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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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left calf. the attack could have been much worse. >> our oldest daughter, sage was playing in the water, probably about 10 feet offshore, maybe 10 to 15 feet, with her sisters and her dad, they weren't in deep at all, really up to just like their knees. and my husband felt -- they were kind of crouching downing in the water, and my husband felt something hit hid back and he kind of made a motion and then right after that, sage felt the bite and started screaming and they all ran out of the water. >> you heard kim st. claire accounting how her daughter was bitten. her daughter still has not gotten stitches because of fear of infection. this is what we do know, the beach has been officially closed. we'll have more on the story coming up tonight at 11:00. and surveillance video
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reveals a smoking gun of sorts. cameras at a gas station in redwood city, caught a man buying a gas can, that man is 23-year-old morris pena of redwood city, and they're arresting him for arson. police say pena torched two cars. both vehicles were destroyed. police have also arrested a seconds man in connection with this case. no motive has been released, but police don't believe it's gang related. this could be a difference maker when it comes to age, shame and silence have long been attached to the epidemic, nbc bay area jody hernandez joins us at one of the only cities in the nation that will offer this free test. >> when it comes to hiv
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screenings, they could use all the help they can get. well, help is on the way, soon for many bay area residents getting tested for hiv will be as easy as filling a precipitation of. >> walter fox is a regular at wall greens. >> if you go to the doctor's office, you wait for literally hours. here's it's just a little stand right here. >> reporter: now there's one more service fox can take care of at his oak lands walgreens, history. two local walgreens stores are among dozens in the country beginning free hiv tests tomorrow through friday. >> i think they have a source, they're not intimidateded, they can come down and feel free to get that test done. >> reporter: walgreens isn't the only pharmacy that will soon be offering the test. mark's pharmacy in oakland has been selected by the centers for
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disease control-. >> we'll have a great one-on-one context with our patients and this is going to be a great service that we offer. >> the folks at the alameda county health department say they could use some help getting people to take the cheek swab test. >> what you see is people who are infected with hiv aides suffer with homelessness and other issues. >> he'll be lining up to get it. >> if i can get it done through here, why not. >> two east oakland walgreens stores as well as two san francisco walgreens will be
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offering those free screenings tomorrow through friday. and this pharmacy on international boulevard is getting ready to roll out their year-round program in the coming week. that test is free, it's painless and you get results in 20 minutes. violence shatters the serenity -- he walked next door and told his neighbor that he killed his boyfriend. that neighbor called 911 just after noon today. when the police arrived, the 62-year-old man who they say lived in the home with the woman walked out of the neighbor's house and right up to police. >> my officers arrived on the scene and were getting ready to make entry to the home, and at
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that time, a man came out and said hey, hey, we -- >> the man appeared to have been involved in a struggle and that investigators have recovered the murder weapon but have not to release what it is. with a few clicks of the mouse, you can chat with redwood city police. here's more on this new program that could be a prototype for other cities. >> this is a pilot program, so they'll be paying attention to how many calls they get and just how many. the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of calls they physically have to send out. >> reporter: it's the first of its kind in the nation, a real-time video chat line with police. the service is available through
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the redwood city police website. once connected to a police officer, residents can report crimes or ask questions. >> you've got to be innovative, you've got to be forward thinking, you've got to utilize technology to help your vision and that is certainly what we're doing here, and i think it could certainly help other police departments as well. >> i think it will be a great way to interact with the citizens, the ability to ask the questions they want answers to and have a little bit of a -- >> the redwood city police department like most others in the bay area is struggling with budget cuts and staffing issues, something the chief says he had to keep in mind during this process. >> i do not have to take an
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officer off the street to do this. i use officers who may have been hurt in the line of duty and they're doing light work. >> the service costs under 2$20 for three months of use. >> agencies all across the united states are going to be interested in how this technology is working for us. the best way to show it to them is to have them call in. >> life in redwood city, nbc bay area news. still no formal charges filed against the veteran gay rights advocate investigating allegations linking him to child porn. the district attorney's office says he wants to conduct a forensic examination on the items and more thoroughly evaluate the evidence. the supervisors declared larry
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brink in san francisco. he has served on the board of the state human relations organization. the san jose fire department is investigating two separate fires, that broke out within 30 minutes of each other in the same exact neighborhood. there was smoke and superficial damage to the adjacent building. 17 people were displaced and are working with the red cross to try and find housing. one man is dead and another critically injured in a fire that happened at 4:30 this morning. the firefighters got the fire under control in about two minutes, but found two men unconscious inside the home with major injuries and suffering from smoke inhalation. the fire caused nearly $350,000 in damages. the home was foreclosed and the electricity had been shut off
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for several months. no word on what started the blaze. still ahead at 6:00, san jose purple information put on the web for the world to see. the school says it's not what it appears to be. >> and different prices for different people. why one online travel website is under some pressure today. and is it worth the cost of admission for whale watchers? and the weather today, we finally started to see some warming temperatures, right now we're still warm in some areas of the bay area. pleasanton, 87 degrees. we'll show you how hot it's going to get in your forecast. we want to know your opinion on governor brown's proposed tax hike coming this november. call or text us at 408-300-9222. press one if you're voting yes,
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two if you're voting no, and three if you don't know the details.
