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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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dumbarton don. the bridge completed way before the commute countdown, some 9 1/2 hours ahead of schedule. >> among the people working on this labor day, the crew on the dumbarton. and tonight, that crew was sent home early because their job is done. not only is the bridge reopened tonight. but caltrans says it's safer than it was before. george kiriyama joins us with
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details. >> reporter: traffic is flowing again here on the dumbarton bridge, 9 1/2 hours ahead of schedule. all of you morning commuters out there can breathe a lot easier. at 7:19 monday evening, the first cars cross a stronger dumbarton bridge, way ahead of schedule. >> we're nearly ten hours ahead of schedule. >> reporter: originally statemented that the day wouldn't be hope until 5:00 a.m. tuesday. getting the work done ten hours ahead of schedule tes -- >> some skill and some luck. the luck that the weather and the work didn't cause any barriers. >> reporter: work crews replaced a seismic joint on the bridge's deck. caltrans says the new joint will help protect the bridge during an earthquake. >> it's able to expand and contract and absorb some of the
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energy coming through the ground. >> reporter: caltrans there continue to install seismic barriers to strengthen the bridge. with all of the lanes open and the bridge open ahead of schedule is what caltrans wanted to see. >> we're very happy. >> reporter: more than 60,000 cars and trucks go back and forth every day. that's why caltrans wanted to get this done before the tuesday work day. here on the menlo park side of the dumbarton bridge. fire crews in the east bay are hunting for hot spots after a vegetation fire spoked 150 acres. the fire was burning in a very rugged area of the county. so, three air tankers and a helicopter was dispatched to help. >> the fire was in pretty steep
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terrain south of pittsburg. we had access issues because it's quite a ways off the road. >> at this point, firefighters haven't figured out what started the fire. we want to bring in jeff ranieri in the weather center. hot in the east bay. what can you expect for conditions tomorrow? >> that hot weather is going to fuel some low humidity. and wind building in the forecast. what you'll find is the fire in pittsburg was just off to the west of pittsburg itself. in those hills. temperatures in the 60s. winds are light. that's great news for firefighters. but humidity is extremely low at this time of night. just at 10%. for tuesday, we're going to have a mixed bag here. temperatures in the 90s. it will be hot out there for hot spots to flare up. it will be breezy but not over by gusty. and humidity could be worst this time of year. it's expected at 30% throughout
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the afternoon hours. not too bad as we look ahead to the next 24 hours. that high pressure is going to continue to fade. we'll begin with 50s and 06s. by the bay and down in the south bay, instead of temperatures to upper 80s and near 90, we'll look at slight cooling. >> thank you, jeff. not the lake tahoe vacation they were dreaming of. a san jose family involved in a jet skiing accident is at a san jose hospital. they rented into jet skis ps investigators say the two water craft collided going about 30 miles per hour. neither parent had experience operating a jet ski. the family's 7-year-old daughter was airlifted to reno. the 5-year-old son and mother had head and leg injuries.
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a new warning for thousands of college students at san francisco state. chickenpox. two people have been diagnosed with the virus. and officials are trying to make sure that number doesn't grow. >> reporter: word about the two cases of chickenpox is spreading quickly on campus. 30,000 people attend san francisco state university. even though there's only two reported cases of chickenpox on campus so far, dr. allister smith says it's important to get the word out to students, faculty and staff. >> these two cases could have transmitted it to others. what we've been trying to do is take a variety of steps to ensure these two students don't
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pass the disease on. >> reporter: to try to prevent that from happening, an e-mail blast went out to all students. one student lives on campus. the other traveled on public transportation. and they don't know each other. adults coming down with chickenpox is rare because in california, it's mandatory that seventh graders get vaccinated. >> the vaccination is 90% effective. >> reporter: and doctors say chickenpox can spread easily, either through direct contact or by air. paris jordan got the e-mail on friday. and she's concerned. >> i'm not freaked out about it to the point where i'm petrified because i already had it. but at the same time, it freaks
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me out because we've never had an outbreak of any kind of disease. >> i'm definitely concerned especially because i'm not immune to chickenpox. i'm a pretty clean person myself. hopefully if i maintain that, i'll be fine. >> reporter: if you think you've been exposed, contact your medical provider immediately. >> thank you, cheryl. taking a stand after an alarming spike in violence. san jose's east side community used today to protest for peace and for change. that's when dozens of people called on their community to take back their community. there has been 33 homicides in san jose this year so far. 8 of them happened in a span of 11 days. an increase in gang activity is partly to blame. they're working on that problem.
