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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 1, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, president obama continues to fire back at the gop following the republican national convention. the latest jabs from the campaign trail. and we catch up with a bay area delegate just days before he attends the democratic national convention. and two bay area homes gutted by a major blaze. how a local firehouse could have made a difference. good evening, to you, i'm kris sanchez, diane is off tonight. we begin tonight with decision 2012. just days before the democratic national convention, republican presidential nominee mitt romney is comparing president barack obama to a failed football coach, but as nbc's steve handelsman reports, the president is firing back as the
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contest moves to big battleground states. >> reporter: starting a preconvention tour of swing states, president obama went to iowa, where he got his first win in '08 on his way to the democratic nomination. so, he asked, did you watch the republican convention? >> don't boo. vote! >> reporter: mr. obama charged mitt romney and paul ryan offered an obsolete message that lacks specifics on purpose. >> there was a lot of talk about hard truths and bold choices, but nobody ever actually bothered to tell you what they were. they know their economic plan is unpopular. >> reporter: on this football saturday, paul ryan was at ohio state. after admitting he exaggerated his best marathon time by more than an hour. mitt romney was in cincinnati, slamming the president's promise of jobs. >> today 23 million people are
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out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed. let me tell you, if you have a coach that's 0-23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. >> reporter: but the current coach claims a winning season, and better ones ahead. >> we've got more good jobs to create. we've got more homegrown energy to generate. >> reporter: the president headed to colorado. >> romney/ryan. >> reporter: romney and ryan went to florida. democratic convention delegates are arriving in charlotte for a week of making their case to the nation. here in north carolina, a swing state, and in colorado, florida, iowa, and ohio polls show this race for the white house very close. and show that mitt romney just got a small boost from his convention. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, charlotte. and many california democrats are headed to charlotte, north carolina. this weekend for their party's national convention.
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nbc bay area's kimberly tere is live in san jose where she caught up with a delegate before he left and wondering what he had to say. >> reporter: we'll get to that in just a second. i do want to say just a couple of days ahead of this convention, you can sigh that the democratic headquarters here in the south bay is buzzing with excitement. volunteers say that the convention in north carolina is really the perfect way to energize the party right now ahead of the november election. now, cheyenne will be going as a delegate and he says he's most looking forward to seeing former president bill clinton and, of course, president barack obama. mr. obama is scheduled to address the nation on thursday. >> i'm very excited. i'm very humbled, because president obama actually got me involved four years ago. so, being able to be a delegate for him this time around is a huge honor. >> reporter: mohammedi says he's hoping to hear speakers address the issue of same-sex marriage and hoping that mr. obama will
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plan his plan for job growth, stimulating the economy and also tackle the topic of foreign policy. volunteers here say that they are getting excited when they talk to delegates who are heading to the convention. and, of course, while they would like to go themselves, they say they also know the importance of staying behind and making sure that they continue campaigning here. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you very much, kimberly. in the wake of hurricane isaac, nearly 400,000 people in louisiana are still without power. this morning dozens of utility trucks rolled out many on their way to new orleans where about 70% of the city is still in the dark. floodwaters are receding throughout the region, but in a rural area near slidell, a new evacuation was ordered because officials fear a lock from a diversion canal is going to fail. relief efforts for people affected by the storm are under way with neighbors and strangers pitching in alongside big companies as well. the bp oil company says it will
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donate $1 million to the american red cross and the salvation army in louisiana and mississippi. the company has been heavily involved in cleanup efforts in the area after one of its oil rigs exploded and spilled millions of gallons of oil in the gulf two years ago. people in the philippines are picking up after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck yesterday. the quake struck at a depth of 22 miles, about 66 miles off the country's east coast, triggering a tsunami warning in the area. in the end that warning was canceled, but the quake did cause damage to some structures and set off some small landslides. one woman died when her house collapsed in the earthquake. engineers are now starting to repair damage across the country. back here at home, firefighters say it is an absolute miracle that no one was hurt in concord this morning where a fast-moving fire destroyed two homes. the fire tore through a home on margo drive and spread next door before firefighters arrived on the scene early this morning.
