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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of grand theft. they showed returned checks where her name was added to the eck. they doubt the family will ever see a dime. >> i have not heard of anyone who was successful of getting money out of them. it seems to be a black hole down which money will fall. another scam against the community. >> even more troubling is this scam is hitting people that are mourning the loss of their parents. his mother never wanted to be cremated, but because he got no money, that was all he could afford. live in san mateo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. as temperatures climb, power down that urgent message is being sent across the state. the agent has declared a flex alert through sunday.
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consumers are urged to reduce the energy use in the afternoon when air conditioners drive consumption. that will prevent reserve from falling to emergency levels. let's go to jeff ranieri who is keeping an eye on the heat wave. >> as the daytime highs are being certified, just as we predict, brent wood at 104. san ramon is 102. here's the other thing. a huge contrast on the board. driving around today and you know what i mean. 20 or 30 miles to the east and you have 99 currently in livermore. microclimates in full effect. 63 in san jose and 60s in san francisco. we are expecting more hot weather for friday. that means the air quality will get work with two consecutive days of very warm weather, especially in the east bay and south bay projected at unhealthy
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levels. we will talk more about this weekend and changes coming your way and when the 100 degree temperatures slide off in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, jeff. see you in a bit. armed with a hand gun and on the run is how oakland police are describing a 19-year-old man who kidnapped his girlfriend and their baby. police found the mom and baby a is nowhere to be found.suspect stephanie trung is live the at oakland area with more. >> jessica, the investigators are worried about the suspect's state of mind. they say he allegedly hit his girlfriend over and over again before pointing a gun at her and threatening to kill her while she was holding the couple's 2 month old baby in her arms. he said something along the lines of i'm taking the baby and you are going with me. they got video of the victim
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angelle acica lopez. they found the two after 2:30 this afternoon at a house after following up on leads. we are not identifying the exact location for the victims because it is still unclear how they ended up there. friend who is have been hosting the couple in the complex and that was after 11:00 last night. hernandez was hitting lopez in the face and neck before taking her outside and continuing to hit her. he has a criminal history and though they won't go into detail, they are warning people to stay away if they see him and just dial 911. >> we're believe he might be going to sacramento county we do know that he has a history and links with sacramento county we do have investigators following up leads and we are working with sacramento county . >> witnesses last saw him wearing a turquoise or blue
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shirt and blue pants and borrowed another fort focus and police are trying to track that person down to get a license plate. investigators have been talking with the girlfriend, lopez, at the department to see how she and the 2-month-old ended up at the house and most importantly, trying to get clues as to where the suspect may be hiding. nbc bay area news. >> going beyond the call of duty. today's police helped three children who were orphaned when both parents were killed. they were given gift cards to pay for groceries, clothing and school splice. they raised the money by seth up a victim's assistance fund that allows the public it make donations. they held two fund-raisers on their own. the victim's aunt never expected them to help in this way. >> they are very loving and i didn't know they had this great heart. we were talking about them and
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it's not that way. >> the children's parents were shot to death at their home last month. the kids were there when it happened. the suspect is still on the loose. >> new at 6:00, a new clue in the case of the masked man who robbed a coin store in sunnyvale yesterday. they released a sketch of a possible female accomplice. a woman appeared outside the home and asked to be let in. when the store employee opened the door, this woman held it open for the two suspects. those men who attacked the clerk and used this tie to bind the hands and feet. they are described as a latina female between 5'4" and 5'6" with a heavy set build with brown eyes and brown hair. you are asked to call sunnyvale police if you know who she is. rar r >> residents could be the target
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of shady tarns. chevron released a new report about that fire. nbc bay area, what did the reports say? >> chevron just released this four-page report within the last hour and they had 72 hours to summarize what happened to the county and they have now met that deadline. meanwhile they are giving up to oakland with the center here at the community center. that as a new team of federal investigators get to work. pear. >> you are looking at a picture taken by a chevron refinery worker shortly after monday's massive fire. one of the first images we have seen from inside the walls of the plant. tonight the investigation of minute's fire is ramping up. investigators from the chemical safety board are now on site. >> our goal is to look at the sequence of events leading up to the incident and the activities that occurred afterwards.
