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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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crunches the numbers. >> reporter: eric loves living in lafayette. raising raising te isn't cheap. >> we've got our mortgage, we've got our food, we've got our swim team, sports clubs, you know, school hits us up for money. you know how the expenses are when you have kids. >> reporter: but the volks will have extra cash in their pockets this summer thanks to low interest rates. they just refinanced for the second time in just six months. >> this is the lowest we've ever had. i've never seen interest rates this low before. i keep thinking how low can rates really get. >> reporter: jonathan says average rates on a 30-year fixed-rate loan are now hovering at 3.7%. and that's meant a boom in business. >> we're seeing people that even refinance as little as two months ago, saying, jonathan, i'm reading in the paper, is now a good time to refinance. >> reporter: he said in most
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cases the answer has been yes. with home values on the rise, most who weren't eligible to refinance before can now cash in. he said the low interest rates also make jumping into the housing market a great option. especially when rents are soaring. >> if you can get into a 30-year fixed fha rate, 3.5% down, 3.75% fixed, the payment will never go up, versus a rent payment that can only go up. for me it's a no-brainer. >> reporter: volk says he's happy to have more money to spend on his family. and he will refinance again if rates continue to fall. >> this will mean we'll be able to afford more of our expenses and enjoy our time together more. >> reporter: in lafayette, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a strange twist in a high-profile case today. a man charged with beating up his priest almost turned
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violent. a confrontation outside of the courtroom that brought the proceedings to a halt. here's nbc bay area's david trujillo who was inside with the details. >> reporter: william lynch walked into the courtroom waiting to see once again the man he says molested him and his brother back in 1975. but before father jerry lindner took the stand for a second day, a family member and witness in the trial confronted him as he came out of the elevator. john allen is william lynch's cousin. >> when he first came out of the elevator, he was met by the people that he molested. and they gave him a piece of his mind. >> reporter: the jury heard the commotion and the bailiff ordered the packed courtroom not to move until they figured out what was happening outside. >> was it physical or more verbal? >> it was verbal. what do you expect. this guy did evil things to a lot of people. >> reporter: lynch says father lindner molested him and his brother during a camping trip to the santa cruz mountains in
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1975. lynch admits beating up the priest two years ago and says he wants to take the stand to tell the world about clergy abuse. he declined to talk today about the ruckus outside court. >> is there any reaction to what happened outside? >> reporter: unrelated to the commotion, the judge adjourned the trial for the rest of the week. tonight a warning to the retired priest from lynch's cousin. >> it's like seeing evil, the devil. i don't know what else to say. >> reporter: you held back? >> no, i didn't go after him. because i would have hurt him. if i went after him, i would have hurt him. that's what's going to happen to him some day. >> reporter: at the san jose hall of justice, damien trujillo, nbc bay area news. minutes after the confrontation, court was quickly adjourned until next week. but not because of the disturbance outside the court. the court did not give a specific reason. however, most court observers think the judge wants to talk with prosecutors about
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yesterday's testimony by father lindner. on the stand wednesday lindner denied molesting lynch and his younger brother, and prosecutors say he's probably lying. some say that's perjury. >> that is testimony the jury's already heard and they can't unring that bell. so what they're going to have to do in that point is declare a mistrial and at that point the d.a. is going to have to decide, are they going to want to try to go forward on a case where they have a pedophile as a star witness, who they also said is a liar, that may make it very difficult. >> in past years the catholic church has settled lawsuits alleging gerald lindner has abused boys. witnesses tell us a car careening out of control hit and killed a man simply sitting at a bus stop. that tragic scene playing out just before b 11:00 this mornin. the accident closing streets
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near california and squala for hours. arturo is live in mountain view with more on the story. the victim and the driver. >> reporter: jessica, the streets have reopened and traffic is now flowing back to normal. behind me is the bus stop where all this happened. and repairs are continuing. you can see a single flower has been left behind now in memory of the victim. the victim has been identified as 50-year-old william ware of mountain view. witnesses who saw it happen describe an t-of-control car, and a gruesome chain of events. he said the man was hit and pulled underneath the car which then careened down the street and knocked down three trees. earnesto and a co-worker were only a few feet away from the man who was hit by a speeding audi this morning. earnesto tells me the car was going about 75 miles per hour. the driver lost control of the vehicle and struck the man who was waiting for the bus at the
