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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 25, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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years and dreams for a lot of the athletes. we like coming to a market that really supports usa gymnastics and our sport and that's what we get here in san jose. that's why we keep coming back. >> reporter: a field of more than two dozen will be whittled down to ten. five men and five women, who will become the u.s. olympic team. >> our athletes are literally fighting for a medal. because a place on our team almost assures you of a team medal. we're the only country in the world to have won a team medal for both men and women at the last two olympic games and we're hoping to repeat that in london. >> reporter: while tickets to the lower bowl are for the most part sold out, you can snag a ticket for the upper level with tickets starting at $30. >> where's the best i can get in the red? this is for my wife. >> reporter: mark decided to splurge on tickets, $65 a pop. >> prices are great. yeah, we've got good seats. and for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see olympics
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trials, they're great. >> reporter: the finals will be saturday and sunday. again, if you want tickets, you can come down to the hp pavilion or get them on ticketmaster. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> the atmosphere should be electric. there are several bay area athletes competing this weekend. perhaps some home cooking will be the edge they need. we'll have their story in 15 minutes. we have continuing coverage of our road to london on air and online at where you can sign up for news alerts and special in-depth features of our local athletes. you can see all of their events online and subscribe to the torch for today's most talked-about olympic stories. in other news, the trial will move forward but without the testimony of a key witness. the judge in the case of a south bay man accused of assaulting a former priest who he says molested him as a child denied two different attempts for a
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mistrial. arturo santiago joins us now. >> reporter: it's worth noting that father jerry lindner has ever gone to trial on any of the molestation charges leveled against him either pause the statute of limitations ran out or the situation was settled out of court. william lynch, however, is on trial. he's accused of going to the retirement home of father jerry lindner and beating him up two years ago. this victim and star witness began testifying last week, but today he's pleading the fifth afternoon he denied ever molesting william lynch. >> and my reaction to it is is that this is a final cowardly act in the life of a very cowardly man. >> reporter: judge sena held him to his fifth amendment right. he will no longer testify in these proceedings. not having had a chance to cross examine the previous testimony,
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the defense moved to strike all of the testimony and motioned again for a mistrial. >> we actually want father lindner on the stand. we want a full cross examination. we want the chance to have the truth. >> the jury has heard a lot of information that william lynch assaulted him. is the jury going to be able to disregard that if they strike his prior testimony? >> reporter: the judge did strike all of father lindner's testimony. he did not grant the motion for a mistrial. >> we are supposed to get the opportunity to question him and cross examine him and we don't get to. i think it's a laughing stock of justice. >> certainly the main witness in this case is gerald lindner. who's to say what occurred in that room unless he's willing to say it. >> reporter: the defense has wanted all along to expose him as a child molester, that he raped william lynch and his brother on a camping trip 35 years ago. the prosecution was trying to use the father as its key witness. now, william lynch's defense
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team does plan to refile a motion for a mistrial, while the prosecution feels that it can proceed without the testimony of father jerry lindner. i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. there's new hope for juvenile offenders sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole. mandatory life accesentences we ruled unconstitutional. it does not immediately impact california because judges here are allowed to consider the circumstances of each case before accept tensing, but many believe the ruling could lead to the end of life without parole for juveniles in the future. daniel horowitz says some offenders never deserve a second chance. >> when you've actually seen a loved one dead on the floor of your house and you've seen the smile and grin on the face of the murderer in court, the idea that he would get out at age 40
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or 50 and do it again to someone else is just unacceptable. >> some say the ruling could dramatically impact a bill that would reform juvenile sentencing rules in california. that bill is expected to be debated in sacramento this week. arizona officials are declaring victory after today's supreme court ruling upholding a key part of the state's immigration law. but immigrant rights groups are promising more legal challenges. while the court threw out a number of key provisions, the justices upheld the portion allowing police to check the immigration status of suspects stopped for other violations. >> it basically is allowing law enforcement to go forward and racially profile poor people and people are color. we believe that this is a decision that does set back civil rights. we vow to continue fighting. >> i do not believe, i don't think the american people believe -- >> arizona republican governor jan brewer is the face of the controversial law. president obama strongly opposes it. both sides declaring today's
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mixed ruling a partial victory. the supreme court is expected to rule on president obama's affordable care act this thursday. a bay area wide prostitution bust turns into a rescue mission of sorts. the fbi along with local police and sheriff's departments say six teenage girls discovered at the center of the prostitution rings were victims, sometimes brought here from other countries and often enslaved. >> they're brought here under false pretenses. they are told that for this amount of money they can get their visa, they can live here in this country and you can never get out of it. they're paying -- they're being prostitute and they're working for their rent, for their clothing, for their trip over here. so it's a never-ending circle. >> now, these women instead of being arrested, the teenagers rounded up in the sting will get help with housing and counseling to ensure they don't return to those who exploited them. the accused pimps could face charges of human trafficking.
