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tv   Today  NBC  June 11, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> yeah. u.s. open. tuesday through friday. >> we'll be back at 7:25 with a local news update. good morning. dual disaster. the fast-moving wildfire in colorado raging out of control and forcing hundreds of families to flee while parts of florida and alabama are under water after days of record rain. this morning more rain is on the way. what happened to u.s. congress secretary under investigation for felony hit-and-run after he allegedly drove into two cars within minutes of each other and was found unconscious in his car. this morning we'll get a response from the white house. that had to hurt. lady gaga hit in the head with a metal pole at a concert. ♪
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she finished the show despite a concussion but said to be doing much better today, monday, june 11, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and ann curry live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on this monday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm willie geist in for matt this morning. good to see you, ann. that wildfire in colorado growing in all directions this morning. officials say they have 0% containment. right now emergency crews say the priority is to get people out of harm's way. >> that's right, willie. first noticed saturday, it's quickly grown fueled by conditions. a much different scene in the florida panhandle. people there have seen more than a foot of rain in a day, totals
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we haven't seen in nearly 78 years. we'll get the latest on the stories and also al's forecast straight ahead. also, troubling new details on the final days of mary kennedy. according to a legal filing before the tragedy, robert f. kennedy jr. claimed his estranged wife was physically abusive to him and made numerous threats of suicide. coming up, what her family is saying about that. then we're going to switch gears and take you down memory lane. are you ready for this? >> i'm ready. >> one of the most talked about plot twists in television history. it was who shot j.r. a question that "dallas" fans obsessed about in the '80s. now the ewing gang is back here in our studio, larry hagman, linda gray and patrick duffy all joining us live this morning. we're excited about that. let's begin with the devastating wildfire in colorado. nbc's charles hadlock is in bellevue. charles, good morning. >> good morning, ann. this fire west of ft. collins and north of estes park is now
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the largest fire in this part of the rocky mountains in 25 years. what's making it worse is its unpredictable nature. here is how fast it can happen. tw from a two-acre fire first noticed saturday morning in the mountains north of ft. collins, colorado to a 20,000 acre behemoth in one day with zero containment and no signs of slowing down. >> this thing has a mind of its own. it's pretty much telling us what it's going to do. >> reporter: what the high park fire did was ride 25 to 40-mile-an-hour winds through dry timber along steep slopes. a dozen air tankers and choppers were brought in to combat the flames along with more than 250 firefighters on the ground. hundreds were evacuated, some already feeling a sense of loss. >> my house is gone. and now i'm not going to have a home. and i have no place to go. >> reporter: this wasn't the only wildfire in the west. new mexico's little bear fire became another when a stubborn
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blaze that had been contained for days was whipped by fresh winds along some 10,000 additional acres. hundreds more evacuated there as well. >> it's real scary. it's heartbreaking. this is our retirement cabin. our whole lives we've worked towards this. >> reporter: with more than 15 large fires currently in the u.s., crews fighting the colorado high park fire are spread thin. >> we're definitely competing for resources, whether new mexico or other locations, it is difficult to get resources at this point. >> reporter: a record-breaking 2,000 reverse notification calls were sent out warning residents of the approaching fire. >> anybody can see that smoke, and lives in a forested area, they need to be prepared if that call comes out or somebody comes around, they are ready to go. >> reporter: this morning the fire is up to 37,000 acres, but there is help on the way. in the way of firefighters,
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aircraft and cooler weather. >> charles hadlock. now here's willie. al is upstairs now with more on that wildfire and widespread flooding ravaging parts of florida and alabama. al, good morning. >> good morning, willie. and of course, you're looking at -- this is pensacola, but we want to start first with our grsks from the fires as we talk about that. because, again, the forecast here is whitewater baldi fire, little bear fire and the high park fire. it's a mixed bag. the good news is there's a southeastern flow of higher humidity. so that will help. the bad news, there's a mix of dry and wet thunderstorms. these dry storms, lightning strikes can happen and that can set off more fires, not great news. now we're going to go live down to pensacola, florida, show you what's going on. and first of all, we start with the -- there we go live. we show you the standing water, and there could be more rain coming. this is what they've gotten so far. we've talked about anywhere from 12 to 18 inches of rain. some areas up to 20 inches.
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this is why it's so wet. there's a weak surface front, upper-level disturbance, plus this tropical mass coming up. more rain coming. how much more? it's concentrated in the southeast. another one to three inches along the panhandle of florida. also jacksonville will see one to three inches. the heavier rain spreading up into the southeastern atlantic coast. so more wet weather. good news is not enough to hopefully cause any more flooding for our friends in the panhandle. willie? >> all right, al, thank you very much. we'll check back in with you for the rest of the forecast in a bit. meanwhile, the u.s. commerce department has released a statement this morning about secretary john bryson's involvement in two accidents in the l.a. area. according to a spokesperson for the department of commerce, secretary bryson suffered a seizure. chuck todd is nbc's chief white house correspondent with more on this story. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. here's what happened. on saturday early evening in los angeles, secretary bryson apparently was in three car accidents in the span of five minutes. he hit one car that was stopped
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waiting for a train, got out, spoke with folks inside the car, got back in his car, a lexus, hit the car again. and about five minutes down the road, hit another car that apparently was either slowing or stopped as well. well, he was found unconscious in his car, taken to the hospital and treated. and secretary bryson since then, as we know from his folks at the commerce department, he apparently suffered a seizure and has been given medication. he is under investigation at this point for a felony hit-and-run. now, the white house was not informed of any of this for a full 24 hours. it wasn't until sunday evening that they knew any part of this story and what happened. and one of the reasons, by the way, about secretary bryson, why was he driving, willie? well, his u.s. secret service detail doesn't necessarily accompany him home. and when he is at home, they sort of let these cabinet secretary drive themselves if they want to. >> chuck, obviously secretary bryson's got a big job. are there concerns at this point for his health and his ability
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to carry out his duties going forward now? >> reporter: well, when you can see in the statement from the commerce department, they made it very clear, he is back at work on his way back to washington, fully released from the hospital. and they're saying the medication has treated all of this. so they're clearly trying to send a signal, willie, that he is fully capable of holding this job and doing the duties that are necessary. >> let's hope he's okay. chuck todd live for us this morning in washington. chuck, thanks so much. it is now 7:08 pacific time. and here again is ann. >> all right, willie, thank you. opening statements are being held today at the child sex abuse trial of former penn state university football coach jer abuse trial of former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. nbc's national correspondent michael isikoff at the courthouse this morning. michael, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. while jerry sandusky goes on trial here today, charged with repeatedly molesting young boys, law enforcement sources are telling nbc news, that pennsylvania prosecutors are weighing bringing more charges
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in this case against former top penn state officials for allegedly concealing what they knew about his conduct. as sandusky goes to court, law enforcement sources tell nbc news that state investigators recently obtained major new evidence in this case. internal e-mails and documents they say show former president graham spanier and others discussed whether they needed to tell local authorities about a 2001 allegation involving a late night encounter between a naked sandusky and a young boy in the penn state shower room. the sources say documents show penn state even did legal research on the issue.wo legal sources say spanier and former vice president gary schultz agreed it would be, quote, humane un, quote, to sandusky not to inform social services and the incident never got reported. >> depending on precisely what's in the e-mails and documents, this could spell more legal trouble for other university
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officials. >> reporter: sandusky who denies all charges is facing 52 counts of child sex abuse. eight of his alleged victims are slated to testify. among them, a young man known as victim six who first told penn state police in 1998 when he was 11 years old, that sandusky had bear hugged him in the penn state shower room. dr. chambers, the boy's psychologist, submitted this report to penn state police at the time concluding sandusky's behavior fit that of a likely pedophile's pattern. >> i immediately thought this may well be a child molester. >> reporter: but a second psychologist reached a different conclusion and no charges were filed. then graduate assistant mike mcqueary had originally testified to a grand jury he saw sandusky in the shower with a young boy in march 2002. but the newly discovered e-mails show spanier, schultz and former athletic director tim curly discussed what mcqueary saw and whether to report it, more than a year earlier.
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>> at a minimum the evidence would suggest these penn state officials took that from mcqueary than they led the grand jury to believe. >> lawyers for spanier, who was fired last september, did not return calls seeking comment. lawyers for schultz and curly, facing perjury charges, said the information confirms that their clients, consciencely considered mike mcqueary's reports of observing inappropriate conduct, reported it to the university president graham spanier and deliberated about how to responsibly deal with the conduct. legal sources say the discovery of the e-mails show that whatever happens in the sandusky trial, the investigation into whether there was a cover-up by penn state officials is very active and going strong. ann? >> more to come on this. michael isikoff, thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the morning's other top stories. for that we send it over to the news desk where we find natalie morales. good morning. >> good morning. a manhunt under way in alabama
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as investigators search for a man who they say shot and killed three two of the dead were former football players for the school. according to witnesses the shooting started after the fight broke out at a pool party. we'll have much more on this story coming up in a live report. global markets are soaring on this first day of trading since the bailout for spain was announced. cnbc's mandy drury has the latest on how that could impact our economy today. good morning. >> good morning. u.s. stocks had their best weekly performance of the year last week, and so this spanish bailout is a positive development that could really help kickstart our stocks this week as well. essentially what happened, european finance ministers cut a deal over the weekend to bail out spanish banks by lending spain $125 billion. at least in the short-term -- long-term we'll have to see -- g term we'll have to see, but in the short term, this helps our stocks, our economy especially as washington is concerned that the ongoing european debt crisis could drag the u.s. economy down
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in a very important election year. back over to you. >> we'll take the good news for now. mandy, thanks. british officials say that prime minister david cameron was, quote, zpraut whdistraught realized he left his 8-year-old daughter in a pub near his home. cameron, his wife and three children were at the pub when his eldest daughter, nancy, went to the bathroom alone. the prime minister and his wife drove off in separate cars, each reportedly thinking nancy was with the other parent. luckily nancy was just fine and was reportedly helping out the pub staff when cameron went back to claim her. good thing. gabrielle giffords is campaigning for her former aide, ron barber, in his bid to fill the congressional seat she vacated. giffords appeared with husband, mark kelly, who said she plans to return to public service soon. spain's rafael nadal has made history this morning beating novak djokovic to win his seventh french open title,
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the first player in history to do so. play was interrupted on sunday due to rain. if djokovic had won, he, too, would have made history becoming the first man since 1969 to hold all four majors at the same time. lady gaga, as you heard, is recovering from a concussion after a backup dancer accidentally hit her on the head with a pole during a concert in new zealand. gaga rubbed her left and left the stage briefly before returning to finish the show. managing to belt out another 16 songs. that's impressive. and it was broadway's biggest night and the tony awards didn't disappoint. as host neil patrick harris kicked off the evening with a showstopper, asking why real life can't be more like the theater. take a listen. ♪ and what if there was something strange about a magical seven-second costume change ♪ ♪ and then apropos of nothing ♪ there were crazy dance routines ♪
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>> but the real star of the night was romantic musical once that won eight awards including best musical and best musical went to "clyburn park." neil patrick harris, he's amazing. >> we call him a triple threat. now here's a fourple threat. >> quadruple threat. >> i liked fourple better. as a matter of fact, i'm wearing fourple now. we have a risk of strong storms from amarillo into new mexico. also strong storms in the mid-mississippi river valley with a front bringing more rain. anywhere from one to three inches of rain especially throughout central arkansas. that's what's going on around the >> good monday morning to you. 7:15, taking a live look over the city by the bay from high atop san bruno mountain. you can see for miles. it's 62 degrees in san
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francisco. we're at 63 in san jose. 54 in gilroy. by noon temperatures climbing into the upper 80s, rounding out the day in the 90s, even a few triple digits. hottest day of the year so far. make sure you're ready. drink lots of waltof water. down to the low 80s wednesday and thursday. the race for the white house, mitt romney out with a new video hammering president obama just days after the president's comment that the private sector is doing fine. nbc's peter alexander is in washington for us this morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning to you. one thing is clear, the president cannot afford many more weeks like the last one filled with bad headlines. this week president obama is hoping to refocus the conversation on his economic plan. in mitt romney he's facing an opponent in the words of one republican strategist is benefiting from the fact that more and more republicans believe he can win. confidence and momentum, two critical traits for any
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presidential candidate. these days republicans are convinced mitt romney has both. this week the romney campaign will again try to capitalize on the president's poorly timed misstep friday. just days after the unemployment rate rose for the first time in nearly a year. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> reporter: president obama talking about private sector growth versus public sector, later clarified. >> it is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine. >> reporter: but republicans, including romney, pounced. >> is he really that out of touch? >> reporter: this week he's trying to drive the point home. >> we've seen layoffs, cutbacks. >> when it's all said and done, i'm making $200 a month. >> reporter: the romney campaign is slamming the president in a new web video, rolling out eight americans still struggling with the economy. the campaign followed up with an e-mail blast trying to raise money off the remark. still top republicans say romney has more work to do. >> the american people will
7:18 am
rightly demand to know something more than he's not president obama. he better have an affirmative constructive message and one of hope. >> reporter: the president still leads in the polls, if only slightly. and team obama is seizing on what it sees as another romney gaffe. >> he says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers, did he not get the message of wisconsin? the american people did. it's time for us to cut back on government and help the american people. >> i would suggest he's living on a different planet if he thinks that's a prescription for a better economy. >> reporter: one of the key communities president obama is counting on this fall is hispanics. he has a wide lead among them, but it's a demographic the obama re-election team knows it cannot take for granted. this morning to solidify, supporters are launching a $4 million spanish language ad campaign. here's a brief look at it. it attacks romney. the ads will air all summer long and in three key battlegrounds where they have large hispanic
7:19 am
populations, colorado, nevada, and florida. ann? >> all right. peter alexander this morning. peter, thank you for your reporting. meghan mccain daughter of republican senator john mccain and her new book has a racy title which i'm not shire i can say in full, it's called "america you sexy" rhymes with "witch." and also kris heys, the author of "twilight of the elites," good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> comparisons are being made this morning, actually over the weekend, to the president's private sector is doing fine remark and your father's remark four years ago where senator john mccain declared the fund mentals of the economy are strong when, in fact, wall street was collapsing. how damaging do you think the president's remark will be to his campaign? will be to his campaign. >> i think we need to keep in mind one sentence won't make or break any campaign or presidency. all that being said, it with you not a great time for him to make that statement and i think it has done a lot of damage this week.