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bus stop. mountain view police and fire responded. >> it was determined that the pedestrian was deceased. and that the driver of the vehicle had sustained injuries. the driver of the vehicle was transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: the police department's traffic team is taking precise measurements of the scene of the crash, along with a number of witness reports, they hope to piece together exactly how the audi lost control and killed a pedestrian. earnesto said the driver, after he hit the victim, got out of his car and seemed like he was not aware of what was going on. and just in the last minute, more people have placed flowers here at the bus stop in memory of the victim who was hit, 50-year-old william ware of mountain view. now, the driver in this case still has not been identified. we're also waiting for an update on his condition, and whether or not he'll be charged with any crimes against him. we're live tonight in mountain view, arturo santiago, nbc bay
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area news. investigators are trying to determine the cause of an early morning fire that killed one woman and forced seven more out of their home. it happened near shat tok and ashby around 2:30 this morning. neighbors say her boyfriend suffered minor burns while trying to save her. a former firefighter has been arrested at san mateo sheriff's deputies found a cache of firearms and live ammunition in a storage unit. investigators say the weapons belonged to 47-year-old john fatino in half moon bay. the 2007 felony conviction for grand theft didn't allow him to have the included assault rifles. he has pled not guilty to the charges and is now being held on $320,000 bail. still ahead, our first look
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inside the scene of the devastating fire at pier 29, and what we're learning about the future of this historic building. plus, a free man after more than 35 years in prison. new details on the parole of one of the men at the center of california's notorious chow chill la kidnapping. the best places in the bay area to work. coming up, the perks they offer and the job opportunities they have open. good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri at the alameda county fair. why am i doing this? this is just one kind of ride they have here at the fair. to celebrate 100 years. we'll talk free stuff, fair, 4-h, and all of it. i hope i'm notming up after thig sick, coming up after this.
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new information in an upclose look on the fire that heavily damaged san francisco's
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pier 29. investigators now say it's looking more and more like the historic building will have to be at least partially torn down. joe takes us inside to see the damage. >> reporter: behind the charred facade of san francisco's pier 29, blackened embers and debris, the somber remains of nearly 100 years of maritime history. >> the heavy timbers burned hot and it burned for a long time. >> reporter: today investigators poked through the rubble looking for the cause of yesterday's fire, which badly damaged the 1915 building. >> this right here is the point of origin of this fire. which as you can see it's the area heaviest charring. >> reporter: investigators believe the fire started near an electrical box in the mostly empty building. they say the construction crew had been working in the area earlier yesterday, but still weren't sure what started the fire. >> it really took hold of the wood members pretty quickly,
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broke through the roof. we to pull crews out of the building. >> reporter: meanwhile, workers removed loose debris from the front of the building, determining whether any part of the historic facade could be saved. >> it's a historic pier that's been on the waterfront since 1915. and it's really sad to lose any portion of that. >> reporter: port officials say the fire mostly isolated to the front of the building wouldn't affect the 2013 america's cup yacht race which planned to use the back of the building for vendors and storage. with damage estimated at more than $2 million, the port vowed to rebuild. >> i'm sure that we will restore the pier back to its original glory. >> reporter: its original glory was 1915. it was built as post-earthquake san francisco was preparing to mark its rebirth with the pan pacific international exposition. >> the city was thriving, really establishing itself as a major west coast port. and the pier's design reflects
