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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a san jose firefighter is in intensive care tonight, doctors now saying if it was not for his fellow firefighters he likely wouldn't be alive. the 15-year veteran was battling a fire in downtown san jose when he collapsed. damian trujillo is live at the emergency room of regional medical center where the injured firefighter is being treated. i understand damian, he suffered a heart attack? >> reporter: he did, jessica. there is a lot of optimism here, he did suffer that heart attack but his fellow firefighters jumped in and they brought him back to life. firefighters wasted no time putting out the flames at st. patrick's church. >> the rush of adrenalin, extremely scared, nervous. not sure what happened. >> reporter: amid all of the chaos frank ryan who was also a paramedic collapsed near his rig. >> we had emergency that one of
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our firefighters was down. >> he was exerting a lot of energy. >> frank lost his pulse and stopped breathing. chief mcdonald says that's when other firefighters went into rescue mode. >> our crews were on him, they started rescue efforts right away. they were able to resuscitate him. he was focusing on breathing and they were able to get his pulse back and a blood pressure back. >> a man with no signs of life was suddenly breathing again. >> our hearts go out to him and his family right now. firefighters we're all suffering from this. >> firefighters poured into the emergency room all day to visit a man they battled flames with side by side, there is optimism, the rescue training they have taken may have helped save one of their brothers. the cause of the fire is under investigation. i just spoke to the director of the cardiac lab here at regional medical center.
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she tells me that the firefighters definitely helped save the life of frank ryan. she said the fact that he came to work today was, quote, an angel on his shoulder. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a tense afternoon in palo alto, an upscale neighborhood was locked down during a three-hour manhunt. police captured the suspect. they went door-to-door and searching yards north of downtown palo alto. residents were sent reverse 911 messages alerting them and advising them to stay inside with doors and windows locked. you see the suspect. this all started when that suspect drove off after police spotted him talking on his cell phone. he ultimately slammed into six cars before ditching the car and taking off on foot. they say he also attempted to carjack another driver to get away. >> in the car that the suspect abandoned we locate what had we believe to be several pieces of
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stolen property that we're still working to identify where that may have come from and what he may have been doing with that. >> a canine unit tracked the man to the basement of a home on waverly street. he's now being treated for dog bites at a hospital. >> new at 6:00, a san ramon man faces charges after reportedly beating a foreign exchange student living at his home. the 34-year-old works from home as a tutor, he is accused of child endangerment and assaulting a 16-year-old student in front of other students. investigators say the attack happened in dublin and san ramon. sometimes other students were forced to participate. >> the police chief is addressing neighbors' concerns over the release of a teen robbery and assault suspect. police say justin shing broke into two homes. he stood over a girl's bed and assaulted her.
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a week later shing allegedly broke into another home, this time caught by the homeowner who held him down until police arrived. residents will hold a neighborhood watch meeting tonight at 7:00. the chief says he will be there to answer questions and address concerns that the neighbors may have. >> city workers in san francisco don't know for sure what caused tuesday's water main break. the rushing water left a huge hole and part of sunnyvale avenue is going to be closed until further notice. today, though, water crews isolated the broken part of the water main but they need more time to fix it. until they get -- until then they want to get the hole filled and the street fixed. temporary paving and road striping are expected to begin on saturday with full restoration complete by the close of the labor day weekend. >> a new warning as the oakland police department is investigating several sexual assaults against hispanic women in the fruitvale district.
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investigators believe there may be several victims who have not yet come forward and today they are urging them to do so. >> we're also concerned that there may be an escalating level of violence associated with this activity, so that's also a reason why we're reaching out. >> the department fears many of the women are not coming forward because they are embarrassed or have a lack of trust toward the police or are afraid of deportation. >> a 16-year-old pedestrian is recovering from being hit by a muni bus in san francisco. police say around 10:30 this morning the pedestrian apparently walked in front of a bus at 1 skth and shotwell. the person was taken to san francisco general but remark is expected to be okay. the driver did undergo routine drug and alcohol tests and has been placed on non-driving status which is standard muni protocol after this type of accident. >> california's largest medical
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marijuana dispensary and most famous is getting pressure to shut down. harborside health center has locations in oakland and san jose. the landlord for the facility asking a judge for a restraining order to block the center from distributing marijuana in any form. the u.s. attorneys have closed several dispensaries, as part of the statewide crackdown they threatened the landlords with prosecution. harbor side's oakland facility was profiled in the show "weed wars." the owners vow to keep both centers open. >> a legendary journalist is remembered tonight. long time newspaper columnist leigh weimers died. when he started with the "mercury news" in 1958 san jose population was 150,000. it has exploded to nearly a million when he retired. he continues to write on line and blogged about the surgery he was receiving today to repair a heart valve.