7:20 am
>> how much hay can be made as we move forward, chris? >> i think megan is right in the big problem for john mccain in 2008 was the objective conditions of the economy and the challenge that the president faces is actually the unemployment rate. whatever he says or doesn't say about it, at the end of the day that's what's going to drive voters. that's the far bigger concern than the comment. i think they're going to try to make hay out of it. i would say, the point he's making about the difference between where the private sector and public sector is at is a really important one. we've lost 600,000 in the public in the sector since the beginning of the recession largely on the local and state level. that didn't have to happen. those layoffs didn't have to happen if we extended revenue sharing from the government. >> he is right in saying that the private sector is doing better than the public sector, is he not? >> yeah. >> that was his point, this comment was taken out of context. >> i think it's important to distinguish between what's going on with state and local governments and what's going on in the private sector. i think the word fine in that context is like if you fell and
7:21 am
gashed your head and you were bleeding and your friend said are you okay and you said i'm fine. >> >> still comes off insensitive. to all the workers that are being shown in the romney ads, it comes off as incentive and out of touch. >> romney might be making a lot of comments about this since the president made the comment. he's basically trying to present the idea that this is a window into how president obama thinks. what's your sense about that? do you think this ad's ammunition to his idea this is how the president actually thinks? >> i think it can be seen as sort of a lens into what president obama thinks. that being said, what chris and i are reiterating, we both work in the media, one sentence on the variables of the economy. >> let's talk about a comment your father made, saying politically motivated. in fact, over the weekend he also went on to say that they were possibly leaked by the white house.
7:22 am
i guess the question is, is there any proof to back up these charges? >> well, i don't know of any proof. i think when there's a leak like this you have to look and see who is benefiting and the president is benefitting from this. i had a conversation with my father last night and he said this is the worst security breach he's seen in his entire career. for me that sends chills up and down my spine about what we have given the terrorists and our enemies through the security leaks and whomever is doing this is not putting their country first and thinking about america and the safety of our troops. >> we need more leaks and not less. i think that we should know how the war is operating and what's going on with a kill list that's operating out of the white house or what covert activities we're engaged in. >> i know you're not going to agree or disagree. >> we'll agree to disagree. >> thank you so much this morning. for your perspective on this topic. coming up, a disturbing new account of mary kennedy's personal struggles leading up to her suicide. what her estranged husband robert f. kennedy, jr., claimed
7:23 am
in newly revealed court papers. we'll get to that. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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just ahead, a father charged with child abuse after being caught on camera whipping his own stepson during a game of catch. we'll hear from his attorney. michael jackson daughter, what she said to oprah. which is friskies plus more. more of the things alice desires. with all the nutrition alice requires. it's a world of shiny furs. of sparkly eyes and happy purrs. it's a world unlike any alice has ever seen before. the world of new friskies plus. which is friskies plus more.
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good morning. 7:26. i'm marla tellez. today is the day to get your application in the you want to become an oakland police officer. the department is accepting applications for the position of police officer train we. some of the qualifications, a high school diploma or g.e.d., and you must be at least 21 years old at the time of graduating from a 6-month academy. for more information log on to a full academy is scheduled for this summer. >> another hot day is in store for the bay area. let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. hottest day of the year so far.
7:27 am
make sure you're ready. we're going to cool off tomorrow but starting with a live look over san jose. one of the days where it will be hard to find a cloud in the sky as the winds are pushing the marine layer out to sea. 63 already in san jose. high pressure fully in control of our weather pattern and it will remain in control for tomorrow. a little more onshore flow with an area of low pressure to the north. so tomorrow not quite as warm but take a look. peak warmth, some temperatures the triple digits. fairfield, gilroy, 101 in fairfield. 71 for san francisco. across the bay bridge, close to 90 in oakland at 86. 92 in san jose and 97 degrees in livermore. tomorrow, not as warm, comfy conditions wednesday to thursday. then we'll warm you back up just in time for father's day weekend. great for outdoor plans. let's check your drive. >> we have a few incidents for 84, fremont, westbound 84 at
7:28 am
thornton a sigalert. the signs are lit up, an injury accident. another accident on the maps at the toll plaza as you head westbound 84 out of fremont and over to the dumbarton bridge. backed up from 8 at80. excuse me. getting choked up over this activity. on the peninsula westbound 84, bay front, another accident but no major slowing. the south bay. back to you. >> i wish we had water for you. for the latest check us out on facebook. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> that was the wild scene around here on the 4th of june 2010 where superstar justin bieber rocked the plaza. now two years later gearing up to entertain our concert crowd again. yes, he'll be here live friday morning. if you're coming you better start making your way down here right now. you might be okay for a couple of days. but meantime, 7:30, 11th of june 2012. i'm ann curry sitting alongside willie geist in for matt this morning. >> they are lining up already for bieber. i thought it was for me but apparently for bieber.
7:31 am
also ahead, oprah's new interview with michael jackson's daughter paris. what the 14-year-old is revealing about her dad and the bullying she said she suffered at school. new details on how life reportedly had spiraled out of control for mary kennedy, the wife of robert f. kennedy, jr., in the days leading up to her suicide. a little later, celebrating the return of the prime time soap, filled with plenty of drama from south fork. coming up we'll catch up with the cast. larry hagman, linda gray and patrick duffy and some of the younger members of the cast are going to be joining us in the studio. >> got to tell you, i watched the first couple of episode. they have not missed a beat. >> the story continues where it left off. we begin with a california man charged with child abuse after a startling video was posted on line.
7:32 am
nbc's mara schiavocampo joins us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. the video is disturbing to watch. a man caught on camera hitting his stepson with a belt as they are throwing around the ball in the backyard. he's seen here in this secretly recorded cell phone video playing catch. when he dropped the ball he approaches and reportedly whips him with a belt. the video that's gone viral was shot by an outraged neighbor as he looked out his window. >> as it went on, i realized what i was looking at was not a parent whipping a child. >> he reportedly suffers from adhd. after it was posted on youtube and he handed it over to authorities, sanchez turned himself in. he was booked on child abuse charges. >> california law recognizes
7:33 am
parents' right to spank their children. it's not illegal to spank their children with something other than their hand. so there's a real fine line there. >> reporter: sanchez, a california water agency director resigned from his elected office after the arrest. on sunday the boy's grandfather and on "today." he called his son-in-law's actions excessive but stands by him. >> anthony is in a difficult situation. he's trying to be a stepfather for a a child that has some behavioral issues. the first thing, they try time-out. they try removing things. it's documented at church, documented at school. spanking discipline has worked. it's helped his behavior. >> he denied it had anything to do with the game of catch. instead he said the boy was mouthing off. >> he said papa -- he calls them bad days. i call them episodes where he
7:34 am
says mean things. >> reporter: sanchez, who has no prior record of child abuse was eventually confronted by his neighbor. their argument caught on tape. >> that's enough [ bleep ] stick. that's enough. >> me, yeah, me. >> i'm having a bleep problem with you for beating -- >> do you know my son. >> i don't know your son but i'm watching you. i'm a father, too. >> how he acts. >> there's got to be a better way to teach him with a ball than that. >> teach me. >> the attorney will review the case before deciding if any formal charges are appropriate. according to sanchez's attorney child services examined the boy, reportedly there were no marks on the child related to the incident. he says his client is remorseful and the child is with his mother on a previously planned vacation. ann. >> now, here is willie.
7:35 am
>> investigators searching for a gunman. three killed, others wounded. some are connected to the storied football program. here is the latest. >> reporter: good morning. it broke out where students live. witnesses describe a horrifying seen. in auburn, throughout alabama, football is life. the deaths of two former players is hitting especially hard. a ledge community in mourning after a deadly shooting near the campus of auburn university. >> six young people that have been shot. as you can tell, the community is shaken by this and grieving today. >> reporter: police say shortly after 10:00 saturday night, a fight broke out during a party at this apartment complex. then a man opened fire. >> it's right next to where we live. you're kind of thinking, who
7:36 am
does this kind of thing. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect killed three men and wounded three others, one critically. pronounced dead at the scene was former football player edward christian. the 23-year-old previously suffered a career ending back injury before the season starting. la darrious phillips, another auburn player and another auburn local died at the hospital. morning those wounded is current auburn offensive lineman who is expected to make a full recovery. >> the only conduction that the auburn football team has to this is they are victims to a brutal shooting. >> police identified this 20-year-old as the shooter. the auburn resident now charged with three counts of capital murder. authorities say he fled the scene with two other men in a chevy caprice, which was later found abandoned. police declined to release a motive for the shooting. local reports suggests the fight may have started over a woman.
7:37 am
>> i am saddened by this. this is very much an unusual event for the city of auburn, auburn university. >> reporter: just two seasons ago the tigers celebrated a national championship making the traditional trip to the white house. >> congratulations to the auburn tigers. >> reporter: now head coach is trying to lead his team through a time of sorrow. he offered his sympathies in a statement saying in part, "i am devastated by the passing of three young men, including two that i personally knew in ed christian and ladarious phillips and my heart goes out to their families. >> the manhunt continues this morning. u.s. marshals are part of the investigation. leonard is considered armed and dangerous, willie. >> thanks very much. now a check of the weathhit w al >> willie, thanks so much. as we look ahead to the week, we've got the french open getting a break from the
7:38 am
weather. the 2k3w50d news looking for a few showers possible and a high of 66 degrees. the rest of the week, above normal in the south, heavy rain along the mid-atlantic states, the mid part of the week, rain in the plains, above normal temperatures through the rockies, dry in the east. latter part of the week, dry in the northeast, above normal temperatures through the great lakes and pacific northwest. a few showers and thunderst that's a look at what's going on. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> our neck of the woods is heating up. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren taking a live look over san francisco where we have little marine layer formation, as a result of all of that sunshine coming in early your temperatures are already in the mid-60s. really no wind to cool us down. we'll see a little sea breeze this afternoon, that's going to be nice if you can open up your windows. we have moderate air quality in the south and the east bay. 90 tomorrow, cooler by wednesday. as we start the workweek check your weather any time of the day or not go to the weather
7:39 am
channel on cable or online. up next, disturbing new details on mary kennedy's sad and reportedly violent last days leading up to her suicide last month. on a much different note this morning we'll catch up with the cast of the new dallas, including larry hagman, linda gray and patrick duffy back at it. fie messages [ male announcer ] ever wonder what's behind two little fleas? the next generation and then countless more. how do you kill them? frontline plus. it uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to eliminate flea eggs and larvae, annihilating the next generation of fleas. and, frontline plus works non-stop for thirty days. no wonder it's the number one choice of vets for their pets and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less.
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7:43 am
back now at 7:42 with revealing details on the last days of mary kennedy, this nearly a month after the wife of robert f. kennedy, jr., took her life. jeff rossen joining us with more. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a candid and raw look. as it appears mary kennedy was spiraling. according to a new report out this morning she was drinking, depressed and out of control. toward the end, she reportedly was only allowed to see her children if supervised by her housekeeper. on the grounds of their sprawling new york estate, mary kennedy hanged herself, a painful end last month to a painful life. she was in the midst of a bitter divorce between bobby kennedy,
7:44 am
her final months laid out in excruciating detail in this newsweek article out today. newsweek also obtained the divorce, "mary's violence began before the marriage. she said she intended to kill herself unless i called off the divorce." just last year after separating bobby says she ran over and killed the dog. mary was intoxicated. i opened the door and she leapt out of her bed and hit me with a roundhouse punch. bobby said mary screamed at him saying in front of their son everything he does is evil and fraud. he is a philanderer, sex addict. he spoke exclusively with nbc news. >> because of her drinking, her
7:45 am
children were taken away from her. what was left, nothing. her identity as a kennedy was finished. the man she thought of is an idol and god was finished with her. what was left? >> reporter: soon the judge would grant bobby kennedy full custody of her four children. as mary turned to alcohol, bobby's life was going well, at least publicly, seen often with actress cheryl hines. >> it was pure horror in the house. he was afraid to be beaten up, afraid she was going to kill herself. he needed a little bit of peace. he found it with cheryl who was very good to him. >> bobby believed mary had bpd, borderline personality disorder. mary denounced the accusations at the time. her family called it false and an insult to those that struggle with this mental illness.
7:46 am
saying it was a brutal weapon in the divorce case, full of lies. proof perfect of the unbelievable emotional, psychological abuse mary endured during the last years of her life and now in death. >> mary richards kennedy didn't know who she was. that was the tragedy of her life. >> so the bitter family feud goes on. we reached out to the kennedy family. they had no comment. by the way, mary's family and the kennedys even fought over where to bury her. her family wanted a funeral in vermont, the kennedys wanted her buried in hyannis port. even in death, it ended up before the judge. she ended up near hyannis port. michael jackson's daughter paris on the bullying she said she suffered at school. more after this. [ female announcer ] new quaker yogurt granola bars.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
more of oprah's interview of michael jackson's only daughter paris. the 14-year-old talked candidly about growing up with the superstar and what her life is like now. here is nbc's mike taibbi. >> reporter: paris jackson spoke with oprah as a 14-year-old teen with new friends and going to a private school instead of being home schooled as her father insisted. >> it's more normal, more fun. social life has gotten better. there's drama. >> reporter: the normal part means her new schoolmates aren't bffs. >> people have tried to bully you? >> yes. >> how so? >> at school. some people try to cyber bully me. they try to get to me with words. that doesn't really work. >> reporter: she's long past the time when michael had the kids wear masks to obscure from view and three years from the day she stunned her father at his memorial.