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the influence of the city beautiful movement. >> reporter: but today pier 29 was more sad than beautiful, awaiting a diagnosis many hoped would not be terminal. nbc bay area news. more money is coming to san francisco residents hoping to work in the city's growing technology sector. the department of labor selected san francisco for the $3 million in work force innovation grants. this is on top of $5 million given to the city just back in march. san francisco's moss coney center supports about 70,000 jobs a year but it needs to grow if it's going to continue to draw the biggest and most lucrative conventions. it's hosted everything from car shows to storm troopers and mac world conferences where steve jobs once ruled the stage. the mayor saying today a 25-year master plan for expanding moscone center with the first segment completed in 2013. more bad news for our
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economy this afternoon. let's check in with our business and tech reporter scott budman. >> it's not enough we're worried about europe and housing. moody's downgraded the credit rating of bank america, and they say they have lots of exposures to and risk from volatile world financial markets. the cuts came towards the end of trading today and led to a late sell-off during an already rough session. a triple-digit loss for the dow. a drop of more than 2% for the nasdaq. as if that wasn't enough, twitter went down several times today. for a while none of us knew what any of us were doing, or listening to, or eating. twitter says it was a failure in their own system, one that was eventually fixed. twitter seems like a cool place to work. speaking of cool places to work, the best places to work in the bay area, voted on by you, bay
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area employees. here are some of the best. and they're hiring. tivo isn't just a box, it's a nice place to work, with cool perks. >> on-site haircuts. >> reporter: lots of benefits. >> massage. >> reporter: and an award as one of the best places to work in the bay area. >> today is your lucky day. we have lucky chinese. >> reporter: workers who were surveyed, so is of mountain view, which as of a year ago had about 250 employees. >> we are now pretty close to 500 people. we just opened our fourth building on the same street. almost doubled the size of the company in just about a year. >> reporter: just about every company on the best places to work is hiring, including software maker vm ware of pal oh at to. >> we're hiring pretty aggressively. to date we've hired about 1,000 people globally. both in the bay area, but in all geographies around the world. >> reporter: when you're competing for talent in a
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red-hot tech market, it's good to be able to call yourself one of the best places to work. >> it's tough. so anything that can give us an advantage or little bit of an edge definitely helps. when you're talking to candidates. >> absolutely. that's what people want to hear. it's what fuels all the economy. the whole silicon valley gets the sense of coming back. it's probably coming back at a faster rate than other areas around the country because of the type of companies that are here. >> reporter: companies rated well by their peers, and they're looking to hire. >> the results were compiled by bay area news group. they didn't just include technology companies. stanford university, fedex and pet food express, also on the list. raj? >> did nbc bay area rank? >> somehow we missed the list. >> we were right there. >> i think so. yes. facebook's ipo debacle may affect how stock prices are set. darrell issa is calling for an examination of the public
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offerings, how it's all set together. he wants congress to look closely at whether current regulations leave too much discretion in the hands of underwriters and whether preferred clients are given an unfair advantage over ordinary investors. last month a technical glitch delayed facebook's ipo and contributed to its price free-fall from its debut of $38. facebook closed today at about $31. a very unwelcome greeting today for google employees and shareholders, as they gathered for their annual meeting. a troupe of minds calling themselves a google track team tracked people as they registered and waited for shuttle buses to google headquarters. the so-called track team said demonstration is intended to highlight how google is viewing everything people do on the internet. they want to approve stronger do not track legislation. once a year, and only once a year, jeff ranieri describes me and you as pigs. >> well. you more often than me.
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>> me more often -- absolutely. it's okay, though. he's at your favorite place. >> yes, you're in my hood in pleasanton. >> reporter: yes, your pig day, we'll have your pig coming up here in just a few minutes, jessica. the alameda county fair is celebrating 100 years this year. even that cool weather we had today, not stopping a lot of people from coming out. there's a ton of people back behind the camera. how are you all doing out there? you might be able to hear them. there's a lot of other stuff besides the midway rides and the fair food. until i came out here today i didn't know there were so many different kinds of goats. this sa goat here. i didn't know what exactly this was. it's also a goat. another goat back here. a dairy goat, right? and then a talkative goat over there. who knew there were that many kinds of goats. these are probably goats, too, right? what kind of goat is that? >> a meat goat.
