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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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could get arrested. live in oakland with what else they have planned. >> you've gone and done it. you made to the friday. we've got a great looking forecast. a little shower activity for today but holding on to comfortable conditions all weekend. >> i'm watching 880 through fremont, a new accident affe affecting lanes and new incident on one of your bay bridges. >> a live look outside, look at the cool bay area morning. you did make to the friday. june 22nd. this is "today in the bay." >> and good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. we can expect to see experts in the next few weeks here at -- i'm going to start over. san jose is putting the finishing touches on a new strategy to stop gang violence.
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the city has seen 19 homicide this is year, many of those blamed on gang violence. damian trujillo is live at valley medical center with details of the city's new approach being announced. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. let me finish that sentence for you, you can expect to see the gang experts here in the next few week, the plan is innovative and city leaders hope it will work. this is only on nbc bay area report, the first time you'll hear about this here on nbc bay area. this is the latest effort to curb the growing gang violence in the city of san jose. we're at 19 homicides with many gang related. though they see it crucial to send a team of experts. this comes on the heels of the weekly mayor's gang prevention task force meeting. 10 at 9:00, a news conference with others at city hall, they
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will discuss the growing youth violence and joined by the family of a 14-year-old victim shot to death in april at roosevelt park. the city hopes that sending teams to the emergency room at the time of a gang confrontation will help. >> they would be coming again the first 48 hours depending on the treatment needs of that individual we would be activated by the chief of trauma and the head nurses and intervention from our agencies. >> reporter: officers told me if it wasn't for the city's two trauma centers who work hard in emergencies the homicide rate might be higher. the offers credit helping to save the lives of so many teens. this report was given to me. this is presented at the mayor's task force at 7:30 this morning. they hope to get the green light, then pass it on to the
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county. hope to have experts here by the beginning of july. >> developing news in san jose, police investigate a deadly motorcycle crash. an 18-year-old was killed and his 18-year-old female passenger injured in a collision in observer land bay. the cyclist was making a turn, hit by a toyota. the driver is cooperating. neither person on the motorcycle was wearing a mel thet. >> a bay area couple will be in court to face charges of killing the man they claim was their teen daughter's pimp. the pair are accused of shooting calvin snead on june 4. the couple's attorney says they didn't do it. they are expected to enter a plea. >> school case closed. a man convicted more than seven
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years after killing his wife. gary swierski was arrested after dna evidence revealed that the skull found was his wife who disappeared in 2005. the break in the cold case came weeks after the cold case unit was we established. >> a convict is now free despite objection from the d.a., richard allen schoenfeld was released. in 1976 he kidnapped 26 school children and their bus driver and squurryes them alive. he tried to get a $5 million ransom but the victims excaped. we spoke with schoenfeld's brother who told us he feels his rother richard poses no threat and is sorry. >> court is canceled in the case of a los gatos man accused of
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beating up a priest. the jury is to return monday. they are considering the gays of william lynch accused of assaulting father gerald lindner. lindner's denial during testimony that he sexually abused the boys has turned the case into turmoil. he has also now committed perjury which he did on the stand on thursday. so i think this case should have never come to court i certainly think it ought to be dismissed now. >> the lawyers from both sides will meet likely to discuss the defense's motion to have the case tossed out. >> investigators don't know what started the fire that damaged several of san francisco's pier 29. they have pointed it to an electric box where crews were working. port officials say parts of the building will likely to have be
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attorney down. the damage is almost 2.5 hillion. the fire will not affect yesterday's race. >> happening now in the east bay, some bay area parents holding their ground seven days into a protest to keep their kids' school open. stephanie chuang is live. what are the five boths and the clothes. >> reporter: good morning. all weekend long, parked across the street. we heard from protesters that they have seen a flashlight. is strict is trying to keep some hein on the protesters. so far no major police activity. on monday, officers warned protesters to leave or possibly get arrested. a teacher this morning said
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she's been here since friday and will stay her to fight for the kids. >> seeing that these kids who are in situations and coming to these that are strugling impacted the community further. >> five area schools have been shut down. they reopened the building to an unofficial summer camp on monday. they are set to hold a march for public education here to lake view elementary. they hope for a couple hundred people. they need supporters to come and quote defend this sit-in for public education. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> today the palo alto veterans hospital will open the doors to a mental health center. with so many vets returning from the wars in traffic and afghanistan they are bracing for the influx of patients.
