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tv   Today  NBC  July 6, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news, a disappointing new jobs release. unemployment unchanged at 8.2%. this morning how wall street is reacting. unbearable, yet another day of triple digit temperatures from oklahoma city to baltimore. record breaking heat now linked to two deaths in chicago. this as severe storms ripped through tennessee killing two people and knocking out power to thousands. and thanks but no thanks. the lifeguard fired who leaving his zone for a rescue was offered his job back. why did he turn it down? we'll explain today, july 6th, 2012.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm natalie morales. >> i'm willie geist in for matt. more on this morning's jobs reported in a moment. meantime the brutal heat wave that's gripped much of this nation expected finally to come to an end this weekend. >> you may be feeling the impact of the summer scorcher long after this weather cools down. we'll explain straight ahead. >> new details on that fourth of july tragedy off new york's long island, three children killed when a yacht capsized. this morning we'll hear from the man who was operating the boat at the time and lost his nephew in the accident. then on a lighter note, we'll show you the pomp and circumstance in scotland as the queen bestowed the highest honor on her grandson, prince william. our plaza crowd is getting ready for a concert from one of the best selling rappers in the yes, flo rida.
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ready to perform. we begin this morning with the lackluster jobs roberts, employerings added just 80,000 jobs. maria bartiromo is here to explain. is this worst than what forecasters were predicting? >> it's a tough report, 80,000 new jobs, people were expecting 100,000 and we are looking at a very tough jobs report and an unemployment rate that is persisting. >> so in the next couple of months you don't see that moving from there? >> there's a lot of uncertainty there. businesses are unwilling to add people to the payroll.
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we have got an election year because people are not sure who's going to be in in the white house. we could see the regulatory policy change, at that time when you've got this so-called fiscal cliff, the tax cuts expire at the end of the year, and you also have spending programs expiring by the end of the year. when companies have to -- come to an agreement about these expiration of taxing and spending programs. >> what about the fed, when they see numbers like these, 80,000 jobs only. do they say it's time for another stimulus package here? >> the federal reserve has said many times that they will be there if the economy deteriorates further. they're not sure what the demand picture will look like, are customers actually going to be
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there to buy their products, given the fact that europe is a mess. that's a big customer too the united states. the fed has said that they will be in place if in fact things e deteriora deteriorate. this is a very tough story, unemployment is persisting, we see that in the numbers that things actually have worsened in the last three months. >> at least the gas prices have come down, but does that affect things. >> you have to believe that's a boost for people because they're not spending that kind of money filling up their tanks. having said that, the sentiment numbers have not been -- when you -- you're not going to buy big ticket items like autos and
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things like that, even with oil prices having come down, which is certainly a positive. >> you can turn to maria on cnbc. it's 7:05 pacific time. here's willie. >> it will be extreme heat from chicago all the to baltimore. this in a week that saw more than 1,000 record highs set. jon, it is relentless out willi. this morning officials in chicago are investigating a possible third heat-related death. meanwhile forecasters saying it will be one more day of triple digit record heat here. but within a couple more days, it will be 20 degrees cooler. in chicago, another day for the
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books. the official high, 103, a new record for the date. >> like louisiana weather. so hot, it's unbearable. >> must be something to do with this global warming they are talking about. i'm beginning to believe it now. >> reporter: one potential refuge, the shedd aquarium, no power. >> we don't have power at home either. we were coming here to get away from the heat. >> reporter: today there may be more kids cooling off in park fountains. chicago schools have canceled all summer school sessions. in st. louis, repairmen worked over time. >> every day it's been over 100 degrees. we never got a break yet. >> reporter: forecasters say relief is in sight as the weather patterns change. >> it's not going to be a major cooldown for the middle of the country or east coast for that matter. we're going back to the 80s. compared to the triple digits, i think we'll take that. >> reporter: it can't come soon enough for hundreds of thousands of people beginning their
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seventh day without power after ferocious storms. outside washington, d.c., some streets look untouched. >> we really don't know what's going on and when we're going to actually get power back. >> we're at our wit's end. six days is our breaking point. >> for farmers like dave in southern illinois, the hot, dry weather is just as frustrating, threatening their livelihood. >> this corn we're looking at should be 8 foot tall. >> said there couldn't hasn't been decent rain. the corn crop in the worst shape since 1988. >> the corn just about done so far. i expect the yield will be ridiculously low this year. >> reporter: forecaster say as east coast cools down, the west coast will heat up. >> john yang in chicago. thanks so much. it is 7:07. once again, here is natalie. now for a search that caused a boat filled with fourth of july revellers to capsize off
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long island to kill three children. investigators plan to interview more witnesses today. nbc's craig melvin has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they plan to try to bring the yacht from the waters behind me today. all three of the kids who died aboard that boat wednesday night were under the age of 13. an uncle of one of the victims was driving the boat. we have his version of what happened. meantime investigators are looking at some other possible causes. >> it was dark. i didn't see it. >> reporter: one of the two men driving the yacht filled with fourth of july fireworks watchers tells news 12 long island that first he saw boats then a wave. >> there was two boats. i told my nephew, who was in front, did you see that. yeah, uncle sal. next thing i know, we were turning, and we just kept
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turning. everybody was in the water. chaos. >> reporter: sal's nephew was one of more than two dozen family members and friends tossed into long island sound. they could not get 8-year-old victoria gains, or this 12-year-old. police ruled out alcohol as a factor. but nbc is looking closely at how many people were on the 34-foot boat. >> we're looking at several avenues. one of which would be overcrowding on the boat. there was 27 people on this boat. that was a combination of adults and children. >> reporter: richard werner owns a firm. >> this is a few feet larger than the boat that sunk. and 27 people on this boat would
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be extremely tight. >> reporter: police investigators are considering other possible causes, including weather. >> when we first got the call before that, there was a violent rain storm that came in. it was just -- as quick as it came in, as quick as it left. >> reporter: from 10:30 wednesday night, shows a severe thunderstorm with 40-mile-per-hour winds in the area. officials are trying to figure out if the storm caused the yacht to flip over about three miles from the shore. they are also looking at whether another boat in the water could have created a wake massive enough to topple the boat. another concern, were there enough life jackets. >> it's a requirement on a boat, if you have five people on the boat, you need five jackets. so if you have 27 people, there's a requirement you have 27 jackets. >> reporter: at this point, it does not look like there were enough life jackets on board. a police spokesperson told me yesterday, one of the things
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they were looking at, they hope to find out definitively by talking to folks on board and nearby. we should note here we reached out to the guy who was driving the boat to ask him specifically about the life jackets and about the overcrowding, we didn't hear back from him. natalie. >> such a tragedy. craig melvin in oyster bay, new york. my heart goes out to the families that lost their kids. >> absolutely. let's get a check of the top stories. tamron hall at the news desk. tamron, good morning. >> hi, willie and fatly. good morning, everyone. the campaign trail heating up. president obama on day two of his bus tour to ohio and pennsylvania, two battleground states in the election. meantime challenger mitt romney is keeping cool on a family vacation in new hampshire. gop officials say the party raised more than $100 million in june, outpacing the obama campaign for the second straight month. in florida, a judge has set a high bar for george
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zimmerman's release from bail, granted $1 million bail as he awaits second degree murder in the shooting of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. in a ruling june lester questioned zimmerman's credibility having revoked his earlier $150,000 bail for allegedly misleading the court about his finances. judge lester also suggested zimmerman may have planned to flee the country with money donated online for his defense when he was first release freddie jail. the final report about what caused the 2009 crash of air france flight 447 shows the need for better flight training. french investigators blame a combination of technical factors that led to pilot error. the chief investigator said the two co-pilots at the controls never understood the plane had stalled and did not recognize they had lost complete control of the plane until it was too late. the plane crashed into the atlantic ocean killing all 228 people on board. thursday night in the
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disappearance of louisiana college student. she was last seen on may 19th. police arrested a registered sex offender on a first degree murder charge in connection with her disappearance. new video this morning from dallas, texas. the video from a toll plaza shows, look at this, a city bus plowing into four cars sending debris all over the road. two people were injured. the crash is now under investigation. it is unbelievable. a break in the searing heat out west has firefighters scrambling to gain ground on several blaises, crews making progress. investigators on the most destructive in colorado state history say they have located the site where that blaze started. they have yet to conclude what triggered the 12 day old wildfire. mvp while a new wildfire threatening evacuation and threatening homes in northern california. check out the official song of the 2012 london olympics.
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it is called survival and features a video showing moments of the game. ♪ >> while the song is taking some flack from music critics. officials say it will be played throughout the games when athletes enter the venue. 7:14, back to natalie, willie, stephanie. it is no "eye of the tiger" but i like the words. >> i love muse. they are an incredible band. >> everybody is a critic. >> we got that. >> tamron, thanks. let's get our first check of the weather. stephanie abrams in for al. still talking about the heat. >> it is going away for some people. let's first talk about where we have advisories, then the cooloff. the same area from the plains to the mid-atlantic on into the
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south and midwest as well. so more triple digit readings for places like chicago, kansas city and st. louis. but let's go to chicago. everybody look at this. 100 today. go down to the 80s. on sunday actually below average. i know that's very exciting for a lot of people. but not only chicago, >> as they cool off we heat up. good morning to you. last day of unseasonably cool temperatures, courtesy of the marine layer fully in force. you see traffic is light. we'll double-check with mike in a moment. 83 degrees inland. 76 bayside and 64 degrees at the coast. by this weekend the upper 80s return. then the 90s are back tuesday into wednesday next week. also getting a little more muggy with monsoonal moisture on the way. enjoy the cooler weather. willie, over to you. >> stephanie, thank you. that florida lifeguard who was fired for performing a lifesaving rescue outside his coverage area is looking for a
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new job this morning. this time it's his choice. nbc's mark potter explains. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, willie. lifeguard tomas lopez was fired for helping a man down the beach. he's been offered his job back now but has said no thank you. 21-year-old tomas lopez said he got an apology and had a cordial talk with the lifeguard company that fired him earlier this week. but when he was offered his job back decided not to take it. >> i prefer not to work for the company. there's no malace with the company. i'd rather not work there. >> reporter: a man told him he was struggling in the water at a swim at your own risk area 100 miles away. he ran to help the man. when he got there, other
7:17 am
swimmers were pulling the man out of the water. >> we met about halfway in the water. i grabbed him and another guest grabbed him by the feet. we lifted him out of the water. >> when lopez was fired two others were fired after saying they would have done the same. in protest, including the supervisor and lopez's brother quit. now the company is offering all of them their jobs back. but so far there are no takers. >> i wouldn't want to work for a a company that prevents lifeguards from doing their job, saving lifgs. >> reporter: contracted by the city of halan dale beach. the president said after investigation, he overturned firing lopez. >> i think he showed a lot of courage in what he did originally and definitely we would like to have him back to work. i hope he would reconsider. >> reporter: officials agree that lopez did exactly what he was supposed to do. >> it has always been the city's
7:18 am
policy that if there's an emergency, whether in the protected area or outside that the lifeguard there would respond to it. >> reporter: no surprise here, lopez's mother says she is very proud of her son for doing the right thing. and as for what tomas lopez will do now, he plans to go back to school and might consider another lifeguard job but at another company. willie. >> mark, he chose saving a life over upholding company policy. hard to argue with that. mark potter, thank you so much. 7:18. here is natalie. so many used social media sites to stay in touch with friends. now a growing number of police departments are turning to them to help solve crimes. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has details. good morning, pete. >> reporter: this is the version to generate tips from the old days of wanted posters to crime stoppers on television, now
7:19 am
social media. twitter, facebook and increasingly youtube. sheriff's deputies in hillsboro county, florida wanted to find a man who stole a canned drink and used it to attack this convenience store clerk. they posted the surveillance video on youtube. someone who recognized the attacker called in the tip. within two days he was arrested and has since pleaded guilty. just this week, police in akron, ohio wanted to know who was using stolen credit cars to buy things at local stores. they posted this surveillance video hoping to generate tips. it's part of a growing trend, police expanding their reach using social media to assist investigations. maryland posted this video vo of a flash mob robbing a convenience store and viewers helped identify who was involved. investigators say it's not just faces that can be recognized. >> it also helps because you can actually see the person move, how he walks. sometimes that's a characteristic identifiable to people.
