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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 4, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. a chp officer and suspect shot this morning in alamo in the mid-of interstate 680. >> brandon smith hsmit kris yay smith has the latest information for us. >> reporter: we're at a parking lot here near the area because this is where the chp comes by to provide us with new information. the chp telling us an officer and a suspect were shot this morning. both shot in what they're saying was a routine traffic stop on southbound 680. some sort of vehicle code violation north of livorna.
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happened about 8:20 this morning. the scene this morning shows a dark-colored jeep on the freeway with a police cruiser in front. several police cars out there at this hour. i'm told a second officer arrived to help but was actually not involved in the shooting but provided medical attention and that it was actually someone driving by who saw what was going on, called 911, a call went to walnut creek police, who also arrived on scene. there are many questions right now. exactly what led to the shooting, what exactly transpired out there on the freeway. >> for unknown reasons, gunfire was exchanged. there may be a second vehicle involved. it doesn't appear it's a safety threat to the public at this time. traffic is currently being diverted on southbound 680, both highway 24 as well as red deer road. >> reporter: now, both the officer and the suspect were
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taken to john muir medical center. both in serious condition. they're not rhee re leasing a whole lot of information about that officer. we do know he is from the area, he is from contra costa county. i spoke with one officer who said it's kind of difficult to piece together information because they're both hospitalized right now. also, a little bit of new that was that just came in, and that is about a second vehicle involved. they're calling this a blue alert, that is that this car i'm about to tell you about was involved in the incident. that is a 1998 nissan maxima, black in color with a license plate 5pzb224. they're asking anyone if you see that car to go ahead and call 911. if you know about this car i'm talking about, call the sheriff's department. 925-646-2441. i asked also about public safety, if there was any concern with this other vehicle out there, and at this point they're saying no, they don't have any updated information on that, but certainly they want you to be on
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the lookout for that car. christie smith. back to you guys in the studio. >> christie, thanks so much. we just got some brand-new information that the chp has in fact located that nissan maxima that christie was just giving us the information for, that california license plate. chp say they have located this nissan maxima that was wanted in this officer-involved shooting that is affecting traffic on 680. >> we'll keep you updated on that. for a look at how this is aff t affecting traffic, mike inouye checks it out. good morning. obviously, when you completely close down an entire freeway, especially 680 during the morning commute at the focus of much of this walnut creek interchange, we have a big problem. and from what i here r hear, it is still completely closed from the 24 interchange down basically to livorna road. christie talking about the progress and the investigation that continues there. and this is continued to be closed now. you will get off basically at 24. if you can get on surface streets, make your way over towards olympic boulevard.
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that will take you west of the freeway down to creek drive and eventually making your way toward the freeway entering livorna or stone valley road from the other side of the freeway and those should be okay. on the east side of the freeway, red gear road was packed all morning. so the surface street traffic really slammed. this continues for 680 in both directions, in fact, as you're coming up out of san ramon into danville because of the closure on the northbound side as well. that, though, is the extent of the east bay slowing, and if you are closer or easily accessing highway 13, use that as your option, heading southbound 13, then east on 580, back around the incident, back over on 580 to that dublin interchange. now, that is going on over in walnut creek. we just recently had this happening, as well. this is on the bay bridge. the upper neck slams to a very -- almost a halt as you're approaching the bay bridge upper deck because of an issue on the lower deck. we'll take the live shot out there. we show you treasure island