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a new mobile app unveiled today will allow officers to report from the field and share data and work in realtime. officers are also getting new laptops so they can spend more time on the streets instead of behind a desk. mayor ed lee and other leaders introduced the app this morning. >> it's not just your imagination, it is getting more expensive to live here in the bay area. a new list of the top ten cities with the largest cost of living increase came out today. you can see right here, people living in san jose have experienced the biggest jump. the cost of living in the bay area's largest city increased almost 13% in the last year. san francisco was second on the list with a .5% increase. oakland, fourth on the list at 12.3%. months and months of work by middle school students erased by the school district. kids in san francisco spent nearly two years working on a mural, finishing it just last month. as part of an effort to improve
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the school, district workers repainted the building, covering the mural with yellow primer. the job was approved by a parent-teacher committee which says they made a mistake. they will work with parents and teachers to recreate the artwork. >> we want to make sure that the kids understand their artwork is valued. this was an important community building project which makes it hurt a little bit but we'll turn this into a lesson learned and see if we can continue to engage in the dialogue around how we create artwork that captures the spirit of the larger school sglunt another mural painted by a church group near a school walkway will also be saved. just ahead, a special and somber moment today at the new world trade center. we'll show you the historic step forward. also, a golden opportunity. we'll introduce you to two local gymnasts hoping to make their olympic dreams come true in the south bay this week. and speaking of the south bay, starting tomorrow we're going to start to see
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temperatures climbing on up. there's a look at your san jose forecast, but don't be surprised. tomorrow morning you may run into some drizzle with a system dropping some rain just off to our north. we'll have all the changes in your forecast when we come right back.
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a significant moment at the site of the new world trade center today in new york city. ♪ the final steel beam at 4 world trade center was lifted into place. it was draped with an american flag and then lifted 977 feet into the air and put atop the skyscraper. workers and dignitaries were able to sign and leave messages on the beam before it was lifted. it will be the first tower completed since the 9/11
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attacks. convicted former football coach jerry sandusky is defiant, insisting through his attorney that he is not guilty. sandusky has been jailed since his conviction friday on 45 counts of child sex abuse. sandusky is being kept away from other inmates and has not been able to see his family pending a psychological evaluation which was required prior to his sentencing. while he's under routine observation, sandusky's attorney says he is not suicidal, meaning jerry sandusky. as for penn state, the university is bracing for a wave of new lawsuits. a spokesman says it's speaking to address victims' concerns privately and fairly. from prisoner to president. when the arab spring began, mohammed mosri was behind bars. now he'ses the president. he moved into the palace of hosni mubarak, the man who had once jailed him. the symbolic move brings him one step closer.
