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tv   Today  NBC  June 21, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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sailing. we look forward to welcome plg ellison in the near future. good morning. from hot to hotter. you thought yesterday was a scorcher? many place in the east today it's going to get even hotter. in some places more than 100 degrees. al will tell us if there's any relief in sight. >> and word is one of jerry sandusky's own children is going to testify against his father. today the case goes to the jury. >> an unspeakable tragedy. an exclusive interview with the woman who lost her three young girls and both of her parents in a christmas morning fire at her home. >> at any time when you opened the window, did you get a
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glimpse of any of your girls? >> donna badger speaks out for the first time today thursday, june 21st, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and ann curry, live from studio 1a from rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, independent ann cure cu curry. >> and i'm matt lauer. . coming in today all i wand to say was ick. >> al is monitoring things up on high. he's taken off his jacket. >> already. and it's early for that. >> also, we've told you over add
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over again about bullying in schools. most of the time it involves kids bummying other kids. we'll show you a disturbing video that shows kids bullying their adult bus monitor. the bullying was relentless, it was cruel and went on for 14 minutes. this morning that bus monitor, a grandmother, will share her story with us and tell us what has become an outpouring of support for her. >> and prince william is turning 30 today. happy birthday. we'll head to london to see what he's got planned for the big day. >> al is up at the top of the rock this morning. good morning. >> good morning, ann and matt. it's breezy down here but down 70 stories on the ground, it's another story. look at these temperatures, record highs yesterday, newark, 98, hartford, 97, houlton,
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maine, they're not used to these temperatures, 90 degrees. temperatures are going to continue to climb. you ain't seen nothing yet. it's just going to get worse. for kids too young for school, the first official day of summer brought a welcome excuse to play in the park. at yankee stadium, some fans just couldn't stand the heat so they got out of the ballpark. >> i decided to do the first five innings and call it a day. the heat is to awful. i might just sit in the house under the air conditioner and relax. >> record highs all along the east coast. >> i had my business clothes on earlier to go to work and hi to get out of them. it's way too hot. >> scorching heat means challenges. senior citizens always a primary concern. >> check on your neighbor, especially seniors, and those who have chronic health conditions or special needs. maybe sure they're drinking
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water and staying cool. >> a lesson learned the hardware at a north new jersey high school. >> two students were treated for heat exhaustion during graduation. back here in new york, heat to make a southerner swoon. >> i thought i could handle any kind of heat as a texan but this is unreal. i've been sweating all day. it's really unlike anything we have at home even. >> all along i-95 this heat is going to be relentless. let's take a look and show you in philadelphia they're expected a high of 99 degrees. let's call it 100. the record is 99. we're talking about upwards of 30 million people will be affected by this heat. here's what's happening. big area of high pressure, this "boston herald" high, jet stream to the north. we are looking at record highs with scorchers from boston to d.c. washington, the record is 98. we'll probably break that.
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philly will probably see 100, 99 in new york, let's cal it a century mark and boston the record is 95, we'll see 98. today frontal system back through the mississippi river valley, 70s and 60s there, 90s, 100 along the coast. by saturday that front moves through, temperatures drop 10 to 20 degrees, boston in the 70s, and into the southeast as well the other story coming up in 15 minutes, the massive flooding that happened all of a sudden in sleu duluth, minnesota. people say it hasn't been this th bad in a century. >> today is a crucial day in the jerry sandusky sexual assault trial with the prosecution and defense making closing arguments and jerry sandusky decided not to testify in his open defense.
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michael isikoff is at the courthouse. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. it was jerry sandusky's day to finally explain himself. instead he chose to remain silent. what led up to that decision may be one of the bigger stories in this trial. jerry sandusky arrives in court today to hear closing arguments and then begin waiting while the jury decides his fate. wednesday tensions were high inside the packed courtroom where it was widely expected sandusky would take the stand. but then his lauer "the defense rests rests." when sandusky entered the courtroom, he looked some baernd chastened. sources tell abc news that prosecutors warned the defense if sandusky testified they would call a rebuttal of a surprise
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witness, his adopted son matt. the courses say the son contacted prosecutors after the trial began and was prepared to provide damages testimony about what he saw. asked about his reasons for not testifying, a source close to the defendant said there was no one factor that led to the decision. >> in this case there were real reasons for sandusky to testify, including the statements he made in the bob costas interview and in the love letters to one of the victims. >> reporter: during the trial, eight alleged victims testified they were sexually abused by sandusky in multiple locations. wednesday the defense called two witnesses who participated as children in second mile charity programs. both spoke warmly of sandusky, describing him as a father
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figure and mentor who never did anything inappropriate. >> both my parents are deaf. he used to call me up every day and give me dictionary word. state police and prosecutors questioned him four times about his experiences. i thought they wanted me to say something that wasn't true. they asked me the same questions in different ways to see if i'd slip up or whatever. but on cross-examination hilton acknowledged to the chief prosecutor he was not told what to say about sandusky. now prosecutors and defense lawyers will deliver their closing arguments this morning and then after getting instructions from the judge, the jury will begin deliberations to decide jerry sandusky's guilt or innocence. >> michael isikoff, thank you very much. savannah guthrie is this morning's legal correspondent.
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>> good morning. >> had the defense put jerry sandusky on the witness stand, the prosecution would have called as a rebuttal witness his own adopted son, matt. why didn't they call him anyway? >> that is the question. and to be honest here, we're just reading the tea leaves. we don't have full information. the couple of possibilities as i see it. number one, it may be that matt sandusky had evidence or testimony that would have on been relevant if sandusky had testified and opened the door to it. it wouldn't have necessarily been direct evidence that relates to the accusations in those case, those ten alleged victims. that's one possibility. the second possibility is that sandusky did have information about his father that relates to one of the charges in this case but made some kind of deal with the prosecutors i don't want to testify unless my father gets on the stand and says x, y or z. it would be unusual for prosecutors to make a deal like that but it possible. >> in the end it's a moot point because none of that happened. before we talk about closing
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arguments, let's talk about the pace of the trial. this has sped along. generally speaking how does that impact a jury? >> in some sense it makes their task easier. we saw the john edwards case where jurors listened to four weeks testimony, it was incredibly complicated in terms of the law. this is not difficult. they are sizing up the credibility of akccuseraccusers. >> i'm sure we're going to hear more that they were told what to say by the prosecution and there was financial motivation. >> it's the strongest argument. it the only argument that addresses the fundamental challenge for the defense. how do you explain the volume of witnesses? this defense tactic says the investigators planted the seed, they coached these witnesses, they cross-contaminated.
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it the strongest defense argument. we'll see if it works for them. >> we'll see those closing arguments today. savannah guthrie, thanks very much. here's ann. >> now to the latest on george zimmerman. this morning his defense team released new documents related to the investigation. we have the latest now from sanford, florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. george zimmerman charged with second degree murder remains in solitary cell here. there has ban gradual release of information in this case. most released by state prosecutor. now the defense is releasing some of the was in gathered if those initial days of the shooting death of trayvon martin, including interviews with george zimmerman accused of second degree murder. there are audio interviews, written statements and there is an interview with a specialist
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from the police department which was recorded on video as well by an expert who is doing what's called a computer voice stress analysis. >> i didn't have my phone in the pocket i thought hi it in, i had it in my jacket pocket. i reached for my pocket and reached for my phone and he punched me in the nose. somehow i ended up on my back, he ended up on top of me and he just kept punching my face and my head and i was screaming for help and he told me shut the [ bleep ] up. i kept yelling for help. i got a little bit of leverage and i started to head up and he took my head and slammed it into the concrete several times. >> the interview with the computer voice stress analysis
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lasts one hour and 11 minutes. now, after he talks about the fight that took place, then he talks about the shooting and how george zimmerman was reaching for showing that he had a gun in his waistband. >> he like sat up and looked and said "you're going to die tonight [ bleep ]" and i saw him take one hand off my mouth and slide it down my chest and i just pinched his arm and i grabbed my gun and i aimed it at him and fired one shot. he kind of sat back and said "you got me, you got it," something like that. and i thought he was saying that he heard the shot and that he was giving up. >> reporter: george zimmerman said he later discovered that trayvon martin took that one shot to the chest and died right there. police officers according to his statement showed up very shortly
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thereafter, had him put his hands on top of his head, still with the gun tucked now back into the side waistband there, took him into custody, took him in handcuffs and this interview that we just saw was recorded almost 24 hours to the moment that trayvon martin was shot and killed. the release of this information is a lot more than just that but this is the essence of george zimmerman's story finally and hearing it directly from his words and not filtered through any other source. >> all right, thank you so much for giving us this breaking story. >> let us get the rest of the top stories from natalie over at the newsdesk. >> good morning. u.s. attorney general eric holder face as legal battle after a panel that voted along party liens cited him for
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contempt of congress. >> reporter: the white house is exerting executive privilege for the first time in the obama presidency. serious allegations from house republicans. >> there's no question in anybody's mind that's been involved in this investigation that the attorney general has been stonewalling this committee. >> reporter: democrats called this a political witch hunt. >> i am offended personally by your calling the attorney general a liar. >> reporter: the house oversight committee says eric hold are should be cited for contempt of congress. >> it shouldn't have come to this. nobody likes doing this. >> reporter: the committee wants to know who approved a botched gun operation called fast & furious linked to the killing of a border patrol agent.
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holder called the contempt citation an election year tactic. while the justice department has provided thousands of documents, holder says by law he cannot turn over everything. the white house stepped in asserting executive privilege. >> i think that if mr. boehner takes this to the house, he will be seen as one of the most extreme speakers that ever took charge of a house. >> reporter: house republicans say there is still time to resolve this if holder will give them more documents. if not, speaker boehner says the full house will vote next week to hold eric holder in contempt of congress. natalie? >> thanks so much, kelly. >> some scary moments in the ska as a plane traveling from newark to denmark was forced to make an emergency landing in maine on witness night. the plane was carrying 242 people when the cockpit filled
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with smoke. passengers and crew were checked for smoke inhalation with bu no injuries ro reported. >> now let's head to wall street. courtney, good day to you. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the fed will not add asset purchases to its balance sheet like many traders had hoped but it is going to extend operation twist where they buy longer dated government bonds in order to keep interest rates low and it leaving the door open for further action should economic conditions deteriorate. today, though, the market likely looked past the fed, instead focusing on developments out of europe and a fresh batch of u.s. economic data including a number of americans filing for those unemployment benefits. natalie? >> courtney reagan, thanks so much. >> and alec baldwin had nothing to hide last night on "the late show with david letterman." he addressed his tuesday morning run-in with a photographer denying he threw any punches. >> they want to you take a punch or push them --
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>> nobody got punched by the way. >> and i said that from the first -- >> if i punched hip, i would be in jail right now and rightfully so. >> if he didn't prove he was no boxer, at least he proved he wasn't wearing any. to show how much weight he lost, he dropped his apparently oversized khakis. did we need to see that? >> just thinking about david letterman's view of that. >> exactly. >> his perspective was a lot worse than ours probably. >> in the meantime let's go back to the top of the rock and find out what al has to say about the nation's forecast. hey, al. >> some other areas have been suffering with extreme weather. first of all, duluth, minnesota saw over 15 inches of rain in some places in less than eight hours. it's estimated 10% of the city's sidewalks have been destroyed. so they are going to be feeling the effects of this for a long
7:19 am
time to come. and now as we head down south to the gulf, can you see we're looking at an area of disturbed weather in the northwest caribbean could been debby withinhe tt n t48 hours there in the gulf we're not sure what that's going to mean. we have been seeing a lot of wet weather down through southern florida. it going to continue today with, again, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain during the day today. and we have more rain making its way up through the upper midwest. they may see >> good morning to you. 7:19 now. a full deck of clouds on the golden gate bridge and likely cloudy in the city of san francisco. all day long. we have an area of low pressure come through overnight and that's going to bring temperatures down by about 20 degrees from yesterday's high so you probably need a jacket. hitting 71 in los gatos. 74 in san jose, 71 degrees in almaden valley. we had the 90s yesterday so a drop-off. and we hold on to the stretch of cool weather all the way
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throughout this weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. >> for those of us who remember the day he's born, it's hard to believe but today mark as milestone for britain's prince william. he's turning 30 just months after his bride hit the big 3-0 herself. michelle is at buckingham palace with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. now the prince and wife, catherine, have both entered the decade of their 30s with another big year ahead of them. this is not just symbolic of growing up. it is very concrete as he inherits an enormous sum of money. he's the future king we watched grow from the very beginning. diana's first born, the almost impossible adorable toddler, his first day of school and first brushes with public life. then the devastation of his mother's loss. an unforgettable slow, stoic
7:21 am
walk behind her casket. and of course this fairy tale marriage last year to his beautiful long-time love. today william has matured into a young man and is much respected for his modesty and dedication to service. >> the adulthood for preeince william has cemented him as a proper grownup. >> reporter: as a rescue pilot, he has saved lives. brother harry joked william is becoming middle aejed and boring and he will spend in big birthday quietly. reportedly kate has planned a dinner with their closest friends. but on this milestone for william also comes a fortune, the remainder of diana's estate set aside for him, said to total
7:22 am
a around $10 million after taxes. he's said to have been receiving some of that five years ago, $450,000 a year. their combined waealth, $46 million. >> he's not a lavish spender. he tries to live off the money from his father. >> reporter: it's possible with william's windfall, they might buy a country home as a private retreat. which brings up when we might see these two cuddling something in their arms which is not a puppy. the palace wouldn't say how much prince william will inherit today. it would be as much as $15 million. prince harry will receive the same amount when he turns 30.
