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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> a wild fire near colorado springs has turned deadly. the president will see the damage for himself today. details are coming up. >> and another gorgeous day shaping up. we do have more cloud cover to start but we're still going to hit the 80s. the 70s bay side and the 60s at the coast, changes this weekend. your forecast is moments away. >> in the south bay i have a new accident for highway 101. i'll give you those details as chp feeds them in. >> that's the golden gate bridge. traffic starting to flow out there. that should be blowing out for a lot of sunshine according to christina loren on this friday. that's right. we said friday, june 29th, "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. it's now 6:00. i'm jon kelley.
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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the man at the center of a high profile south bay trial is expected to take the stand this morning. william lynch is charged with assaulting a retired priest but he says it was in retaliation for the priest molesting him. bob redell joins us live in san jose with what is next in the trial. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, while the defendant will lynch is expected to take the stand later today at the hall of justice, he will be limited on what he can tell the jury. in other words, it's not clear whether the judge will allow him to say anything about the alleged sexual abuse he and his brother suffered at the hands of father lindner when the boys were young. lynch is accused of beating up the priest two years ago at a jesuit center in los gatos, allegedly in retaliation for the molestation from more than 30 years earlier. in wednesday a worker at the center testified that she saw lynch punch lindner twice and heard lynch yell that lindner
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ruined the lives of him and his brother. the judge ended up throwing out his testimony when the priest decided to plead the fifth. lynch's defense team has tried three times to get the judge to declare a mistrial in part because 3 won't be able to confront lynch's accuser on the stand but the judge has refused those requests. court was out of session yesterday, trial resumes today again with the possibility of will lynch, the defendant, taking the stand. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> this morning we're learning more about the baseball fan who fell into the bay after monday night's giants game. he is 27-year-old victor maeeo. friend sas they last saw him as he headed out for their cars parked on pier 32. an extensive search found no signs of him. his sister says he did not know
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how to swim. >> a manhunt will resume after a shoot-out at a marijuana grow operation. the farm was raided yesterday. one of two suspects was shot in the arm during the raid and later surrendered. the second man got away and that led to a massive search which caught the attention of campers. >> i was nervous the first time i've gone camping. there must be a fugitive on the loose. >> the last time he goes camping. the size of that grow operation is still being assessed. >> a pair of fires earlier this week, they have been ruled arson. both fires were in recycle bins at the same apartment complex in san jose tuesday night. the one on spinnicer walkway scorched the side of the building and a fence. the second right around the corner on coy drive damaged gas meters and forced more than a dozen people out of their homes.
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fire investigators looking for the cause of a three-alarm fire at a home in downtown san jose. crews remained all night to watch for hot spots. we're told that the home on seventh street was under construction so no one was living there at the time. damage to the structure extensive. >> a 10-year-old bay area boy is in critical condition after getting shot walking home from school with his mom. police say someone on a bicycle fired. it hit the boy. he was taken to the hospital, is expected to survive. police are still looking for the gunman. >> two key players in the saga of the suspended sheriff. ross mirkarimi undergoing tough questioning in an ethics commission hearing last night. christie smith live in san francisco where more drama is expected a few hours from now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi expected to offer more testimony
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this morning. he's going to start at 9:00. yesterday he only spoke about an hour but there was quite a bit of drama. he did say he committed an act of violence against his wife, that he drabbed her arm and bruised it. it was something he regretted terribly but took responsibility for. mirkarimi is being questioned about i the city attorney's office. the city attorney is trying to prove that the domestic violence altercation with his wife is official misconduct. the conduct seas felony or misdemeanor conviction reflects poorly on the department. he pleaded guilty false imprisonment. the city attorney pressed him about his ability to serve. >> doesn't live up to the department standards. doesn't reflect poorly on the department? >> yes, it can. >> mirkarimi's attorneys will