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two major set backs for the south bay man accused of attacking a priest he claims molested him as a child. will lynch is standing trial for beating -- three other alleged victims who claim they were molested by the priest would not be allowed to testify for the defense. protesters gathered outside once again to call for father lindhler to be arrested on molestation charges. father lindhler will not be testifying at trial. meanwhile father lindhler's niece who lost claims the priest molested her says to block her testimony was a travesty of
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justice. >> i wanted to be in there and him to have to face me. >> inside the courtroom, lynch and his legal team took issue with a cell phone expert which placed lynch at the came scene four years ago. a san jose student information was posted overnight by someone who managed to get into the university database. the university is downplaying the impact. but really, how serious is this? >> the university is saying these are not social security numbers, they're just id numbers, which you can't do much with once you're off campus. but there's phone numbers and job applications that can connect to those students. while the threat level is low, a breach is a breach. >> reporter: while san jose students were paying bills and
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registering for classes on the associated student website last night, a hacker was bragging on twitter, the hacker then dumped 3.8 gigabits of student information on this site, where we found a column labeled password and user names. additionally the privacy and security company identifiers say they saw what looked like social numbers. >> a server was hack. it's just a -- social security numbers may grab headlines, but there's also other information in there that the university needs to be worried about. >> san jose state spokeswoman says what appeared to be social security numbers were in fact student id members. >> at best, at most, some student id numbers may have been
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disclosed, but the only thing you can do with that is check your grades, pay your bills, there's not a lot you can do with a student id number once you leave campus. >> reporter: hacking into a university database is a crime and the university will refer the case to federal authorities once their investigation is complete. in the meantime time, the privacy officer says students should be observant. >> right now the greatest risk for the average individual affected by this breach is being the victim of a phishing scam. so you ought to watch out for e-mails that come through asking you to interin information. >> >> we asked the san jose state work -- because no social security numbers were divulge, they really don't have to contact students. >> santa clara is crying foul t city is planning to appeal the
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decision to pull $30 million from the new stadium at santa clara. the board said the money would be better spent on education, it has the power to change its mind after a new law allows the state to pull redevelopment funds from the city. this battle could go to court, as construction on the stadium will continue despite the set back. the search is on for a red county man who may have fallen into the san francisco bay. a man walked toward the edge of pier 32, and when they looked back for him a moment later, he was just gone. earlier today the coast guard searcheded the water from the bay bridge to alcatraz but found nothing. a -- the property on the corner of paisley road and park
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boulevard has been the object of a series of lawsuits and complaints and major changes over the year. 82 apartments on the two upper floors and office and retail space on the ground floor. critics called earlier versions of the park plaza, so the -- neighbors also claim ground water contamination remains a problem and has not been adequately addressed. >> one of silicon valley's power players is stepping down. john ford has more on the shape of san francisco. >> hay, guys, big personnel news out of pittsburgh today, a company is o' -- he's going to do an investigation firm, the warrior who has been heavily into technology, leaving the group is going to move up and take that strategy role as well. so that's a very important thing because cooper was seen as a
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potential successor to john chambers who could be stepping down sometime in the next three or four years. other interesting headlines, an app will tell you what music you're listening to, partnering up with our own parent companies nbc around olympics coverage. so you can get your schedules and all sorts of stats from that app and google io has -- expect to possibly see a tablet from google itself. >> that could be very interesting, john. zynga is trying to move out of the shadow of facebook. the company announced today that it's building a new network that will allow people to play games on and off the social network. investors weren't thrilled.
