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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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elian that lopez back in the bay area defending her husband. she is testifying before san francisco's ethics commission and supporting efforts to try to return ross mirkarimi to his job as san francisco sheriff. christie smith is live at city hall with more on what lopez has revealed so far in this case. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning. eliana lopez got started last night. she had quite a bit to say about this fwit hight with her husbant rocked his career. we heard from elian that's neighbor that said that ross mirkarimi was yelling at her and violently grabbed her arm during that fight. she told the commission it wasn't a very explosive fight, that he did use profanity and
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she said don't talk to me like that. she videotaped with her neighbor ivory madison. she asked her about custody laws and madison told her she might lose custody of their son. >> after our conversation she made me feel even more scared because she also said as the sheriff this is owe used the word old boys network and they will you know, cover each other so you have to make an evidence. >> reporter: lopez said that the couple has talked about divorce but they haven't reached a decision on that yet. mayor lee charged mirkarimi with official misconduct after that altercation with his wife. the commission is going to look into this and make a recommendation to the board of
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supervisors whether or not mirkarimi can keep his job. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 5:02. a bay area family is demanding justice over the police shooting death of their teen son. family members will be protesting in front of the alameda county coroner's office. they are demanding the release of the coroner's report and they also want the officer who shot him to be prosecuted. he was shot and killed after allegedly pointing a weapon at officers trying to arrest him. >> looking for a missing man who may be armed and dangerous. look at the picture of the man, matthew testimony work for lunch last thursday and hasn't been seen since. he is a french citizen living in the united states. he has no known medical conditions. he may have a glock 9 millimeter
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handgun. it's not sure why. you are asked to call police if you see him. >> along the peninsula, a neighbor security camera was rolling as a man pulled up to a home on sixth avenue and went inside. about a half hour late ter man left with a suit case which was loaded with jewelry and elect n electron electronics. the suspect drove off in a two-door mercedes with large chrome winds. >> it's moving day at some homeless camps. crews will be evecting people living near kelly park. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the city ever san jose and the santa clara valley water district have been doing these cleanups throughout the summer. this one will be the fourth since the end of may. and what is significant about this location is it's near kelly
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park, it's at kelly park where there have been suspicious grass fires. the fire department hasn't figured out who started them but it could have been the homeless people who live here. they want to make the area clean, as you can imagine you have people living in the woods by a creek. these cleanups have produced tons of trash. and finally the most important reason for doing this. >> there's a lot of people who need a lot of people in our community. the cleanup is driven by -- trying to connect people. find a way out. >> reporter: police have been notifying several people who live here all week that they are going to have to be out of here by 9:00 this morning when the cleanup begins or they will face potential jail time.
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for those who comply the city will be offering temporary housing. this is the fourth such clean up. there is a fifth scheduled elsewhere in a few weeks. >> more delays for the grand opening of san jose card room. casino matrix, it's noticeable in san jose. permit pross has been stalled since april and another hearing was postponed. hundreds have been hired and waiting for the doors to open. some are tied to the top two floors of the eight story tower. >> on thursday, also known as friday eve, if you are curious whether the weather for the weekend will be, chris chris is here with all of the answers. >> you can taste it. the weekend is so close now.
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we're going to have comfortable weather at the coast and bay side. all across the greater bay, warming by 5 to 8 degrees. so not too hot. we do have plenty of cloud cover, though, filling in your inland valleys. 54 in sta rosa. today, good looking day, especially if you live by the coast where it has been so gray you'll have about 60 degrees at noon and the sun will come out between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00. i know you had to wait but you'll get it today at the beach. and as a result temperatures warming to about 67 degrees in your coastal cities. throughout this weekend we want to help you make those plans outdoor. that's just ahead. where are you headed? before you do, here is mike. >> if you are heading through vallejo there is an accident in
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the north bay. eastbound away from interstate 80 and the carquinez bridge. we have an accident blocking your right lane. as you go down the east shore freeway no problems in your direction coming off of the richmond bridge down and to the berkeley curve. westbound 24 and southbound 880, construction crews on the move out of that area but nobody where i circled still has foods north to with about. 880, the rest of that interchange moving smoothly. construction remains for 85 and no major slowing. live look outside shows you what it's like across the bay bridge. that's the reason we're showing this. the fog will be an issue. >> make it out later. >> a little spooky.
