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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 27, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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with brian williams. i'm harry smith in new york. good afternoon. right now at 11:00, an officer-involved shooting locks down a bay area school. learn the latest from the arrest and the hunt for suspects in a live report. al, concerns over coyotes and why they're making themselves at home in a south bay neighborhood. and tropical storm isaac on a collision course with new orleans. new details could have it making landfall sooner than expected. good morning to you and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelly is off today. tropical storm isaac is now churning in the gulf of mexico, moving away from florida but turning slowly towards the louisiana and alabama coasts. the storm is expected to make
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landfall late tuesday. coincidentally, the same day that marks seven years since hurricane katrina hit, a fact not lost on the people living in the northern gulf. they're pulling their boats to high ground and boarding up their homes. we will have a live report from gulf shores, alabama, in just a few minutes. first, happening now closer to home, police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting in san francisco. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in mili valley with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. san francisco police are wrapping up their investigation into that officer-involved shooting. but along the way, they say they uncovered something totally unexpected, a trunk full of cell phones. in fact, they say it was a stolen cell phone that led to their suspect. an armed robbery of a woman with a cell phone in the ocean view district had san francisco police following their suspect by cell phone ping around the city this morning, near a b.a.r.t. station, and an officer
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spotted two people who match the description. >> one of the suspects, while jumping over a small wall over there, jumped up to the middle of his torso, turned to the officer, she fired one round. it did not strike the suspect. >> reporter: officers caught one. the other got away. it happened steps away from st. paul's school, which was in lockdown for about 15 minutes. >> we were on way here and saw the yellow tape and to be safe kind of got away from the school. >> reporter: the phone pinged again on 8th avenue. >> officers detained one suspect in a car and found another suspect in the trunk, including the stolen cell phone. >> reporter: several phones were found in the car. officers then went to a home tied in that car and detained two more people. >> the fact that more than one cell phone was found in the vehicle would indicate that these folks were -- that was their business, stealing cell phones. >> reporter: now, police tell us they never did find that gun and they also say that one officer hurt her leg in the chase.
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meantime, san francisco police tell us they're still waiting to try and get a search warrant to take a closer look inside that home. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. to our continuing coverage of tropical storm isaac. here is the latest on its strength, speed, and timing. it is currently packing maximum winds of 65 miles an hour. it's moving 14 miles an hour and is about 300 miles southeast from the mouth of the mississippi river. forecasters expect it to make landfall tomorrow. gulf shores, alabama, is one of the cities in the cone, and that's where nbc bay area's danielle lee is live with the latest for us. very windy where you are. >> reporter: hi, there, marla. the winds have basically doubled in intensity in the last couple hours. if you look around, the sun is disappearing and behind me the waves are growing as isaac approaches. according to the red cross, there are about 15 million people now under a hurricane warning because of this storm.
