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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> up next on "today in the bay," a jet ski crash sends two bay area children to the hospital. >> big names from the bay area headlining the democratic national convention. >> and drivers on alert. police watching a crackdown on parking in one bay area city. >> and it's one of the last tuesdays of summer, and it's going to feel like summer. 90s inland, 80s bayside, 60s at the coast. big time changes around the corner.
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>> and the dumbarton closure was not a problem. the bay bridge that might be this morning. your commute coming up. >> and taking a live look outside, waiting for the sun's arrival on this tuesday, september 4th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. a 9-year-old girl from san jose now recovering in the hospital this morning after a jet ski crash on south lake tahoe. this all happened when the crafts her parents were operating collided. marla tellez has the latest on this accident. good morning. >> good morning. i just hung wake-up hospital officials in reno where the 9-year-old girl was air lifted. all they can tell me is yes, she is a patient there, but that's all they are at liberty to say. but, south lake tahoe police say she is being treated for severe leg and foot injuries.
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officials saying her parents subia and sufian, rented a pair of jet skis on south lake tahoe labor day morning, something that the family had never done. their 9-year-old girl hopped on behind mom and their son with his father. about 30 minutes into the ride, police say their jet skis crossed paths and that's when everything went wrong. >> they were both doing about 30 miles an hour so they were moving right along. and unfortunately, the father was not able to stop and collided with the other jet ski and ejected all of the riders into the water. >> again, this is the kazmi family of san jose. the lieutenant says the daughter faired the worst and her mother and brother were taken to a hospital with moderate leg and head injuries. the hospital tells me this morning the mother is there but the boy has been released. the father is said to be relatively unhurt. lake officials say in the open
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water there is no speed limit for jet skis and in the state of california not a licensing law. police say in this case they believe a lack of experience contributed to the cause of the accident. jon. >> thank you for the update on that. a san jose firefighter remains in critical condition this morning but the good news is he's said to be doing better. 41-year-old frank ryan suffered a heart attack thursday fighting a blaze at st. patrick's cathedral. a fire department spokesperson says doctors are pleased with the progress ryan is making so far. his family and friends are staying with him around the clock. >> oakland police are looking for a group of people responsible for a string of vandalism in the city's uptown district. an offshoot of occupy oakland smashed windows at a bank as well as tagging buildings and a police car on sunday. all according to the oakland tribune. the group was upset the city's pride festival was charging admission. about 50 marchers tried to crash when they couldn't get in and
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they lashed out. so far there are no arrests. >> hundreds of san francisco workers may be taking advantage of a program meant for low income residents. the examiner reports a city audit found almost 500 city workers were part of a public assistance program offered by the public utilities commission. the program gives households making $46,000 a year or less a $15 discount per bill. the average city worker earns $93,000 a year. employees taking the discount could be punished and may be ordered to pay back the money. >> on to decision 2012 now. a big day for the democrats as their convention gets under way in charlotte, north carolina. first lady michelle obama is speaking tonight along with the governor of maryland, martin o'malley, and san antonio mayor castro, the first latino to give a keynote address and he's filling that same spot if you recall that president obama had back in 2004.