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5:08. a cancer survivor's dream is dashed by her own dad. he says his daughter does not deserve the trip. >> george zimmerman speaks about the night he kills trayvon mart martin. now we hear from his parents as they react to his interview. >> a very strange judgment against apple from a strange judge. coming up. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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>> welcome back everybody on a thursday morning, that is a live look from oakland right up the 880, traffic starting to fill up. in the early hours here. mike inouye will tell you how thick it will be there and all over the bay area. it is 5:11. >> this morning the parents of
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trayvon martin are reacting to george zimmerman's first television interview since killing the unarmed teenager in february. martin's parents talking to matt lauer today on the "today" show. marla tellez joins us this morning with a preview. good morning. >> hours after george zimmerman broke his silence speaking to sean hannity on fox news, trayvon martin's parents take to the air waves to react. zimmerman telling hannity he did nothing wrong the night he shot and killed martin and he showed little remorse. out of the entire interview zimmerman making one comment describing all of the attention. >> i feel it was all god's plan and for me to second-guess it or judge it. >> when asked if he had regrets or if he'd do anything differently the night of february 26 he replied quote, no, sir. he did, however, say he was sorry martin's parents had to bury a child. this morning only on "today"
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martin's parents are speaking out specifically reacting to zimmerman's comments that, quote, it was all god's plan. >> i really think that's ridiculous. i wish trayvon was here to tell his side of the story. i don't believe that god's plan for him to kill an innocent teenager. >> zimmerman claims that martin bashed his head into the concrete and broke his nose and he says he shot the unarmed teenager out of self defense. zimmerman is free on bond and has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. you can hear much more from trayvon martin's parents once the "today" show starts. >> thank you very much for that. next up, a beverly hills investment banker doing his best dennis the menace impersonation. take a look at this. some of the damage there. he's 58-year-old michael steven
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peret. police nabbed him in beverly hills in a traffic stop. an officer noticed a sling shot right about the time a radio call went out about the windows. he has been released from jail. so far no charges have been filed. >> 5:14. she's not going to disney world, an ohio father has come under fire for putting the brakes on his daughter's dream trip to the happiest place on earth. william may refused to sign off on the vacation that his 4-year-old daughter received from the make-a-wish foundation. mckenna who has battled leukemia underwent her last cancer treatment. the 4-year-old's mother supports the trip but her father feels that children who are cured shouldn't receive donations from the foundation. mckenna's mom has placed donation jars around bowling green and nearby towns to help pay her daughter to still make
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the trip to disney world. >> maybe the dad needs to get to disneyland and get happy. >> it's sad. every kid needs to go. >> we have a strange verdict in the continuing battle between a couple of tech giants. >> a british judge says that samsung did not copy the ipad. >> the judge took a look at the apple ipad t samsung tablet, decided apple was wrong. samsung didn't copy apple. take a look. this is the ipad on the right. the samsung on the left. you may have arrived at a different decision than the judge. one way or the other the judge ruled they were sufficiently different that not only is apple wrong in its accusations but has to take out advertisements saying it was wrong and put the message on its home page at for six months. apple says it will appeal. the two companies are fighting all over the world. here a san jose judge said leave
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steve jobs out of it. samsung's tablets run on android. lucyco said this is not about steve jobs. a company that doesn't make news made a lot of profit. ebay's paypal had a profit. the company said that it jumped 15%. sales, not auctions. the majority of ebay sales are for new items sold at a fixed price much like amazon. bertha coombs takes a look. good morning. >> good morning, scott. you got apple and samsung, they are fighting tooth and nail around the world. well, like can't we all get along in corporate board rooms. talks have broken down with directv. it's no longer in negotiation on a deal to return its cable
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network to the satellite provider, one week after that programming was pulled. directv said viacom wants to charge a billion dollars more. we'll see how that works out. futures are higher ahead of the opening. we got news that long running dispute between walgreen's and express strip has been resolved d now will carry it. we have positive earnings outlooks from ibm and ebay, those are likely to help the momentum when it comes to the nasdaq and techs. intel, despite the fact it lowered its outlook. at the end of the day wasn't bad. we had more from ben bernanke, still down on the economy but sort of hinting perhaps we could see future stimulus. we're waiting for the weekly unemployment claims in about ten minutes or so. we'll get the third leg of the housing data toward the week.