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>> they're having a hard time and they're in 4-h. we have tiffany here with us. the fair is a lot more than just the food and rides. we've got this huge cow, tell us a little bit about 4-h and the alameda county fair. >> it's a great program that helps teach the kids about leadership and responsibility. and there's lots of different areas they can enter here in the fair. for example, there's the dairy cow behind you, and all the goats. we also have pigs, chickens, rabbits and all the baked goods behind us. it's a great program. >> for city dwellers like myself, getting up close and personal to animals like this, it can be kind of fun. besides that, supporting all of these kids out here with their animals can help them later on in life with college? >> that's right. actually, the money that's raised from their program can help send them to college, buy their first vehicle. it helps them in general throughout their whole lives. >> tiffany, thank you very much. what's our cow's name over here?
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>> it looks like bess zi. >> bessie, all right. bessie's a talkative one, making a little noise earlier. let's look at the weather map for the next 48 hours. seasonably cool weather will be staying with us, but it's going to make it very nice if you come out to the fair with the drizzle. low to mid-50s, that goes pretty happy with the 50s. and then by the afternoon hours, temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. on your day planner, low 70s with sun and clouds. and inland, we are expecting some mid-70s as we head into our forecast for friday, and the alameda county fair on friday and saturday, expecting temperatures in the mid-70s. they also have a concert series this sunday. come on out this sunday. quick look at the seven-day forecast as temperatures in the mid-70s. come back over here, all you people that are out here. come on! they are so camera shy.
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all right. back on down here live, jessica, this is your pig that won. how sweet. >> he's so pretty. >> it's a she. she's got dark hair just like me. >> i'm going to try to bring her back to the studio for you. but i don't think they're going to let me take her. look at this crowd out here. yes. tons of people. they're a little camera shy. cool weather is not stopping anybody from coming ut. more coming up, guys. >> it's a blast out there. we love going to the fair. >> and it just got under way yesterday. so for the next couple of weeks, the alameda county fair. a pair of local teenagers received the nation's highest honor. the silicon valley providing high-tech tools, and the search for new ocean oil reserves. new motivation to eat that apple a day. the possible link between the fruit and weight loss.ur
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. in education news tonight, he's not going quietly leaving office. superintendent of san francisco schools is re dirg next month after five years, leading the district through unprecedented cutbacks. carlos garcia joins me for a frank discussion about schools and education in california. and he sounds off on the toll of budget cuts and what they've taken from california students. >> we already have the shortest school year of any industrialized nation in the world. and now we're going to cut it back by five, and maybe 15 days, if the governor -- >> right. >> 15 days. and that's going to get us to b competitive in the world? what are we thinking? >> you can hear much more from the fiery carlos garcia coming up sunday at 9:30 on "class action." two bay area teenagers received congress' highest honors for young people. they were among the 276 men and
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women honored with the congressional award gold medal. it happened in washington, d.c. yesterday. radonov was chosen for his volunteer as an education advocate. alper was selected for her work donating soccer cleats for children in need. the award recognizes young people who have dedicated hundreds of hours to community service and excelled in personal development and physical fitness. still ahead, a landmark of a different kind, you might say. the push behind to turn a san francisco strip club into a tourist trap. i'm janelle. a stunning revelation by jerry sandusky's son, as the jury begins deliberations. new video released of george zimmerman. we hear from him for the first time about what he says happened the night he killed trayvon martin. national headlines your national headlineare next.s
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a bombshell in the child sex abuse case of jerry sandusky. his adopted son said his father molested him. >> raj and jessica, the attorney for 33-year-old matt sandusky says he was prepared to testify against his father. jerry sandusky had six adopted children, including matt. during the trial, matt arranged a meeting with prosecutors to say he was willing to take the stand. the prosecution never called on him. jurors did not hear today's bombshell, because they are sequestered, already in deliberations. they are deciding on 48 charges against the former penn state assistant football coach. tonight on nbc's "rock center," an exclusive interview with the first alleged victim to come forward. travis weaver. >> if jerry sandusky were sitting right here -- >> i would punch him in his mouth. >> would you say anything first? >> no. there would be non rsooea t say anything. he knows what he did. >> you can catch the full interview tonight at 10:00 p.m.
