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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 29, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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turns out it was a phony security threat. and the hearing resumed about an hour later. mayor lee explained in his own words why suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is unfit for office. lee says mirkarimi admitted he engaged in criminal activity when he bruised his wife on new year's eve. lee says mirkarimi should not be the sheriff of san francisco county because of what he called, quote, the wrongful beating. >> i came to the conclusion of official misconduct because i believe that the actions that were admitted to, and the crime that was perpetrated, has to have direct consequences. and i believe strongly that a direct consequence is that you cannot be sheriff of this city if you are guilty of domestic violence. >> it's hard to be in the hot seat for so many hours.
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i answered as best as i possibly could, and what was honest and sincere and forthright. >> reporter: mirkarimi testified this morning for more than three hours. he says he wishes he could turn back the clock. he says he feels ashamed and horrible but believes he can still be an effective sheriff. now, more proceedings are not scheduled to take place until next month. it is still unclear whether el yana lopez will be required to fly to san francisco from venezuela to testify. in san francisco, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. explosive testimony in the william lynch trial today. he's the man charged with beating a priest who says abused him as a child. lynch took the stand today and admitted to the charges. but it didn't end there.
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>> reporter: jessica, william lynch was in tears at times here at the hall of justice. he did pause at times, then he described how he says father lynch raped him, and his little brother as children during a camping trip. his voice cracked as william lynch looked at the jury and described what he says father jerry lindner did to him. i didn't know what i was doing, he testified. he forced me to have intercourse with my mouth. i don't know. i disassociated or passed out. >> listening to mr. lynch's testimony of the abuse he suffered as a child was absolutely heartbreaking. he was barely maintaining his emotional control. and clearly the detailed questions were very troubling to him. >> reporter: then lynch described how he said father lindner sodomized him. my brother, i'll never forget the look in his eyes. he didn't understand. he was looking at me to help
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him. >> i think you can just look at mr. lynch and see the true emotion in his face. i think you can see he was talking from the heart. >> reporter: lynch is on trial for beating up father lindner in 2010 at his jesuit retirement home. lynch openly admitted to the beating, saying, i'm not going to insult the jury. i did. lynch says he didn't go to the retirement home with the intent of beating up the priest. but he did after a scuffle with lindner both holding each other by the throat. >> to me, he's a hero. we should be applauding his ability to stand up and his willingness to stand up and bring this to the forefront again and again and again. and for somebody, you know, hoping that somebody is going to do something. >> reporter: the jury will return on monday. if convicted of a felony elder abuse and felony assault, lynch faces four years in prison. his attorney told me late this afternoon that the jury should
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get this case on monday. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. firefighters are looking for hot spots after a grass fire briefly threatened structures in the bay view district this afternoon. smoke could be seen from 280 as the blaze charred grass on charter oak avenue about an hour and a half ago. several structures were threatened briefly as the flames spread quickly. ultimately firefighters managed to knock it down. officials say there's a homeless encampment near the burn site. but they can't determined if something in the camp started the fire. in the tenderloin district, more than 60 people are left looking for a place to live after a three-alarm fire burned them out of their apartment building. investigators say it appears the fire started in a ground floor shaft and spread quickly. firefighters are still trying to
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determine the exact cause of this fire. one woman was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. the red cross is working with residents to find them temporary shelter. ten of the 44 apartments have fire damage, but a broken gas line has forced everyone out of the building indefinitely. san jose's fire department is pulling out all the stops as it tries to track down a firebug. today firefighters went door to door with fliers in english and spanish getting the word out to residents about a series of fires started in recycling or trash bins. three fires were set early tuesday in an apartment complex near highway 85 and blossom hill road. with the fourth of july approaching, the timing is troubling. >> the last couple of nights i've been hearing fireworks going off left and right. the last thing we need to have people see this happening and think it's okay. >> with the high temperatures, lots of winds and other factors that really play into high incidence of emergencies and fires, it's so important that
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our community partner with us. >> fire investigato say in one instance, the arsonist moved a trash bin right to the side of a building, clearly show he or she intended to cause harm. firefighters reached into their own pockets to start a reward fund which now stands at $1,000. despite lagging job numbers nationwide, new figures on south bay property values seem to indicate that our local economy is trending upward. almost half a million property assessments went out to property owners in santa clara county. they might be surprised to learn property values are up by more than 3%. that's the first significant increase since 2008. while it's good news for the economy, it also means property owners will have a bigger tax bill. >> will i enjoy paying more taxes? no. but we all have to pitch in a little bit, you know. there's stuff that needs to be done. it can't be done without money. >> increasing the tax, whether that's a good thing, i'll say
