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tv   Today  NBC  June 25, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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nature's wrath. tropical storm debby brings driving rain to florida and sends off a series of tornadoes. one person is dead, another is missing. out west in colorado, those wildfires have exploded destroying hundreds of homes. life changing experience, more than $600,000 in donations pouring in for the school bus monitor who was bullied unfersfully by middle schoolers. how surprised is she by that reaction? we have an exclusive interview. photo finish. two american sprinters cross the line at exactly the same time at the olympic trials. only one can go to london. how a coin toss could be the determining factor today,
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monday, june 25, 2012. welcome today object on this monday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm will i will geist in for matt lauer. already the fourth named storm of the seasonment it is early. shs proveno be deadly. >> the outer edges of the tropical storm could dump more than 2 feet of rain in some places. we're going to go live to the affected area. al will tell us where this storm is now headed. then jerry sandusky on suicide watch this morning as his attorneys contemplate an appeal. coming up, we'll tell you why this case is far from over. >> also this morning, a story that might outrage any parent. it's about two young girls who were sent to the hospital with severe sunburns, willie.
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the reason is the school wouldn't let them apply sunscreen even though they were outside all day for field day. >> it is one of the most anticipated films of the summer. you ready for spider man week? >> i actually got to see spider man. double thumbs up. how old am i? do i look like a fan? i am a fan of this movie. >> two thumbs up from ann curry. >> the cast of the new spider man movie with us. they will stop by live. >> emma stone, andrew garfield. let's get started with tropical storm debby and the wildfires raging out of control out west. we have three reports, starting with the weather channel mike seidel in north redding ton beach, florida. mike, good morning. >> good morning, ann. debby has really hit the beaches hard. a lot of beach erosion. a lot of debris like this palm tree and i can see those were literally for blocks and blocks. at high tide. the gulf of mexico is rolling into the hotel pool.
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here comes another wave. take you back to yesterday. it was about the wind and the rain. we got hammered in the tampa st. pete area. up to 9 inches of water. it was the second wettest june day on record in tampa. we had people pulled from cars in clear water. coast a.m. flooding. that's through tonight as well as a heavy surf advisory. we had tornadoes. not unusual with landfall. at least a dozen reports of tornadoes. one of those was a killer in highlands, florida. we also lost a gentleman to the rip current up in orange beach. today, it's more of the same. debby is not moving. wind, also the potential for severe weather. tornado watch for a lot of the state at least until 2:00. that will be likely extended. as long as we have the wave action like this and it this on shore wind, ann, more beach erosion. that will be the story along the west coast beaches. not damage to the hotel or beachfront properties. the locals are saying this is
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the worst flooding they've seen since the super storm of 1993 almost 20 years ago. ann in. >> important to be very, very careful there. mike seidel, thank you so much this morning. >> let's see where the storm is heading. al roker is upstairs tracking the storm. >> good morning, guys. first time we've had four named storms before july 1st. this is a record setter. as mike mentioned, we have a tornado watch until 2:00 for much of central and northern florida. right now, debby is 90 miles, south, southwest of appalachia cola. winds are 50 miles per hour. it's stationary. i've never seen in recent memory, yesterday afternoon it was heading west. now it's moving straight to the north. but it's going to take its own sweet time. here's the projected path of debby over the next three days. doesn't really move that much. by wednesday, 2:00 a.m., it is still off the coast of florida and with 65 miles per hour wind, we don't see landfall maybe until early thursday morning. with a slow mover like that, that means by friday, we're
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still looking at it inland. it's just barely inland and with a slow mover, that means that wind and that wave action continues. the rain continues. locally we could see 15 to 20 inches of rain by friday. also the threat of tornadoes. it is going to be a major, major weather maker and in fact, it looks like the drought will be busted with this thing. however, it's going to be a very strong price to pay for losing that drought because we're going to be looking at massive flooding, beach erosion, big problems from central and northern florida and the west coast of florida. willie? >> al, thanks. we'll get to the rest of your forecast in just a moment. meantime, out west in colorado, it is much too dry and things have gone from bad to worse. hundreds of homes were destroyed, thousands of people forced to flee. nbc's miguel alma ger is in colorado springs. >> willie good morning. the fire exploded over the weekend. what started as a small blaze quickly multiplied feeding on
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bone dry brush and fanned by hot gusty winds. >> overnight, flames lept into the air and tore across the mills near colorado springs. the waldo canyon fire threatening homes, closing in on cabins and scorching some of the region's most popular campgrounds. sunday, 11,000 people forced to flee the flames. >> this is a day or a couple days we've long dreaded would come. >> this out of control blaze is just one of eight infernos burning across colorado. saturday in estes park, nearly two dozen homes were destroyed. the most destructive blaze in state history claimed one life and more than 250 homes near fort collins. two weeks old, 83,000 acres have been torched here. >> we knew we had to get out of there. >> colorado's governor said half the country's firefighting fleet is trying to beat back the flames in his state alone. >> this is dry, hot weather that the -- the wind is going to pick
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up. the fuel is very, very flammable. and colorado isn't the only tinderbox. this morning, firefighters in new mexico, arizona, utah and california are all on the frontlines. a fast and deadly start to a fire season far from over. >> back here in colorado, the waldo fire has charred roughly 3600 acres this blaze is 0% contained. one of the big concerns is going to be winds and of course, colorado which is baking in 100-degree temperatures. >> miguel alma ger in colorado springs. >> here's ann again. now to the latest in the jerry sandusky case. his lawyers say they plan to appeal his conviction. and that's just part of the legal drama set to play out over the coming weeks and months. nbc's michael isikoff has been covering this case from the beginning. michael, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. jerry sandusky is now safely in jail here. but the fallout from his conduct is far from over.
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while convicted child abuser jerry sandusky remains on suicide watch today, pennsylvania's top law enforcement official signals there could be more charges against others to come. attorney general linda kelly oversaw the sandusky case. >> i think that this investigation continues. i thinkt's associated with this case that can tell you that we've been developing information even after the grand jury presentment. >> reporter: penn state is to the he cuss of multiple investigations into whether former top school officials covered up sandusky's conduct and could have stopped him years ago. even among the jurors there was concern. juror number 5, josh harper. >> penn state didn't do the action, but could they have prevented further victims? sure. >> reporter: juror number 11, ann van current. >> all i can say is i wish that
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something -- that had gone a step further. >> reporter: former athletic director tim curley and former vice president gary schultz are facing perjury charges relating to what they knew about a 2001 shower incident involving sandusky and a young boy reported to them by former graduate assistant mike mcqueary. sources say kelly's office is reviewing e-mails showing that former penn state president graham spanier agreed that it would be, quote, humane to sandusky not to report the mcqueary allegation to local authorities. curly, schultz and spanier all deny wrongdoing. >> if those in power at penn state had taken action until early 2000s then my client would not have been molested in 2007 and 2008. >> reporter: legal experts say with an endowment of $1.8 billion, penn state has deep pockets that will make it a prime target for civil suits filed by sandusky's victims. >> based on other judgments in
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sex abuse cases in pennsylvania, we could be talking about tens of millions of dollars at least. >> reporter: in the statement, penn state it plans to set up a progra program to privately ex pe tishsly and fairly address the victims' concerns and compensate them for claims relating to the university. >> penn state is now in a legal battle with its insurance company over who is going to pay those claims and if it loses, students' tuition and state taxpayer funds could end up picking up the tab to compensate the victims of jerry sandusky. ann? >> michael isikoff this morning. michael, thank you. pennsylvania attorney general linda kelly is now joining us exclusively. her team prosecuted the sandusky case. madam attorney general, good morning to you. >> good morning, ann. >> other alleged victims of jerry sandusky have now come forward. is it possible that there will be more criminal prosecutions regarding jerry sandusky?
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>> well, we have said from the beginning that we continue to investigate this case. and i think that it is known that there have been more victims that will come forward. but at this time, i wouldn't want to speculate on future charges. >> can you confirm that there is an ongoing grand jury investigation into this? >> there is an ongoing investigation, yes. >> late in the trial, we heard that matt sandusky, the adopted son of jerry sandusky, was prepared to testify for the prosecution. why did you not call him to the stand to testify? >> well, i think that that information probably came from lawyers that represent matt sandusky and it's my understanding that he has two lawyers that are representing him, and those lawyers are fair to comment on matt sandusky's situation. and there could be any number of reasons in any given case why a defendant may or may not be called. >> are you saying that the
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prosecution did not have a right to call him without the defense calling him first? >> no, no. i'm not saying that. i'm saying that it's a prosecutorial decision as to when to call a witness. i think the information you have as far as him being called as a witness comes from privately retained attorneys that have made comments to that effect. >> all right. moving on, jerry sandusky's lawyer says he did not have enough time to adequately defend his client. do you believe he had enough time to defend jerry sandusky? >> to answer you succinctly, yes. i think all the parties in in case knew from the beginning that the judge intended to move this case along quickly. and the prosecution was actually gratified that that was happening, that there was a speedy trial that took place here, particularly because mr. sandusky who had committed these horrific crimes was not in custody. so we were anxious to bring the case to a conclusion and to move
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to have his bond revoked and taken into custody. >> sandusky faces a maximum of 442 years in prison. what will your prosecution team ask for at sentencing? >> i think that our team, our prosecution team will ask the judge to fashion a sentence that reflects the horrific acts that mr. sandusky committed to take into consideration the number of victims that are involved here and the fact that he really does represent a clear and present danger to the community and hopefully that the sentence will reflect that. but of course, that's the province of the court and sentencing is certainly up to the discretion of the court. >> all right. pennsylvania attorney general, linda kelly. linda, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> you're very welcome. now, let's get a check on the rest of the top stories this morning from natalie morales at the news desk. >> good morning, willie and ann and good morning everyone. all eyes are on the supreme court today as decisions on president obama's landmark health care reform bill and
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arizona's immigration law could come down as early as this morning. nbc's justice correspondent at the supreme court with more. pete, good morning. >> two huge decisions natalie that could affect millions of people and the presidential campaign on arizona's tough immigration law. the court may well strike down parts of it, but let stand other parts that require police to check the immigration status of anyone they detain. on the health care case, the key question is whether the central requirement of the law that all americans buy insurance is unconstitutional and if it is, how much of the rest of the law can survive. we should have the answers to all these questions by thursday at the latest. the court's likely last day of the term. natalie? >> pete williams there at the supreme court. thank you. egypt's new president-elect islamic's mohammed morsi is talking about restoring diplomatic ties with iran. egypt's first freely elected president is starting to form
7:15 am
his new government from the office of toppled leader hosni mubarak. jeopardy host alex trebek is recovering in a hospital after suffering a mild heart attack. he's expected to fully recover and be back onset when it resumes production in july. while hospitalized saturday, jeopardy won a daytime emmy for the best game show. trebek has hosted jeopardy for 28 years. now, let's head to wall street. kayla tao at the stock exchange. good morning, kayla. >> good morning, natalie. investors keeping a close eye on europe. key economic leaders are meeting without troubled greece. that's leading investors to be concerned that a quick fix to the debt crisis is not in the cards. economists expect data to show that new home sales in may rose slightly. today's trading does follow a week of red arrows on wall street, that was the first negative week in three. natalie? >> kayla, thanks so much. it was a finish that not even a photo could decide.
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check it out, allison and geneva crossing the line at the u.s. olympic track and field team qualifiers for the summer games in london. the women tied for third place in the 100 meters and the sport has no protocol for how to break the tie. so after some significant head scratching, a decision was put in place, the athletes will have to choose between a tiebreaking coin toss or a runoff. the women have until the end of the olympic trials next sunday to decide. willie and ann and aisle, to make the situation that intense, both share the same coach, often train together and both have lucrative nike deals which include a bonus for whoever makes the olympic team. >> oh, man. >> hard decision. >> i expect they pick a runoff. you don't want to literally -- you don't want to have a coin toss. >> can't leave all that to a coin toss. >> they're terrific runners. >> run again. >> i hope nike gives them both the money. >> if matt had been in there he
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would have won by a nose. throw him under the bus and he's not here. >> let's talk about the weather this morning. there's weather to talk about. >> there is, indeed. let's show you what's going on right now. call coming in from long island. we've got a frontal system pushing in, airport delays from boston down to d.c. with this system making its way with a lot of rain. we're talking about anywhere from a half inch to one to two inches of rain from new england all the way down to norfolk and the hampton roads. looks also for wet weather from the pacific northwest down into northern florida. risk of strong storms again, down in florida. we've got a tornado watch until 2:00 with debby approaching. plenty of sunshine around the great lakes and on into the upper mississippi river valley. record-breaking heat in the rockies into the southwest. we'll take a look at that in >> good morning to you. 7:17. a live look over the golden gate bridge. the marine layer trying to form and push inland. we have gusty winds out there so we'll see a mix of sun and
7:18 am
clouds and temperatures below seasonal averages. 70 in los gatos. 74 in redwood city and 68 in santa cruz. we'll gradually warm up as we head through tomorrow into wednesday. then thursday into friday starting to level off. nice comfortable weekend ahead. that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. new developments in the case of that picasso defaced at a houston museum. the incident caught on tape and now police have identified the suspect and the race is on to find him. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in houston with the latest. good morning, gabe. >> good morning. local authorities are offering up to a $5,000 reward. the suspect is a street artist who investigators believe bragged about the vandalism on-line. >> reporter: the video posted on youtube quickly went viral. a man defacing pablo picasso's women in a red arm chair in
7:19 am
houston. the whons shot the video didn't want to be identified but said the snpts called himself an up and coming mexican artist looking to honor picasso's work. >> went up to the painting without fear and spray painted it and walked off. >> reporter: police say they know who did it, prosecutors have charged 22-year-old orio with criminal mischief and graffiti, third-degree felonies. detectives are investigating whether he may have had accomplices. >> this was bold, reckless, blatant. one of those in your face kinds of crimes. >> reporter: the suspect used a stencil to spray paint a picture of a bull with "conquest" in spanish. police zeroed in on him after getting a tip. part of their investigation included his facebook page where he posted a link to news coverage about the vandalism. there's also a picture of the word conquist ta, the same word spray painted on the
7:20 am
>> good morning. we're coming to you as the u.s. supreme court has just handed down a crucial decision on the constitution at of arizona's immigration law. it was signed into law but a u.s. district judge block it its elements at issue is whether states can enforce federal immigration laws. it's a complicated ruling as we understand. we have pete williams at the courthouse in washington trying to sort it out for us. good morning and tell us how it came down. what the supreme court said is that most of the law that was challenged is unconstitutional but buy a 5-3 vote the court has upheld a provision in the law that says police officers in
7:21 am
arizona must check the immigration status of any one they arrest before that person can be released. 5-3, justice kennedy writing the majority opinion, justices thomas, eliteo and scalia dissenting. that's eight. this is one that elena kagan sat out because she had worked on this case before she came to the supreme court. so three other provisions of the law that were before the court were struck down, two of them made it a state crime to do something in arizona that was not a crime under federal immigration law. to look for work and to be in the state without papers, the court also struck down a very controversial part of the law that said police officers in arizona can arrest someone without a warrant if they think someone has done something that violates federal immigration law. so, three of the four provisions declared unconstitutional, one part held up. and remember natalie, this is not the end of the court fight over the arizona law because there are civil lawsuits
7:22 am
pending. this was one filed by the justice department. there are other lawsuits pending in arizona that challenge the law as racial profiling, those are now working their way through the courts. this ain't over yet, natalie. >> absolutely not. let me bring in our today's legal correspondent savannah guthrie. so most disputed provision in this arizona law is the stop and check part of that law and that's the part the justices upheld. how surprising is that? >> it's somewhat of a surprise. i think based on oral arguments that was an expectation this law would be upheld because there was skepticism on both the liberal side of the court and the conservative side of the court of the government's position, the federal government trying to strike down the law. yet they have struck down the majority of it but upheld that provision that got most of the attention, the ability of police officers in arizona to determine the immigration status of anybody they have lawfully stopped. now, as pete mentioned, there is a lot of litigation to come. one of the reasons why this is so controversial was because
7:23 am
people thought this is going to lead to racial profiling. there hasn't been a racial profiling case before the court. this law hasn't gone into effect. once it goes into effect you can bet there will be lawsuits and some of those equal protection issues will be litigated. >> thank you. again our thank you to pete williams as well. we'll have much more all day on msnbc and nightly news with brian williams. most of you return to today and to your regularly scheduled programming. in donations have poured in for karen klein the school bus monitor bullied. we'll talk to her coming up. check out this video, a bear cub found in a garage. who came in to save it, it's mom. after your local news. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ you can spell.
