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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us. 4:59. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. we are following breaking news out of berkeley where a house fire has killed one person. >> firefighters are still at the scene at the home. stephanie chuang is live in berkeley. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, sadly, one young woman who lived in one of the upper floors of the house, died in the fire that started around 2:30 this morning. right now firefighters are on scene actually pulling some of the hoses out but waiting for the building to vent out a little before they can go back in and check for hot spots. this is where eight people were sleeping inside when flames ignited in this three-story victorian home. so far investigators believe it did start in the back. that's where people tell us flames were shooting out, dozens
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of berkeley firefighters responded within minutes. they tried to make rescues, everyone made it out except that young woman. neighbors tried to save any one but hit a wall of smoke and were forced out. one man was calling to his girlfriend but there was no response. as the flames grew by the second. >> the flames were going up and out, and it was like a huge fire. like a huge bonfire but a house. when it's that huge you don't know whether the house will collapse. then the embers were going onto my roof and the roof next door. >> reporter: two people also suffered injuries, one for smoke inhalation, one suffered some burns as well. we spoke with one of the three visiting friends who were staying there in that front room. they were sleeping there when they say they woke up to a smell of smoke.
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they heard crackling noises and some of the roommates started to run out of the house. that's when they saw some of the flames in the back of that home. we don't know if there were smoke detectors in the house. fire investigators are getting ready to go in hopefully some time in the next hour and start the investigation into what started this tragic fire. >> also new this morning santa clara county firefighters worked to extinguish a two-alarm house fire. it broke out ot a home near highway 6. crews were called about 3:00 this morning and had the fire out in about an hour. because of the terrain and brush in the area there were fears that the fire would spread. firefighters took measures and had it put out quickly. >> everything is fine, no injuries. >> fortunately, both residents got out before firefighters arrived. >> 5:02. a retired priest will be back on
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the stand. father jerry lindner is the victim of an assault. damian trujillo joins us live at the hall of justice where prosecution statement was one of the most shocking during yesterday's session. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it really was, the prosecution did not deny that there was sex abuse a long time ago but a contradiction on the stand father jerry lindner says he never mo listed william lynch or his younger brother in 1975. so a lot to talk about there. that goes against the prosecution strategy, the d.a. said that father lindner may have molested the two but that is not a defense for the beating. still t retired priest held steed fast to his claim he never touched the brothers. in 2010 william lynch admits entry where he admittedly beat
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father lindner, he says for the sex abuse that allegedly happened during a camping trip in the santa cruz mountains. the statute of limitations prevented prosecutors from looking into the claim w the denial and the d.a. admitting to the molestation, lynch's lawyer says he may have a way to put the retired priest behind bars. >> by the time we finish this trial i'm going to request that they file perjury charge, i'm going to start a campaign from not only his supporters but also this continunty. we're going to make sure he is charged with perjury. >> the d.a. called william lynch a vigilante. lynch and his brother did reach a civil settlement with the jesuits several years ago. the trial is expected to last two weeks with william lynch taking the stand in what should be emotional testimony. damian trujillo, "today in the bay."
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>> thank you. sentencing will take place for a bay area man who held a nurse hostage. katrel broadneck was convicted on charges including false imprisonment. he walked into oakland's children's hospital and held the nurse at gunpoint. broadneck surrendered after police arrived. investigators say he had prior convictions including assault with a deadly weapon. >> the city of berkeley is facing wrongful death after the murder of an elderly berkeley hills resident. peter sukor was allegedly beaten to death by a schizophrenic man who was trespassing. the family says police were slow to respond because officers were monitoring an occupy protest. right now the family is making a claim if it is rejected they will sue. >> san jose police officers association says the voter approved pension reform is threatening public safety.