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on "rock center" with brian williams. two new videos released of george zimmerman taped just one day after he shot and killed unarmed teen trayvon martin. it includes one taken at the crime scene where he went with detectives to re-enact what happened. >> he said, you're going to die tonight, [ bleep ]. >> the neighborhood watch volunteer said 17-year-old trayvon martin was the aggressor, punching him and banging his head on the concrete. the video taken by the sanford police department is part of the discovery evidence that may be presented in trial. zimmerman's defense team released the video today, including one from the interrogation room. >> i grabbed my gun and i aimed it at him and fired one shot. he kind of sat back and said, you got me here. you got me. you got it. something like that. >> zimmerman faces second-degree murder charges. he said it was self-defense.
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prosecutors in norway have asked a court to declare bra vick insane and commit him to a mental institution for the rest of his life. he confessed to killing # 7 people last year in oslo, and a shooting massacre at a nearby political youth somer cam. bre vek said it was justified because he was protecting norway from muslim immigrants. they're expected to announce the verdict later this summer. an act of defiance today. a syrian air force pilot deflected by flying his mig into jordan. he asked for political asylum and the officials in jordan say they would grant his request. syria demanded the plane be returned to syria. the regime continues to crack down on rebels. russia said they would block any attempt by the united nations to use military intervention. >> thank you, janelle.
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let's take you on a campaign trail with decision 2012. mitt romney today promised latino government officials that as president, he will bring long-term solutions to the immigration debate. the gop nominee addressed the florida conference just days after president obama ordered a halt to many deportations of younger immigrants. romney called the move a stop-gap measurement to win votes, but he didn't say whether he would reverse it if elected to presidency. he promises to green card system. romney also vowed to complete a high-tech southern border fence with enough agents on the ground to discourage border crossing. it's not quite flash and burn, but the budget cuts are getting deeper in sacramento. while there was an agreement on the main budget last week, there's still more cuts ahead. top democrats and governor brown are proposing to cut the welfare to work program and cal grant scholarships for private schools. lawmakers say even with the
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harsh cuts, things will be worse if voters fail to pass the november initiative to raise taxes. >> we have no interest in scaring voters. that isn't the point. the point, though, is that the voters should be presented with the clear choices. and if we don't pass the taxes, there will be deep cuts in education and other areas. >> the governor has until wednesday to sign or veto the main budge bill. a follow-up to a story we first broke last week. the chowchilla kidnapper has been paroled from prison. the department of corrections announced today that richard allen schoenfeld was released to an undisclosed location. back in 1976, the convicted kidnapper took 26 school children and their bus driver in chowchilla and buried them alive in a rock quarry in livermore. he then tried to get a $5 million ransom. fortunately the victims were able to escape.
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we spoke exclusively with schoenfeld's older brother last week who says he feels his brother poses no threat to society and that he is remorseful about his crimes. his two accomplices, including his older brother, his other brother, have never been found suitable for parole. in the south bay, a car chase suspect is recovering from a gunshot wound after chp officers fired on him. it happened about 1:30 this morning. investigators tell us the chase began when the officer attempted to stop the driver on highway 101 near ellis. they chased the suspect three miles south to alturas avenue. police say a fight broke out between the officer and the suspect. and then shots rang out. the suspect is expected to survive. the officer was not harmed in the tussle. new at 6:00, silicon valley robots are fanning out on the high seas, taking technology to some of the earth's most remote areas. liquid robotics is a sunny vail company which landed a deal with schlumberger. the ocean-going robots weigh 250
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pounds and run on wave and solar power. with the tiny yet powerful cargo of sensors, they can do more exploring and monitoring than gas-burning yacht filled with scientists. also, while it increases the company's profile, it already has more than 100 robots cruising the oceans for climate scientists and the u.s. military. when you think of san francisco landmarks, you likely think of the golden gate bridge, coy tower, what about the lusty lady. it may now take a shot at getting on the list of san francisco landmarks. the club has recently fallen on hard financial times and is now considering closing its doors permanently. but the dancer who own the club have been kicking around the idea to make the club into a historic museum that also has live entertainment. the lusty lady was established in 1976, if it's lucky enough to become a tourist attraction, it could be eligible to be added to
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the list of city landmarks. the new supplement settlement over if facebook can use the ads. fighting obesity. i'm jeff ranieri live at the alameda county fair celebrating its 100th anniversary. think of the fried fair food you can handle. wait until you find out what this is. that's a big corn dog. and, oh, look at that. a turkey leg. that says fair, i don't know what does. we're coming back with more after this.