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peppery poblano, sweet butternut. we're roasting, and grilling to create must-have meals with no preservatives. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. >> 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. today a bay area judge expected to rule on a request for a mistrial in the case of a man accused of beating a retired priest. william lynch doesn't deny beating father lindner. he claims lindner molested him and his brother when they were children. now lynch's attorneys are demanding the judge declare a mistrial claiming misconduct from prosecutors. this is where it gets complicated. the prosecutor told the jury in opening statements that the priest would likely lie under oath when asked if he had molested the boys, and indeed lindner denied involvement. now, that's despite significant evidence to the contrary.
7:27 am
the defense claiming prosecutors broke the law by putting acknowledged lies before a jury. we'll keep you posted. time to check in on the weather. meteorologist christina loren, beautiful outside. >> just beautiful, jon. you are exactly right. we had a full deck of clouds, this is what's left of the marine layer, breaking apart, the sun is shining. temperatures are going to remain cool. this is san jose, a beautiful clear start here. and although that sunshine is decepti deceptive, only the 70s today. 70 degrees in places like fremont, about 73 in san jose, 68 in santa cruz and 62 degrees in santa rosa. as we head through tonight by about 9:00 p.m., mostly cloudy, an area of low-pressure on the way. we meet back here between 5 and 9:00, after that, though, the sun will break out and warm us into the upper 70s and mid-80s return by wednesday. we'll cool you off and level off thursday through friday. nice and comfortable through the weekend. make those plans though it's monday, mike.
7:28 am
>> we'll go over to the bay bridge. we had an accident at the maze, another on the upper deck. those have cleared. we still have a slow drive, slower drive down the east shore freeway. we're looking at southbound 880, slow out of hayward, union city and slow into fremont and 680 down through sunol. the south bay northbound routes 101, 280, 85 and of course 87 coming into downtown. pretty standard here. back to you. >> thank you. for the latest make sure to check us out on nbc bay area on facebook.
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horrified people everywhere last week. school bus monitor karen klein viciously taunted at the hands of middle schoolers. since then some of the children have apologized. strangers worldwide have raised more than $600,000 for her. we're going to get karen's reaction. we talked to her and one of her daughter's about that in an exclusive interview coming up this morning. meantime it is 7:30 monday, 25th of june, 2012. i'm alongside willie geist this morning. matt has the morning off. good to see you. you're dapper. coming up, the fallout from
7:31 am
the death of a promising young woman. >> you may remember her, she died day after graduating from the university. her last article from the school paper went viral. now her boyfriend could face criminal charges in the crash that killed her. we'll have the latest. also a conversation with the widow of pat tillman. he was the nfl star who gave his life in afghanistan. this morning, how his final letter to his wife helped her move on after his death. but let's begin in washington state where two sisters came home with severe sunburns after spending the date outside at their elementary school field day. you won't believe why this happened. natalie is joining us with more. >> good morning, ann. when she watched her daughters head off to school for a day of fun and games, she had no idea they would come home with severe sunburns. the rona school policy that seems hard to believe.
7:32 am
it was a typical rainy morning at tacoma washington when mitzi sent her schools for the end of the year field day. by noon, the rain was gone and the sun started to burn the girls. both have sensitive skin, one with a condition that makes her particularly sun sensitive. >> i was feeling hot. i noticed my shoulders were warmer than other parts of my body. >> i was playing games with my friends and that's when i started feeling like i was burning up. >> when i walked through the door that day, i would never forget it. >> when she arrived home, she was she was not prepared for what she saw. >> it was horrifying to see her bright red face. there were welts, she was swollen. then i saw zoe's shoulders, it was absolutely painful and gut wrenching to look at.
7:33 am
i was horrified. >> school officials told her there's a statewide policy that does not allow staff to apply sunscreen to students. students can only apply it to themselves if they have a doctor's note, a policy that exists in 49 states nationwide. >> i did share with the principal, any policy that meant she couldn't help kids or follow common sense was something i had to do something about. she in ordered and shookd her head. >> she got her girls examined at the local hospital. the next day she was still upset. she wrote about the incident in her blog which sparked a conversation that spread across the country. >> we have learned it's important to stand up for what you believe in. >> she said it was a learning experience for her entire family. >> this has always been about making sense of a policy that doesn't make sense and trying to change it. >> the school district has since apologized and let her know a new law will give school districts a lot more leeway to
7:34 am
decide if sunscreen and over-the-counter medications can be applied. that policy should be revised by october. >> to remind you, you said 49 states. >> 49 states have the law. it is something to review, especially when your kids are heading off to camp to make sure you know what their policy is. >> thank you, natalie, so much for this report. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> we are -- actually, our camera guy is in this cage for soccer. we finally tracked jeff. you said you're 72 years old? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> phyllis pearson. >> i'll have what she's having. >> can i say hi to my son vinnie? >> no, you can't do that. >> hi, joe. >> you got that. this is north reddington beach, florida. of course we are waiting for deb
7:35 am
yshs to make landfall. that's probably not going to happen late thursday into friday. right now windy. waves kicking up. we'll see rain coming in again today. tornado watches in effect as well. out west unbelievable, anywhere from 5 to 20 degrees above normal. denver today 103. it will be 104 in salt lake -- 98 salt lake, 100 in tulsa. rest of the country cooler in the northeast, 60s, 70s, 80s along the southeast atlantic coast and 60s here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning to you. 7:35 now. taking a live look over san francisco. beautiful start here. just a few high puffy cumulus clouds. throughout the day today, san francisco will soon look like san jose, clear condition, highs in the 70s. that's inland. we're going to be very much cooler than average as we head through next few days. temperatures will creep up on
7:36 am
wednesday. through the weekend we level off at the 80-degree mark. day like today you always want to check the weather, go to weather channel on cable, willie. >> thank you very much. now to the death of a promising young writer killed in a horrific car crash just days after she graduate freddie yale university. today prosecutors seeking charges against her boyfriend who was driving when it happened. ron mott has more from orleans, massachusetts. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. police are calling this an accident, but this young man has been ordered to appear in court next week to see if he should stand trial for vehicular homicide after he veered off the road, hit a pair of guardrails, flipped over killing his girlfriend. >> freshly graduated from yale university, this 22-year-old had a world of writing ahead. her farewell column called "the
7:37 am
opposite of loneliness" went viral. she declared, quote, we're so young. we have so much time. on may 26th, keegan's young life ended on this cape cod highway. >> she could brighten my day. as we now can all see, she could light up the world. >> strapped into the passenger seat of a black lexus on the way to her family's summer home, she was killed when the car hit a guardrail, tripped to the other side of the road, hit another guardrail and flipped at least twice, police said. at a funeral she was remembered by her mom as a dutiful but jokingly forgetful daughter. being the writer she was, a lover of books. >> the only thing she treasured more than her beautiful collection of books was her beautiful collection of friends. >> keegan's 22-year-old boyfriend at the wheel that day could face vehicular homicide by
7:38 am
reckless operation and reckless driving. he's due in a massachusetts court on july 5th to determine whether he should be held over for trial. an aspiring journalist and playwright keegan land add job at new yorker, published in "new york times," a musical she co-wrote was to be performed this summer in new york city. more than that, say those who mourned her loss, she was a reliable friend. tributes on a facebook page to her memory. >> her ability made her a great writer. more importantly, a great friend. she was a fiercely devoted friend, attentive, caring, generous. >> every once in a while she would just stop and look around at the beauty around her. and just feel at peace. >> reporter: he received minor injuries. speed did not appear to be a
7:39 am
factor. authorities are not saying exactly what led them to file charges in this case. >> such a talented young woman. ron mott, thanks so much. still ahead, mom, look at me. the dangling bear cub that had to be rescued from a garage by its mother. one town with a traditional car is going the way of a dinosaur. that's right after this. [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water from the first ever hands-free dispenser, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill™ technology, the new ge french door refrigerator is engineered to push the limits of fresh. so to prove it, we're taking one from the factory in kentucky and delivering it full of fresh food to a place fresh can't be found. ♪ easy. [ male announcer ] watch the adventure at anti-aging cream undeniably. it creamed unbelievably a $500 cream and now women have made regenerist microsculpting cream
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7:43 am
in the central florida community known as the villages, population 5,000, main street often has more quirks than cars. there are an estimated 40,000 carts here, some running on gas getting 50 miles to the gallon. others all electric. >> insurance is less, registration is less. of course you're not using any gas. >> drive what looks a lot like a smart car, but this is a chinese built electric vehicle called a candy cocoa. >> it has all the modern convenience including a radio, ac, airbags. >> how far can you go? >> you can go 40 mimes on one charge. >> he says he takes about eight hours to recharge. yes, it is a two-seater. just to conduct our interview with them in motion, we had a chase vehicle. >> it has headlights, a windshield and safety belts but that's about it.
7:44 am
>> the auto industry called this class of car an ls v low speed vehicle. recent crash tests for lsv cars are not pretty. >> when lou at those crash tests, it's kind of scary. >> yes, i have to agree with that. but you plug in, plug into your house. >> he sells ls v some as much as $13,000, says price swings is a motivator. >> this would be nice for us. >> in maryland where parking is a challenge. >> only cost about $1.50 ra day for a vehicle. >> russell has a fleet of 13 cruiser. he shuttles folks to find a place to spark anywhere they want to go for free. costs covered by advertising. >> it's a niche. but the niche is getting bigger every day. >> reporter: in ft. lauderdale the judge commutes every day. >> i have a traditional gas
7:45 am
automobile. >> reporter: before the electric car he used four tanks a month. now he drives the old car so racial he only fills up once a month. >> four bucks a gallon, $4 a gallon, it's adding up. >> reporter: okay. so ann and willie, this sounds like a good idea until you hit the weather. i could see you tooling around manhattan because the weather is beautiful. here, not so much. >> it's pretty darn cute, nonetheless. kerry sanders, thanks so much for that report. okay. coming up next, reality bites or does it? why vampires are hotter than ever these days coming up right after this. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system,
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7:48 am
so even though i'm an olympian, around here, i'm just another mom trying to help her champion win the day. chobani champions. win the day. . did you go to the movies this weekend to see abraham lincoln slay vampires? the film finished third at the box office but as keith miller reports, vampires are big business these days. >> reporter: it seems the undead just keep on living. >> i shall always think of myself as a hunter. >> reporter: now it's "abraham lincoln: vampire hunter" trying to extinguish the creatures. according to legend, takes more than an axe. that's why there's a lot at stake when the hammer comes down at this auction in northern england. bids quickly approach $10,000
7:49 am
for a victorian era box a vampire hunter would kill for. a pistol for close contact. miniature bottles containing garlic, holy water and -- >> holy earth or consecrated ground. >> there is a prayer book and rosary beads. >> a crucifix. there we are. that certainly works, doesn't it? >> reporter: and in a hidden compartment. >> four stakes. so you've got four of those. >> one vampire box was sold in america last year for $25,000. jonathan ferguson wants one. >> down the hill, the church yard where key attacks take place. >> reporter: i caught up with him where in the original story dracula was. he wants the box not to slay the
7:50 am
undead but as a cultural artifact for his museum. >> for that reason they are a fascinating reflection of popular culture and what people think about vampires. >> vampire lore goes back a long way as we found out last year on a visit to transylvania, the belief in the undead there very much alive. >> how did the myth of the vampire originate in this country. >> back in the 18th century people were complaining they were haunted by undead creatures. >> reporter: just last week in bulgaria, two ancient bodies uncovered that had been staked in a vampire burial. bids for the vampire slayer box went to three times the entry price, his bid topping $11,000 is good. he may never need to use the contents of the box, but it is one more relic that helps keep the myth of the undead alive.
