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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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happening right now, federal investigators for this fire in oakland. what they're doing and why they've been called in. i'm damian trujillo live at the san jose hall of justice. the trial gets under way for man accused of beating up a priest. the attorney tells the jury tes he is a vigilante. that's coming up. and what a new survey about car theft hotspots says about the bay area and the california city that ranks number one on the list. and how about a live look at the hills off in the distance in sunol on this first day of summer. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon in for clinton kelly. >> i'm marla tellez. new this morning, a commuter nightmare turned criminal investigation. right now, federal agents are combing the charred remains of a four-alarm fire in oakland that led to a partial shutdown of b.a.r.t.s six days ago. stephanie chuang joins us live with the clues investigators already have. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this has become such a big case that help is coming in from across the country. in fact, lila the dog from courtland fire and rescue just arrived minutes ago. she's trained in -- she's trained in sniffing out accelerants, detecting accelerants, i should say, so 22 of those special agents from the atf, special national response team, is actually on scene. they've been combing through the scene for the last couple of hours. you can see just the debris here
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at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station, what was the senior housing complex under construction went up in flames. that was last thursday. so what they're going to do today is sift through the evidence from the top down, and the goal in all of this is to pinpoint the origin of this fire in hopes of determining whether this was a case of arson. flames shot into the sky burning down an unfinished senior housing complex early thursday morning. the question a week later remains -- did somebody ignite this mass of flames on purpose? the security guard on duty at the time says he was chased away by young men right before the fire. federal investigators confirm they've already interviewed him as well as other witnesses. but a separate case of 22 special agents from atf from across the country have been called in to process the scene. now just a mangled mess of debr debris, an estimated loss so far of $25 million.
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for hours, atf agents will be sifting through the debris from what was the fourth floor of the building down to the concrete base, scouring for evidence, similar to a recent investigation in l.a. >> nr t was able to sift through a parking garage, an auto body shop, that burden of proofed to the ground and found a butane lighter that was used. >> the atf says these are the best of the best when it comes to experts in complex fire scenes. there are even canines trained specifically to dedekt accelerant to sniff out clues not visible to the human eye. special agent chris hoffman says their involvement will involve local public safety officers to stay on the streets. >> also we we bring in experts, maybe they don't have a forensic chemist or mappers. we have fire engineers, electrical engineers that will be on scene to reconstruct the scene and put it back together again. >> reporter: this atf team has responded to major national crises from the 1993 world trade center bombing to the oklahoma
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city bombing. here at this west oakland scene, you can see the left side has a lot of dry wall, and so atf investigators telling us that's likely where they'll start the sifting process because there's so much to get through. they'll be here until about 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon and be back tomorrow. you' how much they have to go through, so this is the start of what is sure to be many days of this federal investigation. live in west oakland, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. a san francisco couple accused of killing their daughter's pimp were in court this morning to answer charges of premeditated murder. we just learned their arraignment was continued to friday. police say barry gilton and lupe mercado shot and killed gang member calvin snead near candlestick park on june 4th. the couple's attorney says they didn't do it. district attorney george gaston says prosecutors have substantial evidence of the couple's guilt. they're being held on $2 million bail. well, he's accused of nearly beating a priest to death, but a bay area man says he is the real
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victim. william lynch says the priest abused him and his brother decades ago. nbc area's damian trujillo is live at san jose's hall of justice where lynch's trial is now under way. damian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. the prosecutor finished up her opening statement and that took about 20 minutes. now, it's the defense's turn inside the hall of justice. then it will be back to the prosecution to call their first witness, expected to be the receptionist at the retirement home of the priest. william lynch walked into the hall of justice this morning with his attorney. they could have gone through the lawyer entrance but decided to wait in line instead. prosecutors say lynch walked into the retirement center in 2010 and beat up father jerold lindner. lynch says lindner abused him and his younger brother inside a tent during a camping trip to the santa cruz mountains decades ago. lynch admits he beat up father lindner but had every reason to do because of the abuse. father lindner denies he ever
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molested the plinch brothers. the group, survivors network for those abused by priests say prosecutors are going after the wrong man. >> and i think that the pummeling of william lynch, who's a hurt, broken man, while the accused serial pedophile is allowed to roam free is just disgusting. >> reporter: the trial is expected to last two weeks, and lynch's lawyer says his client will take the stand. during opening statements, the prosecutor called lynch a vigilante. she said that he took a lot into his own hands and that in itself is not a defense. we're live at the san jose hall of justice. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a san francisco bicyclist who admits running down an elderly pedestrian will be arraigned today on manslaughter charges. 71-year-old sutchi hui died after being struck by chris bucchere in a busy crosswalk last march at market and castro.