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it says the police departments from as far as long beach are refusing to recommend its officers because of cuts in benefits. mayor reed says he's not worried. >> we'll recruit nationwide if necessary. there are a lot of people who would like to work here and i'm sure we'll find them if we have difficulty in recruiting we'll have to bring in outside professional help perhaps but we'll respond. >> san jose is seeing a rise in resignations. more than 20 officers have announced they are leaving since january. >> you can expect a cooldown today on this thursday. we'll check the forecast. meteorologist christina loren, how is it looking? >> we're going to see a significant drop in temperatures considering we hit the mid to upper 90s in many of the east and south bay cities yesterday. 56 in san jose. good morning to you. we're at 54 in livermore and 55 degrees this morning up in napa. a good looking day ahead. it's going to be on the cool side but we've been waiting for
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a cooldown. you're putting on your outdoor activities, take a run, just about any hour. colder conditions, foggy breeze the next few days, things are going to stay cloudy and cool so you really want to keep that in mind especially if you want to hit the beach. it's not going to be that great over the next few days. we have rain in the forecast as well so temps are going to end up in the 60s and 70s. 66 in oakland. 71 in los gatos. 72 degrees down from 98 degrees in livermore yesterday. 5:07. i've got the 7-day outlook in my next report. i hear nascar is in town. we'll talk about that coming up. >> multiple days when nascar events come to town. we'll warn you closer to the weekend. the south bay, construction that has cleared or is in the clearing stages.
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we may see blips. just some cars that should be moving more smoothly. dumbarton bridge, highway 84, southbound 101, still have that construction crew reported blocking three out of the four lanes southbound around marsh. they should be on the move and i'll watch for any potential but so far none. we'll take you to the golden gate bridge. crossing the bay from the north, a smooth flow and nice view of the lights. that's what i focused on. we'll see the bridge as the sun comes up. not up and not a problem. just construction through san rafael. >> makes it look pretty. a group of bay area teens will broov hot temperatures for a fu fund-raiser. they are participating in the
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walk-a-thon saturday. the 12-mile walk through death valley's badwater basin will benefit the african water project to work to clean water and sanitation in parts of africa. temperatures this weekend are expected to hit a mere 120. >> we're talking about cappuccino to cai. coming up next. >> hop on a bus or a train. why transit officials want you to dump the pump today. >> new green technology we'll take a look at coming up. >> for the latest news, weather, traffic, check us out on facebook. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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>> welcome back, giving you a nice live look of the south bay. all of the lights. the sun's going to rise. but don't expect to the be as hot as yesterday. we'll check the forecast with christina. >> waking up hungry, thirsty? from sticky buns to tea time starbucks branching out again. earlier this month the chain purchased san francisco based for $100 million. this morning the seattle-based coffee chain says it will open a tea shop near its headquarters. the shop will feature a tea bar where customers can make their own blend. customers wip be able to select from 80 varieties of loose leaf teas, lattes and ice drinks. >> ebay is going to try to do something, run an entire server farm on green energy. scott mcgrew, why has no one tried this? >> it's not dependable. the power from the power company
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is dependable. solar and wind not so much. ebay says it's going to outfit its server farm in utah with fuel cells like these, less green than solar but they always work. these are a silicon valley product. you may recall these guys, a couple years ago with these boxes which convert natural gas to electricity with less pollution. the server farm runs on electricity from a coal plant. and this man talking smack this morning. he tells the china time the iphone 5 will be much better than the samsung galaxy s-3 we talked about. first, we know there is going to be an iphone 5 but the guy running the factory doesn't usually talk about it. also he made fun of the fact that samsung helped inspectors in an antitrust case, he called
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samsung snitches. let's turn to jackie deangelis. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. the futures point to a higher open on wall street after stocks finished mostly in the red yesterday following the fed meeting. the fed did decide to extend its bond buying program in an effort to boost the economy by keeping interest rates low. the fed cut its growth forecast and ben bernanke is prepared to do more if needed. he says the job market lost steam and europe's debt crisis is now affecting the economy. here in the u.s. we're going to get data on unemployment, manufacturing, and existing home sales. the dow fell to 12,824, the nasdaq up a fraction to 2930. more people are planning to go on vacation but about one in five say they can't afford one. a survey finds that stay
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indications are still popular. many saying that they take work with them on vacation, 30% say they stay in touch with the office while they are awade and 15% say they gave up vacation days last year because they didn't have time to use them. >> stay indications aren't so bad. i like walking around and seeing all of the tourists from other places that visit the bay area. reminds me this is a great place. >> you don't have to set the alarm when you're at home. >> really funny of you to say. leave it at that, mr. mcgrew. >> insider joke. >> no. he's going on a nice trip soon. i'm going to miss him. >> what about jon kelley? where is he? >> under the weather. under the temperatures too. >> you know what, people oftentimes when we see these major pressure differences and 20-degree differences in temperatures from day-to-day, it does tend to affect people in interesting ways. headaches, for example. you know how pressure changes so
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if you're someone who suffers from extreme swings week got one from the upper 90s in livermore yesterday down to the low 70s as we head through this afternoon. it's going to be cool and kind of dreary for the first part of the day. it's mostly clear out there still. however, once that sun comes up and between the hours of about 6:00 and 8:00 we're going to see low clouds fill the inland valley. we're at 53 to start out in san jose. cool conditions, as a result your temperatures are going to drop off by 25 degrees in somes in tanss. keep that jacket handy. and the windshield wipers, you'll probably be turning them on with very thick fog developing at the coastline. today works out like this. low clouds most of the day along the peninsula, san mateo to san francisco, mostly cloudy, just about all day with sunshine.