7:51 am
for "today," keith miller, nbc news. >> funny premise. >> the premise of abe lincoln slaying vampires. >> pro pride, prejudice and zombies. >> some hardware on the table here. >> yes. >> our staff would like to brag a little bit because we've gotten two new daytime emmys. we want to congratulate our director joe michaels on art. congratulations, joe, michael. >> another emmy for the entire staff, fourth outstanding morning show. >> third year in a row we take home hardware. that's great. >> i'd like to say i take full credit for both of these. >> you are here off and on. you know what, you deserve it. >> you can use these to kill
7:52 am
vampires. >> let's try to be a little more humble now and not talk about this and talk about karen klein. she's the school bus monitor bullied on camera. that has been shocking people everywhere. this morning donations top $640,000. the question, are her bus riding days over? what's she going to do with the money? what does she want to come out of that? coming up an exclusive interview. the cast of an action packed movie spider-man after your local news. [ male announcer ] monica's decided to make a quick pit stop for gas. [ engine turns over ] but it looks like she'll have to find another station to fill 'er up. no! are you kidding me?!
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> it is 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. $30 million yanked out of nowhere from the 49ers new stadium. the "mercury news" reporting the santa clara county leaders pulled the tax funds they promised because they would rather spend that on education. the 49ers say voters specifically earmarked that to the stadium and the county has no right to keep it. 49ers won't say if the decision will affect the stadium construction which began in april. a lengthy court battle looks like it will be coming. sunshine is coming. meteorologist christina loren has it all. >> good morning to you. want to start with this live look over san bruno. overlooking the bay, what you coop see we have cloud cover. let's zoom in, show you alcatraz. the clouds are breaking apart. temperatures today will be
7:57 am
cooler than average. 73 degrees. 70 in fairfield and 68 in concord. that means you can give your ac a break for this afternoon. and probably for tomorrow as well. by wednesday, mid-80s return. then thursday into the weekend, temperatures level off, in the upper 70s, low 80s. much cooler than our seasonal averages all week long for the first full week of summer. here is mike with your drive. >> the south bay continues to build as we're getting to 8:00. 85 slow from 87 up into cupertino. 101 and 880 themselves slow here. 237 backs up because of all of the traffic on 101 north. both through menlo park and palo alto slow. slower approaching the bay bridge. or 880 but the big change the last half hour has been here, concord and walnut creek interchange. speeds into the 20s where you see red. >> of course for the latest make sure to check us out on nbc bay
7:58 am
area at facebook.
7:59 am
8:00 am
morning. you're looking at a lot of nice people who decided to come by our rockefeller plaza and say hello. we're so grateful they did. spider-man cast coming up in the next half hour. i'm ann curry alongside willie geist. matt has the week off. nice to have you here. also have al roker. coming up, talking about that video everybody has been talking about last week.
8:01 am
it shows a grandmother who was taunted over and over again by a group of seventh-graders. it set up a national conversation, some say the worst humanities, many strangers donated more than $600,000, basically help support her. she's now in the studio, get her reaction to this and what she wants to do with the money and what will come out of this national conversation. >> we just said hello a minute ago. she's overwhelmed by the outcome. also ahead jenna hager sits down with the widow of pat tillman, killed in afghanistan. this morning, the gift he left behind that helps her rebuild her life. >> a good story in so many ways. coming up, peter barker in the house. andrew garfield in the ho e
8:02 am
house. you're going to love this movie. >> love it. >> anyway, anything else coming up? no. >> natalie morales. >> take a look at this news. now standing by at the news desk. >> good morning, ann, willie, al. tropical storm debby whipping florida with drenching rain. debby's center is nearly stationary in the gulf of mexico. that means the biggest threat will be flooding as the storm could produce 20 inches of flooding over the next few days. debby spun off isolated tornadoes that killed at least one person. another person missing off alabama. convicted child sex abuser jerry sandusky is on suicide watch in jail while his attorneys contemplate an appeal. meantime penn state where
8:03 am
sandusky is an assistant football coach is the focus of multiple investigations into whether top school officials covered up his conduct and if they could have stopped him years ago. penn state has been almost $2 billion endowment and legal experts say that makes it a prime target if sandusky's victims file civil suits. one police officer dead in denver. he was shot and killed while trying to break up a confrontation at a city park. a gunman dead in kentucky after opening fire on two people in a vehicle. three officers who rifrd at the scene. the officers are all shot but wounds aren't believed to be light threatening. relief coming to some investors defrauded in bernard madoff's ponzi scheme, agreed to pay $5 million to the state of new york. the agreement settles a lawsuit accusing him of secretly sending client money to madoff. for a look at what's trending today, a roundup of what has you
8:04 am
talking online. lolo jones made the olympic team. she tweets she's honored to represent the u.s. at the 2012 london olympics. the track star from des moines had to fight back surgery last august and a pair of hamstring injuries to secure the final spot on her second olympic team. forget the poster and monogram china, would you ask wedding members to donate to obama. an online event registry and taking some heat for it on twitter. check out this bear cub just monkeying around in a family's garage. the cub squeals as he tries to find his way down to the beam he's perched on to the barking fury of a house dog. the mama beer comes to the rescue, managing to pry open the door, looks like it there, almost too incredible to be real. we have to imagine she'll be
8:05 am
scolding the cub for hanging out with humans. he's trying to climb the ladder. back outside to ann, al, willie. they can open garage doors, climb the ladder. >> don't need a garage door opener, just a mama bear. >> was the mama bear opening it. >> then she hot wired the car and drove off, which was really amazing. unfortunately they didn't catch that part. we have some nice folks, jack and jill university. >> our 75th anniversary. >> all right. happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> okay. let's check out your weather. this is the latest on debby. right now it's 90 miles south southwest of apalachicola, 50-mile-an-hour winds, not moving, alabama border to suwannee river border. we're looking at a tornado watch as well in central florida. here is the path of debby. right now it's going to make its own sweet time. it's not going to make landfall
8:06 am
until late thursday early friday morning. again, with the continually pumping in a lot of wet weather, a lot of rain. we're talking some areas 15 to 20 inches of rain, isolated tornadoes. that's why we have tornado watches in effect. a lot of beach erosion. going to be a big, big problem for much of florida and the central gulf coast until friday and saturday. good morning to you. 8:06 now. first full week of summer is going to feel more like spring. a live look over san francisco. the transamerica pyramid. you can see the marine layer starting to break apart. we are getting some breaks of sunshine. that will be the case for today, a mix of sun and clouds. by tonight, mostly cloudy conditions and maybe eve an few showers as we meet back here tomorrow morning with an area of low pressure on the way. 64 degrees in san francisco, highs today like this, the 70s inland, low 70s bay side, and the 60s at the coast. that's your latest weather.
8:07 am
willie. >> all right, al. up next, exclusive interview with the school bus mon e whose bullying caught online has everybody talking. generous folks lending a hand, right after this. [ male announcer ] at banana boat, we test our broad spectrum sunscreen so it stays on in conditions like sand... sun... 100-degree heat, and ocean water. for uva/uvb protection in seven conditions, banana boat. we've got you covered.
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8:10 am
we're going to talk to her and her daughter in a moment. but first a look back at what she had to endure. >> it was almost too cruel to believe. videos of karen klein, a 68-year-old bus monitor from new york being taunted mercilessly by a group of 13 years old. they ridiculed her for her weight. physically poked her and even suggested her family had killed themselves because of her. >> you don't have a family because they all killed themselves. they don't want to be near you. >> it's unclear if the boys knew karen had a son that committed suicide years ago. after driving klein to tears, they were still relentless. america was horrified and so were we. >> i'll tell you what i think about them now.
8:11 am
i think they are narrow minded monsters to be perfectly honest with you and i think their parents should be ashamed of them. >> two of the students have since sent klein letters of apology. >> i cannot believe i did that. i'm sorry for being so mean and i will never treat anyone this way again. >> however, klein says she is reticent to believe they are heartfelt. >> not really. i think they could be better than what they did. >> district administrators plan to pursue disciplinary actions against all four students who taunted klein but she says she does not want them to face criminal charges. over the weekend there was a hometown rally to support the grandmother of eight. >> tonight we'll celebrate a woman of courage, one who internalized mistreatment and didn't complain. >> when we last spoke to klein a fund-raiser had just been started to send her on vacation. >> i am amazed. it's like, wow, there's a whole world out there that i didn't
8:12 am
know. >> what she couldn't have known then, that those donations would grow to more than $600,000. but even more has been this teachable moment. karen klein is now joining us for an exclusive interview along with her daughter. what a ride this has been, an intense period over the last 24 hours, a few days, actually, for you. we just checked and it's now up to $644,999 donated in support of you after all that's happened. what's your reaction. >> i keep thinking, what have i done, you know. i don't almost feel like i deserve it, because i just -- what i am glad about is the fact that it has come out and everyone knows what goes on. not all the time, not all the kids. but it does happen.
8:13 am
i've gotten so many notes from people who have been bullied, who have been very hurt, you know. my heart goes out to these people. i would like to take every one of them and tell them how sorry i am. >> how long did it go on for you? how long of a period? >> well, never that bad. i mean, there would be occasionally -- kids are only on the bus for like 15 minutes tops. and sometimes they would be preoccupied with their phones. and then all of a sudden they turned to me, and it was only just a little while ago. >> we know you have since we last talked to you here on "today," you've received written apologies from two of the boys and from one of the mothers and an in person apology from one of
8:14 am
the boy's fathers rainfall right. >> do you accept these apologies or do you want more? >> i would like to eventually ask them why they did it. >> you want an explanation. >> an apology and an explanation. >> michelle, when you saw this video, what was the worst moment for you? >> i actually did not watch the whole video. when the boy touched her ear, that was -- as soon as he touched her, it was just over. i had to turn it off. i can't believe somebody would do that to my mother. >> so what do you want besides having them explain why this happened? what do you want that would maybe protect other people, that would stop this kind of behavior that you say has caused other people to talk about their own
8:15 am
bullies. what do you want done? >> i want kids to stop bullying. maybe they can start up a new class in school to teach these kids not to do stuff like that. like i say, they are not all bad kids. i thought maybe i would go back, because they aren't all bad. i enjoy my job. >> you're thinking when school starts again in the fall, you would go back to becoming a school bus monitor. >> maybe. >> let's talk about this huge amount of money. by the way, the window for donating has not closed yet. people can still donate. what will you do with that money? >> are you serious? what would anybody do with that money. i'd like to invest. donate. >> charity. >> take care of my kids, my
8:16 am
daughter and other daughter. new car. they need, they need, they need. it never ends. >> i think the man in toronto who started this fund-raiser. >> max. >> you know his name. you've not met him. >> we talked to him this morning on the radio. >> what did you tell him? >> we got to say hi to him. mom said thank you. we were only on for maybe three, four minutes. yeah, but we've been talking to him, though. >> isn't he coming wednesday? >> yes. >> he's coming to rochester wednesday. >> so you're going to meet him in person and thank him in person. >> yeah. >> isn't it nice? >> i talked to him on the phone yesterday i think it was. nice people, what they have done. i don't know how they go about this. i hope they are making some money for doing it. >> i'm sure they are at least
8:17 am
getting a feeling of having done something good for someone who endured something so terrible. karen klein, thank you so much for being here this morning. also, michelle, thank you for being here. good luck to you. good to see how you're doing as the years go by. coming up next, talking about edgy, raw, many said he's one of the funniest comedians around right after this.
8:18 am
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you're up! oh! oh! now where were we? uh, ok, this one's good for two. score! [ male announcer ] share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-eat! [ female announcer ] kellogg's, from great starts come great things. now to a comedian. a look behind the scenes, who's getting rave reviews for his cuts edge work. his name is louis c.k. he just made "time" magazine's list of the most 100 influential people. our correspondent sat down with him at the comedy cellar in new york to find out why. good morning. >> good morning, willie. other than you, he's the funniest, the best, brilliant. but along with the accolades and success, louis c.k also attracts a lot of controversy. and he wouldn't have it any other way.
8:21 am
>> that was totally unredeeming and horrible. and it feels good. >> reporter: outrageous, brilliant, radical. meet the man being called the best comedian alive. >> everything is amazing right now and nobody's happy. >> reporter: 44-year-old louis c.k. who after 25-plus years in the trenches doing stand-up, writing and acting is trying to enjoy that rare moment in show business being at the top. critics rave about his unorthodox sitcom "louis." fans are obsessed with his stand-up. yes, "time" magazine just anointed him it tos tanoint ed him to its top 100 list. why are you laughing? >> it's weird to me. all this stuff is weird. i shouldn't be in that magazine, you know. >> reporter: if growing up, if someone said to you, you're going to be one of the topmost influential people in the world,
8:22 am
you would have said? >> you're wrong. they're still wrong. >> reporter: it's classic louis c.k. known for his self-deprecating sense of humor. >> the meal is not over when i'm full. the meal is over when i hate myself. >> reporter: his unique take on everything from race -- >> i'm white. thing god for that. huge leg up. >> reporter: to the per iils of parenting. >> fifty books about clifford, the big red-dog and they all tell the exact same story, look how big this dog is. >> reporter: all of which has made him a comedian's comedian. but if you still haven't heard of him, it's maybe because of this. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> reporter: louis c.k. likes to push ten ve lope. you have all this success but you're not a household name yet? >> i shouldn't be a household name. >> reporter: why not? >> i'm a filthy comedian. i deal in subjects that are not popular in every household.