7:51 am
>> every since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> reporter: and paris told winfrey, the best father for the right reasons. >> my dad was a normal father when he was with us. >> really? >> we would get grounded if we did something bad. >> reporter: paris made no secret of her show business aspirations. >> it's fun to take on another character. that's so awesome. >> reporter: because her father's fame was truly awesome, his children are facing the burden of enormous expectations. their own and others for them. child psychologist said she watched the interview and said paris is doing just fine with that. >> given all the elements going on with her right now, she and to be managing things and adjusting. she seems to have a lot of strength. she's obviously a bright girl. >> reporter: oprah did get paris to look back on the days of
7:52 am
masks, bizarre for many but in retrospect it made sense. >> i didn't get why i was wearing a mask. i understand now why my dad would want our face to be covered. when we went out without him we wouldn't be recognized and we'd have a normal childhood. >> reporter: a daughter's memories of a father she says she misses terribly. nbc news, los angeles. >> first thing that hits you, she's a beautiful young woman. >> well spoken harks a big heart you can tell, a big future one would guess. >> no other girl on the face of the earth that could understand what she's been through in her life. >> much more ahead including a "dallas" reunion. >> they are here. >> in our studio. >> catch up with the cast. ( telephone rings )
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning. it is 7:56. i'm marla tellez. we have new video to show you today as cell phone video shows along the oakland estuary. the woman is trying to climb out of her car window when the car starts to sink. several people on the bank jumped in to help her. incredibly they were able to get her out of the car with barely a scratch. it's not clear how the woman's car ended up in the water there. alameda county sheriff is investigating. let's turn to the forecast. meteorologist christina loren, another nice day in store. >> nice if you live by the water, marla. look where temperatures are already. we're at 69 in san jose, 62 in san francisco. no heat relief in santa rosa today. as of noon, 85 degrees, at 88 at
7:57 am
noon in fairfield. these are lunchtime readings. 100 in fairfield. 92 degrees here in san jose. so make sure you seek shade, drink lots of water. tomorrow the temperatures down to the low 90s, wednesday through thursday, 81 degrees. comfortable conditions return in time for the u.s. open. marla tellez will be out there. starting tomorrow. let's check your drive. >> she has a press pass so watch that congestion. we're looking here toward the dumbarton bridge. the toll plaza, we had the accident clear but we do have the issue of the slowdown for 84 as well as down 880 and over on thorton to 80 toward interstate 880 past the high school as well which is still in session right now for fremont. we have an accident at the san mateo bridge plaza. two issues from the east bay to the peninsula. the slower drive for 92 as well. back to you. >> thank you, mike.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
8:00 now on monday morning the 11th day of june, 2012. as we say a warm hello to a great crowd at rockefeller plaza. they are wearing hats for a particular reason. we'll tell you about that. we'll be talking about the tv show 1980s, music may be recognizing it now from the widely popular "dallas." that's why the hats, the signs. >> we have the hats, flannel, jeans, everybody is ready. >> we're ready for "dallas." >> you know what else is back, back stabbing, romance, conniving, everything we love about "dallas." >> are you talking about that or our show? >> i know. you had me confused.
8:01 am
>> made it one of the most popular shows of all time and we've got the cast. >> were you even born when this show was on. >> i was there. of course i was. >> you were not. >> for the later years. >> we've got just a terrific story, a young woman on her way to harvard, which, of course, is tough enough. this young woman worked as a teen, she was homeless, abandoned by her parents and as a teen had to work as a custodian just to make ends meet. she's going to share her remarkable story. >> it really is a good story. also, we have a programming note we want to tell you about. former president george h.w. bush is turning 88 tomorrow. we want to wish him a happy birthday and also want to say to mark the occasion "today's" jenna bush hager sat down with her grandfather for a special interview. >> 20 years ago, when you lost, was it a hard feeling? >> terrible feeling, awful feeling. i really wanted to win and worked hard. late iron, people said, you
8:02 am
didn't really care, just crazy. i worked my heart out. it was terrible to adjust. >> that's just a glimpse. more of their conversation and the bush family's birthday weekend in maine tomorrow here on "today." >> he's had a great life. it will be fun to listen to. let's go inside to check today's news. we find natalie morales at the news desk. hey, natalie. >> good morning, willie, ann and al. officials say u.s. commerce secretary john bryson had suffered a seizure when he was involved in a series of car accidents this weekend. police in san gabriel, california, say bryson was cited for felony hit and run after his car hit another vehicle that was waiting at a train crossing saturday. they said he then hit the same car again while leaving the scene. officials said bryson then struck a second car minutes later and was found unconscious behind the wheel. a spokesperson says secretary bryson was hospitalized overnight for observation and has returned to washington and is being treated for his seizure. wildfires damaged dozens of buildings and forced hundreds of
8:03 am
evacuations this weekend in colorado and new mexico. the fire in northern colorado is being called that area's worst in 25 years. and in new mexico, strong winds grounded fire fighting aircraft there. meantime, record rainfall this weekend caused severe flooding along the gulf coasts of florida and alabama. opening statements today at the child sex abuse trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. he's accused of abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. prosecutors plan to call eight of the alleged victims to testify against him. santa monica police say lindsay lohan was not impaired when her porsche rear-ended a truck friday on a pacific coast highway. lohan and a male passenger were treated for minor injuries. her porsche was totaled. the actress has said she slammed on the brakes, but her porsche failed to slow down. now here is brian williams with a look at what is coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news". >> coming up when we see you tonight on "nightly news," caught on tape, a new kind of
8:04 am
organized crime at the supermarket and everybody is paying for it every time we shop. we'll explain the story when we see you tonight on "nightly news." natalie, for now, back to you. for a look at what is trending today, a quick roundup of what has you talking online, lady gaga is on the mend after a backup performer accidentally hit her in the head with a pole last night during her concert in new zealand. the show did go on, though. her makeup artist tweeted gaga had a concussion but will be okay and that gaga wants her fans to know she loves you. actor matthew mcconaughey married his long time girlfriend camilla a camilla alves at their home in texas. they kept their wedding vows private by whispering them in each other's ears. the self-making bed, this viral video shows the new smart bed built by oteja. automatic arms draw the sheets into place and then the pillow
8:05 am
is lifted and placed back down on the unrumpled surface. i need one of those. >> much easier. let's look at the weather with al. >> willie actually has a device that puts his pants on for him. that's how good he is. we have a cutie here. who is this? >> this is emily turner from farmdale, north carolina. >> how old? >> 8 months. >> we have another cutie back there, sofia, how are you? let's see what you as far as your weather is concerned. our pick city today, rockford, illinois, nbc 13, showers, storms, temperatures in the mid topper 80s. you can see a lot more rainton aking its way through the southeast, gulf coast, also a line of strong storms stretching into the upper mississippi river valley. beautiful day in the pacific northwest. sunshine, 70 in seattle. 103 in phoenix today. heavy rain in the southeast.
8:06 am
beautiful day down in southern florida. 86 degrees. nice day in the northeast as well. plenty of sunshine, a little on the warm, humid side in washington. 89 degrees. girl scouts, where are you from? >> north carolina. >> and these are some pretty girl scouts. very nice and all very talented and smart. there is a -- what are you doing down there? a sign holder. didn't know. that's what's going on around the country. you're going to want to see shade later on today. we have a beautiful day shaping up, but it's already warm in many cities, in the 70s. and it's only 8:06. 69 degrees in san jose. we're at 71 degrees already in livermore. calm conditions when it comes to your winds. we won't get a whole lot of relief in terms of a sea breeze today.
8:07 am
>> and that's your latest weather. willie. up next the ewing family back on television after 21 years, they are back at it. we're going to talk to the cast of "dallas" right after this. t . the world of new friskies plus. which is friskies plus more. more of the things alice desires. with all the nutrition alice requires. it's a world of shiny furs. of sparkly eyes and happy purrs. it's a world unlike any alice has ever seen before. the world of new friskies plus. which is friskies plus more. ♪
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it creamed unbelievably a $500 cream and now women have made regenerist microsculpting cream also unscented. women love it. in original and also fragrance-free. i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help
8:10 am
if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. back now at 8:10. if you've ever been dying to know if bobby ewing had any other crazy dreams or anyone else ever tried to take a shot at jl r., you're in luck. the hugely popular prime time "dallas" is back. we'll talk to the new editions in a moment. first, how america's dedication to "dallas" first started. on friday nights in the '80s, millions of americans gathered around their televisions to watch "dallas." >> when you hear the word "dallas," the first thing you think of is j.r., who shot j.r.
8:11 am
>> who shot j.r. was one of the biggest cliff hangers in tv history. >> front page news. >> he played the devilish j.r. ewing, so many loved to hate. >> finding out who did it, it was the biggest thing in pop culture that year. >> 90 million people tuned in to find out it was his sister-in-law and mistress kristen. that's triple the size of "american idol's" audience. at the time "dallas" was much more than a tv show, it was a cultural phenomenon. >> as much as we obsess over harry potter and "the hunger games" now, that's how we were about "dallas" in the '80s. it was that big. >> it ran from 1978 to 1991. people couldn't get enough of the scheming ugs. >> behind my back making me look like a fool. >> reporter: a wealthy family in
8:12 am
the cattle industry. big prime time soap operas about money, power, family and sex. >> i guess i'd be real impressed. >> they were families fighting with each other. brothers fighting in the family with each other. sue ellen fighting with j.r. >> it had unpredictable twists and turns. one of the most outrageous cliff hangers was bobby ewing was killed and one year later reand in this famous shower scene. >> morning. >> viewers then learned the entire last season had been a dream. >> no one had ever done it before. it was one of the most outrageous story lines ever told. >> what's the matter? you look like you just saw a ghost. >> now after 20 years "dallas" is back. >> i hate to hit a man below the belt but you know i will. >> larry hagman, linda gray and patrick duffy will team up with a new cast. >> they aren't trying to
8:13 am
reinvent but reignite hoping it will catch fire for a new generation. >> it's good to see you, too. >> and the cast of "dallas" is now joining us, larry hagman, linda gray, patrick duffy, brenda strong, josh henderson, good morning to all of you this morning. >> we're all out of time now. >> actually we're going to give you a lot of time. we're excited about having you here. i imagine over the last 20 years so many discussions and efforts and maybe rumors about this cast getting back together. i have to ask, larry, what made you want to put your boots on again. >> linda and patrick. >> working with them again. >> yes. >> have you ever taken the boots and hat off. >> no, keep them on all the time. >> you three have remained close since the show went off the air. was this kind of a group decision to come back. >> i think it was. we all called each other.
8:14 am
people don't remember we've been friends for 35 years. we see each other all the time. it wasn't like we hadn't seen each other for 20 years. friendships reigniting. to get to work together again was the good part. >> the show continues, not a reinvention. >> it's as if you didn't tune in for 20 years and you were on the wrong channel. you turn to the right channel and here we are. everything is exactly as it would be 20 years later. it's a perfect continuation. we consider this year 14. >> larry, did you have concerns about bringing this back? it's kind of like you walk away from something so great, beloved, so perfect. why go back to it again? >> money. >> i knew we were going to get these kinds of answers out of larry today. >> they had to pay a lot of money because they have got you in a nursing home. is that right? that's how we start. not so shocking now that i
8:15 am
mention it. >> it doesn't last long, i'll tell you that much. >> that's a great moment. we don't want to give too much away. j.r. snaps out of it and we know he's back, patrick. >> the first scene i did after not working with him for 20 years, to go into that room and have that scene with larry. it was poignant for me to do that. plus we had to do it about 20 times. it got a little old after a while. it was the beginning of the new "dallas" for me to do that scene with him. >> with the new "dallas," my guess is there's kind of a sense that each one of these characters has evolved. i'm guessing. has j.r. evolved? >> yeah, he's gotten meaner. >> seriously? he's gotten meaner. >> yeah. and he teaches his son how to be mean, too. >> sue ellen, how about your character. >> i took it very seriously. >> how is sue ellen. >> she's changed a lot, because i looked at the character and i thought she will have changed,
8:16 am
everybody has changed in the last 20 years. so i thought, okay, i didn't want to sashay down the driveway and say i know this cashing, i can play her very cool. she changed. really i love her right now. i loved her then and i love her now. she's really a much different person. >> she's not wearing shoulder pads. >> no shoulder pads for one and hair has gotten a little less wild and crazy. >> patrick, have you allowed yourself over the last 20 years to step back and think about what this show meant? you look at the numbers for who shot jl r., 83 or 90 million people. those are super bowl numbers. >> you can't do that now. there's too many choices. we were looking in the paper sitting around the hotel looking at the tv section which covers now an entire piece of the "new york times." when we were doing "dallas," it was four channels. that's all the choice you had. so your numbers were automatically larger. but who shot j.r. was trend setting even today. nobody can touch those numbers. >> brenda, you play bobby's new
8:17 am
wife ann. in that way, then, was it difficult or easy stepping into that role with such an established set of characters, people who really know this role and have done it so many times. >> they make it easy. >> she has a -- >> brenda has laryngitis. >> i can talk about me for her. >> i thought you sounded pretty good there. we won't make you talk much more. there is a clip. it's not the first time you've actually been in this series. you're in a clip. we're going to let people lib to it now and let them watch you play somebody else. >> last night was so wonderful and you're so wonderful, i just want to do something nice for you. >> there you go. >> come a long way. >> that's how you sound.
