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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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response time under fire. pg&e scrutinized again. not for the fire you see on the san francisco rooftop. but for the gas leak that took two hours to contain on the ground. good evening, everyone. >> considering what we've experienced in the past two years, this was an alarming sight. spewing gas. a building in flames. and a lengthy delay before that gas line was shut off. ironically, all of this
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unfolding on a street named san bruno avenue in san francisco. what took pg&e so long? jean elle joins us from the portola neighborhood, near candlestick park. >> reporter: these two buildings have fire damage and water damage. property owners and firefighters are wondering if the damage is more extensive because it took two hours for pg&e to turn off a gas line related to the fire. gas shoots out of the ground in a street, dangerously close to a burning house fire. san francisco firefighters say this fire on san bruno avenue started when a worker tried to hook up gas line. >> my mind was fixated on getting people out the building. >> once outside, with more than a dozen patients and workers, he
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watched workers battle with wind and heavy flames and heavy smoke. while firefighters worked on containment, the gas kept spew i ing. smelling gas with fires so close is scary. >> where is pg&e? why aren't they shutting it off? the next thing i thought about was the san bruno city issue. >> reporter: firefighters say the gas intensified the firefight. it took crews longer to contain the flames. >> we had to call for four alarm assignments and change the crews out. >> reporter: some firefighters came out exhausted. three were taken to the hospital for treatment. pg&e said crews couldn't get to the valve at the construction site because of the fire. they had to dig into the street. >> our crews were out here by 4:15, assessing the situation. they would have to dig into the street and sweep the gas shut.
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>> reporter: once they shut off the gas, the fire was quickly controlled. pg&e says it's investigating the cause of this fire and its response to the gas leak. tonight, fire officials say they have some questions, too. happening now, a deadly day, a violent year, in the bay area's biggest city. a teenage boy gunned down early this evening. san francisco police investigating the shofin og the 900 block of owsley avenue. they tell us the boy was shot after 6:15 tonight. he was pronounced dead at the scene. it is san jose's 19th homicide of the year. an alarming number on pace to equal the number of homicides in the city all of last year. a number that stands at 40. this, while san jose police, down 17 officers. many resigning to avoid the new pension reform measure that passed last week. he may have painted beautiful landscapes.
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but the battle over his estate is downright ugly. the live-in girlfriend of thomas kincaid is asking for honor of a handwritten promise. standing in his way, his wife. we have the infighting and the information we can all use when it comes to money and love. >> reporter: jessica, both the wife and the girlfriend were here at the courthouse today for a matter related to that much bigger issue over thomas kinkade's will. one with a will by an attorney, one with a scribble on a piece of paper. the girlfriend of thomas kinkade said the world renowned painter of light painted these wills. one wrote, i, thomas kinkade, being of sound and mind and body, hereby bequeath to amy
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pinto walsh, the money and the house. will they hold up in court? >> here, there's so many things happening. the girlfriend, the long-term marriage. the alcohol, you know. his financial troubles. there's a lot of things that the court needs to really look at and determine whether or not, you know, this is what he wanted, was this his last will and testimony? >> reporter: debbie is an attorney. she says the will technically meets the requirement of california state law. but that may not be enough. >> did he want her to have control over multiple -- hundreds of millions of dollars worth of artwork? i don't know. that's what the court has to decide. >> reporter: kinkade died on april 6th. according to the coroner, kinkade had a lethal amount of
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alcohol in his system. over the phone, he told nbc bay area he was with kinkade five days before his death. he had wishes to marry pinto walsh once his divorce was final. he wanted her taken care of. the pair was in love. pinto walsh is not able to speak out for herself since she signed a confidentiality agreement last year. that's why she was in court with her attorney, arguing that the matter of thomas kinkade's will should be played out publicly. new tonight at 11:00, watch where you sit. emotions are riding high in berkeley as the city council considers a proposal from the mayor that would ban sitting on sidewalks. >> my mother is a special forces inactive duty.
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good luck. >> this meeting is happening as we speak. supporters and critics of the sit ban are meeting. violators would get two warnings before being issued a $50 ticket or required to do community service. some call it shocking because of berkeley's long-standing reputation as a haven for the homeless. while some say the number of sitters blocking sidewalks and businesses has simply gotten out of control. >> we provide dental. we provide chiropractic. we provide every service you can imagine. we would continue to do that and like to have people have respect for the community and recognize that sitting is not something we want to see happen. >> if the council approved tonight's proposal by the mayor, the ban would be put on the november ballot for voters to decide. we'll continue to monitor this meeting and bring you the
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latest, if not tonight, in the morning. a carpenter buried alive at a construction site in milpitas. the fines total nearly $170,000. the citations stem from the carpenter in january. he was buried alive at the site of a home being built. the city of milpitas issued a st wkor order to the company three days before he was killed. we talked to the family's attorney today. >> there's a lot of sadness and some anger. i think the cal-osha report indicates this was a needless tragedy. there were numerous opportunities to avoid this. >> the citations are serious and willful violations of state safety standards. >>. a few things to know about for golf's biggest event.
