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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 20, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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crews arrived to thick smoke and flames. about 150 firefighters started an offensive fight, going inside the structure and on top of the roof. but crews quickly figured out no one was inside. they also moved into defensive mode, pulling crews off the roof because it looked unstable. >> flexibility in the roof. you know, what the colors of smoke is, whether or not there's flames breaching the roof. and just let the incident commander know that, you know, this is going to be compromised and we really should get people out. >> reporter: not long after crews pulled back the front portion of the roof caved in and chunks of concrete started falling off the facade onto the sidewalk below. no one was hurt. pier 29 is a historic port building. port officials say it was built in 1915. the telegraph hills dwellers association says it fought to save the pier when developers wanted to turn it into a
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shopping mall. now they are watching it burn. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but firefighters say welders were working in the pier earlier today. pier 29 is mostly empty. it's being used for parking and storage. but crews say all of the vehicles were taken out without damage. i'm also told no firefighters have been injured and no civilians have been injured. now, the port says there are means for a new cruise ship terminal as well as an america's cup office and staging area for pier 29. they're telling us this fire will not affect those plans. iet now traffic is affected. parts of the embarcadero are shut down. at last check that closure has been shortened from chestnut to lombard. but still traffic down on the embarcadero area will be snarled for hours as the evening commute heats up. so the fire is contained. no one is hurt. but crews will be here at pier 29 throughout the night, looking for hot spots. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jean. we also have some breaking news update pacting the south
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bay commute right now. we have some live pictures from our traffic cam. where a brush fire is currently burning off highway 101 between san jose and morgan hill. there's some smoke in the air as you can see. it's burning on the east side of the freeway. it's a 30 to 40-acre fire that is quickly growing in the area of the coyote creek golf club. we want to take a picture of our traffic camera, our map here. you can see the commute going southbound on highway 101 right after the 85 interchange slowing down a bit just before morgan hill. northbound lanes okay right now, still in the green. we have a crew headed to the scene as well as our nbc chopper, and we're going to bring you more information as we get it. now we want to take you, bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with more on the weather conditions in the area. hot day today. is it making it harder for firefighters? >> yeah. in coyote creek right now just checking current conditions humidity is dropping below 50%. and it's heavily wooded. it's almost like the canyon
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situation where higay hw101 really, you know, drops down to this very tight region. as you can see here, as we zoom in closer, right now the temperatures are in the upper 80s. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour, gusting to 30. and again, on the east side of highway 101 at this point, that's our best location on that fire. again, we do have crews on the way to this. it looks as if winds could be a problem for fire.ghrs at least over the next three to six hours before we get some marked cooling in here over the next 24 hours. now, we talked about that pier 29 fire. again, a lot of people impacted by this this afternoon. temperatures in the 60s. firefighters continuing to watch those hot spots with 15 to 20. so while we don't have triple-digit heat across the coastline or in the south bay, nywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the north, it is very drying and we have a lot of brush out here after two calm fire seasons. this could be setting ourselves up as we have been saying all
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along for what could be a very dangerous next couple of months. we'll have more coming up.nd >> okay, jeff, thank you we'll see you shortly. we also want to remind you our helicopter is on the way to the fire in the morgan hill san jose area. we'll check in with our chopper when it's available p we want you to go to our website with any breaking news. you can get the very latest by logging on to nbc bay and following us both on facebook and twitter. in other news tonight, he's accused of beating up the priest he says molested him as a child, and now he's on trial. not the priest. opening statements began in the case of william lynch. nbc bay area's arturo santiago is live in san jose with a dramatic day one in court. arturo. >> reporter: it sure was, jeanelle. the most compelling testimony of the day came at the end of the day when father jerry lindner actually took the stand and testified that he denied ever molesting william lynch and his brother. now, lynch did not take a plea deal in his assault case. he's going to try to use his
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trial to expose lindner as a child molester. >> jail father jerry! >> reporter: the chants grew loud as the first day of trial stopped for lunch. but the break in the day did nothing to break the silence of william lynch and his attorney. deputy d.a. vickie giametti also refused to comment on opening statements in which she referred to lynch as a vigilante who planned and executed an attack. william lynch says he and his brother were raped by father jerold lindner in 1975 when he was 7 and his brother was 4 during a camping trip. lindner's own niece says she was also one of the priest's victims and is willing to testify on lynch's behalf. >> is it difficult for you? >> yes. >> how so? >> just the memories. it brings it all up. it's something that never goes away. >> very, very emotional. very emotional pe we don't know what's going to come out of it all. >> satisfied so far with the way the proceedings are going? >> for getting the story out we're very happy with that. >> reporter: in 2010 william