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the 36-year-old cyclist allegedly wrote in a blog that he could not stop in time and plowed through the crowd. prosecutors say there is evidence bucchere was speeding and running lights to break a record for riding through the city. new details this morning in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. the defense has rested and will not call the former penn state coach to testify. as nbc's chris palone reports, closing arguments begin tomorrow. >> reporter: today joe amendola wasn't quite as chatty as tuesday. the defense called a family friend of the former graduate assistant who testified seeing jerry sandusky in the shower with a young boy. dr. jonathan dranoff said mike mckwooer never told him he saw sandusky engaged in sex with the boy in the locker room, but on cross-examination, he went into great detail about how upset and shaken mcqueary seemed by the enunt counter. the defense continued calling
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witnesses to testify to sandusky's character, including two men who said they stayed at sandusky's home as boys and never had anything unusual happen to them. both felt indebted to the guidance sandusky gave them. tuesday's testimony, joe amendola tripped up two police investigators and showed they might have shared information about other accusers with victim number four, possibly leading or directing his story. even if that revelation cast doubt on that accuser's story, former prosecutor wendy murphy doubts it will make much of a difference in the verdict. >> maybe he'll win a couple points, but, okay, so instead of 50 convictions there will be 40. it's like getting an upgrade on the titanic. he's still going down. >> reporter: despite completing testimony tuesday that she never saw or heard her husband abuse anyone, san dus di's wife, dottie, has not been seen at the courthouse today. hold on to your keys and lock your doors. awe though thefts are on the decline nationwide, but several
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bay area cities are still havens for car thiefs. the national insurance crime bureau says car theft has dropped eight straight years thanks in part to improved vehicle security features. but these features are not stopping criminals from striking in the top ten hotspots. here is a look at some of the list. vallejo at number nine and the greater bay area takes the number six spot. the city with the most thefts per capita goes to fresno. >> there we have it. okay. summer is upon us, but not just yet. a few hours away, huh? >> aren't you glad you're not in the central valley today? >> hot, hot, hot. a hot place. >> another way that has no relief. we're already taking temperatures about 15 degrees above the norm for this time of day. look at all these people out on the golden gate bridge enjoying that gorgeous start to summertime. now, tomorrow, temperatures are going to topple. we're talking about a 20-degree difference between today and tomorrow. and that golden gate bridge, which is nice and clear right
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now, will be socked in with fog when we meet back here tomorrow. want to check my forecast, meet me back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. 90 degrees already, 90 in sunnyvale at 11:10. 80 in san jose. a warm day, but the first official day of summer. if you've got kids at home with you and you want to hit the beach, this will be your last great beach day for quite some time. 73 in pacifica, half moon bay, you'll hit about 74 to 76 degrees out there. and then the big winner, of course, santa cruz, is already at 70 degrees. they will likely hit about 80 degrees later on today. gorgeous conditions. then tomorrow the low clouds return, the fog, that dreary weather we're accustomed to this time of year. >> not too bad. >> not too bad. it could be cooler inland, but beach days. >> i think we'll get our share. >> she likes it. >> i'm spoiled. thank you. still ahead, the most popular landmark in the bay area based on social media. and president obama invokes executive privilege in a fight with congress over documents,
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gun running, and the country's attorney general. and the fed says the economy is not getting better as quickly as we had first hoped. we'll take a look at what that means in business. and what is about to happen residents and tourists ik has taking note?