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the emergency response and the identification of the community. >> federal investigators are racing to enter the workers while the incident is still fresh. they say they are determined to get to the bottom of things. >> we are trying to determine what happened and down the line, our goal is to ask the question more of why. why did these things occur. why did the decisions get made and what were the root causes that led up to the accident. >> hundreds say they continue to seek help and many are lining up outside the office of a richmond accident attorney who has been advertising and seeking claim. >> if you don't have a lawyer, you will not be compensated in the right way. >> investigators from the state bar are urging people to be careful. they pass out flyers in richmond warning folks to beware of ambulance chasers. the warnings prompted james gray to do his homework.
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>> they are not saying or not. they just tell me there other means of dealing with these people. >> meanwhile chevron is preparing to open up their own help center starting friday morning, adjusters will be on hand at the community center to take claims. >> the center will open at 9:00 tomorrow morning. i want to clarify the hours they will be on hand to take claims monday through friday from 9:00 to 7:00 on saturday from 8:00 to noon. chevron told us if you file a cleem that will not precludey from taking action. i'm jodi hernandez. >> a year after bart touched off a global free speech debate, they ban agencies like bart from disrupting cell phone service
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without probable cause or a court order. according to the bill, 911 access is the key concern. there was a serious of major protests after shutting off the protest. they adopted a policy that perms cell phone jams without court review and only if officials believe the service disruption or illegal action is imminent. five football players could face charges for hazing. they are a cause kuzed of hazing three members of the junior varsity team and happened in football camp in june. police are working with the detectives in brentwood and it will be up to the district attorney to remember whether criminal charges will be filed. >> still ahead at 6:00, facebook's new plan and this has nothing to do with their website. the jobs are there, but where are the workers? the south bay employers who say they have plenty of jobs, but can't find enough employees.
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>> some call it one of the ultimate thrills. every year roughly half a million americans skydive for the first time. nbc bay area investigation into the industry. >> an act of kindness saves a log from an act of cruelty. a man who saved man's best friend.
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. some call it one of the ultimate thrills. every year roughly a half million americans skydive for the first time. how safe is this sport? elise kirschner breaks it down and asked who is regulating skydiving? >> we saw that in general, skydiving is a self-regulating  sport. they follow a set of basic safety requirements established by the u.s. parachuting
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association, but regulated by the federal aviation administration. the drop zones don't have to report accidents, even fatal ones to the faa. you excited some. >> i'm real excited. >> you may remember her jump that went viral a year after she almost fell out of her harness in mid-air. >> after that, they took a year for something to happen. >> the federal aviation administration that regulates the sport only became aware and investigated the close calls after see her video like everyone else on you tube. >> do you think there should be changes? >> everydayly so. >> i don't think they have the place to deal with 100 broken ankles for the weekend. >> up to 10,000 feet. >> most accidents are reported to the united states parachute association, not to the faa.
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director ed scott said nearly all drop zones in the united states are members of the nonprofit. >>. >> we are depending on the community or public at large to let us know if they see problems. >> when we asked to see statistics of all drop zones, we were told it's confidential information. we also requested stads and found since 2000 it cited 7 drop zones for safety violations and they died skydiving. >> sometimes things don't work as planned. this is not a perfectly safe thing to do. >> according to the usda on average, at least 21 people die a year. we will have more on what the faa has to say about the sport and now a full investigation. if you have a tip for the units, give us a call.