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lynch is accused of going to lindner's retirement home and beating him. the d.a.'s office is trying to keep the focus of the trial on that alleged attack. defense attorneys want to inject more of the molestation allegations against the priest. now, at day's end the d.a.'s office still did not want to comment on the first day of trial. william lynch's attorneys, on the other hand, are outraged, saying that father lindner committed perjury in denying that he was a child molester. we're live in san jose. i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> arturo, thank you. a san francisco couple accused of killing the man they claim was pimping their teenage daughter returned to court today and they weren't alone. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom but a large group of family and friends gathered outside to support barry gilron and lupe mercado. police say they shot and killed gang member calvin sneed near k57b8dstick park on june 4th. they're being held on $2 million
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bail. today's hearing was continued until friday while the judge considers whether their attorneys can see the arrest affidavit. the defense team says it hasn't seen any evidence linking the couple to the murder. a san francisco cyclist 34r5ed pleaded not guilty to man slauter charges today. chris buceri hilt and killed an elderly man in the castro last month. 71-year-old soo chi wi was struck weil in the crosswalk at market and castro. afrp the accident bukeri allegedly wrote on a cycling blog that he could not stop in time and plowed through the crowd in the crosswalk. surveillance video shows buceri did not even appear to try the brakes. a major political showdown is on the way at capitol hill today. a republican led house committee has voted to chashlg attorney general eric holder with contempt for refusing to turn over documents about a botched gun sting operation. the unprecedented move centers around a sting operation known
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as "operation fast and furious." under the program 2,000 assault weapons were allowed to be sold to gun runners so they could be tracked up the chain of command to mexican drug cartels. the program was called into question after several of those guns turned up at violent crime scenes with several mexican and american drug agents were killed. house republicans claim the attorney general is in on the cover-up and wants more documents released about the operation. holder has already handed over nearly 8,000 documents, and president obama says there will be no more released, citing executive privilege. >> and what in the world is he asserting executive privilege for? he's either part of it or he's not. >> it shouldn't be a political witch hunt against the attorney general of our country and our president in an election year. >> it would take the vote of the full house to find holder in. contempt. it's not clear yet if house leaders are willing to go that far. coming up in just about 20 minutes, brian williams will
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join us with nbc "nightly news" and he'll have more on today's historic move. once again, that's at 5:30. the nation's unemployment rate will stay stalled just above 8% for the rest of the year. that's the takeaway from a news conference today by fed chairman ben bernanke. he said the federal reserve will consider buying up long-term treasury bonds to lower interest rates if the economy continues to falter. the announcement caused the markets to gyrate before settling mostly unchanged. the dow closed down about 13 points. the defense rests. a pennsylvania jury has heard from eight of jerry sandusky's accusers but did not hear from sandusky himself. defense lawyers for the former penn state assistant football coach rested today without calling hum to the stand in his child sex abuse case. on the seventh and final day of testimony the defense presented more character witnesses, some of whom described him as a father figure. closing arguments are set for tomorrow. and jury members will be sequestered until they reach a
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verdict. the 68-year-old sandusky could spend the rest of his life in state prison 23 convicted. still ahead at 5:00, stepping in to help. >> the shocking attack on a 90-year-old has an equally shocking ending as the senior teams up with a good samaritan to take her mugger down. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have details coming up. and new numbers revealing that women are making more than men. we'll show you the secret ingredient to their success. plus, it is hot out there. but how long is it going to last in your fu ll forecast just minu fay
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a 90 older woman experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly in oakland this week. a wrong turn landed her at an east oakland gas station where she became the target of a mugger. but that brush with the city's bad side was followed by an
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amazing act of kindness by a good samaritan. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in oakland with a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. jodi? >> reporter: janelle, police really didn't have to do much in this case. that 90-year-old woman weighs just 88 pounds. she's only five feet tall. but she's feisty. and once she teamed up with a good samaritan, her alleged attacker didn't stand a chance. >> i can't imagine a person even getting that thought in their head that i'm going to attack a 90-year-old woman, or a woman at all. it's just disgusting. >> reporter: but rob ravelli witnessed just that. ravelli was inside an east oakland am/pm market buying a drink monday morning. focus on the action outside the doors. a surveillance camera captures a man tackling and robbing a 90-year-old woman who was on the way inside the store to ask for directions. >> i just thought it was the most horrible crime. >> reporter: rah veli jumped
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into action. he helped the woman collect her credit cards. but what happened next is truly remarkable. >> i asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital or chase this guy. and she wanted to chase him. so if she was down i was down to go get him. and we did. >> reporter: ravelli and the 88-pound senior jumped into her car and chased the suspect down. at some point ravelli got out and caught the man as the woman called 911. >> threw it into park, took the keys, and started jumping fences after him. and i caught him and got him in a headlock and held him there for the police. >> reporter: the senior told nbc bay area she was on her way home to the central valley and took a wrong turn. she had no idea she'd ended up in oakland until she asked another witness. >> what? oakland. >> reporter: the 90-year-old says she's incredibly grateful ravelli was there to help.