7:20 am
>> reporter: in philadelphia investigators put this on youtube after a woman riding on a city bus beat up a passenger. just two days after it was posted, investigators got a tip that led to an arrest. a survey by the international association of chiefs of police show 90% of law enforcement agencies use social media of some kind. many agencies have set up youtube sites, often posting crime scene surveillance videos that are internet ready. in prince george's county, maryland they use youtube as a channel to reach people directly with information. >> we'll put an entire news conference on youtube to include surveillance video or mug shots along with interviews from the various police officials. so the information is getting out to the public. >> reporter: videos have another advantage. they can be posted instantly helping to get the word out quickly and stopping criminals from attacking again. >> thanks. still ahead, a man who
7:21 am
served four years in prison for the murder of his own wife during a trip to the caribbean. a conviction now overturned. he'll speak out in a live interview for the first time since his release. but first this is "today" on nbc. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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for more of the inside story, visit >> it is 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. six teens in the hospital after a violent car crash. this happened after 1:30 on island drive. you can see, wow, the roof of the car torn off in this crash. police say five 15-year-olds and a 13-year-old were riding in the car when the driver lost control and slammed into a tree. the driver was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries, the other five were hurt but all expected to recover. police say the car belonged to one of the teen's parents and was used without permission. no word on what exactly caused the crash. >> meteorologist christina loren, yes, it is friday and i have a feeling it's going to be a spectacular weekend. >> take a live look at san jose,
7:27 am
a beautiful start. this is the reason why, jon. we're going to be cooler than average today because of the marine layer pushed inland. spectacular sun rise from san jose. mostly cloudy in san francisco and along the coast. in the 50s to start. 57 san jose, 55 in livermore. oakland 56 and same for san francisco. throughout the day today we'll see those low clouds burn off by 10:00 a.m. in the south and the east bay. mostly cloudy until noon at the coast. sunny finish for everybody. the winds clear all of the cloud cover out of here and then the heat is on as we head to this upcoming work week. temperatures are going to soar. enjoy the 70s while they last in san jose and fremont, tomorrow, upper 80s inland. then we hit the 90s tuesday into wednesday of next week. let's check your drive. >> northbound 101, the big concern for folks out of the south bay up the peninsula. we have two issues, the two disabled vehicles. clear from the roadway but northbound 101 slows up to about
7:28 am
san antonio avenue and up through palo alto. the slowdown, a ripple effect. clearing into mountain view but slow, off 237 as well approaching the 101 interchange. the rest of the south bay pretty light. things should clear up over the next 20 minutes. we do have the issues around the bay bridge toll plaza. northbound at park an accident. here is a slow lane at the coliseum. >> looks thick. thanks, mike.
7:29 am
7:30 am
july 6th, 2012. we have our crowds brought their dancing shoes with them, because they will need them. rapper flo rida takes to our summer concert stage. inside studio 1a, natalie morales, willie geist in for matt practically been dancing all morning long. >> you're really pushing this. i've got a lot to live up to. >> going to be fun. a full half hour of music. >> love flo rida. >> how develop about snakes. >> if you give me a choice of snakes and snow snakno snakes, snakes every time. >> a lot of people do. >> there's a new reason not to like the creatures.
7:31 am
why snakebites are on the rise in many states. a big day for prince william, given the highest honor in scotland. not to be outdone, his father received an honor as well. we begin with a man who spent four years in prison for the murder of his life. prosecutors say david swain killed her while scuba diving during a vacation on the caribbean island of tortola, a conviction overturned. now swain speaking out for the first time since he was freed. we'll talk to him but first, here is nbc reporter. >> effervescent. on the move, on the go. >> reporter: shelley tyre, a school administrator now dead after scuba diving with her husband in the crystal clear waters of caribbean. the autopsy had shown no underlying medical reason for shelley to have drowned. but what about her diving gear? it was damaged. her snorkel missing its mouthpiece. the strap to her mask broken.
7:32 am
the pin that held the strap in place, gone. >> i don't know what happened. i wasn't there. >> give a theory. >> i don't have a theory. >> reporter: shelley's husband david swain said he swam off by himself on that dive before his wife mysteriously perished. every since he returned to tortola with their daughter's body they demanded answers. >> you're the body, the care taker. >> wondering why -- why did i let this happen. >> reporter: the family hired diver experts and re-enacted that david swain attacked shelley, approaching her from behind, shutting off her air supply and holding her down until she drowned. >> very reached a verdict? >> we have. >> reporter: in 2006, shelley's family won a wrongful lawsuit against their son-in-law. swain at trial, who had no
7:33 am
lawyer, dismissed the outcome, claiming it was unfair. the stakes were raised even higher when caribbean authorities had their case. he was extradited to tortola, criminal court. >> this man here, his wife is killed and all of his dreams came true. all his dreams came true. >> reporter: dreams the prosecutor would argue about insurance money, more than $600,000, and another woman in swain's life. david swain denied killing shelley. his defense attorney argued that shelley may have torn off her own scuba gear after panicking under water. but after five hours deliberating the tortola hit david swain with a second devastating blow, guilty of murder. the sentence, 25 years. >> how do you face that kind of time? >> one day at a time. >> reporter: almost two years after his guilty verdict, last september david swain returned to court. a three-judge panel ruled on
7:34 am
swain's appeal and made a decision few anticipated. >> the head judge ends it all by looking right at me and saying, mr. swain, you're free to go. >> reporter: the appellate court panel overturned the verdict citing in part the trial judge had been biased toward the prosecution in her instructions to the jury. just just like that, david swain was a free man. >> and david swain is with us exclusively along with his attorney. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> david, begin with you. you were convicted in 2009 of killing your wife shelley as we just saw in the piece. that was overturned last september. you spent four years in a prison cell. was there a time when you thought you were going to be there for the rest of your life for something you didn't do. >> i did my best never go to that train of thought. i took it one day at a time. >> did you ever say, my gosh, i could sit here for something in my head i know i didn't do and
7:35 am
this could take me to the end of my life. >> again, something i tried to avoid at all costs. i was more worried about my family than myself. >> you were found responsible by a civil court in 2006, convicted in 2009 in tortola. that was overturned. what changed for that appeals payable tortola in september? what new evidence? what was different for them this time? >> for the appeals panel, the lawyer that put together that appeal found enough information within the transcript to show that the trial in tortola was equally unfair, and that there was nothing that crossed the threshold of beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the trial. >> first trial? civil. >> no, criminal. >> i think it was unfair because the judge was clearly biased. the judge and prosecution were in cahoots to make something happen. >> you've heard from some people including members of the family, shelley's family, perhaps you were released on a technicality,
7:36 am
the judge did not give correct orders to the jury at the time. what do you say to that. >> everybody is entitled to an opinion. >> let me ask you, tim, standing by. what changed for this appeals court now. finally overturned, now it was changed. what happened between then and the overturning. >> there were two things they focused on. the first significant aspect of the trial they found to be lacking was that the judge actually instructed the jury. in the british system a judge does a summation just like the lawyers. the judge actually told the jury after three weeks of us presenting a defense that this was an accident, she literally told those jurors the defense of accident has no place in this trial. so she completely instructed them to disregard our defense, which is why we find it sort of ludicrous when someone might say this was overturned on a
7:37 am
technicality. the judge nullified our defense. the panel found secondly, as a matter of law, there was not enough evidence under the higher criminal beyond a reasonable doubt standard for the case to be retried again. >> david, let me ask you, because the prosecutors said in the original criminal trial they had motive on two counts that you were there to collect insurance money on the death of your wife, number one. number two, there was another woman in the picture. somebody you had been corresponding with, in fact, for months before the death of your wife and you then began dating two months after the death of your wife. can you see just from the outside why it would look fishy to someone that his wife died. two months later he's seeing a woman he had been talking, in fact writing to before hand. >> i can certainly see where some people would form that opinion. >> in fact you wrote a letter. i want to read an exert of the letter, five months before shelley's death. >> life has definitely gotten more complicated. i'm wanting to be with you but i
7:38 am
can't change this mess i've got any time soon. what did you mean by changing this mess? >> the lady that you're talking about, it was a mess getting involved with her. that was clearly a mistake on my part. >> you would admit that now. >> sure. >> and wt has life been like now for you, now that you've been free for three months. >> better than it was the months previous to it. i'm trying to rebuild a life and get back on the horse, as it were. >> is this case over for you now, as far as you're concerned? >> it's over in that i'm a free person. but clearly there's other things that need to be done. >> you still miss your wife 13 years later? >> every single day. >> david swain, his attorney tim bradell. we should point out nbc reached out to shelley tyre's family. they declined. sunday, an in-depth look at what led to the split between tom cruise and katie holmes.
7:39 am
sunday 7:00, 6:00 central on nbc. now let's get a check of the weather from stephanie abrams. >> willie, we're going to head to the map to show you water temperatures here. anywhere from northeast to southeast. you can see around the gulf, temperatures in the 80s, a little bit cooler there. as we head to the great lakes, lake michigan going to hit you in the upper 60s. otherwise the threat for severe >> good morning to you. 7:39. a live look over a foggy san francisco. we have mostly cloudy conditions even in the south bay and the east bay as well. but that means we're going to see a cooler than average afternoon. so, highs in the 70s and 80s. 78 degrees in los gatos, 68 in san francisco. 80 in santa rosa. 74 in santa cruz. seven-day outlook tells the hotter story. we're going to warm you up this weekend into the upper 80s inland, then mid-90s return tuesday into wednesday next week. willie, i found a shirt for you.
7:40 am
think it will fit? >> you're not getting me in that shirt. no chance. stephanie, thank you. up next, be careful where you step. why snakebites are on the rise from coast-to-coast. later our live concert from grammy nominated rapper flo rida. but first these messages. stay in the moment sanya focus lolo, focus let's do this i am from baltimore south carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home is. .. when it comes to toilet paper,
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wherever the military sends me, warning if you have outdoor plans this weekend. in a number of states, snake bites are on the rise. nbc gabe gutierrez is in atlanta with more on what's shaping up to the the summer of snakes. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. experts say this has a lot to do with the weather this year. we're here inside the world of reptiles, inside zoo atlanta. thousands of kids will check out these creatures here throughout the summer. in many parts of the country, get ready to see more of them, possibly in your own backyard. >> i never in my life had any experience like thatefore. >> reporter: james burnett never saw it coming. >> the pain was so horrific >> reporter: the plumber working in a backyard when he came across the fangs of a copperhead snake, much smaller than this one. >> bit me on the hand. >> reporter: he didn't think much of it but within an hour he
7:44 am
was on his way to an er. >> how much did your hand swell? >> it swelled bigger than a boxer's mitt. it was so big my hand looked like it was fixing to explode. >> reporter: it was right here. richard was walking his dog along this brush when he says a copperhead bit its paw. >> i was very worried. i did not know he was going to make it through the night. >> reporter: so far this year, many poison control centers say snakebites are on the rise. unlike the cult film "snakes on a plane" -- these reptiles are no laughing matter. they're being blamed for at least two deaths this year, one in tennessee and another in west virginia. >> thank you for calling the poison center. >> reporter: in georgia this poison center is busier. >> we started seeing calls about 30 or 40 days earlier than we've ever seen in recent memory. >> reporter: georgia has had 185 reported cases so far this year. florida 330.