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the v.a. made sure the 90,000 squire foot center feels more like a home. it was open court yards, natural lighting and warm consider. >> you actually can rome around and have your freedom while trying to heal. >> the center serves all veterans, there is a growing number of women for help. yoga and group therapy. >> they soychbed 4200 veterans, women. >> a $10 million federal grant. mayor lee and house leaders pelosi will discuss the grant. funding will go toward street projects and pedestrian walkways as well as transit addition. the moscone center getting a
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make over. expanding thener yesterday with the first to be finished in 2018. mayor lee says the center needs to grow if it wants to keep attracting new events. >> a celebration of san francisco's gays and lesbians, hosting prit this weekend. >> thousands of people expected to flock to the city including david copay. >> this weekend will be start at the foot of san francisco haul where javy milk was more than 30 years ago. the parade is mark and trial and end at market and eighth street. >> a busy day there. meteorologist christina loren, how is the forecast going to
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look. thousands of people headed into san francisco. into the weekend and we're not going to have spectacular conditions. won't be bad if you are out and about. cool conditions. we're starting out again with a full gek of clouds. a little bit of drizzle is likely up the peninsula to san francisco with that marine layer at the coast. it has pushed parse the mountains, prettying out krizly. showers, to our north as i keep monitoring this doppler they are getting closer. we're a few hours from our first showers in the north bay. rain and nascar, showers on the racetrack. we'll be watching that. a late start in sonoma.
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a lot of people here and it's going to be nice. inland your forecast, 7-day in moments. here is mike. >> since you talk about nascar or the dripping with highway 37 is going to be crowded. here 101 and 880, a disabled vehicle on the highway. it is in the center divide. watch for the fast lane. still two lanes to get by. to the southbound 880, there is an accident, a fender-bender, no injuries and sounds like it's blocking the fast lane at the most as you pass by. no slowing on our sensors. livermore an accident and slowing in addition the accident at wear pay. i'll give you that.
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6:11. a peninsula teen probably grounded. one of his friends might go to jail. the house party heist ahead. >> a little nervousness over the new pex armovie. swierski ♪ jimmy bond
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i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works welcome back. a good friday morning to you. taking a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge. much cool are bay area morning today. some showers in the works. we'll check win her in a moment. 6:14. >> google founder an ceo larry page. >> scott mcgrew says he lost his voice at the same time. >> yeah, lost his voice in the most literal of ways. he's sick. we don't know a lot about it. google says page, though, will not appear at next week's google conference and did not speak at yesterday's google shareholder conference either because he's voiceless, communicating only via e-mail and we don't know
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much more about what is going on. in the meantime, google shareholders approve the stock split we were talking about yesterday. this means future shares will not have voting rights that gives the founders the power to rule the company forever because they have the majority of the votes. this split will not take effect until fall. >> here is a clip. >> lots of people point out this is the first pixar movie with a female lead. the producer talked to me about the pressures of making a pixar movie and the nervousness whether people are going to like it. >> we never know for sure. the pixar pedigree is impressive enough that we want to be worthy
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of that so we made a movie we'd want to see and threw out you know, what we thought might be the expectations of people. it's the first girl or the first ancient time princess movie. we focused on the character development. >> more on sunday. laura and marla, there is some concern that this is the most disney of all of the movies and this is a disney move we pixar clothing on. i haven't seen it. >> kind of a prison says type role but a strong brave girl. >> no question. >> it's nice to see me in the lead. >> girl power. >> thanks. >> now to decision 2012. more than two weeks after the california primary election and
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controversial ballot measure it's too close to call, talking about prop 29, the cigarette tax. the secretary of state's office is tallying absentee ballots. if the measure passes each back of cigarettes will cost $1 more. it would go to tobacco research. the yes side is trailing the no side by less than one person point. >> a look at the race for the white house. today the president heads to florida to try to win over the same latino leaders that mitt romney addressed. live in washington with a look at how the immigration debate will possibly sway voters. good morning. >> reporter: president obama wants to capitalize on latino voter enthusiasm he has going on
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right now. sparked by his latest shift in immigration policy. now he will take his pitch on immigration reform to the sam group that mitt romney spoke to with a softer tone. he said that he would address the problem of illegal immigration in a civil but resolute manner. it was from the aggressive stance that illegal immigrants should first deport. the obama campaign supporters wasted intime, painting romney in a negative light. the plan for obama is build momentum with voters because they are crucial alto florida, colorado and nevada.
