500 billion tax increase for everyone. >> some have called it taxmaggedon. make no mistake. every single working american will see his or her taxes go up on january 1st absent action. >> reporter: an election year standoff over an economy that's barely moving. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. some people in the bay area took part in early voting today for the june primary which is this tuesday. voting offices throughout all nine bay area counties were open. this is what the polling station in santa clara county looked like earlier today as dozens of people came out to drop off their early voting ballots. >> absolutely convenient. i mean, what better thing than
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to get in your car and drive and drop off your ballot. it's great. >> drive-through. you got to like it. early voting it over. those who wish to vote in the junerimary will have to do that on election day on tuesday. and stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of the june 5th primary tonight at 6:00. our political analyst weighs in on the hot-button issues on tuesday's ballot. it's been a lovely day around the bay area. big changes are headed our way. let's check in with rob mayeda. >> it seems very strange. we've got the nice weather right now and we would hope that it holds up later on tonight because we actually have a partial lunar eclipse. this is going to be from about 2:00 overnight, peaking between 3:00 and 4:00. you should see a little cut-out of the moon as the earth passes over that. here's the part of that. we have a weather system bringing rain very likely as we go through tonight. you'll notice the winds picking up and clouds starting to spill in. what you probably don't expect for june is how much rain is w
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starting to show up here in the futurecast as we roll into your monday morning commute. 7:00, scattered areas of rain. as you transition into the afternoon, a chance of seeing some thundershowers as well. and the other thing that will surprise you tomorrow is how cool the afternoon temperatures are going to be. we'll talk about these rather wild changes in the forecast as we get back to the workweek coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much, rob. and people across the south bay were rattled by a minor earthquake this morning. the 3.5 magnitude quake hit just after 10:30. the u.s. geological survey says the epicenter was about 9 miles north of morgan hill. the much-awaited ferry service between south san francisco and the east bay debuts tomorrow. and the first week is a preview and passengers will get to ride for free. the idea is to get people to try it and spread the word. for now, the service will operate seven times a day with four trips heading from the east bay to south san francisco and three trips heading in the opposite direction. the new service has been geared
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towards serving large biotech companies on each side of the bay and eventually will serve more companies as well. >> aside from the local emphasis here in south san francisco, the san francisco international airport is close by. brisbane is close by. and so once we get connections between our ferry terminal and these other centers of employment, you should serve quite a few employers. >> ferry service from oyster point on the peninsula to ports in alameda and oakland will take about 40 to 50 minutes and cost $7 each way with free parking. coming up next at 5:00, the chance of a lifetime. venus will soon pass in front of the sun. it's an alignment of the rarest form. and we'll show you when you'll be able to see the phenomenon. >> and a surprise announcement from olympic gold medalist shawn johnson. we'll have her announcement. also a race to end aid makes
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its way through the bay area. we'll show you that. we'll be right back.
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thousands of people are taking part in the world's largest hiv/aids fund-raiser this week. the aids life cycle bike ride kicked off this morning from the cal palace.
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nearly 3,000 people are taking part in the week-long bike ride from san francisco to los angeles. organizers say the 545-mile ride raises money and awareness in the fight against hiv and aids. this year's race is expected anise more than mi$1ion. million. and day'tos leg of the ride. tomorrow they'll head south to king city. ultimately they'll make stops in eight cities ending up in los angeles on saturday. the summer olympics in london are just around the corner. but this year's games will be without one of its biggest american stars. gymnast and gold medalist shawn johnson announced today she is retiring. at the age of 20. johnson had a gold medal performance on the balance beam and added three more silver medals at the summer games in beijing in 2008. after that, she took some time off to enjoy her success. but in 2010, johnson suffered a devastating knee injury while
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skiing. she says her knee can't take the training necessary for her to compete. the countdown continues. only 53 days left until the olympic summer games right here on nbc bay area. you can also get complete information about the olympics on our website at it was a cold, rainy and windy day. but that did not stop hundreds of thousands of people to cheer on queen elizabeth on her diamond jubilee. it was prince charles idea to have a river pageant to commemorate his mother's 60 years on the throne. there were 1,000 boats on the refer thames today ranging from small rowing boats and kayaks to big steamers and just about everything in between. >> i think it's fantastic. we tried to make the most of it. >> the idea was to demonstrate britain's rich maritime history. there was even one boat that took part in queen victoria's
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diamond jubilee celebrations way back in 1897. besides the queen, her husband, prince philip and prince charles and prince william and his wife kate, it's not over. there are still two more days of celebrating. still to come at 5:00 -- if you missed last month's solar eclipse, you'll have another chance to see something very unusual in the sky. we'll show you the phenomenon called the transit of venus. it's fast approaching.