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and manufacturing as well. the dow rising just about to the temperature on wall street. 103 to 12908. microsoft says it's releasing its windows 8 operating system on october 26, the company's biggest upgrade of its software in a decade. windows 8 is touch screen friendly and could be microsoft's best chance to compete with ipad and devices running android software. it will be both an up grade and on new pc's. they are going to make it available as well as the download and on the cloud. >> bertha coombs, thank you. coming up, jon and laura, google may have more to say about marissa mayer leaving for yahoo!. we'll look at that. >> 5:18. bertha pointed out sweltering out in new york city. 100 degrees. a little warmer here but not
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like that. >> still trying to make us jealous with your bertha. you know, i like what you have going. this morning as you're trying to get out there, go for a jog, look at this. beautiful conditions. drizzly at the coast but we're not yet socked in with fog. bay side comfortable. a hot afternoon shaping up. livermore hit 82 degrees. when i say hot, the warmest day of the week so far. fog, the 90s return tomorrow, then we keep the 90s in the forecast throughout entire seven days. i want to point out where the fog is the thickest, through marin county, some deep pockets of fog out there, probably until about 11:00. then we're going to see the sunshine over the greater bay area, right by the water as of about noon. so low pressure taking a hike. it's been a couple of days, the
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system shot up there spinning. for us high pressure taking control of our forecast, bringing in the hof shore flow. that marine air from coming off the pacific. you wake up come this weekend we're talking about no fog in the city. 82 in livermore, 78 for san jose. olympics just around the corner now, of course we are your home for everything olympics. the excitement is heating up along with temperatures in the 90s. 5:20. let's see how the drive is. >> things are going according to schedule. it's getting warmer. antioch, 57. here, as you come into concord we saw slowing in both directions as we expected. that would clear up. a little sensor issue. a few more cars but that started
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itself out. we're looking at livermore, 580 out of the altamont pass. once you pass by and head down to the dublin interchange, some construction. northbound three lanes north of alcosta. but no slowing for either direction. smooth through sunol. the south bay we have this crew clearing off southbound 880, they should be gone in a few minutes. here, highway 85 south of 237, crews are clearing out of mountain view. and clear by the time you get into cupertino. up the peninsula, 101, a nice drive here, watch the coast. dumbarton bridge, down to one lane but no slowing. a look at the san petition bridge. construction westbound. east bound we'll lose a lane.
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we didn't see major slowing yesterday but we'll watch again today. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:21. coming up, how about an endoor performance. how you can catch an olympics gymnastic's performance. >> overlooking san francisco, a little foggy by the embarcadero area out there. and a little warm-up too.
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>> going for the gold, but we're not talking about the olympics. >> we're talking about another award, in about 20 minutes we'll find out which of your favorite tv shows will be nominated for the emmys. >> living this delusion we're going somewhere when we can't give christmas bonuses. >> "mad men" making a run for history. saga starring jon hamm there.
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>> dreamy draper. >> he won four best drama trophies, they have, a fifth nomination would give them a shot at the record. >> well, hello there. >> that show is brilliant. abc's "modern family." it could have competition this time fror "girls." >> we'll bring you the emmy nominations live in the next hafr hour. >> you're a big jon hamm fan. >> i am. how can you not be? >> the guy's a stud. check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out what is happening on thursday. >> it's not going to be as hot as jon hamm out there. by this weekend close to it. mid-90s return, by noon today we're only talking about the 70s inland so comfortable conditions you do your outdoor activities
5:25 am
early. mid 70s bay side. >> a little more pleasant through vallejo. eastbound 780, the accident has cleared from the freeway a smooth drive between 80 and 680 north of the bridges. a look at the bay bridge, we see an easy drive. the low clouds hovering around. back to you. >> great event here in the san jose area, gymnasts had to come through to qualify for the games. >> they are going to head back for an encore performance. the tour of champions will stop in 40 cities starting with the hp pavilion on september 8. februarys of the 2012 and 2008 will be there. >> like the american idols of the gymnastics world. >> 5:26.
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still ahead, courtroom draw ma. court clerks are looking for justice of their own. >> a live look outside. beautiful glow to san francisco this morning. foggy start by the water. a look at the full forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit
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at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way.