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they expect big things from this man. president obama arriving tomorrow and he will formally accept his party's nomination for president on thursday. >> a california democrat apologizing for comments he made comparing the republican's strategy to that of a famous nazi propagandist. john burton told the radio reporter in charlotte, quote, they lie and they don't care if people think they lie as long as you lie, joseph goebbels lie you keep repeating it. republicans immediately called for an apology. burton known to be outspoken issued a statement pointing out he never used the word nazi but also said he humbly apologizes to any one offended. >> starting today drivers who thought they had a free parking pass may want to think twice about using it. police in one bay area city will
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start cracking down on people using the handicap placards illegally. christie smith is live with the changes that are about to come. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. residents here in berkeley say that frankly, they are tired of seeing it and that is someone who is clearly not disabled using one of those blue disabled placards just to get one of the parking spots up front especially in downtown berkeley where parking is so tixt so starting today police are saying no more. they are going after placard abuse. what's different is that because of a recent change in the law, parking enforcement officers now have the authority to ask drivers for identification and evidence that they can legally use that placard to park. in the past only police officers could do that. berkeley's police chief is trying to protect the spaces so people who really have disabilities have those spaces
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available when they need them. go ahead and find a spot and pay that parking meter. if a driver is caught using one of those placards illegally the placards could be taken away with fines up to $1,000. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. >> 6:07. christina loren is back with us now to tell us about a nice day coming ahead post-labor day. >> post-labor day. you know what that means, go ahead and wear that white. we're not going with that rule any longer. 6:07, taking a live look, this is san francisco, clearly t fog light is on for a reason this morning. we're socked in. but that marine layer is only at about 1,000 feet so it's going to burn off rapidly this morning. let's show you san jose. naturally still make out the mountains here. vaguely off in the distance. the clouds coming down here as well. thickest between now and 8:00 and then they will start to clear out. 53 degrees to start you out. good morning oakland. 58 degrees in sunnyvale, 52 in
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san francisco. hour by hour forecast, really tells the story. we'll get to that in a minute. here are your weather headlines. coastal drizzle, mostly clear inland. sunny conditions later on this afternoon. lots of sunshine, especially at the coast. and then temperatures start to drop off, we also get showers and thunderstorms in the forecast so there's a lot to talk about when we get to the seven-day coming up in my next report. here is your forecast for today. if you want to make lunch plans you're going to get great conditions just about everywhere. afternoon, though, starting to get hot inland. 93 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in livermore. we'll have your full forecast in a few moments. mike is back and school is back in session so how does it look compared to last week? >> traffic is back as well. compared to last week. this tuesday after labor day, everybody's going back to work and school. as far as the commute shows. we're looking at a new accident west 580 at the off ramp through downtown. we're right around east grand. that's not the major issue. a look at the toll plaza shows you what is.
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the concern, the backup early this morning before 6:00 we saw cars lining up. and now fast track as well. looks like they may have turned the metering lights on though chp is not giving me that confirmation. it looks like that. that's what's going on out there. a live look shows you how things are in san jose. north 101 slow from tully up to 880, clear once you get toward the airport and north, there's the volume here. as well as another live look shows you palo alto, 101 shows slowing a little bit here and there, no major issues, close to 60 throughout. and finally we'll end up across the san mateo bridge moving smoothly. the headlights coming over on the peninsula side. it was a great alternate to the dumbarton bridge over the weekend. >> you know this one is tough to hear this in one sentence, construction ahead of schedule. that's the deal with traffic moving once again across the dumbarton bridge. did it reopen last night after being shut down during the labor day holiday.
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caltrans crews replacing a seismic joint on the deck part of a retrofit program. the new joint will help better protect it during an earthquake. caltrans thought the bridge would not open until this morning but they finished ten hours ahead of schedule. >> some skill and some luck. luck in that the weather and the work just didn't cause any barriers. >> work will be continuing on the bridge over the next few months but caltrans tells us there will be no closures. >> such a good commute, not so much. three bay area cities among the top 25 when it comes to the slowest commutes in the nation. according to cnn money antioch has the third slowest commute. number 14, pittsburg at more than 31 minutes. novato came in at 22, and just under 31 minutes. tracy made the list at seven. >> 6:10.ç coming up find out what the