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try to paint a different picture of him when they question him later this morning. mirkarimi's wife's attorney attended the the hearing and says ileana lopez would like to speak with her husband, she supports him but the commission did allow video into evidence of her showing a bruise. she's apparently willing to testify if the city pays for her to return from her native venezuela back to san francisco. mirkarimi testifying today followed by san francisco mayor ed lee. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 6:06 now. also this morning a suspected serial killer asking a north bay judge to review dna evidence linking him to the death of four women. 77-year-old joseph nasoacting as his own attorney, the photographer charged with killing four prostitutes dating back to the 1970s. he has been labeled as the double initial killer. the first and last names start
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with the same letters. a jury trial set to begin in november. >> some containment of that massive wild fire. the waldo canyon fire destroyed nearly 350 homes, morsing more than 36,000 to flee. only one death has been blamed on the fire and as few as 10 people are unaccounted for in the evacuation confusion. firefighters say they managed about 15% containment. president obama has issued a disaster deck ha rags for the entire state suffering the worst fire season in its history. the president is due to survey the damage in person later today. >> a lot of people worried about their homes, haven't been able to get back to them. 6:07. we check win christina loren to talk about more good vibrations. >> this is why we don't have the elevated fire danger. out of sfo, you can see the
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reason. the low clouds are back, the june bloom has returned for the 29th of the month. what you can see it's starting to clear. we're going to see mostly cloudy conditions, starting to drop off in visibility. watch outs for thick pockets of fog. for today this is what you can count on. set your future cast in motion. we stop at 10:00 a.m. mostly cloudy, even half moon bay and pacifica. the sunshine over san jose as of 10:00 and sunshine by the water as we head through two to four, clear through 7:00 p.m. then the fog will be back as we head from 9:00 to 11 lock p.m. it all works like this. your hour by hour forecast tells a pretty story. 70 degrees at noon. it's going to be comfortable through noon today.
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getting a little hot at 4:00. bay side 68 at the coast as you make your way home from work getting ready to enjoy that weekend. speaking of which your weekend forecast coming up in my next report. let's check your drive. >> got to get through the work day and through this. the south bay has a few issues. this is 101 around oakland road. the southbound side an accident in the center divide presenting a little bit of slowing. the northbound side, there is the commute there. the disabled -- adding to the slowing but it sounds like things are out of lanes. that's the brunt of the slowing and problems for the south bay. the rest of the commute routes are moving smoothly. a peek outside, the bay bridge, not a major issue. no clouds around the oakland
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hills. back to you. >> thanks,ike. this one was a monumental announcement, health care coverage for millions of americans about to change with the supreme court upholding president obama's landmark law. insurers can no longer deny coverage to assaults with pre-existing conditions. in january of that year you'll be able to buy it directly in an affordable exchange if your employer doesn't offer. the mandate goes into effect which means if you can afford to buy health insurance you'll be required to or have to pay a tax. for small business owners the eelection may come down to now the ruling impacts their line. if joe increases his work force to 50 he says that law would require him to provide more expensive care or have to pay a penalty. they his for him makes more
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sense. >> the penalty is 4 below my premium it will be allow me to go and hur chas insurance on the exchange by themselves. >> the insurance industry does not welcome this use or the back. it impose as sales tack that will drive costs up. >> republican leaders in congress promising to challenge the ruling starting with a house vote july 9. a full reveal is unlikely at this point unless republicans win the presidency and a majority on both houses of congress. >> no doubt mitt romney is hoping for that, also making repeal of obama care a major component. his promise to kill the act is helping to fill his coffers. the campaign raised more than 3.2 million just since that decision came down yesterday. the first hour after the hours
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announced the decision $300,000 poured in. for analysis of the health care ruling head to, click on the top story of your home page for a look at how california has started putting key parts of that law into practice. >> you know we'll hear a lot. 6:12. coming up, google giving apple users an alternative to surfing the web. >> and i'm marla tellez, look who i found live outside hp pavilion. mary lou retton. you look happy. we'll speak to a nim nastics olympian. >> take a look at the gold gate bridge. when kill it clear, i'll find out.