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right here. this is where treasure island tunnel comes out, lower deck emerges to the oakland side. we had a big plume of black smoke turning to white smoke. looks like in the last four minutes this has tapered off as far as the smoke goes. there is actively a fire on that lower deck reported. an rv. no injuries reported but a big problem as far as traffic flow. now we have an issue with the camera. i'm going to send it back to you with that, which is going on on the lower deck of the bay bridge. back to you. >> okay, mike. busy man. it's been about four months since the last shooting of a chp officer. this past may a driver pulled up and began shooting at an officer parked in a squad car in kern county. the officer was hit on his hand and his chest. fortunately, he was saved by his bulletproof vest. he was able to fire back and tried to chase down the suspect but couldn't because his car was so badly damaged by the gunfire. >> we'll continue to cover this
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breaking news. in the meantime, get the latest information online and sign up for breaking news e-mail alerts on in other news now, happening now, in vallejo, a community is holding a rally over a recent fatal shooting involving the police. they're looking for answers after 23-year-old mario ramiro was shot and killed this past sunday after being pulled over. police say the suspect had a gun on his waist which he was reaching for when he got out of the car. they opened fire, killing him. a passenger was also hit but survived. police later recovered a replica handgun. romero's family disputes he was even armed. also happening right now, victims of the san bruno gas pipeline explosion gathering this morning to try to figure out exactly what has been done to improve pipeline safety. they're in the crestmor neighborhood. the disaster happening back on
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september 9th, 2010. that killed eight people, injured more than 50, and destroyed a total of 38 homes. among those at today's news conference, renee morales, whose 20-year-old daughter, jessica, died during that blast. a lot of other people will be there, too, that had their homes damaged. assemblyman jerry hill of san mateo and san bruno's mayor getting an update on what has been done and what still needs to be done to try and improve the pipeline safety there. berkeley police getting serious in their crackdown on people parking with those handicap placards. starting today, the department's parking enforcement division will be now allowed to issue citations for abuse of disabled parking stickers. that change coming thanks to a brand-new law that allows both parking enforcement and law enforcement officers to crack down on violators. berkeley leaders say illegal use of the placards is very common in that city. now to decision 2012.
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the democratic national convention starts in charlotte, north carolina, today. security is visibly tighter with the vice president headed south tomorrow and the first lady already there. she speaks tonight. nbc bay area's tracie potts is at the time warner cable arena where the session opens late this afternoon. >> reporter: today we hear from democrats who will say president obama has moved the country forward, including mitt romney's successor, massachusetts governor deval patrick. he'll give romney credit for creating an obama-like health plan, but that's all. >> the rest of his record doesn't fit the story he's selling right now. we were 347th in the nation in job creation when he left office. >> reporter: a up-and-coming democrat, julian castro, is tonight's keynote speaker, the same role that put president obama in the spotlight eight years ago. >> the most challenging part isn't the speech itself. it's the enormity of the crowd and the arena.
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and so we spend a little time here getting used to it. >> reporter: the focus tonight will be on first lady michelle obama. democrats hope her popularity will draw on the fence voters. >> she'll tell the story of what he's done for this country and how she's been with him and seen him take these swift actions to help restore economic security. >> reporter: vice president biden arrives today. the president campaigning in norfolk today arrives wednesday. also today, delegates will show the party's platform, abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and extending tax breaks only for the middle class. tracie potts, nbc news, charlotte, north carolina. >> thank you, tracie. coming up, yes, you do pay more for them, but the question is are they really better for you? we'll have the results of a new stanford study on the benefits of organic foods. you may want to change your shopping habits after this. >> reporter: bob redell live in
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the south bay. fresh from london. a couple of the men, u.s. gymnastics members of the team. we'll tell you what brings them here to san jose. that story coming up. apple sets the date and 40 years of pong. we'll look at it in business news. a live look over san rafael. another beautiful day out.