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warriors' future neighbors think about a new stadium dropping into their hood. a new poll this morning. >> reporter: and fresh from london for members of the u.s. gymnastics team headed here to the south bay. we'll catch up with a couple of them to find out what brings them here. that coming up. >> facebook uses your phone number to advertise to you. we'll look at that in business. i like to score
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three san jose members on south lake tahoe. police telling us the parents were operating each with a child. a 9-year-old girl suffers a compound fracture to her leg and she may have lost a toe in the accident. the mother broke her leg, a 5-year-old boy suffered minor injuries. the father was not injured. >> san jose firefighter frankç ryan remains in critical condition but is said to be doing better. he suffered a heart attack thursday while fighting a blaze at st. patrick's cathedral. a spokesperson says doctors are pleased with his progress. >> republicans got all of the attention last week t democrat national convention in charlotte lot north carolina today. san antonio mayor castro is the first latino to give a key note address. live reports from charlotte coming up in about ten minutes. >> fresh off the summer
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olympics, some of the top gymnasts are returning to the bay area where they are going to -- where they first qualified for the london games here in san jose. bob redell is live by the san jose hp pavilion with a look at their tour kicking off here. good morning, bob. >> reporter: it's kind of a way to come down from the olympics if you will, the tour gymnastic champions, a three-month tour across the united states kicking off saturday, members of not just the women's but the men's team as well. we've got john and good morning to you guys again. i'm just -- what is it like emotionally to spend that time prepping for london. you compete, now you're back. it's kind of like now what? >> it's just a big emotional roller coaster. you try to get prepare forward the biggest moment of your entire life, you get there, it happens, it's over. it's a whirl wind. and i guess try to soak it in as much as possible. now we get to do the really fun
6:16 am
kind of the rewarding side and enjoy the tour. >> what's the next three months like? from a competitor point of view. >> for the next three months as a competitor it's a lot of stress off of us. we get to have fun and be exciting and really get to wow the audience. just have fun. >> 2 1/2 hour show, you show a lot of the same skills we're familiar with but different in what respect? >> you're going to see a lot that we do at the games, some new things but a lot of it is different about competition there's a lot of music, a lot of dancing t whole thing is choreographed. a little bit of improv but overall it's much bigger. everything is up higher, much faster and a lot more entertaining, i think. >> our concrete here is pretty soft. you want to maybe demonstrate? >> i don't know. >> too early? >> a little too early. >> you start preparing for 2016 when, november or december? around the holidays?
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>> yeah, as soon as the tour's over back to the daily grind. four to six hours a day in the gym. >> do you notice a difference in your body structure taking three or four months off? >> when you get out there and you try to do your skills, it's as if you're going right after the olympic games it's not the same. you get a little out of shape even if you miss like a week of training. >> how long does it take to get back okay, i'm back in my groove? a it? >> just as long as you took time off you have to spend getting back into shape and you'll be good. >> see you saturday here at the hp pavilion. the the tour of gymnastics champions kicking off. google kellogg's tour of gymnastics champions for information on tickets and such. >> look behind you. >> i can do that. not as well.
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>> 6:17. this one can dance too. >> only while you're talking. good morning to you. temperatures are looking good today. we've got such a great looking forecast to talk about. and yeah, those athletes came into town just at the right time because we're getting the best weather across the entire nation. yes. lucky to live in the bay area. starting with the live picture, low clouds aren't going to last long. you live in san francisco, work in the city, you're going to get the sunshine you had yesterday. stellar sunshine for at least six to seven hours. it's going to be beautiful. let's show you san jose. a different picture here but definitely a beautiful start. as you can see here the low clouds are starting to drop. as we head throughout the next couple hours we'll lose visibility even more so but that's going to keep your temperatures in mid-80s so temperatures look comfortable. 57 to start you out in fairfield. 58 degrees in sunnyvale.