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>> the first full weekend of summer. not going to feel like it. >> no. festival season will go on in the bay area. a lot of people in town for pride week. we also have nascar in town, also the alameda fair. if you are headed out to any of those you want to be wary. make sure you are aware they are coming and bring that umbrella. a live look at this beautiful start over the embarcadero. you can see the clouds are kind of thick. actually off in the distance, that is going to bring us showers is moving in. beautiful start over the bay area. a calm wind at this time. throughout the day temperatures are going to climb from the 50s into the 70s. as we head through noon we're talking about the 60s, though, 56 degrees to start out in sunnyvale, as we head throughout the day here's what's coming. you can see now, as far as are
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starting deep tear the south. also a little activity. embedded in the reason you have moderate rain on the way so keep that in mind. today's forecast like this. getting light showers up in the north bay, set the clock at 5:00 p.m. showers in the north bay. mats where nascar will be happening. getting a little more activity across the bay area. here's mike. >> folks at the area on the maps and we're looking at the 580 drive. slowing into livermore out of the altamont pass. slower than 15 minutes ago. the accident still in the center divide, one cruiser there. no problems as a result at the dublin interchange. worse here, better there.
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we're looking at the sigalert over here, bixler road and marsh creek road. that's to the best of discovery bay. you no knew it over toward highway 4, that will get you around. there was a primary accident and secondary accident. that will continue. we're looking toward the pay bridge over to the caldecott tunnel as well as the east shore freeway. no metering lights, just backup in the cash lanes. >> 6:21. a teenager who threw a party while his parents were out of town learning the hard way to lock up valuables or don't throw parties when your parents are out of town. someone snatched eight jeweled bracelets worth $29,000 during
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that party monday night. the 17-year-old san francisco hosted about 18 friends that night. he discovered the jewelry was missing the next day. >> 6:22. keeping it classy at the ascot races. faster ite thiyear? this year? just ahead.
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spectators in britain well known for frocks and hats. >> this year fans had to follow a tighter dress code. women, they are no longer allowed to show bare shoulders. men have to wear a suit or tie and black or gray morning dress in the royal enclosure and all fans must wear hats or head pieces. a team was on hand to make sure the rules were followed. >> that was eggs and bacon. what's up with that. >> hey, time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. make sure, you ready for a few showers in the north bay, even in the south bay we'll get a little rain as we head through the second half of the day into tonight. 72 at 4:00 p.m. 67 bay side and 62 at the coast. here is mike with your drive. >> looking to the south bay where we see well, the construction for 85 clear, even at el camino, we have slowing
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which has held north of 680. so actually that volume hasn't changed much. at the limit also along the peninsula we have that crew that's cleared from marsh and on the dumbarton bridge cleared. at the limit along 101 between here through san mateo into the city and across the bay. dumbarton and san mateo alike >> thanks so much. not the prettiest dogs on the leash. >> still the top dogs at a competition in the north bay. we're talking about about the world's ugliest dog going to be crowned. this is video of last year's winner. the chinese crested chihuahua mix named yoda we're sad to report has passed away. the contest takes place in petaluma. the top prize is $1,000, a professional photo shoot and a year's worth of doggy treats. >> 6:26. still ahead, camping out for a
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cause. parents risking arrest to save the school from shutting down. >> what a sheriff told those closest to him in the days before his arrest. >> and saving bay park. how private funds keep public spaces from shutting down.