7:23 am
matt? >> michelle, thanks so much. >> coming up, the exclusive interview with donna badger, the woman whose mother and three children were killed in that horrific fire on christmas day. how has she survived the last six months? she speaks out for up, a bullying video
7:24 am
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from the brand doctors recommend most by name. preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h. >> it is 7:26 now. i'm marla tellez. an early morning fire claims the life of a berkeley woman. investigators right now are trying to figure out what sparked the fire near ashby and shattuck. eight people were inside when the flames broke out. seven were able to escape but one woman was trapped. neighbors say they could not reach her in time. >> a scary thing for everybody but if you have to go through a tower of flames that is very traumatic and not know about the welfare of your friend. >> that was the hardest part. you know somebody's up there and you can't do anything. you have this sick feeling. >> investigators are sifting through debris for clues on the
7:27 am
cause of that fire. volunteers from the red cross have been sent out to help those victims. >> where'd the heat go? meteorologist christina loren, it's chilly out. >> it is but you know what that means we're not dealing with elevated fire danger through the upcoming weekend. as the marine layer is back and thick. look how dark gray that is. it's going to push all the way inland through the next few hours, then partial clearing as we head through the second half of the day. limited sunshine to start. cool air moved in and the jet stream has taken a dip to the kout. much cooler today, tomorrow, then we drop up a into the weekend but a 20-degree difference between yesterday and today. make sure you're ready for that. fog and drizzle friday, as well as a few north bay showers. 74 in san jose. we hold on to the 70s even low 70s as we head into the weekend. let's check your drive.
7:28 am
>> we have a problem for the bay bridge, a bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. we have a request for a sigalert. traffic barely moving all the way up to treasure island because of an accident in place for about 20 minutes blocking two lanes, just cleared. back to the maps, it's slow all the way back to the berkeley curve. then you're okay for that stretch. slow after an accident in san mateo for 101. back to you. >> thanks. we'll be back at 7:56. life lived in black and white is not a life lived. today, i choose color. to see it. to feel it. to be in it. to be upon it.
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7:30 on a thursday morning, the 21st day of june 2012. it is a scorcher in central park and the rest of the east coast as we're in the upper 90 degree range. first full day of summer and things are going to heat up even more tomorrow when country music star kenny chesney brings his rocking brand of country to the plaza for our friday summer concert. meanwhile, inside, there's the plaza where things are cooking. these people have been standing out there for a couple of hours. it's a bit close out there. inside the studio it's a lot cooler. i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry. coming up, this is a video that is hard to watch, but it's harder to listen to than to
7:31 am
watch. this could be a real important teaching moment if you have children. >> it shows a group of middle school students bullying their bus monitor with cruel insults for 14 minutes straight. take a listen to what they said to her. >> you old troll. >> it happened earlier this week and it has many people wondering how could kids be so cruel? this went on and on, matt. it's pretty, pretty sobering. >> and what we have just told you or showed you is really the complete least of what's on this team. i mean, these kids are merciless. and there's the woman they were taunting and we're going to be talking to her in just a little while. let's begin this half hour, though, with that story that horrified people across the country. the connecticut woman who lost her three young daughters and her parents when a fire engulfed their home on christmas morning. madonna badger has never spoken publicly until today. in an exclusive interview she tells her story of unimaginable
7:32 am
loss, profound courage and also her own search for the truth. >> do you find yourself in the middle of a day, madonna, saying, wow, the last five minutes i laughed a little? or i was able to smile? or it wasn't in the front of my mind, maybe it was in the back of my mind for a while? do you have those moments? >> yes. and at first -- the first time i smiled or the first time i laughed, i felt so bad, you know. >> guilty? >> yeah, of course. >> but also still looking for answers about what happened six months ago at her stately home in stanford, connecticut. her three daughters were there, 9-year-old lily, and the twins, grace and sarah, aged 7. her parents, too, both retired. her dad loved to play department store santa. >> he would come home and tell us all the stories, you know, of all these children and what they had said and how much santa
7:33 am
loved them. >> what was he like as a grandfather to lily, grace and sarah? >> you know, he was amazing. >> then there was madonna's new boyfriend, the contractor who had renovated her home. all of them together christmas eve. >> the girls were so excited and we started a fire in the afternoon, you know, got ready for christmas. gracie decorated the dining room table and i had all those little candles, you know, that you turn on, not the fire kind but the -- to be safe. >> what time did the girls go to bed? >> i mean, it was pretty late. i want to say 9:00 or 9:30. and then we went upstairs and mike read "the grinch who stole christmas." gracie had already kicked me out by them. grace had a very kind of set way that she liked to go to sleep
7:34 am
and lily and sarah slept in my bed. and so i laid down with them and just chatted and talked and, you know, told them i loved them. >> once the kids were asleep, madonna and michael wrapped presents for several hours. >> back to the fire for a second, fireplace. the last log was put on the fire at about 8:00 in the evening. >> right before dinner. >> one of the stories that came out the day after this fire was that your girls had thought, wait a minute, santa's not going to be able to get down the chimney if there are ashes and embers in that chimney, we've got to get those out of there. is that what happened? >> i don't know where that came from. >> it's not the truth? >> no. >> but she says michael did sweep the hearth at about 3:30 a.m.
7:35 am
>> mike started cleaning up those ashes, put them in a brown bag. >> are we talking about ashes or are we talking about embers? how would you describe what he put in that bag? >> i saw them as ashes that were in the front of the fireplace, but i know that i watched him take them with his hand, the shovel, and put them into the bag. i watched him put his hands in the bag. >> so he's putting his hands in the bag now to feel -- >> to make sure there's nothing on fire in the bag. >> and you watched him do that? >> oh, yeah. >> so the ashes in that brown bag were then placed where? >> they were placed on top of one of the plastic bins that we had brought in, and that bin was then placed in the mudroom. >> a long night winding down. >> so we had a piece of apple
7:36 am
pie and we sat on the sofa. the fireplace is here and the christmas tree was over here and all the presents were there and the stockings were there. and then we went to bed. and as i was going up the stairs, i saw the plastic box there on the floor and i saw th there on the floor and i saw the bag on top and i remember thinking to myself i should put that outside, i should put that outside. and then i remember thinking, no, but i watched him put his hands through it. >> so you thought there was no danger? >> no danger. >> about 4:00 a.m. now, she and mike went to sleep in separate rooms. >> my bedroom was on the second floor in the front of the house and my two guest rooms basically were also on the second floor. so i'm asleep here, my mom and
7:37 am
dad are asleep here and mike is in the back left-hand corner all on the second floor. and on the third floor were three little bedrooms and grace claimed the turret and those three bedrooms with all pink and white and -- >> perfect little girls rooms. >> that's what i thought. >> she slept for less than an hour. >> i woke up and i was choking. couldn't breathe choking. and then i realized there was a fire. >> as you woke up choking, madonna, because of the smoke, did you hear smoke detectors? >> no. >> did you hear smoke alarms, anything going off in that house? >> nothing. it was silent. i got down on my knees and i got out the front wind open because i couldn't breathe at all and
7:38 am
now i'm on the front porch so the porch of the house went around the house and so i had to make a decision because the windows there were my mom and dad's windows. so i had to decide do i go in and save them or do i go save my children? and so i ran the other way to save my children and the house had scaffolding -- >> from the renovations. >> on the outside of the turret. so i scrambled up the scaffolding to get to grace's window and i opened that window and the smoke that hit me, it was just the blackest -- like an ocean. it was twirling and there was embers and all kinds of stuff in
7:39 am
it and i kept trying to hold my breath and put my head in and i did that like three or four times and i couldn't get in. i couldn't get in the window. and i'm just screaming for somebody to come and help me. then i saw the fire trucks coming. and then mike fell out of the back window, the back bedroom window and he was running around the house and his eyes were shut because they had been burned shut and he was running all around the yard, you know, screaming jump to me, jump to me, girls where are you? and that's when the fireman dragged me off the porch. >> so at any time when you opened the window, did you get a glimpse of any of your girls?
7:40 am
no. no, it was so black. it was the blackest smoke i've ever seen. no. if i could have seen them i would have gone in. i mean, it's impossible to describe how it is that you can't go in and save your own children but i couldn't get through that smoke. i couldn't. >> did you ever hear your mom and dad? did you yell to them? >> oh, yeah, i mean, i was screaming so loudly. they heard me a block over. >> you were taken to the emergency room, as was mike. can you describe the scene? can you describe what you remember lying on that bed in the emergency room? >> i mean, it was, you know, it was so real. and i'm just yelling and yelling and yelling and yelling, you know, where are my parents? where are my babies? where are my babies?
7:41 am
and they're like we don't know, we don't know, we don't know, ma'am, we don't know, we don't know. >> she says it took three hours before a doctor gave her the news. >> she took mike's hand and she took my hand and put them together, you know, and she held them and she said your three children are gone and probably your mom and dad but we don't know that for certain. and then, my god, i couldn't believe it. and i said please, please, please let me call somebody, let me call somebody. >> her children and parents dead of smoke inhalation, she called close friends, she called her ex-husband, the girls' father. >> i said bring everybody. the children are gone. my mom and dad are gone, there's been a fire, just please come and help me, you know, because i
7:42 am
was just -- i was so scared. >> ten days after the fire she smoke at the funeral of lilly, grace and sarah. how did you show up there? how did you manage to eulogize your daughters so soon after their death? where'd you find the strength? >> i don't know. i think it was all god's grace. i have no idea. >> my little girls are not gone from us entirely because my girls are in my heart. >> but even in her grief, questions. why didn't the smoke alarms go off? >> my understanding was that i had an operable fire and smoke alarms. >> you tested the wired smoke detectors? >> yes. >> why this memory from the morning of the fire? >> i ran to the edge of my house and i looked down to the left
7:43 am
and there i saw a little bit of flame but mostly just sparks, sparks, sparks everywhere. >> and above all why was her horse torn down the day after the fatal blaze? >> i need to know the truth. >> i want to tell you that the lilly, sarah, grace fund has been set up in honor of the badger girls to support the arts in underfunded public elementary schools across america. the information is on our web site on we'll have more with madonna badger with brian williams on "rock center" at 10:00. here's al. >> thanks so much. as we show you what we have for tomorrow, a slight risk of strong storms along the southeastern and mid atlantic coast. rain in the pacific northwest, heavy rain down in florida.
7:44 am
as we move on into saturday, more heavy rain if florida and it continues at 3 to 5 inches, sizzling conditions through the southwest and gulf coast and on sunday we're expecting more showers in the pacific northwest and still more heavy rain in southern florida. most likely we'll be seeing flooding all weekend in parts of here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> well, for the first full day of summer it's going to feel like fall. good morning to you. i'm christina loren taking a live look over san francisco. mostly cloudy conditions and the clouds are going to hang around all day long. along the peninsula, even all the way through los gatos. concord, livermore, even san jose we're going to get sunshine. between about 2:00 and 4:00, and as a result of limited sunshine and a cool air mass that moved in, temperatures will stay in the 70s all the way through this weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks very much. sti still ahead, is there more gold
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that was justin bieber rocking the plaza on friday when he performed live in concert. >> and now, as you remember, justin helped launch matt on twitter. now matt makes a cameo appearance on his new album "believe." it was after an appearance after a young lady claim he fathered r baby. it's on the album, listen. >> there's a pretty white hot spotlight and you found yourself under it recently. the headlines. do you know this woman? >> never met the woman. >> okay. well, obviously this is what comes along with life in the fast lane as they say. >> that clip is now being used
7:49 am
for -- >> and then it goes into the song. >> it goes into the song "maria," which the young woman who accused him of paternity is mariah. this is a throwback to michael jackson's song of why did you accuse me of this? >> how do you feel about this? >> i have one word -- royalties. the bieb is going to sell a lot of these. >> coming up, the funny man steve corel stops by. but first, these messages. pense, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill™ technology, the new ge french door refrigerator is engineered to push the limits of fresh. so to prove it, we're taking one from the factory in kentucky and delivering it full of fresh food to a place fresh can't be found.