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>> reporter: elian that lopez gives her side of the story of what happened as her husband fights to keep his job. we'll have that story coming up. >> reporter: the homeless encampment suspected of suspicious fires in the south bay expected to get the boot. that story coming up. >> and a little too hot for the boots inland today. we're talking about the 80s there, 70s bayside, 60s at the coast. your full forecast 18 few moments. >> looking at the nimitz, a good volume heading north with all of these folks heading to the construction zone. we'll let you know how it slows
5:29 am
and the rest of the commute. >> how it looks over san jose, i would say spectacular. a beautiful day out there. it's thursday, july 19th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning everybody. always happy you could join us. the time is 5:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the future for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi could be in the hands of his wife. eliana lopez is back in the area and will be on the stand before the san francisco ethics commission spoupporting her husband's attempt to keep his job. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so far eliana lopez has only spoke been 30 minutes. she had a late start yet but had a lot to say about the altercation with her husband
5:30 am
that could ultimately get him kicked out of office as san francisco sheriff. she said she and her husband ross mirkarimi had discussed divorce before but so far had not reached a decision. mayor ed lee charged mirkarimi with official misconduct after he pleaded guilty misdemeanor false imprisonment over a fight with his wife on new year's eve day. lopez says it was over her traveling to her native venezuela with their young son that got heated up and led to a bruise on her arm. she says that he did grab her and leave that bruise. she videotaped it with a neighbor but also told the commission that it wasn't a very explosive fight. >> he say profanities. but just one thing was the only thing he said. and i said don't talk to me that way. >> reporter: we did hear a slightly different story from
5:31 am
her neighbors that she said he grabbed her arm violently and yelled at her. lopez said that madison said if she divorced him she might lose custody of their young son because he was sheriff. her testimony will continue this evening at 5:00. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. interesting, will eliana lopez's testimony be enough to save mirkarimi's job. we'll go in depth coming up in our 6:00 hour. >> this morning fremont police blaming road rage for putting a baby girl in the hospital. a girl, her mother and brother were all hit by a car speeding through the intersection. police say two drivers got into an argument and started racing. one hit the curb, plowed into a family of three. nothing short of a horrible
5:32 am
sight seeing the stroller crushed. the mom and her son have been released from the hospital. the little girl was kept overnight for observation. police say the 21-year-old driver will likely face charge es for reckless driving. >> police say they are searching for a fourth person 18 store robbery. an arrest warrant for michael porter of hayward. police say he and three others tried to hold up the golden treasures store in may. the owner shot and killed one of the suspects. two others were caught. porter remains on the loose. >> more than a dozen facing possible jail time if they refuse to leave one park today. in kelly park, an update on the eviction process. >> reporter: good morning. san jose police have posted notices to the homeless people for the past week to let them know at 9:00 they will be
5:33 am
telling them to leave and they would face jail time. this is an effort done by the city and the water district, cleaning up homeless encampments for the summer. this is the fourth one since the end of may. and what makes this one significant. this location, it's near kelly park where there are suspicious grass fires. the fire department has not figured out who started them but it could have been the homeless people who lived here. it's not just a safety issue as far as cleaning up. this is an environmental issue. they want the area clean, as you can imagine when you have people living in the woods. these cleanups are known to produce tons of trash. and the most important reason, according to the city, to help these people, to help them find a way out of this situation. we understand the city will
5:34 am
offer temporary housing for these people if they are here when they start to clean up at 9:00. there is a lift cleanup. that one is expected to take place in a few weeks. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 5:35. san francisco court clerks want the gavel to come down on what they say is an unfair labor contract. workers plan to protest outside of san francisco court on mcalister street at noon just as they did on monday. at issue is a contract imposed by management which calls for a 5% ta put. the union wants to see more information about the finances but the court says the final budget numbers won't be ready until the end of the month. >> brace yourself for fog. no, we're not talking about the kind that christina loren talks about. contra costa county will spray
5:35 am
for mosquitoes tonight. the trucks will roll through sand creek, sellers avenue, independence streets and brent food boulevard. this is part after program to stop the spread of west nile virus. four birds infected have been found in pleasant hill. nobody has been affected but you should be very wise and check your property for standing water. that's where mosquitoes tend to hatch. >> going to feel like summer? >> it with. it is going to feel more like summer. more so this weekend. but as we warm up, that weather for mosquitoes, it gets right for them. eliminate all standing water especially around the places where your kids play. outside, live look at san jose. traffic seems to be moving pin.
5:36 am
look at all of this something. over the embarcadero. expecting another line of flight delays. we're looking good here. temperature this is morning, 56 in san francisco. 55 in oakland. 60 in the south bay. really comfortable conditions. our highs have been below normal for this time of year. but today we'll see more sunshine and mostly cloudy conditions will clear by about noon. a few 80s, then major warm-ups through the next seven days. here's mike as promised with your drive. >> we'll show you an area for highway 4. it's antioch. in toward 80 but a good deal of
5:37 am
slowing. about 25 there. there is your commute from the east bay. in toward the bay bridge a smooler drive. 880 at the bottom, northbound side has crews that should be clearing coming in north of fruitvale. in that area we also have a new disabled vehicle. consirming, blocking one lane. a new accident reported around 7:00. i'll bring you more next break here. the volume into the construction zone. a steady flow that may cause slowing. southbound is fine. the north bay, we see 101 through san rafael, that holding steady, a shoogs drive. and down toward the golden gate bridge. >> 5:38. george zimmerman speaks out about the night he shot and
5:38 am
killed trayvon martin. >> right now a live look down in los angeles. your favorite tv show is going to see if they are dnominated.
