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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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breaking news at this hour. a s.w.a.t. standoff and hostage situation, after a driver opens fire on a sheriff's deputy. the man is holed up inside of a home. the standoff is impacting traffic on 880. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. >> that standoff, triggered by a traffic stop just before 9:00, when the suspect and others, led
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sheriff's deputies on a chase. the suspect barricaded himself inside a nearby home on jensen, where he is holding a hostage. cheryl hurd is there on the scene. a tense situation for cops. >> reporter: a very tense situation. the s.w.a.t. team and hostage team is here. we are a couple of blocks away. what we're told, this all started as an alameda county deputy sheriff spotted a stolen car around 8:00 this evening. there was a short chase. police say one of the suspects inside the car fired at the officer. but fortunately, no one was hurt. there were apparently three suspects inside the car. at least one of them went inside the home. and took a family hostage. a mother, a child,nd a father. let's listen in now to oakland
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police officer, johnna watson. >> at that time, he entered the vehicle. a house, a residence in the 500 block of hyde street. there's a woman, a child and a man inside the home. they have left the home and currently have a hostage situation. the hostage situation is, one suspect, we're considering him to be armed and dangerous. did shoot at the alameda county deputies this evening. he is in the home with another adult. we're having communication and dialogue with the suspect. >> reporter: now, this is a very fluid situation. police are telling us they established communication with that suspect by phone. one person is inside, a male. it was a dramatic release of the mother and child. they are apparently okay.
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still, we know one person is being held hostage inside that house. that's all we know right now. police tell us, jessica, that the suspect may have some type of knowledge about this family. he may know this family. that information is forth coming. we will stay here and bring you more information as it becomes available. a significant development in the sierra lamar case. the search for the missing teenager has been unsuccessful thus far, despite a key piece of information from the suspect's mother. soon after antolin garcia-torres, accused of murdering and kidnapping sierra lamar, her mother provided a golden clue. he says her son was fishing on the same day lamar disappeared.
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it was a glimmer of hope from the sheriff's department, as they increased their effort at the body of water a few miles from the lamar home. now, the dive teams have been called off. it doesn't mean that the searches are going to stop. >> i have faith in the sheriff's department. they know what they're doing. i have confidence in what they're doing. >> reporter: the case against garcia-torres moves forward. as the weeks and months go by, it's suspected the clues and manpower in this case, could continue to diminish. >> there could be new information that comes out in the case. the dive team will be ready. >> process of elimination. we're going to continue.
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and focus on that. >> garcia-torres has not entered a plea. he is expected to be in court in july. it could be a game-changer. independent voters can be part of the june primary. tomorrow is the state's first open primary between voters not affiliated with the party can still cast their vote. the issue is, no one's sure if they'll come out to flex their political muscle. >> reporter: election workers are processing absentee ballots in san francisco. but it's slow-going. 200,000 ballots went out. only 60,000 are returned. >> we have only one-third back. >> reporter: voters just aren't interested. >> i'm not excited. >> there's not a lot of people
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talking about it. >> reporter: voters who make it to the polls may be surprised to find the state's first primary. >> independents feel they won the lottery on this one. >> reporter: senator dianne feinstein, is facing along with the parties. the question is, will independents show up and affect races like prop 29, a $1 tax on a pack of cigarettes. >> i tend to think a lot of the independents in the state would have voted for it. and they're not acclimated to voting in these cycles. it's going to be really close. >> reporter: opponents of the tobacco tax raised more than $46 million to defeat the measure. supporters raised nearly $13 million, with the top donation coming from the american cancer society.
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jack says his family is talking about 29. >> just last night, he was saying he didn't like more taxes. we countered that, you know, anything that keeps kids from smoking is good. >> reporter: a debate election officials hope make it to the ballot box. >> that was jean elle reporting. jean tells us that experts expect a low turnout tomorrow, somewhere in the 40% range. on the ballot, a local measure with national implications. we're talking about san jose measure "b." it's hitting employees on the issue of pension reform. >> if this measure passes, i will no longer be safe in san jose to do the work i've been doing. still ahead, what is it? and why is the nation watching the outcome here so closely? we'll explain that in about ten minutes. the investigative unit shows us who is funding measure "b." the fate of gay marriage is
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reaching a turning point tomorrow. the federal appeals court will reveal whether it will review a panel ruling that overturned prop 8's ban on same-sex marriage. a new ruling could take several months. to more than a year. an update on an electrifying situation in san francisco after overhead muni wires got knocked down earlier today. it happened around 4:00 in the afternoon, at market and fifth at the height of rush hour. it shows the lines right down on the street. police say a car accident caused the wires to fall. three people suffered unlife-threatening injuries. trues had to spend hours repairing the lines. a disturing discovery in vallejo. investigators say the vertebrae
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was the size of a cookie. it was wrapped in brown paper and left at the top of the steps outside the police department's front door. police say the big bone, similar to the ones you see here, will be analyzed by the coroner's office tomorrow, to dermine if it's a human or a large animal. it's a discovery that's shaken up a lot of people. >> i can't believe you said they found a vertebrae right here? unbelievable. >> why would somebody do that? even if it's not human, that's some very troubled person out there. >> there's a link here. investigators reviewing surveillance footage from a camera that points directly at the department's front door. good evening. in the weather center. a wild blast of winter weather. we're showing the top rainfall totals in the bay area. i we are tracking somery ding weather for the south bay d for tuesday. e'r alslso tracking sierra snow. how long thatlingers and what the big change will be in a few
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minutes. and facebook proposing a controversial change that has people talking. what we're learning about the sexual assault investigation. and big money and big attention. the investigative unit looks to who's on both sides of san jose's measure "b." why the nation is watching the outcome. and continuing to follow that hostage standoff we told eyou out.