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here is another live look at the situation that continues to unfold on 680 in the alamo area. it is continually shut down this morning, 680 been shut down for about three hours now after a chp officer-involved shooting that sent a chp officer and a suspect to the hospital, both listed in serious condition. we do have a crew on the scene and will continue to keep you
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updated throughout this newscast. a new study out of stanford this morning may have you thinking twice about buy bying that organic apple. university doctors took a look at recent studies and found organic fruits and vegetables may not offer real benefits. they say while organic foods have lower exposure to pesticides, conventionally grown produce is within safety limits. in addition, they say organic foods aren't any more nutritious. brand-new survey suggests social networking sites do not have a really big impact on americans' political views. now, these polls, this one by the pew research center, comes as president barack obama and plorm using facebook pages and other social media as campaign tools. for most users, the research points out political material is just a small portion of what they actually post and what they read. just 36% of those surveyed say social networking sites are either very important or just
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somewhat important to them keeping up with political news. apple as revealed the worst kept secret in silicon valley. they will release something next tuesday. september 12 sth the day when we assume fairly safely that apple will unveil its iphone 5. if an engineer doesn't lose it in a bar first. the invitations hit mailboxes just after 9:00 a.m. not a whole lot we can say because we've talked about so much of this before. probably bigger screen, smaller port on the bottom and your iphone 4 is now old news. as for the markets, the dow industrials, the nasdaq lower this morning as we got manufacturing data showing a dip that we haven't seen in about three years. facebook hitting yet a new low this morning, under $18 a share. and bob redell alert med to this. it was 40 years ago today nolan bushnell installed the first
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pong game at andy capps' tavern in sunnyvale. it wasn't the first coin-op game ever. space war was. but it was the first successful machine. in fact, the owner of the tavern called bushnell to complain the device was broken. it was actually jammed full of money. the actual machine is on display, by the way, at the computer history museum in mountain view. back to you. >> what would we do without our bob redell and scott mcgrew? >> awesome stuff. mind-blowing, people used to pay money to watch a single ball go bloop, bloop. >> jamming it up, too. >> come a long ways. let's check in with christina loren to find out what's happening outside. good morning. hey, good morning to you. we've got a really good-looking day shaping up, clouds clearing the city by the bay. and we have some really good beach weather. you'll hold onto that for a couple days, then things dramatically change. want to start with this live picture. nice, clear conditions over san francisco this morning. san jose just as clear. we'll get to bob redell in just a moment. he's out there with some
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gymnasts. yeah, they've got their stunner shades on because it's so bright and sunny out there. as you head off, maybe you're heading out going shopping or something today, you want to grab your jacket, just as we head throughout this evening. temperatures are going to fall back into the 50s. what's happening is our days aren't as long as they were just a month ago. and so our mornings are cooler, our the evenings cooler as well. satellite imagery, nice and cloudy for pacifica all the way up to santa rosa. still getting the rich texture. mostly cloudy conditions won't last much longer. temperatures are rising rapidly in the areas that have cleared. 75 degrees in continue ford. livermore, 61. san francisco, the warm-up is on as we are getti inting some sun, some breaks twn clouds. 84 in redwood city today, comfortable, 80 in fremont and 75 degrees in santa cruz. got tickets to tonight's game, those giants back at it hopefully taking home a fourth win as they take on the diamondbacks. it was a nail-biter last night.
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yeah, those giants pulled it off. looking good as we get closer to the playoffs. this is what we're expecting as we head throughout the next couple l days. big-time changes ahead. an area of high pressure is going to bring us some tropical moisture, so we're talking about showers, the po death penaltyial for showers right here in the south bay starting tomorrow and even bert chance heading through thursday. you want to take an extra moment to pay attention to the forecast heading through the next couple days especially if you have agricultural interests because when we talk about rain in the bay area this time of year, it's that monsoonal moisture, not that refreshing, crisp shower activity that comes with an area of low pressure. it's going to be kind of muggy, sticky. you might notice that today. your hair will not curl, ladies so, don't even bother with it for the next couple days. back to you for now. jon, that goes for you, too. >> i was going to say, i have my extra gel on. if you at home have decided to skip that long international trip to london because we knew some of the big stars from team usa were coming right to san
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jose. >> top gymnasts will soon kick off a nationwide tour. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at san jose's hp pavilion with a look at some of the athletes who are taking part. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, the tour of gymnastics champions kicks off this saturday here in san jose at the app pavilion. members of both the women's and men's gymnastics team, jonathan horton, john orosco. thanks for being with us. getting back from london, such a high, spent so much time prep e preparing for that. what do you go through after the olympics? >> it's an motion nal roller coaster up and down. you train your whole life for the opportunity to get-go to the olympic games, you get there, and it's like, okay, what now? but luckily we have this tour of gymnastics champions and we're excited about that, gives us the opportunity to put on a show and get the crowd into it. >> reporter: for the next three months -- i don't want to say this is play time, but it's not the same pressure you have as
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under competition. >> not at all. there's no judges. there's no one critiquing you. it's all about having fun and doing what you love and having the excitement there and really getting to pow wou the crowd, too, getting the kids into it. it's going to be a show you don't want to miss. >> reporter: 2 1/2 hours, choreographed, something about you guys being 30 feet in the air with no rope, no net. >> it's going to be pretty outrageous. >> reporter: can you tell us what that is? >> no. we're trying to keep it a secret. we want everyone to check it out. it's going to be a lot of fun. you'll see a lot of things you don't typically see us do in the middle of gymnastics competition. it will be crazy. >> reporter: after this, i guess november, december, then what? back to the grind for rio? >> yeah. both of rus going to be going home and training again. he goes back to colorado and i go back to houston. >> reporter: start that early. talking 3 1/2, more than 3 1/2 years out. how do you wrap your mind around that or is that part of the gig? >> you have to keep going.
