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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi continues his testimony today in his fight to keep his job. i'm christie smith. coming up we'll tell what you he has said and not said so far. >> and marijuana manhunt, scouring the camp ground. >> second chance at freedom. the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed an unarmed teenager asked to be let out of jail. >> a live look outside on this friday morning. that's right. it is friday, june 29th, this is "today in the bay." good morning everybody. the time is 4:30.
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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. let's check that forecast. good friday morning. >> good friday morning to you. everything always looking much better on a friday morning. temperatures are so mild. we're at 61 degrees in san jose. only going to climb by an additional 10 to 15 degrees in some cities today. we've got a beautiful day shaping up. upper 70s, low 80s. we'll have your full forecast coming up. but no problems on a friday morning. that's what we want. let's find out if that's the case with nike. >> if you hold your breath, breathe. not a lot of problems. we have debris that should be cleared. this is northbound 880, heading up through fremont, the drive you see from chess chiclets or thetic tacks. we're looking at a live shot, oakland to the north. a light volume, all the way past the coliseum. we'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. >> thank you very much. we'll start off with san francisco's embattled sheriff
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returning to the stand this morning. ross mirkarimi testifying before the city's ethics commission trying to derail the mayor's effort to remove him from office. christie smith is live with what mirkarimi admitted on the stand. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. happy friday. during an hour of questioning, suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi, he had his supporters in place. he was questioned by the city attorney's office and he did admit that he committed an act of violence against his wife. saying he grabbed her arm and bruised it adding it's something i regret terribly. mirkarimi is fighting to keep his job as the city attorney trying to prove that the altercation from new year's eve day is official misconduct. the focus is on the sheriff's department written code of conduct that says a felony or misdemeanor conviction reflects negatively on the department. but mirkarimi was reluctant to say specifically yes, i've been
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convicted of a crime. >> you've been convicted of a misdemeanor. >> i pled to a misdemeanor. 236 of the penal code. >> that's not what i asked. were you convicted of a misdemeanor? >> objection. this is asked and answered. >> he hasn't answered the question. >> yes. >> now, mirkarimi's attorneys are going to try and paint a much different picture when they question him today. his wife ileana lopez has gone on record saying she supports her husband and she is willing to testify if the city pays up for her to come back from her native venezuela. the ethics commission did admit video of her showing a bruise on her arm into evidence. mirkarimi's testimony continues today followed by that of san francisco mayor ed lee. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 4:33. a suspected serial killer will
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ask a judge to review evidence linking him to the murders of four women in northern california. 77-year-old joseph nasois acting as his own attorney. long time photographer charged with killing four women police have identified as prostitutes. he has been labeled the double initial killer because the victim's first and last names start with the same letter. a jury trial is set to begin in november. >> 26 days after returning to jail the man who shot tray vn martin asking a judge for a second chance to set bail. the judge revoking george zimmerman's bail last month after learning he lied about how much money he had. zimmerman told the judge he was broke but as it turned out he had access to at least $130,000. >> prosecutors wanting him to remain behind bars but defense attorneys say that's not needed. >> jail is not supposed to be punishment before trial. it's only to assure that you come back to the courtroom and he has shown that time and time
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again. >> zimmerman faces murder charges in the death of trayvon martin. zimmerman insisting he shot the teenager in self defense. >> a man hunt will resume for a suspect connected to a marijuana grow operation. deputies raided a farm. authorities fired shots at two men who ran when confronted. one person was wounded in the arm and later called 911 to turn himself in. s.w.a.t. teams scoured thick brush looking for the other suspect thursday afternoon. search efforts got the attention of campers at a camp ground. >> i was nervous. the first time i've gone camping and the first thing i said there must be a fugitive on the loose. >> deputies do not believe the suspect fired shots. the size of the grow operation still not known. >> help is on the way for dozens of people who have been out of their homes for a month. a fire in the mission district
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forcing 37 people out into the street. four people were hurt including firefighters. about half of the residents still have no permanent place to stay. a fund-raiser is being held this weekend at the sunday street event in the mission. >> it is official, the fire that crippled b.a.r.t. service earlier this month was the result of arson. federal investigators aren't revealing specifics at this point but working with law enforcement to track down suspects. now, that fire causing more than $25 million in damage, destroying a senior housing complex under construction and seriously damaging the b.a.r.t. tracks near the west oakland station. >> 4:36. today president obama will visit areas devastated by massive wild fires. the waldo canyon fire has destroyed nearly 350 homes in colorado springs making it the most destructive fire in the state's history.