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tonight, that fog moves back in, the marine layer deepens so tomorrow 74 in san jose, and through the weekend, my goodness it gets cooler. finally tuesday and wednesday next week we'll see the return of the 80s. but we're done with the 90s for a while. here is mike. >> we'll look to the east bay, start with the construction for 880. a live look out past the coliseum shows you the volume. not a major concern, holding steady with speeds northbound. southbound heading to the san mateo bridge a nice flow. we're talking about the east shore freeway which also moves smoothly for i-80 but in berkeley stephanie chuang continues to track this, a fire that happened overnight. claimed the life of one person. that will have traffic on that local street tied up. but ashby avenue i understand is
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open and stat tuck is not affected. those are on the perimeter. i'll let you know if you have to do further closures. we're looking at i-80 across the carquinez bridge. vallejo, talking about a lot of fires, it is a structural fire. we're tracking that off i-80. not affecting your commute through the north bay. this is where we're seeing a slowdown, 55 miles per hour, starting to go down in the 50s for highway 4 in the westbound commute direction. this is pretty light. summertime traffic starts later, then hits with the bulk of the commit so the slowdown later today. >> we want a good way to dodge the traffic is ride public transportation in. >> it's the seventh annual dump
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the pump day. >> brandy, tell us what dump the pump is all about. >> well, dump the pump day is a national awareness day that promotes the benefits of taking public transportation as opposed to driving a vehicle. >> public transportation is a crucial part of the nation's economic challenges, we need to battle the carbon emissions, we need to cut down on energy costs and we need to save money and this is a great way by taking public transportation. >> you see an increase after a day like today of people saying hey, it's watching on? >> we do actually see an up tick in ridership because people experience a good transit trip, they realize they can leave the
5:20 am
car home and get where they need go so we tend to see an increase in ridership and people tend to stay after they tried it. >> you talk about saving money. getting rid of one car 18 multi-vehicle household can save a family about $10,000 a year. >> correct. >> vta is taking part in this and other agencies as well? >> i'm sorry? >> vta is taking part in this and other agencies around the bay area as well? >> absolutely. this is sponsored by the american public transportation association and we are definitely involved, asking people to leave their car home and try transit. >> there you go. good advice. brandy childress from the vta, thanks for getting up early. >> thank you. >> coming up, hawaiian island has a new owner. a bay area connection as well.