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a newspaper veteran but a fresh perspective about the valley. from cherry orchards to computer chips, he picked prunes as a youngster and called that a terrible job but he did a great job at the merck. he was 76 years old. >> still to come, deadly errors t bay area hospital's under fire for safety problems that in some cases have led to the death of patients. >> also peg prince george's new plan for safety across the state. why some say the plan does not go far enough. >> two titans could team up. leaders of apple and google may be making dates. >> i'm jeff ranieri. a lot of sunshine and heat in the east bay. temperatures the warmest in the east bay. discovery bay at 94 degrees. almaden valley at 8 sefrnlt here's the thing, this heat spike is also pushing the allergies up there.
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everything in the moderate to high category. we have a track on tropical depression isaac. the full forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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>> the silicon valley ipo market has been a rocky road. local companies aren't shying away. let's find out who is next to go public. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here with the news. good evening. >> good evening. yeah, announced the company is work day, it's a cloud software company that helps companies with human resources needs, just filed for a $400 million ipo based in pleasanton. about 1400 employees. we'll keep you posted. a peace offering perhaps between two companies that already have high stock prices. apple and google, rumors say the two are in talks to resolve smart phone differences before they go to court.
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this is likely good news for consumers not to mention tech reporters who would have to cover such cases. attention mobile gamers. the popular cubes are as of today newly crafted. the company based in san francisco makes these so you can move them around, play games on them, touch them, new games now, you no longer have to hook them up to your computer. if you are interested the kit costs $130, $30 each to add cubes. and coming up at 6:45, a global retail giant making a play for bay area shoppers. using social media, along with the plan to hireundreds of local workers. we'll take you for an exclusive look at what it has to offer coming up later. >> thanks, scott. it was a tense day in oakland, three schools in lockdown this afternoon as police search for a homicide suspect considered armed and dangerous. this is how it started.
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police tried to pull over the suspect east of the coliseum around 12:30. the suspect took off on foot and that forced police to lock down futures elementary, roots international school and coliseum prep academy while they played out that search. the lockdown was lifted some 90 minutes later after police figured out the suspect was no longer in the area. no arrests have been made. >> a bill aimed at cracking down on underage drinking on party buses is on the way to governor brown's desk. the assembly approved the bill. the bill would make party bus operators responsible for underage drinking in their vehicles. hill offered the legislation after a burlingame teen was killed back in 2010 when he crashed his car after hours of drinking on a party bus. hill said the need for the legislation was heightened last month when a 25-year-old santa cruz girl died after falling out
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of a party bus while fighting with a 20-year-old girl. both girls had been drinking. >> the much talked about bill that would give nannies, house keepers and caregivers added benefit. it would allow domestic workers overtime, breaks and other state protection. proponents say it's necessary to protect domestic workers against exploitation. opponents say it would raise costs. recommendations ignored and warnings never posted. a bay area family who lost a loved one to the honor ta virus is outraged that warnings about that potentially faltle illness were never made public to other families. tonight nbc bay area's jodi hernandez looks into the department of health suggestion that warning signs about the hantavirus be posted and why that failure is now being questioned. >> you don't expect to lose a daughter or a daughter-in-law that has just begun her life, just got married and just start
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add new career and looking forward to having children. you just don't -- you never get over that. >> cindy says not a day goes by she doesn't think of her daughter-in-law. 27-year-old misty was one of the bay area's first confirmedç victims of hantavirus. she died from it in 1999. >> you kind of relive it all over again. >> the virus outbreak in yosemite brought the pain of her family's tragedy pouring back. her advice to people with plans to visit yosemite -- simple. >> i wouldn't go. because i know what happens. i know what she went through. i know the pain and ang knee it was for us to watch her go through all of that pain. and suffering. >> tonight nbc bay area has learned that the state department of health recommended yosemite post warning signs about the risk of hantavirus back in 2010. after two campers fell ill. yosemite officials admit that never happened.