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the recipient of the first total artificial heart implant spoke today about his surgery and the members of his care team. # 6-year-old jim who lives in new england suffers from a rare condition that thickens the heart muscle making it weaken until the organ fails. the condition requires a heart transplant. but doctors have so far been unable to find a suitable donor organ. the total artificial heart implanted back in february will allow jim to survive until a transplant becomes possible. doctors say his prognosis is excellent once a donor organ is found. a pharmaceutical company based in south san francisco is another step closer to winning approval for its drug to treat a deadly blood cancer. and wall street is responding to that news. shares of onyx pharmaceutical jumped 43% during today's trading, closing at $63.78. the stock surge follows a u.s. advisory panel's decision
6:39 pm
yesterday to recommend the drug for fda approval. in a recent staff report, fda officials cited five deaths related to the drug and the 22% reduction in tumors from multiple myeloma. the agency will decide the fate of the drug by may. an apple away keeps the doctor away. a study in mice showed that the acid found in the peels may enhance calorie burning and prevent obesity. the acid reduces obesity by burning calories. the mice also maintained normal blood sugar levels. >> for one day, let's not worry about the apples. >> we go from that to this. >> we go to the alameda county fair where it is corn dog time. >> reporter: oh, it is corn dog time. you know, i'm going to save that corn dog, and we're going to taste some of it live here on the air. it may be cold outside, but that
6:40 pm
forecast, it's trying to heat up. we'll let you know how hot it's going to get coming up out here at the alameda county fair, celebrating 100 years, in just a few minutes. looking great. >> coming up in sports, the a's warmed up for the bay bridge series. three-game set with the dodgers. this afternoon's finale was a pitching duel between the cy young award winner and man making his 13th career start. we have the highlights from a coming up nextatin ne in sports [ female announcer ] itchy, irritated skin? try new cortizone-10 quick shot. fast relief with the strongest, nonprescription itch medicine in a no-mess spray. cortizone-10 quick shot.
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they didn't like the way facebook used their personal information. now the company is planning some changes. we've learned the company will soon allow members to control the personal information that can be used for a sponsored story. facebook members filed a lawsuit saying the stories violated california law. sponsored stories are advertisements featuring friends who like the service. they say the changes are worth $103 million. a u.s. district court judge must still approve that settlement agreement. the palo alto veterans hospital will open the doors to a new mental health center. with so many veterans returning from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, the va said they're
6:43 pm
bracing for the influx of patients, including many women. kimberly terry gives us a tour of the new facility a day before the grand opening. >> it's a safe haven. it helped me at the time i needed help. and i get emotional, but had the va not been there for me, i honestly can say i don't know where i'd be today. >> reporter: dawn said she knows the va has come under fire for making its vets go through a lot of red tape to get the services they need. but for her, va palo alto was a life saver. >> i suffer from depression, and i came in -- i was going to attempt to take my own life. so it was scary to come in. but i'm glad that i did. the. >> reporter: while she went through the healing process at this mental health care center built in 1960, she's excited about the opening of the new facility. >> it's much, much, much better.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: more like home, less like an institution. that's what they were going for when they built the $60 million center. >> the biggest difference was i didn't feel like i was in lockdown. i felt like i was in a healthy home environment. it's much more natural feeling. and it's more positive. >> reporter: the warm colors and exercise room, this 90,000-square foot va building will be the prototype for all new mental health centers in the system. while all veterans will be served, there is a special place here for female veterans. >> it will also allow us to give women more privacy they have here in this building. incredibly important to women. particularly women who are dealing with military sexual trauma. >> reporter: a growing number of women are seeking help. last year a va palo alto, 4,200 patients were women. >> it's not easy taking that