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or you can cent us a unit. >> out of town when millions of americans are looking for work, the south bay is looking for workers and can't find them. staffing agencies say they have problems filling jobs in several fields. including finance, accounting and marketing. damian trujillo is live in the heart of the financial center and they are hiring. >> unemployment is below 4%. the jobs are out there, but the problem is finding the workers. >> this is becoming a second home for timothy. the unemployment office. >> looking for something else. i have been here for a full week. >> he has the skill set to work in the warehouse, but the silicon valley needs help in other areas. >> how are you today? >> the agency is having trouble finding people. >> i am calling regarding your
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resume and top the bring you in for an appointment. >> right now the demand for workers is higher than the spy. >> there is a candidate shortage and have issues kinding candidates that we are looking to fill. >> the news is a month after the construction industry announced it is silicon valley unemployment should be at 0% by next summer. they need to work with numbers. >> it's in the finance arena and i know we have been going back and forth on trying to help you out. >> it's a different story six months ago and no one was hiring. >> i have a 10:00 opening. >> now they are tweaking the outreach plan. >> we utilize every research whether it's college alumni or job boards. >> it may not include something for timothy who is going on 1 1/2 years without work. >> frustrated. very, very frustrating.
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>> again, if you are unemployed and willing to retrain or relearn skills, may we suggest accounting, finance and marketing. live in downtown san jose, i'm damian trujillo. >> it's a beautiful day outside if you like hot weather. let's go to jeff ranieri. >> right behind you, there is a fog that is starting to build. that will give us relief for the forecast. some of the warmest today, my weather watcher susie on facebook calling in 102. typeing it in. lafayette is 101. pleasanton 99 and south san jose at 97 and santa rosa with 95. near record setting today, but nothing tipped over the mark. it was all about the hot weather in the east bay. you can see the numbers shifted. when we got close to the coastline, we had plenty of 60s with 68. we will take you out to the skycam ra network right now and there is something to cool you off.
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the fountains in the park of san jose. in san francisco, the cool breeze cooling us off this afternoon. that's to be dropping the temperature as we get into our forecast. let's go back to the weather bores. the weather we had was not quite the hottest in the summer or the past two years. the hottest weather was back on june 16th of 2012. we topped out at 106 in livermore. we have plenty of 60s at the coast and the hot weather for those interior valleys. the marine layer offshore is guardually starting to build and getting footing on us. we think for tomorrow, coastal areas will be cooler, but we can't quite totally get rid of the hot air that will be trapped for the south bay. overall by 11:00 aim o friday, we will find a mix of temperatures. 60s and 70s by the bay. for the east bay, it's going to be a hot one. mid 80s expected. as we head through 2:00 p.m.,
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upper 90s to near 100 and in fairfield, san jose could be cooler with low 90s by about 2:00 p.m. also the london olympics. two more full days of competition and temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. a slight chance of a shower for theclosing ceremony. we will talk about how long the 100s will last. thank you very much, jeff. recycling big in the bay area. got even bigger with the grand opening of the new resource recovery park in milpitas. it is believed to be the largest recycling operation in the world. it will process 1,000 tons of discarded material each day. not long ago they recycled less than 50% of its trash, but they are setting a goal to recycle 80%. a new health care center is giving access to medical care. the downtown health center in san jose held the grand opening celebration this afternoon.
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it will provide medical care for the community while the san jose medical center is under construction. a new state-of-the-art clinic will be finished in 2015. the temporary clinic is 2915th and 16th. >> still ahead, the miracle landing on the hudson inspiring change in the bay area. the new facility that could get rescue workers to the scene quicker. an expensive day for google. a new record find. think you know what men really want? how a man's stress level could affect his choice in women. back in a moment. so... [ gasps ]
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these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and, and...and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. >> gaggoogle will have to pay b bucks on privacy violations. they are paying $22 million to bypass privacy settings for
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millions of web surfers. they announced the find today. they got caught boy a stanford student and the "wall street journal" defeating apple's attempt to shield web users from being followed by advertisements. gaggle is not admitting wrong-doing on their part. facebook expanding in men low park. they have asked to approve plans to clean up contaminated soil to start building the west campus. they have a site that was previously used by a storage company. that will take place through the end of september after which the state will make a decision. the company hopes to break ground and open the buildings to employees by 2015. >> 300 new jobs are coming to san francisco thanks to city target, a smaller version of the popular chain. it will be the first store in san francisco's city limits.