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>> it was something that was available but you have to ask for it if you wanted it. now we have multiple areas throughout the park where all of the information is just out in anybody -- it's very noticeable where to get this information. >> it upsets me and angers me because they could have done something to save these people's lives. >> she's glad the word is finally getting out about the danger. she thinks everyone needs to be aware of the virus that stole her loved one's life. >> no blaert they go camping, whether it's yosemite or anywhere, they need to be aware of what's happening out there now. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> from rodents to birds, eight more birds tested positive for the west nile virus. tonight an area in brentwood will be fogged. contra costa district will spray weather permitting. the target area is bordered by sam creek parkway, sellers
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avenue, balanceford road. typical symptoms are fever, headache, fatigue. most get better in a few days but in some rare cases the virus can be fatal. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. more people are smiling. >> yes, including me. i don't have monday off but the sun makes me happy out here. we had a lot of sunshine back in the east bay, we topped out some of the warmest weather in the east bay from discovery bay in the low 90s to 90 in livermore, 87 in santa teresa, and then cooler in san francisco. that onshore wind is starting to come back from 10 to 20 miles per hour. that's good enough right now to drop temperatures from 24 hours ago. we're at 60 in oakland, 71 in san jose. while it's mild in livermore with 78, it's a clip down from that 90-degree temperature for the high. let's take you out live.
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you can see the bay bridge approach, that traffic looks like headache. the cloud cover, it's going to be cooling us down into tomorrow so. maybe that will alleviate some of your headaches. if you had the ac going back across the east bay. the thing that's going to spark off not only the fog but areas of drizzle throughout the weekend. the upper level area of low pressure. no rainfall but with it lingering here across the bay area it will move down slightly cooler air. it's getting that marine layer going. it's not overly strong but we think it will be enough that it's going to bring us fog for the morning hours. also for the bay and a few low clouds expected for the interior valleys. in the 50s, by the noon hour the warmest spot over the valleys but a contrast from today. mid 70s. by the afternoon instead of 90s we're going with low and mid 80s. here is the beginning of the cooldown that will last into parts of saturday. mid 80s expected inland.
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throughout sunday here's the good part. cooldown's not going to last too long. temperatures are going to be soaring back up there. we also wanted to get you an update on tropical depression isaac, now moving into arkansas. winds at about 29 to 35 miles per hour. the path is going to take this into the midwest by this weekend. winds are going to be too strong but some of this could go up into st. louis, chicago, that may have you facing major delays even right here in california. also we'll tell you how hurricane ileana in the pacific may bring us a few showers. that's all ahead this hour. >> still ahead, a radical medical treatment, how a bionic eye is helping a woman regain her sight. >> rebuilding what vandals destroyed. the project ready to open at a school. >> the expansion project that could add to your commute along 101.
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a major player in the social networking community is looking to get bigger. linkedin says it's expanding its campus in the south bay. arturo santiago has a look at the plan as well as the growing concerns over the impact on the 101 commute. >> there are a lot of good things inherent in the expansion of an internet company in the silicon valley, linked in is going to lease this property and bring some 2900 employees. and that's good news until you start talking about the traffic. >> drivers are already frustrated with the commute between menlo park and sunnyvale. >> impassable. i don't use it it's so slow. >> worst days take up to 45 minutes. >> you don't get out there in a half hour ahead of your
6:22 pm
schedule, you're going to be delayed, be late and really upset. >> the frustration may be amplified when linkedin moves 3,000 employees into its now campus at 555 north matilda avenue. the 560,000 square foot property is only about a half mile from highway 101. not far away is headquarters in menlo park off the 101. while the city of sun of sunnyv looking forward to the revenue it will bring commuters have a different take on the situation. >> there is another 15 minutes to the commute. so yeah, every time a new building opens it slows it down further. >> wow. that's kind of -- you got to find some other way to go a little faster than 101. >> we've got real serious problems with congestion and no one's addressing it. >> linked in has its name on a building that is basically next
6:23 pm
door, its lease on this property runs through the year 2026. but according to the company it does plan on keeping its headquarters in mountain view. arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> the state public health department fined six pay area hospitals a total of $400,000 for state licensing violations. kaiser hospital in san francisco fined after a patient failed to properly work its insulin pump. and st. francis hospital fined for leaving sponges in patients. a fine for incorrectly loading a patient causing tubes to detach, killing the patient. menlo park hospital may appeal its fine for incorrectly using equipment which damaged the patient's bladder. stanford got a fine when a nurse improperly removed sutures,
6:24 pm
dislodging a breathing tube. >> they call it missed moment. we'll go live to tampa, florida where the presidential candidate mitt romney is now less than an hour away from what may be the biggest speech of his political life. what the experts say is the biggest goal of tonight's nomination acceptance speech. >> i'm scott budman, get ready for a store that combines technology and retail and has 500 new jobs. a first look inside coming up. i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we?