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he wants to implement islamic law in ejust a minute. morsi will officially be sworn in at the end of the month. for the first time ever female athletes will be able to represent saudi arabia's olympic team. the country reportedly changed its stance yesterday saying that qualifying saudi female athletes can indeed compete in the upcoming london games. the decision will end saudi's fears that their entire team could have been disqualified on grounds of gender discrimination. competitive female athletes are still opposed by many saudi religious conservatives. as we mentioned, san jose is mosting the u.s. gymnastics olympic trials. among the gymnast are a few bay area athletes. arturo santiago caught up with them as they prepared to make a lifelong dream a reality. >> reporter: stanford student alex buscoglia is doing what he does best. he is one of 15 men competing
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this weekend for a spot on the men's olympic gymnastic team. >> kind of a crap shoot. they're only going to choose five people and then three alternates. >> reporter: the six-time all american is still at stanford every day training, but he took all of last year off from school to devote entirely to his olympic dream. and he says he's ready. >> at this point, you know, there's not much more physical preparation you can do so it's all mental. >> reporter: and he has a mental toughness. he found a way to focus and succeed at gem nas particulars, even while dealing with adversity at home. he lost his mother to cancer when he was only 15 years old. >> my sister and i have been through a lot, you know. through lots of downs. we've kind of gotten to a good place now. >> reporter: across the bay at cal, another olympic hopeful, glen ichino is training just as hard. >> i'm as confident as i can be. >> reporter: confident and ready to compete in front of his friends and family.
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>> there's an extra thrill to that, just hitting a set perfect, just everybody i know and love in the crowd going crazy. >> reporter: and while he's sticking his landings, he's doing so in pain. >> a lot of people when they're as injured as glen is, they kind of start to crumble and won't get to the top. but glen has managed to work through his injuries. >> reporter: he injured his back several years ago and it never fully healed. but that isn't stopping him from training as hard as he can in these final days before the olympic trials. >> glen will just continue to work until he's just dead and can't move anymore. >> reporter: at the olympic trials, the top five athletes will not necessarily make the team. a selection committee has the final say, but ichino believes his strength on the pommel horse could give him an sgledge. >> it definitely gives me an
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edge. >> it's the thoughts of the olympics that gets him through the difficult days. >> it helps me get through workouts when i'm suffering. >> that and the encouragement from his coach and cal teammates. >> come on now. >> super talented. two other male gymnasts, both stanford grads, will also compete at the olympic trials. meanwhile the u.s. swim team is holding its trials in omaha, nebraska, this week. natalie coughlin, michael fphels and others are trying to punch their ticket to the olympics. let's bring in rob mayeda who joins with us a big weather story across the country. >> we're watching what's happening in the gulf of mexico obviously with the very latest on tropical storm debby, which we'll show you in just a moment. let's take you outside and show you what we've got from san bruno mountain right now. you can see just some patchy low clouds out there. mainly off in the distance with some breezy conditions around
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some of those hilltops. we're seeing some wind gusts at times getting up close to 25 miles per hour and cool temperatures again around the bay area. i do want to show you again what's happening with tropical storm debby. the very latest on the storm. this is the bad news, it's barely going anywhere, 45 miles per hour as sustained winds but its forward speed has stopped. so it's dropping a tremendous amount of rain near tallahassee. 15 inches of rain has come down and this is a moisture-riff environment where you get this maritime tropical air and makes the southeast u.s. the thunderstorm capital of the country. this is a high octane fuel for the storm to drop a tremendous amount of rain. we could see up to 25 inches of rain in parts of florida before debby finally scoots off to the east. back to the bay area, nothing tropical about our weather. still kind of cool out there. the pattern we have this weekend continues today. 60s and 70s outside right now and there you see the winds,