6:19 am
so, if you noticed that you've been sneezing, high pollen count. also breezy, this is the reason. we have good news for you. we'll start to see these drop off through the next couple of days. more moisture coming into the bay area though it's coming up from the south. so tropical moisture on the way. this is going to bring in humidity, some thunderstorms in the bay area and showers. basically if you live in the south bay you have the best chance of seeing showers, through wednesday and thursday. i believe wee we'll see something. 85 in san jose. throughout the day today, a little warm inland. we're going to drop off flew the days. >> we'll start with a map of the south bay. 101, just nofrt 680 we see the slowing but the focus has shifted. it was compressed here, it's spread out to the airport and also we'll see 87 start to show the speeds in the 50s north of curtner. 280 and 85 to follow the next 20 to 25 minutes as that builds for
6:20 am
the south bay at this time on a tuesday. we're looking over the dublin interchange. as as connector, slowing on the approach but not a major impact. it's the volume out of livermore that brings speeds down toward 50 where you see the orange and into pleasanton. toward the bay bridge we have a smooth flow. this is good news but it blocks the slow line so that's the bad news. toward the toll plaza. early backups and we have one accident on the shoulder but it's not impacting the traffic. reminder the toll plaza is open, the bridge is open. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> with its stock heading in the wrong direction facebook trying to change the way it advertises, linking your phone number or e-mail to ads. >> scott mcgrew says no, you won't get phone calls. >> good morning. instead businesses you currently
6:21 am
deal with will be able to find you more easily. so for instance you are a satellite radio subscriber. xm sirius knows your phone number, you told them when you signed up. they use that knowledge to kind your facebook account and advertise a renewal to you. >> a bizarre murder case out of the netherlands. a group of sids said they would pay 1,000 euros to kill a girl they didn't like a. boy did. the boy was sentenced this morning to one year in juvenile detention. nbc news reports dutch law prevents a more severe punishment. on a lighter note, rots that bruce willis is upset with apple are probably untrue. a british paper reported that willis wanted to sue apple because its terms of service he says prevents you from passing your down loaded music on to
6:22 am
another user after you die. it quotes i'm not each willis. john mcclain would know. you could pass them on. i couldn't find anything about transferring music in itunes, in the account, in the terms of service. you can share music among five accounts. this seems like a lot of nothing. >> yippy. coming up, bear star power in this year's democratic convention. a live report. okay, here's the plan.
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now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar. >> the democrating national convention officially starting tonight. president obama will not be there, his wife michelle obama will be there center stage. >> tracie potts is live with a look at some of the other big names this week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are a lot of headliners this week, president bill clinton tomorrow but of course tonight the focus will be on really two people, mostly on first lady michelle obama on the stage which is right behind me, we've already seen her out there for practice run yesterday. she is working on the speech which democrats tell us is going to both tell us a little more about the president personally, what he's like as a husband, as a father, we saw some of that from ann romney in tampa. also we're told she wants to
6:26 am
focus on his accomplishments and why she thinks people should give him another chance as president. also tonight the keynote spea r speaker, this was a role that president obama had twoyn 004, gave him attention, the keynote speaker is julian castro, the mayor of san antonio, the texas, an up and coming young rising democrat, only 37 years old. we'll hear him tonight as well. for the president, still out on the campaign trail, in norfolk, virginia, he was in louisiana with hurricane victims last night. ohio before that. with union members on labor day. and after that we expect him likely some time tomorrow here for his speech on thursday. >> interesting to watch. tracie potts, thanks for the update. >> let's send it over to christina loren to talk about our tuesday weather forecast. >> hey, good morning to you. well, yesterday was the warmest day of the week and we steadily drop off as we progress through the week into the weekend.
6:27 am
done with the 90s after tomorrow. let's check your drive. here is mike inouye. >> we're seeing that build-up. pretty heavy. north 101 slows from right here around the 680 interchange all the way toward 880 for the stretch. the volume builds as well. 101 through palo alto a smooth flow but the volume building. the east bay, we're looking at oakland where the volume builds to the toll plaza where you have the backup. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:27. still ahead, a jet ski crash injures three out on lake tahoe. we'll tell you how this happened and now everybody is doing this morning. >> the city cracking down on drivers doing something they shouldn't. who they are tarkting in a live report. here you go little man.