6:45 pm
first step to come in. but knowing you're not going to be alone, and that there's a great support system, it makes it worth it. >> give it a chance. you have absolutely nothing to lose. potentially your life to gain. >> reporter: the old mental health center which is just steps away from the new center will eventually be demolished. the new center opens in august. in palo alto, kimberly tere, nbc, bay area news. what do we have, corn dogs? >> pig races. >> and jeff ranieri. >> and the bungees. >> reporter: it's a good mix. i'm out getting body heat from all my friends. how are you doing tonight? oh, my gosh, leave it up to the bay area, you never know when you come out to the alameda county fair and you actually meet people visiting from where? >> israel. >> they told me they wanted to go on the -- >> the yo-yo ride. >> the yo-yo ride. that's the one thing they want to do out here at the fair.
6:46 pm
thank you for coming out, guys. they appreciate it. they're excited about the fair. so am i. i get to hang out with april. thanks for coming out. so what's something we can't miss at the fair this year. >> fried food. but not only that, we've got good things going on at the fair, from the ag exhibits, to the new free concert, salt and pepa. check out everything we've got here. >> a lot of the new midway rides. the flume ride. what kind of food do we have right now? what is this? before i bite into it. can you believe that, jessica and raj? i'm going to try this sucker. >> jeff, what is it? >> oh, my god. that is awesome. >> what is it? >> deep fried fruity pebbles. >> deep fried fruity pebbles. >> unreal. and april, what is this? i've never seen something like this.
6:47 pm
>> the monster corn dog. >> it's big. do you want to take a bite of this? >> i will. >> that's awesome. that's a big corn dog. we'll have some of these for you, raj. then a turkey leg that is so juicy, it sticks to the container here. but let me tell you what, this sucker is good. then, of course, this funnel cake right now. but, you know, my mouth is watering from this fruity pebble. this is good stuff. we're going to get a look at the weather map right now, over the next 48 hours. thank you so much, april. we really appreciate it. there's a lot of great stuff out here from the food to the rides. over the next 48 hours, the foggy breeze stays put. that will keep some areas of drizzle up against the coastline. ahead, we may see a few showers off to the north as we head through the next 48 hours. mainly north of santa rosa. the jet stream going off to the south, bringing lots of cool air
6:48 pm
here. temperatures dropping from 20 to 25 degrees from what we had yesterday, down to the 60s and 70les. friday, it will mainly stay dry. but drizzle at the coastline. by this weekend, a mix of fog, sun and also a little bit of mild weather coming our way. low 50s here in santa rosa. san rafael, oakland, also fremont, down to the almadin valley to start off with. highs on friday at 74 in santa rosa. 73 in fremont. and 76 in san jose. come out to the alameda county fair. it already started yesterday. and it's going all the way through july 8th. they're expecting half a million people out here this year to celebrate that 100th anniversary. this is fair like no other. it is world class. also, the sonoma nascar races begin prequalifying stuff friday. and going on through saturday and sunday. temperatures in the mid-70s. on that seven-day forecast, temperatures expected to be in the 70s through this weekend.
6:49 pm
by monday, tuesday and wednesday, we are expecting the temperatures to gradually warm up. back out here live, the seven-day forecast is live and in person. like no other time. all right. friday, how bad is it going to be here friday? >> it's only going to be partly cloudy. and it's going to be in the low 70s. >> that's not too bad. you've been talking mr. -- or mrs. what's the goat's name? >> well, her name is luna. >> luna's getting shy, jess and raj. what's up with that? >> because she knows you don't know she's really a goat. that's why. she's like, i'm a goat, mister, i'm a goat. >> we'll bring you back some corn dogs. >> bring back the flintstone turkey leg. >> our favorite city slicker, jeff ranieri. >> so cute. i don't know how he can top this, but he'll try.
