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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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three may not be as simple as you might think. good morning. i'm marla tellez live at candlestick park. with what you need to know, coming up. >> and part of what you need to know if you're headed outdoors today is that it will be hot in the 90s, 80s bay side and we're talking about p the 70s at the coast. much cooler tomorrow and we have your father's day forecast. >> cooler temperatures one of the benefits of working out overnight. we'll tell you where crews are still on scene and other issues for the east bay commute. rails and the roads coming up. >> waiting for the sun's arrival across the bay area but a picture perfect start. it's tuesday, june 12th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. jon kelley is back with me. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> back and feeling good. good to see everybody. good morning. i'm jon kelley. we have plans to bring the
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b.a.r.t. station back to the south bay. taking a step forward today, christie smith is live in san jose where work starts on the next phase to bring trains to the silicon valley. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. work starts in a couple of hours, crews are going to be doing is removing a railroad signal gate and also verifying utility locations, potholing, that sort of thing. what it means in the short-term is couple of distractions and detours but ultimately it means a big improvement for public transportation. crews work on the b.a.r.t. extension. over the next ten days until friday, june 22, expect temporary lane closures on berryessa and may berry roads near the flea market's main entrance. take the sierra road to the north of the lane of closure or mckee road to the south to get around this. crews are clearing the way for the first phase of the project, ten miles of track and two
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stations beginning in fremont south of the future warm springs station proceeding in the former union pacific right-of-way through milpitas. it runs till 3:00 every day. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> b.a.r.t. is running on time again this morning after a fatal accident on the track halted service. the bay fair station was closed after 9:00 last night after a man stepped in front of the train. the trains were delayed more than two hours while crews worked the scene. no word on the man's identity. >> police are making an unusual discovery in a north beach apartment. officers finding what appeared to be an explosive device and weapons including a sword in the unit on columbus avenue. they also found a bullet hole in a wall. residents were evacuated as a precaution. police went to the building after a tenant's friend said
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that she was in psychiatric distress. >> san francisco police looking for pictures, video or someone with a good memory to help them find the person whose punch led to the death of a bay to breakers participant. this is stephen martin on the right. police say minutes after the picture was taken someone punched martin. he fell, hitting his head and never regained consciousness. his family took him off life support on friday. martin's friends created a facebook page asking people who attended to submit photos and video i which will be turned over to the police. >> we can't get enough photographs. anybody watching, listening, err on the side of caution. if you think you have a picture that may be at all helpful, please send it along, video also. >> martin lived in santa clara
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and owned a consulting business in san jose. police say the attack happened following a dispute over a cell phone. >> this one literally fell from the sky, a large block of ice crushes into the roof of a fremont home. the homeowner says a chunk of ice struck the right side of a house on wichita drive off tv680. the falling ice left a giant hole in the roof. a neighbor heard the crash and saw tiles crack on the roof. >> it's scary because to think that a piece of ice could break a house roof. it could have hit one of us and we were standing less than you know, 60 yards away. >> that is wild there. nobody was injured. the faa says it's possible that the ice fell from a passing aircraft. a spokesman says incidents like
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this are rare. >> lawmakers facing a deadline. strike a budget deal by friday or they won't get paid. the governor and top lawmakers have been meeting but $2 billion is standing in the way of agreement. they are at odds over cuts to welfare, in home and child care and pell grants but they are making progress. >> we're very, you know, responsive to not only the governor's interests but our interest to put the deficit behind us. that's what we all want. but we're now down to, i would say the relatively short strokes here. >> if both houses of the state legislature do not pass a balanced spending plan by friday they lose their pay for every day the state goes without one. they must close a $16 billion gap. >> many of the best golfers in the bay area. the u.s. open getting under way thursday, practice rounds, fans a preview. but you have to get there to see
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it. marla tellez is live at the stop at candlestick park with an update what you need know. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. if you have plans to head to the olympic club unless you have special credentials you'll have to take a shuttle bus there. you can see the u.s. open tent set up behind us and already plenty of people starting to arrive. the first shuttle bus leaves at 6:00 this morning. the first passengers just boarded one of these buss so they allowed themselves plenty of time. we suggest you do the same. once you arrive it's a three-step process. you have to park your car, you enter through gate 5, then enter a metal detection screening process. there is a long list of prohibited items, you can go to our website for a look at this. that's but i can tell you no electronics, that
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includes your smart phone. no cell phones allowed. no lap tops. you cannot bring your own food or drink into the pavilion quarters. buses will head out around the clock every day of the tournament until 9:00 every night. it's about a 30 minute drive once you get on the road. another option if you would like to take cart. you can take that to the colma station where more buses are ready to go. as jon mentioned it's another day of practice before the u.s. open officially starts on thursday. the gates at the olympic club open every day at 6:00 a.m. today the big draw is all about tiger woods and casey martin. if you are a golf fan you know the two played together for a little while at stanford so sort of a reunion. the first shuttle bus heading to the olympic club leaves at 6:00 this morning.