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good morning. a live look of the morning commute making their way across the bay bridge heading to the toll plaza. steady flow so far. it's 5:23. >> imagine how wealthy you have to be to buy an island. oracle founder larry ellisson signed an agreement to purchase 98% of the hawaiian island of lanai. the state owns the other 2%. the asking price was between 500 to $600 million. nbc bay area obtained a statement about the deal from hawaii's governor. his passion for nature, particularly the ocean is well known specifically in the realm
5:24 am
of america's cup sailing. we look forward to welcoming mr. ellison in the near future. >> yeah. awesome. i wish we had hawaii like temperatures to talk about. >> do this and pretend i didn't hear those. it's not going to feel like hawaii. going to feel like san francisco, look like san francisco. what we typically see in june, that gloom, the low clouds as we head throughout the day today. barely any sunshine expected. all the way from san mateo to san francisco. but san jose, we're starting out at 56 degrees in the south bay and the east bay, some sun, we're going to have to wait for it until about noon. when your temperatures climb into the 60s. rounding out the day in the low 70s and the mid-60s at the coast. i'll have your full forecast coming up. showers on the way so we'll talk
5:25 am
about where and when. we'll check your drive. >> we'll watch that effect on the roads. we're looking at a live shot at the road, coming under the 880 interchange in san jose. a smooth drive, the volume starting to pick up as far as the number of headlights. you can see a stream of them. back to the maps, after that construction cleared for 85 nothing more really to note other than 87 shows some blips north past curtner. the crews southbound 101 cleared down out of redwood city, smooth passing 84 and the dumbarton bridge. no problems connecting 880 with 101 in either direction and into the city a nice drive as well. >> a little bakery gets its big
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break. >> the cup cake shop is going hollywood, one of the featured goodies inside the goody bag given at the emmy awards. the sthop is run by a mother and daughter. they are going to head to los angeles this morning where they are going to bake and drop off 1200 cup cakes for the show. >> we were told by the produce that the research team found us, based on the mor may cup cakes in the area. so we're very pleased about that. >> the shop won the best cup cake in the bay area. the subcake challenge back in february. sweet deal. >> yolanda and ro sana is another show you can drop off cup cakes. >> 5:26. still to come, we're following breaking news at berkeley, 1 person died after an overnight
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fire. >> also, the investigation continues into a fire that damaged a san francisco l mark. what's next coming up. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal, it's kind of a big deal. to find nutritious and gluten-free cereals my whole family actually loves? well, the word "wow" comes to mind. and then a friend told me chex has five flavors that are gluten-free. even a cinnamon one the kids love.
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good morning. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are following breaking news out of berkeley where a two-alarm fire has claimed one life and left seven others homeless. >> firefighters called about 2:30 this morning to a home at shattuck and ashby avenue. stephanie chuang is there live talking to neighbors about what they saw. not a good morning out there. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of chaos and emotion out here this morning. started at 2:30 when firefighters first got that report. a couple engines just leaving in the last couple of minutes showing a clear sign that they finished with the controlling part of the fire.
5:30 am
they are having some firefighters stay to make sure the hot spots are out before fire investigators come. make sure they can determine what happened to spark this blaze that killed a young woman sleeping in this three-story victorian home. firefighters got the call after 2:30. when they arrived flames were shooting out of the top and back of the home. they did try to make rescues. everyone except one woman made it out. they were forced ot by heavy smoke. a next door neighbor says he woke up and smelled paper burning and ran out to help. >> turned out that there was still someone upstairs so a couple of us went in to try to get her out and one of the guys was the woman's boyfriend. he was calling her name and there was no answer. the smoke was so thick we had to
5:31 am
get out. >> back here live, occasionally here you can see a flashlight going around, people taking a look inside. one person did suffer smoke inhalation. after the people involved we understand move of them roomed in this home, three others were visiting a friend and sleeping down in the front where we also see flashlight activity they were on a pullout bed when we woke up to a smell of smoke. they saw some of the roommates running. that's when they spotted the glams. investigators will see if there were smoke detectors, the origin of the fire and how it all started. live in south berkeley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> investigators will focus on san francisco's pier 29 looking for the cause of a four-alarm fire that badly damaged the historic building.
