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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the people to leave now so there is no conflict. we will not be violent if we have to go on to the premises. but we will assert our legal rights. >> late in afternoon, police returned, touring the school to make sure classrooms were secure and undamaged. but they left without locking the front doors, or attempting to remove parents. demonstrate fors including the velazquez family say they won't back down. >> i'm trying to be a voice for
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a family that doesn't have the courage. i hope this gives people the courage to step up and say it's not okay, because if you saw what's happened to these families, it's completely disrupting their lives. >> reporter: we are back here live where this demonstration continues. you can see there's a very diverse group out here, there are younger people, there are older people, carrying their signs. we can pan down the street, you can actually see down the way, there's a man in a business suit over here, looks like he just got off work and he is here, all of these folks doing their part to keep their children's school open, now the school district says that they are monitoring this situation minute by minute, they say they cannot allow the sit in to continue in definitely, they're going to have to go in, remove the tents, remove the parents and physically escort them off the
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premises. but so far, that has not yet taken place. in the south bay tonight, parents and children who attend a relatively small school district are de3457bding some very big changes. they say the allen rock school district is failing their kids and tonight they kblagather to suggest how to fix it. >> reporter: a class in which 47 of 57 graduates are headed to college. another student just finished 10th grade and already has a scholarship to cover all of her college education. part of the reason is that she's not in a public school. >> i felt that the schools has given us an extra push, however some of the kids in our neighborhood have been lift behind. it's not a good feeling. >> community members will gather
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tonight to ask the allen rock to green light more charter schools which they say promote more technology. the parents are demanding more charter schools, also longer school days for public school kids, an equitable sharing of any new bond money and stability in the superintendent's office. the new superintendent says the distribute wants the same thing parents do, but the average tenure of any superintendent anywhere is about three years. >> i know the board would like to have a stable leadership at the superintendent level. what they do have is very stable leadership at the teacher level, at the principal level. where the interaction with kids happen. >> the board says they want to work with parents in the community as they have in the past to make sure they all feel their needs are met.
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>> i want my whole community to be able to go to college and have all these opportunities so we won't be a statistic. >> parents are already arriving for that 6:30 meeting behind me and across the street directly is one of the reasons why one of the public middle schools where the academic performance index is about 100 points below what the state considers to be profish yeblt. people acting in community together, it is the same group that organized parents in the franklin mckinley district to make their demands. new tonight at 6:00, a los gatos has -- arrested on suspicion of setting fire to a los gatos home of a former classmate two times. now faces charges of arson and
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animal cruelty buzz the family does was issued. the second fire set in january, luckily no one was homet e th time of either fire. kramer is the classmate of the family's daughter. that fire in the bay view heavily damaged a four-story apartment building that was under construction. the fire was reported saturday just after 4:00 in the more, the damage estimated at more than $750,000. investigators aren't saying why they think it's suspicious. the santa clara fire department says that they hope -- the sheriff's dive team is rescanning the reservoir three miles west of morgan hill. they're using new sonar equipment however they know the search is not based on any new
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tips. one man has been arrested and charged with her kidnapping and murder, but no body has ever been found. a man who's been work -- 33-year-old joaquin bailey swamly moswam sexually molested three young children in his -- he previously worked as a staff member at a facility in los gatos. he has also worked as achieve kids, bailey was formally charged today. anyone with information thochb case is encouraged to call police. the 26-year-old oakland man is on life support after being shot while behind the wheel of an east bay freeway. that shooting happened nearg0g near fruitvale avenue.
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if anybody was traveling on that flee way and saw anything is asked to give a call to the police department. san jose is on pace to reach 45 murder this is year. the victims virtually died in hiss arms, both of them teechbs, both gang related shootings. >> i pulled up and saw a woman holding the victim on the ground, she was holding him by his head. >> he normally drives through his beat. >> he took one last deep breath and that was it. >> he died in the officer's arms. >> it bothers me to see what these kids are doing, because i
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really don't know if they realize the decision they make, how it's going to affect the people they leave behind. >> the memorial has been here since june 12 and the former s.w.a.t. team member can't fixture out why the other gang hasn't vandalized it. that shooting happened just days after another deadly gang confrontation on the same street, the victim, another teenager. >> i knew he was in bad shape, he made it clear to me that he felt like he was dying. i tried to reassure him that help was coming. >> the officer witnessed his financial breaths as well. >> both of these kids were just shy of their 18th birthday. and some of the perpetrators are getting younger too. >> he'll continue patrolling the streets he grew up in, a cop who
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admittedly could have gone either way himself but instead chose to defend the law, rather than break it. he hasn't spoken to a police chaplain or any other professional about the violence he's witnessed. the officer says now is the time to concentrate on protecting the city that made him one of san jose's finalest. . >> in san francisco, the fate of suspended sheriff ross macarini -- the hearing is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 5:00. the investigation began shortly after the sheriff pleaded ghilt of a false imprisonment -- an account of the incident by witness and neighbor avery madison. an account that differs greatly from stories. loepds and her son will remain in her native venezuela.