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>> welcome back everyone. a live look outside this morning. san francisco, can you make it out in the fog? yeah, you can see old glory waving in the wind. fourth of july next week. 6:15. >> we want to take things back out to the u.s. olympic gymnastic trials in san jose. day one for the men has come and gone. next up it's the women's turn. marla tellez is live outside hp pavilion with a preview. what's happening out there? >> reporter: good morning, jon. laura as well. we're inside the olympic village outside hp pavilion. the sign says welcome to gymnastics city usa. as you mentioned, the men started off things yesterday with the first day of competition for this four-day event. it's all about the ladies. they are up today. they start warming up inside hp pavilion at 3:30 this afternoon. then their competition starts at
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5:30 tonight. that lasts until 8:00. it's back to the men's tomorrow, saturday, then lastly the women on sunday. this morning, though, we have a gymnastics olympian joining us live out here. chelsea, you were part of the 2008 olympic team in beijing and you took home a silver and you are also the fifth most decorated gymnast in u.s. history. not bad. >> no. it's not bad. >> thanks for being with us. you're here to make a big announcement about the olympians if you can't catch them this time around at hp pavilion they are back on the kellogg tour. >> yes. it's our first stop of the kellogg tour and all of the olympians named to the team this weekend will be on it along with myself and it will be september 8th. back here at 7:30. >> for people this is their first time hearing about the
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kellogg tour. >> it's a celebration of gymnastics, hopefully of us bringing home the gold in london. it's a little more laid back than a competition, we're in costumes, we get to do to the music and it's group numbers instead of all individual. you get to be more interactive with the crowd and show your personality. >> it's less about the competition and more about the showmanship. >> yes. it's more like a show. it's something for the kids to enjoy. >> and the tour wraps around 40 cities. >> yes. we start in san jose and end on the east coast mid november. >> we have that to look forward to. thanks for being with us, waking up with us. >> thank you. >> so you heard it here t keg local's tour starts in september and again, olympic trials continue at hp pavilion. today the women go at it. jon and laura. >> thank you very much, marla. >> very cool. we have exclusive coverage of
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the olympic games on right now get the lowdown on the trials. go to our news tab and click on. >> beckham not making britain's soccer team. too old. still sexy though. >> yes, he s. >> i knew it. >> san jose taking on the earthquakes. we've got a great looking day today. that sounds so weird for me. go earthquake. make sure you have your plan in place. let's show you a beautiful panoramic shot of our beautiful golden state. this is a transamerica pyramid. that fog, that natural ac has been turned back on. keeping our temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler as we head out. some of the blue sky, beautiful
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day shaping up. let's get to your visibility readings. three miles or better in santa rosa. this is in and oud. you might signed pockets of fog. i think the marine layer will hold out until about noon. mostly clear between 2:00 and 7:00. spectacular. one of those evenings you want to be out. 59 in sunnyvale to start. 60 in san jose. what's interesting is that the ridge of high pressure that keeps us nice and warm is over the central portion of the united states, keeping them hot. through next week it will build back in. things nice and comfortable and below average. for today we'll see low clouds, tomorrow drizzle making way to sunny finishes today and tomorrow. that will be the case for sunday as well. sunday we're going to break into mid-70s. today the upper 70s and low 80s.
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79 inan jose. about 68 degrees in oakland. saturday and sunday, we continue to drop off but look at the the difference between sunday and monday. not weather turns as we are back here. >> hey, let's get a live look at sunol where we had an accident on the southbound side. the accident cleared after it was reported. still smooth out of pleasanton. look at this. getting into and out of the area past the gulf coast. back to the map looking at a smoother drive as we showed you southbound 680 through the area, through fremont and missions, 880 also moves smoothly. just this area of slowing for 101, 680 to 880, both directions affected by the volume of traffic and a stall in the northbound direction as well as accident in the southbound side.
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87 showed early slowing. if you want to get out early, guadeloupe drivers, what it's like for 880, a smooth lighter volume. back to you. >> 6:21. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew is off this week. google is releasing its web browser for the apple operating system, chrome for ios will give an alternative to apple stock. the same app as the desk top and the app is free. the iphone kurned 5 years old. it went on sale june 29, 2007. a lot of fanfare. that year apple reported $24.6 billion in revenue. this year experts predict apple will sit $160 billion. >> means apple is doing pretty good.
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delta poised to be the first to offer wi-fi on its flights. getting the service on the international flights is going to be tricky. delta has to set up a system of personal high bandwidth satellites to provide that over water. the plan sue follow it out early next year. southwest going to bring live tv to the skies, maybe check us out in the morning. passengers on five select aircraft will be able to pay and few seven sports and news channels. use their personal wi-fi device to access the channels. southwest says it plans to extend that to all enabled planes. >> 6:22. congress has a lot of work to get done before it goes into it's fourth of july recess. we'll look at the long do list.