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>> live at candle stick. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> i can't wait until we create our own divots out there. at the u.s. open competition gets younger. andy is replacing paul casey and the kicker is he's just 14. 14. he is the youngest player to compete since world war ii. he was born in december 1997 which means he was six months old the last time the u.s. open was held. >> go ahead. he plays with golf clubs older than him. >> stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the u.s. open at the olympic club. we'll have live coverage all week previewing the events and nbc is your station for the tournament. you can check out tor more information. >> it's going to be fun. we're going to have great weather.
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expect some sunshine with those drivers. >> some sunshine and wind. hopefully some great shooters. you will be headed out to the olympic club today it's going to be nice. by tomorrow we're going to lose 5 to 8 degrees so today might be your day to do so if you have to pick and choose. 67 degrees at noon, then at 4:00 p.m. about 65. we're talking about 80 degrees by noon rounding out in the low 90s. not as men upper 90s as we saw. i don't think we'll see as many records but still fair game. we'll talk about that and we're going to cool off wednesday and thursday. your seven-day is moments away. >> we have a lot of slowing, shows up early for highway 4. 20 minutes before we see speeds or dips but there is a sweeper truck blocking a lane. it sounds like cal transhas
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their own crew there. this is about an hour early off of g street. the rest of that portion looking fine f you're coming out of antio antioch, bay point, this is the delay. stick it out because they should have this cleared in a few minutes. for the rails also out of pittsburg and bay point, a 15-minute delay that got reported in. laura talked about on time travel. now we have it changed to the yellow line over toward sfo. a mechanical issue with one of the tracks so they are slowing trains. a live look outside shows you the toll plaza so no major problems. road crews blocking a lane on either side of the lane. back to you. >> it's 5:10. something for all of the dads out there. while your father's day is about
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to be the best one yet. or better than last year. >> yours too. >> good. very good. i'm all in on that. plus, real estate being sold to 14ers at a higher rate. >> if you are lucky enough to own a piece of land in the bay area. sun rise over the area. nice start to our morning. >> for the latest news and weather and real estate check us aceboo . try new gold bond friction defense stick. it soothes skin and reduces friction. thanks, jimmy. think gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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>> a live look from northern colorado. look at the smoky skies there,
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they are having a big problem with the wild fires. 64 acres are burning near ft. collins. we know of one death so far. 2,000 evacuation notices have been sent out. no word on the cause of that wild fire. >> a new report says facebook's growth is slowing down. scott mcgrew joins us. if everybody i know is already on facebook, of course it's slowing down. >> that makes total sense. "the wall street journal" says not only are the number of subscribers slowing the amount of time we spend on it is slowing as well. the slowest since the scores started measuring. growth is growth, right. it's not like facebook is getting smaller or people are spending less time on it. but the reason this does alarm some is the multiple. the stock market values facebook at a rate 73 times its earnings, so there is an expectation there of huge growth. there you see apple stock by
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comparison. 14 times earnings. doesn't make apple a smaller company. it mean there is is less growth expectation out of apple. later we're going to get new reports on the effectiveness of facebook advertising which is also key to the company. broader markets, and kayla is live at cnbc this morning. good morning. >> good morning, scott. futures are slightly higher after yesterday's big sell-off. we thought so much for the relief rally after spain reached a deal with european leaders to rescue banks. that optimism fading and the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closed down more than 1%. the poorest start to a week this year for the markets. the focus shifting to other spots in europe such as greece which oholds elections this wee. and in the u.s. data this morning on import prices. the dow falling yesterday to