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no. but i also understand that the taxes are used for good things. >> the county assessor said it will mean more money for public schools, community colleges and for county services. olympic fever is booming in san jose tonight as america's top gymnasts continue to battle for the chance to represent team usa in london. and tonight it's the ladies' turn to shine. the bay area was the only camera allowed inside the hp pavilion as some of the most gifted athletes warm up. kimberly tere has the preview of the action inside and a look at why olympic fans and san jose businesses may be the biggest winners of all. >> reporter: jessica, all of these people enjoying the olympic trials. they have to eat somewhere. local businesses and restaurants
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are welcoming them to the tune of $15 million to $20 million. >> right on! >> reporter: judy dalton is in san jose cheering his grandson on. >> i want to cry. he's doing so well. >> reporter: she's watching the replay from last night's performance at a downtown bar just a block from hp pavilion. >> wonderful. people on the street, everyone very friendly. we ask directions or whatever, and everybody is great. >> reporter: san jose's hotels, restaurants and bars are welcoming the influx of gymnastics fans. >> an additional 70 people per day. >> the hotels have been full all week. the restaurants have been full all week. i think having consecutive days of the events gets people to extend their stays. >> reporter: the 100 rooms are booked solid here. many reserved months ago. >> this is definitely more
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activity for the end of june. fantastic. it's a huge deal for the hotel, and for san jose in general. having such a big event. >> reporter: thousands in town for this event, restaurant and hotel managers are hoping the new faces turn into repeat customers. restaurants have teamed up with usa olympics for a taste of san jose featuring special menu items in honor of this big event. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, kimberly. one more chance, that's what east bay native natalie coughlin has as she tries to make the 2012 olympic swim team for the third time. it has been a disappointing swim trial. she's yet to earn a spot on team usa. and she's down to her last race. coughlin swims in the finals tonight. she needs to pick up her pace to qualify for the finals tomorrow night. if she fails to do so, there will be no more olympics for the
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11-time olympic medalist. watch her race right here at 8:00 followed by the gymnastics action at 9:00 p.m. nbc bay area is your station for the olympics and the olympic trials. you can find out more at nbc bay, key word olympics. you can also sign up for news alerts on our local athletes and subscribe to the torch. for the day's most talked-about olympic stories. still ahead here at 5:00, dangerous to deadly. president obama gets a firsthand look at the devastating western wildfire that now has taken a life. looking for freedom again. the man who admits to shooting and killing a florida teen, tells the court he should be released from jail again. the change that came as he appeared in court. i'm rob mayeda live at gymnastics city usa, also known as san jose. we've got gorgeous weather as the women gymnasts take to the
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competition tonight. we'll talk about cooling changes in your weekend forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] new unisom natural nights.
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president obama was in colorado today to get a firsthand look at the area devastated by the most damaging wildfire in colorado history. the president met with the mayor of colorado springs and colorado governor before taking a tour of the devastation left behind by this week's wildfires. he praised the efforts of emergency workers, saying that coordination of resources has led to real progress in battling that blaze. the president also emphasized the way people have come together to handle the disaster. >> because of the outstanding work that's been done, because of not only the coordination, but also some unprecedented arrangements that have been made with military resources, combined with the civil resources, we're starting to see progress. >> the fire is now being blamed
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for at least two deaths and has destroyed an estimated 345 homes. george zimmerman was back in court today trying to convince the judge to allow him to post bond, but the hearing turned into a much bigger 'fair. the neighborhood watch volunteer faces second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman claims it was self-defense. his initial bond was re veekd weeks ago after the prosecutor said zimmerman and his wife lied to the court about how much money they had. the focus shifted quickly from a bond hearing to details about the night the unarmed teen was shot and killed. a re-enactment was taped by investigators showing zimmerman's injuries. the testimony is called a preview of what could be an emotional and highly charged trial. defying a summons by british police, wikileaks founder assange said he will stay in
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ecuador's embassy in london. he's seeking diplomatic asylum from being kept from sent to sweden where he's accused of sexual assault. asange was ordered to turn himself in to british police by this morning. a bold statement today for the military general trying to limit his power. muhamed morsi gave a speech and took an informal oath of office in defiance of egypt's current military rulers. he vowed that the power of the people is the ultimate law and stated that no one can take away the president's authorities. many believe the military is still in control of the country. morsi's official swearing-in is scheduled to take place tomorrow in front of a high court. california's department of motor vehicles website has been down sporadically since monday which has thousands of people complaining they missed their car registration deadline and now face late penalties.
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they've had more than a dozen computer related problems so far this year. spokesperson for the dmv are not sure what went wrong this time but they're trying to correct the problem. they'll work with customers who were charged late fees due to the delays on a case-by-case basis. back out to hp pavilion in san jose. >> that's where rob is hanging out. >> reporter: you know, i've got a special guest we've had throughout the week. with me is 2004 all-around gold medalist from the athens olympics. how are you liking things so far? >> this is so nice. i love being outside. it's perfect weather. that's awesome. good change from dallas. >> so again, you were at 2004. you won the gold medal. maybe what some people don't know about you, you come memorized that on your ampg will the ankle there. >> i got that when i was 18.