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no cell phones allowed. the course will be brutal. and for a 14-year-old boy who qualified tola py with the men, dreams come true. let's bring in dave benz from the olympic club tonight. >> 24 hours ago, andy was like any other 14-year-old in america. a better golfer, maybe. but just like the kid down the street. oh, how things have changed. like we told you last night, he was added to this year's u.s. open field on monday, after paul casey withdrew. he will be the youngest player ever to compete for our national championship and admitted the nerves were sky-high during today's practice round. he's also in awe of the other players in the field. >> i never thought i would have this opportunity of people asking for autographs. before i came here. i was like, can i like go on to the range and ask them for autographs? >> no.
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you're giving out autographs. >> he earned a spot. he went out there. and went through both sections. both stages, i'm sorry. and did it. and it's not too young if he can do it. the great thing about this game is it's not handed to you. you have to put up the numbers. and he did. >> we want to pass this news along. if you don't have tickets to the playing rounds, you better get comfy in front of the tv. the olympic club sold its last ticket to the event. this is the 26th-straight year the u.s. open has been a sellout. >> my first u.s. open i've been to. i can't ask for a better experience. and then, thursday, i wound up getting the day off of work. why not come out here, right? >> it's a good thing that nbc is the exclusive home for the u.s. open. plenty more ahead from olympic later in the show. that will do it for now. >> dave, thank you.
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i think a lot of people will be calling in sick to work this week. you can watch the u.s. open right here on nbc bay area. round one thursday. you can get the latest anytime at our website, was it a spanking or a beating? you'll see the video that's sparking outrage across california tonight. >> awake and a lert. our first look at the homeless man that survived a face-chewing attack. and why doctors say women may be at more risk for alzheimer's than men. a lot of sunshine today. but those onshore winds picking up. it will cool numbers off for wednesday. low 70s in the south bay by noon. and more practice rounds of the u.s. open coming on wednesday. it will bey b wezre, iny,dywi c he. tstoa c
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is it a beating caught on tape? parents around the world are shocked at a clip that shows a california stepfather beating his stepson with his belt. >> reporter: is this crossing the line from parenting to child abuse? steven clark says a jury will have to suicide. his stepson has adhd and discipline issues. and that corporal punishment had been effective in church and in school. >> but the key is, the father was not using his hand. he was using a belt. and that can be a deadly or a dangerous weapon under certain circumstances. >> reporter: the 34-year-old sanchez turned himself into police last friday, after this video taken by a neighbor,
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showed sanchez beating his stepson with a belt, reportedly for not catching a ball during a game of catch. >> the father wants to create an impression for the jury that he was doing what he was allowed to do as a father. but i don't see that a jury's going to believe that. >> reporter: the neighbor posted the video on youtube. it's received more than 200,000 hits in the past few days. and the public outcry against sanchez has been severe. he's had to resign his position with the imperial irrigation district in southern california. >> that's not a justification for inflicting this kind of punishment on a boy for dropping a ball. one question that's been asked. could sanchez have had a reasonable belief of privacy. the neighbor who shot the video did it from his home. and sanchez is out in the open, plainly visible.
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a 65-year-old homeless man whose face was devastated in a cannibalistic attack is recovering. doctors in miami say he is alert and walking with some assistance. he is missing his nose and had his left eye removed after being attacked last month by a neighborhood man on drugs. he was then shot and killed by police. >> he's pleased to report to all of you that he's feeling well. he's eating. walking around with physical therapy. >> he will need more surgeries before he can move on to facial reconstruction. he's expected to remain hospitalized for several more weeks. disturbing and damaging testimony from former penn state assistant coach, mike mcqueary, who took the stand for the first time in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. mcqueary graphically describing what he saw in a penn state
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locker room between sandusky and a 10-year-old boy. he saw sandusky pinning the boy against the wall of the shower and had anal sex with him. he reported what he saw explicitly to his father, also a coach. and then, the next day, to the late penn state coach, joe paterno. also on the stand, the young victim known as victim number one. he said that sandusky performed sexual acts on him at the sandusky home. >> victim one today was agitated being in the courtroom. was bothered in telling what happened to him. >> sandusky faces over 50 counts of child sex abuse. he denies all charges. the city of san jose did something he hasn't done in years. restore funding. the council voted unanimously to accept the mayor's budget for the next fiscal year. in it, plans for a $9 million surplus. the cushion is a result of the employee layoffs and pay cuts from last year. that means there's money for the
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community center to open next week, nearly a year and a half after the construction was complete. >> people need jobs right now. the money now is better for the economy and get the money working. >> other items on the city's to do list. fix roads and give $2 million to gang prevention. some of the surplus will be put forward towards deficits. the long, hot summer that could be the fate of families used to cooling off at the water slides in pleasanton. the park closed the slides for the first time in four years. inspectors thought the slides needed major repairs. it could cost more than $6 million to fix. but the old operator thinks it can be done for less. the leaders have approached the district to do what it can to save the park. many residents grew up with the water slides and were shocked to see them closed. >> we've been coming to the water slides. it was eighth grade we went on a trip to the water slides. and every year after that, we
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come. we're really bummed to find out today they're shut down. >> park officials say they can't afford the repairs. the only way to save the park now is to find a private business willing to take over the slides. is alzheimer's a woman's disease? more women than men suffer from the neurological disorder. but they chalk it up to the fact that women live longer than men. researchers looked at the cause of the disease into gender is more complicated. women with certain genetic markers are more likely to get alzheimer's than men with the same markers. the study is far from a cure. but it suggests new avenues for research into that disorder. it's the life blood of the bay area. and it's at a critically low level. there's a blood shortage because of a low number of donations this year.