8:23 am
a household name is like ketchup, you know. everybody wants ketchup. ketchup doesn't hurt anybody. >> reporter: you are so brilliant and so clever. >> thank you. >> reporter: so as a mother i say to you, why do you go for the cheap joke? why do you have to do the filthy stuff? >> first of all, anybody who thinks those are easy laughs, go ahead and try. they are not easy. there's no such thing as a cheap laugh. they all cost something. and it costs me a lot, being dirty. i don't know. i do have some ambivalence about it. because i've had fantasies of, like, doing a special that's pure clean. yeah, it would be fun to do that someday. >> reporter: that said, don't hold your breath. louis seems to revel in controver controversy. including a firestorm he started after tweeting about a certain vice presidential candidate back in 2010. two words. sarah palin. >> oh, yeah. well, it's caused me some
8:24 am
problems that i wrote [ bleep ] about her. but i also -- why not, man? what is she? she's just a person. i don't think she's some sacred person. to me, i was writing poems. it was like poetry to me. and i enjoyed writing them. >> reporter: would you do it again? >> would i do it again? yeah, i probably would. i think so. it still makes me laugh a little bit, the stuff i wrote, when i think about it. i thought it was well written. >> reporter: that excuse, if it's clever and the timing is good? >> that gives it value. >> reporter: he also values a challenge. he writes, directs and stars in his critically acclaimed sitcom "louie." it's like nothing else on television. cover your eyes one moment. cinematic and poignant the next. perhaps louie's greatest gift is his extraordinary ability to write new material. you do something that most comedians think is crazy.
8:25 am
every year you throw away the material. you do all of these brilliant jokes, and then boom. it's over. >> yeah. >> reporter: are you out of your mind? >> yeah. it's terrifying. yeah. i sputter through ten minutes of jokes that have no form. and i have no confidence. and i'm sweating. and people are looking at me. so that makes me almost want to throw up. and it makes me feel like a newborn person, but that's a great feeling. >> reporter: and so how are you feeling about yourself right now? >> not so great. >> reporter: i'm so sorry. >> that's okay. i've climbed out of this before. >> inappropriate but so smart and funny. the third season of his show "louie" premieres later this week on fx. as if life isn't good enough, woody allen just asked him to be in his next movie. on behalf of mothers everywhere, my challenge that he do one
8:26 am
clean year stance. louie, if you're out there watching, i know you can do it. willie? >> good luck with that. you have to like a man who is bothered about being on the "time" 100. good monday morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. in the east bay, friends of a family that lost a father and daughter in a deadly crash are demanding justice. they've created an online petition asking the contra costa district attorney to pros kutz the 17-year-old driver suspected of killing a man and his 9-year-old daughter. police have recommended the teenager face vehicular manslaughter charges. police say he was speeding when he jumped the sidewalk curb and hit the father and daughter while they rode their bikes. let's check the morning commute with mike. they are not chiclets. we're looking at the red and yellow with the slowing. 101 especially arnold julian,
8:27 am
there is an accident there, but the rest of the slowing is because of the volume of traffic. there you go. slowing down on the northbound expected route. slow in both directions, really jamming up, both directions towards menlo park. the 101 is clear and normal. 808 slow south. fremont toward mission boulevard and slow 680 towards the sunol grade. 580, accident off 580 causing more problems at northgate and slow itself for westbound 580 through the trivalley. back to you. i would think the red would be hot tamales. thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news, check out nbc nbls on facebook. 9
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
w8 30 now monday morning. you are looking at the cast of the amazing flick "spider-man." you're going to catch up with them in a few moments. a lot of love in this room. coming up -- >> we're talking about pat
8:31 am
tillman, jenna bush hager has been talking to the widow of pat tillman, the one time nfl star killed in afghanistan. this morning she's opening about a letter he left behind and how that letter helped her move on with her life. >> then the olympic summer games now just 32 days away. keeping track. your favorite swimmers, michael phelps and others have dreams of gold again. the u.s. olympic swimming trials today. plus the controversial new article that claims women can't be home for her kids and have a high-powered career. "the atlantic" magazine. >> a little controversial. a little less controversy, how to throw a terrific fourth of july picnic that will truly set off culinary fireworks for your guests. >> all right. now, let us say hello to the aforementioned cast of the highly anticipated film, "the amazing spider-man." we have amongst them andrew
8:32 am
garfield, emma stone, denis leary as well as director mark webb and the producer. i can see this going on. so much love about this movie, amazing franchise. talk about the pressures you felt pulling the movie together. who wants to take that question. >> i think matt. >> it's a good job to have. the pressure is people love this character. you feel an obligation to make a great movie. in my job, this is how you do it. with great power comes great responsibility. >> you stole that line. you stole that line. >> is it true you actually saved
8:33 am
a picture of you as spider-man when you were 3 years old. >> i would never be that m manipulativ manipulative, my father would. he knows i was a cute 3-year-old. who can say no to a cute 3-year-old in a spider-man outfit. they were manipulated. >> slip on the costume, a big deal. >> it's a huge deal, especially for a huge fan. i was a huge fan since i was three. it was more comfortable at three. it wasn't spandex, less attractive but more comfortable to me as a human being. >> you wear it well. if it's consolation. >> thank you. >> emma, you say it's about the relationship in the film. your character falls in love with peter parker, not spider-man. >> i thought that was a cool element. it's a very different experience
8:34 am
we've seen in the past, in the comic books it was exciting to dive into that. >> you're the chief police, chief of police of new york city. what's it like slipping on the uniform and kind of being the top guy. >> it was great. a big shotgun, it was fantastic, wear a s.w.a.t. vest. i got to do a lot of cool stuff. >> you played gwen's father. >> i'm emma stone's fictional dad. >> by the way, a very embarrassing moment in this film we're not going to give away now that happens inside the house when you want to speak to her and she doesn't want to speak to you. we're going to let that reveal itself in the movie. i want to talk to you really quickly. you are such -- every single movie you've done has been so spectacular.
8:35 am
you wanted to take this role, you play a scientist, an evil guy, in a way so believable. how tough was it to do with lizard skins around you. >> hard to show feelings as a nine foot lizard. but the journey there was important, people kind of feel for this guy because he is in a sense kind of a surrogate father to peter. they are both affected by the same science. one becomes a spider everyone fancies. the other becomes a lizard who no one does. >> we've run out of time. very quickly, we have to say hello quickly to the director. are you ready for this? opening weekend coming up? are you ready for the adulation. >> a great ride with these people. i have no reason to fear. it's been great. there's an enthusiasm around the world. >> this movie is going to rock their socks off. i'm telling you. >> we have a proclamation from the office of the mayor of the city of new york. basically this is michael r. bloomberg, mayor of city of new
8:36 am
york recognition of this important event opening of this film do declare june 25th to july 2nd, 2012, declare it new york city spider-man week. i'll hand it to the chief of police. >> not just a day, an entire week. >> my only question is why didn't we get a month? >> don't get greedy. >> hitting theaters july 3rd. more on the interview in a few moments but oh, we've got a good-looking day shaping up. taking a live look over the sunol grade, beautiful conditions here, just some puffy cumulus clouds overhead. temperatures today are going to be cool enough to where you don't need to run your a.c. or heater. it will be perfect throughout the day. 73 degrees, cooler than average for this time of year. in places like san jose by tomorrow, we'll tack on additional 5 to 10 degrees,
8:37 am
however, still only breaking into the upper 70s inland, mid-80s by wednesday leveling off into the 80s and 70s friday and saturday. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. coming up, everybody in the pool, a preview of the olympic trials for the u.s. swim team. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
this morning on today's olympic start u.s. swim trials begin today in omaha nebraska. all big names of the sport will be there. each with the same goal, to win a coveted spot on the 2012 u.s. olympic team. it's a dream that often begins inside childhood.
8:40 am
>> my neighborhood personally has a great summer club swim team and it was so much fun. that's how i got started swimming. since i was five. >> every american who will swim in london needs first to qualify this week in omaha. >> you have to get first or second, then you get to go to london. >> even michael phelps, whose first olympics was a dozen years ago. >> somebody said when i was younger i was kind of like the energizer bunny. they wound me up and i went. >> for some of the pressure is intense. >> the olympic trials, it's really exciting. it's almost more stressful than the olympics. >> for others, it's just another swim meet. >> i never get nervous for a race. the last time i've been nervous was when i was like nine years old. >> almost 2,000 athletes will be there vying for about 50 spots on the u.s. olympic swim team. >> it doesn't matter how fast you swim the rest of the three
8:41 am
years in between the olympics, you can win multiple world championships, gold medals, it all comes down to one swim meet. >> a three-time olympic medalist and nbc sports analyst. he's cog covering those trials in omaha. good morning. >> good morning, willie. >> 2008 beijing in swimming, usa takes 31 medals, 12 of them gold. how do you top that in london? >> it's going to be very tough to do that but you've got real horses here, michael phelps, ryan lochte, like they said, between the three of them they could swim 20, 25 events. that's a lot of swimming for those three swimmers. >> michael phelps you mentioned his name, entering seven events, three relays, a total of ten. could he have a big are haul in 2010 than in 2008.
8:42 am
>> i don't think so. normally you overenter for events you qualify for at the trials. he'll cut that down just like ryan will. he is swimming 400 im today in an event he said he would never swim again. that is an event he could add to his haul. he could potentially swim another event. >> he has a big rival with him. ryan lochte has beaten michael phelps. how does that rivalry play out in the pool. >> ryan has been the best swimmer on the planet in the last three years and i think he's really hungry. but now he's the hunted. before he was the hunter. there was a lot more pressure on him today than it has been the last three years. he really wanted to become the best swimmer in the world and now he is but he has michael phelps ahead of him. michael is all about the olympic games. everything in between is just preseason for him. now it's the big-time. >> on the women's side, natalie
8:43 am
has a chance to become the most decorated female american swimmer of all time. how does london look for her? >> it's unbelievable how much she's flying under the radar. i admire her skills. 11 medals over two olympic games. she has a chance to add to that as well. a lot of competition, backstroke 2004, 2008. her best event is loaded here in the united states. it may be tough to make the team. >> he haven't mentioned 17-year-old missy franklin, a name everybody is talking about. rowdy gaines, thank you so much. you can watch olympic trials at 8:00, 7:00 central tonight. also additional coverage on nbc sports network. up next, andrew garfield, the new ama
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
when you last saw andrew garfield he was playing one of the founders of facebook in the movie the social network. now andrew put on spandex and stepped into the starring role of the highly anticipated film, "the amazing spider-man." >> now. >> i can't. >> put it on, the vest. it will make you strong. come on, you're doing great, buddy, doing great. >> andrew garfield, good morning. what's with that face? >> you know when you hear your voice played back on a message and you cringe. imagine -- you can feel the same way, watch an interview back and go oh, my god, that's my face,
8:47 am
that's my voice, 3d. i just watched that clip. >> all the time. okay. let's not talk about that. let's talk about why you picked this role. you really wanted it. we make earlier must have of the fact you kind of lobbied for this role. you say when you were younger spider-man spelled hope for you. hope for what? >> well, i think he's an example and symbol of protection and remembering all of us as human beings are the same. we need someone to look out for us. a symbol of a hero in each and every one of us. the person that wants to protect the underdog and wants to, you know, fight for justice, the human choice to fight for justice. it's just a beautiful symbol. >> and against bullies as we saw peter parker had to deal with. did you have to deal with
8:48 am
bullying. >> between six and 12 i saw bullies and witnessed it. it's also a very, very huge kind of worldwide issue that young people have to deal with. it's wonderful having a teenage example of a hero. spider-man, a kid like i was, all these guys are, these gorgeous people out there. so i think he means so much to so many because of that. he's a symbol of doing the right thing and protecting each other and living in a community as opposed to individuals. >> absolutely right. you know, andrew garfield, i hope you're ready but your life is about to change. you were spectacular in this movie. thank you so much, "the amazing spider-man" hits theaters on july 3rd. this is "tod onst moment." this is "today" nbc. ♪ ♪
8:49 am
♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation. hilton honors. the guest loyalty program with over thirty-eight hundred hotels worldwide.
8:50 am
it was one of the most shocking moments of the war in afghanistan, the 2004 death of pat tillman who gave up a lucrative pro football career to fight for his country. even more stunning, his death was caused by friendly fire. now his widow marie has written a memoir about their long love story. "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager recently sat down with her. good morning. >> good morning, willie. shortly after his death, his
8:51 am
widow found a message he left her called just in case. it's a message that's carried her through the last eight years. >> i always knew that our life would be a little bit of an adventure. >> reporter: these are the images of pat tillman we're most familiar with, the charismatic football star, the patriotic army ranger, the fallen war hero. >> pat tillman, who gave up a multi-million dollar contract in professional football has been killed. >> reporter: the brave soldier whose death was at the center of a congressional investigation. >> corporal tillman probably died as a result of friendly fire. >> reporter: but to marie tillman he was her high school sweetheart, best friend and beloved husband. >> you say he was the most imposing exterior macsking the most gentle soul. >> a lot of people remember him as a football player and soldier and tough guy, which he was. he also had an incredibly sweet and sensitive side.
8:52 am
>> in her new memoir, "the letter" this is the pat tillman marie would like you to know. >> he was the football player who would quote waldo. >> he was interested in everything and read a lot. >> a reader and marie would also find out a writer. pat left her what was called a just in case letter. she discovered it the day he was killed. >> through years i've asked a great deal of you. i have another favor to ask. i ask that you live. >> reporter: what do you think he meant by live. >> it's funny. that sort of like simple request i feel like has taken on such different meaning over the course of years. >> reporter: together since high school and through college, marie moved to arizona to be with pat when he signed for the cardinals. >> he loved to play football, but that type of career has an end to it. but i was certainly surprised when we left earlier than planned. >> reporter: their original plan had not included the events of
8:53 am
9/11. both pat and marie were deeply affected. one night in bed he turned to marie and revealed his thoughts. he wanted to quit his multi-million dollar football career and fight for his country. >> there was something in me that i knew that was the path he would take. when you know somebody like we knew each other, i understood why he felt compelled to join. >> why do you think he felt compelled? >> he was definitely one of those people who felt like, you know, if there's something you believe in or something you see is wrong in the world, that you should stand up and try and do something about it. >> shortly after their wedding in may 2002, pat and his brother kevin enlisted together as army rangers. from the beginning of basic training to his deployment in iraq in 2003 and afghanistan in 2004, marie said pat struggled with the decision he had made.
