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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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of a chp officer shot in the line of duty yesterday. i'm christie smith, coming up, we'll tell you what we've learned about this father and officer. and new this morning, how you can help light up the night sky in honor of missing teenager sierra lamar, i'm marla tellez live in morgan hill with that story still ahead. and it's the last day of the 90s inland. we're talking about 80s bay side, 70s and 60s at the coast. we'll let you know if thunderstorms are in the forecast to roll over your rooftop later on today. and 65 or better for most spots. watch it, we'll show you where you're going to have to hit the brakes, though, coming through the east bay. taking you live to charlotte this morning, democratic national convention all quiet there. but those seats no doubt will be filled as former president bill clinton addressing the crowd. it's wednesday, september 5th, a lot of news ahead. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, it's 5:01, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. we get to the news here. new details in the freeway shooting that left a suspect dead and a chp officer this morning clinging to life in a walnut creek hospital. traffic on interstate 680 in alamo was backed up for several hours as officers worked very hard there trying to collect any kind of evidence. and we're now learning more about the injured officer, his family, and the influence he had among his comrades. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live this morning where that officer remains in critical condition. sad scene out there. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. it's actually very quiet this morning here outside of the medical center. but we are told that family, friends, and fellow officers are inside, have been since yesterday at the bedside of
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officer kenyan youngstrum. we are told he has family here from southern california and more may be on the way. we are learning more about his life and his service. that he has served seven years with the chp most recently in martinez, 37 years old, graduated from the academy in 2005. once served in the army reserve, a dedicated father of four. >> a super individual, a man of faith, and support, encouragement to those around him and his family members. >> now, offers of support are pouring in while the investigation continues. he was shot after pulling over a jeep yesterday morning on 680, a very busy freeway. a second officer shot the man in the jeep who died, but there are still a lot of questions over what that initial stop was for. a key piece of evidence we're
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told is dash cam video from one of the patrol cars should give a clearer picture of what happened. i do have calls into the chp this morning, though, for the latest update on the officer's condition. reporting live here in walnut creek, "today in the bay." law enforcement officers around the bay are rallying behind youngstrum this morning. >> and certainly all of us and san francisco police department have him squarely in our hearts and prayers as well as the other chp officers and the other officers out there as this clearly indicates what could happen any day. so with a little luck, hopefully he'll be okay. >> the officer's family say they are overwhelmed by all the love and support from law enforcement community. at the hospital, officers have been holding a vigil for him as they hope for his recovery. stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of the story. you can find the latest updates
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any time on our website, vallejo police holding a press conference to address sunday's deadly shooting of a man they say pulled a gun on officers. we have a look at that gun. vallejo pd says romero pulled from his waistband right before being shot and killed by officers. they say romero was a gang member and on felony probation for carrying a concealed weapon with a prior conviction. he was shot sunday right in front of his home. family members disputing the officer's report. 5:04. in hawaii today, the sentencing in the death of a teen who was killed while jet skiing. 20-year-old australian tyson dagley pleaded no contest in the death of the 16-year-old. he was driving too fast not looking where he was going when he slammed into her.
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his girlfriend faces the charge of hindering prosecution. investigators say she deleted two videos of the deadly crash from her camera. the sky will light up tonight in the south bay to try and help bring home sierra lamar. the teenager from morgan hill went missing nearly six months ago. marla tellez is live at the search center down at morgan hill with more on tonight's unique event. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. while volunteers head out from this search center looking for sierra lamar as they do almost every wednesday, sierra's family is going to get ready for what's being called light the night for sierra. it's really a unique approach to keepg sierra's memory alive. it's also a fundraiser. and it all gets started tonight at morgan hill's city hall at 7:00. volunteers, friends, and family members will be placing candles on the ground until the entire court at city hall is filled and lit up. you can imagine what a sight that will be. now, for safety reasons, they'll be using all l.e.d. votives that
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will be placed inside a white bag filled with sand, then using those flameless candles, a special message to sierra will be created. organizers say this is to help her find her way home. it is approaching the six-month mark since the 15-year-old was last seen while her body has not been found, a suspect is in custody. now, if you'd like to help light the night for sierra, you can buy one of those votive bags today at this search center, burnett elementary. this is in morgan hill. 85 tilton avenue. it'll cost you $5. again, this actual event, light the night for sierra gets underway at city hall right here in morgan hill at 7:00. coming up at 5:30, we're going to speak live to one of the event organizers. for now we're live in morgan hill, "today in the bay." and now decision 2012, democrats bringing two heavy hitters tonight in north carolina.