8:18 am
now everybody at home can know how you sound. >> getting to the back row now. we've got the newbies here with us, the next generation of ewing. it seems to me, josh, you've stepped right into the shoes of j.r. you've kind of taken on his personality. that's not a compliment, by the way. >> big shoes to fill. i was a little nervous, a little intimidated coming into this show, such a big deal, well loved around the world. i was extremely excited to get the opportunity. a lot of people wanted to be on the show. the new young cast was very blessed. i get to play j.r. and sue ellen's son. >> what was that scene like, not giving too much away, in the home you're sitting across from j.r. ewing and, boom, he snaps to life. >> it was electrifying. when he steps on set, it really kind of consumes the room. my first scene with him, i remember just staring at him. it was my turn to talk and i literally forgot to talk.
8:19 am
j.r. this is unbelievable i'm sitting here across from him in a scene as his son. he has an intense energy and it's a really magnetic thing. it's magic for me to get to play ball with him. >> larry, do you want to react to that? that's a lot of love he's given you. >> you're not kidding. i didn't know the kid felt that way about me. >> all you were doing is sleeping. >> it was an easy scene for me to play, that's for sure. i didn't say a word. >> you're not a stranger to nighttime soaps, having done work on "desperate housewives." what attracted you to the project? >> the writing. i was skeptical, of course, too, if it was a good idea to bring back an iconic show. once they give it their stamp of approval i knew the script was on par. after reading the script i loved the storytelling, especially the character of christopher. they were well developed, complex. it's an amazing thing to be part
8:20 am
of. >> you play elaina. tell us about her story, she has a history. >> i'm the cook's daughter. i grew up with these two boys in the middle of the love triangle. i have a pretty juicy, fun role. >> i imagine. >> i'm quite lucky. >> juicy. >> julie, what about you? how do you fit into this puzzle, an outsider coming in. >> i'm the newbie of the family. i play rebecca, who is engaged to christopher. yes, so she's introduced in the pilot and trying to fit in with the ewing clan and make her way into the family and feel comfortable, especially after she had -- she used to be engaged to my husband, so it's a little intense moments. it's fun. she's trying to make her man happy. >> now, is it true after you were all cast that you were invited by larry over to his
8:21 am
house for dinner and checked out the memorabilia? do you want to tell us a little about that. >> we were summoned. >> he doesn't ask. >> i got excited to see his "i dream of jeannie" bottles. >> bottles, more than one. >> there's a couple. >> we went around, oh, my god, larry's house. >> he has photographs of himself everywhere in the world. he's in a gondola in venice in hat and boots. the most interesting man in the world. >> linda, was there anybody you had to sort of do arm twisting with? anybody you had to pull along on the project or did everybody get excited about it? >> did i drag you in? >> kicking and screaming. >> he always asks me, should i do something or not do something. i'm ratting on you now. it's true. he calls me and says, should i do this, should i do that. i always say yes and he does it.
8:22 am
>> you hesitated, larry, at the idea. >> yeah. it was strange getting back into the swing of things. but we all fit into the characters, nothing to worry about that. i don't know. i just wanted to clear it with these two guys here first. >> apparently you did. you're on television. it's exciting to see all of you. looks like you're having fun together. >> first rule on the set. >> can you assure us of one thing, it won't be a dream. >> if we can get numbers out of it -- >> all right. the cast of "dallas," thank you so much. want to mention the series premier is wednesday night on tnt. back with much more after local news and weather. ncer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids.
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good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. gunfire on an east bay interstate, and this morning a newark woman is lucky to be alive. she was driving on i-80 near hilltop in richmond early sunday when she heard a popping sound and realized she'd been shot many the throat. police say she managed to drive thoers the hospital where she's now in stable condition. the woman said she didn't see any other car from the road at the time of the shooting. officers say there's no reason to believe she was targeted. let's check the morning commute with mike. the south bay, a lot of slowing in northbound directions. the good news is there are no major accidents blocking the roadways. but look at 101, really jamming up, causing that backup on 237
8:27 am
as well. better news for the dumb bow, the action, lower flow in general westbound for that and the san mateo bridge. 808 clears up nicely southbound. slowdown on the east shore freeway as well. the story that laura told you, hilltop, a different issue, westbound 80, an accident on the shoulder adding to your backup. now we're into the 35 to 37-minute drive time from the c bridge.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ if i was your boyfriend never let you go ♪ 8:30 now on monday morning, 11th day of june, 2012, nice start to the day in midtown manhattan. we hope the sun will be shining friday because we have one of the biggest names in music, justin bieber taking to our concert stage friday.
8:31 am
please make your plans now to be here. it's going to be a pretty huge crowd. meantime i'm ann curry alongside willie geist and natalie morales and al roker. >> if you're coming to the bieber concert, bring the signs, be creative with the signs, a little contest. looking for the most creative. justin himself will announce a great prize for a lucky winner. >> get those crayons out. >> and sparkles and whatever else you've got. also just ahead, another remarkable teen. she became homeless after her parents abandoned her. she worked her way as a janitor in her high school after taking advanced classes. now she's on her way to harvard and truly a remarkable and inspiring story. we'll hear from her coming up. on another note, who doesn't like pizza. everybody likes pizza. >> favorite food. >> we'll show you how you don't
8:32 am
have to order out, get frozen. we'll tell you how to make great pizza at home. >> fun to get the kids involved. they like to put their own toppings on it. we'll find out what recipes are about. first let's say hello to kyra knightley, one of the stars of a new movie. it's a movie about the end of the world. that is so happy. >> it is actually a comedy which makes it weirder. so it's really happy, uplifting end of the world movie. >> you co-star with steve carell. >> love steve carell. he's such a wonderful, gorgeous man. there is some uplift in the film. >> you guys take a road trip together. he's looking for a high school friend. >> yeah. >> you kind of -- your character puts a kink in the plan. >> it's sort of a love story but more about friendship, sort of what's important in life, love,
8:33 am
companionship. >> so many people talk about the experience working with steve. what was it like for you? >> i think he's actually one of the world's brilliant people, in any walk of life, he's one of the loveliest. he's incredibly funny. he's one of the people that makes everyone around him feel like they are funny as well. >> so there's a lot of laughing. >> a lot of laughing, a lot of outtakes. he's actually hilarious. >> also anna karenia. >> it comes out, very exciting. very different from this one. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> now let's get a check of the weather. >> that's what
8:34 am
good morning to you. we are heating up, 70s already and it's only 8:33 this morning. as we head throughout the day today, we are going to see those triple digits in the warmest cities across the way bayh, gilroy, for example. but i want to point out where we're toasty already. we're headed towards the 90s, even triple digits in gilroy, 77 for san francisco, 89 down the peninsula. it continues to warm up. tomorrow, we'll take the temperature down by about five to eight degrees. don't forget, get that weather any time you need it, go to the weather channel on cable or online. willie -- no, willard. >> birds are chirping and burping in springtime. who could ask important more. how beautiful in d.c. happy birthday. our smucker's buddies today. for instance, here is dorothy tyler from wooster, ohio, 100
8:35 am
years old today. she loves spending time outdoors. she's a very, very sharp lady. one-cuevas from the bronx, the bronx family farm. 101 years old. never misses a day's work. hardworking man, loves him family and good man all the way around. velma freeman from orlando, florida, 106 years old today, a talented artist and she loves to paint. i guess so. she's an artist, why not. gabriel castillo from california, san lorenzo, california, to be exact. 100 years old today, a world war ii vet and great, great story teller. and birthday number five, celia dawson of baton rouge, louisiana, 104 years old today. always enjoys time with her family and sharp as a tack.
8:36 am
very, very, very sharp lady. everybody is crazy about her and her brain. can't beat that. have you ever met a prettier lillian, lillian campbell, elizabeth town, pennsylvania. she loves to watch the phillies on television and she loves to play bingo. you can't beat that. bingo at the old baptist church. back to new york city where we say bingo. >> thanks so much, willard. coming up, the story of the woman once homeless, high school teen once homeless now on her way to harvard university. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. back now at 8:38 with the story of a young woman who faced a mountain of obstacles on her road to harvard. michelle franzen has her incredible journey.
8:39 am
michelle, good morning. >> good morning. she's inspired others to rally to her cause. she grew up living in place to place, living in poverty, an unstable home life that continued until her parents abandoned her last summer just as she was starting her last year of high school. circumstances that only motivated the north carolina teen to stop at nothing to get her diploma and look toward a future in the ivy league. at age 18, she is wise beyond her years. >> i feel like i've had to grow up fast, but i don't really feel like it's been a really bad thing. >> heading into her senior year at burns high school in lawnville, north carolina, she was abandoned by her parents and left homeless. for the past year she struggled to find a place to live and worked as a custodian at her high school before and after classes. >> i get here about 6:00 and i
8:40 am
work from 6:00 to 7:40 when the students start coming in. >> in between the straight a honor student worked even harder to graduate. >> i felt like it would just be easier if i gave up but it was never in me to give up because i did realize i was never going to be successful unless i got an education. >> excelling, her teachers say, in academics, and in the school of hard knocks. >> if this is the buffet of knowledge, then this young lady coming to class engorged herself. >> her drive paid off. dawn not only graduated this fall, she's heading to harvard university. >> i'm delighted to report the admissions committee has asked me to inform you, you'll be admitted to harvard class of 2016. >> her story of success follows years of family turmoil, including numerous evictions, moving, and even studying by candlelight when the electric
8:41 am
bill wasn't paid. >> my whole life i've been able to look around and see all the bad choices my family has made. >> the final straw, dawn says, came last summer after she returned from a prestigious study program offered to the state's brightest students. >> when i came home, i discovered my parents had moved. afterwards i discovered they moved to tennessee. >> at first dawn crashed at a friend's home. soon an army of supporters rallied to help. >> you ready, dawn? >> school bus driver opened up her home after receiving a call from dawn's guidance counselor. >> i think anyone would have done the same thing. you have a good child in need of a place to stay and who wants to succeed. >> dawn's boss, judy barrett, got her the job and early on helped with everything from food to washing dawn's clothes at school. >> all we did was kind of just
8:42 am
give her the basics she needed. she's done this with her brain and determination. nobody can take credit for that except dawn. >> and word spread to carol who helped dawn fill out her college application and eventually encouraged her to apply to harvard. >> you should shoot for the stars, dawn, a college like harvard would be interested in you. >> harvard campus, this is the science building. >> dawn recently toured the ivy league university where she plans to study science. >> when you think of the best schools in the nation, i mean, it's not complete unless harvard is on the list. the excite won't set in until i actually get up there. >> a story of perceserverence. >> shows you what you can do when you put your mind to it.
8:43 am
>> she's special. she made our high school proud. she made everyone proud. she'll make harvard proud. >> by seeing and seizing every opportunity, dawn not only has a place to call home, she is now start agnew journey to find her place in life. >> this is the freshman dining hall. >> dawn till keeps in touch with family members, including her grandma who dawn credits for giving her a love of reading. the teen says she will work her way through college to cover part of her tuition costs and living expenses. her high school principal also set up a fund in her name. dawn is already thinking of ways to give back. she plans to develop a nonprofit to help kids overcome a similar hardship. >> a lot of people will be rooting for her this fall. up next, the track star becoming the first arch tee sprinter in the olympics. we'll have his remarkable story. t, t
8:44 am
8:45 am
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back now at 8:45 with "today's" count down for london, the opening ceremony 46 days away. for one sprinter just competing will be an historic accomplishment. "today's" savannah guthrie has his remarkable story. >> he holds one of the fastest times in the 400 meter sprint in the world. it's no surprise he's a favorite to qualify for the olympics for his native south africa this summer. >> you push yourself to become better and better. i've always responded to pressure. i've always run better with expectations. >> it's his journey to the starting line not the finish
8:47 am
line that captivated the world. he was born with a rare condition. he was missing the major bones in both lower legs. his parents made the excruciating decision to have their infant son's legs amputated below the knee. >> reporter: while that decision would forever change the course of his life, it did anything but slow him down. >> that's really the marvel. sometimes it's the best part of the race. other times the worst part. >> oscar's speed earned him nicknames like blade runner. he says it's his ability not disability that sets him off. >> if you make the deciding, a lot can change very quickly. >> a natural athlete from an active family oscar always competed against able-bodied
8:48 am
athletes, even playing for his high school rugby team. it was a knee injury during the rugby match has led him to running. he took up sprinting and discovered he was a natural. months later at the age of 17 he found himself at the paralympics in athens smashing world records and taking home gold. >> it was new, everything was overwhelming. >> when his times reached those of able-bodied athletes, it seemed a natural progression for oscar to set his sights on the olympics. >> set new goals and really chase those. >> at first he was denied entry. critics named oscar's carbon fiber was an advantage because of spring and lightweight. oscar says the proof is in the performance. >> a huge advantage everybody is claiming, why isn't everybody using these prosthetic legs. >> on appeal, oscar won the
8:49 am
right to compete. after extensive testing showed the prosthetics was no advantage. >> the quality of disabled people. >> he later failed to qualify for the beijing olympics. >> i know you fought so hard to compete, to get into the olympics, then it didn't work out in beijing. did that kind of hang over your head a little bit? >> if anything, it motivated me more. >> now he's at it again trying to qualify for the london olympics. his perseverance alone, an inspiration to many. >> he runs so fast. >> he's my hero. he doesn't really stop. >> perhaps no one is taken with oscar than future athletes just like him who are learning to focus on what they can do not what they can't. >> you have to say it like it is, a prosthetic leg, they can take it off and put it on again. >> leading by example. >> it's exciting he's getting
8:50 am
his first chance to get into the olympics. >> i think he's going to make it this year. >> if he does, oscar pistorius will have won long before leaving the starting block. savannah guthrie, nbc news, new york. >> more chances to make the south african team, he's preparing to defend his medal in three events at the paralympics in london. we wish him luck. up next, a lesson on making gourmet pizzas at home. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> announcer: kraft makes something amazing a to z. >> back at 8:52, today's kitchen, easy as one two three. pizza taking things beyond pep reason. a restaurant in new york city, michael. >> good to see you. >> a lot of restaurants, new york, new jersey, your first pizza joint. what's your edge here. >> pizza is going to complete the circle of italian food. we do seafood, different types of food of italy. here we're doing pizza. when i went to hong kong and opened it up, pizza the italian food of choice, therefore i had
8:53 am
to do it. i got the bug, therefore had to do it in new york city. >> i love pizza but so easy to call the guy to bring it to you. >> great for the family, a little flour, couple of hours pre, do your thing and come back. it's easy. >> start with pizza carbonara. what do we need? >> take a take on a traditional roman dish, spaghetti with pepper and cheese. we'll add all those elements but what we'll do is put it on a pizza. we start with mozzarella. this is what we call grated mozzarella, not buffalo or fresh, great melting cheese. >> any grocery store. >> whole milk with good flavor. >> saute bacon. anything good with bacon. >> throw it in the pan. >> parmesan.