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12,411, nasdaq losing 48 to 2809. and the recession and financial crisis has taken a big toll on u.s. families. the fed says average net worth plunged nearly 40% between 2007 and 2010 to $77,300. that's the lowest since 1992 and the biggest decline since the fed began tracking net worth. much of the drop was due to the housing bust and income saw the most by the middle class by 12%. scott, back to you. >> thank you. lauren, jon, another interesting effect of that problem with europe and the imbalance with china, more foreigners are buying american homes. why not. our prices off historic lows. it's a safe place to park money. the national association of realtors says one in ten homes sold in california, sold to foreigners. if you take the canadians out of the picture, they are the biggest buyer mostly because of the weather, then the biggest
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number are going to chinese buyers. >> interesting. >> thank you, scott. >> a new report out just in time for father's day. you're going to like this. >> tell me more. >> father of two. give givers plan to spend the most ever on father's day this year. good old dad, pop, big daddy. >> sugar, daddy. >> the average person will spend over $117 on dad this year, that's up 10% from last year. >> moms deserve most of the credit. >> total spending expected to hit nearly $13 billion. >> as you like to say i love it when you call me big papa. >> you hear that little momma. >> sugar daddy gift and now they call him big papa. we want more of that, jon kelley. you don't want to forget about dad, sugar dad.
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we head through this sunday, a big day. our chance to show the men in our lives how we appreciate them. and the weather will be nice. if you want to take dad out fishing even ladies, you'll be able to do so with temperatures in the 90s inland, bayside about 80 degrees on sunday and the coastal temperatures will end up in the 70s. 53 degrees in san mateo, at 59 in concord, 58 in livermore. we have a little patchy fog but nothing substantial yet. i'm monitoring this. a couple of patches of fog sticking to the coastal mountains, half moon bay, pacifica. we could see the marine layer but i don't think it will penetrate the bay bridge. however, getting enough of that cooling off of the ocean, for tuesday see a little bit cooler conditions as we head throughout the day. the jet stream is hovering to the north. we'll see a series of systems bass to the north throughout today and tomorrow. and particularly thursday, temperatures falling back in the
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80s. for today with an area of low pressure riding to the north we'll get a cool breeze. if you wanted to enjoy the evening, it's going to be phenomenal for your outdoor barbecue. you want to monitor that barbecue. we're in fire season. make sure it's extinguished before you head back indoors. anyone in san jose. 74 in san francisco and oakland we broke a record yesterday, 28 degrees. as we head throughout tomorrow a look at the drop-off, 81. then we're going to rise back up in temperatures through thursday through saturday, back to the 90s as we head through saturday and sunday. but no more triple digit hit. we're done with that for now. that's the good news. good news this morning. >> i was going to have great news. 580 cleared but then two minutes ago it shows up, speeds below 40, so the average in the 50s or upper 40s as you come in out of the altamont pass. so that's slower than we
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typically see. we'll plan on the start for the tri-valley, looking at the travel time as well through pleasanton and the dublin interchange. 680 north, more construction crews hanging out there but not causing much of a stir. a little bit north of alcosta. getting read the clear. the south bay moves smoothly. construction for 880, both directions, 85 north of 280, the crews south have cleared. easy drive along the peninsula for 101 and 280. remember, the u.s. open there so don't plan on driving skyline past the area. the apple conference going on all week and a live look on the other side of the bay. pretty light there so far. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we're also giving you new details about the opening ceremony of the summer olympic games in london. the artistic director says the
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olympics will open in english meadow complete with cows, sheep and a cricket match and somehow incorporate the classic music tradition of the mosh pit. 44 days until opening ceremonies. catch all of the action here on nbc bay area. we have special coverage on our website as well, >> just me with cow and sheep it sounds like a nasty mosh pit. >> could be. it could be. >> 5:21. coming up, a handwritten note, a $10 million paycheck and intrigue. the girlfriend of a famous painter says she's owed millions. >> a beautiful live look outside, golden gate bridge. mike keeping his eye on the to y g you headed out the door.t [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. that's the hp pavilion where the san jose sharks play. the sticks on ice until next season. in southern california the l.a. kings, for the first time in franchise history, they are truly the kings of the nhl. they win the stanley cup, knocking out new jersey devils in six games. last night's final 6-1. congratulations to the l.a. kings. >> 5:24. the battle over painter thomas kinkade's estate is heating us. his live-in girlfriend has two handwritten letters she claims he wrote last winter. he allegedly gives his mansion and $10 million to amy walsh. lynette kinkade has been fighting for control of the