8:54 am
>> i think saying you don't know completely what you're getting into, and the world changed a lot from the time he signed up until the time, you know, he was killed. >> reporter: marie was atwhen s killed. he had been in afghanistan for less than three weeks. there was a very public memorial. a time which marie felt her privacy was disregarded. >> there was a part of me that was sort of resentful of this -- what i felt was sort of caricature of who he was that was created. >> then the discovery of the actual events of pat's death. he had been killed by friendly fire a month after pat died, you found out the circumstances around his death were different than what you actually heard. >> to hear the way i thought he had been killed was totally different from the way he had actually been killed really sort of set me back and made me question everything, you know, even question if he was actually
8:55 am
gone. >> reporter: a department of defense inspector general report ultimately found, although there were critical errors by the military in its reporting of pat's death, there was no deliberate cover-up. you were part of a story where they used words like cover-up, deceit. how do you reconcile that today? >> you know, i think that for me, in order to move forward, i realized i had a choice. i could, you know, remain angry and full of hate and sort of bitter, or i could find a way to put all of those things in a place that i could deal with them and move forward in a positive way. >> and move forward she had. >> hey, it's marie. how are you doing? >> today marie now runs the pat tillman foundation which provides educational scholarships for veterans and their spouses. last year marie got remarried to joe.
8:56 am
they had their first child just this past january and they are happily building their life together in chicago along with joe's three boys from a previous marriage. >> ironically it was pat's letter that helped you learn that you could love again. >> yeah. i mean, he was -- i don't know if he knew what he was doing when he left that letter, but it was really a gift for me to know that it was okay. it was okay for good monday morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a tough firefight for crews putting out a house fire in hayward. it broke out after 8:00 last night at a home on woodland avenue just off of mission boulevard. bars covered the doors and windows, but firefighters had to use a saw to get inside. investigators say the fire started in the kitchen but it spread to the attic so, crews
8:57 am
climbed onto the roof to put out that blaze. lucki luckily, no one was hurt. let's check your forecast with meteorologist christina loren. cooler. cooler, cloudier as well, and we're going to see temperatures today in the 70s, much cooler than our seasonal averages. 73 in san jose today. by tomorrow, upper 70s return, then the mid-80s by wednesday. as we head through this weekend, leveling off into the mid-70s. have a great day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
back now back with more today on a rainy monday morning. we're inside on june 25th, 2012. a number of young fans were standing alongside him. we'll tell you why coming up in a few moments. matt has the morning off this morning. coming up in this half-hour, a question working women have been wrestling with for generations. >> can women juggle careers and raising kids? an article written by one high-powered mom that says you can't have it all. she's set off a firestorm of debate online. we'll hear from her coming up.
9:01 am
>> and we've got members of the u.s. women's soccer team. they'll share their dream. >> first, natalie morales has a quick check of the top stories at the news decks. good morning. >> good morning. a much anticipated decision by the u.s. supreme court handed down just this morning on the constitutionality of arizona's strict immigration law. the high court struck down most of the law as unconstitutional but by a 5-3 vote, did it uphold the stop and check portion of the law. it is not over. there are civil lawsuits pending. parts of florida are being drenched as tropical storm debby is parked in the gulf of mexico. the super soaker could dump another 20 inches of rain today. not only is flooding a concern but debby has spun off isolated tornadoes, killing at least one person. another person is missing in rough surf off alabama. attorneys for convicted child sex abuser jerry sandusky are contemplating an appeal while he remains on suicide
9:02 am
watch in jail. meantime, penn state and its nearly $2 million endowment could become the target of civil suits. multiple investigations are into whether former top school officials covered up sandusky's conduct, and if they could have stopped him years ago. jeopardy host alex trebek is recovering in a los angeles hospital this morning after suffering a mild heart attack. the 71-year-old is expected to fully recover and be back onset for the game show when it resumes production in july. while he was hospitalized saturday, jeopardy won a daytime emmy for best game show. trebek has hosted jeopardy for 28 years. a spunky red headed princess took the top spot at the weekend box office as disney pick stars brave came in at number one. madagascar three, and abraham lincoln vampire hunter was third. a wrestling match that no one would want to get in the middle of. one resident in florida was shocked to find these black bears duking it out in the
9:03 am
backyard. wildlife officials think the bears may have been trying to establish territory but they must have worked through their issues. much to everyone's surprise, the bears suddenly stopped fighting and just strolled away. and one teacher in los angeles decided to give his kindergartners a seriously fun sendoff to the first grade. he rallied his class of 5-year-old super stars and had them perform madonna's vogue. check it out. ♪ let your body move to the music ♪ >> the video is racking up hits on youtube as users comment on the creativity. as they said, all you need is your own imagination so use it. that's what it's for. vogue. it is now three minutes past the hour. >> do that again. >> we want to see that.
9:04 am
do it one more time. >> she's got it down. >> there was a little commotion during your newscast. >> i heard. >> but for good reason. natalie, thank you. i'm standing next to the two biggest name in baseball. alex rodriguez and left-hander andy pettitte. this is the fourth year of the very special hope week. good morning. thanks for being here. you were up late beating the new york mets. talk about hope week for people who don't know much about it. >> it was exciting for the fourth year. it is us going into the communicate and doing some great things for some really great people. and we're trying to convey a message to the whole community to go out and volunteer and do great things. share with your communicate. and that i think makes me the most proud is that from the steinbrenners, everybody is involved. we take a lot of pride in it. >> and andy, who will get a
9:05 am
visit this week from the yankees but it is a surprise. how fun is that to be part of that in the moment where the fans get to see the two of you or other players and get a big day? >> it's great. it is exciting. like al just said, there are so many people doing wonderful things out there. and for us to start this, i know he doesn't want any credit for it. but jason kind of brain stormed this and got it going. and just to go out to see what people are doing. it blows me away to see how selflessness people have out there and are doing wonderful things. it is a chance to honor them. >> we can't let you get away without getting you to comment on it. this month, tying lou gehrig's all time grand slam home run record of 23. what does that mean to you?
9:06 am
>> it means i'm getting old. any time you reach an rbi record or grabbed slam, it tells you you played with some great teammates. something like that, i share with all my great teammates. and lou gehrig is someone i look up to very much. >> you just came out of retirement. i heard you turned 40 this year. >> i did. just turned 40. it has been great. it was great being home. being able to do some things that i haven't gotten to do with my family. the yankees asked me if i would be interested in coming back and it was a great opportunity and i love being back. >> 40 years old and still dealing the big south paw. congratulations on the work you're doing with hope week. we appreciate it again. i think there are some fans here. >> good job. >> a couple of mets fans in there. be careful. thank you so much, guys. now 9:06 now. we're not dealing with low
9:07 am
clouds. we're dealing with puffy cumulus fair-weather clouds. we have a storm system on the way, could bring you some showers by tonight into tomorrow morning, and what will happen is the cool air that's already in place will be reinforced. 62 in san jose, 59 in livermore, 62 degrees in san mateo. and winds are nice and calm for the time being. they are going to pick up as we head throughout this afternoon. that means we'll see highs today in the upper 60s and low 70s and that's it. upper 70s by tomorrow, mid-80s on wednesday. >> that's your latest weather. >> up next, can women have it all? we'll hear from one woman who says no. first these messages. ys no. n first these messages. last time i was at a sleepover my parents
9:08 am
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the question over working
9:11 am
women juggling a career and the question over working women juggling career and family is not a new one but now it is getting lots of attention because of a recent article in the atlantic that claims maybe we can't have it all. is it possible for working women to have both a powerful, established career and a fulfilling family life? you wouldn't think so by looking at the latest cover of the atlantic. the article, why women still can't have it all, has sparked serious conversations in both board rooms and on playgrounds across america. >> i am optimistic that women can have it all at different times. it is hard to have it all, all at once. >> the author is a former state department official who felt that balancing a high level government position with the needs of two teenage sons was simply not possible. in fact, the desire to spend more time offici spishl who felt balancing a high-level government position with the needs of two teenage
9:12 am
sons was simply not possible. in fact, the desire to spend more time with her family led slaughter to leave her d.c. power position and move back to new jersey to a role at princeton university. >> working 50 or 60 hour weeks whether a man or woman, your family life is going to be suffering or nonexistent. >> in the article slaughter says i believe we can have it all at the same time. but not today, not with the way the economy and society are currently structured. >> her piece does send an important message and keeps alive an important conversation. >> one woman's choice turned into a worldwide conversation that some might call intriguing, disturbing and even liberating. >> what's really important is for mom to do what mom loves, dad does what dad loves and we get to see our kids. >> anne-marie slaughter is the woman who wrote the article for "the atlantic" that has generated so much debate and discussion. she's a former policy adviser to secretary of state hillary clinton and former dean of wo woodrow wilson's school of public affairs. good morning. why do you think this article set off so much debate, so much controversy? you say this is not a negative article. >> no, not a negative at all.
9:13 am
it's saying we can have it all, but here are the things that need to change. i think it really hit a deep emotional cord. there are so many women out there who are struggling and blaming themselves because they think, i should be able to do this but they just can't because it's so hard. half the comments i get start with, "i cried when i read your article." >> it's interesting because you say it did spark that discussion of what needs to change. why do you say, though, women can't have it all now in today's society? >> well, women have come -- >> leaps and bounds. >> leaps and bounds. i grew up in virginia in the south where i didn't know a woman doctor. i knew one woman lawyer. first we've come a long, long way but we need another round of change. because these young women have all these career opportunities but they also know they ought to try to have kids before 35 if they don't want to risk infertility and they're looking at how do i have kids, make it to a place in my career like
9:14 am
partner or, you know, sort of to a certain point where they can then go up the career ladder and they just can't figure out how to do it. and they feel unbelievably torn. and when they step back and take a little more time, they feel blamed or they blame themselves. >> admittedly you did have it all and you even do now once again. >> i do. >> but when you work for secretary of state hillary clinton at the state department, that's when you realized you really couldn't have it all at that time. >> that's right. >> what was it that changed for you there? >> in some ways i should have realized this ages ago. but i have always been able to control my own time. that's what academics can do. it's no accident half the ivy league presidents are women. that's the one career where women really can do it. once i got into a job which is the job that 95% of people have where i had a boss and had to work on her schedule. even though i love her and admire her enormously, i had teenage sons, and they really needed me. i was commuting from princeton to washington during the week and coming back on the weekends.
9:15 am
and it just didn't work. i just could not be the mom i needed to be for my kids and do that kind of job. i did it for two years. then i stepped down. >> you ended up going back into academia as we mentioned. you said when you did leave that you knew that you were leaving and it was going to be hard to do it. because leaving to spend time with your family is a euphemism for being fired. that's what you wrote about. is that perception still there? is that for all of us? it doesn't matter how high-powered the job. when it really comes down to it, if we choose our families over the job does it mean that we are, therefore, giving up the prospects of what our career could be? >> i think that phrase, you announce in washington you are leaving to spend time with your family, it's a euphemism for being fired. says it all. it tells us how our society sets it up. it means you couldn't really leave to spend time with your family. that's not possible. it must be a euphemism for something else. >> you're fired. >> you're fired.
9:16 am
>> when the under-secretary for defense policy stepped down, the pentagon had to come out and say, no, no, no. she really is going to spend time with her family. that encapsulates to me what needs to change. >> how do we make that change? what do women need to do? what do women in all positions need to do to ask for those changes? >> the first thing, i think, is to be honest about how hard it is. second, ask for what you need. the women in power have to be able to talk about their kids. have to be able to say here are the trade-offs i need to make. women coming up, if you need to work from home one day a week. if you need to juggle your schedule in some situation, ask for it. you might not get it. >> easier said than done, though, in this climate? >> honestly, there have been almost 3 quarter of a million hits on this article. i think there's a lot of desire for change and more willingness. >> we have to leave it there and let the discussion continue online. ann-marie slaughter, thank you so much. appreciate your time this morning. >> coming up next, some women
9:17 am
who definitely have it all on the soccer field. many at home as well. members of the u.s. olympic soccer team right after this. members of the u.s. olympic soccer team right after this. where choice is on the menu. start with all the fresh salad and warm breadsticks you want. choose 2 appetizers made for sharing. then 2 entrées from 6 of our favorites. classics like eggplant parmigiana and new favorites like smoked mozzarella chicken and spaghetti with four cheese meat sauce & meatballs. 3 courses, 2 people, just $25. but only for a limited time, at olive garden. i wish i could keep it this way. [ male announcer ] even after a dental cleaning... plaque quickly starts to grow back. but new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste can help. it not only reduces plaque... it's also clinically proven... to help keep plaque from coming back. plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. ♪ new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. for extra plaque protection
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good morning. we are coming to you as the u.s. supreme court has just handed downru c d acialioecisonn a cr constitutionality of arizona's strict immigration law. it was signed into law in 2010. a few months later a u.s. district judge blocked its most controversial element. at issue is whether states can enforce federal immigration laws. it's a very complicated ruling as we understand. we have nbc's justice correspondent pete williams at the courthouse in washington trying to sort it out for us. tell us how it came down. >> reporter: natalie, i suspect both sides will have something in here they can claim victory about. what the supreme court said is that most of the law that was challenged here is unconstitutional. but by a 5-3 vote, the court has upheld a provision in the law that says police officers in
9:21 am
arizona must check the immigration status of anyone they arrest before that person can be released. 5-3, justice kennedy riding the majority opinion, justices thomas, alito and scalia decenting. elena keegan sat out. three other provisions of the law that were before the court were struck down. two of them made it a state crime to do something in arizona that was not a crime under federal immigration law. to look for work and to be in the state without papers. the court also struck down a very controversial part of the law that said police officers in arizona can arrest someone without a warrant if they think someone has done something that violates federal immigration law. so three of the four provisions declared unconstitutional. one part held up. remember, natalie, this is not the end of the court fight over the arizona law. because there are civil lawsuits
9:22 am
pending. this was one filed by the justice department. there are other lawsuits pending in arizona that challenge the law as racial profiling. those are now working their way through the courts. this ain't over yet, natalie. >> absolutely not. let me bring in our "today's" legal correspondent, is a vsava guthrie. the most disputed provision in the arizona law is the stop and check part of that law. that's the part the justices upheld. how surprising is that? >> it's somewhat of a surprise. i think based on oral argument there was an expectation this law would be ul held. there was speculation on the liberal side and conservative side of the government's position, trying to strike down the law. they have struck down the majority of it but upheld the provision that got most of the attention. the ability of police officers in arizona to determine the immigration status of anybody they had lawfully stopped. now as pete just mentioned, there is a lot of litigation to come. one of the reasons why this is so controversial was because people thought this is going to
9:23 am
lead to racial profiling. there hasn't been a racial profiling case yet before the court. this law hasn't gone into effect yet. once it goes into effect you can bet there will be lawsuits to come. some of those issues, those equal protection issues will be litigated for sure. >> savannah guthrie, thank you. our thank you to pete williams as well. of course, we're going to have much more all day on nbc and toot on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. most of you will return to nbc "today." >> it's psychological. >> exactly. we'll have nerves, of course, going in. we feel prepared. we feel confident. we've seen it before. we have a lot of experience on the team. >> christie, you mentioned you have your daughter, i think, riley playing here. also a 2-year-old playing as well. how young? you're a mom who seems to balance it all. we just talked about work life balance. how do you manage to help be the captain of the women's soccer team. at the same time you have two little ones at home who are busy playing soccer, too.