6:24 pm
it is expected to open in october. the company is hosting a job fair from 11:00 to 7:00 and 9:00 to 5:00 on saturday. they will interview and hire tentatives on the spot. san jose got a bit more bike-friendly. a wider bike line approached an entire lane on third, 4th, 10th and 11th street. they hope the new lanes will reduce bicycle collisions and speeding in the area. >> what we see in cities throughout the world is folks dressed like me or anyone are on bikes getting to work and getting to school routinely. they need to make it something that becomes quite ordinary for people. >> later they will add more green bike lines on san fernando street and 15 bike share stations. >> still ahead, olympic coverage continues and a look at the race between stanford and berkeley.
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>> a story of determination. one american runner's unselfish act making headlines tonight. >> sharing for shachl yochampioy try to score one more goal for america. we'll be right back.
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>> goal! there it is. a goal for team usa. they score first in today's gold medal match against japan thanks to an assist by alex morgan. carly lloyd scored both goals,
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one in each half as the u.s. women went on to beat japan. redemption after losing the world cup finals for japan a year ago. >> while the women won on the field, the fans were making noise from london to san jose. scott buttman was among them and a great place to celebrate the big win. >> it was. we saw so much pride for the women's soccer people. there were many connections to the team and what an olympics this has been for women. 80,000 fans packing into london's wembley stadium today. the biggest crowd ever to see a women's soccer match and this one ended very well. it wasn't london, but the decent was just as real. even if the crowd packed into san jose, it shows burgers over fish and chips.
6:29 pm
the soccer match kept everyone in their seats for two hours. soccer fan who is wanted to bring home the gold -- >> it's good for the girls to have role models. >> showing the world that these women, many with strong ties to the bay area can send a positive message to young players everywhere. >> to me, athletes that -- they have passion. these women have passion. they are here to represent and win for the usa. it's great for the new generation to play association. >> when team usa earned the gold medal, the crowd let out a sigh of relief. an afternoon well spent. >> this is looking great. it's great to watch the game for a couple of hours. it's nice seeing the u.s. >> a team full of role models with a well-earned victory. the gentlemen you saw who had the alex morgan jerzo liked alex morgan and he graduateed from uc
6:30 pm
berkeley. cheering morgan and a couple of stanford graduates on defense. in san jose, nbc bay area news. . >> for the first time, one team. no losses. gold medal! >> that's right. you heard it. not only was it the big day on the soccer field, but in the pool as well for the first time ever. team usa won gold in women's water polo. in part by danville sisters maggie and jessica. this is by a final 8-5. the game started out close, but maggie started five goals to help lead the usa to victory. she was the top scorer with 21 goals in total. all eight goals were scored by bay area athletes. they will be bring home the gold back to the family. the family and friends gathered to cheer them on in action. they come from a long line of water polo player the family of today was a dream come true.
6:31 pm
>> we are just ecstatic. a great game for the girls and a great game for the usa. we couldn't be happier and can't wait for the girls to get home. >> 19-year-old maggie will go to stanford in the fall. >> rivalry between cal and stanford, both have several athletes that have done well at the olympic games. cal's count and 16 and 11 of them are gold. stanford has 14 medals and more gold than cal. she is one-of-a-kind. a mother of two and now a three-time gold medalist. kerry walsh thrilled us all again. we followed her career from the start and continues to anchor the olympic coverage in london with the latest chapter in her story. raj? >> hello from london. one thing we know about kerri walsh after covering her from around the world and the bay area, there is never a dull moment.