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>> he's an excellent, wonderful fellow. i hope god will bless him for the rest of his life. >> she was my partner. i mean, she was really into the chase with me. i mean, she was not scared at all. >> reporter: now, oakland police say they want the community to pitch in to help fight crime but they warn it is dangerous. we'll have their reaction to this tonight at 6:00. meanwhile, that suspect is behind bars tonight, facing robbery charges. the 90-year-old woman is at home recovering with a bruised hip. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. an incredible story. well, not just the city of oakland but mayor quan could be paying the price literally if they don't comply with a judge's ruling. a federal judge says he may fine oakland and the mayor if the city misses its deadline for internal affairs investigations. this is all stemming from occupy oakland protests. if the city does not finish the
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investigations within a year, state law prevents any legal action against officers found of any wrongdoing. but once again, the mayor could be fined here. the city says it will likely spend $750,000 to delegate some of the work to outside investigators. the gender pay gap may finally be turning around. new numbers show young women are now earning more than their male counterparts. here's nbc's christina hernandez to explain what's behind the success. >> reporter: jennifer hernandez is studying english and culinary arts. she isn't surprised to hear single women in their 20s are earning more than young men. >> a woman has more motivations to study, you know, to get a degree. >> reporter: education is key. both "time" magazine and "usa today" say more women go to college than men. once there, women are more likely to graduate or earned advanced degrees. and among african-americans and hispanics, women are more than twice as likely as men to earn college degrees. >> i believe that. >> you do? >> i believe that. i have two sisters. both of them are going to
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college. and i have other friends and i've seen that, too. that a lot of girls actually go to college, stay in college. get a graduate degree. >> reporter: according to the 2008 census bureau single women between 22 and 30 years old earn an average of $27,000 a year. that's 8% more than comparable men. and it's happening in 39 of the 50 biggest cities. >> they should pay you for whatever you do, more than for whatever you are or where you're from or whatever. so if the woman makes a better job than a guy, then why not? >> reporter: model amber lawson wasn't expecting to hear women are starting to make more. >> i guess that kind of good to hear. i'm hoping -- i mean, i guess that means a lot of women are getting their head on their shoulders. >> reporter: another reason women are more successful? they're waiting longer to get married and have kids, focusing on their career first. >> some interesting information. that was christina hernandez reporting. okay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we've been talking about some fire danger. it's very hot outside, specifically in the south bay next to san jose and morgan
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hill, jeff. >> the firefighters are going to have a hard time battling this one. in some hilly terrain just off highway 101 on the east side here. to the north of morgan hill impacting the coyote creek golf club. also highway 101. any commuters heading that way. right now 40 acres have burned at the latest. temperatures in the 80s. and the winds are primarily out of the north but they are starting to shift to the east. either way it's a very dry, downsloping wind across a lot of these hills. humidity at 35%. also winds gusting at 30. so it will be critical here for firefighters over the next three to six hours. if you live in this area and you do not need to be out and about, it is best that you probably stay home so you don't clog up the arteries sought firefighters can get to doing what they need to do. let's get a look outside at our sky camera network. we also had fire concerns in san francisco today. that's pier 29, which was at least partly engulfed in some flames. that fire is now extinguished. but plenty of hot spots. and you can see that camera shaking around. as to that wind that is beginning to pick up, here's the