9:24 am
>> i think it puts everything in perspective. i'm fortunate to be able to play at my age, be a mom and just enjoy both sides of it. i put all my focus when i'm on the field, enjoy that. i come home to kids, practices, games. >> a lot of your teammates are moms, too. >> i have great role models in front of me. >> very inspiring to have. inspiring all of us. ladies, we can't wait to catch up with you in london. good luck. christie rampone, carli lloyd and heather mitts. still to come, a lesson in cooking.
9:25 am
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9:26. i'm jon kelley. three of the bay area's biggest swim stars hoping to earn a spot on the olympic team. kate lip levenz and natalie and dana are at the start of the olympic trials. they start the week with the 100-meter butterfly and medley. the top two in each event automatically qualify for the london games. good luck to that trio. we're 32 days away from the opening games. nbc bay area, your home for complete coverage on air and
9:27 am
online at a few changes for east bay bus commuters this morning. for the next month, a.c. bus transit bus stops will be moved away from the oakland/fruitvale b.a.r.t. station to accommodate a construction project and reloca
9:28 am
welcome back. 9:28. is this not perfection? beautiful clear look over san jose this morning, just a few fair-weather puffy cumulus clouds. tonight, changes on the way. an area of low pressure will drop into the bay area. this will bring us light showers as of tomorrow morning and reinforce the cold air that is already in place. the temperatures today struggling to break out of the 70s. i'm talking about the low to mid-70s in the warmest inland cities. 73 in san jose, 73 degrees in livermore today. if you want warmer weather, we've got it for you. we're going to peak on wednesday, up to 84 degrees and kind of leveling off thursday into the upcoming weekend but still unseasonably cool. here's mike with the drive.
9:29 am
this ot n perfection, but it is the east shore freeway, westbound commute direction approaching powell. there's an zen, taking long to clear because police have a little more work. sounds like the person had an issue with their license. may not bei driving that car frm the scene. smoother drive but slower coming through 580 west towards the dublin interchange. improvements for southbound 680 through sunol and southbound 880 down through union city and fremont. things are down into the 40s roughly towards mission and northbound south bay. thank you for joining us. we'll be back in a half hour with another update.
9:30 am
>> peek-a-boo. >> i was waiting for it. that is emma stone, the love interest of the amazing spider-man in the new action movie and she's a little conflicted because while she's dating spider-man, her dad, the police commissioner, is trying to capture him. terrible. talk to emma stone tomorrow here on "today" as we continue
9:31 am
spider-man week. i'm natalie morales and savannah guthrie along with al roker. some sparkle into your fourth of july bash. how to put the finishing touches on a patriotic party. everything from food to drinks to decor. yes, all on a budget. >> for some the ideal summer vacation unwinding by the pool, catching rays. you like to get your heart pumping with scuba diving or rock climbing, we have fun summer getaways to get you off lounge chairs and out of that beautiful canopied bed and get out there and do some exciting stuff. >> all right. then "today's" kitchen, a stew straight from brazil. looks complicated but apparently it can be easily made at home. we'll show you how. first al had a check of the weather for us. >> we'll show you what we've got at the week ahead. below normal temperatures in the
9:32 am
northeast, heavy rain along the southeast coast of florida because of deb y, above normal in midsections of the country. cooler and wetter weather out west. midweek, more rain through the southeast. above normal temperatures in the midsection of the country where it's roasting, temperatures along the west coast. latter part of the week, the rain slowly makes its way out to sea. much of the country above normal. showers and normal con good morning. we'll break into the low 70s with an area of low pressure on the way. 60s, low 70s till about noon, then about between 4:00 and 6:00 with the highs, 73 degrees, comfortable conditions in san jose today, 70 in los gatos. cool on the coast, 61 in pacifica and half moon bay. tomorrow, we climb gradually to 79 inland.
9:33 am
>> an that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. >> the beloved actor patrick swayze passed away from pancreatic cancer almost three years ago. since then his wife lisa has been an advocate for those battling the disease. >> that's right. she speaks on behalf of the pancreatic action network. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> what work has gone on since patrick's demise. >> oh, my gosh, that's one of the reasons why i'm here today. so it is has happened. statistics are exactly what they were when he was first diagnosed. when he first received his diagnosis, he turned to he-of- me and said i'm a dead man. the treatment options are pitfully few. the statistics, which are so dismal, have not changed in over 40 years. the average life expectancy after diagnosis is three to six months. >> what is the group looking for? is it looking for research dollars where treatments can be
9:34 am
found? >> in all of this time the national cancer institute, let me put it this way, only 2% of their annual budget goes toward pancreatic research. no cancer can make meaningful progress without federal help. tomorrow we have almost 700 people who are -- we're going to be storming on capitol hill and we're going to convince them to pass a tanning racket cancer education and research act. this is something that's so important to us. it's going to get our foot in the door because there's so many people out here that don't have the help that they deserved. i know my husband really deserved that and he fought so hard for it. so i'm carrying that flag for him. >> tell us about the national call-in day that is happening in washington, d.c. and around the country? >> you know what, this bill that we have has so much support but it doesn't mean it's still going to get passed. so tomorrow, tuesday, the 26th, we have our national call-in
9:35 am
day. they can go to our website, and get information about calling in. on the 26th we want as many people as possible to call in and raise their voices. i'll tell you what, it truly, truly makes a difference to get this thing through. we really have to make this happen this year. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. and coming up next, switching gears, celebrating depend to in it hel sw youho how to do it in style right after this. mashed potatoes and gravy. mac 'n cheese...
9:36 am
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of july today a patriotic picnic, planner to the stars coloradoco coloradocol colin cowie. >> what is a common mistake you think people make when they plan a picnic, not manning. >> you really need to plan a picnic. that's the big deal. most of all, i found this incredible caddy. everything thing you see in the picnic i have here. >> so you understand all that's over there is packed into this caddy. >> every single thing. i suggest you could do this in the backyard, the beach, the park. it's a great way to entertain. pack this the night before, the last thing you do is put your food in. you want to make sure picnic spots and summer days are like gold. they go quickly. get an early parking spot. get a good spot for barbecue.
9:40 am
some have barbecues. all that in place. >> talk about food. >> set the tone. a sheet, cotton sheet, $25, gives us enough to work with, make real summer easy food to do it. we have this grill, which is easy. picks up and carry it. >> kabobs. poet salad, cookies, a caddy, everything. >> all these things you can prepare the day before except the grilling. >> you keep the marinades and grill them on the beach. everything comes out like this. >> what about beverages, very important. >> i've got kids beverages, adult beverages. >> keep them separate. >> for obvious reasons. >> of course. >> i love cherries in the summertime. a big bowl to nosh before hand. and to make us comfortable. >> make us comfy.
9:41 am
i didn't way my picnic shoes. make sure we don't see something we don't want to see. >> this is nice and comfortable. >> it is. >> a big umbrella, right? >> we're looking at bugs, all you can eat buffet for bugs. this is cool. this is from off. battery operated. all the stuff you need to make sure insects don't bite you. put it on a belt or on your chair. >> i wear it because they are coming after me. tiki torches. >> i like them, particularly for an evening picnic. the bugs come out, the sun is setting, so make sure you put citronella and keep the bugs away. >> a cooler of goodies. >> insect repellent, suntan lotion, you want to keep them cool during the daytime. i love the spray on, one of my
9:42 am
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9:46 am
unwind. the thrill of adventure, guess what, kate maxwell, contributing editor for condominium nasa traveler and jet has great ideas for you. good morning. >> good morning. >> i like this idea, getting up and moving and doing stuff. you still have a good time and relax but spice it up a little bit. >> i find it difficult to relax on the beach. i'm checking iphone for e-mail, thinking about work. when i was doing this piece for condominium nasa i was out there scuba diving, mountain biking, it was a real mental break. i felt completely refreshed and energized. >> turks and caicos you think romance, destination honeymoons but one of the best places to scuba dive. 6,000 foot drop-offs, reef, tropical fish, coral. >> surfing. >> barbados is a really great place to surf. associated with romance and white beaches. on the east side of the island,
9:47 am
they are fantastic, rocky scenery and wonderful surf break, the greater surfer in the world. a great place to stay. not to be confused in "atlantis." in barbados has a special $200 per person per night five nights which includes three hours of surfing, three meals for two, breakfast. a beautiful old property. >> for those looking to stay closer to home to surf, montauk, new york. >> the best surf on the east coast, the end of long island, three hours by car or train from manhattan. >> where should you stay. >> a great hotel there, lovely pool and restaurant. during the week rooms start at $269 a night. the beach, great waves there, can get crowded. advise going during the week. >> best place to get surf lessons. >> private surf lessons, $150
9:48 am
per person. 2011 you, $100 per person. you think surfing sounds a bit intimidating, stand up and paddle. stand up on the surf and paddle. >> i like something. telluride, a sky destination. this is also mountain biking. >> colorado rocky mountains, ski experts favorite mountain but fantastic in the summer as well. >> best place to stay. >> the new sheridan hotel is a historic property, rooms from $179 a night. where the original gold rushers stayed. and mountain biking. you can bike on the old mining roads there. you can take a rock climbing lesson. >> boot doctors, bike rentals $39. >> exactly. they will do a half day or full day tour as well. >> san diego, what kinds of
9:49 am
activities. >> beautiful coast land, all sorts of things from whale watching to catamaraning, sailing lesson. >> catamaran sale and spa. >> you can rent one. they have boats costing $25 an hour. other rental outfitters that will sail the boat for you so you can sit back and relax. >> under the circumstances to relax. >> you do. >> kate maxwell, thank you so much. >> up next brazilian cooking, stew. sounds pretty good for tonight. we'll find
9:50 am
9:51 am
today's kitchen brought to you by capri sun with super v one combined serving of fruits and veges in every pouch. this morning on "today's" kitchen, what is on the menu, something different, brafrlian
9:52 am
seafood stew. herb wilson, executive chef in las vegas. he joins me now. good morning to you, herb. >> good morning. >> glad to have you here. >> glad to be here. >> glad you're making something i love. >> your mom is from brazil. >> this is a seafood stew, from a region in brazil. started with bende oil, you can find it online. that's the soul of the dish. >> what is it? >> brazilians have been making it for 300 years. then palm oil. we'll make sofrita with onions, red pepper, tomato and garlic. that's how it starts. as you know, we have a restaurant in new york. two in new york, one las vegas. obviously that's where i'm coming from. one in miami and we're opening in london in a month. >> in time for us to be there for the olympics.
9:53 am
we'll be there at your restaurant. >> you will be there. >> we're at the type of the heron tower. i'm adding muscles, canadian muscles, manila clams and shrimp. a tip to home users, never use clams if open. if they are open, adopt use them. adding them in, we'll steam them open. >> you keep the head on. if people are freaked out. >> if you're squeamish about the heads on, you can take them off. then add the rest of the shellfish. time lapse is about two minutes. putting in calamari that's been cut. chilean sea bass and crayfish tails. if they aren't available shrimp or any shellfish is an acceptable solution. what i'm adding is lobster stock. >> if you don't have lobster stock is there something else? >> substitute clam juice.
9:54 am
clam juice would work or any fish stock. but the bende oil is the soul of the dish. try to find it online if you can. we're going to adcock nut milk, salt and pepper. >> you can do that, sure. participation, i love it. >> yeah. >> put the top on. steam it open. this is basically the finished product. we're going to finish with okra, lime juice and garnish in the back with some toasted cashews, scallions and toasted coconuts and liberal amount of lime juice at the end is good. >> the food has more ethnicity in it. >> brazilians have been making a version of this derby for years. we try to do our version with lots of seafood. on new year's eve we have lobster and other stuff. >> how long does it cook for until done? >> this is cooking shellfish opening two minutes and
9:55 am
finishing in about four minutes. >> everything else, have it served up. savannah and al come to try. >> yes. >> this is what the finished plate looks like. we serve it in a japanese derby. the sushi samba celebrates cuisine of not only japan and brazil and peru. >> that's what we love. >> you look terrific. how much weight have you lost? >> 35 pounds. i've been running. >> good for you. >> i've become a runner in my later years. >> later years. >> this looks pretty healthy too. >> from a sushi bar we started. quinoa is the grain of life. >> it's a trendy grain, too. >> very heart healthy. >> thanks, herb. coming up, hoda and kathie lee.