5:32 am
flame flames -- chunks of the fa sid fell to the ground below. the busy embarcadero was closed to trfk late into the night. a neighborhood group who fought to preserve the building says they are saddened to see it severely damaged. >> one of the reasons the pier has been so precious, not that it just represents history but it's in great shape. this is one of the more sturdy. >> the organizers of the america's cup says the fire will have no impact. the public will have a chance to weigh in on the sailing competition tonight on the impact of the america's cup races. they are reviewing the effects of hundreds of thousands of spectators and the traffic they
5:33 am
will create. the races begin later this summer with the final in september of next year. tonight's public hearing is at 6:30. >> federal investigators will be back in west oakland sifting through the remains of a four-alarm fire a week ago today. the national response team of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms looking for the cause of that blaze at a construction site next to the b.a.r.t. station. the flames prompt add 12-hour closure on the bay. based on eyewitness accounts. >> a priest at the center of an assault case will be back on the sand. jerry lindner was beaten bay man who says lindner sexually assaulted him as a child. damian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
5:34 am
well, the d.a. apparently is not on the same page as its key witness. on the stand father lindner denied that he molested william lynch or his brother in 1975 so a lot to sort out. just as the defense will get a crack at the priest, he admitted he walked into the home and beat up father lindner. he says it wasback for what was done to him and to his brother. lindner's testimony goes against part of the strategy. lynch's lawyer says he'll now go after the priest for perjury. father lindner's own niece says she too was a victim of her uncle and will testify against him. >> is it difficult for you? >> yes.
5:35 am
>> how so? >> just the memories brings it all up. never goes away. >> william lynch is expected to take to stand near the end of the trial and that, though, is expected to be very emotional. this trial is expected to last two weeks and when lynch takes the stand, everyone will be watching. we are live in san jose, i'm damian, "today in the bay." >> san francisco's district attorney is expected to weigh in on manslaughter charges. chris has pleaded not guilty to running down and building a 71-year-old man at market and castro. eyewitnesss say the cyclist ran through red lights before hitting the pedestrian. backers for a proposed east bay -- officials are holding a meeting on the richmond ferry
5:36 am
terminal projkt. it would be rerated and connected richmond to -- >> today is going to feel like somebody turned down the temperature gauge outside. meteorologist christina loren tracking a big time cooldown. >> yeah. a stretch of cooler weather on the way. good morning, it's 5:36. the the reason for the cooldown, right here. the low clouds, that natural ac is going to stay with us. cloudy start and finishes. temperatures work out like this. in the 50s to start. 54 in almost, 55 in san jose. at 57 in sunnyvale. sun rise just about 10 minutes from now and then we'll see the sun set. yesterday was the longest day of the year. as we transition into the next few weeks, you'll notice we get a little better off when it comes to the daylight.
5:37 am
it works out like this, temperatures on the mild side but that's good news. if you have been limited to outdoor activities inland it's been downright hot. so colder conditions today, that foggy breeze will develop. then look likes some showers as we head through the next few days. so temperatures are going to end up in the 70s, today, tomorrow, all the way to this weekend. your 70s tells the story. the alameda fair in town. here's mike. >> we're looking here at highway 4. a couple of issues. full closure. no delays, and we see no delays eastbound. it's westbound where the slowdown starts. not kicking in as severely as we often see on thursday but a smoother drive still and slow to the 30s as we head to pittsburg and bay point. to the north bay we follow the fire at 132 roundhill court. we've had a number of fires we're reporting so still dry,
5:38 am
still watching for other issues. no slowing across the carquinez bridge. a smooth drive down to the bay bridge toll plaza. all of your routes feeding into that. shows you there is a nice drive as the sun comes up. it will slow down in 40 minutes. >> it may be the most famous kiss in american history. today an iconic image from the end of world war ii will be on display in the south bay. the sculpture is on the final leg of a five-week long cross country tour. the statue is a replica of the 25-foot sculpture on display at city hall as of noon time today. at 3:00 it will be moved to the caremore care center. >> iconic shot. amazing. 5:38.
5:39 am
a new twist in the investigation around trayvon martin. why the police chief is out of a job. >> closing arguments begin in the trial of jerry sandusky. we'll have a live report. >> for the latest news, weather, traffic, find us. you may have to search a littl here you go little man.