5:25 am
estate since the painter's death. >> a classic rock band will have to start singing a cappella after their gear was ripped off. members of the band led zepagain, somebody stole their stuff. they made off with drums, guitars, and cables. took it all. police say it is possible that the thieves followed the band home from a gig, went to the hotel and then ripped them off. >> wow. a new garage band starting up we'll know. >> i like the name led zep again. >> let's see if the weather's going to hit us again with heat. >> it is but not as hard as yesterday. good morning. temperatures today about 5 to 10 degrees cooler on average. we're going to see the most significant cooldown at the coast, a little more marine layer formation but 92 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland, hot for
5:26 am
today, much cooler by tomorrow. your full forecast in moments. let's get you out the door with mike. >> we have a major delay, antioch, very slow because of a disabled sweeper truck blocking a lane westbound at love ridge. west of somers you're okay but insomersville and past that you have all of the backup. better news, the b.a.r.t. out of pittsburg and bay point recovering. 5 or 10 minutes after mechanical problems for the line. >> 5:26. still ahead, a picasso print left on the side of the road. who they say left it there. >> and a fire danger warning shuts down a popular south bay park. >> a live look outside, san francisco bay, look at the sun coming up. always nice. a beautiful painted picture morning to start our day. nt
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>> reporter: south bay drivers work on the b.a.r.t. extension could affect you for the next ten days. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you where, coming up in a live report. >> reporter: and the road to the u.s. open runs through candlestick park. good morning. i'm marla tellez with what you need to know if you're headed out to the olympic club. >> and we're still not officially into summer but we're going to get another summer-like afternoon. 90s inland, 80s bay side and 70s at the coast. a cooldown on the way, then a warm-up for father's day. we'll take you through your full forecast in moments. >> we're looking at 880 as things start to move nicely for the nimitz. we have a couple of delays for the east bay, one on the rails, one on the roads. may have improvements. get that coming up. >> we help start your morning with sunshine sprinkled in. that is a look over san francisco from our san bruno
5:30 am
mountain camera on this tuesday, june 12th, "today in the bay." >> a good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. the time now is 5:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the b.a.r.t. extension in the south bay is back on track this morning, but with progress comes the cost for commuters. christie smith is live in san jose where work on the first phase will impact traffic. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. the work begins in just a couple of hours near where we're standing this morning. to ramp up for the b.a.r.t. extension. what this means is if you are going to be around the san jose flea market area, at least the main entrance, that this could affect you if you're driving at least for the next ten days while work is going on. in the long run it will be a major improvement for public transportation.
5:31 am
there will be a temporary lane change to know where utilities are before they start. traffic will be impacted around berryessa road and mayberry road. use the road to the north armckee road to the south of where the work is going on. the b.a.r.t. project is a 16-mile extension, the first phase, the berryessa extension, is a 10-mile, two-station extension. there will be construction at major intersections and removal of tracks and controls where there is no longer freight service going on so. this is going on for the next ten days, going from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a plan to stand up against sitting down in berkeley going into effect. a homeless rights group plans to protest at a council meet where a ban on sidewalk sitting will be heard the mayor wants to put
5:32 am
a measure on the november ballot that would prohibit sitting on sidewalks and commercial districts. opponents fighting the proposal say it criminalizes homelessness. >> starting next month half of the fire tagses will shut down. on july 1 they close in bethel island, nightsen and brentwood. 16 of the district's 43 firefighters will lose their jobs. the district approved the cuts days after voters failed to approve a partial tax designed to keep the fire stations up and running. it's a tough compromise but there will be enough to handle the call. >> based on the situation we're in and the number of calls that they go on and the types of calls it's critical that we maintain adequate staffing. so we're happy with the fact that there will be three firefighters on each engine. >> $3 million total now cut from the fire district.
