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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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working with you on a daily base i -- basis. >> reporter: fellow officers offered support to one another and the officer's family members who are here, too, praying for his recovery. the officer's name has not been released. officials say he's based out of the contra costa field office in martinez. there are reports the officer was shot in the neck, but sheriff's officials would not confirm that. deanna mcdermott of the chp says she knows the officer personally and described him as a great guy. >> i have known him for a short period of time. definitely his family will be in our prayers, our thoughts, and we just need to stay focused on that and taking care of each other. >> reporter: the names of the suspect and the officer have not been released. again, the officer's listed in critical condition here at john mere medical center. i'll let you know if that changes. nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. the traffic has impacted thousands of people, needless to say. our nbc chopper has been on the scene throughout the day. this is a live look now at the scene on 680. parts of the freeway have been closed since the shooting at the 8:00 a.m. hour. here's the good news, though -- two southbound lanes have just reopened in the last 25 minutes, and more news that impact the traffic at 7:00 p.m., so two hours from now, all lanes will be reopened on 680. do we have cheryl hurd? she is live with an update on the situation there. >> reporter: we are live here in walnut creek, very near the shooting scene. as you can see, traffic is still a mess. this traffic nightmare, of course, stems from the officer-involved shooting at 680 at about 8:30 this morning. it all happened during a traffic stop this morning in alamo. according to police, when the first chp officer made contact
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with the driver, the driver allegedly pulled out a gun. shots were fired, severely injuring the chp officer. he was then rushed to the hospital. contra costa sheriff's speaksperson jimmy lee takes on the story from there. >> the second officer did fire his weapon at the driver. the driver was taken to john mere medical center. he is deceased. we are not releasing his identity yet as we have not notified the next of kin. >> reporter: now as you can see, traffic here has been like this in and around walnut creek all day long. police tell us that they have a dash cam video and will be reviewing that before they release any more information. now back here live, there was also information earlier reported that they were looking for a second suspect. police say that they talked to a person in danville, and right now there is no merit to that second suspect.
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we will be here live and bring you an update on the story coming up at 6:00. reporting live in walnut creek, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you. so it's an active crime scene there at 680. of course, very active scene at the medical center also in walnut creek. now it's been about four months since the last shooting of a chp officer. this past may, a driver pulled up and started shooting at an officer parked in his squad car in kern county near bakersfield. the officer was hit in the hand and chest. fortunately he was saved by his bullet-proof vest. he was unable to chase down the suspect because his car was so badly damaged by the gunfire. there have been no arrests in this case. we will continue to follow this developing news as we learn more. once again, our nbc chopper over the site at 680. two southbound lanes of the freeway have reopened within the last 30 minutes. we're told at 7:00, about two hours from now, all lanes will be open. it has been a traffic mess since
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the 8:00 a.m. hour. as soon as we know more, we'll pass it along to you. you can also follow the story and sign up for our breaking news e-mail alerts on we have promising news tonight for the family and friends of a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack during a fire-fight last week. today, frank ryan woke up from a coma in the icu. his best friend and fellow san jose firefighter, wes davis, said it was around 8:00 this morning when a security guard rushed to him in the icu waiting room and told him ryan was calling for him. davis adds that today ryan not only responded to questions about where he was but also replied in the usual frank style, with humor. a huge relief after five long nights of waiting. >> there he was. didn't really quite know what was going on, but he recognized me. and he was the same old frank, i can tell you that. i could see that fight in him, like he always was. >> he's still in critical condition. as long as he remains in the icu. we anticipate that possibly within a few days he might be
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moved to a regular hospital room where more of us can visit him and catch up with frank. >> davis says he and other firefighters, close friends and family members will continue to take hour-long shifts to make sure someone is there 24 hours a day to keep ryan company and monitor his progress. as for the investigation into the church fire at st. patrick's cathedral, it now involves the atf though it's not considered a suspicious fire. officials are trying to determine the exact cause. apple has made it official. it's about to unveil something new. here's the invitation. the event is on september 12 as you can see. if you notice the shadow below the 12, that's a five, which many people think suggests that apple will unveil the iphone 5. our tech reporter, scott budman, will be there next week for the announcement as he is with all the apple events. apple also in the headlines because of a password scare. the hacker group calling its anonymous claims to have taken i.d. numbers from 12 million apple products, stealing them