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zynga stocks fell 30 cents today, closing more than $4 below it's ipo price just six months ago. let's turn things over to our weather center here. temperatures are starting to get a little bit warmer. and outside right now, it's still pretty nice around san francisco. we have mostly sunny skies, you see the flag blowing around out there. notice we're cloud free, and we're going to see the low clouds backing off the coast allowing our afternoon temperatures to warm on up. we have the second game of giants versus dodgers, we're going to see the same temperatures at least, some winds up to about 25 miles an hour, those should dial back a little bit towards the fifth and
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sixth innings later on this evening. temperatures still pretty warm out there, around the tri-valley and san jose. still a little windy, we'll see those winds anywhere from 15 to 30 miles an hour. as we go through tomorrow, we're going to see temperatures climbing on up as we look at mostly clear skies, high pressure starting to build in, this is going to give us a day that's going to be a little bit warmer than the day before and a little bit warmer tomorrow. and some inland spots may have a chance to get close to 90 degrees. patchy low clouds through the morning and as we go through the day we're going to see mostly sunny skies. you're forecast for tomorrow, inland valleys i think are going to get into the upper 80s. santa cruz tomorrow, close to 80 degrees. we'll let you know how long -- on the brink of bankruptcy, still ahead, the california city
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heading for filing and how city leaders there will model the economic recovery after another bay area sitting. a little cookie creating a big controversy. what's behind the call to boycott oreos. here's a question for you, we want to know your opinion on governor brown's tax plan aimed at raising money for education.
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budget business still in the works where lawmakers are preparing to vote on 21 trailer bills. the bill will spell out it -- the vote is tomorrow. republicans are crying foul over what they call a lack of
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transparency in that budget process. the governor however has his eye on november and his proposed tax position is -- he's taking very careful steps to gain voter approval of the proposal. look for nbc bay area's political analyst larry gersten. >> the general rule, we know the voters just don't like to increase taxes, regardless of the type, regardless of the length of time. the voters haven't passed a tax increase believe it or not since 2004. and that was a minor one at that. as a matter of fact, taxes have decreased, if you consider the motor vehicle fees that arnold schwarzenegger slashed to the tune of about $5 billon annually. given this very, very touchy
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environment, brown is leaving no stone unturned to gain public support. >> he really wants this done, so he has had to do a lot of maneuvering and he's actually had to give quite a bit to win over the public too. >> first he persuaded the legislature to pursue funding for welfare programs. nobody likes welfare programs. he's reduced funding by more than a billion dollars. nobody likes paying workers more right now when things are bad. and you can expect the governor to cajole the legislators into pension reform, another thing the voters are angry about. so combined, these moves are designed to show the public that he's being lean, he's being mean with taxpayer dollars. and a new legislation will place a new law on the ballot ahead of
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statutes. that means the voter also see his proposal before they see two other proposed tax measures. >> so he's giving himself top billing s that really going to make a difference to voters or losing so many school days going to be more prevalent in voters minds when they go into the booth? >> on the one hand, he's cut, cut and cut. on the other hand he's made it clear that if a temporary tax measure doesn't pass in november, the shortage of revenue will force k-12 to shut down three weeks earlier this year and three the next. brown is doing everything possible to earn the public's trust. >> and parents across california are watching what happens to that initiative very, very closely. we here are the results, 52%
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said yes, they would vote for it. 39% said no. the highest court in the country is set to decide the fate of president obama's health care law. we have the new nbc poll, how americans would react to the supreme court's ruling on thursday. 37% said they would be pleased if the high court finds the law unconstitutional. 22% say they would be disappointed with that outcome. if the justices rule the law constitutional, 65% said they would be pleased, while only 22% said they would be disappointed. and debby downgraded, but she doesn't appear to be letting up. and a popular travel booking
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site giving one group of people a better deal. the deciding factor of who may end up paying more.