9:56 am
9:57 am
a los gatos man is accused of molesting a man while he was a priest. in other news, a person who torched two cars in redwood city. firefighters say the fires were set just after 3:00 this morning. investigators are checking for any accelerants to be found near that fire. crews were able to put out the flames before they could spread to nearby buildings. let's get a check of that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning to you, laura. good morning at home. a back to work monday, but temperatures are already down right comfortable in places like sunnyvale, 70 degrees, 62 in san jose and 63 in livermore, headed towards the mid-70s across the bay today. for tomorrow, we'll tack on an additional five to six degrees only after getting early morning showers. let's check your dwrooif mike. let's return to the east shore freeway where we have the accident we were following westbound. three lanes were blocked for
9:58 am
about a half an hour. look at all the backup. the lanes are now cleared. the backup has not. approaching the golden gate field area. meanwhile, the rest of the east bay looking pretty good as far as the flow goes. peninsula slow in both directions, northbound especially 101 off 237. pretty typical for that to stick around as well as 101 and 880 and that interchange out of san jose. the rest of the south bay northbound looking good, 85 from 17 and boxed past 280 as well. once again, the breaking news at the top of this local news cut-in is that the judge has denied a mistrial for the william lynch case. we will have a live report at the 11:00 this morning on our midday show. check out nbc bay area on facebook for the latest news, weather, and traffic. [ female announcer ] irritated, itchy, summer skin? count on cortizone-10. with the strongest, nonprescription itch medicine for fast relief. and seven moisturizers. cortizone-10. feel the heal.
9:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪
10:00 am
[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. welcome, it's fun day monday, june 25th. gee, i wonder why those emmys are sitting there cluttering up our table, hoda woman. >> i like when we have hardware like this. congratulations to everybody at the "today" show. are we included in this emmy? >> we are. >> so are you, sara. >> it's from the 7:00 a.m. to 11:00. four hours.
10:01 am
>> i think they give it to us because it's so unbelievable. >> it's our third emmy the "today" show has won. >> thank you, blue ribbon committee. >> also joe michaels won an emmy for best directing second time in a row. >> cheers. let's drink to the emmy win. why shouldn't we? >> sara was out there on the red carpet. >> we'll talk to sara in a little bit. i want to give -- this weekend i went to new orleans, which is the party capital of the universe. >> just what you need more of. >> anyway, it was really fun. >> we are going to change her name to hoda hammered. >> so i went and spoke to a group of asian journalists who happened to be in new orleans over the weekend. that's how it rolls. >> i love this nation. >> i went to a group called festive gals. this is part of the celebration. that's a big singer in new
10:02 am
orleans. he has one of those wash board washer things. just a quick peek at the luncheon. it was a nice group of ladies. we had a lot of fun. i got to see karen and john. there's karen and john and her cute daughter catherine. >> she loves her auntie hoda. i had a quiet weekend. my daughter is in michigan. cody is off doing football and frank and i are home. with the three dogs. looking at each other. >> what happened over there? >> we had many, many walks this weekend. the end of the property, look around. and we walked back, we looked at each other. and we looked at the dogs. then i came to work this morning. we're empty nesters and we don't
10:03 am
know what to do with ourselves. >> is that weird? i know when cody left it was weird. >> my mom used to tell me after all us kids were gone, the first night my mom sat at the dinner table and sobbed her eyes out. she looked at my dad and said, it's a good thing i like you. you think all the years your life has been about them. >> sure. >> so, anyway -- >> we always like to give you video that will brighten your day. i think this will. >> unless it's in your backyard or your garage. >> the first one is this bear cub that happened to make its way into a garage. >> there is some skepticism about how this happened. >> unless it's multicamera shoot. >> that's a guy in a bear costume. >> it's a baby bear. pretty soon mom pops up. she is opening the garage. what are you doing out there? >> you get out of this garage.
10:04 am
>> i like how we needed to circle it. >> look at the bear. mom, i'm having fun. darn. you always make me come in. and he made his way out. >> if that didn't thrill you enough, we have a wrestling match in longwood, florida. >> just on someone's lawn. these bears were going at it. >> maybe it's mating season. >> maybe. i don't know. it looks a little crazy. >> i guess the bears were tearing up bushes and each other. >> what's with the bears all of a sudden? >> i do not know. you could keep watching that. look at us. using our time. >> what would you do? would you call somebody or just stand there and watch them? >> i'd probably watch. >> this i think is fun.
10:05 am
this dog is mugsly. 8-year-old rescue dog from england. he won the ugliest dog in the world. >> that is just wrong on so many levels. >> he deserved it. >> he got 1,000 and a year's worth of dog cookies. >> it's definitely the tuft. >> that's my greatest fear that i'm going to start going crazy and that nobody is going to take care of things on my face that start growing. you know? i'm a maniac about that stuff. my daughter is going to get back at me for everything, my son is. they're just going to let it grow. >> there are a lot of olympic trials this weekend. as you know, in the trials, the top three people get to go to the olympics. whether you're first, second or third, it doesn't matter because you get to go. there was a clear first place
10:06 am
winner and clear second place winner in one of these sprints. then look at the third place. it's a tie for third. boom. i think number 1. >> that looks like number 1 made it. >> they called it a tie. it was a photo finish. look again. this decides who is going to be olympics. >> it's the angle. >> we don't know really. >> who's got the bigger one? who gets there first, if you know what i mean? >> they are trying to figure out how to decide who goes. one option is flip a coin. the other is re-race. do it again. >> do it again. >> they are going to figure out who goes to the olympics. >> can you imagine all your life you train, train, train and it comes down to the flip of a coin? >> how about this woman in jersey? should we talk about her?
10:07 am
she's upsetting. she goes to a baseball game. she is sitting at a picnic table, a fence dividing her from the actual field. some kids are having pitching practice. i guess the guy who is the catcher catches the ball. this is little league and throws it and overthrows it and it goes over the fence and knocks the woman in the face. now she is suing the 11-year-old boy who threw the ball. >> i don't know. it seems if you go to anything like that, any public event that by entering you are in some way saying i hold myself responsible unless there is a crime. who is ultimately responsible? an 11-year-old kid can't play baseball? yet the woman says she has all kinds of -- it was for $150,000? >> savannah guthrie says when you enter a space like a baseball park there is assumption of risk. >> i just said that. >> are you a lawyer? >> should have been.
10:08 am
>> you're aware of the personal risk. they could use this defend the boy unless the woman is aware the boy may have thrown the ball maliciously with intent. >> and that's impossible to prove. i'm sorry the woman got hit in the face. sorry the bears were wrestling. i'm sorry about everything, but you know? >> "redbook" magazine is on the train with us. >> train wreck. >> the happy hour initiative. they are encouraging readers to get together with their girlfriends. they are hosting a happy hour twitter party tonight, a virtual one. i guess you sit in your house and drink. >> isn't that sad? >> virtually in your home alone? >> we are going to take a quiz. we are ready for it. what american city has the most happy hour offerings per square mile. options are hoboken, new jersey, new york, new york, las vegas, nevada, or portland, oregon.
10:09 am
>> i love to say hoboken. >> i'm going to say las vegas. we can just say it. >> you can say "c." >> what's the answer? portland. what? >> you know why? it rains so much in portland. >> there's nothing else to do. let's go to the next one. what u.s. state implemented a statewide ban on happy hours in 1984? was it california, texas, massachusetts or minnesota? i'm going with minnesota, d. what's the answer. >> c, massachusetts? >> what? >> i don't like this. >> i don't either. >> okay. the next one. >> how many pounds of grapes go onto a typical bottle of wine. this i want to know. one pound, 2.5, 3 pounds, 4.5 pounds. to one bottle? at least it's not wasted. >> i'm going with 3, c.
10:10 am
>> b, 2.5. >> worst game ever. >> we're only doing three? all right. >> that was terrible. >> all right. it's favorite things. i have to be honest. these have been sitting in my dressing room cause i just had things all along. once i looked at them i went these are fabulous. remember we had a whole big thing how women are getting curvier and women's breasts are larger due to implementation and such? mostly such. there is a company called curvy kate lingerie designed specifically for the fuller bustline from d to k cups. they are quite cute. they also have lingerie. >> i like that. >> i'll give these to my mother. >> this is a bra -- >> this is about right for joanie. >> here is a bra you can't buy but they gave it to me at the
10:11 am
event. look how they did our cartoon. >> that is adorable. >> just like our show. isn't that the cutest thing? >> an emmy and a bra on the same day. >> let's go to miss sara. >> my favorite thing is less exciting. it's a tarte lip tint. it's got more color like a lipstick but keeps your lips moist like gloss. >> you have beautiful lips. >> thank you, kathie lee. >> can we get a close-up on sara's lips? see? there is no filler or anything in those. >> that's all real. >> iowa lips. >> that's mom and dad right there. >> beautiful. what else have we got? >> we have a fan of the week. this week we've got linda o'brien from west virginia. she tunes in on wvva tv. she loves the happy hour as a stress reliever for linda. she loves the hot topix. she loves you're never afraid to express your opinions, energetic
10:12 am
personalities inspire linda to stay young, sometimes hopping off the couch. favorite segment is ambush makeover because every woman deserves to feel special and beautiful even on a bad hair day. so pack your bags and cowboy boots because you are heading to san antonio, texas. >> it's great there. >> you and a guest will enjoy a three-night stay at the hill country resort, a barge cruise on the river walk and go for a wild ride at sick flags. spa treatments, golf, breakfast, dinner, round trip airfare. >> thank you. >> good for her. >> that's a lot of fun. >> this movie -- wow. powerful. the oscar-winning mira sorvino. >> it was a busy weekend. the latest buzz. ♪
10:13 am
my skin loses moisture nearly twice as fast as yours does, mom. that's why you use johnson's baby lotion twice a day to keep my skin baby soft. you've really got this "mom thing" down. ♪ [ female announcer ] new lipton tea & honey. sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavors. ♪ it's never felt so real ♪ no, it's never felt so right ♪ [ female announcer ] only 5 calories. new lipton tea & honey.
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[ female announcer ] only 5 calories. abracadabra. ♪ hershey's milk chocolate with almonds in pieces. your favorites, in pieces. ♪ ♪ [ birds chirping ] unh! [ female announcer ] oikos greek yogurt. possibly the best yogurt in the world.
10:15 am
[ female announcer ] oikos greek yogurt. fourth child, oscar-winning mira sorvino had a chance to make a movie. she filmed "union square." about two sisters, one on the verge of a marriage and the other on the verge of a massive nervous breakdown. >> lucy shows up unannounced and unwelcomed to her sister jenna's apartment.
10:16 am
>> i wish we could show a clip of this where you rip into one another. welcome. congratulations on the new baby. >> thank you. >> there are four now? >> four, yes. >> between the ages of? >> 7 and 0. >> two boys, two girls, all done? >> i think all done. definitely all done. >> good. this is such a great movie. your character -- describe your character lucy. >> lucy is bipolar. she's zany and swings from tree to tree emotionally. she's also really smart. she actually understands people and people don't give her credit for being as smart as she is because her emotions are so wild. >> she is really out of control. >> everybody in the film is lying about something. even her calm, calm sister is underneath this roiling sea of
10:17 am
emotions. it's about how you can't leave with your family, but you love them and have to make it work out. >> you can move away but they move with you. >> i move in with you. >> you are like everybody's nightmare. >> there is a scene when you first come to her apartment where you can see she is going, oh, no. >> stay for a couple of days. it's not great. >> i see when you get a script like this as an actress, it's hard to find roles like this that have so much. and it's tenderness and humor. >> it's an amazing role. nancy is such an amazing director. >> you did it in how many days? >> 12 1/2 days. in new york. everything is new york. we shot it sequentially. we shot it in order. most films don't have the luxury of doing that because it's location dependent. this one we did it simply in five or six locations.
10:18 am
it feels bigger than that. it feels real. it feels like you're watching these people have this crazy slice of life that you're a fly on the wall for. >> when you were in union square having one of your crying jags, people were stopping you? >> people were worried about me. we were shooting with this small camera. it's like a 5-d camera. >> it doesn't look like a big movie set. >> they didn't know it was a movie. so people are like, are you okay? one woman is like, leave him. >> why are you breaking up with me? >> go ahead, leave him. he's not good enough for you. >> new yorkers will let you know their opinion. >> it's a great movie. >> thank you so much. >> opening in select cities july 13th. >> thank you so much, mira. sara hits the red carpet for the glitz and glamour of the daytime emmy award. ♪
10:19 am
♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out. i'm home! toilet's fixed. [ male announcer ] of all the things that happen on your wooden surfaces, disinfecting has to be one of them. clorox disinfecting wipes. gentle on wood. hard on germs. yep. the longer you stay with us, the more you save.
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10:21 am
10:22 am
the 39th annual daytime emmys were held in beverly hills over the weekend. >> our own sara was there to mingle with the stars. >> this is my first time covering an award show. when i heard emmy awards, i was thinking glitz and glamour, but it turned out to be so much more. ♪ what's so great about daytime ♪ nothing that i can see ♪ noisy people everywhere ♪ why won't they just let me be ♪ what's so great about daytime ♪ it stinks if you ask me >> it may not be the most glamorous award show in hollywood, but for us who work in daytime tv, we take this seriously. >> somebody was playing a joke on me. >> it was business as usual on stage. the red carpet, not so much. shoes are going back on. spanx are on, too. >> lisa is currently wearing the new depends. >> please tell me you're not wearing depends. >> i am not. i put them on because of you. >> they're not so bad, right? >> i know!