6:32 pm
from kids to gold medals and the newest wrinkle, she needs a new partner. london woke up to a splash of gold. did you sleep and how do you feel today? >> three hours maybe. i feel great. it's a good problem to have. >> no problem making history late wednesday night. kerri walsh and misty may treanor proved yet again there was no better duo in the world. unlike the previous gold medals, this was with a life change. two of them. joe and sundance. >> that's what life is all about. family. i feel so blessed that i have this sport and my husband supports me so much to accomplish this dream together. it was a family journey and a family goal. misty embraced all of the
6:33 pm
madness. we are crazy. >> her crazy life will continue to change for volleyball soul mate, she is retiring. >> occur i fast track disneyland with this? >> she is not going to get rid of me. >> i don't want to. i'm not going anywhere. i will still be involved with the sport. whatever she need fist she needs somebody to serve balls. i will be there. >> we got it on tape. >> i believe that. i want her as my coach. she coaches me. >> before rio and london and before all the gold, there was the bay area. >> i am such a proud nor cal girl and proud of my roots and my dream is to move back up there with my family. thank you so much. i can't tell you how much it glorifies me. >> she can feel the vibes from the bay area to london. she will be marching in the
6:34 pm
closinger ceremony on monday. >> it is closed to be a price the honor with the gold, silver or bronze medal. when they return home to california, they are forced to pay taxes on the medals. now state lawmakers are working to change that. under legislation, olympians living in california would be exempt from paying taxes on their medals. taxes earn income and new legislation would tax the money olympic medals are given for accomplishments. a similar effort is under way at the federal level as well. >> certain moments in every olympics that stand out as shining examples of the olympic spirit. we witnessed one of those moments. >> an american runner broken, but not beaten. mark is in london with more on this man who would not let him team suffer. we couldn't believe it. we were gasping. >> it's amazing. yes, usually the relay races,
6:35 pm
the the drama is whether they make a clean handoff. the 4 by 400 relay first round action today, american sprinter mitchell literally broke his leg during his leg of the race. he went about 200 meters in and felt a pop and turned out he had a broken left fibula and kept running. he managed to finish and hand the baton off and the u.s. went on to tie for the lead and win the heat. they move on to the gold medal finals. after the race he revealed the break. he can't run in the final, but an alternate runner will take his place. an amazing show of dedication for him. a few minutes before that race in an earlier heat, there was more drama. runners from kenya and south africa collided in the race. the kenyans were disqualified and the south african runner was so shaken he couldn't finish the race. an appeal was filed and the south africans were advanced into the gold medal final late
6:36 pm
or tonight. the blade runner, double amputee oscar pistorius will have a shot to win a medal in the 400 meters, but he will be running as part of the relay later on tonight. women's basketball, the u.s. team finally had a challenge here at the games. they trailed at halftime with the semi finals against australia. the u.s. turned it on and turpd up the defensive pressure and pulled it up over australia and they move on to the gold medal game against france. the u.s. has won 40 straight games in olympic competition and looking for the fifth straight goal. mark barringer live in london. >> thanks so much, mark. berkeley's own alicia montanno will run in prime time for a chance to advance to the finals on saturday. the fastest man in the world, usain bolt will attempt to make history again in the men's 200 meter final. that race will air in prime
6:37 pm
time. bolt won gold and set a new olympic record in the men's 100 meter race earlier this week. >> here is fast. for complete coverage including the big win for the women's soccer team, go to >> an act of kindness out of a horrible act of cruelty. >> the bay area's new weapon in an emergency and the high profile incident that inspired it. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. some of the hottest temperatures across the bay with 104 in brentwood and 103 in gilroy. how long this will last, coming up. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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including formaldehyde. the chemicals have been linked to birth defects that could harm worers and customers at nail salons. the bill was approved in the senate and headed to the a sem bhee. >> stressed out men are likely to be attracted to heavy women. men under stress rated the attractiveness of heavy women more positively as men who were not stressed. they are in line with theory that suggests that when resources are scare, a woman's
6:41 pm
physique may signal illness or frailtyy a heavier recommend is access to food and good health. >> the red wine bit. >> i know that. >> hot, hot, hot. >> it is. we will keep this for the next 24 hours, here are signs of changes. our director is pointing this out. that will help to cool us off. what it means for the weekend in a few minutes. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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. >> a gilroy dog getting a new lease on life after she nearly drowned. a man spotted the yorkshire terrier mix struggling to keep her head above water. they found she had a brick tide to her hind leg. the 2-year-old is named river. she had a haircut, a bath and a clean bill of health. >> i took her to the police station and made a report. i don't want her to go to the pound. it doesn't matter. i don't want her to go to the pound. >> he has two other dogs including a pit bull who has become best friends with river. he can't keep river, but said dozens of people have offered to adopt her. she is cute.