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but they say they need help. >> every life is precious. every homicide is senseless. there is death. but homicide and violence don't need to be a part of our lives. >> the department has launched several operations to try to crack down on gangs. it's been 11 days since the city's last homicide. the family of the man shot and killed by vallejo police this weekend. the shooting happened around 4:00 a.m. yesterday and left mario romero dead. the 23-year-old had been sitting in a car parked outside his house. police say he got out and reached what apparently looked to be a pellet gun. but his sister saw the shooting from inside her bedroom window. >> i seen them shoot and kill my brother in front of me. his door was never opened. he never got out of the car.
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>> police weren't answering questions about the shooting. this is the seventh-officer involved shooting in vallejo since may. five have been fatal. the democratic national convention begins tomorrow. but the controversy is in full swing tonight. california democrat, john burden, is being heavily criticized for preparing the republicans' election strategy to nazi propaganda. referring to paul ryan's speech at the republican convention last week, he told a radio reporter in charlotte, quote, they lie, and people don't think they lie. as long as you lie, you keep repeating it. he was the chief of nazi propaganda under adolf hitler. burton, known to be outspoken, used a statement, saying he never used to word nazi. but he also humbly apologized to
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anyone offended. the president obama match the energy and impact he had four years ago at the democratic convention? >> reporter: on his way to the democratic convention, president obama surveyed hurricane damage in louisiana. and injected politics. noting the joint federal/state effort was sharper during isaac than during hurricane katrina, under republican george w. bush. >> sometimes in the past we haven't seen the coordination that's necessary in the response of these kinds of disasters. this time, we've seen it. >> reporter: in charlotte, michelle obama visited the convention hall where she speaks tomorrow. outside, democrats held a street fest and talked strategy. >> jobs. that's what it's all about. people want to know that there's going to be something to look forward to. >> reporter: in ohio, at a labor day rally of steel and auto
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workers, president obama looked back at the jobs he saved. bailing out gm and chrysler. >> i stood with american workers. i believed in american manufacturing. i stood by you. i bet on you. >> reporter: mitt romney took labor day off. paul ryan held a big rally in south carolina. >> the president can stay a lot of things, and he will. but he can't tell you that you're better off. >> reporter: in fact, barack obama will claim that thursday night. democrats here have high hopes. the gallup poll found the speech the president gave at his '08 convention, was admired by 60% of voters, a record. romney's speech last week, admired by just 38%. >> we'll see you tomorrow night. on air and online, we invite you go to to our website.
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decision 2012. that's still ahead, the specific teen student being bullied at an alarming rate. and a yelp review leads to a firestorm of criticism. the accusations against a well-known local restaurant. and it costs more. but is organic really better? and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. this cool, foggy breeze is dropping temperatures 20 to 25 degrees from our daytime highs inland. we're going to talk more about the fog and when it will clear out, at least for parts of the coast and peninsula.
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accusations of racist comments from a downtown palo alto restaurant has started a wave of criticism online. tonight, the restaurant's owner is questioning whether it's fair or gone too far. we'll take a look at what's been said and what was posted. >> she asked my caucasian co-workers. are those two guys with you guys? and my co-worker said, the asians? and she said. her response was unforgettable. she didn't mean it that way. >> reporter: the manager did remove the tip off the bill. that wasn't enough for chang. he posted a yelp review blasting the business. >> i went off. >> reporter: and got dozens of
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responses from other users. hours later, the owner responded on yelp. on the yelp reply, she apologized and said she has fired the waitress. today, chang said that wasn't true. >> it was a major thing for me to say. i really want, whether i am or not going to, i want to get all of the facts together. >> reporter: some say it's a he said/she said. and chang said this would be a first. >> i know my staff. and nobody's ever been racist. >> reporter: she's upset that one post on yelp could seemingly cause so much chaos. >> it's a little too open, i think. to say something charged up like racist, you should think before you start typing in what you want. >> reporter: but the number of posts supporting both sides have been nonstop. >> word of mouth is stronger than any advertisement you can do. social media serves that
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purpose. it was the grand opening of cal's renovated memorial stadium this weekend. but some of the fans had to huddle up. a ticketing issue left more fans than seats. cal ended up selling seats that didn't exist. officials say three of the sections of the stadium has fewer seats than the builder estimated. all were receipted or opted to squeeze in and sit a little tighter in their sections. cal lost saturday's game to nevada. 50 activists marched in richmond to protest chevron's handling of the august 6th refinery fire. the group gathered at washington park, near the site of chevron's explosion and fire. protesters claim the for-profit company doesn't put a premium on the environment or workers. and they want the government to
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step in. >> this will happen again if we leave it in the hands for for-profit industry. for-profit city has showed to us they don't care what they do with the lands or the workers because we're replaceable. >> cindy sheehan said she was there in solidarity with chevron workers. chevron says it is willing to reimburse people in the community because of losses they suffered because of that fire. vandals have defaced the victims of the memorial of the oakland hills fire. five metal bars were shaved off at the base of the memorial garden, possibly to be sold at scrap. that fire killed 25 people and burned about 3,000 homes. the landscape committee is reviewing surveillance camera
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footage. this is the third time the memorial has been vandalized since 2008. we talked about the fire conditions. what about the rest of the week in terms of heat. >> we're going to see the heat stick around for 24 hours or so. here is some of the hottest. livermore at 96. san ramon, 94. when we get that fog rolling in, in the early afternoon, it tends to mean we get pretty comfortable overnight recoveries. already dropping 20 to 25 degrees from some of that mix of 60s. we were tracking the fog earlier. we have the fog moving across san francisco and parts of the peninsula. the low layer of fog is shallow. but it's good enough to get cooler weather in here.