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[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> coming up, drivers on alert as police launch a crackdown on parking in one bay area city. >> a jet ski crash out on lake
6:30 am
tahoe sends two bay area children to the hospital. >> a live look outside, sun's coming up over the bay area. you made to the tuesday morning, september 4th, this is "today in the bay." >> 6:30. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a parking spot can be tough to find in the bay area. police will start cracking down on drivers illegally parking with a handicap placard. it's going to get tougher as christie smith tells us live from berkeley. she's got a look at what's behind the effort. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it can be tempting for some people to use one of those disabled placards to try to grab a parking spot that is close to where they want to be. but residents in berkeley say they are tired of this, seeing people use one of the placards especially if they are not disabled. that's what we're talking about
6:31 am
here. so, berkeley police are saying no more. starting today they put pressure on these abusers, parking enforcement officers now have the authority to ask placard users for identification and evidence showing that the placard was legally issued to that person and they have a right to use it. in the past only law enforcement could do that so. this is a big change, more eyes throughout looking for abusers. the police chief says they want to preserve parking for legitimate placard holders who need that parking space. if a driver is caught using one of these illegally it certainly is not cheap, that placard could be taken away with fines up to $1,000. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> this morning back to business at the dumbarton bridge. it was reopened last night after being shut down. crews replacing a seismic joint on the deck, part of a retrofit
6:32 am
program. the new joint is to help better protect during an earthquake. caltrans originally thought the bridge would reopen this morning at 5:00 but they got ahead of the schedule and finished ten hours in advance. >> some skill and some luck. luck in that the weather and the work didn't cause any barriers. >> we can tell you work will continue on the bridge over the next few months but caltrans says there will be no more closures. >> 6:32. learning new details about what led up to a horrific jet ski her children in the hospital. marla tellez is following the story for us. good morning. >> good morning. it was supposed to abmemorable weekend for the kazmi family. instead a day of jet skiing turned unforgettable for the wrong reasons. parents sufian and subia kazmi
6:33 am
rented a pair of yet skis. the 9-year-old daughter hopped on behind mom and their son took off with his father. about 30 minutes into the ride police say subia's jet ski crossed paths wither-husband's. they crashed and all four were ejected. >> nobody sustained life threatening injuries but they are hurt, particularly the young girl. she was flighted into reno. with severe leg and foot injuries. the boy and his mother were taken to the local hospital here with some moderate injuries to their legs and head. >> the girl is in a reno hospital this morning while her mother is hospitalized in south lake tahoe. the boy has already been treated and released. the father is the only one who walked away relatively unhurt. police say each rider was wearing a life jacket tor injuries could have been worse. the couple had no prior
6:34 am
experience riding a jet ski. while the marina owner, the ultimate responsibility lies with the driver. >> thank you. 6:34. a wave of criticism on social media for one peninsula restaurant. people have been responding on yelp over accusations of racism from the old pro restaurant. this all started after a customer overheard a server refer to him with a derogatory term while awaiting to be seated. he later demanded an apology but did not get one. he wrote his negative experience on the site and it soon became viral with users supporting both sides. >> she asked my caucasian co-worker hey, are those guys with you guys and my co-worker said oh, the asians, she go goes so they are with you. >> i know that no one has been
6:35 am
racist. it's -- >> cha bet one of the owners at the restaurant, they apologized for this incident. the owners say they are holding staff meetings to better address the issue. >> a brush fire that ruined the labor day weekend plans for thousands in southern california is still burning out of control. the williams fire has scorched more than 4,000 acres 6 it started sunday afternoon. it's about 5% contained and could take another week and a half to get it fully under control. it forced about 1,000 people to evacuate over the weekend fwhout injuries were reported. investigators working to try to figure out what caused a 150-acre fire in the east bay. that fire broke out in the hills between concord near the naval station. structures were not destroyed.