6:44 pm
>> she will find a happy home, i'm sure. >> the airport is known for launching vessels and in an emergency is needs to go into the water. >> that are can happen a lot faster. we go inside the airport's new marine center. >> you think a story about san francisco's airport airport would be about planes. this is about boats. the airport city vshls unveiled the boat house to house the marine unit. >> at first flans, it might seem like an expensive way to store, but you hear how they used to respond to emergencies. >> for we needed to respond to an incident in the bay, we have to get the truck and hook them up to the trailers.
6:45 pm
>> the marine emergency response facility. >> we have to drive through and all the way around the road. >> it's like a partnership between the fire department and the airport. >> we're have a ramp facility and we have to launch from there. >> the old procedure would take crews 25 to 40 machine o machines just to get in the water with the new facility. the number is now five. >> if we have to respond, we have to come here and the boats are in. we start them and we are off. >> the idea of a boat house kicked around the airport for almost two decades, but the miracle on the hudson plane landing that finally kicked them into action. >> the incident that happened a few years back on the hudson put them in everyone's mind. >> facility will house a control room and marine supply. the first of its kind on the west coast. crews say the new center will help them respond from wind
6:46 pm
surfing accidents to emergencies involving planes. >> time is of the essence. a minute can help you. you never know. >> nbc bay area news. >> a lot of people heading to the beach and the bay because it's so hot inland. let's get a check of the forecast. how long will the temperatures last? >> at least two more days as hot weather was here. we topped out at near record setting and 1 are are 1 in fairfield and lightly cooler there and cooler throughout the bay from oakland to san francisco with a mix of 60s and 70s. we haven't seen temperatures budge too much inland. they have gone down to 99. a lot more respectable with 83 and plenty of 60s near the coastline. we are getting an onshore wind with fog up the coastline as they take you up to the skycam ra. as the sunset is starting to get hazy and the fog is compressed. that's it is a sign of high
6:47 pm
pressure in control, but eventually that fog is going to win out and drop our temperature. the hot air overhead has been moving in from the desert southwest. it's so strong that we will not see temperatures come down here. by sunday and monday, we do think this hot air will slide off to the east and give us potentially anywhere from about 5 to 10 degrees of cooling here across the bay area. either way we are expecting numbers slightly above average. remaining cool into friday and saturday with 60s and 70s and more fog for tomorrow morning and for the interior valleys, not going to budge much. 90s to 100s and even a few isolated low 100s expected to linger into the saturday forecast. the coldest members with 57 in san rafael and 60 in san jose and a nice cool breeze by the morning hours. a decent relief after this hot weather. we expect mind in san jose and should try get out of the
6:48 pm
triple-digits to morgan hill and mid- to upper 90s. the east bay will remain hot here. 100 along walnut creek and 100 in livermore. castro valley with 84. 78 in alameda. san francisco is 73. 79 in oakland and 92 expected up into santa rosa and the 60s. it's going to be heating up across the olympics, sailing for friday and mostly sunny and temperatures near 80 and then as we head into saturday and also sunday. it looks to stay warm and on saturday, upper 70s and a slight chance of a shower for the closing ceremony, but not a big storm so it won't stop a huge party. we did talk about the forecast for sailing. it began here at the olympics in 1900. there three people from the bay area competing in that event that is 237 men and 143 women. the three-day forecast has temperatures in the upper 90s and low 100s and start to cool
6:49 pm
it off throughout next week. at the coastline it will be cool. i don't know. i put a question mark there. maybe the beach saturday. it depends on how cool or how hot. >> exactly. a little bit of everything. >> some people are very at peace. >> you like it hot and you like it cooler. >> exactly. >> we go live from the comcast newsroom for more on football. >> hi, jessica and janelle. football is back in the spotlight and the 49ers are gearing up for the showdown as candlestick park goes with the vikings. they are more hype than substance. yu might want to tune in early. >> jim doesn't like to talk specifics when it talks to the game plan.