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high pressure produced temperatures 20 to 25 degrees hotter than last friday. that's going to keep us out of the triple-digit categories in the next five days or so. we're going to see a new high pressure out to the south. it's not overly hot. it will keep us warm. but the circulation is going to fire up tropical moisture into wednesday and thursday. most of the rain will stay in southern california. but for us, by wednesday and thursday, some of the humidity values will go up. it will mainly feel a little sticky out there. we may have to watch out for lightning strikes across lake tah tahoe. let's bring you to tomorrow morning. the clouds against the coastline. and patchy fog. mainly 60s. and for the interior valleys, we're going to see the numbers dropping down. at for 6:00 a.m., fog on the
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coastline. low clouds in the north bay. not much for you in the east bay. here's the good news. 1:00 or 2:00 p.m., we'll have a nice window of sunshine in your afternoon. not a bad tuesday coming our way. temperatures will start in the upper 40s and low 50s here from the north bay down to the south bay. 55 in the valley. we're going to go slightly in san jose with 88. 85 in palo alto. the east bay, two degrees off from today's highs. 80s here hayward and 78 in alameda. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s in santa rosa. three-day forecast has temperatures starting to drop off by thursday with the humidity moving in. most forecast models showing our showers to the south. by saturday and sunday, we get a
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little bit of some cooler air coming in. that's looking good as we head throughout september. can you believe it already? >> wow. >> september's going to be in a couple weeks. crazy. >> what's the rule? we can't wear white after labor day? >> you're asking the wrong -- i've never worn an white suit on the air. >> its not "saturday night fever." not allowed to wear white jeans of labor day. >> we consult jessica. coming up, stanford researchers take on organic foods. is going organic really worth it? [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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students with autism. half of students with autism are reportedly being bullied. children who are bullied have a harder time in school. the study suggests schools should target anti-bullying campaigns towards the most vulnerable kids, especially when the kids are integrated in general classes. paying more for organic fruits and vegetables may not be worth it. researchers compiled evidence showing that the nutritional content of organic and conventionally-grown produce is virtually identical. conventionally-grown food tends to have more pesticide residue. but both groups are within federal guidelines. organic produce usually comes at a higher price tag. buster posey said it was the giants best win of the season. and the a's try to keep their playoff lead.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. say this about the giants. they may be erratic. they may be stubborn. they never quit. "star wars" day at the park. bottom nine. giants down 8-7. buster posey singles to left. marco scutaro scores. the game is tied at 8-8. giants led 4-0, at one point. scutaro singles down the line. brandon crawford scores. and the giants come from behind the win. 9-8, the final. marco institute owe, what do you have? >> just keep fighting. and even, you know, they got some big hits. with men in scoring position.
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we just kept our head down and kept fighting. angels and a's. tough outing for tommy milone. 2-0 angels in the top of the third. torii hunter homers to left. his 13th of the year. 3-0, angels on top. 4-0 in the fourth, when vernon wells hits a solo shot to left. 5-0, angels. that's it for milone. he threw 67 pitches. bottom of the fifth. 5-2, angels. c.j. wilson in trouble. josh reddick pops up to second to end the inning. and the angels win, 8-3. the 49ers put parys haralson on injured reverse. he had an arm injury in a preseason game against the denver broncos. harrelson was slated to be the top linebacker. that's your latest sports. let's go back to you.
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this labor day was not only the official end of summer. it was the official end of the hurricane, a popular rollercoaster on the santa cruz boardwalk. tomorrow, workers will dismantle the 20-year-old rollercoaster and ship it to an amusement park in new mexico. the undertow will take its place. the undertow is a 50-foot-high spinning coaster. it's being built right now, that undertow ride, in germany. and will open and shipped here by next summer. not to worry. the classic wooden coaster, the giant dipper, is alive and well. >> that's a classic. >> it creeks all the way around.
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>> you hear it thunder. that's great. >> we hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have a safe drive to work. ♪
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