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from the laptop of an fbi agent. apple is not commenting on the claim, but the fbi is. the bureau saying it has "no evidence indicating that an fbi laptop was compromised or that the fbi even had the apple device information." the latest now from facebook. another low for the menlo park-based company. facebook says it will discontinue plans to issue more shares of a stock through a secondary offering. the company also announced that ceo mark zuckerberg will sell none of his facebook shares over the next 12 months. after that announcement, facebook's stock moved higher in after-hours trading. a new survey suggests social networking sites do not have a big impact on americans' political views. the poll comes as president barack obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney are increasingly using their facebook page and other social media sites as campaign tools. from most users, researchers say political material is just a small portion of what they post and read. only 36% of those surveyed said
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social networking sites are very important or somewhat important in keeping up with political views. and you can bet the social networks will be buzzing with political chatter tonight. first lady michelle obama will take center stage at the democratic national convention, just about two hours from now. nbc bay area's steve handelsman is live in charlotte, north carolina. steve, the bar is high for this speech. >> reporter: thanks, janelle. good evening from the dnc. democrats hope michelle obama helps. they know the polls are close. they know the president's likability, according to the polls, has been fading in the past few days. they hope social networks help. they've actually been posting some -- no surprise about this -- favorable tweets up on the big screens here at the dnc. the whole point is to try to fire up democrats and independent voters. despite the lack of fire reported today in the u.s. economy. >> now come to order!
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>> reporter: the democratic convention began in charlotte without president obama. [ cheers ] >> reporter: he went to norfolk and did not mention the economic news. factory activity down for a third straight month. construction spending way down in july. >> on thursday night, i will offer what i believe is a better path forward. a path that will create good jobs. >> reporter: an obama goal this charlotte is to get key voter groups he needs refired up and ready to go. in last month's nbc news poll, just 52% of young voters, only 49% of latinos, said they're enthusiastic about the election. 20 points lower than last time. democrats hope michelle obama can help tonight in her primetime speech urging a big turnout. >> it's our responsibility at whatever age to exercise the rights that people before us fought so hard for us to have.
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>> i'm going to be at home and watching it with our girls. and i am going to try not to let them see their daddy cry. because when michelle starts talking, i -- i start getting all misty. >> reporter: back in charlotte, vice president biden arrives for the convention. there is heavy security, and some demonstrations. one hour of this convention, in about an hour and 55 minutes, is going to be broadcast live. that will be michelle obama's speech. and also the keynote address this year given by young, charismatic san antonio, texas, mayor julian castro. the guy who came up, said he went to school because of the affirmative action program. says his s.a.t.'s weren't high enough, but he did pretty well at stanford. got into harvard law, and now the mayor of san antonio. his twin brother is running for congress. he'll give the keynote address
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here. reminds you of another guy back in 2004. not at all well-known on the national stage. he got that plum assignment of the keynote address. and afterwards eric l, and afterwards, a lot more people knew who barack obama was. steve handelsman live at the democratic national convention in charlotte. >> back when he was the senator and now president. thank you very much, steve. and president obama will be arriving soon. he stayed back today because his two girls are starting their first day of school. we will have continuing coverage. democratic national convention. live coverage of the big speeches starts tonight following the news at 6:00 p.m. we will also have in-depth analysis and streaming coverage. convention on line at just ahead, soan easy equatn to solve -- hard work, dedication, and an aspiring teacher. all equals an eimpeachment accompli-- epic teacher. and lives that need help and
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learn how you can get involved. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. numbers down a little for today. we've got a cool breeze continuing to develop. 70s in the south bay, and 80s across the east bay. we're also tracking some tropical rain to the south. let you know our chance of getting any of this coming up in the seven-day forecast. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. in "health matters," it's known as liquid gold, and more people want to get their hands on. the market for breast milk is skyrocketing. only problem, a long-standing milk bank is struggling with a big shortage. chris sanchez is live in san jose. no problem with donations. it's the demand for mother's milk. >> reporter: it is a great demand as more physicians prescribe it as medicine. the san jose milk bank is working to meet the need across