6:50 pm
leading into the preseason game, they topped the media with a few bread crumbs. >> they will be crab tee. >> somewhat of a surprise as he returned to practice just this week after straining his calf on the first day of training camp. they let them know how they want them to be in on and he is not sharing that with the media or the players either. >> saying you will only get this amount of plays and all of a sudden they count plays. i think just go out there and execute each one. play your best ball. >> the newcomer admits he needs more staff than most of his teammates. >> for me to play as much as possible, people have asked me about it. it was kind of like i have to get out and play. get comfortable. >> friday night's game will be the first time they returned to
6:51 pm
candlestick since losing the game there. he said yes, kyle william who is had two fumbles will have the opportunity to return punts against the vikings. williams chose to keep his thoughts to himself and elected not to speak to the media. nbc bay area. >> thanks. early baseball giants and cardinals get away in st. louis. the bottom line, carlos beltran and a two-run home run is his 27th of the year. 80 rbis of the season and the cardinals are up 2-0. line drive. to right center and caught by the bay area. giants down 2-1. the top jooin, giants down 2-1 and strikes out in the game. the giants lose, 3-1. the championship round one and finder on the eighth hole. played the back first.
6:52 pm
this is the par three. two shots and lands a few feet from the pen. this is what we call a tap in birdy and he would birdie the hole. he birdied six holes on the day. on the ninth hole, par four. third shot. he chips it close and shoots a three under 69. carl peterson leads. that's a look at sports. jessica and janelle, back to you. >> for a full half hour, watch sportsnet central on bay area tonight at 10:30.
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>> coming up after the olympics, ipads and ipods, more than $160,000 stolen from a bay area store and now police want you to watch out for those stolen items coming up tonight after the olympics. >> coming up next at 7:00, brent cannon to tell us what's going on all day today and at 7:30, watch for the "olympic zone" with jeff ranieri for the inside scoop behind the scenes. cal's own alicia montano will run prime time for a chance to advance in the women's 800 meters. usain bolt is running and we have the gold medal finals for women's platform diving. >> a lot going on. see you after the olympics. good night.
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♪ ♪ >> here we go! >> what just happened? >> it's celebration time. >> let me see that move. >> gold again and gold at last. a u.s. medal bonanza. i am billy bush with the missing moments you have not seen. >> you wouldn't play with us. >> three straight goals don't come easy. >> you feel like you got the monkey off your back? >> finally. >> billy: third time is the charm for allyson felix. >> was the race of your life. >> and my shell and our style
6:59 pm
medalists are revealed. >> billy: not even a low blow can stop this train. >> walsh semai end with their third straight goal. welcome to london and olympic games. it is so beautiful. it's like move have i set. and presentation two leading ladies. last night they were electric. today they are exhausted. >> how many hours of sleep have you had? >> that is not it. >> it's really heavy. >> they are huge. >> they are big and heavy. >> this is the heaviest one. >> the heavier than the on other


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