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>> welcome back everybody. i guess you can think of this as a congressional cram session. this morning lawmakers scrambling to try to come up with deals to pass a few critical bills before the fourth of july break. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning and tracie, i guess the question is will deals be in place by day's end? >> we certainly hope so.
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the plan is to have a vote by day's end of course the plan was to maybe have a vote last night and that didn't work. we're talking about a couple of separate issues here. first of all, student loans. that's a big one. they will double as of sunday if congress does not get this done. the rate 3.4%, it would be twice that for new loans after sunday. it's going to cost $6 billion to keep the rate low. they are working on hiking pension insurance to do that. they are going to roll it in with the transportation bill because they are going to use the same funding mechanism to try to come wake-up $100 billion to save or create construction jobs. this is the bill that includes the gas tax that will expire if in fact they don't get this done. and federal flood insurance, by the way, is going to be renewed in this as well. so looks like they have a deal to wrap all three together and likely enough votes to make it happen. the other thing congress has
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been voting on is the attorney general eric holder, criminal contempt citation, a civil contempt citation. that criminal citation the first time for a cabinet member since in fact the first time ever for a cabinet member. holder says it was clearly political. >> tracie potts, thank you very much. >> still to come, big news for silicon valley homeowners. find out why things are looking up. >> also, the manhunt continues for the men running an illegal marijuana grow operation. >> the man accused of beating a priest he accused of molesting him takes the stand in his own trial today. a live report is next. "today in the bay" continues with your complete look at news traffic and weather.
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>> reporter: good morning. we're live in san low say. the defendant is expected to
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take the stand. i'm bob redell, the story coming up. >> san francisco's mayor taking the stand in his effort to fire the sheriff. what ross mirkarimi is saying to try to save himself. >> and finally, we've got another gorgeous day. you made it to friday, 80s inland, 70s bayside and 60s at the coast. changes right around the corner. your full forecast in moments. >> traffic flows nicely for 24 through lafayette and orinda but things to slow you down on two bay area bridges. i'll give you that coming up. >> i'm going to give you a live look outside for this friday morning. cool start to the day. a nice weekend on tap. it's friday, june 29. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley.
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the man at the center of a justice case all set to take the stand today. william lynch accused of assaulting a priest he says molested him when he was a child. bob redell is live with the next step for this trial. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. if the defendant will lynch takes the stand here today he will be limited on what he can tell the jury. in other words, it's not clear what if anything the judge will let him say about the alleged sexual abuse he and his brother suffered at the hands of father jerry lindner. lynch is accused of beating up lindner two years ago at a jesuit center, allegedly in retaliation to the molesting from more than 30 years earlier. in court on wednesday a worker at the center testified that she saw lynch pun were lindner twice and heard lynch yell. last week the priest testified denying the sexual abuse but the judge ended up throwing out his
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testimony when the priest decided to plead the fifth which protects people against self-incrimination. lynch's defense team tried three times to get the judge to declare a mistrial, in part because they won't be able to confront lynch's accuser but the judge has refused those requests. the court was out of session yesterday. the trial resumes today and will lynch, the defendant, is expected to take the stand in what would be a pivotal moment. >> in fairfield a pastor is behind bars suspected of molesting teens. robert ruark works at st. timothy orthodox church. he was arrested last night based on allegations dating lack to 1994. police say they were tipped by clergy but already five alleged victims now adults have come forward. they claim ruark molested them at the church and in some cases
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took nude photos of them. >> suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi continuing to testify before the ethics commission this morning. mirkarimi now telling his side under oath for the first time. he admits to commissioners last night that he did bruise his wife's arm during a new year's eve fight. he also insisted he still is fit to be sheriff despite the outcome or inspite of the outcome for the case. >> you've been convicted of a misdemeanor. >> i pled to a misdemeanor. 236 of the penal code. >> that's not what i asked. were you convicted of a misdemeanor? >> objection. this has been asked and answered. >> he hasn't answered the question. >> yes. >> mirkarimi's testimony is schedule ed to resume at 9:00. ed lee who is trying to remove mirkarimi for official misconduct also expected to testify. >> 6:33. a manhunt will resume for a suspect connected to a large
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scale marijuana grow operation. deputies raided the pot grow near mt. madonna park. one suspect was shot in the arm and later surrendered. but a second man got away and that led to a massive search which caught the attention of campers. the size of the grow operation is being assessed. >> there is help on the way for dozens of people out of their homes for a month now. a four-alarm fire last month forcing 37 people out on the street. four people were hurt including two firefighters. about half of the building's residents still have no permanent place to stay. a fund-raiser will be held this week at the sunday streets event in the mission. >> it is official that massive fire that crippled b.a.r.t. service earlier this month, this was the result of arson. federal investigators not revealing at this point specifics about the case, but they are working with local law enforcement to track down the
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suspects. the fire causing more than $25 million in damage, destroying a senior housing complex under construction and also seriously damaged the b.a.r.t. tracks near the west oakland station. >> time to check the forecast. a lot of fog by the bay area bridges. >> yeah. it's clearing quickly. good morning to you. made to the friday. we've got a great looking day. 6:35. starting to see blue sky over san francisco. what's happening is the winds are picking up. live to san jose, show you the home of the sharkies, they are getting a break, we're getting a break from the heat. temperatures are only going to climb into the low 80s. so, with that natural ac coming off the pacific we have reduced visibility. san francisco as well, starting to drop off. we have flight delays so you want to check ahead throughout the day. as we head through tomorrow, they change more. we'll get to the forecast coming up.