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new at 11:00, republicans are pushing forward today with a vote to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. an 11th-hour maneuver by president obama. the president invoked executive privilege today with documents in the house committee's investigation into a gun money operation known as fast and furious. they want them to turn over documents about the operation, but he is refusing. fast and furious involves federal agents in arizona using a practice known as gun walking to track illegal weapon purchases. some of those weapons were used to kill innocent people including a u.s. border patrol agent.
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we are following developing news on the economy this morning. fed chairman ben bernanke just announcing his strategy to put the country on firm financial footing. our business and tech reporter scott mcgrew joins us now with the latest. >> good morning. he certainly hopes. we're keeping one ear on a press conference this morning with ben bernanke explaining the latest fed decision. here you see a rather uninspiring live picture from washington, d.c., of a bunch of people waiting for the head of the fed. the decision to extend the policy to push down long-term interest rates, sometimes called the twist, investors have really wanted more. well, we're going to keep watching this, truly one of most boring live shots out of washington ever. the committeeid d leave the possibility of something bigger open, saying it's prepared to take further action. now, wall street is absolutely going to sit and wait on this and see what happens. the dow is up four points, which is statistically nothing. economists in ucla, meanwhile, predict california will not
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begin a recovery until next year with unemployment staying in the double digits until then. their report called the anderson forecast takes a hard look at this, high-speed rail. says claims of the line between san francisco and los angeles will create new jobs is probably misplaced. economists at ucla say when high-speed rail was built in japan, jobs and development moved to the area around the rails, but they weren't actually created from scratch, and they fear the same here. laura? interesting. thank you, scott. 11:15 right now. security is extremely tight this morning around the military hospital where deposed egyptian president hosni mubarak is in grave condition. officials say the former leader is in a coma but is off life support. his heart and other organs are functioning. the egyptian news agency says the 84-year-old suffered a stroke in prison and he was clinically dead when he arrived at a hospital yesterday. supporters have been gathering outside the hospital. mubarak is serving a life sentence after being found guilty for failing to prevent
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hundreds of civilian deaths in last year's uprising. in the meantime, a fight over who will succeed mubarak is playing out on the streets of cairo. mubarak's former prime minister is claiming victory at last weekend's presidential election. but the muslim brotherhood rejects that claim. the brotherhood has had tens of thousands of supporters into tahrir square to denounce the country's ruling military council. the election commission is set to announce the official election results on thursday. the power company in charge of japan's crippled fukushima nuclear power plant issued a final report on that disaster today. the report outlines numerous structural and communication problems that have not been resolved. last year's earthquake and tsunami severely damaged four reactors at the plant north of tokyo triggering meltdowns and radiation leaks. it could be decades before some areas around the plant will be safe for habitation. today's report comes as japan
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prepares to restart its first nuclear reactors since that disaster. a beating case against teen pop star justin bieber is now in the hands of the district attorney. the l.a. county sheriff's department says it has wrappede up its investigationnto a a parking lot argument between bieber and paparazzi. the photographer claimed bieber roughed him up outside a calaveras shopping center last month. so far no charges have been filed. well, finally, some relief for you at the pump. gas prices have dropped for the tenth straight week. according to aaa's daily survey, the nationwide average price for a gallon of regular fell to $3.49 on tuesday. that's down from $3.76 a year ago. here in the bay area, the average price for a gallon of regular in san francisco is $5.10. analysts say the price drop is due to oil, declining price and a weakened global economy. the hawaiian island of lanai
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is on the vernal of being sold. the identity of the phonial buyer still under wraps. self-made billionaire rupert murdoch's company owns 98% of the island's 141 square miles. the company is reportedly in serious negotiations with a potential buyer, and the mayor says it may be sold in a week or so. the asking price, between $500 million and $600 million. local leaders are anticipating what the new ownership will mean for the people living on lanai. >> serious wealth. >> buy yourself an island. not bad. aloha to meteorologist christina loren. hello. >> hey, ladies. we've got a great-looking day for today. if you wanted to get outdoors and enjoy summertime weather on this first official day of summer, you're going to get to do so. 17 hours of sunshine today. the longest day of the year. taking a live look at sunol, and we're focussing in on a shot for you just to show you how beautiful it is out there. nice and clear, but those hills not as green as they once were.