10:23 am
>> you have spanx? >> i'm wearing the bloomers that my fairy god parr gave me. >> who here is wearing shapewear. are you wearing spanx? >> i'm not. >> that's skin. >> i can't wear anything. >> i touched her there. you look amazing. >> thank you. >> you have nothing on under here? >> i'm a good date. >> my parents told me watching tv was rotting my brain. i think the many years of soap operas paid off this evening. what can you not say no to? >> real meatballs and ice cream. not together. >> how are you feeling this year being back, being more beautiful than ever. you look stunning. >> i might add single. >> i'm going to set you up. >> i'm not kidding. i'm not kidding. i need your help. >> hoda kotb is? >> somebody i want to take home. >> kathie lee gifford is?
10:24 am
>> a wino. >> drinking in the morning. that's a sign, as we say. i'm just saying. >> i'll be happy to help you guys. >> is it better to have things to talk about or a nice you? >> oh. >> i think we won. i've got to go. >> the "today" show. ♪ that's what makes you beautiful ♪ >> i wonder if we would be having this segment if we hadn't won. >> probably not. >> i think that would have been the determining factor there there was a lot of you stuff you didn't see on there. people had fun things to say about you guys. >> r-rated? >> yeah. >> thank you, sweetie. get ready to make a splash. how to look -- >> a little something. >> how to look chic on the beach. >> what were the big stories in
10:25 am
tinseltown over the weekend? >> he lost more than half his weight. all coming up after your local news. i don't spend money on gasoline. i don't have to use gas. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. drive around town all the time doing errands and never ever have to fill up gas in the city. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. the last time i went to the gas station must have been about three months ago. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. ♪ the unlimited soup, salad, gas and breadsticks lunching. at olive garden just $6.95. fresh, crisp salad made when you order it, four soups made fresh daily, baked breadsticks right out of the oven! just $6.95 for a limited time.
10:26 am
good morning. it's 10:26. more problems for oakland police. skyrocketing injury claims are thinning resources. it's forcing city leaders to
10:27 am
address injury tracking and to hire someone to keep tabs on officers claiming disability. about 90 officers are currently on medical leave in oakland. this means nearly 1 out of 7 of oakland's 646 police officers is physically unable to work. in san jose, only 1 out of 17 officers is on medical leave. >>oo lk ate'rook l atrou y monday forecast and the roads after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
10:28 am
welcome back.
10:29 am
the time is 10:28. taking a live look over alcatraz island. you can see the camera has a little shake to it. winds are picking up. those clouds are clearing out. we have cool air on the way, a cool shot of air. it will keep your temperatures in the 70s as we head through today and tomorrow. we have an area of low pressure that might bring us some showers back here tomorrow morning. keep that in mind, cool conditions for today, a little fog tomorrow morning as well, so give yourself plenty of extra time for the morning drive. your seven-day today at 11:00. here's mike with the drive. looking much better right now. 101 has cleared. looks like 880 north of there a little slow. 101 coming past 237, that's where things are still sticking around as far as a slow drive. disabled vehicle at embarcardero at palo alto but no big drama. still recovering on the east shore freeway but all lanes have been clear the last half hour. oakland, 880, very nice. look at that. not so nasty right now. back to you. very good. thank you, mike.
10:30 am
more local news on nbc bay area news at 11:00. we are back on this fun day monday and today's buzz and all the celebrity news you missed while you were sunning yourself this weekend. >> from the kardashian family to the royal family. >> hi, ladies. you come to us with breaking news on this set as you said when you walked up. >> that's right. we learned that basically the kardashia kardashian/kris humphries divorce trial has begun. kim's lawyer has flown there to do it. >> i have a friend who just went through a divorce and used her and she is excellent. >> on the interview with oprah last night when asked about
10:31 am
could she see herself married to kanye west she hedged on that saying i'm not divorced yet, but -- >> it almost looked like she was about to say yes and stopped herself in the nick of time. she said they've always been attracted to each other. >> the kardashians did deliver good ratings to oprah. is this the best she's done? >> i think it was huge for her. of course, the first part was terrific in the ratings. last night -- the kardashians did not hold back. they talked about everything. kris jenner called the marriage a measly 72-day marriage. >> okay. let's talk about the daytime emmys. let's go there. we saw the piece sara did. there were stars we didn't mention. >> lisa renna. >> we saw her. >> bethenny frankel. >> congratulations to regis and kelly. they never won best show before. that was an homage to reeg on
10:32 am
his last year. gelman got his first emmy. congratulations to him, too. >> and congratulations to the "today" show winning your award. >> we are going to wear ours around our neck. >> days of our lives won best dramatic series, best actor. >> that's the seventh time winning. >> "jeopardy" the show won. we heard disturbing news about alex trebek. >> he had a mild heart attack over the weekend and was not able to go to the award. >> is he okay? >> fortunately, he's fine. he was with the show 28 years. he must have been so disappointed to miss that big award. he's only 71. we can look forward to a lot more time. >> he's a charming man. >> they do say he will be able to begin taping when the show resumes in july. >> that's only a couple of weeks. what about this rihanna/chris
10:33 am
brown/drake and the club? >> we have breaking news on that. we learned exclusively when chris brown who was actually there with his current girlfriend, they were sitting with the club owner. it was wit club. 3:30 in the morning. drake and his entourage, he had eight very big bodyguards came in.e bodyguards came up to the table and started to speak to chris. it was like a verbal assault. chris actually got ready to leave. they were going to leave to avoid the confrontation. that's when the bottles started to fly. >> so what about rihanna? >> there was a note passed about rihanna. then later rihanna apparently consoled chris brown, spent the evening with him. >> are they together? >> well, they are not officially together, but all --
10:34 am
>> she is not officially wearing a dress there either. >> she went back to support him at the b.e.t. awards. they are both nominated there. it's a big hot mess. >> what about the box office? the cartoons keep winning. >> pixar, 13 in a row. amazing. >> $67 million for "brave." >> it didn't get the greatest review. >> no insiders were concerned about it because they didn't think men would go out and were worried about a woman and a girl's movie. they were wrong. >> the audience was boys. >> give them a good story and they'll come. >> throw a bow and arrow in it. >> thanks, ladies. >> thank you. >> up next, jill martin with everything you need to look chic on the beach. ♪ i am stuck on band-aid® brand ♪
10:35 am
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10:38 am
we are back with "today's style" and everything you need to spend the day at the beach in style. >> designer umbrellas, pillows and an iphone case even hoda can't break. jill martin has the latest in summer beach chic. >> hey. cheers. >> cheers. >> i don't like colored drinks that much, but you seem to enjoy them. >> one quick sip. >> what's going on? >> it's a rainy day here, but what better way to start off a segment with drinks and a little umbrella and a chair?
10:39 am
this is kate spade $100. it will beach up any backyard that needs it. look at this great chair. very is world market, $30. then we were all looking at the baby gear. target starting at $5. look how cute. >> look at these stuff, these little shoes. and the little bathing suits. >> do these have spf? >> no. you definitely want to put sunscreen on. frank. >> he doesn't want another baby. >> designer band-aids. >> cute. $12. if you get a boo boo and you want to go to the beach in style, nothing better. target with just a huge beach mat. you can't see it here but it is huge, $30. this is the first case for an iphone that is waterproof, dust proof, shock proof, you can drop it in the water.
10:40 am
$80. >> worth it. buy >> these great tikis with the polish. >> that's cute. >> accessory bracelets. how beautiful are these just to wear to the beach or if you're going from day to night. a fun bracelet. this is my flirt piece, a little over $150. i'm wearing a couple of them right now shells with diamonds in them. i love those. another partnership here. saludos with bobble bar. the shoes with the jewelry. they come together in a beach bag. it takes the guesswork out. >> those are two things i don't like at the beach, shoes and jewelry, but never mind. >> to walk around town. >> okay.
10:41 am
>> i wouldn't find bambino on this. he would disappear. >> this i love for your jewelry from pottery barn. starting at $5. you can get shells and all the different things to put on your vanity to make it look prettier. >> that is adorable. >> this is a surprise. grandon, these are all water resistant to keep outside. >> this one you have to frame. >> you can keep it outside and it's all weatherproof. >> and they're gone. >> you can have these, too. >> wonderful. thank you, honey. >> thanks so much. >> up next, after you leave the beach, advice on soothing those skin problems. look who we got here. put a little pepper on that. i'm a typical mom. i go to amusement parks. and my kid's games. and just like any typical mom
10:42 am
i'm thrilled when my champion loves to eat something nutritious, like chobani champions yogurt. it's a good source of protein, and most important, he loves it. so even though i'm an olympian, around here, i'm just another mom trying to help her champion win the day. chobani champions. win the day. requires daily sun protection. eucerin daily protection spf 15 body lotion is a long-lasting moisturizer and spf in one. it helps protect skin against everyday sun exposure. daily protection body lotion only from eucerin.
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[ female announcer ] new lipton tea & honey. sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavors. ♪ it's never felt so real ♪ no, it's never felt so right ♪ [ female announcer ] only 5 calories. new lipton tea & honey.
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10:46 am
time for "today's health." nothing like the heat and humidity to make you want to bare it all. >> and nothing like skin problems to make you want to cover up. whether it's heat rash or many other problems, our dermatologist is here with soothing solutions. >> thank you for having me back. >> it's that time of the year. heat rash is something a lot of people get. what can you do for that? >> heat rash basically it is very itchy. it's red. it's very uncomfortable. so in terms of treatment for it, you want to think about simple things like over-the-counter zeasorb works well. watching this cetaphil is soothing. it's something itchy and uncomfortable and can get worse if not treated. >> you don't need to see a dermatologist? >> if it's low grade, you don't. if it's not going away,
10:47 am
absolutely. >> my mother battled this. >> i know red, splotchy area. >> you have this unremitting flush. it's not just caucasian people. any race can have rosacea. sun block is key for it. i love the aveeno. i love the sprays to keep it cool. there are prescription medications available. it's a persistent readiness and flush caused by sun and stress. a lot of people drink wine or hot foods. what did your mom get it from? >> pretty much everything. she has high blood pressure. >> exactly. it's significant. >> the white patch, what is the term for those white patches? i guess those sometimes. >> i know if you go out running outside and your t-shirt is wet, it's something -- >> it's like an overgrowth of yeast on your body. >> oh! >> disgusting. >> thanks a lot.
10:48 am
>> we all have a little bit. >> can i catch it? >> stop leaning away from her, too. everybody gets it. it's not that big of a deal. >> personally, i would never have admitted it. >> i didn't know it was so weird until a minute ago. >> this is lotrimin. sometimes you need prescription drugs to treat it. the selsun blue does. >> it's anti-dandruf. >> what else do you want to tell us about? >> i don't have this, ingrown hair. don't look at me. >> people are shaving a lot more. they can get ingrown hairs which is very uncomfortable. a lot of men try to get closer shaves, as well. >> ew. >> the face scrub is great. my favorite is laser hair removal. >> i started doing laser.
10:49 am
it's painful. >> it stings some but it's worth it. >> golly, the things i'm learning. >> ever get this one? it's called swimmer's itch. >> these are carriers in the water. you dive into the water. i was talking to one of the make-up artists going to turks and caicos. they can be very distracting and very upsetting. lots of times you do have to seek a board certified dermatologist's help. you can try caladryl clear. >> i learned so much today. >> i'm so glad. >> thanks. >> up next, he's literally half the man he used to be. latest inductee into the joy fit club who lost 196 pounds.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
time for look at me now the joy fit club. >> he is a 22-year-old developer from cincinnati, ohio, who lost a whopping 196 pounds. let's take a look at his incredible story. >> my name is clint and i'm 25 years old. i started gaining weight in the fifth grade and by high school there were a lot of jokes at my expense. food to me was always a comfort. my biggest problem was that i would allow myself to mindlessly eat and always eat unhealthily foods that were cheaper and more convenient. grad school was a culmination of all my bad eating habits.
10:54 am
the time constraints led me to eat more unhealthy foods the busier i got. the most painful part of being overweight was the emotional stress. the lack of self-confidence was in my head and i would pick up my clothes to make sure they weren't clinging to my fat. one night after a night on the town my friend was running away from me joking around. when i would catch up he was running again. that's when i realized how out of shape i was. i started my corporate gym and started a walking program. i reduced my fast food. i was lucky to meet my girlfriend at my heaviest weight. after losing my first 20 pounds, she convinced me to join weight watchers with her. i started riding the bike at the gym and progressed to running. in eight months i lost over 100 pounds. i'm now engaged to my number one supporter jenna. we eat healthy foods together. >> that is great. >> here is joy to talk about his eating habits. that is what the problem was. >> there were so many smart
10:55 am
strategies to his success. one thing when he first started, he strapped on a pedometer and made the commitment to take 10,000 steps every day. that adds up to about five miles. it sounds unbelievable, but it's easy to accomplish as part of your daily activity. he was a grad student gobbling down great big fat burgers with the fries. this is over 1,000 calories, more than 70 grams of fat. with his slimming fiancee who lost over 65 pounds herself. now he makes these incredibly delicious, this is a chicken burger with a kick with tons of frank's hot sauce. this is an italian ranch turkey burger. i'll put these recipes out on facebook and twitter. >> let's look at clint. come out and join the joy fit club. >> oh, my god! wait a minute.
10:56 am
who are you? where did you go? >> where is clint? >> wow. >> the walking. 10,000 steps, five miles a day. weren't you out of breath when this was starting? >> i work downtown. i do a lot of walking in general. push myself to go out a little bit more and walk around and get to that goal. >> you must feel like a completely different person physically. how are your sleeping habits? >> i feel so much better. healthier. i feel like i can run with my friends, do anything i want to do. >> when you look at these, what do you think? >> that's really big. >> his fiancee's goal is 105 pounds. after their honeymoon, she is coming back and she will be the second family member to become a member of the joy fit club. >> that is great. >> tomorrow we have handsome hunks. >> plus kid dynamite himself,
10:57 am
jimmy walker will be with us. >> how to avoid the worst hospital mistake. >> have be a awesome fun day monday. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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