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hour by hour, today tells the story. 70 degrees at noon inland. comfortable for outdoor lunch plans. 80 at 4:00. 75 bayside. at the coast, 68 degrees. getting ready to celebrate the weekend, i've got your weekend forecast, help you make those outdoor plans, the alameda county fair, the giants are in town, we'll talk about the forecast for both. first we want to get you out the door. the man to do so is mike inouye. >> that affects when you get out the door. we have slowing for highway 4. first of all, the build through antioch. this might get lighter. if you are coming over the antioch bridge, might want to leave earlier because of an accident on the south side. it's going to restrict flow. the southbound 101 is cleared of the accident and disabled vehicle. we had 87 and 85, a big blip there that has smoothed out.
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an accident in one lane probably caused that. the metering lights will slow to you the span. back to you. >> not a big deal at all. 6:37, the women make their quest in san jose today. we'll have a live report. >> dozens of state parks will be open but not all are spared in the budget. where you won't be able to get through the gates just ahead.
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>> welcome back. 6:40 now. looks like property values showing strong signs of recovery. >> good news for homeowners. after four years of dismal figures the santa clara county assessor's office says property values grew 3.25% last fiscal year. the first firm up swing since the home mortgage crisis in 2008. today the office plans to send out nearly half a million notices to property owners. of course, that means higher tax bills for homeowners but also means more money for local schools. >> and more money also in the pipeline for state parks in time for the fourth of july holiday. we're learning the bulk of parks slated to close july 1 will now stay open. the governor signing a bill providing $10 million to keep 65 of the 70 parks open.
6:41 am
among the few that will close, benicia state recreation area and gray whale cove state beach. we should mention people can still go out and walk on state beach properties but restroom and trash collection will be stopped. >> excuse me. i swallowed wrong. 6:41. mark jackson admitting he was the target of extortion by a stripper. find out what the woman supposedly had on jackson. coming up. >> plus, the man who shot and killed trayvon martin goes back to court. what george zimmerman is asking for now. 15 minutes of uninterrupted news, traffic and weather starts in two minutes.
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>> president obama set to be in colorado seeing first-hand all of the destruction left by the worst wild fires in that state's history. >> near colorado springs nearly 350 homes burned to the ground in the waldo canyon fire. we're learning one person was found buried inside the rubble of a home. in all, eight major wild fires are burning statewide. the president has declared colorado a disaster area. he departs within the hour. >> george zimmerman and his attorney will argue for a bond for a second time today. zimmerman shot trayvon martin and will ask a judge for a second chance to set bail. the judge revoked his bond after learning he lied how much money he had. he told the judge he was broke but turned out he had access to at least $130,000.
6:45 am
prosecutors want zimmerman to remain behind bars. he faces manslaughter charges. >> the "today" show is next. coming up it's happened all over again. a flight attendant going bananas on a rant over the intercom, the flight is canceled and police are involved. you'll hear from passengers that were on the plane. and, maroon 5 bringing the heat for the summer concert series, on stage to perform their new hit, pay phone, and others, that coming up today on "today." >> people from new york, triple digits expected. sure. you get to jump in that. many cities could see record highs today. heat is expected to stick around through the weekend. certainly not the case here in the bay area. >> do that for adults.