8:54 am
>> no red sauce. >> no red sauce on this one. >> bake it in the oven, bake seven or eight minutes. because we don't have conventional pizza oven at home. want to break an egg? >> you did it for me. >> right into the pizza. >> right on. >> right onto the pizza. put this on. go in for a few minutes, a little a little bit of scallions and bake this. then what we do. >> we baked it once before the egg on. >> go back in, three minutes or so. >> just one on there. >> go ahead and put the other one on there. what we'll do, take the egg, this is like the showpiece. when you bring it to the table, the pizza is hot on top. we break it and smear it, it cooks instantly, finish with
8:55 am
this cheese. >> go back to the crust. >> you can buy store bought crust or a recipe we have on the website. very easy. most grocery stores now have a special pizza you can buy. >> if carbonara not your thing, bacon, eggs. >> pesto. again, some of you buy at the grocery store. a little bit of cheese. >> that's just a store bought crust. >> store bought. >> a little ricotta. little dollops of ricotta onto the pizza. then we'll put a little corn, tomatoes. >> this is pizza conmis. corn italian. >> we bake it, comes out, looks like this. >> heavy toppings. >> let's use it. >> extra virgin olive oil, goes
8:56 am
back in the oven three to four minutes, a really nice crust on the bottom. here you have a metal pan. you do not need a pizza stone, work just the same. >> cookie sheet. >> round dish, really up to the person. then we cut the pizza and we're here. >> who needs domino's, looks beautiful. >> chicken wings with rosemary. >> up ahead, best way to find a hotel. good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. three union city men face murder charges in connection with a deadly shooting at a south bay nightspot. 18-year-old jimmy and andy hoe along with 19-year-old johnny lay were booked over the weekend. police say the three were involved in friday's early morning shooting at a san jose karaoke bar at center road. a 25-year-old man was shot to
8:57 am
death during an argument. investigators believe attack was gang related. mike has the morning commute. sigalert just lifted on the westbound direction for the dumbarton bridge. if you're looking for an alter senate, consider the san mateo bridge. 237 is jammed with an accident as well. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation.
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back now with more "today" on this monday morning. it's beautiful, the sun just came out of the top of the buildings, a bright site here. we have a big crowd on what promises so be a very nice day. i'm ann kcurry. you know sometimes -- >> watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. >> i don't know -- >> in the meantime, coming up straight ahead this morning, we'll hear more of oprah
9:01 am
winfrey's interview with michael jackson's daughter paris. and how she is dealing with cyber bullying at her cool. zlrchlt and if you think you can't afford a summer vacation this year, we have ideas to save you money. we'll find you the best deals. so much planning goes into mother's day, most people don't even know this weekend is father's day. >> i knew. >> well on behalf of dads everywhere, we want to remind you and show you great gift ideas. we have great toms shoes for the dads in your life. >> plus we're looking at summer style if you're going to a party or business meeting. we have hot fashions that will keep you cool and comfortable at prices that will not empty your
9:02 am
wall wallet. in the meantime, let's get a check of the morning's top stories. >> good morning, wild fires damage dozens of buildings and force hundreds of evacuations in colorado and in new mexico. the fire in northern colorado is being called that area's worst in 25 years, and strong winds grounded firefighter aircraft. record rainfall this weekend caused severe flooding in the coast of florida and alabama. and john bryson suffered a seizure when he in a series of car accidents this weekend. he was sited for a felony hit-and-run after his car hit another vehicle waiting at a train crossing on saturday. he hit the same car again when leaving the scene. he struck a second car minutes
9:03 am
later and was uncontious behind the wheel. and paris jackson is revealing more about life with and without her father. >> she spoke to oprah has a 14-year-old teen that goes to a private school instead of being home schooled like her father insisted. >> it's more normal, and social life has gotten better -- >> the normal part she says is her schoolmates are not all bffs. >> people tried to believe you? >> at school, and some people try to cyber me. >> she's long past the time when his children had to wear masks, and days beyond when she stunned everyone with her words at her
9:04 am
father's funeral. >> daddy has been the best father you could imagine. >> and the best father for the right reasons. >> our dad was a really normal father when he was with us. we would get grounded if we did something bad. >> paris made no secret of her own show business ambitions, taking acting lessons and being in her first movie. >> because her father's fame was truly awesome, her children are facing the burden of their enormous expectation. paris is doing just fine with that. >> i think given all of the elements in her life going on right now, i think she appears to be managing things and adjusting. she seems to have a lot of strength and is a bright girl. >> she got her to look back at the days in the mask.
9:05 am
in retrospec, she said it makes sense. >> i didn't understand why i was wearing a mask, but now i understand why. when we went out without him we would not be recognized and have a normal whood. >> a father she says she still misses terribly every day. >> and history has been made this morning. winning the 7th french open title and he was the player to do so. madagascar 3, europe's most wanted came in first this weekend with $60 million in ticket sales, "prometheus" came in second. >> and nail patrick harris
9:06 am
kicked off with a show stopper talking about how much better things are in the theater than in real life. take a look -- ♪ >> that was jesse tyler ferguson, but the real winner of the night was "once" it won eight awards. it is now six minutes past the hour, and let's go back out to al to check your weather. >> a good day for hiking. >> yes, we're marine corp captains and we're hiking to raise money for wounded veterans. we have raised over $22,000.
9:07 am
>> we hope you have good weather for the other 800 miles. warri tomorrow, three big fires going on one the one in high park is up to 20,000 acres. we have more humidity, but we could have thunderstorms. down in the southeast, pensacola over 21 inches of rain in the last three days. we have more rain coming, a weak surface front, a tropical air mass and upper level disturbance, so pensacola you could see another two to three inches, and in the southeast again one to three inches from good morning to you. 9:07. taking a live look over the city by the bay. beautiful clear start, but take a look at where your
9:08 am
temperatures are already. 79, almost 80 degrees in sunnyva sunnyvale. i said it before, only 9:07, at 75 degrees in san jose. we're not expecting much of a breeze to cool you down later. make sure you're drinking lots of water and seeking shade. 100 degrees in gilroy later. >> and that's your latest weather. natalie. r. natalie. >> announcer: "today" brought to you by sleep inn, dream this morning on "today's" b travel the best hotel deals. with summer vacation right around the corner, planning a trip that won't break the bank account is a top priority. here are tips to keep down hotel costs. good morning. good to have you here. >> nice to see you. >> a lot of people planning their summer trips now. what have you found with hotel prices in general. seems like it's getting more expensive to travel overall.
9:09 am
>> absolutely. up over 5% of a year ago, an average of $105. you add that up over the course of a week and you could end up spend iing more on your hotel tn anything else when it comes to your family vacation. >> you say there's a lot of different options out there in terms of being able to find the best rates for you. let's get to some of the different things you can do. first you say it's track hotel rates. what should you be using to do that. >> the internet is a great place to start. tingo is a great site. one of the things people don't understand about hotel rates, if you get a lower rate, you are not locked in. they have not charged you in many cases and you can swap. tingo is one of those places that does charge you. if the prices drop they give you back the cash. like an airfare site where if the price drops you get the cash. like one of those air fare sites. >> a lot of times people think the best deal is on the internet.
9:10 am
it's important to pick up the phone and maybe ask for the better price. >> there's a perception the cheapest way to get a hotel is the internet. picking up the phone you can often negotiate better rates. ask on-site reservation office if there are in discounts to be had and if you're close time of the stay and there are still rooms available, often types you can negotiate a rate. >> other things is join the club. tell us how this works and what clubs are we talking about joining. >> ask the hotel what clubs they accept. clubs like aarp. clubs like aaa. being a member of the military. being over a particular age. all these things are like being in a club. there are a wide variety of discounts available. they will be very open with you about, hey, if you belong to this particular group, we're likely to cut your rate by 10%. >> educators and teachers. >> definitely, absolutely. also if you join some of those starwood or one of those, does that give you discounts as well?
9:11 am
>> it gives you a discount in a different way. it may give you money off breakfast, the wi-fi feed. you add those up, last time i was in a hotel, $12.95 a night. you save that, that's $100 for a week. >> also you say, be creative, flexible with travel dates as well. that's a given. we've learned if you want the better price, you've got to be able to bend a little bit. right? >> lots of flash sale sites. if you're not particular about time or where you stay, pays for sites like, shop around. read the fine print. a lot of deals have expiration dates, blackouts. >> if you're flexible, travelocity doesn't tell you what hotel you're staying in but does tell you the star rating. it's difficult it beat those in many cases. >> sign up for e-mail notification, if there are cheaper rates for a special or
9:12 am
discount. >> hotels are rewarding loyalty. if you follow them on twitter or like them on facebook, they are very likely to get in touch with you and say, hey, we like you back. >> a favorite hotel, do sign up for e-mail notifications. a lot of sales are largely unannounced or announced on social media. >> great, guys. thanks so much. we'll be shopping for deals. coming up next, from golfing to grilling and everything in between. we've got some great father's day ideas, plus answers to the four most asked questions for brides-to-be right after this. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] gross -- i'll tell you what's really gross: used dishcloths. they can have a history that they drag around with them. for a cleaner way to clean try bounty extra soft. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty extra soft
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9:16 am
♪ good morning on happy father's day today the ultimate gift guide. want to skip the tie or soap on a rope, give dad something special. co-founder of inside, he's got unique gift ideas. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> father's day is a lot of times an afterthought. this is giving folks a great idea. starting off if dad likes to grill and wants to take the grill around with him, this is a great idea. >> this is one of the many things we do, we find the best products and services and experiences for busy guys. i know that you like to grill. >> sure. >> this is actually a portable grill. so imagine you're going to a party, the beach or picnic. you could actually take this with you, folds out to one inch. now each time you go to the
9:17 am
party, you're the king of the cook master, you're the man. it fits about eight burgers on there. two big fat steaks. i like two inch thick. it's pretty cool. >> for the gadget obsessed dad. >> this is a golf buddy. this is a gps for golfers. it comes stored with a whole bunch of golf ranges around the world. it fits 40,000 golf ranges. i had no idea there were 40,000 around the world. >> what do you do with this. >> you take it before you go out golfing with your buddies and study the course, study the layout. you know where the hazards are, the water is, the pit is. when you're out there on the course, you can tell how far you are from the pin. >> it knows where you are. >> knows where you are from the pin and hazards. what's better than golfing with your buddies but this gives you an unfair advantage. >> mother's day for spa treatments but dads like to be pampered, too. >> dads like to be pampered.
9:18 am
dads also, we get kind of stressed out. why do you think we come home with a martini, double scotch. >> not all about you. >> i've heard stories about you, too. >> i know. >> this one, a deep shoulder rub, tension out of your head, frees up your mind. you're more alive for your wife, kids, whatever you do. >> for the metrosexual dad. >> or any dad. >> any dad. of course. for the fashionable dad. toms shoes. they come in a plethora. >> plethora. awesome shoes, lots of different colors. more important they are comfortable. they are made out of burlap. this might throw you for a turn. these are vegan shoes. good for the environment. what's awesome about tom's shoes, every time you buy a pair of tom's shoes, one free pair goes to a guy in need. the dad looks good, feels good and doing good for society. >> i like these plaid ones.
9:19 am
i'm going to get those. >> i would peg you for the pink ones. >> those are joe's too. >> for the dad who is outside a lot. >> an underarmor uv protection. jumping the ocean, body surfing, comes out, do a little volleyball. instead of putting sun cream on that smells like coconut, this protects you from the sun and dries incredibly fast. you're good to go. >> for swimming. >> dry duds, bathing suits and shorts. a patented technology to dry instantaneously. when you go from the pool, the lake, the ocean, you want to come out. you want to sit and have the barbecue, you have that wet diaper feeling kind of thing. that's not good for the dad. the dad wants to have his shorts and swim and be on the go. >> i don't recall the wet diaper thing. >> neither do i. okay.