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the country. san jose's mother's milk bank is bustling after a three-day weekend. there's a lot of donated breast milk to process and ship to hospital neo-natal intensive care units and babies who can digest little else. these packed freezers are deceiving. the milk bank actually has less milk than it needs. >> now everybody knows about it. and we just need to get our supply way up for the demand. >> reporter: the san jose milk bank already supplies breast milk to 13 states, and that was before the u.s. surgeon general advocated for an increase in breast-feeding. in the year and a half since, more doctors started prescribing breast milk. one hospital going from requesting 100 ounces at a time to ordering up to 500 ounces at a time. the nurse who overseas the neo-natal icu at good samaritan hospital says that for some really premature babies it can be a difference of life and death. >> breast milk is just made by mother nature to be able to be digested a lot easier. whenou have a baby who's
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premature, every system in their body is premature. >> reporter: many hospitals are working hard to support mothers to do what they can to provide their own milk. and the san jose milk bank is working hard to increase supply by helping other banks get their start, helping to open a bank in portland and mentoring staff in montana. >> we think that every state should have a mix bank. the demand obviously is there. we want to make sure that the moms in the local area understand the demand and be able to support their own communities. >> reporter: now the mother's milk bank is also doing something else to increase the supply. they're reviewing their stringent guidelines for donations to make sure every healthy mother who's willing to donate is eligible. in san jose, nbc bay area news. advanced placement or a.p. courses are considered the most demanding you can take in high school. so much so you pass an a.p. test and get college credit. >> many consider a.p. calculus to be the toughest of the tough, which is why one south bay school is so proud of their math students. garvin thomas is here with their
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story in tonight's "bay area proud." >> reporter: one high schooler used to make up practice test questions to help tutor his friends in math. not for the money, mind you, just for fun. he figured it was a pretty good sign that a teacher is what he should become. what he did last year is a good sign he made the right call. his class' record-breaking year is tonight's "bay area proud. " judging a school by its test scores is a lot like judging a book by its cover. do it too quickly, and you'll miss some of the great stories on the inside. like what's been going on in rumor 1222. >> what topic are we on now? >> reporter: at san jose's mt. pleasant high school where fourth period every day -- >> when you derive position you get what? >> reporter: it's time to hear his a.p. calculus class. >> what kind of question is 13? >> reporter: you should know mt. pleasant has a checkered history with this course.
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over the years, the offerings and instruction have been somewhat inconsistent. in fact, in the school's entire history, a grand total of just 11 students have passed the a.p. calculus test. 11 students in 45 years. that is until the test results came back from last year. >> we had 17 kids pass the test. >> it was -- everybody was really ecstatic. everybody was so happy. >> it was the -- the record. there was a record-breaking thing. >> reporter: not only did 17 of 25 students who took the test pass it, more than half got a perfect score. >> it wasn't like, you know, they barely passed it. i mean, they did really, really well. >> reporter: what was different last year from the previous 45? well, it was sudhir's first year
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teaching the course. while some doubted that students could compete with those from richer, higher performing schools, sudhir was not one of them. >> i knew there were enough kids at the school who had enough talent and work ethic and they just needed somebody to give them that opportunity. and that's what really got me going. because they're the same. you can see the particle is moving where -- >> reporter: the more he believed in his students, the more they believed in themselves. the confidence of some so high, they studied ahead in the material just to be ready to tutor their classmates. >> i enjoy doing math. it wasn't a big deal for me. >> these results could not have happened if i had done it myself, no. let's start our table at zero -- >> reporter: with one record under their belts, the mt. pleasant a.p. calculus class is shooting for another. the goal this year is for a 100% pass rate. sudhir believes it is possible because there is now a proven formula that with teamwork and a
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belief in each other, history can be made in math. something i want to make clear. it may seem like this was an overnight sensation. was no such thing, mr. k., as kids call him, has been teaching at the school for 17 years. >> wow. >> 17 years. and he has been planning, preparing to teach the a.p. calculus course for years before he ever taught it. he wanted to make sure he was ready to make sure -- he knew the kids were going to be ready when the time came. and they were. >> really neat. smart kids. okay. >> thank you. incredible story. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. i'm looking behind us. kicking off the forecast here. >> yes. some fog coming our way. a lot of you feel it in san francisco, an awesome view. we'll show you in a minute. we're also tracking unusual weather. tropical rain to the south. we'll let you know what our chances of getting that is coming up in this forecast. right now, though, all the talk today is about the cooler ocean breeze that has dropped temperatures across the bay into the 60s for the most part.