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isaac swept across florida overnight and rumbled into the gulf. now residents near the coast are preparing for the massive storm's uncertain strike. near-empty shelves lined stores in gulf shores, alabama. residents are grabbing hold of water, bread, and other last-minute supplies. others are evacuating. >> i'm going the ride it out. it's just too much that can happen. >> reporter: isaac continues to veer west towards louisiana. it could strike new orleans wednesday on the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> we had just gone high alert. i know the anxiety level is high. the storm is somewhat uncertain. out of the abundance of caution, we are beginning to take these precautions as, you know, quickly as we can. >> reporter: following advice from the mayor of new orleans, dozens of people lined up for gas. gas prices could rise as major oil companies in the gulf evacuate and prepare to shut down. over the weekend, isaac ripped through southern florida leaving
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thousands without power. in haiti, it killed eight people and left hundreds of others homeless. it's a storm that has been hard to predict, and so far it's only given a taste of what's in store. and the governor of alabama is telling people along the coast to evacuate, and we are now under a flood warning as well. live in gulf shores, alabama, danielle lee. marla, back to you. >> we certainly appreciate your courage for being out there. thank you so much, danielle. we do want to bring in meteorologist christina loren with the latest advisory on isaac. now, christina, you used to forecast in florida. this means you know tropical storms and hurricanes very well. >> yes, indeed, marla. we just received that advisory just five minutes ago. what i can tell you is the storm has not intensified at this point, 65-mile-per-hour winds. those are the max right now. and we wanted to show you the overall size of this massive system. when we talk about a landfall, we talk about when the actual
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eye of the hurricane moves onshore. now, right now, the projected path and intensity takes that hurricane weak category 1 into the new orleans area as we head through late tomorrow into early wednesday. now, there's a lot of uncertainty in terms of the projected path and intensity because we don't have any shearing winds, we don't have anything to push this hurricane out of the way. so we could be talking about hurricane conditions in new orleans for 24 hours plus. there's stale lot to talk about when it comes to this massive storm, even though when we were talking about katrina, it came onshore as a strong category 3. we're expecting isaac to come onshore as a weak category 1. lots more when it comes to talking about this and our local forecast in a bit. around a dozen volunteers from the bay area will be making their way to the storm zone. members of the bay area chapter of the red cross will help provide counseling and emotional support as well as help with shelter operations. disaster supplies are also on
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their way. now, if you would like to help, you can do so. you can donate at or make a $10 donation via text. text the number 90999. well, isaac is certainly putting a damper on the republican national convention, even though it is expected to move west of tampa. today's opening session of the convention has been canceled. nbc bay area's tracie potts is in tampa with the details. >> reporter: republicans are regrouping for a shorter three-day convention. the official opening for just a few minutes this afternoon. but speeches won't start till tuesday, including ann romney. >> i like my speech. i really like ann's speech. our sons are already in tampa, and they say it's terrific there, a lot of great friends, and we're looking forward to a great convention. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott and donald trump among those dumped from the schedule. louisiana governor bobby jindal planning to stay home and deal
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with tropical storm isaac now headed his way. >> our thoughts are with the people that are in the storm's path and hope that they're spared of any major destruction. >> reporter: there's concern that even with the storm over here, a possible direct hit on new orleans on the anniversary of katrina may overshadow the gop's message that mitt romney can do a better job turning the economy around. >> we have to tell the mitt romney story. we have to prosecute the president and what he promised and what he delivered. >> reporter: prosecute? convention organizers sofrenned that message. >> what we would want to do is define what president obama has done over the last four years, how and why he's failed. >> reporter: today's new "washington post"/abc poll gives romney a one-point edge, within the margin of error, essentially deadlocked on the eve of romney's nomination. >> that was tracie potts reporting from tampa. we have extensive in-depth coverage of the republican national convention and next week's democratic national convention on our website,
11:09 am just click decision 2012 under the news tab. well, our other big story today and happening now, a hero's welcome planned for those little ball players from petaluma. the p-town boys captured third in the little league world series and will soon be landing at sfo. that's where nbc bay area's martin francis is live with more on the reception those little guys can expect. monty, good morning. >> reporter: marla, good morning. their plane was scheduled to touchdown at 11:20. it is running early so they should be here any minute now. as you said, there's a small group of family and friend gathered here to welcome the team home. now, this team came so close to playing in the little league world series against japan, and anyone who saw the game independence tennessee this weekend can tell you petaluma national gave the bay area a lot to be proud of. coming back in one inning to make up a ten-run deficit. now, the team went on to play in the third-place consolation game against panama and won that game, making these young athletes part of the third best