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it says champion in greek underneath it. >> very cool. now, that was eight years back. do you find yourself when you come to an event like this, you see old friends, some still competing? >> yeah. >> does this bring back the memories of 2004 for you? >> definitely. trials are so exciting. and we really do, we all get together and see each other every four years and catch up, and to see the girls that were on my team. it's just such a fun time for everyone. it brings all the gymnastics community together. it's just a great weekend. it's going to be an exciting weekend. i can't wait for everything to get under way tonight. >> what's it like when you know, i mean, you've scored well but you get named to the team and you know you're a group of five. what is that like? >> that's definitely one of the best moments, almost a moment of relief, but at the same time it's like, okay, this is not the end of my journey. now, back to the beginning a little bit. and you've got to bring that much more to the olympic games.
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>> and you kind of used it as a springboard also now. you have a bit of a music career i understand? >> yeah, i started singing for a little while, made a cd. now i'm actually a full-time student trying to finish my degree in communications. and planning a wedding. >> wow. >> very busy. >> that's awesome. we'll have to get your cd swapped in with what they're playing over there. thanks for hanging in with the loud music. all-around women's gold medalist. thank you for joining us. you like the weather. it's been nice. >> yeah. >> now, if you want to come out to fanfest here, some of the events this weekend, what you can do is come out on saturday from about 10:00 to noon, or also on sunday come on out from about 3:00 to 5:00. now to show you some of the weather conditions around the bay area, what you're going to see are the temperatures cooling off near the coast. 50s and 60s there. the wind really starting to pick up. the sea breeze turning stronger. as you take a look at some of
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the weather headlines, you'll notice that we've got temperatures that are running cooler than yesterday. this is the trend that's going to continue into the weekend. but the satellite view will show that we've got the low clouds, showing up on the coast yesterday. sweeping all the way into the tri valley this morning. we should see that again through tomorrow morning as well. another thing we're going to be seeing, as we go through the weekend, is our temperatures cooling a little bit more inland. mostly 70s around the inner bay. still near 80 degrees at places like livermore or concord. so as we take a look at the temperatures around the bay area for the morning, you've got 40s and 50s outside. saturday's temperatures a lot like we had today, 70s for most inland spots. we are going to start to see some changes by the time we get out of the weekend. what we'll see is the temperatures, you'll notice monday into tuesday, approaching fourth of july, wow, look at those numbers come up. a lot of golden sunshine around
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the area. carly patterson was just with us here at the nbc bay area booth. we're here, 10:00 to noon on saturday. try trivia for your own replica medal. sunday 3:30 to 5:30. all the action is about to get under way here at hp pavilion. and of course, you can watch right here 9:00 to 11:00 tonight. that is the sights, sounds of the party under way right now. you've got to come on out. there's room on the dance floor for you here. >> i need to bring my shoes so we can jam. still to come, no ticket for the gymnastics trial in san jose, don't worry, catch the olympic spirit. we'll tell you how.
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you don't need a ticket to this weekend's gymnastics trials to get a piece of the olympic experience. >> oh, no. the road to london goes through
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san jose in more than just one way. >> reporter: san jose is transformed into gymnastics city usa, with the olympic trials bringing thousands upon thousands of people to the area around downtown where the hp pavilion and adjacent park are host to a variety of family-friendly activities. >> this is san jose's olympic moment. the community has really come together. the northern california gymnastics community, and people from all walks and businesses who are interested in supporting the olympic movement and supporting our athletes that we'll be sending to london. this is an opportunity for fans of all ages to come out and try their hand at a variety of olympic sports. >> reporter: even if you don't have a ticket to the trials, the block party and road to london exhibition are just some of the ways to get into the action. road to london offers a variety of activities based on skill-sets that most olympians bring to the games.
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>> not all of us can go to london, but this is a glimpse into what it might be like to be an athlete going to the games in london. >> reporter: with this look at some of what to see and experience in the bay area this weekend, i'm lawrence scott. >> lots of stuff to do. >> mm-hmm. we'll tell you more later. we'll be right back.
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you thought you liked the little lemonade stands in your neighborhood. a west virginia town prides itself for not never getting above 90 degrees. and when it does, the city breaks out the lemonade. >> the tradition goes back 70 years in virginia when the temperature hits above 90 degrees, the chamber of commerce gives away free lemonade. it really happens. maybe once a year.
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and that's why they call it the nature's air conditioned city. i guess it's maybe going to happen twice or three times this year. >> maybe they should have cookies with that. give out cookies and lemonade. >> charge, too, right? >> you've got to make a profit. thank you so much for joining us. we're going to have the olympics on tonight, the swimming trials and gymnastic trials. join us for local news at # clock p.m. good night.
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