6:36 am
>> another nice day ahead but my question is are we going to start saying fair well to these nice temperatures? >> we are. if you like the warm weather, unfortunately those days are numbered as we start the official pickoff of fall. just a little over two weeks ai go. a live picture of san jose we're getting a little bit of sunshine. this is downtown san jose. let's take you just to the west of downtown. you can see it's mostly cloudy but this is going to keep us cooler as we head throughout the afternoon by a couple degrees than where we ended up yesterday. it's a crisp start. anything you wanted to take care of early, walking the dog, gardening, it's perfect. 52 in san francisco. 58 in sunnyvale and 57 degrees in san jose. let's take to the your hour by hour forecast starting at 8:00. we stop on future cast. you can see mostly cloudy over the bay bridge from san francisco to oakland even over
6:37 am
the san francisco bay. but we lose all of that cloud cover by 10:00. nice and clear all the way throughout 5 p.m. great conditions to sit on the water and enjoy. your full forecast coming up. big time change on the way. first your drive. >> look here at the map where we're showing san francisco. we have doyle drive up to the golden gate bridge. the giants play so there will be concession around at&t afterward. we had an accident and slowing up until a few minutes ago. that's good news on that side of the bay. hook at the toll plaza, the backup formed early. now on the berkeley curve into the maze, slow to toll plaza, the fan moves, there is a live look over to the peninsula side.
6:38 am
look at the commute. back to you. >> 6:37. olympic jim nasts coming into the bay area. what you can see in a show coming up in a live report. >> who will teach your child to ride a bike? why some parents are outsourcing the job. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
6:39 am
6:40 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> welcome back everybody. a live look as the sun is slowly starting to pop up out there. this is in oakland over the oracle coliseum. let you know what's happening with weather and traffic coming up in moments. >> what do you think of this. more parents outsourcing one of their jobs to teach their kids to ride a bike. a policies parents are opting out of the childhood rite of passage. some say they don't have time. others blame lack of skill and some know their child will respond to someone else better than them. some communities have free programs to show your child the road. >> there is a rug recall to tell you about this morning. the rugs were sold at cost plus world market stores for about $17. the recycled silk floor mats may have a tag or staple sewn in. they were sold in a number of
6:42 am
color stripe combinations. you can return it for a refund. you don't want to step on it and find out the hard way. >> looks like the rugs we used to sleep on in kindergarten. you didn't? okay. maybe i just slept in class. 6:42. coming up history being made at the democratic national convention. we'll show you why. >> facebook shares hit an all-time low, and cool hot wheels coming up. with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
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well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. decision 2012 t democratic convention gets under way in charlotte, north carolina today. michelle obama will speak tonight along with the governor of maryland and san antonio
6:45 am
mayor castro. castro is the first latino to give the keynote address filling the same spot president obama had back in 2004. >> the first lady i'm sure is going to deliver a positive message, governor o'malley and mine is an optimistic message as well. >> an identical twin brother there. paul ryan said last night that the speeches will avoid the key question whether americans are better off than they were four years ago. democrats say they have the evidence and they are prepared to show it. president obama arrives at the convention tomorrow and will formally accept his party's nomination for president on thursday. in the meantime, a california democrat is apologizing for a comment he made comparing the republican election strategy to that of a famous nazi prop a
6:46 am
ghanaist. they lie and they don't care if people think they lie as long as you lie joseph goebbels the big lie. he was the chief of nazi propaganda under hitler. burton known to be outspoken issued a statement pointing out he never used the word nazi but also he apologized to any one offended. >> effects of hurricane isaac still being felt throughout a lot of the country. down in mississippi officials had to drain flood water from a reservoir to save a dam at quincy state park in danger of giving way which forced evacuations downstream. workers had to build a drainage ditch. oil rigs out in the gulf starting to come back to life after the storm, meaning good news could be on the way, maybe relief at the gas pump. the national average for a gallon of gas jumping 8 cents.