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now, local police confirm they found the body of one person burned inside the rubble of a house. in all eight major wild fires are burning statewide. fema and other federal agencies are deploying resources to aid the fire fighting efforts. >> health care coverage for millions of americans is about to change now that the supreme court has upheld president obama's landmark law. as of 2014, insurers can no longer deny coverage to adults with pre-existing conditions. in january of that year we'll be able to buy directly in an affordable insurance exchange if your employer does not offer insurance. the mandate goes into effect which mean p you can afford to buy health insurance you'll be required to, or you'll have to pay a tax. for small business owners in the bay area the election may come down to how much health care ruling impact that ruling does impact their bottom line. joe offers health care to 48 workers he employs. if he increases his work force
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to 50 that law would require him to provide more expensive care or pay a penalty. he thinks for him that penalty makes more sense. >> the penalty is far below my premiums, it will be cheaper to allow the employees to go and purchase insurance on the exchange by themselves. >> the insurance industry doesn't welcome this news or the law, complaining it impose as sales tax on insurers that will drive up costs. costs that could ultimately be passed back to the consumer. >> for analysis of the health care ruling go to our website, all you have to do is click on the top story on the home page. for a look at how california's already started putting key parts of that health care law into practice. >> we mentioned it friday. that means the weekend's upon us. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> we're excited about it around here. good morning to you. weather this week.njoyed the it's been phenomenal. especially when you consider the fact most of the nation is
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getting that extreme heat. the big ridge of high pressure that's normally located over the bay area is anchored in the midsection of the nation. that's why they are scorching and why we're getting some of the best weather across the entire united states. speaking of which we have more from the gymnastics trials coming up. marla tellez is out there live. 57 degrees in concord, 56 in oakland, we're at 57 in san mateo. and in san jose it doesn't get better than 61 degrees at 4:39. we're headed toward the upper 70s and low 80s. bayside about 65 degrees at noon, 75 at 4:00 p.m. at the coast. not quite perfection but getting close to it. 68 degrees at 4:00 p.m. looking for the warmest we'll take you through the beach forecast. a lot happening this weekend. we'll talk about that as well. my seven-day forecast is in my next report. here is mike inouye with your drive. >> looking to concord there is a new accident.
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it's an off ramp. 242, the concord avenue off ramp, one lane blocked getting off. 242 and 680 off highway 4, they are all right. concord avenue, one lane blocked. a two-car accident. eastbound highway 4 is closed at love ridge as is the case, back on to the freeway so about a 30 second or one minute detour. westbound with the 57, that's your commute direction holding up fine off the antioch bridge. light volume. that will change. looking at 14 minutes out of the altamont pass through livermore. construction in the dublin interchange on 680, slowing through that zone. not a major concern. that will appear and disappear over the morning. a live look across the bay t san mateo bridge, look at the lights eastbound coming toward us, toward the hayward side, and
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west. back to you. >> we like it smooth. 4:40. coming up state parks and the budget ax. >> you want to get away? plentych apps for that. we'll show you the best. >> we show you, yeah, mother nature turning on the fog machine over san francisco. you can make out a little bit of the city. a beautiful day ahead. >> for your news, weather, traffic, check us out on facebook.
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>> welcome back everybody. a live look outside san jose. that is the 280/17 exchange. a lot of people that do shopping head over to the mall and zip around that area. >> with a stroke after pen governor jerry brown sliced more than $195 million from the budget. among the line item vee toss, $54 million cut from cal fresh, the state's food stamp program. $29 million from preschool programs which will cut the number of slots for poor children. and a 5% cut of state funded scholarships known as cal grants. >> california state parks will be spared from budget cuts that would have shut them down.
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70 parks set to close on sunday but park administrators say 65 of those parks will in fact stay open. the governor signing a bill allocating $10 million in new funds for the park system. and donations from non-profit groups also helping keep the gates open. >> among the northern california parks that will close, benicia state recreation area and gray whale cove state beach in san mateo county. we should mention people can still walk on the state beach property but services like restroom maintenance and trash collection will be stopped. >> it's 4:45. for a check of your business news before the bell on this friday morning we turn to bertha coombs. good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys. financial times this morning is reporting that jpmorgan is expected to announce losses of about $5 billion related to those trades, the controversial trades that went bad. they are expected to announce
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earnings in the next couple of weeks, it's nearly double the initial estimated loss, the ceo jamie dimon had said that they could get worse so clearly they have. apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering is going to retire. bob mansfield who has been with the company will be replaced by apple's current vice president of ipad hardware engineering. and taking a look at markets, we've got the futures pointing to a higher open thanks in part to positive headlines out of europe, that summit in brussels ending, leaders there agreeing on a deal to stabilize debt markets and recapitalize banks. world markets have been rallying, the euro is higher this morning. we did come off after loss yesterday after the supreme court ruling, the dow was down as much as 176 points, but closed down 24 points on the day to 12,602. the s&p almost made it back but ended down 2 at 1329 and the
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nasdaq down a lot harder, 25 points to 2849. we'll have another update coming up. >> thank you, bertha. have a good friday. >> it is 4:47 now. i'm sure she'll have a great friday. won't we all. >> of course. >> great weather. >> you didn't hear but she was celebrating. she did a big arsenio hall. he has been feeling it. i don't know if you've been watching the extra show. temperatures today, looking really good. and the reason why is because our natural coolant has been turned back on. jon calls it the fog machine. i call it the the natural air conditioner for the bay area. that's the only caveat today. we're going to see more cloud cover than we did yesterday. a lot more for the first part of the day. overall socked in with fog. you want to keep that in mind. 58 degrees in livermore. 59 in sunnyvale, but the good news is those clouds are serving as a blanket.