9:20 am
over here. >> we're droning on. >> this is a need for father's day. it might look like a remote control helicopter, it's quadri copter. on the nose, an hd camera. you fly it around, it lifts up and it sees you and takes video. you drive it with iphone device or android. it's actually filming right now. when you take it way high up into the air, it's got a bird's eye view camera so it can see what's below you. >> don't you have to be careful? isn't there faa rule in certain areas. >> i don't know the answer to that inside every dad there's a little -- >> there's a peeping tom. >> once again, your personal life. there's a little kid. boys like to play with toys. >> they do. >> the final toy, we love it. >> you sit around in your wet
9:21 am
diaper, peep on your neighbor, andy, happy father's day. still ahead, summer style that comfortably fits your body and budget. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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coming up, answers to frequently asked questions for brides-to-be. >> show you how to make a flat bread sandwich italian style. >> after your local news. whoa. right? get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] hey! there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. indescribably good. actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer provides unbeatable uva uvb protection
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and while other sunscreens can feel greasy ultra sheer® is clean and dry. it's the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. good morning. it is 9:26. i'm marla tellez. this morning, a fresh crop of apple products making their debut in san francisco. ceo tim cook will take the stage in about half an hour to kick off the company's annual software developer's conference. apple will reportedly announce a new operating system for the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. last year the big announcement was siri, a virtual assistant for i phone. we will have the latest on today's announcement on nbc bay area news at 11:00. game day for 49ers season ticketholders who want to score seats at the team's new stadium in santa clara. starting today, current season ticketholders can begin making their selections.
9:27 am
but first things first -- they must buy a stadium builder's license to reserve their spots. the onetime license fee ranges from $2,000 to $12,000. season ticketholders will then pay $85 to $200 per game for a seat, in some cases double the price of a seat in a similar section at candlestick park. the 49ers stadium in santa clara is set to open in 2014. take a> forecast and the roads after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:27. take a look where the temperatures have climbed. we've hit 87 in sunnyvale. 9:28, temperatures will be warmer than they've been all year so far. make sure you're ready for it, drink lots of water. high pressure is building driving the winds offshore. as they pump from land to sea, they warm up, so for us today with a strong offshore flow, even warmer than yesterday by about 5 to 8 degrees. triple digits on the forecast
9:29 am
map in places like gilroy and fairfield. for tomorrow, we'll take the temperatures down by about 5 to 8 degrees, the 80s return wednesday to thursday. let's check the dwrooif mike. big slowdown for northbound 101. lawrence expressway, where there's an accident still clearing from the lanes, three cars involved, only a tow truck for two. that will be a little while. 237 is still slow. there's a fire northbound 280 around wolf so, watch for that, a little brush fire. the hot weather, we're watching those. dumb bow continues to recover after the earlier accident cleared to the shoulder over there, westbound 84 at university. still slow from the newark side and across the san mateo. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:30 am
[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. ♪ what is better than a justin bieber video? a how about a justin bieber concert, of course. the teenager pop sensation will be live on our plaza playing a whole half hour of music friday only on "today." if you are a believer, you want to head down here and bring a big sign for you. we have a great giveaway for the fan with the best bieber sign. justin himself is going to
9:31 am
announce the winner. >> very cool. >> he's back to his hair style with the bangs. >> that's an older video. >> okay. meanwhile -- i'm sorry. i don't keep up. i will be friday. sorry, biebs. summer style on a budget, whether heading to the beach or barbecue or just the office, you want to look and feel cool this summer. we'll show you how to do it at a price you can afford. >> actually got a cut like this. >> it's shaved now. >> you know, also ahead june is prime wedding season. if you're one of the millions of bridesheading down the aisle this month, we've got some answers to some of your most pressing questions so you can relax and enjoy the day. >> all right. plus in "today's" kitchen, we're going to learn how to create traditional stuffed italian flat bread, so nice so flat. a staple in italy made with fresh ingredients. it can be tailored to suit your
9:32 am
taste. delicious. first, a check of the weather for us. >> see what we've got as far as today is concerned, strong storms for the week ahead, strong storms through texas, early part of the week below normal temperatures. midweek looking at wet weather through the southeast. the latter part of the week, fairly warm through the great lakes, pacific northwest. dry in the northeast for today. heavy rain in the southeast, risk of strong good morning to you. 9:32 now. we have a hot day shaping up across the bay area, taking a live look over the city by the bay. you can see all that sunshine coming in. we're already in the 70s headed towards the upper 80s, even redwood city. 92 in san jose. about 97 degrees in livermore and those triple digits are on the map in gilroy and fairfield. by tomorrow, we'll take your temperatures down by about 10 degrees, even more so for wednesday. then the climb returns.
9:33 am
>> that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up next, great summer styles for less but first these messages. hershey's air delight.
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♪ this morning on "today's" style, summer looks for less from comfortable dresses to great shorts, fashion director here to show us sensational styles at the right price. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the price is right at under $150. >> exactly. this is really the time of year where you can choose less expensive items and still deliver loads of style. >> it's summer, trendy, you don't want to spend too much. >> exactly. >> let's get started with the tunic. let's bring out lauren. why is this so popular this season? >> tunics are such a key summer piece. they are so versatile, wear it with jeans, maxi skirt.
9:37 am
this is from simple vera wang and only $48. these are just great items to have in your closet. >> i have to tell you, i love this print. the print is beautiful. >> this is a look that the inspire anybody. >> it has a tie around the waist to help accentuate. >> you can let it hang free, too. >> paired with the colored jeans, so cute, $56. again, just a great, universally flattering look. >> the shoes, nice wedge. >> giving her lots of height. >> you look great. up next, the maxi dress, the best piece of the summer. >> don't you just love a maxi dress? what's so great at this price point, they look super expensive. this is a great maxi dress. i love this. i love the color, the shape. it's so important to make sure the dress hits at the right point. you don't want to carry it
9:38 am
around. make sure you hem it. >> it looks so chic and comfortable. >> again, it flatters lots of different body types. >> another beautiful print as well. under $100. that is gorgeous on you. next, summer dress that's work appropriate. that's tricky. >> i know. this is a question that we get all the time. people say how do i dress appropriately in the summer, no strapless dresses, no flip flops allowed. this is a great option. this is $29. perfect. a little shirt dress. the fabric is lightweight. you can dress it up, dress it down. i have to talk about her shoes. they are from top shop, $100. a great trend starting now and going into the fall. a little investment. it's going to really carry you through. >> i like you've gone horizontal. a lot of women are afraid of horizontal. >> it has horizontal and damage
9:39 am
nation diagonal. i think sunshine is going to be stepping out tonight. pretty cute. such adorable skirt. we love it with just a white t-shirt. the skirt is such a bold print, you really don't need to do much more but grab a great t-shirt, statement necklace, good to go. >> you keep the top simple. high waist. >> you want something simple on top. what's great about this skirt, this shape really works on a lot of different body types. if you're pear shaped it will help you out. if you're bustier. >> sunshine you've got legs for days. is it appropriate to say that. it's so flattering.
9:40 am
>> thank you. let's bring in laura, she's modeling shorts. obviously this is weekend wear, not work. >> a great little silky short like this from top shop, this could be your going out at night. a great alternative for a mini dress. just a playful, fun look. again, you're not going to spend a lot of money on it. have some fun. you could do this with a heel if you want a longer line. >> i like this paired with the flats. the heels might be to -- >> the strapless top from forever 21. >> so cute. thank you so much. i guess all the other models can roll in. they look amazing. all under $150 bucks. thanks, ladies. rocking it out. up next, the season, some of your wedding questions answered. first these messages. [ lane ] your anti-wrinkle cream is gone. but what about your wrinkles.
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9:44 am
it's june, so you know what that means. the wedding season is in full swing. with an estimated 2 million americans getting married each year, a lot of brides-to-be are stressing out right now. here to answer some of the pressing questions, editor in chief of "brides" magazine. great to have you here. >> thanks. >> you asked all the brides who read the magazine to send in the questions and you've come to their aid. let's get to them. first most stressful aspect of the wedding is the budget and money you'll spend. obviously the first question goes to that. where are the best places to save money asks one bride or asks many brides. >> this is one of the most commonly asked questions,
9:45 am
natalie. so the bar can be a big budget buster. we suggest skip the open bar, go with wine and beer and a custom cocktail, it will be delicious and your guests will remember this. >> custom cocktails here. >> delicious and memorable. >> shows a lot of personality. what about invitations, can you save there, too? >> a lot of people ask me if they can do an electronic invitation for wedding, great for shower but you want to stick with classic for the wedding. about $200 for 100 invitations. one of these digitally printed can be less. >> they look beautiful. >> a lot of great options online. find them online and print them digitally. >> flowers, too, you can save there? >> flowers are great. we had a florist make these from a local farmers market.
9:46 am
when you think flowers, think seasonal, local, voluminous. these are peonies. they are big flowers. you don't need a lot to make a big arrangement. when you don't need a lot of flowers, a big savings. >> a lot of times you have the big centerpiece and you can't talk to people over the centerpiece. >> it's one of the most popular wedding flowers, too. >> next question then is i think the white dress, a lot of brides still going for the classic white dress. but more and more brides want a way to stand out. one of the questions was, how do i make my look for personal, give it more personality. move on over here. >> when you're accessorizing the dress, all about the shoes. we love a great shoe. one thing, if you want to stick with a classic pump, go with a color. i love the colored shoe. a lot want to do something blue, a blue shoe, yellow, green, i myself love a red shoe.
9:47 am
those are options for pumps. you don't have to stick with a classic pump, if you're married at the beach, backyard, go with a sandal. >> these are great dancing shoes. go all night. >> if you want to think out of the box, pack a lot of personalities into your accessories, go for sneaker or cowboy boot. if you want a traditional pump for the wedding, throw them on for the reception. >> next up, wedding favors. brides asked what is a favor guests will use. people wonder do you really have to give favors anymore. >> you don't have to do favors. they are totally optional. if you are going to do a favor, i would stick with $5 per guest. that's all you need to spend. if you're known for something like chocolate chip cookies, bake up a batch, stick them in a bag. i'm not a baker. >> go buy. >> chocolates. people love something sweet. edible is one option for favors. another one is a theme.
9:48 am
getting married by the sea like i did years ago, go for sea salt soaps, which are a really cute option. if you don't want tad favor, give to a charity, a big theme now a lot of brides and grooms giving to a charity. a great thing to do is print up cards to let your guests know you've done this and put these on every place setting or table. >> i love that idea. >> stick your website on there so they know about the charity as well. >> wonderful. finally i think a lot of brides don't want to be lugging a big handbag on their wedding day. what items will i need on my wedding day? what should they have to keep this hands on, low maintenance. >> all you need to worry about on wedding day for emergency kit is wardrobe malfunction. great premade kits online, a couple of great options here. if you do have time to pack one yourself, buy a cute kit like one of these here. just pack it with a sewing kit,
9:49 am
safety opinion. >> chalk. >> a lot of people don't know this, white chalk or baby powder is a great stain remover, wine, a tear, these are all the things you need. >> deodorant, you'll need a lot of that. waterproof mascare. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much from "brides" magazine. >> getting stuffed italian style. how to make flat bread
9:50 am
[spring releases] boing...boing (sir can-a-lot) excuse me, madame. [giggles] i only intended to punch up your potatoes with the flavor of glorious spam! (woman) oh...
9:51 am
i never thought of that. (sir can-a-lot) i wouldn't be here if you had, madame. (ancr) break the monotony. for more fun ideas visit this morning in "today's" kitchen, what's on the menu? how about italian treats, chef and owner of washington, d.c.'s restaurant, fabio is here to teach us how to make italian stuffed flat breads. >> pizza on the pocket.