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>> taking a live look outside overlooking san francisco. look at that, can't make out the top of the transamerica pyramid this morning. cooler temperatures will prevail, 5:41. >> the florida police chief who was initially in charge of the trayvon martin shooting case has been fired. bill lee came under harsh criticism for not arresting george zimmerman immediately after he admitted shooting the unarmed teenager in february. lee temporarily stepped down in march, zimmerman has been
5:42 am
charged with second-degree murder. >> a new controversy is brewing in washington this morning, a house committee voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for withholding more documents in a gun running investigation. tracie potts is following the story from capitol hill for us. she joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you've got to understand the background to understand how we got to this recommendation for contempt of congress. a gun running operation, operation fast and furious, between arizona and mexico, gun running against the u.s. policy essentially when the u.s. seized guns in the hands of criminals but doesn't confiscates them, leaves them there to track them back to the traffickers. bigger fish to fry. that's apparently what was happening in arizona along the border and now lawmakers want to know was the attorney general aware of that, it's against policy. they even want to know was the
5:43 am
president aware. they asked for documents. the documents are not being turned over. the white house claims executive privilege over the documents. and congress at least this one committee is recommending a contempt of congress citation for the attorney general. the full house would have to approve that. democrats call at politically motivated witch hunt in an election year. this would lay in the courts because the courts have been reluctant to get involved in these power struggles. >> it is interesting. thank you. great explanation too. >> 5:43. more unrest in egypt. the election authority delayed releasing the results from the weekend presidential run-off vote. the results were due for release today but overnight it was announced there would be a delay. no reason was given. the muslim broth hood is threatening to take to the streets.
5:44 am
>> a lawyer for hosni mubarak says the president has made a miraculous recovery. he reportedly suffered a stroke and admitted to dh hospital yesterday, clinically dead. today his lawyer says he's off of a res perater and his condition is stable. >> wikileaks founder julian asaj could be granted asylum in south america. during an interview with venezuela television, a request is being analyzed. asange is looking for a stop to extradition to sweden where he is accused of sexual assault. he denied wrong doing and argues the case is politically motivated because of the release of documents on his website that angered the u.s. >> a story from canada. >> a climber who lost his legs at the age of 5 managed to do something maybe abel bodied
5:45 am
people cannot do, that is he cli climbed mount kilimanjaro. he climbed 80% of the mountain with his hands. the rest he was in a wheelchair. the climb raised more than $500,000 for an african charity. >> closing arguments begin in the sexual abuse trial of a former penn state football coach. jerry sandusky is accused of molesting ten boys over 15 years. the defense chose not to put sandusky on the stand. chris is live in bellefonte, pennsylvania with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: a few moments ago we learned that jerry sandusky has arrived here at court with his wife and daughter. the session is about to begin. when the jury arrives they arrived with luggage in tow
5:46 am
because once they get this case they will be sequestered. yesterday the defense rested after 2 1/2 days of testimony, none from sandusky himself. he left court without saying a word, no explanation to jurors that might counter the testim y testimony. of course the jury is not allowed to read anything into sandusky's silence. yesterday also a defense witness backfireded and became an asset for the prosecution. the doctor testified in 2001 that former penn state grad assistant told him of spotting jerry sandusky with a young boy in a locker room shower, upon cross-examination he said that mike mcqueary was nervous, very agitated after that alleged encounter, so both sides are expected to listen to the jury charge first thing this morning, then right after that the closing arguments will begin. that's the story live in
5:47 am
bellefonte, pennsylvania. back to you. >> chris, thanks. >> the story here is the cooldown. you're going to feel as you walk out the door. >> some people are going to be caught off guard. make sure you let your husband know, wives, lit him know it's cooler. grab that jacket. you might need to dust off your umbrella the next few days. 5:47. we've got to thick marine layer. it hasn't pushed in yet so we've got mostly clear conditions from san jose to livermore. as you can see it's starting to move closer and closer. the sun will break through by about noon in the east bay and extreme south bay. you're not going to get out of the clouds just about all day in san francisco and san mateo. low clouds are back, that's the reason for the cooldown. an area of low pressure to the north that ushered in a strong
5:48 am