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now, the battle over prop "b." that's the measure for votal approval to make changes to the pension system. it's a local measure that's
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capturing national attention and political contribution for and against the measure, not limited to california. investigators crunch the numbers and show people are spending big money to see it pass or fail. >> reporter: behind every big campaign is big money. when it comes to influencing those who hold the power, both sides of san jose's measure "b" are bringing in major cash. every contribution is detailed in long lists of dates, names and numbers. we'll start with those supporting the measure. on the surface, the biggest single contribution is $25,000. but when we cross referenced individuals with big-name companies, it added up. take those four contributes, all filed as individuals. combined they donated $61,000. and they all work for southern hills ventures in san jose.
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>> they're small companies. they're companies that will have to deal with things such as pensions and what not, as they grow. >> reporter: larry is nbc bay area's political analyst. >> it's one thing to get $10,000 from a series of individuals. >> reporter: alecia goetes gave $5,000. her husband is from sequoia capital. four others from that company, also donated. the company says it has no official stance on the measure and therefore, no comment. other big donors, garden city sanitation. arcadia development. and the president of devcon. all have had contracts with san jose. >> that's a story that people need to know. not to change their minds. but the money flowing in are
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from people who did business with the city and want to continue to do business. let's stay in the city's good graces. >> reporter: that's how it's benefiting them? >> as i say, it can't hurt. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce contributed the most money. about $70,000. >> the many of the partners that felt that measure "b" is important, contributed significant amounts. >> reporter: on the flip side, those who oppose measure "b" are working the phones. in hopes of sinking the measure. contributors have given more than $500,000 in cash and services to the campaign against measure "b." almost all of it from the american federation of state, county and municipal employees. yolanda cruz is the president of the local chapter. i think, these businesses are throwing are a lot of money at this right now. >> i think it's about protecting
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the working class. that's what we're working for. >> reporter: for the investigative unit. >> we invite you to stay with nbc bay area for coverage on tomorrow's primary. you can see the candidates and the issues on our website. san francisco's baked goods will soon be available at starbucks nationwide. the giant coffee chain bought the san francisco-based bakery for $100,000. baked goods will start replacing its current menu of baked goods early next year. the french pastries, like its signature croissants will be sold in the bay area first. it hopes to popularize the bay area experience in the united states. kids using facebook. right now, the social networking giant only allows kids 13 and up to use the site legally. but the company is considering
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changing that policy. some parents say it's not a problem. but others are worried. here's scott budman. >> reporter: these kids love technology. but they're under 13 and can't open facebook accounts. many of them lie about their age to open profiles on the social network. >> i chat with my friends. go on and play games. >> reporter: now, facebook is looking into ways to let the under-13 set comment, friend and post. parents we spoke to have mixed feels. >> not a problem. we have it sensored. other people can't talk to him. we put that on him. >> they're telling you, i'm this age. i'm that. and they're really not. she's young. they're innocent. i don't want her going through
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all that. >> reporter: facebook could take a lesson from everloop, a network that caters to kids under 13 and to their parents. >> we built this from the ground level up, with safety, moderation, making sure kids come in and feel like it's their home base. and allowing parents to have peace of mind. >> reporter: lots of comments on both sides. most admitting, kids are already on facebook. after all, dora the explorer has 1 million likes. and her viewership skews very young. maybe it's time to admit all ages are networking. it's what you do. >> it's not just a one company fight. >> reporter: she and her company, everloop, would help facebook if it decides to bring
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those under 13 into the social network and help the parents to calm their concern. here we are in june. it looks more like january in the sierra. snow, lining the highways and streets. locals say they're pparered for the elements. but out of towners, the snowy conditions created a chill. >> i flew in from new jersey this morning. it's 80 degrees there right now. wasn't exactly what i was expecting in california. the winter weather advisory is until tomorrow morning when things start to improve in the sierra. somebody likes it like that. >> i know you want to see it. all that wild weather, that new business this morning is pushing off to the east. we are beginning to clear out. lingering snowshowers across
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interstate 80. also highway 50. if you're headed up 80, in the morning hours, we'll have a few rogue showers in effect. for most of the bay area, north bay to the south bay, we're dry. we may have a few showers pop up across the peninsula. very isolated in nature. here's the other big story. 87 in redwood city. a huge plummet in those conditions. plenty of 50s on the board. we'll give you a look outside. and you'll see actually, a lot of cars for this time of the night. we have windy conditions. here's the thing. for the morning hours, drying and patchy fog. keep the jacket handy. here's the good thing. on tuesday, you can leave the umbrella at home. and warming coming in that
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seven-day forecast. that low pressure that brought us the unusual weather is moving off to the east. that will take the cold air and the moisture with it. more on-shore at the coastline. that will bring us 50s and 60s. the typical spot, from the san francisco peninsula, to the santa cruz mountains. the winds will back more out of the north and northwest. that will bring 60s and 70s inland. it will be a gradual tickup of the numbers. 56 to start on wednesday. 52 in san jose. and how do we fair for daytime highs on tuesday? we'll go warmer. but not mild or hot by any means. 68 in san jose. 70 in sunnyvale. around the low 70s here, in walnut creek. 74 in fair field. and 69 in fremont. for san francisco and downtown, it's going to be chilly in the city building.