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it's an interesting debate. some say they're being unfairly targeted. if you access, if you use a mac, you'll get a higher price than pc users. stephan stephanie? >> when calculating how much you'll save on, you might want to consider what computer you're using. and for those of you who have macs, may end up paying more. >> yes, i'm a mac user, i like mac. >> steve jobs lived two blocks from me. >> and randy, an -- when mac
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users search for hotel, pricier options pop-up first, that's all thanks to company research. >> i think i'll change to dell. >> mac users were 40% more likely to book four and five-star hotels so when customers use a mac to search for a hotel, they initially get more costly prices than people who use pc. the company says it's all about tayloring the consumer's experience. >> i know that all companies do sort of user target to some extent. but i don't -- this one just makes me a little bit uncomfortable. i just feel like i'm not getting value for the time i spend on the side. >> orbitz says this has all been blown out of proportion and
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blames the -- the complete article clarified that all orbitz users are shown the same results, just in different orders, depending on whether the user is on a mac or pc. but it's too late for some mac users who say orbitz went overboard. >> i actually can't use orbitz more than the others, but i might change that. >> now orbitz says it's mac/pc strategy still in its early stages and may extend the deals to car rentals. >> for the first time we're hearing from jerry sandusky's son who in his own words claims he was molested by his father. >> nbc has obtained an exclusive
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audiotape of matt sandusky, it's a 29 minute reporting of a police interview conducted earlier this month, detailing the molestation he suffered at the hands of his father. matt sandusky says he was molested fawn from age 8 to 16 and like many other victims he met sandusky. he said he was touched inappropriately, but doesn't remember any penetration or oral sex with his father. and after years of denying the abuse, even to a grand jury, matt sandusky says he now wants the family to know the truth. >> so that they can really have closure and see what the truth actually is and just to right the wrong, honestly of going to the grand jury and lying. >> jerry sandusky is awaiting sentencing on over 40 counts of
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child sex abuse. new documents released today in the case of george zimmerman, the police report describes the night the neighborhood watch captain killed trayvon martin. he thought trayvon was suspicious and called the authorities, and he tried to follow the teenager. the report also showed zimmerman passed a live detector test when asked whether he was confronted by the teen and whether he was in fear for his life. in both cases he said yes. debby is causing widespread flooding, evacuations, rescues and freeway close you ares, as much as two feet of rain could dump-in some areas. it's a tiny guess chur, but you and kofi annan will take it.
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member nations are meeting in again neva to figure out the next plan of attack for the bar torn country. kofi an man says he would be very vocal about ---did say the u.n. security council has failed at protecting syrian civilians in the uprising. it's demanding sanctions against the president assaad. meanwhile -- syria says it shot down the plane because it flew into its air space and tonight turkey is making it's own threats warning the syrian military not to approach the turkish border or run the risk of being attacked. so a very hostile situation going on there. >> well, some people are calling it pentagon pride. for the first time ever, the department of defense is recognizing the service of gay and lesbian troops. today hundreds of service
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members packed in the auditorium to celebrate gay pride month, an historic ceremony comes nine months after the repeat of the don't ask, don't tell policy which prohibited gays from serving openly in the military. leon panetta address the audience by personal message stream over the internet. new at 6:00, just in time, good news for families with college students, senate leaders say they reached a tentative deal on freezing student loan rates for another year. final approval of the legislation would prevent rates on federal stafford loans from doubling to 6.8% beginning on july 12, the lower interest rates would be funded in pension laws. the bill may be combined with a two-year measure to continue highway funding. a state wide summer food
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service program will serve free meals to kids in areas where at least half of the kids received reduced school lunches. it will help the kids get proper nutrition during summer and be ready when they return to school. to find a service near you, go to nbc bay and search food service. vallejo no long in chapter nine four years after it first filed. the city of 115,000 people has a long way to go. >> this one shuttered fire station reopened just today. but vallejo's bankruptcy scar has yet to heal. >> we still have a lot to work to two. >> debby lof never says that -- only after cutting his fire department by 40% and it's
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police force by more than 60%. >> we had to drop our patrol workforce and there has been an increase in crime. >> on vallejo streets where police disappeared, prostitutes popped up. >> we would see ten, 15 a night. >> reporter: so new neighborhood watch groups formed, prior to the bankruptcy there were 15, now there's more than 400. >> we need to come together as a community and take care of ourselves. >> in downtown vallejo many shops sit empty and residents are paying a 1 cent sales tax hike. >>er the court approved bankruptcy plan defers interest on the city's debt for five years, but also requirings even more concessions from labor unions. city officials were supposed to notify police and firefighters last december and they plan too renegotiate their contracts. but they didn't put it in
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writing. as a result those contracts have been extended for another year. so now vallejo will have to dip into its new rainy day fund just to balance the books. >> that's unfortunate, that's not something any of us want to see, coming out of bankruptcy, it should be structurally ball lantzed. still ahead here at 6:00, is stress taking its toll, details on a new link between stress and alzheimer's. >> oreo cookies caught in the cross fire. and today was day one of a warming trend around the bay area, in fact still a pretty nice evening outside, as we see still a few 70s right now around san jose and sunnyvale, seeing a lot more into the 80s, talk about more of a warming trend and the rest of your forecast when we come back.