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>> good morning to you. 7:56. i'm marla tellez. santa clara county firefighters try to find out what caused a house fire early this morning. it broke out at a home on constitution avenue near highway 6. crews were called about 3:00 a.m. and had the fire out in about an hour. because of the terrain and brush in that area, they were fearing the fire would spread but they took measures and put out the flames quickly. fortunately, both residents got out of the home before firefighters arrived. >> let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. 7:56 now. a live look over sunol, mostly cloudy conditions, not just at the coast. all the way inland. the return of the marine layer temperatures are cooler this afternoon. the jet stream has taken a significant dip to the south. as a result we'll see a series of systems ride to the north
7:57 am
ushlerring in a stronger onshore flow. mostly cloudy mornings and cooler afternoons to this weekend. friday we might get a few showers up in the north bay. 74 degrees, that's it in san jose, do you know about 20 degrees from yesterday. flew the upcoming weekend temperatures fall down to the low 70s. and then monday, tuesday, wednesday, we'll start to creep back up to seasonal averages. we're done with the 90s and the triple digit heat for now. >> here's the south bay, northbound 85 around union on the approach, an accident clearing there. maybe closer to camden but the northbound route holding steady with speeds in the 30s. 20s for 280 toward 880. that's extra slow at the transition. slow for 580 through livermore. the accidents have cleared around livermore avenue. 680 slow through pleasanton. slowing off the castro valley y, we're steady south through hayward and union city. an accident at the toll plaza. >> thanks, for the latest find us on facebook. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
7:58 am
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♪ no shoes no shirt. 8:00 on this thursday morning, thursday, june 21st, 2012. this is a steamy day. this is the first of many summer mornings, this crowd seems to be greeting it with a smile and, by the way, with a very warm handshake. when they come back in just about 24 hours, they'll be treated to a concert by kenny chesney. go to and cast your vote for summertime, beer in mexico or living in fast forward and kenny will play the winner
8:01 am
live tomorrow here on "today." we want to talk about this video. >> it shows middle school students on a school bus verbally abusing a bus monitor, a grandmother, for 14 minutes straight. some of the things they say to her, just shameful. there's been an outpouring of support for this woman. she's going to join us. we think parents should take this video and show it to their kids and have an honest discussion with them about bullying. we often think about bullying kid to kid. this is kids to an adult. it's horrific. we're going to tell you more about that. >> whatever happened to respecting your elders. unbelievable. on a much lighter note, steve carell is starting by. we love him. he stars in a touching and funny
8:02 am
movie called "seeking a friend for the end of the world." so i don't know if they'll be a sequence. >> meantime, let's get inside and get a check off the morning's top stories. natalie is at the post there. >> good morning, everyone. more record highs are expected today in parts of the northeast on this first full day of summer. for the second day in a row heat advisories and warnings are in effect from virginia into maine with temperatures at or above 100 in some places and with the humidity it will feel even hotter. >> closing arguments in the child sex abuse child of jerry sandusky, former penn state assistant football coach. the defense rested wednesday without calling sandusky to the stand. the jury did hear from eight of sandusky's ten alleged victims. reality star jack osbourn is sounding optimistic about the future despite his newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis. jack appeared on "the talk" with his mother, sharon, and talked
8:03 am
about how his m.s. symptoms were gradual at first and then became more dramatic. >> what i'm learning is one week i'm fine and the next i went blind in my right eye. it's a completely unpredictable disease. >> did you get the vision back in your right eye? >> it's back to about 80% now. >> the diagnosis came just weeks after the birth of his daughter. and now for a look at what is trending today, a quick roundup of what has you talking online, oracle ceo larry ellison has bought 90% of hawaiian island lanai. snooki and gionni are sticking to their italian roots when it comes to baby names. snooki revealed they'll go with lorenzo if it's a boy. if it's a girl, she'll be called giada. love that name. >> and an angry bird caught cast by surprise while taping the
8:04 am
housewives of orange county reality show. >> it's just a bird, you guys. one of the ladies remarked the incident gave a whole enough meaning to the word "tweet." it is 8:04 right now. let's go back outside to al with a check of the weather. with those housewives you don't know what was coming at you. >> andy was moving awfully fast there. we've got some young ladies here. where you from? >> charlotte, north carolina. >> there you go. dad is your spokesman. very nice. a little on the toasty side. let's see what we've got for you, starting off with today. our pick city today, san diego, california. nbc 7:39. low cloud giving way to sunshine. as we look on the satellite, not a lot goinon. a lot of rain down in florida. we've got that front. you can see that's the one that's going to bring all the relief coming across minnesota into illinois. that gets along the east coast by saturday.
8:05 am
we're looking for cloud in the pacific northwest. temperatures in the triple digits. down through the southwest. nice and cool in minneapolis. hit or miss thunderstorm or two. 77 degrees. where you ladies from? >> bermuda! >> bermuda? it's hotter here than in bermuda. very nice. good morning to well, it's thursday and the weather has dramatically changed overnight so make sure you grab that coat on your way out the front door. the marine layer is back and fog and cool air mass has moved in. temperatures today 20 degrees cooler than where we ended up yesterday. 74 in san jose where we hit the 90s yesterday. today, 78 in livermore. maybe a few showers in the north bay and cool cloudy weekend ahead as well.
8:06 am
colts. coming up next, we'll be vidgog video that's gone viral as a teaching tool. that's coming up right after this. which is friskies plus more. more of the things alice desires. with all the nutrition alice requires. it's a world of shiny furs. of sparkly eyes and happy purrs. it's a world unlike any alice has ever seen before. the world of new friskies plus. which is friskies plus more.
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8:09 am
washington may not like straight talk, but i do. [ female announcer ] and you've earned a say. get the facts and make your voice heard on medicare and social security at we are back at 8:09 with a video we think it's important for you to watch, a group of middle schoolers cruelly taunting the bus monitor.
8:10 am
more than a million people have seen it on line. we'll speak to karen klein in a minute. first we go to craig in rochester. >> reporter: good morning to you. karen klein is in her late 60s, is hard of hearing. she's worked with kids much of her life. the video showing what some of those kids subjected her to on that school bus. those videos have been viewed more than a million times. and it's got a lot of folks talking and asking some questions, some serious questions about kids and civility. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: watching these videos makes you cringe and wince. most parents would never expect their children to act like this on their way to school. this community just outside rochester is reeling from three
8:11 am
separate videos that show a group of middle school students mercilessly taunting a bus monitor. at one point they made the 64-year-old cry. >> i was trying to just ignore them, hoping they would go away and it doesn't work. trust me, they didn't go away. >> reporter: karen klein sat and endured it. now the grandmother of eight is still trying to come to terms with what happened. >> it's like it wasn't me, you know? it had to be somebody else, not me. i can't believe it happened. >> reporter: at in news conference wednesday, school officials promised punishment. >> we can say that students found to be involved will face strong disciplinary action. >> reporter: the videos have gone viral and they've also struck a cord with many concerned about how today's children behave and what it means for society. >> you're powerless watching this. you want to be there to say something and you can't. >> it's upsetting this goes on
8:12 am
in the world today. >> reporter: experts say parents may be reaping what they sew. >> i think what's wrong with kids today are what's wrong with adults today. we're not setting the importance of cultural rules, that you treat each other with decency and respect, that cruelty is wrong and punishable. >> reporter: there's been talk of criminal charges but klein doesn't want that. instead she'd prefer is serve as a simple lesson. >> i do hope the parents see this, not just kids and they can talk to their kids and tell them to be a little more respectful. >> reporter: both the police and school district are going to continue their investigation. no word on when and if charges will be filed. meanwhile there's been an outpouring of support for karen klein. one web site alone has raised more than $115,000 to send her on a dream vacation and help
8:13 am
with retirement. matt? >> craig melvin, thank you very much. karen klein is at home in rochester, new york and jennifer hartstein, a parent and adolescent therapist is with me in the studio. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> karen, i saw this video for the first time this morning and it's one of the most upsetting and depressing things that i have seen in a very long time. the way these children treat you on that bus. and i use the word "children," there are a lot of other things i would like to call them. have any of them come forward to apologize to you? >> i don't know -- i don't know what to say. i don't -- i want the boys punished but i don't know how. it made me feel really terrible, but i will get over it. i've gotten over everything
8:14 am
else. >> karen, did you have a longstanding, hostile relationship with these children or was this more of an isolated incident? >> there were more times than i thought that they were picking on me. they'd mock out my hair, they'd mock out because i wore hearing aids. they just could be really nasty. >> i was watching this and i was amazed at your self-restraint, the fact that you did not jump up and yell and talk back to them, that you sat there for this amount of time. how did you manage to do that? a lot of will power. because i'm not usually that calm. just ask my kid. >> i just want to explain, karen, to our viewers that you were a bus driver for a long time. you've been a monitor on the
8:15 am
school bus for i think about three years. and i'm not going to say how much they pay you but it's not a lot of money and you do it because you want to make sure kid are safe to and from school. i'll tell you what i think about them now, i think they're narrow minded monsters and i think their kids should be ashamed of them. what would you like to say to those parents? >> i'm sorry that your sons acted the way they did. i'm sure they don't act that way at home but you never know what they're going to do when they're out of the house. they should have been taught to respect their elders. no matter who it is. >> karen, there has been an enormous amount of support for you after this video went
8:16 am
public. there's been an outpouring of support and people have even raised money for you. i believe it's about $100,000 so that you can go off and take a nice vacation. how do you feel about the reaction to this? >> i am amazed. i'm so amazed. some of the nicest -- i've got i don't know the nicest letters, e-mails, facebook messages. and it's like, wow, there's a whole world out there that i didn't know. it's just really awesome. >> i don't know you. i'd love to meet you. i'd love to have you here in the studio one day, but as a parent let me apologize for those children because what they did was despicable and i thank you so much for talking to me today. >> you're welcome. >> jennifer, this is just bullying, plain and simple. >> it is plain and simple bullying and it's bullying in a way we don't generally think
8:17 am
about it. it's elder bullying and it's not something we talk about. we don't talk about how kids talk to the adults in their lives. teachers face this in their classrooms with students all the time. we know on the buses this may happen. the problem as she pointed out is what's the policy in reverse. if she does say something back, she gets in trouble. >> i would like nothing more than to saturday names of these kid on national television and give their addresses and let them see the kind of abuse that they dished out to this woman. ecan't do th i can't do this. how should the school handle this? >> there is an investigation. there was an article that came out that said if she's feeling threatened, they can bring criminal charges against these kids. >> i'm going to go home and show this video to my kid, the ones that are old enough to see it. it might be a teachable moment. >> it absolutely is a teachable moment.
8:18 am
we're talking about bullying, we're talking about let's get back to kindness, a kindness curriculum. >> thank you, jennifer. we'll be back after this.
8:19 am
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which is fine, i mean i, i know how to make dinner. it just starts to make you wonder. is this what happens when you age? my friends used to say i was the lucky one. i had the fun parents. where's the fun now? night guys! [ sighs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] venza. from toyota. what would you do if you knew that the earth was about to be destroyed? that's what the new movie "seeking a friend for the end of the world" is about. bits two people who are able to face it with a sense of humor. >> what are you doing with the rest of your life? >> well, a little of this, a little of that. probably catching up on some me time, find god, maybe move
8:22 am
around some chairs. >> steve carell, good morning. >> good morning. >> a movie about the end of the world does not sound like a light comedy. what attracted to you this movie? >> you're right. it does not sound like a light -- that is what attracted me to it. it's a big metaphor for finding your life and trying to find joy. >> one of the people is keeria knightley. her character is quirky and perky. your character is not. >> i'm not a perky guy. i'm very muted, i'm guy who wear as ton of regret on his shoulders. with three weeks left, that's the time frame he has to find the meaning, to find the joy.
8:23 am
>> he's going to take his terrier, that's something he's going to take facing the end of the world. she joins her lp records. you have ever thought of what you would grab? >> i would just grab food. i would eat so much crap. if i knew that we had just a couple weeks left -- of course then you start thinking is anything going to be open? i'd love to go to a great restaurant, have a wonderful meal. yeah, like they're going to stay there in order to serve me a wonderful meal. >> practical. >> i just want deep fried, i want pasta. i'm going to carbo load for doomsday. >> smart. >> no, it's dumb but what do you do? you're faced with that dilemma with, that question. have i i have no idea. >> your real life wife plays the character of the woman who leaves you when she finds out the end of the world is coming
8:24 am
and you actually film this part of the movie on your wedding anniversary? >> yeah. our 16th wedding anniversary. >> what was that look? >> i hope it wasn't foreboding in any sense. it the last scene we shot. it's the first scene in the movie. and she shoots me this look and i would love a freeze frame of it because it's scary as hell. and the director even said, wow, have you seen that in real life before? and i have and i hope never to again. no, she's great. it was fun. it was actually really fun because we got to work together. >> may you never see that look good. meantime you gave the commencement address at princeton. >> i did. >> what did you tell them? >> i told them -- it was just for fun. it was class day. it's a light eer version of commencement, the day before
8:25 am
commencement. in essence i said you are young and because of that you are wrong. >> and with time you'll get right. >> i got pretty much that same response when i did it. it was very tongue in cheek. >> it's interesting because you wanted to go into med school, you wanted to become a lauewyel. you found the ability to do not what you wanted to do, what you should do? >> i was filling out a law school application and my parents said is this what you want to do? i couldn't answer the essay question of why do you want to be an attorney? i couldn't answer why. they said what would you like to do, what would you join? we made a list and acting was one of themnd we went from there. >> i'm glad you made the right choice. steve carell this morning. back after this. of good morn.