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> right now decision 2012. mitt romney is fighting back under pressure from democrats and even from republicans. >> at issue romney's tax returns. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning with a look at the controversy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the romney campaign says that this is a big distraction, deliberate distraction by the obama campaign because the president can't run on his record because the economy is so bad. the president today will be in florida a couple of campaign stops in jacksonville, targeting the state's 3.5 million seniors telling them if mitt romney is elected it's going to cost them
5:41 am
more to get medicare benefits to go to the doctor and get prescription drugs. the white house says he's not going to let up on the tax issue or the issue of when romney was in charge at bane capitol. romney says the president needs to be focusing on jobs. >> his priority is not creating jobs for you, it's trying to keep his own job. that's why he's going to lose it. >> reporter: we also hear that romney may be announcing a running mate in the next week, possibly as soon as this week according to aides. when he was campaigning in ohio, that it will be a conservative. >> thank you very much. a civil trial against an arizona sheriff accused of racially profiling is heading to court. sheriff joe arpaio and his office facing a lawsuit that allege as latino community
5:42 am
around phoenix is unfairly targeted. the class action civil suit says the sheriff went over the line in efforts to crack down on illegal immigration. those who filed is asking the court to order the police and these policies to stop. >> first george zimmerman breaks his silence speaking for the first time publicly about the night he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin. now we hear from martin's parents talking about the controversial interview where zimmerman referenced devine intervention. marla tellez joins us with a preview. >> good morning. george zimmerman told sean hannity it was all god's plan, that was his response when hannity asked about the circumstances that led to his current situation including having a gun the night of february 26. zimmerman is sticking to his story he shot and killed martin out of self defense, saying i'm
5:43 am
not a racist and i'm not a murderer. despite saying he had no regrets, simmer man looks at the camera to clarify. >> i'm sorry that this happened. i made to think that because of my actions it's divided america and i'm truly sorry. >> reporter: speaking to matt lauer on the "today" show this morning martin's parents say they are not buying that apology. >> he had no regard for trayvon's life, and he don't regret taking trayvon's life. had george zimmerman stayed in his vehicle we wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: zimmerman told hannity he is open to talking to them. martin's mother tells matt lauer, absolutely not. you can hear matt's interview at
5:44 am
7:00 on "today." >> very interesting. >> that will be big to watch. we're keeping our eye on the weather with christina loren. >> all we're thinking about, the weekend. we're so close to it. and we're going to get good looking weather. the micro climates are going to come into play through this weekend. temperatures into the inland cities, you'll see that. depending on where you live it might be hat in your neck of the woods. >> a live look at san francisco, you can see the fog has not dipped to the surface. situated above at 2,000 feet. the the marine layer has filled in all of the inland valleys. 54 in santa rosa. 56 in san francisco. headed to a good looking afternoon. you kick out the fog.