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the homes were fully involved when the crews arrived. >> it did get a little head start on us, obviously well involved. pd reported the houses were fully involved when they arrived here, two of them being fully involved. so, we've flowing at over 2,000 gallon a minute rates when we got here and we did a good job containing it to those structures. >> a nearby firehouse was closed because of budget cuts. two families are homeless because of the fire, but they are getting assistance from the red cross. while investigators determine the cause of the fire. this labor day weekend caltrans crews will be laboring, working on a shutdown dumbarton bridge aiming to finish a seismic retrofit project before the tuesday morning commute. monty francis joins us live from fremont with what caltrans is doing and how you can make your way around if you don't want to hit the span between fremont and menlo park. >> reporter: we just got an update from caltrans and the
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latest is that everything seems to be running on schedule. that the lanes should reopen as planned on tuesday morning. now, the dumbarton bridge closed last night at 10:00 and caltrans says the work started ten minutes later. this is part of a $60 million project to make the bridge safe in a large earthquake. the project is expected to be complete early next year. now, already this weekend crews have jacked up or raised the eastern part of the bridge by five inches in preparation to install a new joint which will make the bridge more flexible. the big work still lies ahead, removing the old joint and replacing it with the new one. >> it's exactly the same work that we did on the other side of the center of this span on memorial day weekend. so, we're a good bit into that work, but we still have a complex structure to put into place between now and tuesday morning. >> reporter: and the san mateo bridge appears to be the most popular detour for people trying to make their way across san francisco bay. caltrans says it's too early to
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say whether they're actually ahead of schedule and could reopen those lanes before 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, but right now that is the time they're sticking with. live in fremont, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thanks, monty. a lot of people saying using public transit or carpool if you want to avoid that mess. next at 5:00, it was a big night for the petaluma all-stars, we followed along as they met their heroes. we'll show you what's next for the little league sensations. and pat tillman continues to be honored by his alma mater. what his mom had to say about the latest tribute in san jose. and we saw lots of sunshine inland to start off your labor day weekend. how about upper 70s? a little bit better than yesterday, 60s for highs, but now there's signs out there that warning trends will kick in tomorrow. we're talking 90s in your forecast. we'll have a look at that when we come right back. hello?
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and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. the petaluma little league will be honored with a parade tomorrow afternoon and it will be a thrill for sure, but they are already riding high after rubbing elbows and playing catch with the oakland a's before the a's game friday night, here's the story of a night they'll
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probably never forget. >> reporter: on the field at the a's game the petaluma little leaguers get a standing ovation and the thrill of a lifetime, one-on-one time with the pros. >> because it's just awesome to meet the a's, pro baseball players. pretty cool. >> had the whole team sign the ball so you have a team-signed ball. >> reporter: 13-year-old logan douglas hanging out with the a's jonny gomes. gomes is from petaluma, too, he arranged a royal treatment for the little leaguers who placed third in the little league world series. >> it was pretty special. i think they kind of caught everyone off-guard, but you never know what the talent pool is going to be, and they gave it a great run and represented the whole west pretty well. >> reporter: the coach said the onfield visit is a dream come true for a deserving bunch. >> we get to go on the field? we get to go on the field? and then just to see the players. this is their dream. >> reporter: this was more than a meet-and-greet.
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these kids got luxury box seating, time on the big screen, and douglas' favorite, a tour of the clubhouse. >> it's cool, they have their own section. they all have a ton of oakleys and, like, a ton of shirts in there. it's really cool. >> reporter: petaluma even took the field with the a's for the national an then. 12 and 13-year-old boys soaking up the big leagues. >> i want to become a pro baseball player, that would be awesome. there's not a lot of chances for it, but, still, keep trying. >> reporter: that's the spirit that got them to the little league world series and on to the field. >> i got coco crisp and josh reddick. >> reporter: the magic happened fast but these kids will remember every second. jean elle, nbc bay area news. tomorrow's parade in petaluma kicks off at 1:00 in the afternoon at walnut park. the celebration then winds through downtown and back to the park for a community barbecue, and organizers say get there early because they're expecting a huge turnout.