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>> reporter: what protesters of five oakland school closures have planned coming up in the next few days. i'm live in oakland with that plus the laters communication with police. >> reporter: sending gang experts to the hospital, i'm damian trujillo live at valley medical center. we'll take a look at the gang fighting technique. >> dust off your umbrella. you'll need it in parts of the bay area. i'll let you know where we
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expect showers, how long they last and i've got your full weekend forecast coming up. >> a little wet road could cause a bigger problem. we see the slowdown. we'll show you what i'm watching coming up. >> and here is a live look at san francisco off in the distance. plenty of overcast skies on this friday, june 22nd. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'mmalm marla tellez in for kelley. a woman's body has been found on the side of a road. police discovered the body early this morning on mountain boulevard near highway 13. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. of course we'll continue following this and bring you more information just as soon as we get it. >> also happening now in the east bay, some parents entering
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the second week of a protest to save their kids' school. stephanie chuang is live at lake view elementary where they plan to announce their next step in a few hours. >> reporter: good morning. minutes ago we learned something else that they have got planned. next wednesday at 5:00 they hope to hold a people's school board meeting where they hope to get people from across the city, across oakland, to take part in the discussion. they are not announcing where they hold that but that's a popular subject with the folks here, they have a march for public education planned for tomorrow. this even though police officers with the oakland school district came monday, warned protesters to leave or possibly get arrested. one teacher on security watch this morning tells us she's not worried. >> it's hard for us to see cops come when parents are intimidated by that but mostly we see kids being excited.
6:32 am
that's the best part of it. >> reporter: the summer program for kids, they are teaching them from art to social justice inside that school building. as for their march tomorrow it's going to start at noon at frank ogala plaza. they hope for a couple hundred people. i spoke with one of the lead organizers who said that the chief of police with the district has been here several time this is week and they have some sort of communication and parameters set up for in case that call comes from the district to come and enforce that police action. as you know there are kids here and they are wary of that. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> 6:32. the two men charged in the beating of bryan stow will be arraigned in hours. a judge has now ruled there is enough evidence to try luis sanchez and marvin norwood for the assault on stowe in march. during a preliminary hearing there was dramatic witness
6:33 am
testimony about the attack. stow suffered severe brain damage and is permanently disabled. >> 6:32. a father accused of abducting hisdaughters will be in court. police say he allegedly threatened to hurt the children during a confrontation with his wife on june 14. she has a restraining order against him. the abduction was prompted -- prompted rather, an amber alert but the kids were returned safely to their grandmother. >> a fund-raiser will be held in oakland to benefit the families of two east bay men killed in a boating accident. friends johnny johnson of hayward and acemoore pittman of oakland were fishing in the delta on saturday. they drowned when their boat capsized. a third man on board survived. johnson and pittman leave a total of 17 children. today's fund-raiser will be at
6:34 am
the morning star missionary baptist church from 11 to 7:00. >> stopping gang violence in san jose. today the city is launching a new program aimed at ending gang-related crime. damian trujillo is live at valley medical with details of this i think fascinating strategy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. it's innovative if anything at all. you're hearing about this the first time on nbc bay area. they are dotting the i's and crossing the t's on this project here in san jose but in a few weeks the city hopes to officially unveil this project to the rest of the city, the police department and the mayor admit the gang problem is a major concern. so the plan is dispatch a team of gang prevention experts to the e.r. when there is a gang-related stabbing or shooting. they will come in with tools and maybe prevent retaliation, this on the heels of a news
6:35 am
conference by the mayor and police unrelated, they will gather at city hall to talk about growing youth violence, also present the family of one of the recent homicide victims. the plan is to send gang experts to the bedsides of victims of gang-related crime. >> opportunity when a kid is at his weakest, that usually is after some traumatic event, you know, it seems to turn on the lights of rationale and we want to maximize that. >> reporter: 9:00 a.m. news conference later today will follow the weekly meeting of the mayor's gang prevention task force that takes place at 7:30 this morning. that is a unit that the mayor has been reluctant to touch in his budget cuts. here is a proposal that the rest of the gang prevention task force will see at 7:30 this morning, this is new to us and it's also new to the city of san
6:36 am
jose. live in san jose. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> 6:35. this morning new evidence on the case against suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. text messages that he sent to his wife and campaign manager in the weeks before his domestic violence arrest have surfaced. they will be used as evidence that mirkarimi tried to dissuade witnesses from cooperating in that case. in one text his campaign manager texted, can you call me, it is urgent regarding your wife. i need to talk to you to protect you. call me. days later another from mirkarimi asks hearsay campaign manager what they should do, quote, since political forces are lining up at behest of opponents. the city ethics commission is holding hearings to consider the mayor's request to have mirkarimi permanently removed from office for official misconduct. >> ferry service could link richmond to san francisco by
6:37 am
2015. transportation authority outlined a plan for a commuter ferry to take riders about 35 minutes from richmond to the san francisco ferry building and cost about $10. the service has been funded by a contra costa county sales tax increase in 2004. >> 6:37. another state park on the brink of closure has been saved for a year. the park is now the 31st park saved from a list of 70 slated to be shut down. $100,000 donation from three bay area groups will help keep the park open. negotiations continue to save another 24 parks but 15 parks so far have no hope of rescue. the parks director tells the news group she's hopeful that two-thirds of the state parks or more can be saved. >> a look outside on our live camera as it looks very cool. a little chill in the area. meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you.