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. in health motors ---a new study from the uk is trying to see if stress is a possible risk factor from the development of the disease. researchers will look at subjects with varying degrees of memory loss. once completed they hope to find methods to prevent the disease. there's a new recommendation for people battling their weight. a federal health advisory panel says obese americans should get counseling. the group recommends doctors either provide counseling themselves or refer patients to a weight loss program. under the current health care law, medicare and most private insurance would have to cover
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weight loss as a standard. for patients with a body mass index of more than 30. we got nothing but sunshine right now in san francisco, you're looking live there, cloud free, great day to be outside. a good night to be out at the ballpark, i'll have your forecast coming up. >> and rob is absolutely right, i just got back to the ballpark. coming up in sports t giants are coming off a game last night where they scored seven runs against the dodgers last night. tonight the runs will not be easy to come by, because it's a battle of two outstanding pitchers. we preview the matchup next from the x-finity sports desk. and seven moisturizers. cortizone-10. feel the heal.
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it's a sweet sign of support, but there's many offcolored -- the rainbow kooco cookie appears on oreo's facebook page. a lot of people like the cookie, but many users are trying to crumble the message with disparaging remarks about kraft and the oreo products. stunned to be greeted by a
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sea going feeding frenzy today. blue whales are rarely seen this close to shore, and they're likely following anchovy they followed from the upper pacific. >> every 30 or 50 humpbacks we run into, we probably only see a couple of blue whales, so to get a day like today where we have blue whales all around us is exciting. >> today the blue whales came right up to the boat which is phenomenal. >> san francisco known for its seafood, so no surprise, the whales getting in on it as well. >> how big are whales, rob? >> blue whales are the bigst mammals on the planet. maybe they stopped the forecast because the low clouds cleared, we got sunshine today, it's a
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gore justice afternoon, we even got to the 80s inland today, so the warmup already starting out towards the tri-valley. steve, our weather watcher there, 82 degrees, san jose, close to the 80s, but 76 officially downtown. right now we have 60s and 70s outside, to still t-shirt weather for your outdoor dining plans, out towards walnut creek, but a little windier, more than just a little. we got a west wind, but it will drop off around 9:00 tonight. it will be a breezy start at the ballpark, att should see lower winds at pitch time and then we'll see the wind right around mid inning. windy to start, but as we go through the night, it's going to get unusually chilly, with upper 40s and 50s tomorrow morning. but dress in layers because the next couple of mornings we'll be
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warming up quickly. the satellite right now, mostly clear from the coast to inland valleys and you can see how really the skies are trying to clear out. we had some of those high clouds that were pretty interesting this afternoon, moving off to the east, but now with high pressure, it's going to press down on the marine layer. just some patchy low clouds for the morning. add about five degrees to your high temperature today and that's pretty chose to where you should be as we head through tomorrow. so for the morning, 87 degrees in gilroy, 82 in san jose, and places like pleasanton warming up to 80 degrees tomorrow. so some upper 80s around the alameda county fair. mid 80s around the 680 corridor
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around alamo. 80s into the north bay valleys and we'll see those temperatures warming. so the warmest days of the week happening tomorrow into thursday, we're going to get some coastal cools by thursday, then by friday and saturday, notice what happens here, we're going to see the temperatures drop again because this sea breeze is going to pick up, much like we saw this weekend, this low pressure passing by to the north. we have showers to the north. that would be from lake county northward, but that's just going to crank up the ocean air conditioning, cooling us off. and then next week, that could be a bit of a heat wave putting us back into the 90s this time next week. >> how does he do it? he was in the ballpark and now he's in the studio. >> he changes in a phone booth. >> he's just every.