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still ahead here at 6:00, microsoft goes head to ahead with- >> what more and more government agencies are asking the search engines to do. a new study says not so fast. >> and just who is the bird man? and will he face charges? what we have learned about the man who disrupted the u.s. open trophy ceremony. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. all of oeblg and cedar in the low category. we'll talk more about temperatures heating up for it h it will get in just w minutes.fe ♪
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a small city is coming down at the olympic club in san francisco. the tents that house corporate sponsors and the international media and the merchandise mall are being deconstructed one piece at a time. as you can imagine, it's a huge job. here's more on the work ahead and the bargain hunters who move back to the club today. >> it took years just to plan the infrastructure for this year's u.s. open at the olympic club and it will take a good amount of time to tear it all down. since all that work started this morning, they're actually calling today the busiest day of the u.s. open. >> it's all coming down, piece by piece. crews are dismantling what was essentially a dill functioning city.
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just eyeing the sheer amount of material that can't be left behind is staggering. in fact those who oversee the deconstruction say they're too busy to even stop to talk to us about what's being done. fans are cleaning out what's left at the merchandise tent. everything must go. >> golf balls, ball markers, shirts, hats, umbrella. wine glasses for my mother. >> everything was priced at half off today. >> but if i hadn't taken all those half prices, it would have been more like $300 or $400 or more. i think i did okay. >> more than 100,000 hats were sold during the tournament and today you had to move quickly to get your hands on the leftovers. >> if you walk to one end of the room and come back, you might find it gone from the shelve. now one volunteer tells me it
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might take until september for all traces of the open to be gone. their short-term goal is to try to get golfers playing back on the course by next week. i got off to a slow start, but i knew that i was -- >> do you remember this interruption during yesterday's u.s. open trophy presentation. as web simpson was being interviewed by bob costas, a bird walked in front of the camera and began making bird sounds. he's andrew dudley of the uk who calls himself jungle bird. he says this was planned. he has pulled similar stunts before. san francisco police say he had been drinking. he was taken to the local police department to sober up but does not face any charges. technically they did pass it
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on time but state legislature -- in pieces so 22 so-called trailer bills, provisions critical to the budget won't be decided until late next week. those bills lay out what to do with hot button issues. nearly $200 million separates the two sides from an agreement. judge brown has two months to sign or veto that budget. pushing communities to try and build pesticides free. a growing number of counties and cities are taking advantage of a grant program, including san jose in richmond. richmond passed an ordinance that would ban the use of pesticides and endorse the use of others. >> the state actually goes and monitors the project, and works with the organization that wins the grant and we can also use the results of they successes. and we can use that as a model.
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>> certify indications from the state are also proving valuable to cities. the city of san jose has a $900 million cushion for next year. the cash is available because of layoffs and employee concessions. >> that's nice, it looks very pretty. let's throw things over to jeff ranieri, and just when you think summer has start, it gets cold. >> officially here on the first day of summer, you're going to see that seven-day forecast. numbers also today, all over the -- 87 in livermore and santa
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rosa is at 736789 onshore flows has numbers in the 60s across the bay, 73 in lirmore right now, right now 60s at our coastline. on this monday evening, and, yes werks do have the fog combing back, but you notice that top right corner of your screen, as that fog tries to get closer, there's some dry air that's starting to filter in and it's keeping this fog from getting as dense as it was last night. the key thing to hone in on right now, yeah, it's breezy out here, but these winds are starting to shift more out of the north and also out of the west, that is helping to scour out at least the widespread fog and push it all the way down to the central and southern coastline. so this is a sign of what we're going to be dealing with over the next 24 hours. this was also a drying wind that will also help to bump up our temperatures.
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then coming up in our seven-day forecast, we are going to talk about some major cooling where temperatures could drop 25 to 40 degrees. extremely dry here across the west, we start to head into the, well, you know, ends of our water season here. there is listen a 40% chance right now to get any kind of rain drops. so no rain, but we're going to get some springtime weather. >> still ahead at 6:00, it might gross you out when you check into a hotel. the dirtiest spots in a hotel room. i'm scott budman, another car giant ready to call
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silicon valley home,wh hainat tt what that means for your future ride and for bay area jobs.