7:45 am
and it's not just the southeast. in california, there have been 184 reported bites in just the last three months. a whopping 61% increase over the same period last year. the reason -- >> i think it all relates to the very nice winter we had. very moderate winter, wasn't cold enough really for these guys to go into hibernation. for a long period of time. >> here at zoo atlanta, they will point out most species in georgia are nonvenomous, copperheads being the most common exception. but if you do get bitten -- >> do something about this snakebite in a hurry. >> reporter: no matter what john wayne did in true grit, experts say trying to treat snakebites yourself is a bad idea. >> if they get bit, go straight to the emergency room. >> reporter: james burnett says he was lucky he kept his hand. as if the bite wasn't bad enough, he was shocked when he got the hospital bill. >> that's when they needed the
7:46 am
heart paddles on me, i'll tell you. i got a bill for almost a quarter of a million dollars. >> reporter: anti-venom apparently is expensive, so are three days in the icu. he's lucky to have insurance. but it's still a painful bite in more ways than one. >> it was an experience i don't ever want to deal with again. >> reporter: by the way, this is a black rat snake, nonvenomous. remember, snakes like this one help us out at times by eating rats and other ver mitts. if you run across a snake, just leave it alone. >> yeah. i would certain lu be doing that, running for the hills. gabe, thanks so much. coming up next, the royal family, attends an ancient ceremony in scotland to honor prince william. we'll have all the highlights after this. scotland. highlights after this. you squashed my willpowerlike a. you looked so innocent and so sweet. convinced my lips that we should meet. you were a relentless flirt. oh no we had indecent dessert.
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...then you add a little something special. ♪ finally, you gotta bring the heat... ♪ ...but not too much... it has to be juuussst right. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new spicy chicken mcbites, rack 'em up while they're hot. the simple joy of changing the game. we're back now at 7:49 with new honors for britain's royal family. one very formal, the other involving a frog. nbc's michelle kosinski at buckingham palace to explain. good morning. >> hey, willie, frogs and princes have always gone togeth. the first is a big one. the early and countess, you may think you don't know who they are but you do. you can always tell the importance of an occasion here by how fancy the the hat and ceremonial robes. yes, this is a big one.
7:50 am
set to drums. prince william being made a knight in the most ancient and royal order of the thistle. not bad for a guy just days out of his 20s. kate carrying a cartan scarf. >> at 30, he's stepping up his royal duties. i think it shows if the out. >> scotland, despite a movement to leave the united kingdom has always meant a lot to the queen and her family. balmor balmoral, her treasured estate where she and william and harry stayed quietly after princess diana's death. kate and william met in college, given by the queen scholarship titles, earl and countess. for prince charles this week, a much different honor. after he let school children
7:51 am
camp outside his home raising awareness of the rain forest, dear to his heart, he had this little character named after him. a rare ecuadorial stream frog. very touched, a lump in my throat, must be a frog, he said. no kisses were exchanged. but the family also got to kick back a little at wimbledon. kate wearing a tennis inspired dress she wore one year to the date prior in canada. close match chronicled on her face as he becomes the first british champion since 1936, going for a title of his own. prince william is also in the most exalted order of the nights, around since the 1300s. he's also a member of a modern day order called the air force. he wanted to stay in as long as
7:52 am
possible. watchers say he may need to scale back soon to focus more on his royal duties. >> of all the honors, having a frog named after you has to top the list. michelle kosinski in london this morning. thanks, michelle. just ahead a summer weekend survival guide. we'll tell you what's hot in fashion and more. >> live concert from flo rida after your local news and weather. mashed potatoes and gravy. mac 'n cheese...
7:53 am
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[ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ♪ this olympian's mom has been doing it for years. she's got bounty. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. let the spills begin. p&g. proud sponsor of the olympic games.
7:56 am
>> it's 7:26. it's not. it's 7:56. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. a south bay family now struggling trying to come to terms with a terrible accident and death of a 3-year-old boy this morning. the boy died on the way to the hospital after his father's handgun went off at their home. at this point it's unclear whether the child shot himself or whether a friend accidentally pulled that trigger. investigators are confirming the boy was the son of a san jose police officer. now they are looking into how the gun was stored and why a child was able to get his hands on it. we'll follow this story all morning long. >> let's take a look outside and say good morning to meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. it's a great morning. temperatures are in the upper 50s. we have a low 60 there. one more day with the marine
7:57 am
layer pushed inland by noon, all the way back out to sea and look where we're headed. things changing soon, so embrace the day. 79 in san jose, 84 in concord. 76 in places like oakland. heat is on this weekend but tuesday and wednesday of next week, looking like scorchers around the bay area at 94 degrees inland tuesday. >> the lighter friday commute but we've had problems through the south bay. the latest, northbound 101 at fair oaks, an accident in the backup, that was formed when we had two other issues. now that accident at fair oaks to the shoulder. speed in the 40s past 237 which no longer has out of milpitas and sunnyvale. slowing 880 past the coliseum. a live look and traffic flowing bet are now that the accident north of here at park has cleared. back to you. >> thank you. the latest update, check us out
7:58 am
on facebook. ♪
7:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
8:00 am
. 8:00 now on friday morning july 6th, 2012. it is a picture perfect morning in rockefeller plaza. we have a great crowd with us. live concert from the hottest rapper on the planet, flo rida. i'm natalie morales with willie geist in for matt. also it is friday. looking forward to a nice weekend. >> absolutely. flo rida, then the weekend. we have the ultimate guide to get you ready for this weekend. everything from the movies and tv shows you want to see to the books to read and hot celebrity news, including the latest on tom cruise and katie holmes and their split. did she hint at the breakup in an interview just weeks before
8:01 am
she filed for divorce? also, are you planning your summer vacation? we'll check out the best of the best when it comes to hotels, cruise lines and more as voted by leisure & travel magazine. >> first back inside, today's top stories from tamron hall. hey, tom ron. >> willie, natalie, good morning. this morning we're getting a look at arrests from a british attack. richard dart detained in london. he previously and in a bbc documentary speaking about the support of jihad, in a youtube video vowing to disrupt last year's royal wedding. this week's terror arrest are not believed to be part of the olympic games and the terror level has not been elevated. record break heat in the midwest and atlantic, northeast states where hundreds of thousands of people still have no power nearly a week after severe storms. at least two people have been
8:02 am
killed in a violent thunderstorm that hit the great smoke mountains national park thursday. it left tens of thousands of customers in the area without power. investigators are trying to determine why a 34-foot yacht capsized in long island sound fourth of july. 27 people on board wednesday night to watch fireworks. 24 of them survived but three children drowned when that boat capsized. officials may try to raise the boat today. scott peterson appealing his 2004 guilty verdict for murder of pregnant wife lacy and his unborn son. he gaims claims he's innocent blaming the verdict on the media circus that surrounded his california trial. for a look at what's trending, a quick roundup. is it true cruise was blind-sided on the divorce. he might have seen a clue in the sexy new spread in "elle."
8:03 am
the 34-year-old actress talks about a new phase in her life and feels like, quote, she's coming into her own. usually a person talking to himself would be called unusual or crazy. jeremiah mcdonald is being called a genius for slicing together a video of himself, asking himself revealing questions. >> what would you do? you must have hobbies. >> you're interviewing yourself. look at you. >> you left the tape. don't do this -- charming no wonder i'm single. >> okay. not just silly, fun banter, the 32-year-old had to field awkward questions about where his childhood pets are today. pretty cool. this video of a drunk guy serenading a drunk cat has the internet in a tizzy. may be the best rendition you've ever seen.
8:04 am
♪ baby ♪ >> okay. luckily the cat escaped the musical onslaught leaving the owner face down singing to the carpet. it is now 8:05, now back to natalie. willie, i guess that cat didn't want to lose one of his nine lives to that sound. >> thank you, tamron. >> saturday night at the morales house. get drunk and sing to the house. >> not at all. your house, right? let's get a check right now at the weather. stephanie abrams in for al this weekend. hey, stef. >> i found ultimate fans, drove all the way from illinois, 20 hours. what did you guys listen to for 20 hours. >> flo rida. >> so dad you're a fan now. >> oh, yeah. >> we are all blinked out and ready for flo rida. as we head throughout the day today, we do have our pick city in tucson, arizona, going to be
8:05 am
hot. 98 degrees. you guys are filming out of illinois. that's nothing. satellite and radar, again, through the midwest we could see storms today. otherwise the heat across the country. that's the big story but well, we've got our own view, the golden gate bridge. you can't see the top of it right now. you will be able to by about noon today. that's when the fog is expected to clear. we're taking a live look at the bay area where the fog is the thickest right at the coastline. already getting sunshine in san jose this morning. last day of strong onshore flow, and that means temperatures are only going to end up in the 70s, so staying below our seasonal averages in places like san jose. you'll hit about 83 degrees in livermore today. >> willie, flo rida brought out a wild crowd. that's all i have to say. >> he did. they got up early and traveled great distances to be here. the party starts with flo rida in just a little bit.
8:06 am
first a look at your weekend and what you ought to be doing. what's up, in when it comes to fashion, movies and more. then of course a live concert with flo rida. first these messages. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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we're back at 8:09, what's new, what's up, what's in. everything you need to get ready for the weekend. >> willie has three experts to help us out starting with what's new at the box office and on tv. a senior editor at "entertainment weekly." tom, good morning. >> good morning. >> movies for all ages this weekend. first up, "the amazing spider-man." came out last weekend but this the big weekend for it. >> this the big weekend. it already made $66 million but will dominate the box office. for my friend steve, it's all about spidey this weekend. people seem to be reboogt this
8:10 am
franchise yet it really delivers the goods. emma stone and andrew garfield really terrific at these kind of love torn high schoolers. they are a real life couple and there is a spark between them on the screen. >> taking my son to see that. oliver stone has a new movie out "savages." this is not a movie for kids, we should point out. >> this is a very hard r rated movie. plays like a jacked up episode of miami vice, told from the viewpoint of bad guys. marijuana dealers that get on the wrong side of a mexican cartel run by selma hiayek. katy perry, a trend, justin bieber, miley cyrus had a movie out. is that sort of a thing for her
8:11 am
fans. >> young pop star the 3d film is the brand obsession. justin has his own fragrance, sweetie concert movies are par for the course for a pop star. >> movies to tv, what is on television you say is a must see. >> talking dead, live chat show on amc. this weekend will delve all into a preview of the upcoming third season of the zombie series walking dead. drew carey will be a guest on it. show a black and white version of an entire episode of walking dead for true purists that want to see their zombies in old-fashioned black and white style. >> i'm a huge fan of that show and can't wait for season three. i downloaded this book based on your recommendation "gone girl." a must read. >> a can't put down thriller by
8:12 am
gillian flynn, he said, she said movie. suburban man, his wife goes missing. he's suspect number one in the disappearance. we get alternating chapters between nick and amy. we gradually find out what happens. this has more twists than a chubby checker concert. >> a "dateline" series. tom, thanks so much. now let's turn it over to willie. >> thanks. moving on to what's up in the world of entertainment. "e! news" correspond. >> good morning. >> start with tomkat. >> yes. >> after six years of marriage, what's the latest? >> the latest is she gave an interview six weeks ago before she filed. talk about foreshadowing. she says it's her season. she's not focused on tom cruise, it's about her and what she wants in her life. talked to a divorce lawyer, he said a couple of ways, you can be nice, go for the throat. katie went for jugular. >> when you dig deep and read
8:13 am
reporting, this has been on her mind for sometime. it didn't happen overnight. >> didn't happen overnight. apparently have you to be in new york two years to establish residency. katie wanted to do it here. it's a no nonsense state, both will be in court. they both have to show up. we'll see what happens. >> another celebrity baby boom. who is expecting. >> matthew mcconaughey and wife and claire danes. this is their third child. they announced it fourth of july on twitter. it's claire danes first child. yes, i know. >> big year nor matthew mcconaughey. >> r&b singer frank ocean came out this week on his tumb blr page. explain how this went down. >> very popular songwriter. has his own album coming out july 17th. on his tumblr, he said you know
8:14 am
what, i was in love with a man when i was 19. has he a song "him him him" his love for him. in the hip-hop community, it's been homo phobic but everybody has come out supporting him from jay-z to his record label. it represents a turn in hip-hop. >> that's a big thing, having jay-z embrace it. >> has been homo phobic and taken a lot of heat for that. kae out and said, i'm supporting frank. >> real quick, lindsay lohan in the headlines. >> breaking news, are you ready? she's a red head again. >> that's the news? >> okay. in the entertainnt world this is decent news. remember when she first came out with "mean girls." she was a red head, really cute. she wrapped playing liz taylor. she wrapped the movie, did a good job apparently and is on a better track. >> breaking news.