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great news. with a lot of the fire crews on alert we are going to see more of this onshore cooling wind that will increase our humidity over the next 24 hours. right now winds at 25 in san francisco gusting into the 30s. 16 in san jose and also 19 in livermore. so very bone dry back into livermore with 93 right now. also 87 in san jose. on to weather headlines, it's all about these dramatic changes. we've had several clear morningings. but we're going to see the fog return for tomorrow morning. even a few areas of drizzle developing. then throughout thursday numbers could be dropping anywhere from about 20 to 25 degrees. here comes that jet stream. it should be up into canada this time of year but it's going to tack this unusual drop right across northern california that not only will bring us, well, this cold weather but also some drizzle at the coastline and possibly some rare june showers across portions of northern california. for us we'll look at 50s and 60s for the coastline. and take a look at this. 60s and 70s back here for our
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interior sections. so there's that major drop-off in our temperatures the next 24 hours. we'll begin with the fog at the coastline. also marin back for the east bay. low clouds for you. and it's going to be one of those days where the low clouds will have a very hard time clearing out for the coastline. in fact, by the afternoon looks like we may still be fogged in for parts of san francisco and low clouds back for oakland down to fremont. plenty of low to mid sfts to start and of course as we mentioned some low visibility with those low clouds and daytime highs will be topping out like this. 77 in san jose. 78 in evergreen. 76 for morgan hill. so about 10 below where we should be. 74 in dublin. 76 in walnut creek. and 60s by the bay from alameda to fremont. 67 in san francisco and 68 in san rafael. on your three-day forecast there's that temperature drop-off. from 90s today down into the 70s for this weekend. and that stays put all the way until about monday of next week and then those temperatures gradually warm up. so this is great news for firefighters next 24 hours.
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humidity increasing. temperatures dropping. but we'll still be windy at this point. >> we'll keep our eye on that morgan hill fire as well. thank you, jeff. welcome to summer. next at 5:00 beer going to show you a summer solstice celebration happening right here in the bay area. also the giants on nbc bay area tonight. the giants and the angels. game time fm anaheim a little after 7:00. and that means some of your favorite shows will be moved to tv 36. here's the line-up. and be sure to catch the justin bieber special right after the game here on nbc, followed by n. we're ba in a moment.
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if you think you're having a long day, you're absolutely right. it is official. summer is here. it's also known as the longest day of the year. today marks the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. now, when the sun shines directly over the tropic of cancer. these are pictures that were taken this afternoon from chabot space and science center when the sun was at its highest point. from here on out the days will
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gradually become shorter. the sun rose this morning at 5:48, and it won't set tonight until 8:35. we have more than three hours of daylight ahead of us, making today almost a 15-hour day. a takeover in san francisco. today researchers are saying we need to spend money to fight it. the highly invasive brown kelp comes from japan and has the potential to take out ecosystems. the alien kelp has spread in the marina near at&t park and all the way down in half moon bay. this type of seaweed is a common ingredient in miso soup. it's already damaged ecosystems in argentina, new zealand, and parts of europe. just ch kut era n kutcher the actor is taking on the dmv. we'll explain next. ♪[linkin park "burn it down"]
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♪[rock] ♪ [narrator] can't wait for the honda civic tour featuring linkin park? neither can we. go to for details.
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well, someone might be getting punked here. ashton kutcher's production company is suing the dmv for breach of contract. l.a.-based catalyst media says the dmv pulled out of a reality show that kutcher was producing. the show, titled "dmv," was picked up for at least four episodes by trutv. that's a tv network. it was going to be an insider's look at what life was like on the other side of that dmv counter. the dmv says it backed out of the show because it no longer -- it was no longer in the agency's best interests. now, catalyst is asking for $1.4 million in damages for preproduction work already completed. >> that would have been interesting. >> yeah, it would have. >> the license plates -- >> dmv no longer. summer's here. thanks for watching tonight. we'll see you for more local news at 6:00. >> good night. k
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