6:47 am
experts point out it's starting to level off a little at $3.83 a gallon. >> so we're hanging on a little for us which is nice if you like the heat. >> yeah, only about two to three weeks left so ladies, that means you'll be breaking out the sweaters, jackets, scarves, you know the drill. some people might actually have that urge as of this weekend. your seven-day forecast in one minute and 30 seconds. and not one second more. courtesy of my producer. a live look outside, we've got mostly cloudy conditions out there, 6:47 now. this is downtown san jose, getting a little bit of sunshine, these layered clouds will thin out the next couple of hours. and let's show you san francisco all fogged in this morning. so yeah, reduced visibility even at the surface. what i can tell you is the marine layer is not that thick, it new thick at all. it's about 1,000 feet so it's going to burn off by 10:00 a.m. lots of sunshine in the city, 58
6:48 am
degrees, to start you out in sunnyvale you'll live up to your name. high pressure keeping things hot. 90s tomorrow and things change. ridge of high pressure located to the south is going to bring up tropical moisture so we're talking about the remnants of tropical storm john. we've got two bad boy johns on the show this morning to talk about. 80s and 90s, that's what you can expect for today. then the mid to low 80s return and i'm talking about in the warmer cities across the bay area. as we head into the weekend. so, breathe it in the you want the summer air. 95 degrees in livermore today. 72 in san francisco. 85 in san jose. those giants back at it tonight, 59 degrees, once that sun goes down temps are going to drop like a rock. but the good news is they are coming off of four back-to-back wins, bogey taking the mound, our ace, and yeah, hopefully beating the diamondbacks two days in a row. temperatures comfortable at the beach, until about friday.
6:49 am
then it starts to get on the cool side. you'll need that jacket. saturday, sunday, mid 80s inland. 6:49. let's check your drive. mike is back and boy, that commute is looking thick. >> it's really kicking in. the first tuesday after labor day and also a lot of the schools pretty much all of the schools back in session now. look at this, northbound 281, a look at san jose, here around 88/770. the first slowing. 101 slow from capital expressway up past this 680/280 interchange. it bogs down around alum rock and the airport. so slow for the stretch. 87 shows the volume as well. getting down here through the east bay sunol slow here, this is southbound 680, now the clouds not playing an issue, just the volume of traffic off of the dublin interchange out of pleasanton, livermore, slow in that direction. west 580 through castro valley. a look at the map, slowing from
6:50 am
read wood road to 238 and that means more folks down to the san mateo bridge so southbound slow through hayward, around the coliseum, up to the toll plaza where things are bogging down from 24 over to the toll plaza, also a series of accidents from san pablo and hercules clear but slowing through berkeley. a look shows you the early backup was there and still there all the way back in the maze causing all of that slowing. it's a heavy traffic day. >> traffic hanging on. thank you, mike. 6:50 now. a 9-year-old girl and her mother from san jose are recovering in the hospital this morning after a jet ski crashed on south lake tahoe. it happened when the two craftsç collided. marla tellez is in the newsroom with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. i spoke with hospital officials in reno where that 9-year-old girl was air lifted, all they are at liberty to tell me is yes, she is a patient there, but south lake tahoe police say she is being treated for severe leg and foot injuries.
6:51 am
officials say her parents sufian and subia kazmi rented jet skis on south lake tahoe labor day morning. each took one of the kids along for the ride t 9-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother. soon after the jet skis crashed, each going about 30 miles per hour. all four were ejected. police say the daughter fared the worst, this morning a local hospital tells me the mother is being treated for moderate leg and head injuries. the boy has been released. the father is said to be okay. the cause is under investigation but they want to remind everyone jet skiing is dangerous primarily because it is an activity that doesn't come with many laws. >> there have been pushes in the past to cause that to happen. in california, no license is required to operate a boat on the water. but ultimately the responsibility rests with the operator and their ability to
6:52 am
control the craft. >> lieutenant williams says there is also no speed limit for jet skis, it is a blessing each member of the kazmi family was wearing a life jacket or the injuries could have been far worse. >> thank you very much. drivers who use the handicap placards need to be prepared to show more proof that they belong to them and they should be the ones using them. christie smith is live in berkeley where police will start cracking down on drivers who use the placards illegally. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. berkeley police and residents here are frustrated by this and that is drivers using these disabled placards to get a prime parking spot when they have no disability at all and they are using the placards illegally. so what's happening today is that parking enforcement officers can ask placard users for identification and proof that they were legally issued the placard or the plate.