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bill clinton will speak at the convention. but last night, a relative newcomer to the national scene took the stage. >> now we need to make a choice. it's a choice between a country where the middle class pays more so the millionaires can pay less or a country where everybody pays their fair share, so we can reduce the deficit and create the jobs of the future. >> he gave the keynote address last night. he spoke of his family's struggle to live the american dream and emphasized that america must invest in opportunity. castro also hammered mitt romney for what he called being out of touch. first lady michelle obama also spoke to the crowd last night. we're going to hear more of what she said in a live report from north carolina coming up at 5:40. >> time to check in with our first lady of weather. christina loren here to tell us about interesting news out there for weather.
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>> yeah, we're actually going to get some weather here. today some abnormal weather. we'll have the standard low clouds and fog. that's what we have right now. 54 degrees in san francisco. 55 to start you out in oakland, and it's crisp in sunnyvale at 50 degrees this morning. looks like this today, the winds are going to start to pick up first, and then you'll notice the mid-level clouds start to roll in and bubble up. especially in the south bay. yeah, it's going to be kind of muggy today. so ladies, if you do put any effort in to your hair, count on it being negated by the humidity out there. temperatures are going to be comfortable. not too bad, last day of the 90s, as a matter of fact, 90 in livermore, 88 in concord, and 80 degrees in redwood city. as we head throughout this afternoon, we are expecting a few isolated cells to pass over the bay area. more likely to get some showers in your backyard tomorrow. we'll talk about who's going to see the best chance and when coming up. first we want to check your drive at 5:08. >> the southbound side, you
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might have to hit the brakes as they clear the roads south. the northbound side still has a crew going on blocking two lanes north of sycamore valley road as you head up. a light volume of traffic right now through the san ramon valley. starting to pick up the volume here for westbound 580 out of the altamont pass, the yellow area showing an increase in volume really but the speed's still around 60 miles per hour. so not a big concern here. live look outside, shows you what things are like here in san jose. northbound 101, shows a good steady flow of traffic. but no slowing, i'll show you a wider look and that coming up in a few minutes. and here's the golden gate bridge where it is open. the construction crews are clearing from the northbound side. but i see blinking lights at the top of your screen. maybe next report i'll have a car to show you. back to you. >> we will wait. that's quite a tease, mike. we'll hang around for that. 5:09 right now. san francisco wants the oakland a's to move south, but there's something standing in the city's
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way. why the city's accusing another baseball of undermining the effort. the lengths one blogger will go to get the story. we'll take a look ahead in business news. and of course, for all the latest news, weather, traffic, you can check us out on facebook. just search nbc bay area. log on right now. to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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welcome back, everyone. we're taking you live to brussels of all places this morning because there is a bomb scare outside the u.s. embassy. if you look towards the center and the back of that photo there, you see a car door open, some sort of suspected canister. and that car, as well officials are taking a look at.
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it is 5:12. city leaders flexing their muscles against opponents of migrating the oakland a's to the south bay. more details on san jose's ongoing and running battle to land that ball club. good morning. >> good morning, john. a move that is opposed by the san francisco giants. the giants argue that silicon valley is part of their major league baseball territory. there is even a community group called stand for san jose that has sued to stop the city from building a new a's ballpark because of environmental concerns. well, now the city of san jose has gone to court asking a judge for permission to delve into the background of stand for san jose. the mercury news reports the city wants to see if that organization has any ties to the san francisco giants. to see if the giants are manipulating this process. now, the legal argument being if the people for stand for san jose are city taxpayers who
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don't want the a's in their backyard, fine, but if the backers are a business competitor, include a business competitor, in other words the san francisco giants, then stand for san jose should have no legal standing and therefore not be allowed to sue the city over this proposed ballpark. the giants had no comment for the paper on this latest legal maneuver, though the paper reports the team is no longer a supporter of stand for san jose. and in court papers, stand for san jose calls this move on behalf of the city a violation of their free speech rights. it is ultimately up to major league baseball to resolve this territorial dispute between the giants and the a's against something that has been going on for three years now when commissioner bud selig will announce a decision, that's not clear. jon, laura? >> thank you very much, bob. it's 5:14. did mysterious hackers tap into an fbi file? is the fbi tracking your ipad? >> hackers associated with the group anonymous posted special
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identification numbers recently, sort of like serial numbers for apple products, not uncommon. in fact, these numbers called udids have bedevilled apple. they've been a security problem since the first issue of the first ipad. but it's where the hackers say they got those numbers that's peculiar. they say they got them from an fbi laptop which would lead one to ask why does the fbi have my apple ipad information? the fbi this morning absolutely denies the accusation. posting to twitter, we never had the info in question. bottom line, totally false. now, if someone has your unique apple identifier, it's really nothing to lose sleep over. the big question is where the data came from. if not the fbi, is there not a popular app out there leaking the number? the hacker group promised to release more information a blogger by the name of adrian chen dressed up in a ballet tu
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tu and put a shoe on his head. we'll keep you updated and see if that did him any good. hampton pearson wearing two shoes this morning on his feet. he's live at cnbc world headquarters with a look ahead at today's trading. good morning, hampton. >> hi, how you doing? no, actually it's loafers, but i am rocking the no socks look even though it's september. meanwhile, futures are lower after a mixed session on tuesday. the dow fell on a report showing a decline in u.s. manufacturing output last month. the nasdaq rose on more speculation about apple's new iphone, which is expected next week. fedex could weigh on the market today. the package delivery giant warns the weak global economy is cutting into its profits, european markets are in the red. we get data this morning on productivity and labor costs, the dow falling 54 points to close at 14,035.