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>> he's twins, one of me is everywhere. just don't turn around, you never know where i'm going to pop-up. guys let's get right to it. giants play host to the l.a. dodgers at 7:15 tonight and they're going to send one of their most reliable pitchers to the mound. how about ryan vogelsong gets a start with the orange and black. ryan starts the game with a .371 e.r.a. >> there are a couple of things that make the giants pretty confident when ryan vogelsong takes the mound, his 12 quality outings are the most on this club and tieded for second most in the national league. >> it's been outstanding this year, every time he goes out, he's such a tough competitor. and we always put in some runs, run support for him and he'll protect that. and it's fin to watch.
6:51 pm
>> consistent, you know strike thrower. when a guy like that goes out there as a defender, you know what you're going to get. you're on your toes. i think it keeps everybody sharp, yeah, intense, i really enjoy playing defense behind him and i'm sure everybody else knows as well. >> a quick update on matt cain's perfect game, he has resumed baseball activities, he played with giants -- i spoke with aubrey briefly in the clubhouse, he said his knee's feeling a lot better, he's just gettinged a justed to the knee brace. all right, amy, giants are going to have their hands full tonight. kershaw, the cy young award winner has been good again this season, leading the way for a
6:52 pm
team that's actually struggled recently. there's don mattingly, he knows the spotlight is going to be on his team tonight. >> it's probably the best game of the year we felt like last time out. it's getting a lot of plays. he's one or those guys that's a little bit of a lightning rod at this point after winning the cy young, any time something's going wrong at all, we're going to talk got it a lot. when he pitches, we don't expect to give up too many. we kind of expect one of those games, vogelsong has given us lots of trouble and i don't feel like he's hitting good at all. we may have gotten a few runs there. it always seems like he's been in there a long time. the open will lead off the pga tour schedule in october of 2013. officials for the event have
6:53 pm
been rallying to have it be the season opener. and now their wish came true. and how about some hockey in june. san francisco bulls hockey game announcing their first player in franchise history, peter civic, who has been has been playing slovakia style hockey. and one other playoff is coming to college football. today a presidential committee approved a four team playoff in the 2014 season and don't forget the nbc bay area, your home for the olympics in london. this week we have the u.s. olympic swimming trials. and medal winner dana torres and four time silver medalist -- at
6:54 pm
11:00, giants highlights, a's highlights, swimming highlights. will i be back? i don't know. >> and just to clarify, kristi yamaguchi won't be playing for -- >> it will be a heck of a signing. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage, you can watch sports net central on comcast bay area at 10:30.
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not your usual cargo at san
6:57 pm
jose international airport today, yes, 22 puppy carriers each containing a chihuahua. it's the second time this year that the san diego shelter has been overwhelmed with little dogs so they're going to a place that doesn't have enough little dogs. >> they're going to port angles and then we're going to carry these dogs over to canada. and they'll be little canadian dogs and hope dpli get canadian homes. >> and in a few months, they're going to need itty bitty little sweaters too. this way the animal shelter can make more homes for animals here in the bay area. >> little dogs are good. >> all dogs are good. >> tonight we have several major siber attacks to tell you about.
6:58 pm
there's a couple of different ones going on, we're going to have an internet expert come on. as we have mentioned, our little analyst will join us with what the root cause of that is and how many other california cities are kind of petering in that financial mess and what can be done about it. also what can be done about the flooding in florida, what becomes of debby over the next few days. they have had a hard time, with debby just kind of sitting there. >> have a great evening, we hope to see you again at 11:00 as well. >> bye-bye. ♪
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