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it appears government efforts to censure internet search results are on the rise. the latest transparency report from google finds that in the last half of 2011, u.s. agencies asked the company to remove more than 6,000 pieces of connant. that number is up more than 100% compared to the first six months of the year. canada, france and the uk have also increased their request. >> a reason to feel extra proud of the bay area tonight. let's bring in our business tech reporter scott budman, there's staggering numbers there, scott. >> it's faster than any computer and it's in our backyard.
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specifically lawrence livermore lab. this one can sustain more than 16 kwau -- just think what you could do with a computer. microsoft has a new computer. a tablet powered by windows soft fare with cool features that doubles as a full keyboard. has a 10.6 inch display, it's not out yet so you'll have to wait a bit. oracle, not for anything new, but more making a big pile of money. lots of software shares. stocks led higher today by
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facebook, no reporter has every been able to say that before. the company announcing plans to buy, that's a facial recognition common in israel. we got a peek into the future of ford and how it plans to grow here. >> if you want to know when you'll be able to drive this, car talk, or talk to your car, ford has an answer. the auto giant, born in motown, just opened a lab in silicon valley, looking for talent, looking towards the future. >> having a presence here in silicon valley allows us to tap in to those great innovations that are coming. >> bringing it's muscle and electricity to an area used to developing auto innovation. ford showed us what's called
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applink technology just by using your voice. it means new opportunities for jobs and ideas. >> we're starting off with 300 or 400 people. we look to grow up to a dozen or so. >> future cars will definitely have more technology inside, companies like ford are here to figure out how to use it. >> the silicon valley ford lab is based in palo alto and they tell us they'll be staffing up soon. >> let's stick with the car theme. the federal government is expanding its investigation into fires that can start in the doors of several types of vehicle. 600,000 camrys and various other vehicles from model years 2007 and 2009. the investigation started back in february, now includes near
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1.5 camry vehicles. after launching the probe, it says he has received 165 complaints of fires resulting in nine injuries. still ahead at 6:00, it's the most common form of obesity surgery. what we're learning may have a very troubling side effect. the jailhouse phone call between george zimmerman and his wife. and the defense continue presenting its case in the jerry sandusky sex abu the ashe firstit
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the judge in jerry sandusky's sex abuse trial told jurors to expect closing arguments to begin thursday. today the defense began presenting evidence of the
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character of the former penn state football coach. they're trying to prove that his character would not have let him commit such crimes. >> they failed to have much of the case thrown out. >> the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial is on the fast track. and judge john klee land says they could begin delivering next thursday and could be sequestered. victim number nine recalled the night her son begged her to pick him up at sandusky's home. >> he's outside waiting for her. he clearly was afraid of being inside that house. that was a very powerful moment for the prosecution. >> reflecting on the boy's suffering, she said, i just can't imagine. prosecutors dropped the misdemeanor child endangerment charge, but sandusky still faces 51 more counts. richard anderson testified like
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sandusky, he had showered with young boys many times. the defense argues that's simply part of the football culture. prosecutors asked whether jerry had ever hugged young boys in the shower or stayed with them in hotel rooms and anderson said no. >> one of the -- you can imagine they would spend a lot of time in the office, on trips, giving speaking engagements and you can imagine there would be a lot of different times when the coach would have his time very well tied up. >> reporter: the defense argues that the timing of the alleged offense is so vague that he can't pinpoint on alibi. in another trial, not guilty on all counts, that's the verdict in the trial of baseball legend roger clemens, accused of
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lying to congress about steroid use. late this afternoon, clemens arrived -- obstruction of congress, making false statements and perjury. prosecutors say the pitcher lied to lawmakers in 2008 when he testified that he never used performance-enhancing drugs. after the verdict was read, clemens took time to reflect on the decision. >> i just want to say thanks to these guys behind me who, from day one listened to what i had to say, obviously for the last 4 1/2, five years, i went out able to say anything. so it was great to see some old friends, and teammates and just some neat people. i want to thank those people who took their time to come in on my behalf. >> his first trial ended in a mistrial. searching for answers, investigators have completed an autopsy on rodney king, but say