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the american red cross provides blood to 30 hospitals in the east bay and south bay. let's talk about temperatures tomorrow. it was toasty today. >> if you headed anywhere from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., winds from 10 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour. in the coastline, in response to that, we're dropping everywhere. 59 in livermore. 61 in san jose. and 65 in sunnyvale. let's take you to our network down in the south bay. there's the shark tank. it's quiet on the roads. not too much cloud cover in the south bay. a little bit starting to build. bridge work there. but the fog moving in. you see the lights, a little blurry there, a few hundred feet away. it's not dense by the bridge. but by the morning hours, that fog's going to build. maybe the immediate coastline that may produce airport delays, expecting people in the morning or if you have flight plans. for wednesday, all about the cooling with the winds we talked
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about. seven-day forecast can be erratic. from cold to hot to this time of the year. the storm track is moderating to the north here in washington and oregon. that will keep the jet stream over northern california. for us, that will be a cooler flow, with the onshore flow in the santa cruz mountains, at the peninsula and marin. at the coastline, 50s and 60s. a slight onshore inland.70s too. that foggy breeze expected to hold here into thursday. for the morning hours, what we'll look at here is our computer model picking up on drizzle. 4:00 a.m. and fog stays put against the immediate coastline also for the peninsula and through marin. as we head throughout the afternoon hours, that fog clears out and we expect a decent amount of sunshine. if you're headed out to the u.s. open, one of the lucky ones, temperatures in the mid-60s,
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breezy to windy. cooler and cloudier than we started the week off with. numbers in the mid-50s to start. throughout your wednesday morning. not too bad. around normal this time of year. and daytime highs will be 20 to 25 degrees cooler than what we started with on monday with the record-setting highs. 80 in san jose. double 77s for you in sunnyvale. 82 in pleasanton. 79 in dublin. and 86 in fair field. for the north day, 84 in santa rosa. . in san mateo. friday, we start to go back up again. then, it gets hot. by saturday and sunday, mid-90s. hottest day in the seven-day forecast, where we could have triple-digit temperatures. that heat has me running around the studio here. you know what that heat is good for? last-minute spring cleaning. summer starts officially next week. >> exciting. okay. thank you very much. >> thanks, jeff. coming up, just grin and
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the heavy hitters in the golfing world descended on san
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francisco's olympic club today. and at this u.s. open, dave benz explains who got top billing. >> the arrival of 14-year-old andy zhang to the u.s. open this morning was a side bar. but make no mistake. tiger woods continues to be the headliner at this u.s. open. following his round, tiger took center stage where he answered questions for over 30 minutes. inevitably, those questions turned to his ability to return to the top of his sport. and tiger clearly believes such questions are here to stay. >> even if i do win a major championship, it will be, well, you're not at 18 yet. when will you get to 19. always something with you guys. i've dealt with that my entire career. ever since i was an amateur and playing all the way through. and to professional golf. it hasn't changed. >> tiger tees off on number 9 thursday, bright and early at 7:33 a.m. he'll have a lot of company walking the course.
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especially considering he's playing alongside masters champ, bubba watson and phil mickelson. >> he gets the best out of me. on thursday, i'll be ready to play. and one of the issues i've had, i've been mentally lethargic on thursday and friday. i won't be this week. >> tiger and phil have first-round u.s. open history together. they were paired together in 2008 to start the u.s. open. tiger went on to win that tournament. that will do it for now from the olympic club. back to henry at the xfinity sports desk. even the giants can't get too far from the u.s. open. rory mcilroy throwing out the first pitch against houston. what's up with that? from the third, giants down 1-0. look who is going yard. madison bumgarner goes deep. ties the game at 1-1. he had 12 ks on the mound.
11:29 pm
giants win. 6-3, your final. game one of the nba finals went to the oklahoma city thunder. they take down lebron james and the heat, 105-94. plenty more from the olympic club tomorrow. we have a lot to talk about. >> i know. so exciting. >> henry will be hanging with tiger for the practice round. >> that's a good duo. >> right. not at all.
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you are what you wear. a pile of overdue algebra home work, plus the need for a graduation dress produces a need. a 17-year-old girl procrastinating, what is she going to wear to graduation? she came up with a pattern and stitched together a paper dress for the old algebra assignments. her best friend made her dress out of plastic bags.
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very resourceful. both girls are graduating with flying colors. >> making a multiply kags dress. >> at a fraction of the price. >> very nice. one quick look here. all of the golfers want to know about the fog. >> it will be foggy in the morning wednesday and thursday. patchy fog thursday and friday. best u.s. open weather will be saturday and sunday, with sunny >> thanks for joining us tonight.
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