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still to come at 5:00, cal opens the doors to its new stadium for the very first time and we have all the festivities for you.
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services for san jose congregation were just -- are just wrapping up this weekend despite the fact that the church was damaged by fire earlier this week. fire broke out at st. patrick's cathedral on thursday. because the main building was so badly damaged in that fire,
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church leaders say they will hold mass in the school gym on the same property. the services started at 4:00 today, but there are still more services tomorrow at 10:30 and at noon. you might recall, san jose firefighter frank ryan collapsed in that fire after suffering a heart attack. he remains in the hospital this morning. his family and his firefighter family also at his bedside, praying for him tonight as will the congregation likely tomorrow. two years and $321 million later the renovations are complete and the cal bears are back at home in memorial stadium. the capacity crowd of 63,000 people turned out for today's season opener against nevada. lots of fans got to the stadium way earlier than the noon kickoff for tailgating and socializing. >> i think it's going to be awesome. i have not seen it yet, but i'm really excited. >> now, the fans were especially looking forward to the new
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seats, minus those famous splinters of the old seats. they are now aluminum, plug the new high-def jumbo tvs and scoreboards and concessions. nevada spoiled the debut of the stadium, they beat the bears 31-24. and it certainly felt like football weather, though, i think it's safe to say lots of folks are hoping for warmer weather for labor day. rob mayeda joins us with weather, i think that's going to happen. >> yesterday we had temperatures in the mid-60s in the bay area. right now we finally got into the upper 70s around livermore and sunol, 80 degrees. san jose chilly for this time of year and now getting into the final three weeks of summer. 71 in san jose. 65, san francisco. 64 in oakland. still a pretty healthy sea breeze outside right now, but not as strong as 24 hours ago. we had those winds really blasting through fairfield. right now still an onshore breeze, but, again, the sea breeze is starting to back off a
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little bit. we're taking the ocean air-conditioning and kind of throttling it back just a little bit for tomorrow. what we'll get are the morning clouds but they'll clear up more quickly inland and look at the valley temperatures. the warm-up will be for inland spots around the bay area. not much change on the coast, but if you want to find some 90s, the forecast has a little bit of that starting as early as tomorrow. one of the changes we did see today, low clouds that were at 3,000 feet squished down to 2,000 feet now, that's high pressure starting to compress the marine layer, and if you want to find sun on the coast for your labor day weekend plans, highway 17. beautiful for sunday. the sierra looking good, no afternoon thundershowers in the high country. however, as we look to the south of us what's left of a weakening tropical storm encountering some cooler pacific ocean waters. some of this moisture from former i should say tropical storm ileana some of it is streaming towards baja, california, we'll have to watch out for it maybe tuesday and
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wednesday we may see tropical clouds heading our way. but this is the story. the marine layer is getting squished down. we'll see the temperatures climb tomorrow. it looks like upper 80s and low 90s. but for the coast not much change. the sea breeze is not going away, so the inner bay and coast will start to see maybe a little bit of a warm-up, but the bigtime warming, 5 to 10 degrees of warming, will be felt out towards the tri-valley and areas south of san jose. in terms of the cloud cover for the morning, we'll be watching those clouds quickly peeling back to the coast. maybe a little more sunshine we hope around pacifica and half moon bay. again, santa cruz is your slam dunk to find the sunshine as you wrap up the labor day weekend, heading on into monday. 40s and 50s outside tonight. we'll see the low clouds push inland and tomorrow's highs we should see the numbers come up a few degrees in san jose. mid-70s today. low 80s tomorrow. and areas south of san jose will get close to 90 degrees for this time tomorrow. around the east bay we'll see numbers in the upper 80s and low 90s. that looks a little more like summer there around the