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the results won't be released for weeks. king's body was pulled from a swimming pool yesterday. neighbors say they heard a commotion at the house hours before king died. but police say they found no signs of foul play. he was first strublg in the spotlight when video showed him being beaten by four police officers. a verdict touched off days of deadly rioting in los angeles. new evidence in the trayvon martin murder case. prosecutors released six jailhouse phone callings between george zimmerman and his wife. in the recordings, prosecutors say zimmerman is telling his wife how to transfer money from his account to other accounts. >> so take a ten first to keep in your pocket. and at the institution, see if you can put ten into hers right away. and she can take that ten and
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put it in the box there. >> police believe the two are speaking code, prosecutors say references to ten actually mean $10,000 and that the call showed that zimmerman tried to hide his financial asset from the court. calls were made back in april and were used to revoke zimmerman's bochbtd earlier this month. his wife has since been charged for perjury and has released on bail last week. zimmerman is accused in the shooting death of trayvon martin. authorities arrested otis hickman and jasmine cooper early yesterday morning in carmel, after a collection of allegedly -- the couple admitted to using the credit cards to purchase more than 5$500 worth f
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merchandise over a three hour period. when they searched the couple's bay point home, they found hundreds more stolen credit cards. there could be as many as 500 victims with hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. >> the fire started sunday afternoon and has forced the evacuation of about 150 homes. crews say the fire doubled overnight burning more than 800 acres. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. as crews continue to battle the blaze in southern california, fire departments here in the bay area spent today preparing for what is expected to be a difficult and dangerous wildfire season. emergency responders began a three-day training here. the annual event pits firefighters police officers and other emergency crews the chance to practice working together in simm lated emergency scenarios.
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>> when we work together through the mutual aid plan, it makes it so that our practice is how we play we want. >> the wildfire training runs through wednesday. >> a legal battle that pitted nurses against doctors appears to be over tonight. the chronicle is reporting the state supreme court is refusing to bar unsupervised nurses from giving anesthetics to hospital patients. that battle again in 2009 when schwarzenegger authorized specially trained nurses to administer the drug on their own. a decision that physicians challenged. a study says that nurses can administer anesthesia as safely as doctors can. turning now to the middle east, the people of egypt hungry for last night was the turn still coming in, the ruling
6:37 pm
military made a pre-emptive strike stripping him of power tots control the war, the army or replace its leaders. political experts say his party is not only pro american -- is not pro american and it's fiercely anti-israel. >> kerry as you may remember was the democratic nominee for president back in 2004, he has home state experience with gop mitt romney as well. the romney campaign hasn't announce who will play president obama during hiss mom debates. still ahead at 6:00, the obesity surgery that is now being linked to a serious side effect. >> new research is at the
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dirtiest spot in a hotel room. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area after higher fire danger this past weekend and even 106 in livermore. numbers are going to be going up for tuesday. we'll let you know how long this hotter weather will last coming up in just a few minutes. ♪[linkin park "burn it down"]
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in house matters tonight, a popular weight loss summery
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could increase t-- a similar increase was not found in patients that had other weight loss procedures. researchers say that changes in metabolism allow them to get drunk faster and with a smaller amount of alcohol. kids born with one kidney may not need to be kept out of sports. a new study in the journal of pediatrics find kidney injuries are rare and should not keep a child from playing a sport. the next time you check into a hotel. be sure to pack hand sanitizer, a study by researchers at the university of houston finds television remotes and bathroom switches in hotels have as much bacteria on them as toilets and bathroom sinks. areas with the lowest level of contamination were bed head
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boards and bathroom handles. researchers say the levels don't necessarily cause diseases but could be harmful to people with weakened immune senses. >> that's why i travel with my large size of hand sanitizer. >> we're cooling back down again. let's take a look at san jose now, a little bit of blue skies there on the top edge of your screen, we'll let you know about some 90s coming your way in a few minutes. and some scott reed from the sports newsroom. you thought mike tyson's singing career was a one and done deal? think again, wait until you hear where and why the former champ will be performing.