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>> decision 2012, likability, credibility and empathy. can mitt romney reshape his image tonight. a very important night, perhaps his most important speech and he is taking center stage in the next hour. >> steve continues our coverage from the republican convention in tampa. romney needs to deliver but the question is, is dirty harry going to be making mitt romney's day? >> you know, i think raj nailed it before the break when he
6:27 pm
called this mitt's moment. no question about it. the party is counting on him. in the run-up, in the approximately one hour before mr. romney comes out a lot of his friends from his church, from the business world, one after another attesting to how caring and how great a guy he is. the republican insiders here say when it's romney's turn to talk about romney, don't look for him to try to remake his personalities or change his message. they say you shouldn't, instead what they want to hear from him, more importantly, what they want undecided voters to see is what some call true mitt. he looked relaxed this afternoon appearing with paul ryan for a photo with gop staffers at the stage where he will speak tonight. but the pressure is on mitt romney. after seven years of running for president, winning the gop
6:28 pm
nomination, mitt romney reluctant to talk about his life, his finances or his faith, still has to introduce himself to many americans tonight. >> i think that this is an extraordinary opportunity right now for the governor to reach voters who say i heard a lot about this guy and some of the policy debates but i don't know much about him personally. i want to learn what makes this guy tick. >> romney trails president obama in what pollsters call likability and empathy. many feeling he doesn't care about them. romney running mate 42-year-old paul ryan joked last night, 65-year-old romney is not cool. >> there are the songs in his ipod which i heard on the campaign bus and i heard it on many hotel elevators. >> ryan insisted romney is caring and competent despite what democrats claim. >> you see, some people cannot be dragged down by the usual
6:29 pm
cheap tactics because their character, ability, and plain decency are so obvious, and ladies and gentlemen, that is mitt romney. >> convention planners reconfigured the stage, lowering the podium, bringing it closer to the delegates, to help mitt romney better personalize himself with voters watching. so far most voters are not watching this convention. about 20 million on average so far this week on all the broadcasts and cable channels. taylor hicks is singing tonight. this place is rocking but this isn't being broadcast to most american homes. what these republicans hope is that at 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific, millions of americans say hey, let's take a look which for many will abfirst look at mitt romney and the folks here
6:30 pm
think that voters will like what they see and hear. reporting live from the rnc in tampa, steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. back to you. >> thank you very much, steve. this convention ends with as you heard with romney's acceptance speech tonight but will it go out with a bang or with a whimper. >> let's bring in our political analyst. larry, your thoughts. we'll talk about how this will change in the next 60 minutes. so far what's the take away? >> first, unity. the elgats have come together, they mended fences, made their common goal the replacement of democratic president barack obama more important than anything else. second, purpose. the speakers have been given to delegates key messaging why they must win and third, publicity. the convention has served as a huge infomercial like the democrat counterpart will with the intent of broadening these
6:31 pm
themes to viewers particularly in the critical swing states. >> let's talk about the speakers. ann romney, condoleezza rice, paul ryan, obviously each one of them is there to highlight something specific about romney. >> this whole thing is choreographed so well. each speaker has put with the specific person. ann romney speaking to her husband's attributes. part of her logic was to reach women, a lagging area for republicans. look at condoleezza rice there to remind delegates of the public policy successes. she's a woman also helps. then we have paul ryan. he had two roles. one to introduce himself to the nation and two, to put barack obama and the viewers on notice that the president's policies have failed and republicans had workable alternatives. >> in the next 30 or 40 minutes mitt romney will take the stage,
6:32 pm
running for about seven years now. why don't we know him and what can he do tonight specifically? >> it's his moment. part of his speech will be somewhat autobiographical. romney will attempt to define himself. first of his speech, a sense of his vision for the country, where he wants to take us, and why he's the better choice. a comparison between failed policies and new choices. more than themes, more than policies, romney must appear genuine and caring to the public, something many americans haven't according to the polls. more than anything tonight is his opportunity to create that comfort level and that's a must do. whether he does it we'll have to wait and see. >> larry, thank you. >> moving on we go to the tropical depression, that's what it is, isaac left its mark on the gulf coast in several towns, the only way residents can reach their homes is by boat.