5:33 am
>> 5:32. hot weather and dry brush forcing the closure of a popular south bay park for at least one day. san jose locking the gates today. there are extreme fire conditions in the area and the closure will reduce the potential for fire related njs in the park. a fire danger warning also in marin county national parks shoulding the marin headlands. >> warm inland, not as hot as yesterday. >> not quite as hot. inland we're going to get a little relief but not as much as we expect at the coast and bayside. more of a marine layer formation. notice this camera not shaking this morning. and we do have ripples on the water. we did have a breeze yesterday. we'll see a repeat. that will come off the pacific so refreshing. so a great night for making
5:34 am
those outdoor plans for dinner. it's going to be gorgeous. this is what we expect. mild conditions, high pressure breaking down and moving to the east. for us that means the low 90s inland. at the coast you'll get another day of 70-degree weather before we take your temperatures down. additional 10 degrees. stronger onshore flow. inland it's going to be downright coasty by noon. anything that's going to cause you to sweat, do it early because temperatures will be warming rapidly. 78 degrees bayside at noon. great conditions for lunch by the water. tomorrow not as nice, we'll increase the clouds. however, the sun comes out we warm you up. want to help you make those outdoor plans. stay tuned for the forecast. here's mike. >> good morning. we have better news but may be too late. west on highway 4, the disabled
5:35 am
sweeper, blocking a lane, that kicked off the slowing. now that has cleared over last five minutes but we have a backup and it continues to build off of the antioch bridge. this is about the time we see it kick in so may be too late for a recovery but expect a lot more cars. pittsburg and bay point, that line, it has to go in that direction. it's the end of the line. delays offering five, maybe 10-minute delays. mechanical difficulties were an issue. now things are being cleared you. a live look shows you at the toll plaza. the volume starts to build and some waiting in the cash lanes. at the top of the screen at a toll plaza. no metering lights here. a live look across the area through san jose. 880 and 217. the follow picking up for the south bay.
5:36 am
no big issue. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:35. if you want to see great involve pack some patient. people headed to the u.s. open are going to face transportation challenge but your award awaits. marla tellez is live at candlestick park with what you need to know before you even head out. >> reporter: good morning. the parking lot here is starting to fill up. this is one of two meeting slots where you can meet, then take a shuttle bus to the olympic club. the shuttle said to start at 6:00. we've seen a couple take off so they are ahead of schedule. if you drive to candle stick, you enter bait 5. this is where you leave your car for the day. hop an a shuttle bus that will take you to the olympic club. before you board be prepared you will go through a metal detection screening.
5:37 am
officials looking for prohibited items such as electronics including that cell phone. no cell phones allowed. rest assured they have free public phones on sight that you can use at any point. you cannot bring purses or bags bigger than 8 inches. once you're on the bus it will take about 30 minutes to get you to the club. we spoke to a volunteer who did it yet. >> this process yesterday, how was it? >> it was really good. the one down side we had to wait 15 minutes for the gates to open. i got out of here about 4:30. they got us right here. >> reporter: the gates at the olympic club open every day at 6:00 a.m. another option is b.a.r.t.
5:38 am
you either use the pittsburgh, bay point or the richmond millbrae train. moth of those to the colma stigs is the other media point. that's where you can head over to the u.s. open. today it's about day two of three practice rounds. tiger woods and casey martin, pairing up to practice together so going to be a crowd pleaser. >> plenty of people eager to get out to the olympic club. official play starts on thursday. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. sticking with golf, defending u.s. champ taking a shot at another sport. roy mcelroy throwing out the first pitch. it's also irish heritage night.