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crews are finally making progress on a massive wildfire burning in new mexico. the big nest the state's history. tomorrow, people will be allowed to return to one of the small towns that had to be evacuated more than a week ago. firefighters were able to build some containment lines on the fire's western flank. the flames have burned more than 375 square miles. tonight it is still only about 17% contained. if you missed the solar eclipse two weeks ago, there's a chance to see another one this week. and this one is even more unusual. it's called the transit of venus as the plan set said to sweep in front of the sun on tuesday at 3:04 in the afternoon to be exact. it will cast a tiny silhouette for about five hours that is as itlowly crosses and crawls across the sky. to see it you must use special solar sunglasses or telescopes
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with solar filters. never stare directly at the sun. if you miss this one, the next one is in 105 years, so don't miss it. meteorologist rab mayeda is here with the weather and a big change coming up. >> between now and tuesday we'll see a lot of changes. specifically with the transit of venus across the sun's surface, unlike that fantastic solar eclipse we saw, this is going to be a smaller shadow crossing in front of the sun. peaking right after 3:00 through about 6:00 in the evening. you really need special equipment to see this. that's a pin hole size shadow that's going to be going across the sun. a special telescope with special filters. if you have a chance to head out to to a planetarium and view it. we won't see another one until about 2117. that coming up for tuesday afternoon. right now in the bay area, a cool and breezy evening. 62 san francisco. still 80s inland. nowhere near those numbers come tomorrow as a strong ocean air
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conditioning picks up and we actually will see a good chance of rain tomorrow, too. here you go. the winds anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour. we look at the winds picking up tonight and eventually those look like we'll get some rain. not just a few showers but some rather significant rain by june tornadoes. this is through midday tomorrow. then scattered showers. and that cooler air aloft. an isolated shower during the afternoon which is good news because the allergy count still high. it's now all of tree pollen which is in the high category. mold spores down. grass pollen and the moderate range. may see the mold spores pick up as we see more rain coming back into the forecast. low passes by just to the north. right around 10:00 tomorrow morning. this cooler pocket of air is going to sweep on in and it's really going to drop our temperatures tomorrow. so today, we had some 80s inland. tomorrow we're looking at upper 50s and low 60s. inland locations, could see a chance of thundershowers and quite a breezy day tomorrow as well. so the futurecast heading into
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tomorrow morning you can see the rain approaching the coast here. light to moderate rain. some projections show up to a quarter inch in some of the hilltops. and enough to make a dent in the morning commute. there goes the front on by into the afternoon with pop-up showers with some instability during the afternoon. these could include some brief thunder especially in the east bay valleys. overnight temperatures pretty mild. upper 50s because southerly winds are going to pick up. mild temperatures tonight. very cool high temperature tomorrow. low 60s for most of our valley locations tomorrow. so that's almost a 20-degree drop in some places from today. low to mid-60s around the tri-valley. numbers around san francisco. 50s and 60s and, yes, some snow. possible for the sierra for a brief time tomorrow evening. and look at those temperatures. 50s and 60s. if you like more summer-like or more june-like temperatures, wednesday, thursday and friday, we warm back up. not as warm as this last week. a definite improvement with 70s
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and 80s inland as we wrap up the week and cool off towards next week. tomorrow you'll be thinking, what happened to june? >> thanks, rob. let's bring in scott reese of comcast sports net for a look at sports right now. what's going on? >> we've got a lot going on, diane. tiger rocking the house at the memorial and making history in the process. plus, a good day for the giants, but it comes at a price for today's starting catcher. the rather painful highlights ahead in sports.
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hi, everybody. scott reese in the comcast sports net newsroom.
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giants are trending in the right direction. winners of four out of five. terrific defense which is a nice change and just enough offense. and that was the case today against the cubs. game three of four. bottom five, pagon. that's a double and an historic double. he's hit safely in 27 straight home games. that is a franchise record. a couple of batters later, they find a hole and drives home pagon. 1-0, giants. hector sanchez fouls the ball off his foot. you know that's smart. took about a good seven or eight minutes for him to get back in the batter's box and try it again. and the very next pitch, he gets it in the same exact spot. i chuckle now because he was okay. bottom eight, two outs. melky cabrera. blanco at first base and running on the pitch. alfonso soriano, a little brain cramp. he throws to second. blanco keeps on running and scores from first on a single. big insurance run for that guy
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barry zoho w is terrific and the giants win, 2-0. >> he was pitching defense today. made some great plays in the outfield, infield and part of that is the tempo that barry had out there. >> looked like hector was back there playing a video game. maybe it was -- it was fun to play behind. just keeping those guys off balance. >> go out there and do what you know how to do as best you can. the rest are up to the baseball gods. sometimes they treat you good. sometimes they don't. >> a's/royals. the a's trending in the wrong direction. tommy malone on the hill with a 7.16 road e.r.a. coming in. and that didn't help. seventh home run of the year. 1-0. malone pitched well but not absolutely no support. this was the closest the a's came to scoring. reddick hit the foul pop. and that doesn't go well at all. alex gordon throws him out. bottom five, johnny batella with
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the knock. dison scores 2-0, kansas city. the a's are shut out for the 11th time this season. final round of the memorial. tiger hoping to make a move wearing his sunday red. did he ever. shot of the year candidate here on 16. he chips out of the rough. i wouldn't say shot of the year candidate if this thing didn't go in, right? and the vintage tiger celebration. game on. for bird on 18. he birdied three of the last four. finished five under to win the memorial for the fifth time. his 73rd career pga tour win. he's tied with jack nicklaus for second on the all-time list. there's the handshake. great day for pablo and great day for the giants. they'll go for a sweep tomorrow. they've not swept an opponent all season. if they win tomorrow it would be of the four-game sweep variety. just ahead, one of san francisco's most fashionable streets goes green today. weex pl
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thousands of people gathered in san francisco today for the annual union street festival. this is the 35th year for the irk vent, event, and the focus was absolutely green. the festival took up six blocks and two of them were devoted entirely to the koerecourban th. more than 150 booths focused just on art and use regcycled and sustainable supplies. and a very nice day for it. >> still nice outside. but the seven-day forecast is a big change coming in tonight, tomorrow. 50s and 60s. rare june rain at times for monday. and then we warm up nicely again just in time for the middle part of the week. >> tomorrow is a little odd. >> not so much. >> n


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