6:33 pm
you see some of the video here more than a million people are said to be without power, and in some parts of louisiana isaac has done more damage than hurricane katrina. >> hard to fathom. i say i was prepared but i think i'm still numb. hasn't hit me yet. absolutely worse than katrina. >> a normal person can't concei conceive. probably kill them. >> officials are intending to breach a levee forcing evacuations of 60,000 people in southern louisiana and mississippi t storm is expected to hit central arkansas tomorrow morning. >> new information out about the suspect at the center of the colorado massacre. we're learning that james holmes tried calling his psychiatrist nine minutes before the fatal shooting took place. dr. lynn said she could be reached at the number but she was not aware that she called
6:34 pm
before the attack. she said her doctor/patient relationship was limited to one meeting. today's court hearing focused on whether investigators can have access to a note book sent to her by homes believed to contain descriptions of the attack. the defense attorney says the book should be off limits because it's protected under doctor/patient laws. holmes is accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 others. a school district is giving itself an a. for the fifth year in a row the district has reduced the number of chronically absent students. the key to the success, a point program involving school officials tracking attendance and the d.a.'s office following up with parents. the d.a. stressed the significance of keeping kids in
6:35 pm
school, that 94% of the young murder victimses were all high school drop-outs. >> pg&e is fending off criticism again. the new chairman announced that pg&e is spending $250 million on short-term improvements but the news comes as there are new revelations about what pg&e is paying the victims in the san bruno blast. let's bring in stephanie. >> 82-year-old wendy -- glenndell lived in a house that burned down. promises aren't enough and the utility progress on safety upgrades isn't enough as we approach the 2-year anniversary of the day she says will always haunt her. >> i saw this huge ball of fire. everything was ablaze, i'm shaking just thinking about it. >> linda was 80 years old when the pipe line blew right in front of her house. >> the young woman that was burned to death was on the other
6:36 pm
corner. >> it's too much for her to return to. she has moved to foster city, one of hundreds of plaintiffs who sued over the blast. the company says it has settled seven of eight suits involving death and most of the serious injury suits, including one that was posted by a san mateo court on line. the times reports the settlement documents show that pg&e paid a teen victim $1.8 million. >> i don't think $1.8 million covered anything that this woman or young woman had to go through. >> but the pg&e chairman and ceo says his company is taking strides to improve safety. pg&e will spend $250 million on short-term improvement in addition to the 1.5 billion shareholders have already spent. >> the pressure testing in the
6:37 pm
immediate aftermath of the tragedy, the company spent a lot of money to assist the victims, people who lost their houses and things like that. >> he says the utility will commit 5 billion to its pipe line safety enhancement plan. but rate payers may shoulder 85%. and stands to make a profit. pg&e says it's business. their investors need a return. it's not enough for karn he says the house she lived in was destroyed. adding she still has nightmares and has to undergo counseling indefinitely. >> there is a lot of recovery still for the people of san bruno. >> pg&e says it will likely spend $455 million on the san brun lawsuits. for the california public utilities commission, criminal investigation in san bruno.
6:38 pm
>> still ahead, technology researchers say could be the key to restoring sight to the blind. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. the cool west wind is now starting to return. i know you can feel it if you've been outside. already dropping to 71 in san jose. that will start out with fog tomorrow. we had weekend changes coming up in the 7-day.