8:15 am
>> hard hitting journalism. >> good to see you. thank you so much. willie, thank you. last but not least. what's in when it comes to fashion, beauty and food. sara gore, host of "open house." good morning. let's launch in. great gatsby. >> if you want clothes silk, drop waist, fringe. a subtle way of wearing it, art deco print fabric, necklace from carol lee. >> modern flapper. >> yes, not full flapper. this top from h&m, pleats, fringe with necklace. >> shorts are awesome. >> $69. another great way to add a touch of the trend. these head pieces of from add a little whimsy to your hair. looks great up and down. >> this the hottest print of the
8:16 am
summer. >> people say iccat, joe jones, how fashion carries over into your home decor. if you don't want to commit to take couch or window treatment, these pillow covers are $34. it's a very affordable way to embrace that trend. >> i love this next item. polaroid is back. >> happy 75th anniversary to polaroid. you can add border, filters. we took a picture earlier. >> it's 45 seconds. it's going to come out. so you can actually pick and choose pictures you want to develop now instead of having polaroids sitting down. >> sit on the bottom. we'll keep moving. >> next up in the food world. >> the hottest trend in food right now is actually very cold. boozy popsicles and icicles. >> boozy means alcohol. >> it's a little early for the real deal this is mock tail cocktail. >> this is great, a machine that
8:17 am
makes your popsicles in 10 minutes or less, which is great. if you don't have that, you can actually just use paper cups and pop them out. there's our picture. boom. stickers so kids will love this. >> love that for the party. yum yum. ice creammaker. >> these have been around for a while but now all these great fun colors. >> that's nice. >> when your dogs are barking, it's summertime, your feet have to look great. you want to take care of them. you can't always get your pedicure done. these butter london products are fantastic. when olympics coming why not buy the products. >> butter london. >> makes feet soft and silky. >> like a baby's bottom. that's what you get with this product. these are free free, no formaldehyde. >> hot colors? >> oranges, pinks. >> thank you, sara. up next best of the best when it comes to travel from airlines
8:18 am
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8:21 am
from toyota. this morning on today's travel, best places to go in 20 $12.they have rated hotelses, food lines and more, world's best awards. these are fun. here with results, good morning. >> good morning, willie. >> let's point out off the top, some of these over the top expenses, pie in the sky, there are affordable ones. >> there's a mix. what's important is what we feel, all the properties and places our readers chose really represent value. so they might be expensive but what you're getting is a great value for money. let's start with the best hotel and best safari rolled into one. >> this is in tanzania. this is a magical place.
8:22 am
a reserve in the middle of the national park. have you the incredible dinners under african skies, rides with incredible guides. all this to say you're going to be taken care of and pampered and see all the animals you can imagine. >> beautiful. my type of safari. second, right here in the u.s., triple creek. >> this is another experience, montana bitterroot mountains. what i love about this and what our readers love. they will cater to you and make it whatever you want to be. they have cattle drives, fly-fishing, hiking, et cetera. this is a place you're going to get ready active and get a lot of rocky mountain bravado. a lot of exercise for sure. >> get that cowboy experience.
8:23 am
>> yeehaw. >> now for the top resort in the continental u.s., we talked about affordability, osprey at beaver creek, colorado. >> osprey, $143 in the summertime. right in the heart of beaver creek. it's 43-room boutique hotel. what you get here is more of that kind of charming, chic luxury of being in a chalet. you get -- what is that called, fireplaces, beautiful fireplaces everywhere. you can ski if you go in the winter, summertime lots of activity. >> 143, more like it. top in the u.s., number two, if we could. chicago. chicago is hot right now. >> chicago has never been as high on our list as it is this year. it was number three this year and number two. it's actually getting a little bit of a run for its money to new york city. this comes in really well with our readers for food, for value
8:24 am
as well and for incredible culture. the park, music outside all summer for free. great for shopping. i have to admit the shopping is great there. three top hotels were in chicago including waldorf astoria. world's best island i confess to never having heard of it in the philippines. >> bora kai. it beat out bali, number two. it's one of those islands you should know about if you're interested in culture and value. our readers love this, it's not been on anyone's radar. it's in the philippines. not only hotels for $50 but incredible hotel by tsvangirsh k tsvangirai -- crystal cruises. >> one of two companies that
8:25 am
held onto its number one spot for 17 years we've been running the survey. readers love it for the incredible service. good reason. one to one crew to guest ratio. >> one to one. >> for every single person there, there's a person taking care of you. incredible state rooms, great interiors. fantastic deals to the mediterranean for about $256 a night. can you do a couple different cruises i love. >> seventeen years in a row. best domestic airline goes to virgin america. branson knows how to do it. >> they have held onto number one spot on the survey since they opened. people love it because you get whatever you want when you want. jetblue second. they do similar things but virgin's value, great service and fun, which everyone loves. >> great list again this year. thanks so much. just ahead a live concert from flo rida after your local news.
8:26 am
good friday morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're learning more about the horrific crash in alameda overnight. six teenagers, none older than 15, injured when their car slammed into a tree. look at that car. a police news conference minutes ago revealing the driver, a 15-year-old boy, was not licensed. he was the most severely injured. officers also say alcohol was found inside that car's trunk. speeding is suspected as a factor in that solo car crash. police say a man who crashed his car after a chase on the bay bridge was drunk driving. chp officers say antonio roberson was speeding when he lost control of his car and crashed on the bridge early yesterday morning. both roberson and a passenger were injured in that crash.
8:27 am
officers had to close down eastbound lanes for eight hours, leading to miles of traffic backups. roberson is on parole for false imprisonment and human trafficking. he is expected to face drunk driving and weapons charges. for the latest traffic and news, check out nbc bay area on facebook.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
of july, 2012. the crowd gearing up for a live concert from grammy nominated concert flo rida. he will perform in just a moment. i can barely see what i'm reading here. sunglasses on, concert glasses on definitely.
8:31 am
so excited about flo rida, been dancing to the music all week long. finally happened. >> you're pulling those shades off in a way most cannot. tamron, we'll have to get you a pair. >> amore concerts ahead, zac brown band with their enter vang country rock, a little reggae. then nashville's own michelle ray. also brute products you may not know about, but we all should, including a towel that will cool you down in a second because it's so hot. a product that promise as ten-second face-lift. ten seconds and have you a little -- >> okay. also, do you guy know today is my favorite day of the year, national fried chicken day. >> i didn't know that. >> national fry chicken day, celebrate southern roots.
8:32 am
the trick to preparing perfect fried chicken, also bacon in the kitchen. first a check of the weather with stephanie abrams who is somewhere in that crowd. >> what song are you most excited for? >> everybody wants to hear whistle. the forecast while we head into the weekend, it is going to be hot, hot, hot. there it is for you on saturday. slight risk for storms from ohio on into the northeast. we will see a cooloff, though, around the great lakes and northeast. for the second half of the weekend, more of the same with storms headed south. can you give us a whistle, sing for us as we head to break. good morning to you. taking a live look over san jose, this is all that's left of the clouds. we're clearing out quickly, getting ready for our last unseasonably cool day before things really start to heat up. temperatures in the 70s today, 78 in los gatos, about 79 in redwood city. 84 in concord. the trivalley getting warm. livermore today about 83
8:33 am
degrees. as we head into the upcoming weekend, temperatures will start to climb, upper 80s inland saturday and sunday, then the mid-90s return tuesday into wednesday. and if you're headed to the concert, check out the forecast 24 hours a day on willard, good morning. good morning, willard. >> willard scott, finally hit the big time, beautiful sculpture garden gallery of art in washington. you must see this. next to the national gallery. a nice place to sit and meditate. take a look, beryl kapaun from south dakota. 113 years old. also very much involved in women's suffrage. she voted for the first time women could vote. didn't say for who. johnnie kvendru from bellview, minnesota, 101-year-old. loves to chase the ladies around
8:34 am
in his scooter chair, which can get up to 72 miles an hour. he's caught three of the ladies so mar. myrtle singleton from belleville, texas, 102. enjoys going to church and is always wearing a pretty hat. nothing like a nice hat on a pretty lady. how about that. ted and floorene rich american fork, utah, 75 years they are married and still madly in love and crazy about each other. orlando, florida famous for mickey mouse and lots of other exciting things including gnatton johnson, who is 100 years old today. he loves to play the piano and watch baseball. he is something else. how about this, mary shofer from baltimore, maryland, right up the road 40 miles. 104 years old, exercises every day and has never lost her zest for life. can't beat that. i feel the same way. now back to new york. >> thanks so much, willard. who is ready for a dance party?
8:35 am
get ready. flo rida takes to our concert stage next. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> announcer: toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> all right. if you've had your radio on any time at all this summer, you've probably been singing along to this man's songs. he's one of the hottest rappers in the world and we are pleased to welcome him back to the plaza. ladies and gentlemen, flo rida! >> let's go new york city, put your hands up in the air right now.
8:38 am
put your hands. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:40 am
♪ ♪
8:41 am
♪ ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, flo rida. our concert is just getting started. we'll be back with more
8:42 am
8:43 am
grammy nominated rapper flo rida has become a fixture at the top of the charts, 60 million singles worldwide, new album "wild ones." flo rida, good morning. you work up a sweat. look at you. my goodness. quite something. 60 million singles.
8:44 am
you helped us celebrate our 60th recently at the "today" show. 60 seems to be your number. >> definitely great to be with you guys. brand-new album at the stores right now. >> a lot of hits on it already. it just dropped on the 3rd, i believe. what are you expecting? what is the goal of this album? what are you looking for? >> my goal is to watch all my fans go crazy, party. >> you don't have to ask, knowing you were coming all week, we've been dancing all week long waiting for you. is that where your going? you have a range of fans. it's about the dancing, partying, having a good time. >> i've always wanted a mike flag like that. the flo here and rida there,
8:45 am
it's a beautiful thing, bedazzled. >> tell me about life now, on tour, jennifer lopez. lmfao. >> everyone with an album, lil wayne. i wouldn't mind working with outk, ast, beyonce. >> is she ready to work with you? >> she's ready to party. >> people that don't know your history, you grew up in the projects as a kid. look at you now, you've sold tens of millions of albums. basically you're living your dream. what do you tell kids maybe having a hard time growing up. >> i owe it to my mom. she motivated me to work so hard and always believe in yourself. if no one believes in yourself, you believe in yourself. when all said and done, a lot of times -- just always work hard, you know, and always try to
8:46 am
dedicate as much time to whatever you're trying to achieve in life. it's beautiful to kout out and see all my fans smiling and everything. this is a dream come true for me. >> thaer ready to dance. what are you going to sing next? ♪ yeah. >> i'm going to get out of the way. >> let's do it. >> everybody, hands up. i've got to know one thing, if you're flo rida. ♪ can you feel my whistle baby ♪ ♪ to you how to do it ♪ start real slow ♪ put your lips together ♪ go real slow ♪ can you below my whistle ♪ here we go
8:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ below my whistle baby ♪ whistle baby ♪ let me know ♪ show you how to do it ♪ start slow ♪ put your lips together ♪ slow ♪ blow my whistle baby ♪
8:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ whistle baby ♪ whistle baby ♪ whistle baby
8:49 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> flo rida, thanks. we'll have more music in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
all right. i think we've got some wild ones out here today. once again, here is flo rida.
8:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> flo rida, thank you. they will be back with one more song later. but first your local news.