6:38 am
we've got the weekend around the corner, you made to the friday, a live look, san francisco, beautiful start. what you will notice a lock of the low clouds and you'll notice these layered clouds. an area of low pressure is going to bring us showers especially to the north bay. you have the chance. a little bit of isolated activity as far south as san jose. the best chance for that is overnight. 55 degrees to start you out in san jose. good morning to you. showers still to our north but they will move in as we head throughout the day. we stop the clock at noon. santa rosa getting light activity so. the daypart forecast, you need the jablth, you need the umbrella especially bay side and at the coast. drizzle is likely as well with the thick on shore flow. >> looking over further inland for 580, and we have your typical backup forming. we did have the accident at air way but that cleared and we sfr
6:39 am
30s there but a nice flow toward the interchange. to the north we still have the sigalert on bixler and marsh creek. an accident involving a big rig and a second involving one of those original vehicles and we had expected the rains to clear by 6:30. waiting for the update. hopefully good news. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the lights were turned on. the backup, mild, we'll check it again in a few. >> 6:39. coming up hotel guests executed one byne o ♪
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>> new this morning at least 18 people are dead after a taliban attack at a lakeside hotel north of kabul. it happened in afghanistan, most of the dead are innocent civilians. insurgents killed guards, then stormed in and started firing at guests. according to afghan officials. some of the guests escaped while others were held hostage during a 12-hour stand-off with afghan security forces. kabul police say all five attackers have now beeki.lledann ki.lled ll
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>> an update to breaking news in
6:45 am
oakland. new video of the stretch of road where a woman's body was dumped in the oakland hills. police discover the body early this morning on mountain boulevard near highway 13. we'll of course continue to follow this, bring you more information as soon as we get it. >> a massive show of force on the korean border. the u.s. and south korea marking the 62nd anniversary of the end of the korean war with a display of tanks and jets. to demonstrate readiness, about 28,000 u.s. troops are in south korea as part of its defense force. >> a mt. rainier climbing ranger is dead after an attempt to rescue four injured climbers. 34-year-old nick hall fell 3,000 feet while trying to help the climbers prepare to be taken off the peak. a helicopter plucked three of the injured climbers off the mountain last night. the fourth person is still on the peak waiting out an
6:46 am
overnight storm with park rangers. the fourth climber has the most minor of injuries of the group and may be able to walk down the mountain today. all four climbers are from waco, texas. >> time is running out for the seven-time tour de france champion. lance armstrong must respond today to allegations of doping. the u.s. anti-doping agency brought formal charges against the cycling champ last week. the agency says it collected blood samples from armstrong in 2009 and 2010, that were fully consistent with blood manipulation. if the charges are proven armstrong's seven tour de france titles could be rescinded. >> the mother of missing teen natalee holloway is suing the "national enquirer" accusing them of knowingly publishing false headlines, articles an statements about her daughter's disappearance. the lawsuit claims the magazine knew some of the statements were false before they were even published.
6:47 am
the 18-year-old disappeared in a trip to aruba. her body was never found. last year a judge declared the teen legally dead. >> jurors remain behind closed doors deciding the fate of jerry sandusky. chris pollone is live in pennsylvania where jurors want to review the testimony of two key witnesses. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. jurors returned back at it at the courthouse a little under an hour ago. they worked late into the night and it's clear in this case their verdict is really going to turn on two things, what they are allowed to hear in court and what they are not allowed to hear. yesterday was a busy day, jurors ended up deliberating for about seven hours. they asked the judge late last night to review testimony of former penn state grad assistant mike mcqueary and a doctor, a family friend that mcqueary says he confided in after allegedly seeing sandusky abusing a young boy in the locker room about a decade ago.