5:39 am
mcelroy is from northern ireland. of course the team honoring mcelroy. a huge giants fan. the 23-year-old says tonight's game will be a nice break from overthinking. >> stay with nbc for the coverage of the u.s. open at the olympic club. we'll have live coverage all week and nbc is your station for that tournament starting thursday and check out nbc bay area dotcom. >> going to be great. 5:39. coming up a california mother charged with going on a vandalism spree with her daughter. >> the sandusky sex abuse trial. we'll tell you about the cars they say they carried to adulthood. >> transamerica pyramid, what a
5:40 am
goufl start to your bus attorneying. >> join the party this tuesday. all you got to do, join us at facebook. here you go little man.
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>> happening now, extremely smoky skies in northern colorado. firefighters working very hard out there, 64 acres have burned near ft. collins. 18 structures have been damage ordinary destroyed. there is a report of one death so far. 2,000 evacuation notices have been sent out. no word exactly on the cause of this wild fire. >> moving to decision 2012. the latino vote becoming critical in the presidential campaign. president obama's team releases a $4 million ad campaign aimed at those voters.
5:43 am
tracie potts to tell us how mitt romney is delivering his message. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that ad campaign, $4 million by the president's super pac and the seiu, that rolls out in three states, florida, nevada and colorado. the ads will target mitt romney's work at bain capital and target hispanic voters. meantime, this time around unlike four years ago, the republican nominee or the potential nominee, the presumed nominee, is going to be going after those 1 in 10 hispanic voters, mitt romney speaking to them saying that the president created a hostile environment for business. here is more about what they have to say about that. >> hispanic americans in large measure have looked to entrepreneurs and innovators and small business to get going but this has been such an anti-small business, hostile small business environment.
5:44 am
>> what we've seen coming out of the worst recession since the great depression. >> one thing neither candidate is really touching on, immigration. romney's position opposite that of many big latino, key latino groups. president obama has been criticized for not doing enough. tracie potts for "today in the bay." $thank you very much. arizona holding a special election to replace congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she has been campaigning for her former aide ron barber. barber suffered a leg wound in the mass shooting at the store that left giffords with a gunshot wound to the head. the winner will have to run again in november. >> it's day two of the child sex abuse trial against jerry sandusky. we've got a live look at the courthouse in bellefonte, pennsylvania, where the prosecution will continue to call witnesses.
5:45 am
today, jurors will hear from a man known as victim number one whose mother alerted administrators about sandusky. that prompted the investigation that led to the current trial. yesterday a man known as victim 4 told the court sandusky first assaulted him when he was around 13. the man says his sexual contact lasted five years. the alleged victim said he didn't come forward because he was embarrassed and he enjoyed the gifts and access to penn state his relationship with sandusky provided. the defense is expected to argue that sandusky's accusers are motivated by money. >> in boston a mob boss girlfriend, admitting she helped hide her girlfriend for 16 years. bolger awaiting trial on charges connected to more than a dozen murders. gregg facing 15 years in prison. >> first barry bonds, now roger
5:46 am
clemens. closing arguments today in the perjury trial of the former pitching great. the seven-time cy young award winner is accused of lying to congress when he testified that he never used performance enhancing drugs. the case could go to the jury this afternoon. clemons' first trial ended in a mistrial. >> a los angeles mother charged with helping her daughter commit anti-semitic vandalism. the woman drove her daughter and friends to the homes of several classmates. they scrawled slurs and smeared maple syrup on the home. the 43-year-old mother is facing nine misdemeanors. >> a high school was evacuated after a teacher mixed up her acids. the teacher at east valley high school in north hollywood mistike sulfuric acid for nitric acid creating a toxic cloud. 15 students complained. at least three went to the hospital. >> you have to pay a fine for
5:47 am
your dirty mouth. residents in middleboro voting to impose a $20 fine on public profanity. the sheriff says it's not meant to sensor conversations, to crack down on loud teams and young people in the outdoor areas and public parks. the law raising questions with first amendment rights but stay law let's police arrest people who swear in public places. >> watch your mouth. watching the golfers. a lot of great sources across the bay area. you were at one yesterday. >> yes, for catholic charities. it was hot out there. make sure you're ready for it but i did want to point out we raised over a half a million dollars for people in need, all of the money stays local. it's a great charity. oh, keep your head down.