9:52 am
>> pizza in the pocket. >> so now what's the dough? >> the dough, it's flour and pork fat. can use extra virgin olive oil but that's the real deal. salt and baking powder. in the area flat bread, this is italian version. >> no yeast. >> just a little baking powder and that's about it. here is how you cook them, just flip them over in a skillet like this. then stuff them with this. >> beautiful tomatoes there. >> some heirloom tomatoes to put
9:53 am
here. would you like zucchini? >> sure. >> would you like this? >> sure. >> this one is so versatile you can do it with cheese, look at your refrigerator. >> basically you can empty out the frig. >> you can call it that way. it's okay. nothing wrong with that. we can also put some greens. you like some greens on yours. >> a little healthy. >> not a bad thing. some seafood. >> some salmon. >> salmon, caviar, just in case, feels a little more luxurious. >> once you do that, put this in the oven. >> you don't look for a fully melted cheese. just looking for a cheese that's slightly lukewarm. if you have a good pan and enough patience to wait for the pan to get warm, you're already done. this one is yours with the
9:54 am
vegetables. this one is mine. the porky one. i guess switch everything off. we can cut it. this is basically what you do. you know the way in new york, this is hot dog stand. >> a street food in italy. >> street food. >> what is here? >> this is a type of cheese we use. >> like a creamy cheese? >> it is a creamy cheese. it comes from the milk of cows that have been working hard and somehow in their milk there is a note of acidity, similar to cream fresh. >> instead of contented cows, they are tired cows. i've been out in the field all day. you want to take my milk, fine. what do we have here? >> we have a salad. an outdoor dining we have a nice
9:55 am
salad in season. >> what are these. >> fried squash blossoms. >> very nice. >> brought salmon to show the salmon over the caviar. this was invented by a chef for lady hamilton. >> very nice. >> delicious. >> the salads, a story about them in italy. three beans, one peeled, one not peeled, one semipeeled. in the morning, out looking for a husband. >> we're going to leave it there, fabio. >> where is that going? >>
9:56 am
good morning to you. it's 9:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. high temperatures topping a high alert about fire danger in the bay area. add to that the wind and it's shaping up to be an early fire
9:57 am
season. we've seen several fires break out since friday, including this one near highway 87 in san jose. statewide, firefighters have already responded to more than 1,600 wildfires this year. that is actually twice last year's total at this time. firefighters say they haven't seen anything like it in the past five years. of course physically, the busiest season for wildfires in the bay area doesn't come until late summer or early fall, something to certainly keep an eye on. warming temperatures today, christina. yeah, we need to be on high alert, especially today because temperatures are already in the 80s. 83 degrees at 9:57 in sunnyvale headed towards the triple digits and the upper 90s even along the peninsula. if you don't have an air conditioner, open up the windows, good air quality most plac places. breathe it in. 101 in fairfield, 83 in knee freeh monlt. seven-day outlook shows you cooler but not by much. wednesday and thursday,
9:58 am
temperatures fall back into the 80s. let's check the drive with mike. 280, there's some police activity approaching saratoga. that was the big deal. but look at this now, northbound 101, slow all the way basically off of 680 up towards fair oaks, a new accident causing another big backup from 101 through the south bay. this is a tough day for that stretch of freeway. the dumbarton bridge, the accident cleared around university, still slow from the newark side and two accidents, causing more slowing by time you get to automall and mission, things are slowly off that fremont to 680 and 880. the earlier motorcycle accident and still recovering for livermore. but a smoother drive toward the dublin interchange, laura. check out ♪ jimmy bond my feet are too dry and cracked for sandals. try gold bond foot cream. it has moisturizers that penetrate thick skin. thanks. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody! yes, it's the beginning of the week fun day monday, june 11th. hope you had a great weekend. >> it's flying already, june is flying. on fire. you were busy this weekend. >> i'm working, working. working hard and hope to have something to say about it in the coming days, weeks ahead. >> you were in jersey. >> yes. in the middle of working and working on the musical i've been
10:01 am
working on for a long time. went to new jersey saturday night. went with frank and cassidy. two of our friends were being inducted amongst 11 people into the new jersey hall of fame. we went over to the new jersey performing arts center in newark, which is a beautiful facility. i felt incredibly honored, too. i'm not wearing the same dress. this is a similar one with. i broke the zipper on the other dress i was going to wear today and this is all i had. those three beautiful people there are christopher reeves' children. his daughter alexandra and his son matthew and his son will. boy, they're all like 6'3". will is a school friend of cassidy's for the last five or six years. so although i was not close friends with christopher reeve, i loved him. everybody did. when you're asked to introduce somebody, it's a little awkward.
10:02 am
i could introduce you, but i remembered once interviewing him. with regis. he was talking about his equestrian. i said are you ever afraid? he said something about the fact that the worst thing you can do in life is being afraid of not living it. it dawned on me the real paralysis in this world is fear. and he never let the body paralysis to keep him from -- so anyway, what a beautiful legacy he left behind in these three children. frank inducted willington mera of the giants. >> i went to the hamptons and i was drinking. that was my weekend. >> you got hammered again. >> i didn't get hammered. >> one of us is living a meaningful life. >> the other is sitting at tables -- >> is that deutchman? >> yeah. >> it was a bunch of people at the palm in east hampton.
10:03 am
>> deutchman picked up the tab. >> he did. >> he had to. the only one that can afford that many people at the palm this week. >> we posed a question to you guys last week about sleeping in the nude, do you think it's normal or not normal sleeping in the nude? 89% of our viewers agree that sleeping in the nude is normal. there were so many comments on our website. it exploded. the story was viewed 76,000 time. people are interested. >> no clothes in bed ever. doesn't matter where, home, friends, places, hotels, even when camping. >> what if a bear comes? >> well, aha. >> my mom did not like it when she visited. >> bed clothes are restricting. started wearing nothing in college when i realized i was the only one in a nightgown. still not wearing one and my husband is good.
10:04 am
>> speaking of nudity, madonna. >> madonna, madonna. >> she was in a concert in turkey and she intentionally flashed her breast. you'll see it in a moment. are we showing it? >> i think we'll bleep it. >> then she pulls the whole thing off. >> well, everyone seems to squeal with delight. >> no fear. >> we're used to madonna being outrageous. we love her spokesperson. >> why would she do that? liz rosenberg said something funny. >> the nipple is enough of a statement this week, laugh out loud. and is there anyone who hasn't seen madonna's nipples at this point? that's right. it's not big news. >> before the halftime when she did the halftime at the super bowl she said you don't have to show your nipples to be
10:05 am
interesting. it doesn't mean you're cutting edge if you do. >> madonna and i are getting up in the world and forget some of the things we said in the past. it's a natural part of the aging process. >> how about lady gaga on stage? >> i heard about this, but i didn't see. we br to see the video. >> she got hit in the head with a pole her backup dancer was holding. look at it. she was in new zealand. she's okay, by the way. >> oh, my lord. >> all right. >> apparently she did have a concussion. performed 16 more songs. >> that's one of those things i think if you hurt yourself or fall or something in public, you know how you stand up like it's nothing. >> if you're a pro, you keep going. >> i've fallen down the stairs, wiped out and my knees are bleeding and you're like, are you fine and i'm laughi ining
10:06 am
hysterically. >> i was petting a horse with reg and it took a big bite out of my hands. went to commercial and i went, ah! i don't know, hoda. i'm excited today. you know who is here? one of my favorite people. patrick duffy is here from "dallas." he's requested a glass of red wine. >> did he? >> yes, he did. i don't care what the other ones want. >> he looks incredibly hot. >> the tony awards. i never stay up past 9:00. ever. stayed up for the tony awards last night because i love theater. it was the 66th annual. neil patrick harris, just give him the gig. he's so good. do we have a little bit of him performing? the opening number, if your life were a musical. i love this for him. ♪
10:07 am
♪ there were crazy dance routines ♪ >> "once" stole the show. >> we called that, i think. won eight tonys out of 11. >> steve won the best actor in a musical. he gave a very emotional breakdown. remember when he was here performing with some of the cast, he found out that day his mom had entered hospice. he was a total pro and did our show. she did actually pass away on easter sunday. a very emotional speech. we thought this was going to get clyburn park about race and real estate. what is funnier than that? s "peter and the starcatcher" won five. and best musical revital which was not such a surprise but the
10:08 am
gershwins' porgy and bess. >> if you don't remember she bid on hugh jackman's sweaty t-shirt. he wore it and sweat in it and she took it in a ziplock and snipped it and owns it. >> you sniffed it. we sniffed it on the air because it's good for television. >> you're right. >> congratulations to him. bernadette peters on the the isab isab isab isab isabel stevens award. adriana was very good in "venus and fur" and beat out tracy bennett and linda lavin. >> that "venus and fur" was like "50 shades of gray" on stage. >> which i still haven't read. >> it's kind of like that. don't look at me like i loved it. i am just making an observation. it is graduation speech
10:09 am
time. sometimes when i'm in a funk i will google graduation speeches and watch them because it puts new a good mood, you feel inspired. >> who does that? >> i do. >> the guy who wrote this high school graduation speech in the boston area, said kids, you're not that special. you're not that big of a deal. it's lots of you. >> david mccullough jr. >> across the country no fewer than 3.2 million seniors are graduating about now from 37,000 high schools. that's 37,000 valedictorians, 37,000 class presidents. you see? if everyone is special, no one is. if everyone gets a trophy, trophies become meaningless. we americans come to love accolades more than genuine achievement. we've come to see them as the point. and we are happy to compromise
10:10 am
standards and ignore reality if we suspect that is the quickest way or only way to have something to put on the mantle piece, something to pose with, crow about, something which to leverage ourselves into a better spot on the social totem pole. >> i'm going, yes! >> that's depressing. >> i agree with him. >> it's a funny speech. a lot of kids were laughing throughout. >> kids enjoyed it. trophies do become meaningless if everyone wins it. who knows who deserves and who doesn't. they are what they are. >> can we send love to a very good friend of ours who we adore. >> gosh, yeah. >> robin roberts announced on her show this morning. she battled breast cancer five years ago. she revealed she has a bone marrow disorder. >> they call it a preleukemia
10:11 am
condition. >> her sister sally-ann roberts is a perfect match. robin is saying her doctors are going to beat this and she knows it's true. she is such a fighter. >> she is such a great woman. >> she is a sweetheart. we wish her all the best in all the world. more than that, we have other favorite things. i'll do mine first. >> i just recently started having to wear reading glasses, which is awful. jo-ann, one of our producers here said these are great because these are shades with bifocals. >> you just got those this morning. >> no, i didn't. what makes you say that? >> here's the cool thing. i'm reading and looking in the sun. i'm reading. sometimes you have to have glasses to read. they are $19.99 and you get them at the drug store. it's really nice. >> thank you, joanne. i have a surprise for you. i've been friends with the
10:12 am
lennon sisters forever. love, love, love them. kathie and janet. remember they had their whole best pals got beautiful, adorable rag dolls. i have one for hannah. guess what? we have one for mella. this is a little east openian one. vintage rag doll. >> i love it. >> it's $39.90 on qvc. there is a little note in here for you. >> that is so great. >> i love the ladies. >> thank you. that is so sweet. >> i love these dolls are making a comeback in the world. >> i am so excited. >> you can give to ella. >> hi, guys. my favorite thing is this talbot tea set. you know when you go to visit people or a party? it's a unique gift.
10:13 am
you pick between three flavors of tea, a honey stick. >> you got it, girl. >> they are hoping to strike oil twice. >> it was a busy weekend in the world of entertainment. we'll have the latest buzz with andy cohen. [ male announcer ] ever wonder what's behind two little fleas? the next generation and then countless more. how do you kill them? frontline plus. it uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to eliminate flea eggs and larvae, annihilating the next generation of fleas. and, frontline plus works non-stop for thirty days. no wonder it's the number one choice of vets for their pets and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less.
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10:16 am
we are back with "today's buzz" bringing you up to speed on all the celebrity news you might have missed over the weekend. >> weddings to awards. andy cohen, co-host of bravo's "watch what happens live." the author of the book "most talkative" a memoir. >> congratulations. >> it's not easy to get on that "new york times" list. you've been on it for multiple weeks. >> good. i'll be at mall of america later tonight, everybody. see you there. >> they are a big crowd there. >> good. >> let's talk about madonna flashing. >> is it news when it's madonna? >> i have seen the woman's nipple. i could draw it so well after all the times i've seen it. it looked like she was having fun. i'm going to show it, all right. whatever. she's singing "human nature." >> is it desperate? >> i think she was having fun. you are in a youtube moment where you cannot do anything
10:17 am
around the world without us talking about it on the "today show" the next day. you brought up she said earlier in the year, you don't have to flash your nipples to get attention. >> what about lady gaga? >> the backup dancer hits her on the head with the pole by mistake. >> what's the injury status? >> apparently she is okay. she went on with her other 16 songs. this was during "judas." >> hopefully the wig cushioned it. >> we don't have to show it again. we've got it. wedding news. >> yes. matthew mcconaughey and mila have been together a long time. she hosted "sheer genius" for bravo. she is so gorgeous. their wedding sounds like a blast. it may still be going on down there. they set up really fancy tents
10:18 am
on his property. >> in texas? >> it's in texas, in austin, texas. guy fieri made a lot of food on sunday. i don't know if the groom and bride slept in the tent but a lot of guests did. they recited their own vows which they wrote themselves and whispered to each other. what are you looking at? >> nothing. i'm listening. >> she is tuned in. >> well, who wouldn't? come on. somebody overslept a little bit this morning. >> where were you in the hamptons this weekend? >> i was. >> of course you were. >> you were at the palm. >> i know. tv last night. a lot of things to watch. >> tonys, "mad men." "true blood." i'm glad you pointed out steve kazee's speech. cleaned up with amazing
10:19 am
performances. i thought the show was snoozy with the exception of neil patrick harris was great. mike nichols won for "death of the salesman" and best play was "clyborn." >> and she played aimee in my musical. >> matthew broderick was overlooked. that show is so great. it's selling out. the crowds are going mental. >> it's got all that gershwin music everyone loves. it's funny. it's got the clever book by the guy that did "memphis." >> you teach me things every day. >> now we've got to go. that's it. no more time for you. >> patrick duffy does look
10:20 am
great. >> you were tweeting about him. >> i was. you don't miss a thing. >> i'm on it. >> scaring me. >> i said he looks great. >> you do, too go back to bed. up next, find out if you're our newest fan of the week. >> "dallas" is back. "all new dirt snuggler! dirty floors can't resist the power of snuggling. let's do this." how does it look? ridiculous. why don't you just try hugging the dirt off that floor? ha! that's silly! this dirt snuggler is gently cleaning and polishing the floors at the same time. and why would you want to treat dirt "gently"? honey? i'm thinking. don't overthink it. everything you need, and nothing you don't. that's cleanin' with the power of pine sol, baby. anti-aging cream undeniably. it creamed unbelievably a $500 cream and now women have made regenerist microsculpting cream also unscented. women love it. in original and also fragrance-free.
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i love the fact that quicken loans provides va loans. quicken loans understood the details and guided me through every step of the process. i know wherever the military sends me, i can depend on quicken loans.
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so it stays on in conditions like sand... sun... 100-degree heat, and ocean water. for uva/uvb protection in seven conditions, banana boat. we've got you covered.
10:23 am
we are back to make one fan's monday a real fun day with our fan of the week. >> sara found a fan different than the last few. >> our winner this week is a guy. he's jason leinweber who watches on our nbc affiliate. watching you is part of his routine as brushing his teeth. he scheduled his 10:00 happy hour with his favorite tv gals. his favorite part of the show is the joy fit club because he lost more than 100 pounds.