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little league team in the world. family and friends say that alone is an impressive accomplishment. >> my brother's been sending me know toes where they'll be sleeping in the airport. they had a layover in atlanta. we're excited to get them home. we are. they'll be tired. i know that. >> reporter: again, the team's plane should be touching down any minute now. the team mbs will be taken back to petaluma in limos, where a crowd there will welcome them home. we'll the happy homecoming coming up tonight on our news at 5:00. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> i love that they're going home in limos. coming up, cut your risk of developing an aggressive form of breast cancer. learn what you can do still ahead. and wild coyotes hunting pets. we're in the south bay neighborhood where families are concerned and taking action. a tropical storm in the gulf means higher gas prices. right? not so fast. we'll take a look. and a live look. this is the view of the
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mother nature is causing concern for mothers and fathers living in a west san jose neighborhood. coyotes are roaming this area not far from an elementary school. and while they'll typically stay away from people, some family pets are at risk. nbc bay area's arturo santiago is live with more. hopefully you haven't run into any coayotes yourself. >> reporter: not so far, marla. we are in west san jose, just a couple blocks away from foster hill elementary school. now, this is the time of year typically where we can expect to see more and more wildlife out and about of all different kinds of species. the young animals are starting to roam with their adult
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parents, and because of a smaller food supply because of the dry weather, well, that's when you start getting coyotes hunting on the streets of suburbia. one working theory is that the coyotes are coming and going via st. thomas aquino creek which lies directly behind foster hill elementary school. this family lost two of their cats on the same night a few weeks ago. >> one cat was in my neighbor's yard just torn to pieces, literally all over the yard, and the other cat was in his yard across the street with the whole midsection just ripped out. >> we can't go out at night so, the coyotes came down here i guess looking for food. >> reporter: another cat was killed about two weeks ago, and one neighbor even reported seeing coyotes howling in her front yard. pets are the primary concern here. coyotes are typically afraid of people and prefer to prey on small animals. so as people walk their children to school, they're their worries are pretty minimal about the
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coyotes. >> coyotes coming into the schoolyard with so many people you would think they might be a little too afraid for that. >> reporter: now, wildlife officials by law cannot trap and relocate these coyotes. that means it's up to people to limit the things that attract them, such as open garbage cans, fallen fruit and sources of water. arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. a rally is being held in the south bay tonight to call for peace in san jose. there have been eight homicides in san jose during the past two weeks, and police say much of the violence is gang related. at victory outreach in san jose, some of the church members are ex-gang member, and so are two of the senior pastors. today the church is starting the 30-day outreach, sending teens and former gang members into the highest crime areas and trying to reach them with a spiritual message. >> our experience of being there at one time is able to relate to them and being able to say, look, i was there at one time,
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i've done that, i know what it's like, i know what you feel. >> tonight's rally gets under way at 6:30 in front of san jose city hall. today, we are hoping to learn more about a deadly plane crash that happened at lake tah tahoe. it happened just after takeoff from the south lake tahoe airport late saturday night. the crash started a one-acre fire that took more than 90 minutes to put out. the plane was registered to francisco della mora. a co-worker says he took a trip with his wife, their 7-year-old daughter and two friends and planned to return the same day. a man has been identified as the first to be mauled to death by a grizzly bear. 200 miles of the alaskan back country remain closed to hishgs after 49-year-old richard white was attacked there friday. >> first a backpack and then torn clothing was discovered by some other day hikers in the
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area. and they then turned around, hiked back to the road, and reported this so park rangers. >> rangers say they found white's camera filled with photos of a grizzly taken from about 50 yards away. hikers are told to stay at least a quarter mile away from bears. rangers shot a 600-pound male bear that was guarding white's remain, and tests confirm it was the same bear that has attack him. the weather is causing new concerns for firefighters dealing with the ponderosa fire near redding today. a red flag warning is in effect for that area. low humidity and high winds are expected. the fire is expected to be fully contained tomorrow. but that could change along with the weather conditions. the fire began august 18th. it burned so far more than 43 square miles and destroyed more than 60 homes. 300 homes are still threatened. from fire to water. tropical storm isaac has forced the evacuation of offshore