6:48 am
as the panel debated the merits new developments surfaced away from the courtroom. one of jerry sandusky's adopted sons, matt, reveals he was prepared to testify against his father wednesday claiming he was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his father as well. he did not testify when it was decided that jerry sandusky would not testify in his own defense. also, yesterday, a new accuser not part of this case stepped forward on nbc's rock center show to say jerry sandusky molested him more than 100 times over four years, that alleged victim is -- came forward, he told nbc news he actually has spoken with a grand jury, he's part of a second group of accusers that are separate from this trial. so a lot of developments. we'll see how the jury goes. that's the story live at bellefonte, pennsylvania, chris pollone, "today in the bay." >> thank you. coverage of the sandusky trial continues at 7:00 on the "today" show. >> also this morning the man known as victim number 1 will
6:49 am
come forward to tell his story on television, plus matt lauer goes one-on-one with one of the most iconic drummers of all time, ringo starr. what the rock legend is up to now, that's ahead on "today." >> and speaking of rocking out kenny chesney performs live on the plaza, all coming up on the "today" show after "today in the bay." >> there is a new way to get your motor running this morning. >> you need plenty of cash to rev that engine. tesla rolling out the first deliveries of its new model "s" electric sedan. governor brown will join tesla chairman to congratulate a handful of early buyers as they get the keys to their brand new cars. the signature models of the car run from $49,000 to $105,000. more than 10,000 people put down deposits to reserve one of them. >> a bay area woman who dedicated her life to finding
6:50 am
e.t. will be honored. dr. jill tartar has been the center director for the institute of mountain view the since its "inception" 30 years ago. she spear headed the search for extra terrestrial intelligence. she will always keep up with the research, she says. >> great to have the opportunity that at any moment we might in fact get an alert from that automated system on those beautiful telescopes that says hey, pay attention, something's going on. >> this weekend the doctor will be celebrated at the get together designed to celebrate and explore space and imagination. it's happening at the hyatt regency in santa clara. >> by the way, here is some fun trivia. her work was portrayed by jodi foster in the movie "contact." >> scott is watching the
6:51 am
markets. >> a horrific day yesterday. >> with brutal. dow industrials down 250. we're back up a bit. the dow is up 50 points, nasdaq up with 7 as they wave their flags in the air. facebook continues to do well. facebook's up another 2.5%. let's talk gadget friday. i have this for you. it is a folio or a case for your ipad. it has a key board on it. i know you have seen this sort of thing before. the one that's different is it has a solar panel here in the cover itself. which charges the keyboard. it's hard to charge them in the field. for $129, it doesn't charge your ipad. i realize that ipads have a huge power draw for a solar panel but i think that's a miss on this
6:52 am
one. >> sounds flimsy the way you're holding it. >> once you get the ipad in there. mine's not in it. you get the ipad in, it's pretty solid. it makes for a nice lap top. >> thank you. meteorologist christina loren checking the weekend forecast. we all made it. >> we made it. barely. >> time to charge those batteries, and if you're like me, hit the reset button. good morning a. good looking weekend for relaxing indoors, you won't have to use that air conditioner inland. it's going to be perfect, kind of like it was yesterday, san jose, we hit the low 70s, it was beautiful. and this morning things are starting to change. you can see this live shot. we're monitoring the same shot over the past half hour. the clouds getting darker. an area of low pressure. and we expect some showers. good morning to you. 52 degrees to start out in concord. we do have showers on the way. as of about 10:00, 11:00.
6:53 am
in the north bay, then between noon and 4:00 you get some sunshine in san jose but not for long. the clouds will thicken back up by 6:00, getting more activity up in the north bay at that poychblt keep that in mind for the drive home. and then as we head through the overnight that's when the stemt drops to the south and bring showers to the greater bay area. you want to keep that in mind between the hours of 8 and 1:00, that's when we expect showers in the south bay so dwrul be out and about, make sure you're ready for it. especially ladies if you dress nice bring the umbrella. 10:00 a.m. getting showers in sonoma for the big nascar race. they will be in town all weekend. and weather is going to impact the race likely because once that raceway gets slick it's very dangerous, so we might have to see late starts out there. nonetheless we'll have full coverage. you get the tag team with comcast sports net bay area, another event, 66 degrees at 8:00 p.m. the county fair, you can ditch it by tomorrow.