onshore flow for this morning where we've been under off shore flow, that was the reason for the warm-up. so foggy breeze tonight throughout the next couple of days. we're not going to see a lot of change in terms of these conditions. jet stream taken to the south and we don't have big ridges to nudge it back to the north. throughout next week, we're talking about cooler than average. it's going to take a while before we see the beach weather return. still a lot happening over the weekend, alameda fair, nascar in town. the forecast for both coming up. 2:00 p.m. thursday, you can see mostly cloudy. the fog will roll out between 2:00 and 5:00. waking up tomorrow morning with a little drizzle. 74 in san jose. 78 in almost. showers up in the north bay tomorrow, then temperatures tumble even more so holding on to the 70s even for the start of
5:49 am
next week. >> cooler temperatures okay but drizzle, we'll talk about that. looking here to the altamont pass. slowing and a typical pattern 580. earlier construction in livermore as well off canyon and that has cleared. a smooth flow through the city. the crew here for 680 starting to clear as well. no slowing as they get away from the sewn. castro valley boulevard, car went to a pole or parking sign. no injuries but watch that on castro valley boulevard. and down to san mateo bridge we'll look north past the coliseum. the summer commute tends to hit later, then hard so as we get closer to 7:00 we'll see the volume will increase here into the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:50 am
880 to the south bay, over toward season, no problems for that flow. volume starting to eek up for 280 and 101 but we'll check the maps coming up. >> 5:50. coming up, a statue causing a stir. why the city says buddha is becoming a public nuisance. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> welcome back everyone. taking a live look outside. looks like traffic picking up a
5:53 am
little on the golden gate bridge. the temperatures, well, they are falling down. we'll check the full forecast and that morning commute for you at 5:52. >> a small statue is causing a big problem in one east bay neighborhood. the median on oakland's 11th avenue used to be a dumping site so a frustrated neighbor decided to dress it up with a buddha figurine. dan and his wife are not buddhist, others responded and provided buddha with his own shrine. >> there is no garbage dump, just a lot of people respect the area. >> he is always like an oasis, all the people who come by. whether they understand the buddha or not is not important. >> a complaint sent out a city inspector who claims it's a potential safety issue because visitors are now in the street.
5:54 am
a council member hopes a compromise can be reached. >> if you are a genius you probably deserve more money. scott says that includes apple geniuses. >> good morning. the men and women who help with you tech problems at apple stores will get a raise. the "wall street journal" says the people who run the genius bar get up to $30 an hour, they get a 25% raise. 25% raise for regular store employees as well, the ones who help you buy products. apple employs more than 36,000 people in its retail stores. wall street disappointed the fed didn't take stronger action to spark the economy after the meeting of the open markets committee on wednesday. fewer people are applying for first-time job benefits this week, in a way traders will see that as bad news because it's less pressure for the fed to step in. google holds its shareholders meeting today, some protest
5:55 am
expected. the company also expected to make a change to its stock. normally if you own a share you get a single vote in the direction that the company takes, the problem is the more shares you give employees or use your shares to buy you're giving away powerful votes. they would like a new stock with no voting power. it's complicated. it mean we're tracking two different google stocks. >> we know you'll clear it up for us. thank you. >> let's check the forecast. meteorologist christina loren, what's going on with the cooldown? >> much cooler today. you probably need a sweater or a jacket. we are done with that great beach weather we had the past couple of days, even the weekend. as we head throughout this afternoon, barely breaking into the 70s. 55 degrees in san jose, 54 in livermore. and 53 degrees this morning. only reaching the 60s, then we'll round out the day in the
5:56 am
low 70s, 68 degrees on the east shore in fremont, 66 for oakland. your full forecast is coming up. weigh want to get you out the front door first. >> we'll standard for the peninsula, southbound 101, reports of an accident. no injuries, the fares were on the shoulder. it sound likes chp is able to get it to the shoulder but we'll watch for traffic breaks that have to follow if there is more debris. 101 northbound call your attention to the circled area through san jose. your traditional spot as well as 87 and a live look at the toll maza. >> ashton kutcher's production company is suing the dmv for breach of contract. >> catalyst media says dmv pulled out of a show that the producer was producing. the show was picked up for at
5:57 am
least four episodes. the dmv says it backed out because it was no longer in the agency's best interests. >> catalyst is interested for $1.4 million in damages. >> seems like life would be a long line of damages. an early morning fire claims the li lurwelcome. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪
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>> there was too much smoke, couldn't see anything. couldn't see to go upstairs. >> it was a huge fire, like a huge bonfire but a house. >> sleeping renters wake up to flames, smoke and the smell of gas as a deadly fire ripped through an east bay home. good


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