8:26 am
8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. testimony tns today in the trial of the south bay man accused of beating a priest. prosecutors are portraying william lynch as a vigilante who planned the attack in 2010. lynch says he and his brother were raped by a reverend at a summer camp decades ago. linder denied the allegations on the stand. prosecutors admit linder is lying and are asking jurors to focus solely on the beating. linder's own niece who said she was an abused victim is willing to testify on lynch's behalf. a couple of problems on the peninsula. 401 at peninsula avenue an accident cleared from the lanes
8:27 am
but not before it caused the slowing for the northbound side and that distraction and adding slowing for the southbound side as well. slow in san mateo. one maybe closer to the foster city side and track a slow drive across 92. we have slower drives for 880 and half of the area well and a live look past the coliseum traffic moving slowly around high street as well. >> for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area on facebook. here you go little man.
8:28 am
[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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get it and you're in. >> there's any number of things that determine between first and second. >> i just have to believe in myself. >> it's the pursuit of perfection. ♪ tonight we are young >> 8:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 21st day of june 2012. we have a crowd enjoying the heat here in new york city and so are we. we're having a little fun with the group fun. the new york-based band has had a huge hit recently with their song "we are young." it was even featured on "glee." and the band is here to play it live for us in just a few minutes.
8:31 am
out on a sticky rockefeller plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, al rok he r and natalie morales. what do we have coming up? >> we have a one-on-one with the creator of "west wing." he's now turning his signature style to the tv news profession. so we're going to hear about that. >> and then we think he's the pits and we mean that in the nicest way. mark bittman is going to show us how to cook with stone fruit, peaches, plums and nectarines. i would take a bad nectarine over a good plum any day. it's a heck of a fruit. >> i agree. remember the adorable punky brewster? now that actress has grown up. she's a very popular mommy blogger. she's going to be in front of our professionals. good luck to her. >> and we should tell you the
8:32 am
opening ceremony of the london olympics, 36 days away. a lot of our athletes competing in trials over the next couple of weeks, including olympic superstar michael phelps. and we're joined this morning by one of the women behind the great man, debbie phelps is his mom. >> hi, you guys. >> how are you? >> i am great. how are you, matt? >> i am great. are you more nervous than michael? michael has nothing to be nervous about, even though the trials are a big deal. are you nervous with this amount of time left to go before the games? >> i'm excited. >> not nervous? >> you know, i can't get nervous because he has control of everything. i just sit there and watch. >> yeah? >> kind of. >> he has said london will be the last olympic games for him. you have said you kind of like brazil. >> i do like brazil. but, you know -- >> if you've never been -- >> you would, yeah. >> and michael told me he will send me there on vacation. he will not swim there. >> no convincing him.
8:33 am
i think he said he would take you along as a spectator, then. >> we should mention we had a chance to sit down with michael not long ago in baltimore, you were there, as well. at one point in the interview did with him, i asked him about you. can we play a little of that? >> absolutely. >> she has been there every step of the way, good times, bad times. she always puts in her two cents, she has the right to. she's my mother. sometimes you don't always want to hear it, but she has that right. she's supported me through everything. i mean, it's -- she's my mom. i love her to death and she's the most important person in my life. >> what are you going to say after that? >> very exciting, very meaningful. >> why are you here in new york today? >> i am in new york today with the century council to meet with
8:34 am
mommy bloggers about underage drinking and a healthy lifestyle. and it's a great program they have where they are influencing parents to talk to their children about drinking. and to also live a healthy life. go to and find out more about it. >> debbie phelps, all the best luck in the trials and in london. >> thank you. >> enjoy london. >> natalie will take you to brazil. >> i will. i'll show you offer around. 'll be your guide. 8:34 now. we told you it would be back and take a look at this. the marine layer is deep this morning. this is san jose but we got mostly cloudy conditions from the coast to concord this morning. fairfield, 75 today for you. 72 livermore and 75 gilroy and san jose 74 degrees. a dramatically different in terms of your temperatures, 20
8:35 am
degrees cooler than yesterday. we will hold on to that cooler than average pattern through this upcoming weekend. have a great day. thanks a lot, al. coming up next, a hearing from the oscar winning creator of "west wing," aaron sorkin on the new show "the newsroom" coming up.
8:36 am
8:37 am
on sunday aaron sorkin, the oscar winning writer of "the social network" and creator of "the west wing" will debut "the newsroom" on hbo. savannah guthrie sat down with him for an in-depth chat. >> aaron sorkin has become one of hollywood's most celebrated screenwriters thanks to several
8:38 am
celebrated hits and that signature style. >> my name is andrew shepard and i am the president. >> some of the most unforgettable lines. >> when the president stands, nobody sits. >> were born at the fingertips of screenwriter aaron sorkin. now he's on to something new, "the newsroom," a romantic comedy set in the world of cable news. >> can people hear me in there? >> you still feel nervous? about this premiere you'll beer in sflous. >> o-- you'll be nervous? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: his role is not based on any real life news man. >> i want to emphasize it's a fictional character.
8:39 am
i've spent time in a lot of newsrooms. the show's got one foot in reality and one foot in this kind of romantic wishful film and fantasy. >> reporter: like everything sorkin does, expectations are high. he's the rare hollywood celebrity who got famous for writing. his work instantly recognizable for that trademark fast talking, fast walking style. do you ever write something, look at it and think that's so sorkiny? am i being too sorkiny here? >> that's not the word that i use. i use the word it's bad. that's just bad writing. >> sorkin is exacting, requiring perfection from himself and the actors who must deliver that dense dialogue like it rolled off the tongue. >> both of my guys are identifying the failure of the cement mixes. >> the actors love you or they hate you with all of those words? i mean --
8:40 am
>> it seems like they enjoy -- i mean, you'd have to ask them. i don't want to speak for them. our scripts are about 25 pages longer than most hour-long scripts because there are a lot more words. >> you have ever been paid by the word? have you thought about putting that in your contract? >> no, i haven't but i have to call my agent. >> his success rocketed after "a few good men" became a blockbuster movie. but for years sorkin hid a private battle with drugs, culminating in his infamous 2001 arrest for cocaine at a california airport. >> i've always wanted people to know me as the guy who writes those things and not know the real me. and when i was arrested, it felt like we were drawing back the curtain on, oh, the guy who is writing these things is a crack addict. >> reporter: sorkin got sober
8:41 am
and said he stayed that way 11 years. his next venture, to write the movie about apple founder steve jobs. >> one of the hesitations i had was that it was a little like writing about the beatles, that there are so many people out there who know so much about him and who revere him. >> reporter: but the project he's most proud of of is his 11-year-old daughter roxy. >> she's very funny, very smart. she's thriving in school. she's just starting to watch some of of the things i've written. i want her to like it and i'm worried she's going to be a little bored by it. i'm worried that she's going to worried she's going to hurt my feelings if she doesn't love it. >> it's so aaron sorkin. it's a little neurotic. >> a little bit. >> does she smooth out those edges, though, a little bit? >> she smooths out everything. it's very simple. i feel like i'm exactly where
8:42 am
i'm supposed to be doing exactly what i'm supposed to be doing. >> for all his success and famous line, he said if he had a chance to write "a few good men" again hereby would write it differently. >> one of my favorites. >> i know, but he would do it differently, if he could. >> can you see more of savannah's interview on "rock center." ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation. hilton honors.
8:43 am
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8:44 am
everything today," we're using, nectarines, plums, mangos, cherrys. mark bitman's idea for cook will go fruit will appear in the "new york times" magazine. he's the author of "how to cook
8:45 am
everything basics" cookbook. good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> the techniques we're use can go be used for all of the fruits i'm mentioned. >> everything you mentioned could be treated the same way. everything we're doing here, you can throw in whatever your favorite stone fruit is. >> what are we going to start with, peaches or nectarines? >> peaches or nectarines. the white ones are white peaches. and we have plums here, too. >> you she's them in half, use the knife to go around the pit or the stone and you're taking them out easily and now you're grilling they in what was. >>. >> this is a grilling technique. we're doing this indoor but this works wonderful on a charcoal grill. >> always leave the skin on like this when you're grilling it? >> i like to. you can always take it off.
8:46 am
it does help hold it together. >> and that's all, a little butter, a little sugar. >> a drizzle of honey, a little lemon. any of that is good also. >> next you're going to show us how to make a chutney. is there a definition of chutney -- >> no, it's like saying jam. we have cherrys, nectarines mixed together. >> when you're cooking with fruit like this, do you want it to be very ripe or would you prefer to cook this when it just before ready? >> what's great about both of these you is can use them pretty unripe. ripe fruit is nice, it has more
8:47 am
sugar. >> in this we have cherrys and what is that? >> orange juice, ginger. this is kcurry powder and a little bit of clove for spice. you took them until they meld. >> you have raisins you're going to add to this and then -- why wouldn't you cook the raisins in there? >> you don't want them to plump up too much and the nuts, you want them to stay crunchy. you wind up with this gorgeous chutney or you can think of it as jam or come poet. >> if you go to mexico, los angeles, brooklyn, other exotic places like that, you will often see people selling on the street a fruit salad with any
8:48 am
combination of fruit but also in it they put sugar, they put salt, chilli powder and kcayenne and with the fruit it's great. >> mark bitman, a great idea for stone fruit. >> up next the band fun is here to sing their hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
8:49 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
8:50 am
yea the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> it has been a great year for the band fun. their hit single "we are young" spent six weeks on number one on the build board top 100. their latest release is called "some nights." good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> describe this year you're having. >> i think it's been surreal would be the best word to use. we've been doing this for such a long time. all of us have been professional musicians for about ten years
8:51 am
and we've had like a nice cult following so for it to take off the way that it has more recently has been surreal. >> more recently as in december when you were featured, your work was featured on "glee" and since then it has just been chock-a-block, a crazy time. when you heard "glee" was going to feature your song, what did you think? >> it means so much to us to partner with things that are particularly satisfying and "glee" is a great show with a positive message that speaks to people all over the country about great things. it was an honor. >> you're touring. have you a lot going on. you look a little exhausted because you don't like being up at this hour of the morning. but, andrew, is there something about this fast rush that you remember most about? what's the memory from all of this time that you'll take away? >> i think one of the most important things that i'm going
8:52 am
to remember is just like getting to share these little moments with my best friends. even if it's a dinner or waking up at 5:15 to be here today, all these things are just that much more special and memorable and getting to take pictures and stuff like that. it's nice to have people to share it with. >> cool. we're excited to hear you this morning. gentlemen, thank you for being here. ladies and gentlemen, fun. ♪ give me a second, i need to get my story straight ♪ my friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state ♪ my love is waiting for my just across the bar ♪ my seat's been taken by someone asking about a scarf ♪ i know i gave it to you months ago ♪ i know you're trying to forget but it's between the subtle
8:53 am
things ♪ i'm trying hard to take it back ♪ so the bar closes and you feel like falling down ♪ i'll carry you home ♪ tonight we are young, so we set the world on fire ♪ we can burn brighter than the sun ♪ tonight we are young, so we set the world on fire ♪ we can burn brighter than the sun ♪ ♪ now i know that i'm not all
8:54 am
that you got ♪ ♪ like i said i just thought maybe we could find a way to fall apart ♪ ♪ but our friends are back, so let's raise a toast because i found someone to carry me home ♪ ♪ tonight we are young, so we set the world on fire ♪ ♪ we can burn brighter than the sun ♪ ♪ carry me tomorrow tonight, just carry me home tonight ♪ ♪ carry me home tonight, carry me home, carry me home ♪
8:55 am
♪ the moon is on my side, have i no reason to run ♪ ♪ so someone come and carry me home tonight ♪ ♪ i can hear the choir so if someone could come and carry me home ♪ ♪ tonight we are young so let's set the world on fire ♪ hey, we can burn brighter than the sun ♪ ♪ tonight we are young, so we set the world on fire ♪ ♪ we can burn brighter than the
8:56 am
sun ♪ ♪ so the bar closes and you feel like falling down ♪ ♪ i'll carry you home tonight [ cheers and applause ] >> that was the band fun. thank you so much, guys. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators will focus on san francisco pier 39 looking for a cause of the huge fire that damaged the historic building. flames spread quickly on to the roof on wednesday afternoon and it took firefighters nearly six hours to put out that fire in the busy embarcadero closed to traffic late into the night. investigators say the fire does not appear to be suspicious. let's check with the
8:57 am
forecast with christina loren. >> much cooler weather today courtesy of that marine layer that has returned and thick out there. 78 inland and 72 bayside and 66 at the coast today. as we head through tomorrow even cooler and maybe a few showers up in the north bay and over the weekend, the low 70s. hope you have a fantastic thursday! ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
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we're back with more of "today" on a thursday morning. it's the 21st day of june 2012, the first full day of summer. boy, it's here with a vengeance as we're going to be flirting with temperatures near 100 degrees in new yorcity. by the way, we're not alone. lots of people dealing with dangerous heat and humidity. coming up today's professionals plus a special guest. >> special guest who has come a long way from the old punky brewster days, it's the actress soleil moon frye. we all remember her like this. now she's a successful mommy
9:01 am
blogger. we have a lot to talk about, including the incident we covered earlier with the woman on the middle school bus where the woman was bullied. >> more like terrorized. >> everyone is outreached about it. we'll talk about how those kids should be disciplined and we'll talk about is it okay to drink in moderation while you're pregnant? >> there's another study i find kind of surprising that actually kids tend to gain the most weight during the summer. so you think they're more active, they're outside, but maybe not. we have strategies for smart eating and keeping your kids active. >> also, the latest trends in fashion, including jewelry you can actually rent. and also clothing that actually adds to your body's illusion of curves. >> okay. a lot to get to.