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6:40 pm
>> in health matters, an australian woman blind in one eye can see again thanks to a bionic eye. she's now the first person to have an electric array with a
6:41 pm
connector behind her ear. that connector is then connected to an external stimulator. by stimulating the retinal cells it can restore some vision and patients are able to pick up contrast and edges. >> a back-to-school surprise in richmond. the auditorium building is ready to reopen after the second major overhaul in a year. the first was barely finished when vandals attacked in february. they broke a water pipe, flooding the building. officials say the cleanup was more complicated than expected and topping a million dollars. the new building includes computer lab, classrooms, library and the kitchen. the vandals have yet to be caught. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest. >> jeff joins us now with the warm week ahead. we're looking for labor day. >> i know. the forecast is going to get hotter for us, so that's going to be the good news.
6:42 pm
the cooldown is coming and right in time for my 3-day. >> i refuse to waste my breath asking the question. i know you're ready for some football, raiders and niners are in action tonight. we'll hear from oakland's new head coach plus a report from sandal stick as the niners get ready to tackle the chargers. we'll be right back. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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>> 500 new jobs and about as many styles. a global giant about to make a move here in the bay area combining social media, clothing and growth. scott budman takes us for a look. >> welcome. >> it's a welcome peek into what may be the future of retail. unique already a success in japan and new york coming to the bay area with lots of clothing, lots of technology, and lots of jobs. >> i think it's simple. the bay area's known for innovation and creativity. >> appealing to young shoppers with online social media outreach. >> 100 cashmere. >> appealing to young job seekers with a hiring program
6:45 pm
that targets college graduates, especially with an eye on leadership. >> we hire often college graduates who are fresh out of school, provide them with the opportunity to join our company, train in japan for a number of months, often as long as six months and teach them the way. and they come back to the u.s., they are the dna carriers as it were. >> among those hired tierra, already training others preparing for what will be the first of several unique stores high on energy and technology. >> you think of japan and tokyo, technology based and san francisco also is big on san francisco so it's something we want to let our customers know that we're up on our knowledge and on our a game. >> bringing its a game to try and shake up bay area retail. in san francisco, scott budman,
6:46 pm
nbc bay area news. >> okay. someone in the bay area is $52 million richer. the only problem is that person has not stepped forward to claim the money. lottery officials are looking for a man they say bought a winning ticket at the quick stop on walnut avenue. this is video of the man for july on the july 27th drawing. the winner has checked his ticket at area stores but still has not claimed the win. the lottery is now asking for the mystery man to bring his ticket to headquarters or the nearest district office. last year more than 20 million prizes went unclaimed. if he doesn't want it all i can say i'm available to take the ticket and i'll take it to the lottery place. >> does he look like me? >> if you split with it me i can make you look like him. >> does he look like jeff? >> out of luck. >> i'll get in on it. i'll pay for the gas to get to
6:47 pm
the place. hurricane ileana, it's all about isaac, we're keeping our eyes on this, 85 miles per hour winds, not a mexico or hawaii landfall but some of the remnants of this may make it into our seven-day forecast. we're going to tell you what our best chance of getting a shower from this will be coming up in that 7 day. you can see it's going to be weakening as we head throughout this weekend. current temperatures are down and a lot. we had low to mid 70s across the peninsula, also in san francisco. currently close to the 50s in downtown san francisco, dropping to 71 in san jose. you can thank what's on our camera network for all of this tonight. let's take a look. san bruno, can't see much. it's a fog storm right now with visibility decreasing. if you're headed to san francisco and live in the east bay, bring the jacket because the temperatures are going to continue to drop and it's going to be the classic august night. next 48 hours, trough of low pressure is producing some of
6:48 pm
the effects of the fog at the coast, it's going to hang out they think about the next two days. that will keep some of the fog in place and slightly cooler air that will push all of the warm air off to the south and east. so yes, you know the drill. this will mean more fog for the morning, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, even some areas of fog across the mountains and the peninsula. then back for the interior valleys instead of 90s, more with 70s and 80s. here's the good part. by saturday we'll have slight warming so looks like your labor day weekend is not going to be fogged in. we may get beach weather. fog and the coast, marin, also napa counties, low clouds back to the east bay, by the afternoon it could be one of those days we find areas of fog and also the north bay. overall we'll begin with temperatures in the mid-50s. if you're traveling we want to highlight that major rainfall