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west-southwest winds at 21 miles per hour all the way into fairfield. heading out to the giants game, we've got the dodgers in town. should see a nice night out at the ballpark. temperatures around first pitch, 62 degrees. a little breezy out there. it should be a bit warmer as we head toward the middle part of the week. so we're seeing a transition here getting into tomorrow. morning clouds and north wind picking up. that's going to warm things up wednesday and thursday. what you might notice are those puffy clouds around hilltops. rain off to the north. this system is not going to bring any rain for the bay area, but it could set us up for drizzle at times as we get into tomorrow morning. you see this on the futurecast here, on the coast, even around the south pay. maybe some morning drizzle for your morning drive tomorrow. then in the afternoon winds will shift out of the north, clear out our skies, warm up our temperatures just a little bit for tuesday and a lot more come wednesday and thursday. you'll see those numbers back in the mid-80s inland for the valleys. tonight 40s and 50s outside. don't be surprised to get some mist or drizzle for your morning
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drive. then for your afternoon a pretty nice forecast as we go through the day. we will see those numbers mid to upper 70s south of san jose, so probably the warmest day we've seen in the last four days or so. but wednesday and thursday will be the warmest days of the week. over towards the tri-valley you'll notice some clouds for the morning, clearing skies for the afternoon. a bit dry and breezy around some of those east bay hills for the afternoon. close to 80 near livermore and favorfie fairfield. with those north winds, it should help to clear out our skies. mid-60s around san francisco. north winds in santa rosa. the air will warm up and dry out so we should see numbers close to 80 there. upper 70s around napa and sonoma for tomorrow. so temperatures, the trend at least for the middle part of the week will be climbing on up. remember, tomorrow morning a chance of drizzle, clearing skies for the afternoon appeared then the warmest day of the week looks like wednesday, thursday and friday. overall it looks like chamber of commerce weather for san jose
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with the gymnastics trials in town, looks pretty good. next weekend trending cooler again, so pretty pleasant weather. a little breezy at times. >> very nice. thanks, rob. still to come, a new way to combat high blood pressure. it's being explored right now. the latest ground breaking test next.
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an alternative to facebook is about to launch, but this is geared for muslims. based out of turkey, salam world is expected to launch next month during ramadan. it will filter content considered offensive or harmful towards children and family values. officials say the site is for people of all religions who want a more family oriented alternative to social networking. the site has a goal of reaching 150 million users within three years.
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in health matters, it's one of the most common conditions affecting americans today, high blood pressure. a small group can't get it under control no matter how many medications they take or changes they make to their lifestyle. now there's an experimental procedure that literally zaps the nerves that trigger high blood pressure. it zaps the nerves involved in the multiple tie-organ system. it calms the signals between the brain and kidneys and that causes the blood vessels to relax. the study is still in the early stages but results from europe are promising. this is usually considered a positive economic indicator. the number of americans buying new homes is on the rise. new home sales are up nearly 8% from april to may. that's the biggest increase in nearly two years. today's report also finds the median sales price of a home is up nearly 6% from this time last year. the term "man's best friend" is taken to a whole new level. that's next.
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the video is pretty incredible, man and his best friend. also partners-in-law reunited for a big finish in sacramento. >> a police officer was joined by his wounded partner, bodie, during the final lap of a 100-mile race. he finished the endurance run. bodie is still recovering after a suspect shot him during a chase last month, but not even a cast could stop him from running the final stretch with his partner. that's great. >> they are best friends. >> they are. oh, my goodness, he's so happy. final check of the forecast. >> well, in the short term we're going to see more clouds spilling in, maybe some drizzle tomorrow morning. then as we go through the afternoon, we'll see the winds instead of being this sea breeze we've seen all weekend long, it's going to change to a north
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wind tomorrow into wednesday. so just when you see those north winds pick up, the temperatures rise. wednesday, thursday, friday will be the warmest days of the week. santa cruz will see mid-70s so quite nice if you want to head out there. as you get toward the weekend, the sea breeze will kick back up and we'll cool down come saturday and sunday. for all the families and friends of the gymnasts coming to town, san jose, this is great, no humidity, 90-degree temperatures. it should be gorgeous. >> and big question you'll be asked also, fourth of july, right around the corner. >> it looks good. >> thanks, rob. that's going to do it for us. we hope to see you again for more local news at 6:00. >> "nightly news" is next. see you soon.
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