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drilling platforms in the gulf. and scott mcgrew says that could mean higher gas prices. >> well, good morning. essentially none of the patrol yum we use here in california comes from the gulf. we get a steady supply from canada, mexico, quite a bit here from california. but a reduction in supply in one place is still going to cause higher prices in another. we could see higher gas prices for speculators who really set the price have actually driven oil prices down because they think the federal government will release barrels from the strategic reserve, which is, after all, why we have the strategic reserve. if you do want higher prices, how about apple? shares in apple hit a brand-new high this morning as investors got their first opportunity to react to friday's verdict in the san jose federal court. the patent trial apple wins, samsung loses. apple wins more than a billion
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dollars. but that could actually be tripled under american law. today's jump in share price adds $18 billion to market capitalization for apple. and how well have these shares done in, say, the last three months? if someone bought you a share of apple for a graduation present or mother's day back in may, you'd be up almost 25%. back to you. >> how about them apples? thanks, scott. isaac is barreling down on the gulf coast. meanwhile, we're just dealing with a little bit of overcast conditions earlier. how does it look now, christina? we are actually getting spoiled. geerting some of the best conditions across the entire nation. we're going to hole onto this beautiful stretch of weather all the way through this week, and as we head into this upcoming weekend. want to start with this live picture. we saw flight delays out of sfo, although you can see everything is clearing up nicely here, an we just reported that the petaluma team has arrived on time or they will be arriving on time. that's the good news. you still want to check ahead
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with your carrier if you're trying to catch a flight or pick up someone from the airport. we'll keep you updated on nbc bay area. temperatures are perfect for any sort of outdoor activities. concord and livermore, in the 70s. san francisco, 64 degrees. not too bad for a nice stroll outdoors. 73 in sunnyvale, 71 degrees in santa cruz. it all works out like if thr today. the winds will play a factor here, especially as we head through the evening hours. you look the keys, see where you're getting the yellows and oranges right by the coast, we're expecting 10 to 20-mile-per-hour wind gusts to start to increase as we head throughout the second half your day. if you have objects in the backyard, tie those down, especially by the coast or in the higher elevation where is we lack that friction. 83 degrees in santa rosa today, 66 in san francisco, and 80 in redwood city. really comfortable conditions as we round out the month of august. as you know, we could be sweating with triple-digit heat, but that is not going to be the case. in fact, as we he to the next ten days it looks like we'll stay nice and mild. area of low pressure sits to our
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north. as we head through tonight, that's going to usher in a nice, strong onshore flow, keeping our coastline nice and cool. if you blif the coast, that's what you're used to. temperatures will be seasonal throughout the week. the seven-day outlook, you can see not too much fluk chew wags between today and wednesday. thursday, peak warmth, 91, not too bad. friday into the weekend, nice, comfortable conditions prevail. i feel kind of bad because we're getting it so great out here on the west coast. back to you, marla. >> i can not believe we're approaching labor day weekend. talking about that already. thank you, christina. when we come back, the decision parents are making today that could affect their sons' lives forever. then what doctors have now learned about breast cancer, the one thing you can do to prevent it. to join our discussion, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. a live look. this is the traffic on 880 heading through fremont.
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you can see the windy conditions.
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for the first time in 13 years the american academy of pediatrics is revising its policy on circumcision. the organization says the preventive health benefits outweigh the risks. its research shows uncircumcised babies are at a higher risk for stds such as hiv and urinary tract infections later in life. a new study shows obese women are at increased risk of dieing from breast cancer. researchers at albert einstein college of medicine compared the outcomes of breast cancer patients based on their weight. obese women have a 30% increased risk for brans the breast cancer coming back and a 50% higher risk of death.
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doctors say hormonal changes associated with obesity may fuel certain cancers. we are back in a moment with dinner theater's high-tech twist.
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welcome back now. thanks for joining us on a monday. temperatures today will be comfortable, not too hot inland, not too cool at the coast, 89 degrees inland, 78 bay side, 68 at the coast. same setting just about all week long. the sun will set tonight at 7:ha. marla, back to you. >> thank you, christina. dinner an show put on by robots. robot restaurant opened in tokyo after three years of construction and $126 million. the restaurant features a variety show consisting all of robots. the main attraction is a group of 12-foot-tall custom-made female robots. the show is extremely popular and said to be booked every night. thanks for being with us. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat...
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