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64 there. 62 in santa rosa. and 50s on the coast. it is dry the next three days. and numbers go up to the lowle 80s by thursday. by saturday, sunday, monday, mostly sunny skies. grab the spf. all of the east bayers who have a pool. i think it will be okay for you. for sunday, summer will begin in about nine days. tuesday, which is tomorrow, venus is going to pass through the front of the sun, basically. at 3:09 p.m., you see venus pass the sun. >> 3:09 tomorrow. >> pacific. yes. >> a little scared. >> it's okay. cominre new drug the new d showing promise for a deadly form of cancer. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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pablo sandoval has new information in his sexual assault case. early friday morning. he met the woman at motiv bar in santa cruz. he went with a small group of people. that's where the alleged assault occurred. his attorney called the encounter a consensual personal relationship of a sexual nature. a new drug is showing promise on the sign against skin cancer. the drug works in patients with a gene mutation that causes tumors to grow quickly. the drug prolonged the lives of patients and kept the disease bay tonight. the company did have a study. we're back with sports.
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hi, everybody. scott reiss at the comcast
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sports net newsroom. it's been a bad year for the a's. they solved the offensive issues tonight. but that was not the headline. a's hosting first place texas. scott feldman pitching. brandon inge hitting. three-run shot. his sixth of the year. jump-starts an eight-run inning. but the real story was gared parker. had a no-hitter through seven. striking out six along the way. the a's michael young, playing the role of spoiler. parker had to be content with eight shutout innings of one-hit ball. the a's in a 12-1 win. >> i knew it. it's something the guys said they don't. after the fifth inning, i had to they told me to settle down in the sixth and seventh. i got rushing. >> for the most part, keeping score on my card. i think probably after five, you have a pretty good idea what's
11:28 pm
going on. and again, for that lineup. >> reporter: the a's feeling good about this, as well. number 11 overall. addison russell out of florida. the first high school prospect the a's have taken in the first round, since jeremy bonderman in 2001. cubs/giants, bottom five. chicago. angel pagan continues to be smoking hot at at&t. still in the fifth. bases loaded with one out. one out. brandon crawford into the 4-6 -- only one out. he gets the second out of the inning. and runs off the field. come on. you have to be heads up. bottom seven. this is a cub double-play. but it's still effective for the giants.
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buster posey scores to make it 3-2. bring on jeremy affeldt in the ninth inning. the leaping grab to end it. giants complete their first sweep of the season. and behold the future of the franchise. the 20th pick in the baseball amateur draft, the giants select chris staten out of mississippi state. he was the s.e.c. pitcher of the year and all-american. he went 11-2, with a 2.38 e.r.a. couple of local pitchers were first-round picks today. kyle zimmer, number five overall selection by the royals. and mark appel goes number eight to the pirates. mark appel, who a lot of people thought would be the number one pick. but he gets a steal at number eight. >> thanks, scott. ♪
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we've been following breaking news in oakland all night. a standoff with police is still under way. a hostage situation. cheryl, what do you know now? >> the streets are still blocked off. leading to the location. where the hostage situation is taking place. this started after 8:00 this evening. alameda county sheriffs spotted a stolen car. tried to pull it over. three men inside. shots were fired. a short chase took place. a family of three inside. the suspect let the mother and child go. he is now holding the male hostage. this has been going on for about three hours now. exits along 880 are still closed. the freeway is open. hostage negotiations are still in communication with the suspects. it is unclear on how that is going right now. police say they don't know if the suspects live inside the
11:33 pm
home. of course, the situation is going on right now. we'll have an update on our show in the morning. >> let's hope that has a positive end there. thanks for joining us tonight. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he?
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