6:53 am
before this, recent bill passed ad and only law enforcement officers could do that. what's happening there is a stiff penalty if drivers are caught using it illegally, they could lose the placard and face a fine of $1,000. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> college students at san francisco state have more than homework to worry about this morning. administrators sent out an e-mail to students, faculty and staff warning them about chickenpox after two people with ties to the campus came down with the virus. >> the risk is in a big community that these two cases could have transmitted it to others and what we're trying to do the last few days is take a variety of steps to try to assure that these students don't pass the disease on to anybody else. >> school officials say any one who has not had the chickenpox or vaccinated should contact
6:54 am
their health care provider immediately. >> the first-hand account of the raid that killed osama bin laden set for release. this is a smash hit despite threats of legal action from the pentagon. "no easy day" written by one of the savy s.e.a.l.s involved, back in may of last year. the book will open as a number one bestseller thanks to all of the advanced sales. "no easy day" has its controversy. the department of defense warning the author will be facing legal action for divulging classified information. >> airline workers on strike. flight attendants for the german airline walked off the job early this morning after a contract dispute. it will have an effect nation wide but only a slight effect in the bay area. one flight out of sfo will be affected. they do not fly into oakland or
6:55 am
mineta san jose. >> if you are feeling the magic from the olympic games, some of that in the south bay. >> see the stars, top gymnasts including some who medaled will kick off their tour. bob redell is live at san jose's hp pavilion with a look at some of the athletes participating. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and john. say you want to go to london, couldn't afford it, consistent get tickets to see the men and women compete they are going to kick off this saturday here at the hp pavilion. it's going to be different from the olympic competition because it's not a competition so people see you guys in a different light. how so? >> it's a show, a performance, the other side of our personality. instead of being serious and having to put on a perfect routine we get to have a good time, dance, just enjoy the loud
6:56 am
music. it's another side of gymnastics. >> it's choreographed roughly 2 1/2 hours. are we going to see skills? >> there's going to be a lot of skills with a lot of flare. definitely a lot you would not see in competition. it's going to be crazy exciting. >> maybe on the forefront on the edge that people are looking forward to the point of 2016 that maybe you're thinking of? >> that's the beauty of gymnastics it's evolving so you know, back in the 80s people thought this was as crazy as gymnastics can get. now it's not even the same sport as it was in the 80s. it's so much different. so there's a lot of big tricks and people are -- what's going to happen. >> you don't have pressure action when does the pressure start again for 2016? >> training for 2016 starts after tour. we have to keep going all the
6:57 am
way to 2016. >> you have a last hurrah, one last party before training starts? no. of course not. >> not at all. no. we're going to enjoy the next three months taking it easy doing this show, then get back in the gym after this. >> good luck to you. thanks for eting up early. kelloggs, kicking off on saturday, you can google it. laura, jon. >> they got great energy behind you. >> come on out. >> check us out. 6:57. it's not friday but it's good news, a lot of gadgets this maryland. >> scott has something from amazon, a couple of things from perhaps apple. >> right. amazon should have the fire tablet this week, apple we assume will talk about iphone 5 next week. perhaps a smuler ibad. we're running out of ways how big happenle has gotten.
6:58 am
cnbc points out apple is bigger than all of the publicly traded companies in portugal, italy, greece and spain. apple is bigger than all of them put together. for the markets the dow industrials up about 26 points, we continue to watch facebook, it's gained about six cents after closing at an all-time low on friday. hot wheels street release this. the mars curiosity rover. 1/14th the size. it's 2.5 billion with cost. i remember back in middle school lunch was a dollar, hot wheels were a dollar. >> i can't believe the price hasn't gone up. >> i think the quality has changed over the years but still price is about the same. >> they sell those big
6:59 am
loopy-loops? >> i can never get mine to stay. >> the today slow is coming up next. >> here is a loork at the stories. >> brazen crime wave caught on camera. thieves using children, even babies as distractions. one robbery to the tune of $500,000. >> the tributes pouring in for michael clarke duncan after he dies at the young age of 54. >> that makes me very today. prince parry making his first public appearance. you know what, he's folking fun at the infamous. >>cameras always around. thanks for joining us. we're going to be back with a local update at 7:25 and every half hour after that.


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