5:48 am
>> laura always tells me that. i had to unzip my dress so i could swing. let's get to the weather. it was pretty hot as well. i had to point that out. 59 in concord, 53 in san francisco. 52 in santa rosa. if you'll be outdoors, if you work outdoors, go for a bike ride, drink lots of water. another hot day with the 90s inland. temperatures today a touch cooler inland. significant cooldown at the coast with more fog, more marine air so. you will be headed out to the olympic club, 67 degrees at noon, breezy but really comfortable conditions to be outdoors watching some awesome golf. 91 in livermore. 71 in san francisco. the cooldown continues for tomorrow. back to the low 80s.
5:49 am
gradually warming you up through the weekend, father's day, 89 inland and 70 at the coast. great conditions if you want to treat dad, even a game of golf. let's check your drive. >> first of all apologies to the professionals at the u.s. open. i know they are intimidated now seeing that swing. that is why she has waived, she will not compete. we're looking here speaking of the u.s. open, the pittsburg bay point line, the yellow and red line out of richmond, both take you to colma, one of the shuttles and there are minor delays. 5 or 10 minutes. that will affect your timing. taking the shuttle here to the olympic club. if you are trying to drive you cannot continue for the skyline boulevard north of john daly. tied up all week and 19 taking a lot of the surface street area.
5:50 am
coming into the city on the bay bridge, construction through oakland has cleared. that as also cleared. we're watching reports of a truck going across the lanes so we're waiting for updates but they have their eyes on this situation so, so far everybody is fine and no problems sfar the flow of traffic. we have a backup through antioch and the highway 4 congestion. that continues, it was kicked off early by a sweeper truck. south bay, no major problems. that's good for san jose. >> at 5:50, a pricey picasso there on a bay area road side. >> plus, we'll have one of the worst mondays on wall street, we'll look at the day ahead. >> we'll look outs, a beautiful shot over san francisco. get the bridge out there. we kubel your pleasure.
5:51 am
mother nature. that is picturesque. soak it in. it's tuesday.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back everyone. taking a live look outside. golden gate bridge, hazy but you can see across the span. not too bad. light traffic as well. 5:53. >> this has a plot line worthy of a movie script. this morning a real life mystery solved and it involves an art treasure, partying teens and now a former head of state. sounds like an elaborate skrip. the picasso was reported missing
5:54 am
in may after 100 teens broke into a mation, partied, and ransacked the place. the home is owned by former ukrainian prime minister now in prison. the lithograph was found near a fence. police say it appears it was placed there intended to be recovered. >> 5:54. all kinds of interesting things coming to your iphone, ipad including new maps and real time traffic. scott has a wrap-up. >> we don't get those cool things until fall when apple releases the new version of its mobile operating system. a more powerful sere, and traffic reports. apple will look at iphone users and tell you where the slowdowns are. that's some of the exact same features in a traffic app called
5:55 am
wave. this underscore as problem for apple. how do you adopt cool ideas without destroying your own developers in the process. another example of that is podcasting. the company was upset people used the word pod like ipod until it adopted the thing into itunes. bottom line, a cool idea can be a fun app and make developers money. a super cool idea makes apple the biggest competitor for the developer. wall street suffered its worst monday ever so far this year, markets fell better than 1% over spain's bailout schooled or as traders like to call it, the spail-out. you have spailh out, the grek-it. they have time on their hands. >> thank you.
5:56 am
>> creative minds at work. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out how creative mother nature is. >> warm-ageden. a warm day in the 90s but the good news is we'll be about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yid. just smashing temperature records. one ever the biggest contributors will be an ocean breeze. rounding out the day in the low 90s and the sun does not go down until 8:30. we don't get dark around here until 9:00 at night. our days are long. the warmest between 4:00 and 5:00, that's when you want to monitor yourself. let's check your drive. >> a lot of folks are taking it easy because they have to. westbound 580 continues to build, now heading toward airway there is slowing. 17-minute travel time out of the
5:57 am
altamont pass. 680 between al costa. there's not going to be clearing of this, the slowdown kicked off early in antioch and back to you. >> 5:57. still ahead, hitting the links, all of the latest at the u.s. open in a live report. >> plus, look for b.a.r.t. extension to the south bay. the the construction project that could tie up your commute. >> a nice look outs. how could a barge look better. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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