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that's why temperatures are mild to start and why with the full deck of clouds you'll be able to break into up thor 70s and low 80s. at 9:00 you can see the marine lay ser going to move inland from livermore to antioch, mostly cloudy, even drizzle expected. you might use your windshield wipers. when we get any moisture coming through in the bay area it's purifying our air quality so we stop the clock again for you at noon and you can see starting to get partial clearing, a little fog from san francisco to san mateo, all the way down to half moon bay at that point. so you guys are going to be cloudy if you live by the coast. however, as we head through tomorrow morning mostly clear conditions and i did want to point out tonight if you're out and about, ladies, protect your hair, in san francisco a little drizzle possible. but not the case, if you are headed to the alameda county fair, completely clear at 4:00 p.m. 80 degrees. spectacular fair weather. elsewhere, forecasting 79 in san
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jose, and your three-day forecast show s you, then monda, tuesday, wednesday, the temperatures really warm up. it's going to be kind of hot on the fourth of july. mostly clear at 9:00 p.m. once the fireworks shows start to light up the sky. back to you guys. >> another good looking week. thank you very much. this is pretty cool. delta airlines says they are planning to offer a wi-fi on international flights starting early next year. delta offers wi-fi on its entire domestic fleet but getting service on the international flights will be tricky. they have to set up a system of special high band width satellites to provide coverage over water. delta would become the first airline to use such technology. meantime, southwest airlines bringing live tv to the skies. passengers on five select southwest aircraft will be able to pay to watch seven sports and news channels. they have to bring personal wi-fi devices to access but the service is expected to cost
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about 8 bucks. southwest says it plans to expand the service to all wi-fi enabled planes by the end of this year. >> now that the summer vacation is upon us, you know, there's more you have to pack up than your bags. >> that's right. it's not just your suit case, it's about packing the smart phones with the right apps. travel experts say some of the most beneficial include the location of public restrooms and where to find the cheapest gas. another is the app if you're in the mood for fine dining. >> having the right app on your smart phone helps you travel smarter, cheaper, and easier. all around. >> she also says it's good to have apps offering extra savings for using the app. >> a lot of creative apps but create an app to tell you which app to get. >> true. there are a lot. >> coming up, how about a new flavor of ice cream that will have you tossing the cone aside
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and looking for pita bread. >> and it is ladies night at the box office. probably all weekend long. >> is that magic mike? >> we'll show you the movies hoping to bring magic to a theater near you. >> i can smell the sequel. traffic mike. 880, moving smoothly. saw construction crews moving from the north side. we'll tell what you else is going on.
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welcome back everybody. it's friday, a feel good friday. >> always is. >> as far as economists and ice cream, it's probably tough to have new flavors that are a hit. >> this one is ice cream parlor thinks it may have a hit, possibly with hummus. they are serving unusual flavors as they try to re-invent the business to make hummus ice cream. it goes into an ice cream machine until it's thick and ready. customers say the texture is a little strange but it's good. they also make avocado and garlic ice cream. if you have never been to the garlic festival they have it. >> they are doing hummus and garlic they probably put the chocolate aside and put on ranch dressing. >> ranch dressing ice cream. stick with the basics.
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mint chip maybe. >> mike, can you help us? >> i'm thinking about ice cream. i would like a pita cone. looking at 880. still there. the taillights stacked up. i told you about construction that should be clearing at 29th, heading to downtown. looks like the crews, they stopped traffic while they remove the construction vehicles from the area. so there is a stop traffic back to the coliseum. we're looking at this. i'll track it. hopefully it will clear in five. back to the maps, more construction to the north, less activity or less inactivity i should say. slowing through sir francis drake, and paradise drive. the northbound side has construction around bridge boulevard but nothing major for that direction. may be affected by weather at the golden gate bridge. you can see the lights all the
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way across the bridge. thicker fog kicking in around the san francisco shot we see time to time. there may be low clouds across the bridges. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. there is something for everyone at the box office this weekend. >> that's an understatement. first up, how about a fuzzy teddy bear that speaks four-letter words. this is called "ted." mark wahlberg hangs around his best friend, a talking teddy bear. when he gets serious with his girlfriend you can imagine that bear probably needs to be the third wheel and beat it. and yeah, things get serious for his human pal. it's rated "r." >> magic mike. channing tatum play as stripper living it up in florida until he meet as woman who encourages him to give up the spandex and bow
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tie. matthew mcconaughey is also in this one. it's rated "r." >> there is a lot of oscar buzz. i don't know if it's about oscar. >> and mike inouye points out that is the prequel to traffic mike. >> right. >> coming up, oakland ouster attempt is over. >> for your updates, a little traffic mike, too, check us out on facebook.
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>> reporter: suspended san francisco sheriff ron mirkarimi will testify again today in his fight to keep his job. i'm christie smith. coming up in a live report we'll tell you what he says happened in an altercation between he and his wife. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in san jose for what could abpivotal day in the priest attack trial as the defendant is expe


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