8:56 am
good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. an oakland babysitter is expected to be back in court today on child abuse charges. police say 24-year-old zachariah williams is responsible for life-threatening injuries to a 3-year-old boy who is hospitalized in critical condition. court documents reveal the injuries include head trauma, laceration to the liver, and cigarette burns. the boy's mother and stepfather were also arrested but later
8:57 am
released. let's take a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. clearing up? >> we are clearing out. it will be nice out there, laura, even with a full deck of clouds earlier, now as that westerly flow persists and that cool ocean air keeps you cooled down. we'll warm up next week. i only intended to punch up your potatoes with the flavor of glorious spam! (woman) oh... i never thought of that. (ancr) break the monotony. visit
8:58 am
8:59 am
[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
9:00 am
♪ ♪ bac now with more of "today" on this back now today. a dance party here on the plaza. he has wowed our crowd. so good. so good. you were great. you really should consider getting a tattoo. >> you're hard out here. >> yes, i love my fans.
9:01 am
you know, enough energy. >> you've got one more song coming up. we'll play that for you in just a little bit. >> people don't appreciate how hot it is out here right now with the humidity. and he is working really hard. >> absolutely. we're going to till how to get your cool fast. we'll check out a towel, apparently, that is an instant sweat stopper. it is one of the innovative beauty products that is maybe too good to be true? >> also ahead, how do you stop the summer learning slide? school is out but that doesn't mean your kids should stop reading. experts say there are ways to encourage kids to crack open that book without a fight while on vacation. plus, from slip-ons to the best in boat shoes. do you like those? >> i do. >> we'll show you the hottest looks for men. >> okay, first there was a royal
9:02 am
wedding. then the jubilee. now another spectacular ceremony involving the queen and her royal family. this time she bestowed another knight hood on prince william. we'll get that report. first a check on the hot story with the morning and let's turning it over to tamron hall. >> all eyes on the new job report as the unemployment rate held steady, unchanged at 8.2%. the economy added only 80,000 jobs last month making june the third month in a roef weak hiring. >> our goal was never to just keep on working to get back to where we were back in 2007. i want to get back to a time when middle class families and those working to get into the middle class have some basic security. that's our goal. >> and these numbers understate what people are feeling and the amount of pane which is during in middle class america. >> officials may try today to raise the 34-foot yacht that capsized wednesday night in new
9:03 am
york's long island sound investigators are for the cause. and more misery for the east today where temperatures will be in the 90s. and hundreds of thousands of people still have no power after violent storms a week ago. the heat is coming from the midwest. officials say it set temperature records in many cities and caused as many as five deaths. at least two more people were killed when a violent thunderstorm hit the great smoky mountains national park on thursday. a florida judge has set a high bar for george zimmerman's release from jail. he's been granted $1 million bail as he awaits the second-degree murder trial. in a written ruling delivered thursday, the judge questioned zimmerman's credibility, having revoke his earlier $150,000 bond for allegedly misleading the court about his finances. judge lester also suggested that zimmerman may have planned to flee the country with money
9:04 am
donated online for his defense when he was first released from jail. a break in the searing heat out west has firefighters scrambling to gain firefighters scrambling to gain ground. crews making progress on fires in wyoming and montana while investigators on the most destructive wildfire in colorado state history say they have located the site where that blaze started. they have yet to conclude what triggered a 12 day old wildfire. meantime a new wildfire forcing evacuations and threatening more than 100 homes in northern california. a book lover's dream as an abandoned walmart in texas turned into largest library in the country, a size of two and a half football fields, the public library seeing a big spike in membership and innovative design. a lot of reports. it's another scorcher today as we kick off the weekend. so if you're headed out in the sun, check out this new video, funny or die, featuring the stars rapping about the
9:05 am
notorious spf. ♪ >> these two getting sun burned. no joke. having no problem using more sunscreen than they probably need. that's funny. five minutes past the hour? now back to stephanie. check of the spf forecast. >> it is hot out here. only 78. feels like 178. never too hot for a concert. too hot. are you guys hot over here. it is hot out here. not only new york, but across a big chunk of the country we are seeing heat advisories. current temperatures already at the early hour in the 80s across the middle of the country. as we head into the afternoon
9:06 am
aren't you glad you're waking up in california many morning? good morning to you. got gorgeous conditions to look forward to throughout the day and the weekend as we're still getting that marine layer vividly you can see that here from san francisco this morning. mostly cloudy conditions. we'll make way to a nice, sunny finerish. the winds will pick up. then we get hot. 79 today in san jose, about 83 in livermore. tomorrow the upper 80s return and then, yeah, we're talking muggy 90s tuesday into wednesday. >> tamron, everyone giving a thumbs-up out here, the concert. >> all right, stephanie, thank you. this morning on "today's" beauty products, too good to be true. beauty expert and founder of, cosmetics that work miracles on skin and hair. good morning. good to see you. these are tested.
9:07 am
we know it's a good thing. >> i test tons of products to find out what really works. a lot of products make big promises but not all of them live up to the hype. >> you end up wasting money. what does this have to do with beauty? >> this is mission's cooling health. so hot outside whether walking or playing sports, this is your portable cooler. as soon as it's hit with sweat or water it instantly cools to 59 degrees and stays that up up to two hours. >> it is cold. wow. >> yes. >> how long does it last? >> two hours. stays lightweight, spf 45. >> sweating like flo rida, wrap it around, boom. >> save them. serena williams, special athletes. >> next on the list. >> this is a face-lift without the stitches. >> help me understand that. >> these are little pieces you can apply behind the ears, target places around the neck,
9:08 am
the mouth, the eyes. >> didn't we see these in the 50s. >> interestingly these have been around 25 years. not a lot of women know about them. those that are using it, i think they are saving them as their best kept secret. we have a before and after, too. a woman that uses this product, she uses it on her neck. this is actually someone i know in her mid-60s. >> how long did she use it? >> this is meetly after putting it on, ten seconds to put it on. it takes years off. >> moving on from that to creams that help us. >> your hair dries out if you wash it a lot, cleansing conditions ar good solution. shampoos and conditioners in one, you what need are moisturizing, won't strip your hair. l'oreal, a good drugstore buy. wen actually uses botanicals.
9:09 am
>> i'm glad you have drugstore items, a lot of us are conditioned we need to spend a lot of cash. >> i love budget buys. lashes, make you pop. >> love the look of false lashes, not the most practical. this is better than false lashes, selling out. two parts, aascare that you apply first to the lash. then the middle section is fibers. these are where the magic happens. they lengthen your lashes, like your lashes multiplied. >> you apply the mascare, follow it up. >> then the fibers, then mascare to seal it in. >> waterproof? >> no, but nice thing it will come off easily with water. >> next. >> alternative to traditional medications, suffering from a headache or pms or hangovers. these are drops. essential oil blends. >> a huge bun online, people talking about the drops. >> and they are adorable.
9:10 am
apply it, inhale the wonderful aroma. this one is headache. >> writes the hangover. >> we've got the hangover here ready. right here. >> you put it on your wrist or temples. >> wherever you need to, inhale it and it will save you. >> smells good. nothing else, if i don't lose the hangover it smells good. >> hair shadows, eye shadows for your hair. we've seen pastel hair trend, even flo rida, his singer had lavender hair. good way to get it without the commitment. color bug and color smasher, two companies that launch this. all you do, take a section of your hair, press it in. you can do it yourself. you seal it in with either hairspray or hot tool. then when you're ready to go back to your regular, it washes out. >> i love it. the colors are vibrant. you wouldn't think it picks up
9:11 am
that easily but it does. that's awesome. wash it right out. >> wash it out. >> pink today, purple tomorrow. a good list of things here. appreciate it. coming up, thanks, nicole. up next a strategy for parents to stop the summer learning slide and get kids reading while school is out. another ceremony for prince william. take a look at pomp and circumstance right after the messages. today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credit cards. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] for too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn double miles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ] hawaii, here we come. [ alec ] so sign up today for a venture card at and start earning double. [ all ] double miles!
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9:15 am
>> announcer: "today's" classroom brought to you by kellogg's frosted mini wheat serial. this morning on today's classroom, the reading summer slide. kids that read during the summer do better when they return to school. suggestion on getting your kids to pick up a book. we hear about the summer slide. what's happening? why is this a good time not to let kids relax but get them working on math and reading. >> we want them to relax, do it in a fun way. the truth is research shows kids lose two months of what they have learned during the academic year in the summer. 20% of what they learned. they are heading into school august or september behind the eight ball. we want to keep them stimulated intellectually so they stay on top in the fall. >> is the learning loss in all subject matters or more prevalent in one area. >> more prevalent in math and reading. even worse force lower economic
9:16 am
kids who lose more reading ground than middle or upper class counterpart. we want to be aware of that. >> we encourage parents to tackle reading and math but do it in a fun way. get a medal in math because of summer olympics around the corny. give me an ample the way you can work in summer games into the math plan. >> a great opportunity, we have all these opportunities. do a medal graph, make a chart of the different countries and what they are doing. let's say they are looking at world records, what the statistical differences are if one world record is turned over by another. lots of opportunities on how to do math and enjoy it. >> also plan a virtual vacation, don't have to leave the house, work in math problems as well. >> geography, look at a map and say i want to plan a trip to
9:17 am
tanzania, how long to get there, what's the time difference, the money differential, how would we convert it. if we can map it out, look at the geographical location, start to do history and geography, get angry about it. >> good ideas. summer baseball season, work in some baseball as well into the math. >> statistics, economics. is it worth having very high-profile player on the team. is he delivering what we're paying him. different elements in there for all different ages which is also really nice. >> let's take a look at reading. a place we often don't visit enough is the public library. parents should take their kids exploring. >> instead of the movies to cool off, go to the library to cool off. you might find interesting books. let them explore, do some reading at the library, a great place to start. >> as parents you should be the example, reading around your kids. right? >> read in front of them, read with them. sit with the paper, maybe do some talking with them about what you are reading.
9:18 am
you really want to lead by example. in this way read by example. >> as long as you're not reading "50 shades of grey." >> pick appropriate choices. >> a lot of people are, of course. you also say read out loud to your kids no matter what age. >> no matter what age. kids like to hear reading out loud. even into middle school. do interactive reading. i read some, you read some. make it fun, creative. it will really excite your kids. >> you've guilted me, i've got to get cracking on my kids homework. >> no homework, just fun. >> it is. an ancient honor for prince william. another knighthood from the queen but first these messages. the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right.
9:19 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] food you eat [ sizzling ] is a blt. but food you love ♪ is a blt with best foods. nothing tastes like it. made with real ingredients like cage-free eggs and exceptional oils and vinegar ♪ for the unmistakable taste that can only be best foods. bring out the best. [ sound fades ] at a moment like this, i don't care if my tampons come in a little black box. tampax pearl protects better than u by kotex. [ cheers and applause ] [ angie ] outsmart mother nature only with tampax.
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ian italian dinner for 2r $25. where choice is on the menu. start with all the fresh salad and warm breadsticks you want. choose 2 appetizers made for sharing. then 2 entrées from 6 of our favorites. classics like eggplant parmigiana and new favorites like smoked mozzarella chicken and spaghetti with four cheese meat sauce & meatballs. 3 courses, 2 people, just $25. but only for a limited time, at olive garden. some new ones for britain's royal family, one very formal. the other, would you believe, involving a frog. nbc's michelle kosinski is at
9:22 am
buckingham palace to explain that. >> progressfrogs and princes has gone together. the first honor is a big one. early and countess. you can always tell how formal the occasion by the hats and formal robes. this is a big one. the queens and dignitaries, prince william made a anytime in the most ancient order of the thistle. not bad for a guy out of the 20s. kate carrying a tartan scarf. >> he's stepping up royal duties. i think it's a wave of the future. >> scotland, despite a movement there to leave the united kingdom has always meant much to
9:23 am
the queen and family. balmoral, her treasured estate where she and william and harry stayed quietly after princess diana's death. kate and william met in college, in the land of scott, upon the marriage given by the queen scottish titles, early and countess. for prince charles this week, a much different honor. after he let school children camp outside his home raising awareness of the rain forest, a cause dear to charles's heart, he had this little character named after him. a rare ecuadorial stream frog. it loves waterfalls. very touched, a lump in my throat, must be a frog, he said. no kisses were exchanged. but the family also got to kick back a little at wimbledon. kate wearing a tennis inspired dress she wore one year to the day prior in canada.