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as we transition to summertime, we get less in terms of moisture coming through. they will likely turn even more deep brown. 69 degrees in san francisco. these are your current readings. this is not your high temperature map. 90 already in sunnyvale headed towards a very warm day. tomorrow, your temperatures are going to drop off significantly. a major cooldown on the way, 20-degree difference just about between today and tomorrow. make sure you're ready for that. calm conditions now through santa rosa, but we are constituent getting that northerly breeze. wherever you have those winds coming out of the north pushing to the south, that's a warming trend so we'll see a very warm afternoon. in fact, temperatures -- i've had to take um your numbers from yesterday's highs by about 5 to 10 degrees, and yesterday was warm. that means 76 degrees in san francisco, 91 in los gatos, 91 in san jose for today. we are going to get cooler. futurecast tells the story. we stopped the clock for you at 7:00. you can see that marine layer getting closer and closer to the coastline at that point. still full-on sunshine in the greater bay area.
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we continue that futurecast and stop it for you again tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. for the early broadcast. we'll likely have showers on the radar, really just return of drizzle because that marine layer will be so thick. a much different scenario for tomorrow. just want to make sure everybody's ready for it. if you want to enjoy that sunshine, get out there today because it will not last. tomorrow, limited sun for the first part of the day, the jet stream has taken a substantial dip to the south. for us, that means we are going to cool off and stay cool all the way through the upcoming weekend. 15- to 20-degree drop-off between today and tomorrow. take a look at this. the futurecast tells the story, but what really tells the story for you is your seven-day outlook. 94 today, 76 tomorrow. look what happens over the weekend. weekend even cooler and we hold onto unseasonably cool conditions all the way through next week. so break out those jackets and sweaters. you'll need them again very soon, ladies. back to you. >> you're not kidding. what a drop there. thank you, christina. coming up, the bay area landmark that's one of the most popular on facebook is not the
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golden gate bridge. >> and the special event celebrating the 100th birthday in alameda county. how you can get in the door for a bargain basement price.
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to our entire national wi-fi hot spot network, with nearly 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ at&t park is the most social landmark in san francisco. facebook released new information this morning about the most popular spot where people check this around the world. in the u.s., sports arenas certainly hit a home run. at&t ranked tops along with the staples center in l.a. and wrigley field in chicago. the three are on par with the new york's times square. they checked in at about 25 cities worldwide to determine the most social landmark. as we celebrate the first day of summer, nothing gets you more in the mood than a county fair. this year the alameda county fair celebrates its 100th
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birthday at the county fair grounds in pleasanton. this year's theme celebrates the many generations who have helped shape this event. and if you've been around for 100 years or more, you get free admission. opening day admission and fair rides will be $1 but only for today. the fair will run tuesdays through sundays through e early next month. london, deckingolhe c c olympistyle. we'll give you a look next. ym
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welcome back. take a look at all those people, all that foot traffic on the grinl on a beautiful start to the first official day of summer. gorgeous day. it will get down right hot come this afternoon inland, 94 in places like livermore, checking on the low 90s in san jose, then temperatures tumble down to the mid-70s, and we hold on to unseasonably cool weather all the way through the start of next week. ladies, back to you. >> thanks so much.
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london getting into the olympic spirit in a very big way. >> olympic rings the size of a double-decker bus welcome athletes at london's heathrow airport. passengers arriving today received a very british welcome. a military marching band wearing the traditional red coats and bearskin hats played music for the bearskin installation. >> and this is the place we'll be creating our first impression as well as our last impression, so we thought what better location for these spectacular rings than welcoming people when they arrive here in london. >> sounds so nice. the preparations for the opening ceremony are under way at the olympic stadium. denny boyle, director of "slumdog millionaire," choreographing and planning the event. the opening ceremony is july 27th. watch all the coverage on nbc bay area. >> getting excited for it. >> thanks for joining us this morning. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00.
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