6:54 am
74 degrees, sprinkles today, by tomorrow we're talking about mostly cloudy skies, full sunshine in the afternoon. 72. then we warm up next week. here is mike. >> a look at the south bay, we have the build. i'd say finally like i wanted it to happen. i didn't so don't say that at home. looking at 101, still slow from 680 up to the airport. and then as you come through mountain view into palo alto, covered it up, bottom of the screen. clear by the time you get to menlo park. so smoother drive in that portion of the 101 stretch. looking at 201, out of the altamont pass. 34 there. and then over to pleasanton and dublin t slowing continues to move toward the interchange but not there yet. a smooth drive through castro valley. over to the san mateo bridge where the stall has cleared. north of there past the coliseum and we see a nice volume and steady flow. no problems until you approach
6:55 am
23rd. a couple of german shepherds running across the highway. one might be injured. watch for a traffic break. that's going on. further to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights will turn on we see a light volume. more cars were coming through the area but not a big concern. into the city this weekend, all weekend a lot of activities for pride weekend. be advised. >> thank you, mike. new this morning san jose is putting the finishing touches on a new strategy to stop gang violence. damian trujillo is live at valley medical center with details of today's announcement. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are still dotting the i's and crossing the t's on this program but in a few weeks the city hopes to unveil this new crime fighting technique. you're hearing about this for the first time on nbc bay area. the police department and the mayor admit that the gang concern is a growing problem. the plan is dispatch experts to
6:56 am
the e.r. when there is a gang-related stabbing or shooting. they will come in with tools to combat the crime and maybe prevent retaliation. this on the heels of a news conference by the mayor and police. they will gather to talk about the growing youth violence. also present will be the family of one of the recent victims. the mayor and the rest of the task force will hear about the new e.r. innovativeplan. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> there is developing news in san jose where police are investigating a deadly motorcycle crash. investigators say an 18-year-old was killed and his 18-year-old female passenger injured in a collision last night. police say the cyclist was making a turn and was hit by a toyota corolla. the driver stayed at the scene
6:57 am
and is cooperating. investigators say neither person on the motorcycle was wearing a helmet. >> happening in the east bay, a test of wills. police versus parents. despite orders to leave an oakland school remains the scene of an active protest. stephanie chuang is live at lake view elementary where parents will announce their next step. >> good morning to you. the protesters here have planned for a rally and march at noon tomorrow from the plaza here to lake view to call for support citywide. they say it's these saer to, quote, defend this sit-in at lake view in the name of public education. this is a call for mass mobilization after police officers with the oakland district warned on monday that they may be arrested if they didn't leave school grounds. they say they are going to stay as long as it takes to reopen the five schools that the
6:58 am
district planned to shut down. there is no time table for police enforcement. we learned this morning that the police chief has been here at the school ground several time this is week, talking with the police and the parents, they had communication. just in case the orders do come down to escort the protesters off this property they are being very careful because there are kids at this camp. stephanie, "today in the bay." >> people have raised nearly a half a million dollars for a grandmother bullied. >> my god, you're so fat. >> really sad. new york state middle school students hurl obscenities calling her fat, even a troll, the national outrage led to a fund raise tear send klein on a
6:59 am
vacation. so far it's raised nearly $500,000 in three days. >> i cannot get over that. >> even how the kids acted. >> meteorologist christina loren, let's talk the weekend forecast. >> perfect weather inland this weekend. you got the best at the beach last week. it's our turn. 73 degrees. perfect for biking, hiking, tomorrow temperatures stay just about as cool. warming up as we head into next week. we meet back on monday. have a great weekend. here is mike. >> the traffic advisory for discovery bay, bixler road and marsh creek, an accident with a big rig. now we're looking at still a sigalert. no clearing from chp. use byron highway. and the south bay, the build continues for 101 but 280 moving smoothly. >> thank you, mike. thank you for joining us. thank you for filling in for jon.


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