6:46 am
i'd do that. >> acting like you don't have a slip and slide in your back yard. >> of course. >> he's got the flugels, water wings, great. you might want to hold off on the flugels, you can break them out come next week in time for the fourth of july. we'll heat up. that big ridge of high pressure that keeps us warm this time of year, it's localized over the central portion of the united states. that's what's driving up the record-breaking heat. for the midsection of the nation. for us the natural cooling with the jet stream just overhead. we're watching your visibilities and they are dropping off in parts of the bay area. we have flight delays out of sfo so check with your carrier at least until 9:00. we'll see the sunshine break through. today phenomenal, inland 58, livermore mild to start.
6:47 am
close to 60 to start you out in san jose. with the full deck of clouds serve as a blanket trapping in a little warmth so here's the big ridge. you can see clouds up and around it. the jet stream is localized over our area. that's keeping the conditions in place, also abnormally cool. we have a great looking day. mix ever sun and clouds. you have to wait until about noon for the fog to clear at the coast, then saturday we'll wake up with another full deck of clouds making way to cooler weather. the giants are back at it again, 7:15 tonight. at&t park, 57 degrees. winds out of the west-northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. they have four consecutive shutouts on their record. hopefully another taking on the cincinnati reds. in the triple digits in cincinnati. 57 degrees at 7:00. you cannot beat that. you'll be at about 80 degrees, a
6:48 am
lot of people getting off of work, out to the fair. if you are going to be doing so apply the sff. it will have a high uv index. 81 in los gatos, cooler through sunday and then we jump up monday, holding on to mid-80s just about every day through wednesday. let's check your drive. >> we have the slowdown for 580. it's subtle. this is wine country. 19 minutes, it's a friday, alameda county fair. here, the fair grounds, some congestion. we're looking at the live shot through sunol because we had earlier issues. a disabled vehicle. that's not the problem. the issue is low clouds through this area as we see typical pattern up the hill to fremont. then you're okay through fremont to the south bay.
6:49 am
we'll show you slowing for the peninsula. at embarcadero t off ramp a disabled vehicle might be blocking one of your lanes. chp is heading out to help. so be careful heading north through palo alto to menlo park. no problems for the dumbarton bridge. the san mateo bridge, the flow of traffic off of the peninsula, now you can see these hills better. but the cloud deck is there and hugs the top of the hills. you'll have thicker fog. very tough visibility past san francisco state. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> scott mcgrew is off, no gadget friday. we want you to get your tech news. >> google releasing its web browser. google chrome for ios will give users an alternative to the web browser. it has the same features as e
6:50 am
desk top and the app is free. summer vacation season, think about packing more than your bags. they say the right smart phone app like the one showing location of public restrooms can make a trip go. the experts say another is the zagat app. >> having the right app on your smart phone helps you travel smarter, cheaper, and easier. all around. >> she also says it's a good to have app from travel websites offering savings for using that app. >> i remember when people used phone books. like seeing an eight-track tape player. embarrassing admission for a coach. warriors coach mark jackson says he was the target of extortion. he says a man approached him back in april demanding $5,000
6:51 am
for nude photos of jackson taken by the viper. the coach says they had to tell team officials who brought the case to the fbi. >> you can front it, go to the fbi say look, i'm the victim of a crime, go get them. >> the team confirms the stripper and the accomplice were arrested earlier this week. the 49ers say they want their $30 million back and they are heading to durt try to get. the team filing a lawsuit over money. the county is not allowed to spend the money until this matter is resolved in court. the 49ers say that money was earmark forward the santa clara stadium but the county leaders say they have the right to use it how ever they see fit. that hearing is set to start tuesday. >> the top gymnasts in the country are gearing up for
6:52 am
another night of compition. marla tellez is live outside hp pavilion with a preview and a recap. >> reporter: good morning. look at me, i'm on the rowing machine. yes, i'm back at it. this machine is way too cool as you look at the monitor here. isn't that neat. one of the things that you can do, and your legs, too, works the quads as well. we're inside the olympic village visa fan fest outside ac pavilion. show you the magnitude. you can jump on a bike, you can play basketball, play table tennis get a sense of the sports so it's a great thing for families to do f. you check out the trials. the fan fest opens today.