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a judge has granted amr's request to toss out the contract with the pilots union. this allows american airlines to impose its own contract terms as it seeks to cut billions in labor costs. the talreport comes as talks ar heating up. so an early look at a couple business headlines, back to you guys. >> thank you very much. coming up in a bit, facebook stock hit yet another low. we'll talk about some of the ways the company is working to prop up that stock coming up in about half an hour. >> and what the chief in charge is saying about it too, interesting. >> hampton pearson, always surprising. sharp suits, no socks, doing the miami vice. >> it's a family show, hampton. a man's socks, whoa, buddy. hampton, though, what a class act. good morning to you. it's loafer weather out there this morning or you can get by with your wing tips, whatever you so prefer. 55 degrees in oakland, 57 in
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concord. you could go barefoot in sunnyvale at 60 degrees this morning. it's one of our last wednesdays of summer. yeah, fall is just around the corner now. but it's still going to feel like summer today and we're going to get a summer-like pattern with monsoonal moisture from the south. now, this is typical in places like arizona, nevada, and southern california. they often get these thunderstorms rolling through this time of year. we don't, but we're going to today. and especially if you live in the south bay, the best chance of seeing that. however, north bay, higher elevation, even in the east bay, could see activity as we head through today and a better chance as we head through tomorrow. what you will probably notice as you walk out your front door, the air has more of a weight to it. it's kind of sticky icky out there. and we do have showers at that point starting to creep up from the south. we'll continue that future cast, stop it for you at 5:00 a.m. when we meet back here tomorrow, possibly measuring precipitation. you might need to bring that umbrella with you as you make your way to work in concord,
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livermore, down in the south bay. but look at this as we hit 9:00 a.m., still getting that steady precipitation down in the south bay, yeah. getting a little bit of weather finally has been a very quiet summer so far. so we'll take whatever we can get. 83 degrees at least in the weather department. 76 in fremont, 68 degrees in san francisco. you can see as we head through the next few days, temperatures are going to drop off. we'll be out of that sticky-icky feel saturday and sunday, feeling more seasonal, dry heat we're accustomed to and temperatures right on track. 5:19, it was back to business as usual yesterday, mike. what do we have out there right now? >> no stick or ick for the roadways. but a smooth flow for the south bay. the volume starting to eke up a little bit. 101 moving nicely at the limb. take you to 101 in palo alto where northbound right around embarcadero. we do have one stall reported. sounds like everything's off to the shoulder, but i'm tracking this no slowing through the area and the camera just north of there shows us 101 through palo
5:20 am
alto, flows nicely in the northbound direction. there's university, there's a little shopping center there. southbound side equally light, equally smooth all throughout the peninsula side. foster city and the approach off the san mateo bridge. a smooth drive with a light flow across 92. headlights westbound coming to the peninsula. east to 880, a nice drive, as well. smooth drive north past the coliseum. no delays in through downtown, though the volume's picking up a bit. we don't see any delays, and oh, we just missed it, guys, the cars on the bridge. and crews, they're working, moving cones. >> the day is starting. >> there you go. >> people up and at 'em. >> coming up, laura's favorite time of year, oiling up the laz-y boy. what's going to be different about this year's season opener.