9:02 am
let's go inside. natalie is satanding by at the newsdesk. >> good morning, everyone. today george zimmerman's defense team released new documents, including a video of zimmerman talking to police at the scene of the shoot persian gulf heap said martin punched him and repeatedly hit his head into the sidewalk. that's when he said martin saw his gun. >> he looked at it and he said "you're going to die tonight." he reached for it. i felt his arm going down to my side and i grabbed it and i grabbed my side arm and shot him. >> zimmerman remains behind bars on a second degree murder charge. the police chief who has been criticized for his handling of the shooting has now been fired. >> closing arguments in the child sex say bus coach against former penn state assistant
9:03 am
football coach jerry sandusky. the defense rested on wednesday without calling sandusky to the stand. he's accused of abusing ten boys over 15 years. the case could go to the jury by this afternoon. >> more record highs are expected today. for the second day in a row heat advisories are in effect from virginia to maine with temperatures at or about 100 in some places. >> meanwhile, a massive clean-up is under way in duluth after flading caused by heavy rains. >> the mother of michael brewer, who was set on fire by classmates is reacting to the guilty verdict of the rings leader of the attack. >> reporter: from the witness stand michael brewer told his story to jurors. >> they set me on fire. >> reporter: the horror of a 17-year-old whose burned arms and legs will forever be scarred. >> the defendant is guilty of
9:04 am
aggravated battery. >> reporter: this week 17-year-old matthew bent was convicted of aggravated battery. brewer's family says they're satisfied with the verdict, even though bent was not convicted of the original charge, attempted murder. his mother spoke to nbc news. >> it's justice. that's what we were going after was getting some justice for what happened to michael. >> reporter: prosecutors described matthew bent as the mastermind who organized the fire attack because brewer owed him $40. brewer denied he owed him anything. this summer will include a vacation for brewer but also more therapy. doctors say he'll need medical attention for the rest of his life. >> the scars that michael has are not just physical. he has deep emotional scars that may never go away. every time he looks in the mirror, he's reminded of what happened. >> for "today," carey sanders,
9:05 am
nbc news. >> a royal milestone for prince william who turns 30 today. his milestone also comes with a fortune, the remainder of diana's estate set aside for him. it's said to be around $10 million after taxes. >> an unusual and big custody dispute. a u.s. judge ruled it's okay for u.s. officials to seize a dinosaur skeleton from an auction house while people try to sort out whose tryannosaurus it is. it is a smaller cousin of the bigger tryannosaurus rex. it's thought to be from mongolia and could be sent back there. >> and a 64-year-old bodybuilder is showing she still has what it takes to compete. she recently came in second in a women's figure competition, coming in ahead of women half her age. she said it's all about being
9:06 am
healthy and taking care of your body and showing people age is only a number. hard to believe she is 64. let's go back to al for a check of your weather. >> today's weather is brought to you by the american cancer society. >> we have some nice folks here from the march of dimes. >> how are you today in. >> good. what's happening? >> today is our national babies day, we try to raise as much money for these guys here, to make sure they're in good health. >> let see what we've got for you as far as your weather. we've got a lot of heat. these are records from yesterday, everybody up into the upper 90s, even houlton, maine seeing a temperature of 90 degrees. big area of high pressure, pumping up the jet stream up to the north. we're expecting record in d.c., philly, new york, boston,
9:07 am
everywhere in between. the relief comes not until saturday. in the meantime today wee got ahead of the front warm ash 90s and 100s, along the east coast into the mississippi river valley, behind it cool air. the 90s will stay banked down throughout the lower 9:0 now. starting with a live look over san francisco. mostly cloudy conditions. the marine layer is back and much cooler today as a result. now take you live to san jose. still mostly cloudy here as well with limited sunshine. looks like we are only going to hit the 70s and 73 degrees in concord and 74 san jose, 72 degrees today in livermore. san francisco will struggle to break into the mid-60s today. tomorrow, just a little bit cooler and maybe a few showers up in the north bay. and that's your latest weather.
9:08 am
savannah? ♪ taking care of business >> now to "today's profession s professionals," our panel of professionals, donny deutsche and in for star jones is soleil moon frye. you'll always be punky brewster in our hearts. >> welcome to this crazy bunch. >> i'm very excited to be part of the crazy bunch. >> we want to start with the story that disturbed everyone who saw it, bus monitor bully be. she was absolutely taunted by a group of middle schoolers for more than ten minutes. it went on and on. they called her fat, called her an elephant, they said she was so ugly she should commit suicide. there was a video of it, it was posted on youtube. everyone agrees it's an outrage. the first question to ask, i'll
9:09 am
put to you, nancy, what is the right punishment here? >> i think we have to stay this is a modern day version of "lord of the flies." this is a pack mentality of kids leading with the mean guy. what's the punishment? i'm sorry we had to blur their faces. i think their faces and names -- they should be held accountable. second thing is i -- their parents should be front and center public. perhaps the best way to treat these kids is to make their parents being held accountable. whether they're kicked out of school, i mean, i don't know what the legal issue is but there has to be a phenomenal amount of shame. >> my fear is if they're kicked out of school, then what's happening? is it worse if they're left to their own devices. >> let's forget about school. what if they were your children?
9:10 am
>> what happened to moral and ethics? so often i hear they're too young to be exposed to things. it's so important that we teach our kids and talk about ethics and morals. >> here's the problem, you talk about the parents. every time i've had friends who kids have been victims of bummying and they go to the other parents, the parents are just as bad. they say my kids wouldn't do it. and it's the parents. i promise you, you go home and you see those parents and they're older versions of these kids. the parents have to become accountable for the kids. throw the parents in jail. kick the kids out of school forever. and what the hell is going on, setting the kid on fire? >> legally i don't think you can put these parents? jail. >> something's wrong here!
9:11 am
>> i know many kids that have gone down a darker path who had amazing parents that tried so hard to be loving parents. it's both the parents but it's also our school system. >> nine out of ten times it's the parents. it's the parents. your kids would not do that. that wouldn't be an option for them to do that. >> i a daughter bullied in sixth grate by three tough boys. i personally contacted each of the mothers. two of the mothers refused to talk to me because of the fact her son wouldn't do it. donny is right. it's the parents. >> my daughter was in ballet, she had to go to the bathroom. she came out and little girls were saying, oh you have to go pee-pee and picking on my little baby! and we have kids in school getting peer pressure in school. >> even like the disney channel
9:12 am
and nice channel, there's always the mean girl. there's always this mean charact character. >> what's wrong with kids today is what's wrong with adults today. we'll leave it at that. >> it turns out scientists in denmark say low to moderate drinking, one to eight drink as week is okay in early pregnancy. doctor, can this be true? >> yes. but it is the slippery throw sloep of what people will really take home from this. if a woman nurse as drink throughout dinner, a six ounce portion of wine, there appears to be no harm to the fetus who has adopted a child due to
9:13 am
alcohol, they flip out over this. >> isn't it the problem it's the slippery slope as you mention sfd. >> maybe you're not realizing how much you drink. >> i think people have a very hard time with moderation and understanding moderation. especially in the first trimester. i through this question out to people on twitter and facebook and they went crazy on this. why bother? >> there's a reality show called "house hunters." prospective home buyers are supposed to see the homes and pick one. and one person has come out and said i bought my home before the show and the others are cleaned up. does this cross some line? >> i personally was shocked. >> seriously? >> by the way, who cares? >> that's the question.
9:14 am
>> it's like what is really -- i think the average person watching at home, it's like wra wrestling. you know it's fake but you don't care. >> i love when you watch, i used to love watching "dynasty" as a kid. i feel like watching television -- >> the rancic baby names. they're expecting a baby by surrogate. they've given a hint saying we're not going to name our child something unusual. >> it's so interesting, you tell me who is going to be the cooler guy, jagger or elliott. >> or a girl, too. >> or a girl. >> had you an unusual name. >> in my household we had so many crazy names, doing the traditional route would have been abnormal. >> imagine your daughter as the
9:15 am
ceo of a foreto and 50 compan >> no, no, no. >> donny deutsche, nancy snyderman and soleil moon frye, good to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> coming up preventing your kids from packing on the pounds this summer with healthy eating strategies coming up right after this. when we walk together, we are bigger than cancer. join the world's biggest fight for more birthdays, the american cancer society relay for life. find your community's event at . . . . . . there's more whole grain than any other ingredient.
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9:18 am
this morning, on eat smart today, healthy summer eating. new study finds that children gain weight two, three times faster during summer. what can parents do? good morning, elie. >> good morning. >> why are kids packing on the pounds during the summer months? >> they think all lean in the summer. without the structure of school and kids are snacking all day. they have their refrigerator there, they have the cupboard. there's no structure so they're snacking a lot. and they're not as active as we wish they were. they're really not, they're in front of the screen a lot, too. and also, with the snacks, they're not choosing healthy snacks. so, it's a really big issue. >> so you say the first thing for parents, the guideline is to really give them that structure and establish a set routine, right? >> establish a set routine, three meals and set a number of snacks per day, rather than it
9:19 am
being this mindless free for all, set two, three snacks and say these are the times we need them and these are the times that work for us. choose those times and make the snacks healthful. typically, the most common snacks we choose are chips, cookies, ice cream, all of these things. that's going to make you pack on the pounds. >> let's give an idea to parents for healthy snack options for them. we're starting off here with what looks absolutely amazing and delicious. this is a frozen fruit treat? >> yes, these are two kinds of grapes, bananas and when you freeze this, it's like a little bite of sorbet. or something. it's a cool treat. but it's whole fruit and -- >> low calories. >> 140 calories for two of those. >> fantastic. i do these for my kids all the time. an english muffin pizza. >> it's really a perfect portion of pizza. maybe one for a smack, maybe two
9:20 am
for a light lunch. i like to put some canadian bacon and fresh tomatoes. whole grain english muffin, a little basil and you're good to go. so, it's all easy things. kids that are a little older can make this for themselves. >> pop it in the oven. okay, now, forget microwave popcorn. you have better way to do this. >> i love this. you take a quarter cup of popcorn, put it in a bag with a tiny bit of oil and salt and put it in the microwave for two minutes and it comes out great. it's two servings, it makes about six cups and it's much less fat and oil that you get from the packaged popcorn. >> and salt. >> good idea. and these are blueberry smoothies. you can choose any fruit you want, milk, a little yogurt, whip it up in the blender and it's delicious and beautiful and
9:21 am
it's fruit and milk and so these are just healthy, frothy. >> full of antioxidants, too. >> and nuts and you can keep it in your glove compartment. portion, control is so important. i love these snack bags. you can keep in your bag. you have portion control. eating out of a bag is a big no-no. >> and a lot of people think fruit, you can eat endless amounts. there's calories and sugar in fruit, right? >> absolutely. but chances are kids are not going to overeat fruit in terms of calories. keeping it handy, fresh, washed grapes in the fridge, it's cool, refreshing, kids love it. keeping it at eye level is really important. >> got to go. thank you so much. great tips for us. coming up, styles that are hot. but first these messages. got t great tips for us. coming up, styles that are hot.