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and also 70s down in the south bay. let's take you to that live h.d. sky camera network. there it is in san francisco. a thin layer of fog moving in right now. that will bring us more fog for tonight and also for tomorrow morning, keeping that cool breeze in place. and a lot of blue sky down into san jose at the current moment. however, we are going to be tracking clouds moving in as we head throughout wednesday and thursday. next 48 hours, going to get complicated here for us for the summertime pattern. what we have happening is high pressure developing off to the south. the circulation around this, we think, could import some tropical moisture because we have this area of low pressure offshore. it's going to create this conveyor belt of sorts. again, that may not only even produce a stray shower, but possibly even a few lightning strikes. overall, 50s and 60s at the coastline. we'll find 80s and 90s for the east and also for the south bay. and again, best chance of maybe an isolated thunderstorm and/or also a shower coming as we head into thursday. for tomorrow morning, fog at the coastline.
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low clouds in the north bay. also scattered cloud cover here for the peninsula. then by about 2:00 p.m. tomorrow as that moisture gets close, what's going to happen, it's going to import not only humidity but also mid and high-level cloud cover in the early afternoon. then as we head throughout thursday morning, also into the evening hours, what we're going to find is a little bit of a chance here of maybe an isolated shower. you see the computer models picking it up into the south bay, maybe for the east bay. again, the chance isn't very high. a 20% to 30% possibility of activity. otherwise for wednesday, 84 in san jose, 83 in milpitas, 82 in sunnyvale. upper 80s into the east bay. comfortable day for us. back into san francisco, 67 for you. 80 in santa rose a. 69 in richmond, and 84 in napa. on your three-day forecast, we have the humidity moving in tomorrow, a little bit of cloud cover. by thursday, the chance there was those isolated lightning strikes, possibly a stray shower. then by friday, we'll get back to more of the seasonal pattern with temperatures in the mid 80s. by this weekend, some sun,
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clouds, and we'll also find mid 80s returning. and by next tuesday, fall will begin in just 11 days. >> wow. >> unreal. again, for tomorrow, clouds move in. then a stray lightning strike. we'll monitor that. >> very florida or arizona of us. >> exactly. >> thanks. coming up, a startling look at the issues children with autism face at school. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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a new study shows teens with autism are far more likely to be victims of school bullies. nearly half of students with an autism spectrum disorder have been victims of bullying versus 11% of kids in the general population. the study suggests schools should do more to focus anti-bullying campaigns toward the most vulnerable students. when we return, an update on the chp officer shot. also an update on the 680 traffic condition. stay with us.
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it has been a difficult day in terms of traffic for one aspect here on 680. our nbc chopper above the scene since the shooting this morning. literally stopping traffic for more than an hour. an update now, northbound 680 has reopened since the 1:00 p.m. hour. as of this hour, four of the five southbound lanes have been opened. you see our live footage there. >> here's a look from earlier, the scene of the chp officer shot during a routine traffic stop this morning. remains in critical condition at this hour at john muir hospital in walnut creek. the suspect who was driving that jeep was shot and killed at the scene. of course we will have more live updates at 6:00 p.m. meantime, nightly news is next with brian williams.
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