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when you start, by the time you finish it's not going the seem like 3 1/2 years. it's going to seem like maybe a year or two. you have to start now to make sure you're ready and prepared for rio. >> reporter: good luck to you guys. thanks again. good seeing you. if you want more information on the kellogg's tour of gymnastics champions, you can google that. get the information, again, kicks off this saturday here at the app pavilion in san jose. tickets are still available. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thanks a lot. indeed pumped up over there. glad to see it. look forward to that. a very special flight will be landing in oakland international airport about ten minutes from now. three labrador retrievers all part of an exchange program through the group dog is my co-pilot. they'll be going through the san francisco spc. in exchange for those dogs, the jackson, wyoming, group will take home six chihuahuas. there's a shortage of small dogs to adopt in wyoming, hence the exchange program. much more ahead. we'll head back out to the east bay for breaking news.
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some breaking news. a chp officer and a suspect shot this morning in alamo right on interstate 680. >> nbc bay area's christie smith is live near the scene with the latest information for us. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we know now there are several agencies involved in this investigation and the contra costa county sheriff's department is the lead agency. we saw walnut creek police out here. what we know is that an officer was shot as well as a suspect, both in serious condition, i'm told, at this hour after an exchange of gunfire. happened around 8:20 this morning. that is on southbound 680 right near livorna road. what i'm told is that this was some sort of traffic stop. exactly what led to the gun sfooir still unclear. that's still part of the investigation. but the scene out there shows a jeep and also a chp cruiser with its doors open. i'm told that jeep actually has its driver's side window broken out. there's also an ambulance out
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there. what officers are telling me is that it was actually another driver who saw what was going on and called 911, and walnut creek officers were among those responding. a second officer arrived but was not involved in the gunfire. we're told that officer administered medical help. they were looking for a second car earlier, a blackney san maxima. i'm told that was found, that alert canceled. we're told that the officer and the suspect taken to the medical center, again, in serious condition. we asked about whether any -- there was any concern for public safety, and at this point we are told no. but, again, contra costa county sheriff's department is the lead agency, and we haven't heard from them yet. we are told they're due here at the park and ride where we're at. i'm also told for anyone who comes around 680, be advised that this area is going to be impacted for quite some time. took us over an hour to get out here so certainly something to keep in mind while this investigation continues.
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reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith. back to you guys in san jose. >> a lot to cover for us.
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welcome back. thanks for joining us on a tuesday. temperatures are going to be warm today. 95 degrees inland, 82 bay side, 72 at the coast. when we meet back here tomorrow, guys, we will be tracking showers on the radar, so we'll see you then. back to you for then. >> okay, christina. thanks. another live look. you definitely want to avoid 680 in alamo. >> look at that. >> and the walnut creek area because it is shut down after a chp officer-involved shooting. that chp officer and a suspect are recovering, listed in serious conditions at local hospitals. take a look at this backup right here. 680 is shut down in both directions. you can see the toll it's taking at the bay bridge toll plaza. for the latest,
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