9:24 am
the close match chronicled on her face as murray tried to become the first british champion since 1936, going for a title of his own. prince william is also a member of the most exalted member of knights, order of the guarder found in 1300s. he's also a member of a modern day order called the air force. he wanted to stay in as long as possible. royal watchers say he made need to scale that back soon and focus more on his royal duties. >> prince charlesi, the frog. thanks so much from michelle. coming up, hot shoe trends. >> one more song from flo rida. first local news and weather. ♪
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good friday morning to you. 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. six teenagers are in the hospital this morning after a violent car crash in alameda. it happened just after 1:30 in the morning on island drive. police say five 15-year-olds and a 13-year-old were riding in that car when the driver lost control, slamming it into a tree. the driver was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other five were also hurt, but they are expected to recover. police say the car belonged to one of the teenager's parents and was used without permission. no word on what caused that crash. horse races will continue today at the alameda county fair grounds a day after a jockey was killed on the track. just seconds after leaving the starting gate, jorge herera's horse was clipped as he approached the first turn.
9:27 am
he tumbled off the mount and onto the track. officials say another horse may have stepped on him while he was on the ground. >> at this time, the incident is being investigated. it's actually under review by the california horse racing board. there was no other horses or jockeys that were injured in that particular race. >> herera was rushed to mt. eden hospital in castro valley where he died just two hours later.
9:28 am
welcome back. weather headlines are the story for the day, patchy fog still out there hugging the coastline. it will clear up and we'll have a nice sunny finish and the winds will gust on the especially bayside and at the coast. muggy weather on the way for next week, so enjoy the 70s. we are the envy of the nation. everybody talking about it on facebook, how nice it is here compared to the east coast. enjoy it because things are changing. 79 degrees in san jose today, 83 in livermore. by this weekend, we'll ramp the numbers up into the mid to upper
9:29 am
70s bayside and the mid-90s return inland tuesday into wednesday. here's mike. he's back with your drive. let's take a look over here. the bay bridge toll plaza, we had a stall on the incline that cleared. metering lights on but a light backup at the toll plaza. back to the maps, there's two accidents gillman and university on the east shore freeway but they are not causing a lot of slowing. they're on the shoulder now. another live look out shows you what things are like. sorry. sensors in the south, traffic moving smoothly. very nice, laura. thank you for joining us.
9:30 am
>> this is doug pit, the second most favorite pitt in the family. >> welcome, everyone. this is my home. come inside. i'll take you on the tour. this is the family living room. this is where i don't usually get to pick what's on tv. the wife, the kids. my man room. >> brad pitt's brother, an endorsement deal of his own, a taste of the movie star life his brother brad enjoyed so long. we'll catch up with doug pitt monday exclusively on "today." i'm natalie morales with willie geist and tamron hall. coming up, summer shoes but for
9:31 am
the guys. have you some on. >> we're not supposed to -- we can't wear ratty sneakers until they fall apart anymore. have to shall style. show you what the fashion forward man is putting on his feet this summer. i'm told it's all about color. >> those are what size? >> these are 13, boats, double as water skis. >> you and shaquille o'neal. >> who can resist this crispy treat. the secret to making perfect fried chicken. >> first jenna wolfe here with a preview of what's coming up on "today." >> coming up, nasty heat has gripped much of the country for the past week. will it finally end this weekend? we'll have the latest. much more on the sensational split between tom cruise and katie holmes. just how ugly could this all get before it is settled. speaking of breakups, we're
9:32 am
looking at divorce after 50. how you can move on after separating with your spouse. lester has been bragging about it for a long time. this weekend he'll teach us all to play ping-pong. >> are you good? >> i happen to be phenomenal but i told him i've never picked up a mini racket. i didn't want to throw it out there but it will be interesting. >> we'll be watching. >> that will be fun. a check of the weekend weather for stephanie abrams. >> i have some good news for everybody. it's going to cool off. first we have to head through the heat today. as we head into the weekend, though, we are going to see our temperatures drop 20 degrees in some places like chicago. we're triple digits, into the 80s as we head into sunday. enjoying another beautiful day here in san jose with the upper 70s. that's right. first week of july looking really comfortable across the bay area with temperatures in the 70s. but we have major changes on the way if you really want to
9:33 am
embrace this cooler than average weather while it lasts. a good yay dey for yard work. 83 degrees in livermore today. mid to upper 80s for saturday and sunday inland, then the 90s return. >> i think it's going to be a shock to everyone's system. so hot and then actually below average in some places. >> sweaters. >> summer sweaters. >> in the office it will be sweater weather. >> stephanie, thank you. up next, fun and fashional footwear for the fellas, but first they messages. [ female announcer ] kraft singles have no artificial flavors
9:34 am
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9:35 am
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starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's. ♪
9:37 am
this morning on "today's" style, fashionable footwear not just for women. what's new for men? color, color and more color. plus great new twists on old classics. lilliana vasquez from daily good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm excited to see color forifies. finally shoes aren't boring. >> the biggest decision men used to have to make is black or brown. today we're totally changing it up with all different styles for the summer. >> start with the classic for summer, the flip-flop. >> every guy needs it. i like a dressy flip-flop. rainbow makes a leather upper. if you're ecofriendly, made from biodegradable materials. really comfortable, mold to your foot nicely. talk about color, why not pattern. crocs, not just for kids, now grownups. these are some of my favorites.
9:38 am
$29.99. >> would you wear these out at night, out to dinner with pants? >> great question, brings me to the next shoe category. i don't like to see flip flops away from the pool or beach, if you're listening. >> i'm with you. >> the solution is a slip-on. summer slip on. espadrille been around a long time. now making a big splash stateside. these have van's. this is waterproof slip on. boat, beach, waterproof from swim's, breathable upper. these from native shoes. what's cool about these, you can get in the water. meant to walk in the water, rocks on beach, jump op off your boat into the water in the lake. >> the espadrille may feel like a leap for some guys. i'm on board. we should move in that direction. boat shoes an old classic.
9:39 am
>> this isn't about your dad's boat show, brown. they have come a long way. van's does a great canvas, a bit more summery, lightweight. these are fantastic, from sperry. when you think of sperry, minted in '95, original boat shoe. look how cool these are, pink bottoms, a more untraditional. but why not. speaking of untraditional. boat boot. if you like it year-round, this the way to do it. these slip ons are great. >> confident man wears the pink sole. >> absolutely. >> sneakers, i love these. >> colors are huge. these are from new balance. c-5,000. 3.2 ounces on that. that's lighter than a lipstick. that's crazy. those are great for short distance running. if you want to do more distance running, these are from nike, free run 3. adidas makes climb cools, 360
9:40 am
degree cooling, cool your feet running, especially if you're running outdoors in the summer. a category i like to call the lifestyle sneaker. if you want a sporter style but fashion forward, these are available. what's cool about these, they are waterproof, nylon, they can get wet and dry out. these are celebrity favorite, creative recreation, kanye west wears these, dwyane wade. lots of athletes love them. they are fun. they are for a conservative guy with a pop of color. >> expensive, the celebrity show. >> $50. $49.95. my favorite category. contrast soles. for a long time only women got them, red louis vuitton. all different colors, aledo, steve madden, nike makes a fantastic one. nike air technology for cole haan, how hot is that yellow. would you wear these.
9:41 am
>> i have a pair with gray top, neon yellow bottom. i wasn't sure at first. >> you're totally ahead of the curve. >> up next, the trick to making the crispiest fried chicken right after this. i'm used to having irregularity.
9:42 am
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9:45 am
kitchen celebrating national fried chicken day, everybody's favorite finger lickin' good meal. here to show us how to make suck lent fried chicken. good morning, k.c. >> good morning. how are you? >> great. >> this the big recipe at the restaurant. >> it is for brunch. it's funny. we make italian food. for our brunch we want to be payful, fun, everyone loves fried chicken. french americana funniness. >> start off with batter. >> start off with egg and buttermilk mixture. this the most important thing to do. two eggs, five and a half cups of buttermilk is important. mix eggs up, nice and whisked in. don't want to do them together, then you'll overwhip buttermilk. mix this together. also the temperature of the oil, preheat that to around 325. if you get any hotter, it's going to get too dark before cooked and no one wants raw chicken. >> what kind of spices.
9:46 am
>> inside the dry mix, regular salt, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder. a little depth, really nice. tiny bit of kick. i love to drench things in hot sauce. >> not a bad thing. >> spicy things. it will be great. any who. chicken, frying pieces here, we went ahead and seasoned them up earlier with salt and pepper. grab these, one-step process. >> what else besides spices, just flour. >> just flour. i think the recipe will be available online so everyone can see that. you just want to handle is gently, don't get aggressive. let it sit-ins. probably do one more piece. >> how long can it sit? >> twenty seconds. maybe speed it up for our purposes now. allow the flour to soak up the buttermilk mixture, then get the flakiness. >> no one likes uncrispy chicken. >> you want the flakiness.
9:47 am
that's the point of the pastry flour, a little lighter, allows it to leaven more easily. lay it in here. this is important as well. really fluffy. flour is a pretty thing, it feels nice on the hands as well when it's fluffy. make sure if you're doing a large batch, sift this to get clumps out of it. generously coating it. not too much. just hold it a second, allow flakes to come out of each side so you don't drop it at flat bottoms. there you go, all fried things. >> how long does it spend in the oil there? >> it's relative. wings, breast, strs, kids love chicken strips. cut them. two to three. leg and thigh, fattier, dense, eight or nine minutes. >> how beautiful. >> there you go. >> arugula. >> make you guys feel --
9:48 am
>> something green. >> don't try to fake us out, okay? >> no, we've got to have the salad. arugula, blend of chicken. olive oil, dress your bowl, not greens. dress with olive oil first, then lemon juice. lemon, same gig. >> want to make sure we get to waffles. >> favorite actually makes them at home. bacon. >> like heaven. >> i like it. chicken and waffles, we got lucky at the tasting chicken. mildred pierce came out with a bunch of things, chicken and waffle craze. >> good timing. >> exactly. good timing. >> make you feel better. >> then just a little bit of maim syrup. >> there you go. you can stuff a waffle with anything, dates, pecans,
9:49 am
walnuts, figs, you can go crazy. >> perfect brunch. >> let's get into finger lickin' chicken. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, one more song from flo rida. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> coming up, katie lee and hoda sample summer cocktails. no surprise there. >> drinking again, wow. >> shocker. by the way, this is a great ad for your restaurant. we've been devouring this chicken. first, flo rida. >> here he is.
9:52 am
>> you can make it. you can see me live right here. sometimes i feel like tearing up. check it out. ♪
9:53 am
♪ ♪
9:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> i love you!
9:56 am
it is 9:56 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. the investigation is under way into the shooting death of a 3-year-old boy in gilroy. the boy died on the way to the hospital after his father's handgun went off at home. investigators confirmed the boy was the son of a san jose police officer. it is unclear whether the child
9:57 am
shot himself or whether a friend accidentally pulled that trigger. now they're looking into how the gun was stored and why a child was able to get his hands on it. in the east bay now, a violent crash in alameda sent six teenagers to the hospital this morning. it happened just after 1:30 on island drive. police say five 15-year-olds and a 13-year-old were riding in that car when the 15-year-old driver lost control and slammed into a tree. now, medics rushed that teen to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other five are expected to recover. the car belonged to one of the teen's parents and was used without permission. police say they found alcohol in the trunk, but they are not saying at this point any of the teens had been drinking. all right. let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good friday morning to you. a good-looking day shaping up. when we put things into perspective, sweltering heat on the east coast, yeah, perfection on the west coast. right here in the bay area, 76
9:58 am
in fremont, 79 in san jose today. through the weekend, the warm-up begins, kicks into high gear tuesday into wednesday, triple-digit warmth in the hottest cities across the bay. make sure you're ready for that. here's mike with the drive. >> indeed it is friday. look at the slowing, what remains of it through antioch in the 50s towards summersville. the two accidents that were on the east shore freeway, one is gone and one is on the shoulder. no major slowing for the toll plaza, metering lights off. san mateo bridge to the south, easy drive across the bay. you can see the hills on the peninsula, marla. not a problem for 101. >> thank you, mike. [ male announcer ] every day, your car takes you to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television so do something nice for it. hello, everybody. it's try day friday, july 6th. this month is just flying by. >> the first week of this month. >> i know. it's a great celebratory time to remind ourselves what a great country we live in. >> indeed. if you are trying to land yourself a date, you might need a dog, okay? apparently dogs are date magnets. >> troll with the dog. >> there is an app for pet
10:01 am
lovers. these are the dog breeds that attract men. >> this surprised me. it's more complicated. number three, chihuahuas. they are very sweet but yipy. >> bobbie thomas has one. >> she got engaged, so it works. labradors. >> and the number one dog that attracts a man is a golden retriever. >> everybody loves golden retrievers. >> when men see a woman walking a gold retriever, they see her as girlfriend material. >> if a woman has a chihuahua, they tend to think she is a one-night stand -- bobbie. >> or high maintenance. we did get that from bobbie. >> we did. we thought you were a one-night stand. ba-dum. >> if guys want to attract a woman. number three is the labrador retriever. number two, golden retriever. number one according to this app is a german shepard.