9:22 am
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coming up, trendy new jewelry you don't have to buy and clothes that give you instant curves. >> plus ttooy ks teetp toys to kids entertained all summer long. >> after your local news. [ lane ] your anti-wrinkle cream is gone. but what about your wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles in just one week. "why wait if you don't have to."
9:26 am
rapid wrinkle repair. neutrogena®. recommended most by dermatol good thursday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. an early morning fire claims the life of a berkeley woman. investigators trying to figure out what sparked the fire near ashby and chadic. ailment people were inside when the flames broke out. seven able to escape but one woman was trapped. woman who rushed in say they couldn't reach her in time. >> a scary thing for everybody but if you have to go through a tower of flames that is very dramatic and not know about the welfare of your friends. >> that was the hardest part. you know somebody is up there and you can't do anything and you have a sick feeling. >> investigators are sifting through debris for any clues on
9:27 am
the cause of that fire. volunteers from the red cross have been sent in to help out the victims. santa clara firefighters are trying to figure out what was the cause of a fire. fire crews called at 3:00 a.m. and the fire out in an hour. because of the terrain and brush in the area fears of the fire spreading but firefighters took preventive measure and put the flames out quickly. fortunately, both residents got out of that house before the firefighters arrived. quick break. we will be right back with weather and traffic. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:28 am
[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. welcome back. a live look at san jose. what a difference a day makes. at this time yesterday the sun was blazing over the entire bay area and now the marine layer is back and breaking apart a little bit and sunshine on the south bay and extreme east bay as well between noon and 2:00 and then temperatures are going to be much cooler than yesterday because of the limited sunshine. a cool air mass that moved in overnight. so we are talking about the mid to upper 70s today and tomorrow. then as we head through the
9:29 am
weekend, low 70s. finally starting to climb monday through wednesday and done with the triple digit heat for now. >> peninsula started with heavy slow down after a couple of accidents and still slow. all directions for 92 and 101 through san mateo. slow out of bruno. the rest of the peninsula looks fine as you head into or out of san francisco. slow on the east shore freeway and oakland, 8 owl past the coliseum things slow but moving steadily northbound through the area. >> i guess that is moving, huh? thank you, mike. thank you for joining us. another local news update in half an hour.
9:30 am
♪ ♪ kenny chesney is one of the biggest stars to come out of nashville. he's coming to our neck of the woods for a little country swooning to get you two-stepping into your weekend. that's tomorrow on "today." then a week from tomorrow the superstars maroon 5 five will be rocking the plaza.
9:31 am
>> we love "moving like jagger." that is the get off your butt song. >> coming up, one of the big dilemmas for parents, keeping our kids busy during the summer. >> that's right. they get bored very easily. we have the season's best indoor and outdoor toys from bubbles to building sets to really cool skate board looking things with no wheels. >> you don't go very far but you have a good workout. >> she's a little old for that toy. >> natalie would still find a way to fall of that. >> yes, i would. >> are you enjoying that one? >> i loved it! >> in today's kitchen, we have a
9:32 am
light meal for a hot day. how about some grilled sword wish. check out the weather. it is seamy. >> especially here in the east. we're looking at a lot of wet weather stretching from th eastern great lakes back to northern texas. that's the cooling air that's going to be coming here. heavy rain continues in florida. slight risk of strong storms as that front moves into the mid-atlantic states. we're looking at 9:32 now. take aing look live sonoma. clear conditions and south bay is cloudy and sun will break through the course of the next few hours. the marine layer pushed inland. san francisco you'll likely stay shroudy throughout the day today and temperature will be 65. 20-degree drop-off from yesterday's high to today.
9:33 am
74 degrees in san jose and 78 lim livermore. in an evident -- effort to prove you wrong -- >> savannah's giving it a whirl. >> is that the best you can do? >> yeah, that's the best i can do. that's it. that's all i got. >> she moves like jagger. >> don't get too crazy, girl. coming upneck, the summer's hottest style trends and at pretty cool prices.m >> i can't do any other moves than that. that's it. i'm out.
9:34 am
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oh, super. [ panting ] man, i got to lay off the chestnuts. [ mom ] start your free trial today. ♪ hot sun in the summertime >> this morning on style buzz," b bobbie is here to show the trends. it's summer, we have a slimming trend, right? >> yes. we've heard so much about color blocking but black and white is classic. the combination, i call it body blocking. christina is wearing a pair of white pants, which is usually a woman's worst nightmare. think about it. and what's cool about this black-and-white two-toned pair of pants, they're very slimming. christina put them on, she's
9:38 am
getting married in two days. they'll calvin klein, they're the $69.99 regularly. they're on sale so if you hurry, they're around $29.99. don't quote me. i've got a skirt verse on and this is bcgb. this has to do if you're curvier on the bottom half and you want to elongate your frame. however, if you feel you're straight already and you want to stay away from this, you want to look for something like this dress that gives you a little bit of an angle. >> gives you a curve. >> you can use the black-and-white contrast to your advantage and this is a trend you'll be able to still wear in the fall. it's a classic combination. >> would you do a pop of color with the accessories? >> absolutely. can you keep it clean, do a fun bag. whatever you want. >> let's stick with our slimming
9:39 am
thing. from thinking getting fit to getting fit, we've seen reebok and other brands put resistance bands in clothing and this line, they took it a step further. they put weights inside the workout clothes. >> oh, my god. it's like running -- it's hard not to run. >> these weights are slipped inside the band. you slip inside which ever weight you want. you can add up to a certain amount and they add down here the weight so while you're even running errands, you can have resistance and work out. >> so you're gaining weight in order to lose weight. >> very cool line, as resistance, whether it's at the gym or not. >>now, the bra. >> in theory, you're not supposed to show it.
9:40 am
>> i call this peek-a-boo bra. when it comes to sumsummer, who isn't showing off a strap here or there. and spanx, this is great, i really love this. it's flattering, it doesn't give that you back bulge and has a great basic front under a t-shirt. >> what about the next one sp. >> next the side peek-oo-boo. we've all heard about the side boob. this is from maidenform. not only is the side really pretty and they have different styles but if you turn to the back, you'll see how pretty that is, too. so you can really have some pretty bras today. and i have to give a shout out to the girls that have girl friends because -- >> what are you talking about? >> i understand the frustration when you're around a d cup or larger, you find a tough time finding pretty bras.
9:41 am
curvey kate, they start at d and go up through k and they all all kinds of pretty straps that you can show and it won't be like armor. >> and let go to jewelry. >> jetworthy is a jewelry site where you can borrow as long as you want, a prepaid envelope, you can send it back whatever you want. if you don't know what to get, a stylist will help you after you tell them what your personality is about and that starts at $29.95. all of this is on our web site. >> a great idea. a lot of us don't know how to get adventure us with jewelry. thank you so much. if you want any more information on these products, you can find bobbie's buzz at we have the best toys under $50 right after this.
9:42 am
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to fill over 200 garbage trucks out of landfills each year? 6.5 million pounds of plastic, gone. by using glad trash bags, designed with reinforcing bands to be stronger with less plastic waste, we can. it's a small change that can make a big difference. and try glad odor shield with febreze freshness... strong bags that neutralize strong odors. this morning on "today's
9:46 am
moms," we have some great ideas to keep your kids from screaming on board. >> i bet most of us have already heard it once. >> first up, the spooner. not good in heels but i'm going to attempt it. >> this is a balance board. it's great for all levels. if you're a little kid, you can get on to balance or a big kid like us, you can get on to balance yourself. for kids who want to do board tricks, wheelies and 360s, it's a good way too do it without the wheels. >> and for the younger set? >> this is like your toddler's first wheels. they go from 1 to 3. it's called the scutter bug. it's classible. you c -- collapsable.
9:47 am
it's great for little kids. the steering doesn't go far. >> all kids love bugbugs, right? >> love bugs. they want to collect them. it was a huge hit at the new york fair. this is the ant eater bug vuc. you pull out this little case, a magnifying glass and when you're done, you can gently and lovingly put them back into nature. >> go free, little bugs zip love this one. >> so everybody loves the nerf blasters and nerf has kicked it up for outside. because we're staying outside longer. and this is all glow in the dark. this is their -- >> ooh, perfect aim. >> they slide very far. and what's great is they're glow in the dark. >> this is fun! my husband would love this, take
9:48 am
this outside. i'm done with that one. >> boys will love that. >> all of here for all of you water balloon people, we love in the summertime, this is how you stay cool, you toss water balloons at people. >> it's not summer without a water balloon. >> this is a battle pump, you fill up your water balloon with water. you can take it anywhere. >> much easier than doing the garden hose. >> they have this cyclops launcher. >> wow, we're getting high tech here. >> who wants the water balloon? we're going for it. go ahead. >> really? ready? ooh, sorry! >> clean up, aisle four. nice, you made a mess in our studios. >> crayola is a name everyone loves. they've come up with colored bubbles. these are really intended for outdoors, you shouldn't use them inside. they do come off of your skin.
9:49 am
you canlander that. >> and then we have this, the huge bubble maker. >> you can see it just continually pops out lots and lots of bubbles. >> if you're staying indoors on a hot, scorching day like today, tell me about that. >> what's great is there's 90 different little things in here for them to build. there's wheels and contraptions and wings. >> it's creative. and back to your insects. you want to be see how they kind of evolve, this is a great thing to do. if you've never done the caterpillar to butterfly thing, this is great. it's a kid. they give you the larva and you
9:50 am
put it in here and it turns into a butterfly. >> we are out of time, meredith. it's all on our web site. meredith sinclair, thank you so much.
9:51 am
9:52 am
good morning. on "today's kitchen," we are grilling summer swordfish on the menu. jeff, good to see you. >> good to see you. this is the first full day of summer. the good news about this, this cooks pretty quickly. on a day like today, you don't want to stay in front of the grill too long. >> no, you don't. a few minutes on the grill, flip it over and you're good. >> these are swordfish
9:53 am
medallions, how long? >> about two and a half minutes on each side. >> a little rare inside? >> a little translucent. >> and you're making a peach salsa with this. >> yeah. normally you wouldn't think to pair cherrys and peaches with fish. but this goes really well because we have the jalapenos in here. >> it's a sweet heat. >> exactly, exactly. basically i start with a little bit of onion, lime juice and a little red wine vinegar. >> cherries. >> you a don't even have to dice them up so nicely. >> you can make it chunkier. >> you're going for the flavor, whatever works for you. a little basil, jalapeno pepper. mix that up for me. a little lemon juice, a little oil. and then you have that. >> how long do you want to let this sit? >> i would let it sit for a couple hours just to marry the
9:54 am
flares. you could go right on but i think it's better suited if you let it sit. here's our swordfish. just salt and pepper, a little olive oil. we're going to flip them now, a nice little sear. then we have those cooking. >> and if it's raining out, do you it on a grill pan inside, you're good. >> exactly. we have a little swiss chard. we're going to saute this in a pan, a little salt, a little pepper. just saute these. these are going to wilt down. you're not trying to go too hard. >> you can use almost any mix -- >> you can use beet tops, spinach, turnip tops, whatever you like. >> you don't want to use carrot top, though. >> that would not taste good for sure. >> no, no, he's not that funny. >> we have some beach mushrooms, a little garlic sauteing in olive oil. we're going to do some nice
9:55 am
english peas we shuked and blanched quickly. this is base ill, pine nut sauce, parmesan cheese, toss that in there. >> nice and green. >> now we can come back here -- hello. >> hi! >> here we go. >> just in time for dinner. >> now a little bit of this. >> i can't believe how fast you made all of that. >> nice and quick. >> as you're plating this up you've got some peaches? >> a little sugar and butter, right on the flat top or on the stove. cook them down and flip goo.