5:45 am
it will burn off two hours earlier. sunshine will be back. high pressure is the reason why it's moving in. today, we're getting that on shore flow. same for tomorrow dealing with less patchy fog that will continue to trend. barely any cloud cover to start as we wake up saturday and sunday so if you're looking for the cooler weather, if you enjoyed what we had, seize the day. 77 degrees. 78 in san jose. about 69 in santa cruz and 68 in san francisco. take a look at this. saturday and sunday t the separation sets in. 93 degrees on sunday. 84 bayside and 71 comfortable if you want to hit the beach. lots of sunshine. apply that spf. bring the shades. you're going to see more sun
5:46 am
this morning. >> can't bring the shades for a while. you're not going to hit this. construction cleared from 880 as well as this disabled vehicle. an easy drive, you don't see anything for 580 or 880. on the san francisco side we had an accident off of the skyway that has cleared. the span is clear a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. really not a big deal. the volume starting to increase a bit, a good stream of lights. we have tow truck. now lanes are cleared off. low clouds, back to the maps we'll show you the slowing. livermore shows more slowing out of the altamont pass. blips at the dublin interchange. construction crews there but not
5:47 am
causing slow down for folks. san jose looking good for 280, 101 starts to show slowing, in the 50s from 680 up. we'll watch that as well. a look at the map. westbound highway 4 that is consolidating. but pittsburgh and pay wouldn't looking fine. >> thanks, mike. >> we'll take you down to los angeles live, a look at the emmy nominations. word is the late night host jimmy kimmel had to pinch-hit to help along with actor carrie washington. she's been doing her thing. alec baldwin was nominated for a comedy. >> they announced it quickly. "30 rock," step up, you got nominated. >> we'll have this coming up as
5:48 am
we column pile that. hands off the hof. >> he is no john ham but is an ican. now a hot commodity. >> the life size cut-out you see it there, apparently they are being stolen from stores all over massachusetts. 550 of the ads have been stolen in recent weeks. that's 20 left we can both save. >> it's crazy. they keep offering to come in, probably get customers every night to buy the hasselhoff holster. >> i want some of that copy. they are flattered their customers are so attached to the add. the hof is there for all to
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enjoy. half a hof turns 60 on tuesday. looking pretty good. a little hair coming out? >> 5:49. no firts, no pants. why a judge is giving the okay to strip down to your skivvies at the airport security line. >> what's in your wallet? we'll take a look. >> over san jose, you can put the sun's arrival. a little creep up in the temperature as well. [ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> countdown continues for the london olympic games, and as you probably know across the country fans call him a king james but fresh off the world championship in the nba, lebron james will be playing in front of a different audience that might have people that don't recognize him. >> james and the u.s. olympic basketball team, they are going to play a warm-up match against great britain today. team usa practiced yesterday. basketball doesn't get a lot of attention in the uk. soccer is their game of choice. officials say this may be the biggest match their team plays even though the score doesn't count. the u.s. team has won gold in four of the past five olympic games. >> those are going to get crushed. the london summer games are bringing out bizarre best. the most popular bets so far is who is going to light that
5:53 am
olympic flame. the favorite right now the steve redgrave t odds at 1-3 now to do that. he won the gold medals at five olympics from 1984 to 2000. more bizarre bets, whether it will rain at the opening ceremony. that's natural bet. whether a ufo would appear above olympic stadium. is your home for olympics coverage. a profile on the website about a woman, they are happy to have on their side. the east bay doctor now the medical officer for team usa. search cindy change. >> apple has a challenge.
5:54 am
>> take a look at how people are responding in china when apple released the latest version of an iphone. crowds got too big. the latest ipad comes to china tomorrow. they hope a hu reservation will keep crowds calm and happy. >> cougle reports his profits today. one thing we'll look for on the conference call is there any reaction to the loss of marissa mayers. we went beyond we push her well. >> with capital one bank free checking, for every day banking. >> you know those commercials, apparently more than you wanted. the new consumer financial protection bureau says capitol one added unneeded and unwanted
5:55 am
interest to people's credit cards. capital one will have to pay nearly a quarter billion in fines. this is more than a story about allegedly deceptive practices. the new agency using its power for first time. the banking city, many republicans, fought creation of this agency and have been trying to rein its power. >> ready for the truth? can you handle the truth. who about the naked truth. an oregon man stripped down. he's been found not guilty of. >> a judge ruled that john brennan's act was one of protest and therefore protected speech. back in april brennen arrived intending to take a business trip to san jose, when he reached the gate to go through the alternative metal detkter and body pat-down than the
5:56 am
airport body screener. nitrates were deconnected on the glove. he responded to prove that he wasn't a terrorist. maybe proving other things. >> still ahead. nearing that end zone, getting close though. the question is will it be ready for the first game of the season. >> is your breakfast about to get more expensive. >> live look over san jose with the sun coming up, and the clouds out there. a little overcast start to your day.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> i am sorry that they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like. and i pray for them daily. >> right now at 6:00, they don't want his prayers, they want george zimmerman to pay. only on nbc this morning the parents of trayvon martin speaking about the one comment everybody is talking about. >> elian that lopez in day two on the stand. why today could be the make or break day in ross mirkarimi's bid to get his job back. >> and hanging on for dear life t young boy who is alive this morning thanks to the kindness of strangers. >> and we're so close to the weekend now and a big time warm-up on the way. 80s are inland, 70s bayside and 60s at the coast. your full forecast in moments. >> she's got that fog. we'll have the fog, i'm looking at the effects on your commute and the commute on your commute. the slowdown coming up. >> a live look,


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