10:02 am
>> that wouldn't do it for me. give me a teacup malti-poo -- >> i would think he was sensitive and loving. frank first thought he was more hors d'oeuvre than dog. but frank has never been as loving as with this dog. >> if guys happen to be walking a boxer, bulldog or rottweiler, back away. >> aggressive. >> they are players. >> i think it's ridiculous. -- how many dot-comes do they have? >> would you give up -- would you give up sex for your favorite food? >> how long? >> for a year. one-third of people said they
10:03 am
would give up sex for food. 2/3 are choosing sex over their favorite food. >> why are we still obese? >> because no one is really doing it. >> everybody is lying. you know who you are. >> they asked meat eaters, would you be willing to date a vegetarian. are you that evolved? almost 1/3 said they would never date a vegetarian or a vegan. >> 2/3 said they would. okay? let's talk about the positive side. most people would date a vegetarian. >> have you ever? >> no, i wouldn't. >> why? >> i wouldn't. i don't know. >> oh, really? >> i want a meat eater. you're sick. you are all disgusting. you are all disgusting. okay? >> another survey. >> this is a really good one. if you've ever been on your first date and you know it's over. something happens. >> it's cosmic. >> there are a bunch of things
10:04 am
that did one of these dating no-nos. >> being late. >> that's mine. >> more than 15 minutes late is unacceptable. >> terrible, terrible. being rude or mistreating the server or waiter/waitress. >> who do you think you are to treat somebody like that? >> and they think they are being cool. >> they are in charge. >> no do not talk too much about your job. that's a huge -- >> unless it's fabulous. >> like ours. never bring up your ex. >> when was i on a date? in 1814 i was on a date. >> answering your cell phone. people, please or texting during a date. >> that is not great. >> you're texting somebody you would rather be with. >> be here now? >> live in the now. >> i'm right here. i'm here now. be here now. >> for men, don't talk too much
10:05 am
about your mother. >> it's out. >> i think they don't want a woman. >> no, no, no, it's the man. >> the man should not mention her at all unless he is in mourning because she just died. honestly. he should not bring her up at all. >> women should never ask about commitment or marriage on the first date. >> because he knows she is a psycho in training. really. >> it's true though. >> you're going to boil a rabbit like in "fatal attraction." >> i love that movie. >> another new study. people can literally be addicted to love. we know them. >> yeah. >> this is from concordia university. >> where is that? >> i don't know. in concordia, illinois. that's not true. i have no idea where concordia is. our crack research team can let us know. >> hopefully. >> love and lust, as if we didn't know, are intertwined. >> when someone breaks up with
10:06 am
you or you get broken up or something, they say there is an addiction like you want to get back and it's chemical. it's not just a sadness or mourning period. there is an addiction. that's why they say love is addictive. >> because the areas of the brain associated with love is also associated with addiction. that's why break-ups can be so difficult. i think they are difficult if one person is in love and the other person isn't. they are difficult for all kinds of reasons. >> they are. they say people, that's why people do crazy things at the end of relationships. >> like boil their rabbits. >> don't talk about that. >> "fatal attraction," don't you remember what glenn close did? >> i love that movie. >> it was so terrifying about a lust gone awry. >> you can watch it in baby steps happening in front of you, first it's the kid then this and like most things in life, baby steps to hell. >> trouble with trouble is you
10:07 am
don't know you're in trouble till you're in trouble. >> all right. if you're planning to get married, we might have the dress for you. >> at least it's affordable. >> this is a dress that is made completely out of toilet paper. >> that's very hard to believe. you look adorable. >> susan brennan is the winner of the charmin chic toilet paper dress contest. you're a designer in waiting? >> yes. >> this looks like material. >> this looks like diaper stuff here. that is depends toilet paper type stuff. >> it's charmin. >> how did y do it? you are so talented. >> thank you. it's all toilet paper. >> come over here and check this out. >> this is lovely. you set the toilet paper to fit like quilting.
10:08 am
this looks like a corset. >> it only took ten rolls of toilet paper, b.t. >> can you show the back? it's really pretty. >> i can't believe this. >> are you seriously thinking about wearing that? >> i would wear it if it's this pretty. >> then you would be wear your birthday suit which is very inexpensive. >> this is sweet. this is beautiful. look at the purse. >> you are so talented. >> you can open it. >> you are unbelievable. >> i'm glad you won. >> can i see the headress? toilet people never looked so good. you've got a real future ahead of you. >> thank you. >> charmin should sign you up forever. >> let's do this. this is fun. three different fragrances. we have three cities that each
10:09 am
one represents. >> supposed to smell like the city. >> new york, paris and dubai where my sister lives. we are going to try to guess which one of these three is which one of these three. always makes for great tv, squirting. how do we say what it is? >> i don't get it till i can compare. >> you should just stick it on there. >> that one's different. >> wait! sorry. >> do your three right now. >> i don't know. i have no idea. >> do it. just do it. >> this one i think is dubai. that's all i know.
10:10 am
>> i don't no. >> these are mine on the ground. do not let me touch things. this one is -- dubai. you were right. >> never been there. >> i love dubai. >> what did you say that was? >> this is paris. we were both right on the new york one. you were right on all three. >> it was total guessing. i would tell you that because i tell the truth. hoda would say, i know. >> scent of you know what it's time for? >> bobbie's buzz. >> i have to have this dress. you look beautiful. >> beach finds. i am so excited about this website kinimattic. you can upload your vacation photos to create a reversible
10:11 am
bikini. >> what if you went to a nudist beach? >> or board shorts. what is so cool, they have for the guys and the girls, you can design your own bathing suit with patterns and sell your design and make some money. they do sarongs, which is so cool. and for your girlfriends again because it is a hot topic. cover up the perky, pesky, when you're cold. the cover-up, they are waterproof so they can slip inside your bathing suit. this can help you feel not overexposed at the beach. >> some men might want those, as well. i've seen a few who can use those. >> the hat combs are great. these are called hold 'ems. inside, these double stick inside so it won't blow away in the wind. >> that's only for people whose hats are too big on their head.
10:12 am
>> that looks cute. you look so cute. >> let's switch. >> no. i want to see hoda try this one. >> no. that's not fair. >> it's time for the friday funny. ow, bobbie. my head's big. i can't help it. it's me. it doesn't go on. >> state trooper. a state trooper was sitting on the side of the road waiting to catch a speeding driver when a car puttered by at 24 miles per hour. he thought to himself, this driver is as dangerous as a speeder. turned his lights on, pulled the car over. as he approached he noticed there were five elderly ladies inside white-eyed and white at ghosts. the driver confused said, officer, i don't understand, i was going the exact speed limit. what seems to be the problem?
10:13 am
the trooper trying not to laugh explained that 24 was the route number not the speed limit. a bit embarrassed, the woman smiled and thanked the officer for pointing out her error. before the trooper let her go he said is everyone in this car okay? these women seem shaken? the driver replied, they'll be all right in a minute. we just got off route 180. it's all in the delivery. i learned that at the friar's club. >> all the must-see. >> entertainment weekly after this. [ female announcer ] what's a powerful way to cut through everyday greasy messes?
10:14 am
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10:16 am
pop culture fans, listen up. we have a preview of everything entertainment. >> with his latest picks in movies, tv, music, "entertainment weekly" secret
10:17 am
writer tim stack. we love him. >> i want to cover you with whipped cream. >> heard that before. >> let's talk about best movies. if you were going to see one movie what is your go-to pick? >> something different than the usual, go see "savages." it's very violent. it's very, very dark. it's oliver stone. it's about the drug cartels in mexico. >> i was thinking of something else. >> not about chardonnay cartel. >> no. mine had a fairy princess in it. >> no fairy princesses. there is a three-way relationship which is fun. >> for the kids, what's out there for the kids? >> for the kids, take them to see "ice age 4 continental drift." there are furry animals, there's ice.
10:18 am
all the voices are back like ray romano. they are cute and environmentally conscious. >> what is the big blockbuster movie this summer? >> the big one is obviously "the dark knight rises." it's out july 20th. a few weeks. it's the final in the batman trilogy. it's maybe the most anticipated movie of the year. christian bale is batman again. anne hathaway is catwoman. tom hardy is a new character named baine who attacks new york city. it's very dark. epic film making. great special effects. very smart. christopher nolan is really good. >> christian bale is again batman. >> if you want to stay home because you don't have the money to go to the movies? >> we would pick "friends with
10:19 am
benefits." "friends with kids," sorry. "friends with kids." jennifer westfelt who is john hamm's real life lady. she and adam scott are friends who decide to have kids together because their other friends are paired off. >> i sigh kristen wiig. >> it's kind of a "bridesmaids" reunion. john hamm. it's really funny. it's a really great romantic comedy. jennifer wrote and directed it. >> you know what i watched on dvd the other night and loved it, "mirror, mirror." >> you love army hammer. >> i love armiy hammer. young little girls will love it. >> let's talk tv. anything good on tv? >> we're like the same demo. speaking of young girls and tv, "breaking bad." it's about mess.
10:20 am
"breaking bad" is probably the best show on television. it's on amc. about a high school teacher who turned meth dealer. it's very complex. it's like "the sopranos" and all these different relationships. it's a crime saga that returns for its fifth and final season. then the olympics. >> thank you. hello. >> sorry. nbc, the olympics. the olympics are starting at the end of july. danny boyle who direct ee eed " dog millionaire" is artistic director. >> he's got to get going because he will be late for his clam bake. >> we love you, tim. sara is firing up the crowd to ask us questions. >> oh, please. >> what do they want from us? ♪
10:21 am
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it's my turn. mac 'n cheese...
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mashed potatoes and gravy! mac 'n cheese. mashed potatoes and gravy what are you doing? what are you doing? mac 'n cheese! should we tell em we got two free sides? and miss this? say "mashed potatoes!" never! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and we'll throw in 2 more large sides, free. that's 2 extra sides of your choice and one happy family. today tastes so good. it is time for three, two, one live with sara haines at the nbc experience store. >> i hope you culled -- i love that word -- captivating questions. >> bonnie from texas. >> i would like to know what you do -- your favorite thing that you cannot do without. >> favorite thing you can't do without? what's yours? >> you know what? i can't live without scripture
10:24 am
in the morning. i can't. i have to start my day off that way or it's downhill. >> and i like trish mcevoy number 3. >> and my lip gloss. >> what else? >> jenna from canada. >> did you have any role models growing up? >> you want to say? >> mine is traditional like a lot of young girls. my mom was mine. she was a trailblazer. huge, huge. i felt so lucky to have her in my life. i followed and emulated her. >> my mom, as well. in show business it was barbara streisand, julie andrews, carol burnett and lucille ball. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> how would you like to pick a random address and visit it? a man who did just that. >> how would you like for all your kids toys to have been made in america? ♪ [ upbeat ]
10:25 am
[ barks ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make allie miss her favorite part of the day. [ laughing ] that's why there's beneful baked delights. from crispy crackers to shortbread cookie dog snacks, they're oven-baked to surprise and delight. beneful baked delights: a unique collection of four snacks... to help spark play in your day.