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welcome back, everyone. on a wednesday morning. you see some clouds out there over san jose. a live look with lights twinkling in the foreground. christina loren. >> pretty. >> it is very pretty. i enjoy these live shots from all over the bay. it's 5:23. and are you ready for some football? how about pro football? the nfl season officially starting tonight. the dallas cowboys visiting the super bowl champion new york giants, this is a big one kicking off tonight for the nfl opener. the nfl season typically starts on a thursday night, but this year, they reschedule it to avoid that conflict with the president obama speech tomorrow at the democratic national convention. now, this is the first time in more than 60 years the regular season has actually started on a wednesday. football fans don't care what day it is. get it going. you can see the game right here on nbc bay area. that means we have a little
5:24 am
special lineup tonight. our news will be at 4:00 p.m., then kickoff, special at 4:30, the game will actually be 5:30, following the game we'll have our special hour-long newscast. hang around. >> oh, i can't wait. >> i can tell. the enthusiasm bubbling over. well, high school football, big kid on campus this week after scoring the winning touchdown. >> rachel evans, first girl to ever play on her high school football team. she's the team's kicker. and last weekend she scored the final point to seal the victory. she takes her role very seriously. >> i know sometimes it can come down to that extra point. and i don't want to have to let my boys down because i can't do my job. >> so she does it. nice there. besides football, the high school junior plays basketball, runs track, scores another type of goal as a soccer player. >> i love it. >> she says she hopes to play, actually, soccer in college. very athletic. >> not going to let her boys
5:25 am
down. what do the spice girls say? girl power? >> got a lot of it. 5:24 right now. let's send it over to christina loren. >> i'll tell you what you want what you really, really want. good-looking weather today. we've got fabulous temperatures. here's the caveat, some isolated thunderstorms rolling through, but, hey, that just makes it a little bit more interesting. and the best chance for that will be in the south bay later this afternoon. we have a better chance tomorrow morning, you might need that umbrella. we'll take you back to the peninsula 101 northbound right around the embarcadero. it sounds like this disabled vehicle is blocking the slow lane. we don't see any slowing, but you will watch it through the area, there'll be flashing lights. stay to the left, meanwhile, smooth drive across the dumbo. fremont looks smooth, nice drive, picking up the volume, but no slowing. and north bay also picked up the volume, southbound at 101.
5:26 am
a good steady flow of traffic at the limit from novato down through central san rafael. back to you. >> thank you very much. couple of new parents flying for the first time found a way to butter up their new passengers. these were handed out on the recent flight loaded with candy, the baggies say we're 14 week-old twin boys traveling for the first time, we'll try to be our best. we'd like to apologize in advance just in case we lose our cool. the message goes on to offer ear plugs to any flyer who wants them. >> that's awesome. >> now i feel bad, i took the triplets on their first flight -- >> what did you do? >> they were good. >> well, then you didn't have to worry about it. >> i think people were avoiding it. >> 5:26 right now. a big night for democratic national convention. also the chp officer shot by a driver. he's clinging to life this
5:27 am
morning. what we're learning about the man and his family. and there's a mystery in the south bay as police search for a woman who has been missing for nearly a month. why the search is getting more attention this morning. gravate . so i get claritin clear. ♪ i can see clearly now the rain is gone ♪ look! see that? this is all bayberry, and bayberry pollen is very allergenic. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms for 24 hours... you guys doing good? ... including itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. and only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. ♪ it's gonna be bright bright sunshiny day ♪ live claritin clear with non-drowsy claritin.
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family and fellow officers hold a vigil at the bedside of a chp officer shot in the line of duty yesterday. i'm christie smith, we'll have the latest on his condition coming up. and i'm marla tellez live in morgan hill where the search for sierra lamar heads straight to city hall. that story still ahead. we're eliminating the extreme heat but bringing in thunderstorms today. 80s bay side, 60s and 70s at the coast, lots to talk about in your full forecast. and folks, you're adding to the traffic flow right now. we'll show you changes i have to that south bay map coming up. right now, a live look
5:30 am
outside. looks like we give you downtown san jose before the sun comes up. lots to tell you about today on this wednesday, september 5th. this is "today in the bay." >> 5:30 on the nose. good morning, everybody. thanks a lot for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. new details on the condition of a chp officer shot after a routine traffic stop turned violent in the east bay. christie smith live with more on the wounded officer. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. you know, there is still so many questions on what happened out there on the freeway. why that suspect opened fire in the first place. here at the medical center, i can tell you that family, friends, and fellow officers are pulling together for critically injured chp officer. he has extended family here from
5:31 am
southern california at this hour and there has been an outpouring of support for him. dozens of officers in and out of the hospital since right after the shooting. we are learning more about him. he served seven years with the chp, a dedicated father of four. shot early yesterday morning in a traffic stop on 680 in alamo. another officer shot six rounds at that suspect who then died at the hospital. fellow officers immediately came to help and continue to. >> i can't even name the badges from the agencies that were present. they're offering their support. >> now, the contra costa county sheriff's office is among the agencies investigating the actual shooting and what the initial traffic stop was for. they plan to take a very close look at the dash cam from one of the patrol cars while family and friends, even strangers wishing,
5:32 am
hoping for the best. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> as we all do, christie. an update on the firefighter who collapsed while fighting a fire last week. he's alert and talking this morning. frank ryan collapsed while battling a fire last week. ryan's best friend and fellow firefighter russ davis has been there, and he says ryan is not only speaking but also answering questions in his usual quote frank style sprinkled with humor. >> i go, who drives the engine, engine one? he goes frickin dale. and that's when i walked out and said, yeah, it's frank. >> doctors will reevaluate ryan today trying to determine if his condition can be upgraded from critical to serious. it's 5:32. a first of its kind event will be held to help bring sierra lamar home. she vanished nearly six months ago.