9:56 am
i'm laura garcia-cannon. the man who held an emergency room nurse hostage at the hospital is being sentenced today. broadneck burst into the e.r. two years ago and held the
9:57 am
worker for several minutes. broadneck quickly surrendered to police and sentenced for his sentence on false imprisonment charges. time to check the forecast. we are getting warmer but not by much. 65 in sunnyvale. jet stream a dip to the south. as a result our temperatures are going to tumble. not just today, tomorrow, all the way through the weekend and the beginning of next week with a stronger onshore flow and plenty of fog hugging the coastline. talking about the return of 50s and 60s as we head throughout the next couple of days. as we head throughout the weekend temperatures fall even more so. what is happening because the jet stream has dipped to the south a series of storms is coming through. we are getting the tail end of each of these systems but, as a result, a little bit of drizzle and maybe showers likely up in the north bay as we head into friday. low 70s and bring you back up
9:58 am
into the upper 70s monday. the 80s return tuesday into wednesday of next week. here is mike and your drive. i like that little change there. a little change for the bay bridge, though. upper deck still moving slowly getting over into san francisco. we had an earlier a couple of incidents there and backup at the toll plaza still slow into the upper deck and in towards treasure island and in toward san francisco. back to the map. showing also another few incidents on the east shore freeway and blocking one way at times so it will be slow as you come off of that merge and toward berkeley. slowing still northbound, disabled vehicle at san antonio and slows 101 from 680 up to the airport and about the worst of it for the south bay. >> for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area. for fast relief. and seven moisturizers. cortizone-10. feel the heal.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. we are so glad you're with us on thirsty thursday. june 21st. we all survived the first day of summer although it was hot here. >> how about regis? i didn't get to see it. does he ever really say that? >> no. that's what's so funny. dana carvey says that. >> i didn't get a chance to see it so i know you'll furnish me
10:01 am
with great clips of the hilarity. >> i wish we had the cameras rolling through the commercials. why can't we do the show in one place? we have a little tape of yesterday, if you happened to miss it. it was a lot of fun. >> all right. he's finally here. reeg! >> sarah palin right here. yes! >> regis, you show up when you want to show up. >> all i said was yes, i'll come in and pitch in for cota, hoda. >> never had a meeting. >> never once in 15 years. >> would you like to have a little sip? >> a little early for regis. >> cota, hoda, what's her name? >> regis, go slow. listen a lot. don't talk too much. >> it doesn't matter what we
10:02 am
learn here. eat what you want. what is it that you do? >> i'm still trying to figure it out. >> what's so great about this? >> these are awesome. >> she won't leave me a lone. >> did you have a good time? >> fair. just fair. nice being with everybody. >> all right. >> all these years ago, back together again. thanks, everybody. have a great day. >> it was fun. everybody in the crusade they don't want you leaving, believe me. no one wants our cota going anywhere. he's great. he's a blast. thank you, reeg. we would love to have him back. you would have so much fun. you would rip me so big. >> let's definitely have him back. >> there are two trends in the world i'm not thrilled about. one is everybody dropping their
10:03 am
pants and bras, the other is eating people. cannibalism is out of control right now. what is it with dropping pants all the time? >> alec baldwin went on letterman and moments after he walked out he decided it was time to show how much weight he lost by his pants coming down. let's take a look. >> you were talking about swimsuit season. for me, i've been trying to diet, i lost so much weight. i want to say the problem is none movie clothes fit me. you put your hands in your pockets, your pants come down. >> he likes to change the subject. i'll go to any lengths to change the subject. >> now i'm thinking, should i take my pants off? >> take them off! take them off! >> let me pull my pants up. >> wow.
10:04 am
first of all, let's talk about alec baldwin's legs for a second. hairy. who had any idea? that was crazy. >> it's deflecting the issue. he's very good at using humor to take the attention off what everybody was talking about, which was the alleged attack. he's very smart that way. it's like a woman's cleavage. after a certain age, nobody wants to see it. after a certain age with a man, no one wants to see your hairy legs. it's a fact. >> they really are. >> they are very hairy all the way up. straight up. >> this is really disturbing video. this is one of those things you go how could this possibly happen? there was a 68-year-old grandmother who is a bus monitor. she makes sure to keep the peace. these kids from upstate new york started bullying her, taunting her and calling her terrible
10:05 am
names. let's watch it and talk about it. >> [ bleep ] >> that is so upsetting on so many levels. what do you think should happen to those kids? >> you know what bugged me, they fuzzed out their faces. >> i guess for legal reasons. >> the point is, they do know who those children are. therefore, they will know who the parents are of those children. they should be held every bit as accountable as the kids. i do believe that. i was thinking about it as i was watching that this morning. if my kids hadn't stood up to those bullies, i would have held them accountable. bullies are such cowards in real life. if one person stands up and says, you leave her alone, what you're doing is wrong or we will report you guys. >> they could turn on you. >> still, you've got to teach
10:06 am
your kids to stand up for it. >> i agree with you. i think it was awful what these kids were doing. >> she was so victimized, so vulnerable. poor thing. >> can we just say, you know you say who their parents are? when you see a mean kid, when you meet their parent, you kind of get it. usually a bully kid has a parent who either thinks it's okay or doesn't seem the harm or is similar that way. >> the good news is people are so outraged about this they started a fund for her. >> this is great. >> to send her on a dream vacation. they thought they would raise about $5,000. so far it's $115,000. >> going to be one hem of a vacation. >> awesome. >> there is a big controversy in denver. a 3-year-old criminal. this 3-year-old child likes to draw on the sidewalk with chalk. >> which we all did as kids and
10:07 am
the next rain it's away. >> the residents are upset and holding meetings on the street to talk about this vandal. >> if she is drawing pictures of body parts and things they are concerned about, then maybe there is something, but she is drawing flowers. >> they say it's shared space. they don't want the colors on their sidewalk because that's their neighborhood. there is an attorney for the group, told them and a cbs affiliate do no harm and they want to stop the arm. >> what is the harm? shame on you. i like that. i miss shame. >> here it is. shame on those kids on the bus. shame on these neighbors. i like when we are judge judy. >> we need a gavel. >> do it down here. >> bad. i can't win.
10:08 am
>> we should have music. it's time to brighten the mood. this is good. you're going to like this. there is a woman named karmin and she has a song called "broken hearted." and it's good. you'll want to work out to it. it's good. >> crank it up. ♪ ♪ can't seem to let you go ♪ i've been waiting all day ♪ for you to call me baby ♪ don't you leave me broken hearted tonight ♪ i'll do ♪ anything you want to ♪ so don't you leave me broken
10:09 am
hearted tonight ♪ >> come on, that's so good! you guys love it? ♪ i've been waiting all day ♪ for you to all me baby >> personally, i pick the polka. >> went to see a fun show yesterday. you were at your friend's memorial for her dad and i hope that went well. went to see "harvey" at studio 54. really fun show. you think you're watching james stewart. jim parsons, wonderful. last night -- sorry, hoda woman. >> can we do one thing? if you haven't seen "once" i got to see it twice. it is so awesome. it's one of the great shows, it won eight tonys. the main woman was out. so they had the understudy who
10:10 am
was great. it was a terrific show. thank you. "once" is great. >> last night there was a beautiful gala called "voices." i don't know the perfect title of it. this is a new thing they are putting out. it's "voices of september 11." it's about people who lost a mother, brother, daughter, son, aunt, a friend, whatever. i was asked to be the keynote speaker. not because i have anything at all to offer on the subject except years ago on september 11 my assistant was seven months pregnant with her first child when her husband was killed in the first tower. he worked for cantor fitzgerald. i could see the towers coming down from our backyard, i went in and wrote a little song called "little baby" for this child she was about to give birth to. i had to sing that last night. i don't sing any more.
10:11 am
if you heard me, you'd know why. you know what? i was so moved by the courage of these people and how resilient they are and how think going forward and taking the ashes of their life and turn it into beauty. >> the lyrics to this song are really, really terrific. >> we'll put it on our website. i told her, the song is recorded on an album which i gave her a long time ago called "my way home," but hoda has taken about four years to not listen to it. >> i love your music. >> this is the beautiful book they put out called "voices remembered." thank you for inviting me. i was humbled and privileged to be with them. >> is it okay or not okay? is it okay to quit while on top? kathie lee said having done it myself, i highly recommend it. >> hoda says it's the best way to end a great run. leaving them wanting more. >> we do agree every now and then. >> we've got a great show today.
10:12 am
take that weekend with the girls. why space is so good for any relationship. >> our man panel. >> love them. we charge everything else... maybe it's time to recharge the human battery. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest... it's you, fully charged. get a free set of sheets when you buy a select beautyrest mattress. hurry, offer ends soon. my skin loses moisture nearly twice as fast as yours does, mom. that's why you use johnson's baby lotion twice a day
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with olay daily complete uv, its possible to block 92% of harmful rays for naturally beautiful skin in any light. olay daily uv. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. ♪ everybody needs a little time away ♪ >> time for "today's" relationship. most couples believe giving each other space is more important than sex to come to a successful union. they are talking long term.
10:15 am
>> columnist from the "wall street journal" explores that topic. >> and our certified sex counselor. couples need their alone time. that's nothing new. what's new about this? >> it's new about this. i write a columnist relationship about the journals. i like to talk to couples who have been married forever and they are happy. i say what is the secret? nine times out of ten it's space. >> it means different things to different couples. >> and different people. >> it's about being an individual and not losing that sense of individuality. a lot of times when we get married, the person falls in love with the person you were before marriage, not the person you are in this relationship. >> or the person you become. >> exactly. >> this whole concept of falling in love means you have no control over it. you fall.
10:16 am
>> right. >> staying in love is an act of your will. >> right. absolutely. >> you need two people who are like-minded. some people lean in and want more time. some people lean back and need less. if you're in that type of relationship, is that not going to work? >> can that work? >> you have to negotiate it. >> i think it can work. you definitely have to negotiate it and communicate whatever it is your needs are. not everybody wants a lot of space. some people want to cuddle up and be close together. some people need a little space. a little time apart. >> and the relationship morphs from when you're madly in love and in the fire of the relationship, you can't stand the fact when they walk out the door. what happens as the relationship evolves, one person gets comfortable going, bye, honey, have a good day. the other one wants that fire still. then you've got a problem. >> that has to be negotiated. there is a saying, find yourself
10:17 am
some business. find some things to do. a lot of times one person in the relationship has things to do. has things to fulfill their lives whether it's friends, whether it's social activities, hobbies, whatever it is. men do very well at taking care of themselves. when they want to play golf on saturday, they play golf. we can learn from them. >> if you want too much time apart from your spouse, is there innately a problem then? >> that is a problem. you know in your heart. you can tell if that person is going away from you. the key, regardless of whether it's too much or not, it's not take it personally. how can you not? it's all in the way it's presented to you. if i say i need space from you and do that thing, exactly. if i say i'm really overwhelmed by everything going on, the kids, the work, the everything. i need a little time to myself. that doesn't offend you. >> if you say please, too.
10:18 am
baby, baby, please. >> and be specific. you can say honey, i need wednesday afternoon or saturday to go golfing, whatever. instead of just i need space, those have to be scary words. >> it comes down to insecurity. if you walk out that door they think or might think you're going off to somewhere else more important or someone else more important. >> it could be insecurity. oftentimes with women i see it as indy. as envy. i wish i could go get a drink with the girls or go play golf. >> you look gorgeous today. >> have a great day, ladies. do our guys agree? we'll find that out with our guy panel. look who we got here. put a little pepper on that.
10:19 am
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10:21 am
it is time for our "guys tell all" panel who gathered together to answer those burning questions. first up, our first single guy david goode, author of "man code." >> very funny, married with children chuck nice. then we have actor and weight watchers blogger -- >> every week it's something
10:22 am
new. >> i've got to feed the baby. >> ryan is our second single guy best known from bravo's "million dollar listing new york." >> let's go across the street to sara. >> autumn from north carolina with a question about keeping up appearances. >> are you still attracted to a woman even though you know she had plastic surgery? >> we can't hear anything. i'm sorry. >> but the answer is yes, yes, young lady. >> we'll work on that. >> here is one from a a facebook post. what are the three main things guys think or look for in a woman they first meet? >> one, two and three. >> her sensibility. >> obviously. >> go. >> price. >> stop it. stoipt. it's a joke. it's a joke. >> i like a sense of humor. >> my parents were married 46 years and they always laughed
10:23 am
together. >> that's the first thing you're looking for. >> their face. you look at the face. >> honesty. if she doesn't show up looking like her j-date picture. >> i'm here with autumn from north carolina. she's got a question about appearances. >> are you still attracted to a woman even though you know she's had plastic surgery? >> is where the plastic surgery? >> can you specify? >> yeah, 100%. >> 100%. more attractive. you actually fixed what was broken. thank you. thank you. >> i happen to like real stuff, per se. i'm trying to be politically correct. if it's sagging so bad you've got to lift it up, do what's good for you. >> if it makes you feel better, if you have plastic surgery to make you feel better, great.
10:24 am
>> don't overdo it though. >> if the aluminum siding on your house is rusted, you replace it. nobody has a problem with that. >> that's what i meant to say. >> let's go. facebook post. why do men consider watching their kids babysitting? >> how many kids do i have? >> i know you don't. >> i don't consider it babysitting. being a comedian not having a day job, per se, all my son's life i spent a very large amount of time with him. >> you enjoy it. >> every comedian i do the same thing. i'll tell you the difference is my kids consider it babysitting. me, it's them. soon as she leaves, they go, where are you going? don't leave us with him. >> you know what? i will say that that the bond between mother and child is a different type of bond. as tight as you are with your son, there is still that, they want to be around mama.