10:26 am
at 10:26, we are following developing news out of newark. a spokesperson says crews on the scene of an oil leak at the evergreen oil refinery on smith avenue pretty close to mary and 880 in newark. now, the leak has caused about 20 to 30 people to evacuate, but officials say this is just a
10:27 am
precautionary evacuation. there's no danger. and everything should be back to normal soon. the lathest in 30 minutes. we'll take a look at that forecast and the roads after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back. 10:28 now taking a look at your visible satellite imagery showing you where the clouds are still located, and that's right along the coast. clearing the bay, though, as we speak. a lot of sunshine today. but what happens is we have that onshore flow so, that westerly wind brings in that cool ocean
10:29 am
air all day, and our highs stay below their averages as a result. 79 in san jose, 76 in fremont, 69 in san francisco, but much warmer weather on the way. we'll take you to that full forecast today at 11:00. here's mike with the drive. we have a much easier drive right now at 10:30 because it is a friday and friday for a vacation week for many. we're looking at the east shore freeway, and the top of your screen reports are that caltrans is going to have to block some lane, emergency pothole repair work. that mean they are blocking your two right lanes heading westbound towards the racetrack on interstate 80 coming through richmond. we're looking at the rest of the freeway drive toward the toll plaza with a live look out there shows you just a few cars in the cash lane, no metering lights here. further south, the san mateo bridge, a nice, easy drive across the bay, as well east/west, not a problem. coming up on nbc bay area news at 11:00, we'll update you on the shooting that killed the 3-year-old son of a san jose police officer.
10:30 am
we are back on this try day friday with more of "today." we've been celebrating the fourth of july all week. one thing that invokes patriotism is main street. there is one in every american community. >> an italian photographer spent years visiting 50 different main street addresses across the country. the final product is this great book called "50 main street." >> congratulations. it's beautiful. more than that, congratulations, he is about to be the daddy of two twin boys. >> tell us what gave you the idea to do this? >> when we came to new york in 1985 from italy, i noticed how diverse this society is as opposed to the italian one.
10:31 am
at the same time through the years, how much we do have in common. as we traveled and i married my wife, she is african-american, i got to experience first hand how much we do share as human beings and americans. >> how long did it take you to venture all across the country? >> eventually seven years, 16,000 miles by car. >> it wasn't the pictures you took, but the stories behind the pictures, right? >> yeah. >> tell us what happened in alaska. >> tell us about new york city. that's why hoda is here. >> wait. that doesn't look like new york city to me. >> looks like alaska to me. >> what i was saying is alaska. >> alaska was the most exciting trip because of this mail round, they call it. >> a little sea plane? >> you know. >> i read the book. >> this was taken from this mail
10:32 am
plane that delivers mail to this island. >> takes off on the water and lands on the water? >> exactly. every time it lands on the water, you skip a half beat a little bit. >> you get a little wet? where is this photo taken. >> that is in the longest national forest in the united states. >> that's beautiful. >> this is the entrance of the discovery center. they have three totem poles that represent the three tribes. >> obviously you heard a lot of great stories. >> tell us about the married couple you met that meant so much to you. >> the ones in nevada? >> yes. >> i got to spend a night with them because they live in a town called paradise island. i think it's 65 people that live there the closest motel was 45
10:33 am
miles away. so they offer for me to spend the night with them. that's lynn. >> you found that a lot. >> that's his wife rachel. >> american gothic. >> you learned a lot about this couple, too, didn't you? >> i got to spend the night with them. unfortunately, they lost both their sons. i eventually took pictures of him. he takes care of the cemetery. those are the tombs of the children. that was very touching. we got very close. i stay in touch with them. >> did people let you right in? when you walked up, did they say come on in? >> it didn't happen in the beginning. that's why i was so grateful to the guy in new york, he was the first to open his door and allow me to start the project. before i got to nevada i did research, i sent letters. i made sure before i got there. >> you could have a lot of doors slammed in your face. >> it's a beautiful book.
10:34 am
really is beautiful. we are so happy you're here. thank you for coming. >> he considers himself an american now. >> oh, yes, i am. >> welcome. >> november 9, 2007 i became american. >> congratulations. >> from the streets of america to all american toys for all the good little girls and boys.
10:35 am
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today on our special series "made in america" it's all about fun and games for the kids. no matter how hard we try, it gets harder to find products made in our country. >> lori shack did the leg work for all of us. she found great toys for your little ones all made here in the usa. good to see you again. >> you always have the good stuff. >> i have the fun stuff. it's not easy to find toys made in the usa. only about 10% of all the toys made are actually made in our country. >> really? >> but from sea to shining sea, i found some great toys to share. crayola crayons, made in the u.s. since 1903 in pennsylvania. also very green. they make 3 billion crayons a year. of that 1 billion they make with energy from their solar farm. >> that is fantastic. i would get so excited as a kid when a new color came out.
10:39 am
>> i like these wearables. >> the new activity line will be out later this summer. it's by kid construction. kids color, they build and then they get to wear their creations. really cool eco-friendly. 100% recyclable. this is made in new jersey. this will be out later in the summer. >> how cute. nicholas, you look adorable in your plane. >> we are going to come behind you now and talk about connex. this is a great line. it's a building set. 700 piece building set. lots of open-ended play. it also comes with instructions for the kids to make about 50 different models. >> we have taylor and dylan who looks a lot like devon, but they are not twins. >> they are celebrating their 20th anniversary made in pennsylvania. >> good for them. >> this is so great. >> mary is having a great time.
10:40 am
waffle wand. this is from artero. made in wisconsin. you get enough to make two wands and make these fabulous bubbles. you can put it in the garden. >> you can make any shape and put any shape you want. beautiful. pretty? >> very cool. >> slinky. >> i remember when i was slinky. it's for the little ones. >> it's from 1945. you have the original slinky and baby slinky, plastic and metal. really great. they still go down stairs, alone or in pairs. >> remember that? i love that. >> what is jessica up to? >> she is playing with her vermont teddy bear. that's where they are made. >> made in vermont. >> each one of these are hand stitched, hand-stuffed.
10:41 am
love them. they come with a lifetime guarantee. if anything happens with your bear, you can send it back to the bear hospital. they nurse it back to health and send it back to you. >> this is our salad kit by green toys. everything you see here is made from recycled milk containers. the plastic milk jugs. a 20-piece salad set. kids have everything they need to toss up a fresh salad. it happens to be something you could put food on. great for picnics and summertime. >> a great way to get kids thinking about salads. >> look at michael. >> he's on a spooner board. there are a few extras if you would like to try. this is great for kids to develop their balance, their inner core strength. it's great for all levels, all abilities. you get on this, you do tricks, sit and spin, do what michael is doing. >> you can do it at home. >> now you're showing off.
10:42 am
>> it's made in california. >> thank you. great job, laurie. >> thanks, everybody. toys for grown-ups are? we are talking about books. west-selling author jennifer winer is here. >> then we'll cool things off with frozen pops. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
10:43 am
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now on "today's sizzling reads," it's been 12 years since jennifer winer made a splash with her pop culture novel "good in bed." >> exactly two weeks since i discovered she was tweeting on "the bachelorette." she's got a new book out called "the next best thing." >> congratulations.
10:47 am
>> i knew she was funny. when i was watching "the bachelorette" and everybody said follow jennifer on twitter, her tweets are crazy, spot-on and a little nasty. >> a little edgy. i tweet for "entertainment and i'm on twitter watching the whole thing unfold. last night, it's like, okay all four guys have said they're in love the other night with emily. i'm tweeting, good to be emily. doesn't it stink? >> after "good in bed," you want the next one. how was it coming up with the second book? i know there are high expectations. >> i had a really smart agent who said before "good in bed" was published, she said start writing that next book. when "good in bed" comes out. you'll have to deal with telling your parents, i've written this novel, it's going to be published. my mom is so happy, she throws
10:48 am
her arms around me and starts to cry. and she's like, what is it called? i'm like, oh, boy, "good in bed." >> "good and bad?" >> no, sorry. >> the baseball was taken. >> exactly. i went to the book store once to sign copies. i'm like "good in bed." and they look at me like i've got a horrible disease. they bring a stack of "when bad things happen to good people." no, no, different. yeah. you watch the world. you watch your family, you watch tv. that's where the ideas come from. >> then they are the proudest people in the world because it was on "the new york times" bestseller for almost a year, 120 million copies. >> the best thing for me, i had t-shirts made that said "i got good in bed, did you?" i got my nana who is 95 to wear one on the beach. now i've made it. >> between that and her thong she made quite the statement. tell us about this new one. >> "the next best thing" is about hollywood. i ran a show, i wrote a pilot.
10:49 am
it got picked up. it was on abc family for a season. was very quickly canceled. i wrote about a show runner who wanted to go to hollywood and do a show about a big girl who wins the world. gets the guy and gets the clothes. >> the dream of life. >> exactly. abc family had a deal with raven simone. i'm like, that's fantastic. she's perfect. then she got thin on me. >> probably added ten years to her life. >> we did what we could. they're like we would like to do it with raven. that's fantastic. she's busy, she's traveling. i finally meet her. she is swaddled in this pashmina blanket, basically, wearing a bed roll. i had not been in hollywood long enough to know i could say would you take off your clothes, please? >> they expect that. >> i didn't know. by the time i saw she was thin,
10:50 am
it was too late. >> your picks you would like people to read books? p.m. >> sibling pick is "between you and me." it's by memoranda mclaughlin. it is a little bit of britney and a little bit of casey cobb and a little bit of your cousin is a star. she hires you to be her assistant. things don't go well. >> rainy day book? >> what did i put? "crazy salad" by norah ephron. this book made me want to be a writer. her voice and talking about being flat-chested. so many women, bloggers, tweeters, we owe it to norah. "geek love" by catherine dunn. a circus family that
10:51 am
deliberately tries to have disfigured children to always have work. always thinking about the kids. >> she loves "gone girls." >> get it. >> get "the next best thing" first. there it is. >> hence the product. you know what goes well with books? >> cocktail popsicles, naturally. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
if you are still celebrating, you might want cool treats to share at the adult table. >> fun popsicles and frozen treats. jean >> hello. >> welcome to the party. >> what are these? >> push pops that are strawberry
10:55 am
shortcake doused with amaretto. >> these couldn't be easier. prepared pound cake, strawberries, you freeze it. put these in here. you do that. then you want to put a tablespoon of amaretto on it. >> beautiful. >> happy. little display. bada-bing. >> why are we yelling? >> i don't know. >> we need to lower the volume, people. >> these are chambourd and raspberry swizzle sticks. >> whoa. >> put them in a champagne glass, freeze them. it's like a swizzle stick. >> they are so pretty. >> these are very fun. >> where are you going? >> what's happening here?
10:56 am
>> you're losing control of your own segment. this is fun. these are diet rainbow vodka pop shots. i'm hoping these aren't going to spill because we've taken them out of the freezer. >> i thought vodka couldn't freeze like that. >> i can't do a shot of vodka. >> you're an award-winning journalist, who says you can't? >> don't do that. >> it's leaking. >> i've never done a shot in my life. yay! >> freeze them long enough so they don't leak. >> this is mojito shaved ice. that's getting leaky. these are really good. i used the shaved ice machine. do your shot, girl. >> oh, my gosh. it's spilling all over the place. >> these are long island iced tea pops. very fun.
10:57 am
recipe on jean >> which one do i want? >> the long island tea pops. >> these are the favorites. >> happy friday. happy holiday. >> this is good. >> we'll have the latest buzz from hollywood. >> piper paribot, darling girl. >> and the joy fit club. have an awesome weekend. we love you. thank you for joining us every day. see you for fun day monday. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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