6:53 am
they 30 to 5:30. let's talk gymnastic trials. the men, they were on the floor last night. none of our bay area boys, we're sorry to report, sam and daniele, they stood out. cal's glenn and alex and david struggled. we spoke to a couple of them. >> i had a small hiccup on the pommel horse. that was in the back of my mind. i have a practice on friday. >> there's always a lubed one. ang tiety and nerves. you just have to learn how to deal with it. it's part of our sport. i figure for myself if you can't deal with it you have no business competing at this level. >> reporter: the men get another shot tomorrow on saturday but today, friday, it's all about the women, their competition starts at 5:30.
6:54 am
if you're heading out to hp pavilion check out the fan fest where you can get your heart rate up. it's a great thing, for families. it's open all weekend long. guess how many calories i have burned? >> 700,000. >> 13. it's on level 1. >> you're making it look easy. doing a great job. we've got a jelly donut with your name on it. >> for in depth olympics coverage head to, click on london 2012 for exclusive coverage including a look at some of the best rivalries and showdowns you can expect. >> health care coverage about to change with the supreme court upholding president obama's
6:55 am
landmark law. insurers can no longer deny coverage, in january you'll be able to buy insurance correctly in an affordable exchange if your employer does not offer insurance. at the same time the so-called mandate go into effect f. you can afford to buy health insurance or you'll have to pay a tax. for small business owners. that may come down to how the health care ruling impacts their bottom line. joe offering health care to his 48 workers f. he increases to 50 he says that law would require him to provide mor expensive care or have to pay a penalty. he thinks for him the penalty makes more tense. it will be cheap tear allow the employees to purchase insurance on the exchange by themselves. >> the insurance industry does not welcome this news or the
6:56 am
law, complaining it impose as sales tack that will drive costs up that can ultimately be passed to consumers. republican leaders in congress promising to challenge the ruling starting with a house vote july 9. a full repeal. for analysis of that health care ruling go to our website and click on the top story for a look at how california has started putting key parts of the health care law into practice. >> 6:56 this morning. we're learning more about the baseball fan who fell into the bay after monday night's giants game. he is a 27-year-old, a southern california native working as a prison guard. friends say they last saw him as they headed for their cars on pier 32. an extensive search in the water and from the air found no sign
6:57 am
of him. his sister says he did not know how to swim. >> new this morning a pair of fires in the south bay earlier this week have been ruled arson. both fires were in recycle bins at the same apartment complex near 85 and blossom hill road in san jose. one on spinnicer walkway torched the side of a building and fence, the second on coy drive damaged several gas meters and forced more than a dozen people from their homes. >> san francisco's embattled sheriff back before the city's ethics commission testifying trying to save his job. christie smith is live in san francisco with what is expected to be very much more dramatic developments. good morning. >> reporter: yesterday was the y this morning ross mirkarimi's attorneys have a chance to question him and paint a different picture of the embattled sheriff who yesterday
6:58 am
testified for about an hour before the ethics commission in his fight to keep his job. he said that i grabbed my wife's arm and bruised it. that was an act of violence. i regret it terribly and i take responsibility. mayor lee charged him with official misconduct after he pleaded guilty a false imprisonment charge tied to an altercation with his wife. the city attorney is trying to prove the incident is official misconduct. what's happening next, ross mirkarimi will testify, followed by san francisco mayor ed lee. recording live in san francisco, christie smith. >> testimony of a different kind in the south bay is expected this morning. the man who attack add retired priest could take the stand. bob redell is live in san jose with what is next in this high profile trial. good morning, bob. >> good morning it later today the defendant will lynch is expected to take the stand but he will be limited on what he
6:59 am
can tell the jury. in other words, it's not clear what if anything the judge will allow him to say about the alleged sexual abuse. he and his brother suffered at the hands of father jerry lindner when they were boys. lynch is accused of beating up the priest in los gatos, allegedly in retaliation to the molestation. a worker at the center testified she saw lynch punch lindner twice and heard lynch yell that lindner ruined the lives of him and his brother. the trial resumes sometime this morning here at the hall of justice. recording live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you for joining us. we'll be back with a local news update in about a half hour. >> and every half hour after that. we'll keep you posted all day long.


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