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tri-valley and for the north bay we should see 70s and 80s but still in the 60s there around san francisco for your sunday. so, the three-day forecast starts to warm things up, the 90s start to come back on the board. monday and tuesday look to be the warmest days of the seven-day forecast. and we're going to start to see the cooling of that sea breeze pick up again thursday, into friday and then it may be warmer again as we head toward next weekend. so summer is coming back. the 60s for highs inland, those are going away. >> we weren't quite ready to let it go. >> no, we've got more days let. >> thank you, rob. we've been talking about memorial stadium, we actually forgot there was a game there and not just conceptions and a jumbotron. >> absolutely. there was a lot going on out there. last night it was stanford getting the big scare in its season opener. today disaster for cal kicking off its 2012 season in its brand-new stadium. we'll show you what happened next in sports. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ welcome back to nbc bay area. what about a brand-new stadium for the start of the 2012 college football season? plenty for cal fans to be excited about, right? well, then came kickoff. we'll take you out to the action in berkeley, nevada versus cal in the newly renovated memorial stadium. fourth quarter nevada up 24-17. zach maynor finds chris harper for a 13-yard td. extra point was good to tie it at 24-24. under a minute to play. game tied still. jefferson, again, with a two-yard td run. wolfpack leads 31-24. last chance for cal. maynor finds harper, but harper is hit hard and fumbles.
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wolfpack recovers. and, get this, nevada gets the upset, 31-24 over cal. over to baseball, giants at cubs. cal product nady making his giants debut. bottom of the first, bases loaded, nady doubled and hunter pence and hector sanchez score to make it 4-0 g-men. and that was enough support for tim lincecum. the freak, looking pretty sharp. in the fourth he gets brett jackson looking. what about the sixth? rookie anthony rizzo swinging. lincecum seven "ks" in 6 1/3. giants win 5-2. >> hits his spots, i really thought he got better as he went. and thought he got the ball down better. his breaking ball was going today. great effort, you know, it's good to see him throw like that. >> overall i'm happy with the way things went in the game and
5:25 pm
obviously the defense played great behind me. they scored big in the first inning to kind of give us a little bit of an edge, i guess you could say, so with that just tried to pace myself through the six-plus innings and ran into some bumps here and there but tried to come back and throw as many strikes as i could. well, the giants are looking sharp, and so are the a's who are looking to make it eight wins in a row tonight after last night's whupping of the boston red sox. kate longwood spoke with bob melvin's about the team's great depth and has more from the coliseum. >> reporter: the a's are a season-high 17 games over .500 and as they turn the calendar to a new month, many of the young players are entering uncharted territory as they play meaningful baseball in september. but whether it's the second week of the season, back in april, or the final weeks of the season here in september, bob melvin's message to his players remains the same. >> when we have our advance meetings, i'll say some things, and i think the important thing
5:26 pm
for us is to continue to go with the same thoughts that we've had that's gotten us to this point. >> obviously it means a little bit and i'll look at scores personally every night just to see how things go. but if you get caught up in too many things, it clouds your mind. and you just got to focus on the number one, which our game tonight. >> reporter: and with september come the call-ups, both brandon hicks and colvin cowville have joined the athletics and brandon inge has been activated from the disabled list. >> thank you, kate. by the way, first pitch between the a's and red sox is at 6:05. kris, back to you. can you believe that score last night? 20-2 the oakland a's beat the red sox like a little league score out there. >> i think it's because the little leaguers were there from petaluma. >> absolutely. >> we'll see you soon.
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pat tillman was once again honored for his love of country and his love of football eight years after he died. the pat tillman legacy classic kicked off last night at his alma mater leyland high school in san jose. the first home game of every year will now be played in honor of the nfl star turned war hero who was killed in afghanistan in 2004. tillman was a football player at leyland high school almost 20 years ago, then went on to play college ball and then played for the arizona cardinals before hanging up his jersey to enlist in the army in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. tillman's mother was the guest of honor last night and received a huge welcome from the crowd. >> he loved leyland. he loved playing for leyland. his high school years were really special for him and i know he'd be flattered. >> the only disappointment is leyland could not pull off the vict


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