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the america's yacht club rice will bring some of the world's fastest vessels to the san francisco bay. >> the san francisco bay is one busy place. ferry boats, container ships and
6:45 pm
sailboats constantly traverse it's waters. but aside the being popular with boats, it's also popular with the birds. >> it's one of the major migratory routes in the youth of america. >> experts want to know more. >> one of our complaints about the environmental impact report in the race itself was they didn't even know the impact they were going to have. >> over the threat of lawsuit by environmental groups, including the aud audobon society, mike lowons with the audobon society says the study would be conducted by biologists with the u.s. geological survey. >> they're going to use flyovers by airport which is a very common water bird and shore bird method and they'll also do surveys by lavnd and by the
6:46 pm
boats. >> this survey will last over the summer. some wonder if it's money well spent. >> birtds are important too, don't get me wrong, but we would we want to spend so much money on birds when we have homeless people. >> there are already impacts occurring out there and the rate creates even more impact, then what are those impacts to the birds? >> the plan still has to be approved by san francisco's board of supervisors with hope the study will take flight there august. >> and it was a gorgeous weekend in the city this weekend. the weather was beautiful, jeff. >> yeah, it was phenomenal, did you have fun at alcatraz? >> it was a phenomenal trip to alcatraz and the weather could not have been better. >> we talked a lot last week about your friendship out to al can trads helpings out a special
6:47 pm
event. the daytime highs 83 in concord, 73 in fremont, then for the south bay, a lot of extremes today right here in san jose, we did have some of that influence. currently, the winds slightly onshore avenue finding some 60s here in san francisco, also in oakland. then our interior spots dropping off rather fast. let's take you out to that live hd sky camera network tonight. and we do have the fog, we have that slight onshore flow but it's not as thick as it was this time last night making it for gorgeous night out around the east bay city that. fire danger is going to be high here as we head throughout the evening, tomorrow more warm weather, more increased fire danger and everyone temperatures
6:48 pm
are expected to go a -- summer pattern this week, we're going to find some cooling in that seven-day forecast. it's all about this warm tap of air out in the pacific. we're not going to see it get as hot as it was saturday or sunday when temperatures were in the low 100s, but we do think it's going to switch up the winds just enough that coastal locations will find 60s and 70s. downsloping warming winds will also bring us a look at the 80s and 90s. but here is, well, the great news, we're going to start of with some fog here at the coastline. by the afternoon hours, that fog is going to get scoured out of here and that's when those temperatures are going to have the best chance of warming up from about 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. we haven't seen the allergy forecasts look this good pretty much all season long. all of the oak and cedar.
6:49 pm
you can breathe a little sigh of relief, if you do suffer from allergies. 49 in santa rosa, 54 in free throwmont. 56 in concord and low 50s in lir more. warmer as you mention, with this brief, warming trend, temperatures will be close to 90 in los gatos. 91 in gilroy, for the east bay, warm to hot for you in walnut a creek, with 91, 88 in blackhawk and 70s back to the bay for the most part from alameda to hay word. mid 80s in santa rosa, and 60s here for the coastline. your three-day forecast, this is going to be a shocker here, because as we head into wednesday, that's when summer officially begins, we're going to go from 90s here on wednesday, all the way down into the 70s by thursday. it's not only the fog coming away for thursday, friday,
6:50 pm
saturday and sunday, but also some unseasonably cool air dropping down from the pacific northwest. it looks as if we could stay in that cooler trend for at least the next five days. there's no rainfall mixed in, but a lot of you that were in the shorts this past week, maybe in the pool, had the bathing suit on, it's going to be that way this weekend, only not as hot. >> that's coming up later. >> $10 million, that's how much what i area radio giant ralph barbieri lost in his former element ploy year. he claims he was fired because he had parkinson's type two diabetes and because of his age. barbieri was fired because he
6:51 pm
failed to honor the terms of his contract. now lerts get to sports.
6:52 pm
. >> the first thing brad said is he wants to have a chance to win again, and that's really what it comes down to. if we were a team that he viewed as a noncompetitive team, he would been coming here and we have an environment tt avwe he very high expectations.
6:53 pm
sad day for the 49er family. r.c. owens pafds passed away. he was weinducted into49ers hall of fame last year. a day later, we're still taking it all in. web simpson is your u.s. open champs. simpson watched from the clubhouse as grant mcdowell missed a chance for the playoffs. >> you know, i was kind of hoping for my first win on pga tour last week, did i heap any second tour would come i didn't. i believe in myself that i could win a major, and i believe this is my fourth or fifth. i just gained owl the respect of the guys who won multiple majors
6:54 pm
because it's so hard to do. ♪ moment all my life ♪ oh, lord ♪ oh, lord ♪ >> admit, you rewound that mix in "the hangover" because you just couldn't get enough. mikify son is team pg up with mike lee. giants-angelings tonight, we'll have highlights at 11:00. as far as the tyson on broadway thing, there's still hope for your bundle show. >> i think our show will do well. >> yes, i agree. >> thank you very much. for a full half hour of sports coverage, you can watch sports central at comcast >> we got to start warming up. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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