10:25 am
i think some men, that's their defense. >> we'll be back. >> we'll be back wh more. we're here at walmart with the burtons, who love movies. let me show you something new. come on. walmart can now convert your favorite dvds from disc to digital. so you can watch them on your laptop, tablet, phone...anytime, anywhere. cool, huh? yea! yea! what'd you guys think that it would cost? i thought it'd be around $10. it's only $2 per disc. that's a great price. bring in your favorite dvds. see for yourself. -boooom! -boooom! [ host ] sign up at today and get six free movies. that's the walmart entertainment disc to digital service. but what about your wrinkles? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. its retinol formula visibly reduces wrinkles in one week. why wait if you don't have to. neutrogena®.
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the next generation and then countless more. how do you kill them? frontline plus. it uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to eliminate flea eggs and larvae, annihilating the next generation of fleas. and, frontline plus works non-stop for thirty days. no wonder it's the number one choice of vets for their pets and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less. good morning. we are following a couple of overnight fires. a berkeley woman is dead after being trapped by flames during an overnight fire at her home on low lorena street.
10:27 am
firefighters are investigating the cause there. in the south bay, a home went up in flames on constitution avenue overnight. both residents, though, managed to get out safely. firefighters contained the flames before they spread to nearby dry brush. in san francisco, pier 29 is now gutted by a massive fire that broke out in a vacant building yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt. crews had been welding on pier in the hours leading up to the fire but it's unclear if that is what sparked the flames. we will check the forecast and the roads after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:28 am
♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
10:29 am
. welcome back. 10:29 now. temperatures are really cool out there. cool enough for a jacket just about all day long in san francisco. 54 degrees there. 54 san mateo. sunnyvale sunshine and living up to its name at 72. we head through tomorrow a jet stream is taking a significant drop to the south and i think we will get some showers over the course of tomorrow morning. so make sure you tune in today at 11:00 i'll have your full forecast and when we could get showers and where. that is coming up today at 11:00. unfortunately, i have a traffic advisory that i just got from our desk. a tractor-trailer carrying a modular home, not a mobile home is blocking highway 5. hot springs road. that will be closed and they don't know when they will be reopened. the rest of the morning, no estimates and may bleed into your evening commute so keep that in mind.
10:30 am
upper deck of the bay prij is open but a little slow from the oakland side. >> we will see you at 11:00. we are back on this thirsty thursday with our guys tell-all panel. >> our guys are the single david good, chuck nice, rick younger and the single ryan. >> i'm here with rebecca from texas with a question about gifts. >> in a relationship, what is the first gift you like to give? >> shocking. >> who wouldn't want to get me? what you want to get me? what do you want to give me? s how about cash, baby? will that work for you? >> does cooking dinner count as a gift? >> yeah. >> cooking dinner. >> allison on facebook. we just blew her right off.
10:31 am
this is interesting. i went on a date last week and thought it went really well. i haven't heard from the guy. should i wait for him to reach out to me? >> no. don't wait. move on now. stop waiting. a week ago? no. come on. >> guys are pretty blunt. they are honest creatures to a point. you had fun with him, tell him, right? he would have called. what kind of guy is it? he could be a little librarian. >> you wouldn't want her to call you? >> if i went out with you, you've got to remind me. if i had a good time, you're going to hear from me one way or another. in this day and age, there are far too many ways to get in touch with somebody. >> if he has not gotten in touch with her it's because he doesn't want to. that is a hard thing to accept. accept it and move on. >> let's go across to sara. >> joe from ohio claims to have
10:32 am
a farrah fawcett t-shirt but it might be me. >> from the man cave. what's one item you never give up for your girl? >> i would never give up? >> down the line. go. >> nothing. nothing. you can have it all, baby. it's all yours. there is nothing i want for myself. >> i'm trying to keep control of the remote if at all possible. i will eventually give it up, if i have to. >> i think my blackberry. the phone. it's impossible to let that thing go. >> you are doomed. >> i have been doomed. >> put that on silent man when you're having dinner. >> facebook post. if a relationship starts off long distance but most people want more, who should make the huge move? >> the woman.
10:33 am
>> you've been in a few of them. >> you have. >> whoever has the least to lose in the move. >> finally, something intelligent. >> the way i feel honestly, you should actually move to an equidistant place. >> if you're from new york and you're in l.a. move to camden? >> it should be determined by what your careers are, who has -- >> who can pay for stuff. >> if you're married to a comedian, they can work from anywhere. >> another one from sara. >> haley from kansas. she's got a dating question. >> what is the biggest mistake you have made on a date? >> take my pants off. >> sorry. i didn't mean to see that. >> he just lost points again. >> nice on a hot day. >> start down there. >> you have such a good track
10:34 am
record. i pretty much did everything right. >> here is the worst mistake i made on a date was i actually, i was talking about me the whole time. then when it was over, i couldn't understand why she didn't want to talk about me. >> any more. >> even if you don't mean it, have this one. enough about me. let's talk about you. >> what did you think about me? >> guys, thank you. thank you for coming. >> up next,et g r hid get rid o those pesky summer pests. after 40, i didn't have enough lashes. my doctor said...latisse® is the only fda approved prescription treatment...for inadequate or not enough lashes. now with latisse® lashes are longer...darker, with more than double the fullness in 16 weeks. if you are using or have used, prescription products for eye pressure problems, use latisse® under close doctor care. latisse® use may cause increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely permanent.
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now in "today's kitchen," connie white of brownies and s'mores is here. connie sent brownies to 30 rock, i ate them and literally almost died. i passed them out to everybody and everybody wanted a piece of them. you don't have a website, you don't have a store. >> yep. >> you'll just tell us how to make them. >> you're going to grab a wisk and so do you, hoda. wisk the eggs to break up the yolks. there you go. >> now what do we do? >> add the sugar. this is brown sugar, white sugar and salt. >> what are we making? >> we are making your favorite peanut butter cup brownies.
10:39 am
my signature pms brownies. my signature brownie. >> use your wisk. >> all right. >> when that's incorporated -- >> you're right about the underarm thing. i don't like stirring. know what i'm saying? >> if you have a few little lumps in the brown sugar, it's okay. this is a mixture of melted chocolate and butter. add slowly while you're wisking because it might cook the eggs. this is warm, this is not. >> whatever. >> i'm fine over here alone. don't mind me. i'm good. >> all right. >> then what? >> then the vanilla. >> then add the vanilla. >> what difference does it make if you put the vanilla in first?
10:40 am
that's ridiculous. >> we don't have much time. we put the flour in? >> sift it right over the batter. >> there we go. that's enough. then what? >> now fold it in with your spatula. >> exactly. >> all right. just fold it in. >> that looks good. >> you'll never, ever taste a better brownie. i'm telling you. now dump it in? >> then we'll pour it in this. >> don't mind me. >> it should be a little bit more incorporated. >> be careful, connie, i'm here. >> mine's even worse. >> just worry about mine. >> let's pretend it's all in.
10:41 am
>> i like that game. what's going on in there? >> stop it. >> you're going to die with this. >> connie, that's decadent. >> we have a big problem in the country. >> isn't it okay i'm on the same day with ellie krieger. >> look at her perfect line. >> we'll sprinkle peanuts. these should be virginia peanuts because i'm from virginia. milk chocolate chips. this is going to bake about 35 minutes. >> look at these, kath. get in here. >> when you're done, this is what you are are's going to have. >> month, my gosh. >> no. look at them. >> that is obscene. >> i don't care. go in. >> you have to get some of that
10:42 am
peanut butter cup with it. >> i'm getting that. >> these are some of my other ones. >> you love it? >> i know you love it. >> this is unbelievable. it's unbelievable. it just is. >> these are my s'mores. >> we can't have any s'mores. so good. you're adorable. >> we'll have the recipe on our website. you want them. up next, like mother, like daughter and like sons. [ male announcer ] most people tend to think more about how they brush than what they brush with.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
we are back with "today's style" and mini-me fashions for the family. matching clothes on a summer outing can be fun. there is a line between stylish and stupid. >> to make sure you don't cross it, fashion expert, beauty expert of all things. it's cute when you see mothers and daughters dressed similarly. >> it can be corny though. we tried to find outfits that
10:47 am
are cute, coordinated but not matchy-matchy. >> sheila and connor. they are heading out on a play date. >> they are heading out on a play date. >> already love it. >> so cute right there. the trend they have is neon. with sheila we did a neon shirt from piper line that she can wear under a suit. on connor we did a great polo shirt. they have the same sneakers on from crocs. >> that's adorable. >> do something that is a little bit different. i love her scarf. >> little boys don't usually want to look like their mothers. >> very nice. you look adorable. >> he looks miserable. >> thank you. >> bye, connor. >> if you're going to a wedding, we have sasha and jordan. >> brace yourself for this one. this is really cute. >> i can't take it. i can't stand it. >> we did color blocking here.
10:48 am
yellow, navy, green. jordan is 19 months. he is wearing ami for kids. the cutest thing ever. for mom we did yellow and blue. she has the green statement accessory from still's and dot. little boys don't want to dress like their moms. they have the same color scheme going on. >> how pricey is her dress? >> her dress is under 40 bucks from ami club wear. >> he can't stop looking at himself. >> we can't stop looking at him either. >> jordan! jordan! >> hi, buddy. >> okay. >> shoes $15. >> okay. thanks, kids. thank you. >> bye, honey. >> you don't want to go? you got to go. next up. >> this shows how you can wear
10:49 am
the same shade. they did a mommy and me matching tunic. but we made it more sophisticated, more boho chic, skinny jeans, wedge platforms. maya, same tunic, leggings and the bag. one is the big beach bag style. >> thanks, girls. >> so cute. >> lastly for the garden party, tamara and kelsey. >> this is adorable. we went with a color theme here. i know. kills me, they look so cute. the dress is $69. we get all the accessories with the shoes. millie mini makes adults and matching dresses. the cutest thing ever. the coral. we gave them matching sun hats.
10:50 am
>> i like the mom's shoes. >> these are forever 21, under 20 bucks. garden party is floral. doesn't have to mean straight-up floral. >> love it. let's bring everybody back. >> everybody was beautiful. >> nice job you guys. >> up next, from inspectaphobia.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
as we begin spending more time having fun in the sun, take aim at all those annoying bugs that can remove your outdoor experience. >> accidental housewife is here to help get rid of those unwanted pests, not talking about the family. >> bed bugs first. they are the rage, so to speak. they look like ticks, only
10:54 am
about 1/4 inch big. they are ugly, but the way to find out if you have them, they're hitchhikers. if you go someplace, they come home with you. if you see little dots like blood on your bed, that is a good sign you have bed bugs. also if you have the little bites. it's not hard to get rid of these things. one of the things, you want to use, you can steam them off but you have to use a good steamer like this one from bissel. you have to get it to a minimum of 150 degrees, the steamer. then you have to keep it on the mattress 15 seconds to kill them. >> that's going to take forever. >> you have a drink in your other hand, it's not so terrible. >> if if you leave one bug, they become two. >> if you have them all over, all in the pros. another way since i don't use needles for sewing, take the needle and go along the seams and mattress piping.
10:55 am
that's why they lay their eggs. get encasements for everything. this is only for a single. if you start to find them in your laundry, everywhere else, that means you've got a problem. do not use any of these methods, call 911. when you travel. the way to help yourself put them on the metal rack or also in the bath tub. >> put in the bath tub? >> it's porcelain. they like hot, humid places. >> let's talk about stink bugs. >> they stink. it's protected like a skunk. you take a baggy like this. >> what do they look like? >> we have a picture. they look like a little shield. they are pretty ugly. >> why do they think so much? >> it's a protection. that's the way they protect themselves. the way to get rid of them, use double stick tape and put in places where they come in.
10:56 am
they lay their eggs outside but like to sleep inside. isn't that considerate of them? >> they love us. as another preventive method use a bounce sheet and go over your screen. a light trap is good. they love light. that will kill them. you can get those at lowe's. >> you'll be spending your summer battling bugs. >> i have a recipe you'll love. mosquitos cannot fly in air that's moving. another great thing are marigolds. plant them around, put them on your pate go table. >> and they are pretty. >> try the good old garlic but you'll stink all day. this is adjusted for you two. you take basil, which it great repellant for lots of bugs. put in four ounces of water and let it steep. pour out the water, then darlings, you add four ounces of
10:57 am
vodka and put that in a spray bottle. spray it all over and that will repel the mosquitos. if that doesn't work, pour them over ice and they'll take the sting out of any bite you've got. for ants, a great tip here. let's go to the table. that is a good one. put cups of water under the legs of your outdoor tables. as they climb up, they don't swim. they'll fall right in. fruit flies, don't bother me. they are attracted to red wine as are we. they go in there. bye-bye. >> you're the best. >> tomorrow, we'll reinvent ourselves. >> lov e >>hank you. >> love you. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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