10:24 am
>> he's got portraits of us there. >> he needs to redo kathie. >> hearing other people's stories keeps him motivated to working out. he loves ihoda and would love to take over the play list of the day. >> back off. >> congratulations. we are sending you and a friend to beaver creek, colorado. >> one of my favorite places on the earth. >> they'll enjoy a four-night stay at the borders lodge. this includes a chair-lift ride to bruce saddle, a $250 gift card, swedish massages and round-trip air fare for two. >> i hope he does it before fall. it is so gorgeous there in the summertime. >> is it really? >> the baskets, the window boxes because there is no pollution and you're so high up, very few bugs and things, you get poppies this big. they're glorious.
10:25 am
giddy-up. >> go to klg& >> we have the cast of "dallas." ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. looking good never tasted so good. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios ♪ power surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. it is 10:26. good morning. i'm marla tellez. funeral services will be held this morning for a south bay teen killed while visiting his grandmother in oregon. 16-year-old nick flores had just
10:27 am
finished his sophomore year at st. francis high school in mountain view. last monday, his uncle used a hunting rifle to shoot the teenager and his grandmother, who also died. it happened in the driveway of her home near portland. police say the 41-year-old man confessed to the shooting. no word yet on the motive. the teen's funeral will be at abundant life christian fellowship in mountain view at 11:00 this mor 11:00 this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:28 am
[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
10:29 am
welcome back. it's 10:28. look at some of these temperatures. almost 90 degrees in sunnyvale at 10:28. triple digits, fair game for a record. this afternoon, high pressure in the great basin, dragging things offshore. for us, that means very, very warm conditions, about the warmest we've had this year so far. brace yourself, 101 degrees in fairfield. find out today at 11:00 whether or not we're on track to break a new temperature record in san jose. mike has traffic. 101 still a big problem, sunnyvale, fair oaks, that accident cleared to the shoulder. the rest of the freeways starting to recover considerably. look at all that green. look there, very slow westbound 580 castro valley to the y. coming up at 11:00, new apple products being revealed in san francisco for the company's annual software developer's conference. we'll have the latest on that big announcement. plus the golf pros are in town for the u.s. open this week.
10:30 am
we'll head to the greens for a live report. we are back on this fun day monday with more of "today." that's the famous iconic theme from "dallas" the drama that ran from 1978 to 1991. what a run. >> the ewing clan is back. this time it's j.r.'s son john ross and bobbie's christopher knocking heads on the prospect of drilling for oil in the south fork ranch. take a look. >> if i'm right, we are sitting on a couple of billion barrels of light sweet crude, the most sought-after crude oil in the world. >> this will make us richer than we ever imagined, uncle body. >> i'm sick to death of this family devouring itself to death over money. this is exactly what i didn't
10:31 am
want to happen. >> but it makes good tv when it does. here are patrick duffy, brenda strong, josh henderson and jordana brewster. good to see all of you. >> it's so good to be here. >> we are toasting your success already because it's getting so much buzz. >> it's crazy, isn't it? >> who would have thought dallas would have come back? this is one of those things you thought we had seen that day. what made you decide to bring it back? >> the script eventually. we rolled our eyes for 20 years when suggestions are made, oh, no. i read some scripts and they were awful. >> you weren't too keen on the other movies, you did, as well. >> larry and i produced the worst one ever. i figured if we didn't know how to do it, who knew how to do it? i thought it was a done deal, would never be done again. >> okay. ask them questions. >> poor brenda. >> brenda lost her voice. how did this happen? >> we've been traveling around
10:32 am
talking so much and just exhaustion, i don't know. >> you're another story. you're a party animal amongst the cast. >> she is the party girl. >> i think all "desperate housewives" fans know my voice. >> you're the new one on the scene. victor iia principal is not on e show. what's it like when everyone knows the other characters so well? >> it's so much fun. they rolled out the welcome mat. we have great scripts. it's fun to shoot in dallas. >> she has the hardest job on the show. she has to fulfill a role played by the perfect wife for the perfect guy. i don't mean me personally. give me another one of these and you can be the perfect wife for the perfect guy. i mean that's a terrible job to have. she is always going to be compared in the beginning, is she as good as pamela was? i'm here to tell you she is. >> we are looking forward to it.
10:33 am
>> going down the line, josh, you play j.r.'s kid. >> yeah. >> you have a lot of his traits, your character does. you're not as good. >> i'm still learning. >> making some mistakes, i would think? >> john ross is a very passionate guy about oil and about the whole ewing legacy. he has big shoes to fill living to live up to j.r. and his business ethics. he really admires who j.r. is. i guess the respect he demands from his peers. at the end of the day, it's a tough job. >> jordana, what trouble are you brewing? >> oh! >> elen a's does teenage does get a lot of action. i have a fun role in this. >> a lot of -- do you two goat together? >> we get together. i'm with john ross who is a bad boy and also christopher. >> of course you are.
10:34 am
somebody has to do the duel job. >> i'm waiting for the pool party. >> it will probably last another 13 series. >> from your lips. >> there you go, baby. great to see you again. feel better, brenda. >> you can catch it wednesday night on tnt at 9:00. >> what a dad's love can do for his daughter. introducing smooth sensations cream cheese spread from the laughing cow. it's rich, indulgent and 45 calories. mmm it's so good -- it practically sells itself. cut, cut. sells itself? i've poured myself into this commercial. ♪ don't be boring ♪ indulge in the morning ya! [ squeaking ] yay! [ female announcer ] introducing smooth sensations cream cheese spread from the laughing cow. have you laughed today?
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conventional wisdom tells us fathers are role models for sons, but for a daughter, a dad will always be the most important man in her life. >> strong fathers, strong daughters, the 30-day challenge is a practical plan for becoming the best dad ever. the author is pediatrician meg meeker who raised three daughters and a son herself. >> i enjoyed this book. i was able to read quite a bit of it. i think you're spot on about this. what should the main reason that a father is so important to his daughter? >> well, he's her first exposure to male love. think about it. when a little girl is born, dad holds her and he feels differently than when mom holds her. he smells different. his voice is deeper. there is that sense of security and protection. >> his hands alone cradle you in a different way. >> i've seen a baby crying and mom will be jostling her. you hand her to dad and she calms right down. >> it's interesting. you saw fathered should be the
10:39 am
man their daughter wants to marry. i thought that was awesome. be that guy. >> so she will be looking for him. >> exactly. daughters look toward how a man not only treats them but they look how a father treats the mother. >> and the people around him. everyone. >> there is a psychological phenomena where girls gravitate what they know later in life, not what they want. that's why where a dad is critical, he's got a bad temper and end up marrying a man like that because that's the familiar. it's so deep. girls who grow up with a dad who is a kind man, who is patient, who believes in her and is smart, that's the man she is going to marry. it's a high call for a dad. >> a lot of fathers are working a lot. they are busy, come home, they are tired. the time for nurturing and spending all that time isn't really there. what's a man like that to do? >> so many men say that. i'm not around my daughter.
10:40 am
what i tell dads, get the big stuff right. daughters carry their fathers with them even when he's not around. even though dad's at work, his daughter is thinking about him and pondering him. it's most important just to make sure the time you're with your daughter is important. >> take her to lunch. >> shopping. we never think of fathers doing that. >> men don't like that. they don't. that's one movie challenges, take her to a mall. enter her world. let her know you want her company. you want to be with her. so many dads, i wrote the 30-day challenge because dads are okay, i want to be a better dad, but what do i do? give me a plan? so i have a plan. >> you start with what? what's the first thing do you? >> one of the first things you do is sit down and decide to be intentional in your relationship with your daughter. a lot is about disconnecting
10:41 am
from electronics and taking your daughter out of the home. take her dancing. if you don't know how to dance, learn to dance. take her out to dinner. take her rock climbing. spend a weekend out in the woods or find a rock climbing wall. it's really all about being intentional. put it on your calendar. so many dads want to do things with their daughters, but times go by. >> should it be a one-on-one? they have multiple kids. >> they can be. if you have three daughters like we did in our home, it's okay to take two or three girls at the same time. it's important. the whole point of the book is i believe if i could let dads know who they are from behind their daughter's eyes, their lives would never be the same. it's really true. >> practical, but it's great. >> whether he get a whole perspective who their daughters in. dads are intimidated, self-esteem is low. >> if they start when they are young, they won't be so intimidated. frank was grateful he had that
10:42 am
time to take cass to school every morning. >> ten minutes in the car and i guarantee you she thought about him all throughout her day. >> she does. thank you. it's a terrific book. a great father's day gift. >> we get into gear with gadgets. stay in the moment sanya focus lolo, focus let's do this i am from baltimore south carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. almay smart shade makeup it's hard to choose foundation what if your foundation chose you? one of these three is your match instantly adjusting to your perfect shade because it's pretty and smart
10:43 am
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10:46 am
♪ papa's got a brand-new bag the big day is fast approaching. if you haven't had time to find the perfect gift for dad, matt is here with a few great ideas. how are you, matt? >> we are not going to break the bank either. >> money is tight with folks. >> you can't go wrong with golf balls. >> especially if you give him a monogramer. if he's like me the ball will end up three, four fairways over from where he's aiming. sometimes it helps to have his initials on them. >> men love their own balls,
10:47 am
hoda. >> i knew that was coming. >> you have to. they do. >> only about $22. this allows him to put his personal stamp on all his balls. >> and thus find them. okay. >> moving on to the razor. >> gillette. fusion pro glide. with a beard it's difficult to get precision edges around the scruff. if dad wants to clean up that scruff, this is a great way to do it. only $20. three attachments you can put on. >> 20 bucks. you don't throw it away, do you? >> put new batteries in it and you're good to go. >> kyle will ride through and show this. >> bye-bye, kyle. >> come back around again. one more time. >> what is that i hear? >> i heard this song. >> "the sound of an angel." >> a kathie lee tune. >> you got him the cd which of
10:48 am
course you did last year you can get this box, put it on your bike. not only is it a hands-free blue tooth phone, you can put it on your bike. >> there will be something in your stocking. >> this is one of my favorite gifts. it's a great iphone or ipad add-ones that takes the camera and takes it to a next level. a 360 degree video recorder. let's say he's at an action sports event or concert or great backyard barbecue. 50 bucks, pop it on your iphone, ipad. when you play it back, scan around and see the action. >> unbelievable. >> this is a grill. all guys like these. >> what do you give dad but the gift of grilled meat. this is a company called picnic time. check out the package here.
10:49 am
it's a slim fold-up grill. a nice grill great. it unfolds in a senate it has a carrying case. >> how fabulous for tailgating. >> i love it because it's about charcoal. >> how much does that cost? >> about $40. >> what are these? >> luggage scales from restoration hardware. you want to make sure you can get the maximum luggage on the plane. pop it on here. see how much that package weighs. >> and we have a picture of you and your dad. >> look at me. >> look at those cheeks. >> i look like a tomato. >> what was your mother feeding you? >> everything. >> before we go can we show what the people in our studio are doing? >> when they come to watch us, that's what happens. >> patrick duffy started that, not us. up next, wait till you see him now.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
♪ time for the joy fit club and the induction of its newest member. chase is a 23-year-old student from new orleans who lost a whopping 158 pounds. before we meet him, let's take a look at chase's incredible story. >> my name is chase. i wasn't always a big kid, but in fourth grade i became depressed and my weight started to balloon. i enjoyed eating cajun fried foods, some laden with cream. i attaway too much. my parents tried to help me lose
10:54 am
weight but i didn't believe i could do it. after getting my driver's license as a teenager, my eating habits got worse. i would drive to fast food restaurants and binge. i was emotionally attached to food. by the time i reached my freshman year of college i weighed 370 pounds. i needed a change. i decided to transfer to a bigger and more diverse school which put me in an environment where exercise was accessible. i followed the nutri-system diet. now my diet and exercise routine is easily different than my childhood. i run four miles and eat whole, clean food. i'm the lightest on my feet and the happiest i've ever been. >> we are here with the leader of the joy fit club joy bauer. >> another incredibly special story. one thing that helped to seal his weight loss and beginning and throughout the journey he
10:55 am
asked if i start losing weight today, where will i be tomorrow? the thought was so exciting and encouraging that it helped to motivate him. i want to show you something. he was a college student. like so many students, he would like to sleep in the morning till the very last minute. woe zoom out to class not eating breakfast. by lunchtime eat everything. so he came up with three super simple quick breakfasts he now eats which helps control his hunger at lunch. a bowl of cereal with soy milk, apple and out the door. or a slice of toast with almond butter and bananas, out the door. or he makes this really delicious cool green drink with spinach, almond butter. >> we love that. >> he gave me permission after the show to tweet it out and put it on facebook so people can get his recipe. >> let's meet him. chase's before photo one more time. let's see the new you. wow!
10:56 am
>> howe, wow, wow, wow! >> you look great, chase! how do you feel? >> very good. totally different. >> i can't believe that's the same you. >> how much time has passed since you started your program? >> about a year and a half, a little bit. >> now he's showing his parents how to be healthy, as well. >> let me point out dad is here. you must be proud of your son. >> very proud. >> he was getting teary-eyed. >> we all want the best for our children. >> what are your goals? >> i want to show people if they want to lose weight they should start now and they'll be at a good spot tomorrow. >> that is a great saying. i wish your mom could have been here. tell her hi for us. >> we love her, too. >> he is an awesome cajun cook. >> tomorrow usher performs. and ivillage's hottest dads. >> good cop/bad cop. when parents disagree on discipline. that never happens.
10:57 am
>> have an awesome fun day monday, everybody. come back and be with us tomorrow. tomorrow is booze day tuesday. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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