6:49 pm
left from isaac could produce delays. even if you're taking one of those hopper flights we could see airport delays in that whole cascading effect. as far as for tomorrow, temperatures going down quite a bit from 5 to 10 degrees in the south bay. 77 in palo alto. 83 in san jose. that's optimistic. and 79 in gilroy. the sea breeze is going to cool you off. 82 in dublin, and also 80 in walnut creek. san francisco, no 70s expected friday, 65, may pop up there to 71 in oakland and 75 in sonoma. cooler weather with fog and drizzle in morning. for friday and saturday. throughout sunday temperatures warm up, we think by monday we'll have mid 90s so things you want to watch if you're headed out to the beaches. we'll have some rusty small craft advisories so while the
6:50 pm
weather may be calling you sunday and monday be extremely cautious. we know people want to get in the water but might be dangerous. >> it's deceptive how you can get caught up. >> thanks, jeff. let's get the sports. >> henry joins us, we've got a big night, we've got mitt romney, the 49ers, and the raiders. which are you going to watch? >> how about some football. that's what i'm going to watch. it's the final week for the two in the nfl. they begin their run to the super bowl. last season the niners were just a victory short of getting to the big game. harbaugh's players have not lost confidence. we can have more on the niners later who are ready to clash with the san diego chargers. what about moving on to the oakland raiders, they battle the
6:51 pm
seahawks at 7:00 tonight. things have been very physical in the preseason. matt liner took a vicious hit in arizona but he's in uniform tonight along with carson palmer. the final score is not important tonight. the goal is end week one healthy. >> nobody wants to see anybody get hurt, you know what i mean. so inwhole preseason is a balance of getting guys reps and ready to play opening night of the season, and you know, working them too much to where you wear them down for the season. all of us only got so many shots in our bodies and so you don't want to use them all up in the preseason yet you got to due enough work that you get better. >> over to baseball. house cleaning at the top of the a's honey do list. bring out the broom sticks, the a's looking for their first sweep of the indians in cleveland since 2002.
6:52 pm
perfect day for baseball, oakland looking to stay atop the wild card standings with their sixth consecutive win. top of the third, coco crisp, he breaks his bat so what does he do, get some fresh wood, buddy wlaxt does he do next, kiss it good-bye. cocoa, must like his new bat. homers to right. 14th of the season. game tied at 1-1. top of the fourth, bases loaded for george kasarus. everybody's coming in. three-run double for him. a little later, still swinging for the fences. top of the fifth, josh whetig goes yards. that made it 8-2. they go on to win. your final, 12-7. for the giants and astros, ryan
6:53 pm
vogelsong on the mound. a double to right center. one scores. houston at 1-0. third inning, more from the astros. a solo home run to right. and that makes it 4-0 houston at that point. san francisco starting to fight back. 4-3 in the sixth inning. let's show some love for the second round of the u.s. open today. serena williams won in straight sets beating maria jose martinez sanchez of spain. serena turned her ankles yesterday. it required extensive treatment. she had 24 unforced errors but managed to get the victory. speaking of tennis, finally some breaking news for the man side. andy roddick has announced that the u.s. open will be his final tournament, you know he said i don't know if i'm healthy enough or committed enough another
6:54 pm
year, roddick has 32 career titles and was the last american to win the u.s. open back in 2003. as we mentioned we promised an update. the 9ers take on the chargers, mindy back has more. >> the 4 minors are moments away from their final preseason game against the chargers. jim harbaugh won't say which stars will play and for those that will for how long. but this game has been about the backups and those fighting for a roster spot. a key position battle is that for third quarter back between scott tolzien and josh johnson. rosters must be cut down from 75 players to the final 53 by friday night at 6:00. mindy bach, nbc bay area. >> thank you. we got work to do, you know, i need to pop popcorn, watch some football. it's football time. >> nose to the grindstone. >> big night. thank you.
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
>> tonight at 11:00 we're live in foster city as the police chief addresses the community on edge after a series of burglaries and a sexual assault. the concern is that the prime suspect live as block away. also hear from the cardiologist who treated the san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack in the line of duty today. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> garvin thomas to tell us what's coming up. >> mitt romney's speech and the woman regaining her sight. we'll talk live with the people who made it possible. 186.
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