6:50 pm
>> impossible to top that. especially that turkey leg. we can fight over that by the way, jessica. returning tomorrow night, but the time is right now for the giants and a's. they're going to battle in oak town, green and gold have been rolling lately, winning 7 of their last 8 games. today they had a chance to sweep the giants' biggest rival. let's get to the coliseum for action. there's a new guy wearing an a's uniform, derrick norris. and travis blackley, excellent for the a's. game tied at one. one of the best, just this good. cocoa crisp swinging in the sixth. kershaw retired 13 straight to end his outing. run on first, still tied at 1. the bunt. brandon inge throws to second.
6:51 pm
gets matt trainer at second. derrick norris says, i'm not having it right now. throws out gordon. bottom of the ninth, runners on first and third. can you say this baby is quickly out of there. walkoff home run for the a's. they win 4-1. how about to the pitch now. the quarterfinal of the european championship. reynaldo gets the ball in the box. but his shot is off the post. still scoreless. 79th minute. portugal crosses into danger. reynaldo was there for the dive-in header. quick replay. third goal of the tournament proved to be the game winner. portugal wins 1-0, advancing to the semifinals. all right. not far from the sharks headquarters, the san francisco 49ers are charting their course
6:52 pm
to the super bowl. and you might want to pencil safety trenton robinson into the group of new guys who could make key contributions this season. we're introduced to robinson as we met the rookies. >> it was just a maturity thing. as i grew up, i just figured, you're here for football, and this is what you need to do, if you want to be successful and go places. >> reporter: that maturity came at michigan state, where safety trenton robinson credits his coaches for teaching him how to become a leader. >> my defensive back told me, if you just do what you're supposed to do, and lead by example, and just go out there and play football, do what you're supposed to do off the field, your teammates will respect you and look up to you. >> reporter: robinson did exactly that. his senior year his teammates
6:53 pm
chose him as a team captain. he led with his emotions and ended up being first team all in ten. >> i love this game so much, so when i'm out on the field, i'm very excited. i am just in my zone. i love to see my teammates make plays. and do great things. when i'm out on the field, i'm living through somebody, so my excitement level and enthusiasm is through the roof. you have to play this game with enthusiasm. you have to be going at it, if you want to be successful. >> reporter: robinson brings that enthusiasm and emotion with him to the 49ers, where the sixth-round pick is already ready to be part of a fearsome defense. >> i'm really excited to learn from the guys. and see how they practice and perform. because i already know just watching them on sundays, that the defensive unit, when they go out there, there's no games. it's business and it's nasty. it's everything i like about a
6:54 pm
defense. >> niners defense, one of the best in football right now. and they're still looking for ways to get better. that will do it for now, raj and jessica. remember, nba highlights coming up tonight. watch sportshe calentret ce comcast sports bay area.
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6:56 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, a story that's become an internet sensation. that new york bus monitor bullied by four middle school stints. tonight why it's a bay area company that's helping right a wrong.
6:57 pm
one of the newest members of the 49ers kept his promise to a young fan who sent him a touching letter along with $3.36. brandon jacobs said he was driven to tears when he read the letter by a 6-year-old new york giants fan. the little boy's mom told him the giants couldn't afford to re-sign the running back, so the young boy sent jacobs his entire piggy bank, the contents of it, $3.36, hoping the running back would stay in new york. he promised the boy a special visit. here it is. jacobs family, along with a little boy in new york, all having a good time. they spent quality time. and yes, he returned the money and actually gave him some autographed memorabilia instead. >> that's really sweet. legal analyst breaking down the court cases. new developments, that, and more coming up in a few minutes. have a great evening. see you back here at 11:00.
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