5:33 am
"today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us live with details about tonight's event. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning. well, volunteers head out from burnett elementary, the search center in morgan hill looking for sierra lamar. as they do her family is going to be getting ready for a one of a kind unique event. it's a unique approach to keeping her memory alive. it also happens to be a fundraiser. it all gets underway at 7:00 tonight at morgan hill's city hall. volunteers, friends, and family members will be placing candles on the ground until the entire court at city hall is filled and lit up. for safety reasons, they're going to be using all l.e.d. votives that will be placed inside a white bag filled with some sand. then using those flameless candles, a special message to sierra will be created and organizers say this is all the help sierra find her way home. it's approaching the six-month
5:34 am
mark since the 15-year-old was last seen while her body has not been found. a suspect is in custody. now if you'd like to help light the night for sierra, you can buy one of those votive bags today at this search center. burnett elementary for $5. all the proceeds will benefit this serra lamar fund. again, the actual event, light the night for sierra gets underway at morgan hill's city hall at 7:00 tonight. and coming up at 6:00, a i'll go i think to talk about a special visitor who is going to be visiting the search center a little bit later this morning. we'll tell you who that is life in morgan hill, marla tellez, "today in the bay." police hoping someone will help them locate a missing woman. 35-year-old victoria visited san jose santana row back on august 9th. employees at one store do remember her coming in and seeing her wearing an orange dress. they say she did come in alone. detectives eventually found her bag containing a cell phone and
5:35 am
wallet at another store. her car was later found at a parking lot around santana row. rockland police have been tracking her credit and atm accounts every day hoping to find something. and when she did not show up for work the next day, her family called police. >> she hasn't been with anybody. this is a real confusing case for us as to why she hasn't made contact with her family since the beginning of august. >> she stands 5'6", weighs about 135 pounds, you can see there that she has a gap between her front teeth and she is, we're being told, speaks russian, has a russian accent. because she left rockland on her own, police treating this one as a missing persons case. 5:35. a judge now says the man who once claimed to be the angel of death is no longer a threat to society. david atiez has been receiving treatment. in 2001 he drove his car into a crowd in santa barbara killing four people.
5:36 am
three of the victims from the bay area. he was convicted of four counts of murder, but later found insane. yesterday, a judge said he must be released from the state hospital because he has shown marked improvement over the last decade. he'll now live in an unmarked community outpatient program. it appears a settlement has been reached between pepper sprayed students and uc davis. reporting the uc board of regents will consider the deal, details of which are being kept under wraps. you'll recall last fall, campus police doused protesters with pepper spray during a sit-in. the video was posted to youtube and quickly received millions of views. the officer at the center of the case was fired. >> 5:36 right now and i guess summer's officially behind us. >> not yet. week and a half, christina? >> we're headed toward fall, and getting some rain today? >> i know, right, football starts tonight right here on nbc bay area.
5:37 am
you can get that fix, boys, we know you've been waiting and ladies too. go raiders. i'm just going to say it. temperatures are looking good, and yeah, it's the unofficial start to fall as we just kicked off labor day. now as we head throughout the next couple of weeks, we do hit fall on 21st of this month. it's going to start to feel like it. 57 degrees in concord, 54 in san francisco, and good morning to you down in sunnyvale. 60 degrees. there's another bad boy we have to deal with today, the remnants of what once was hurricane john is potentially going to bring us enough moisture for some isolated thunderstorms. the best chance of that will be inland today. and what you will notice is more cloud cover inland than what we're expecting bay side and at the coast. those clouds bubbling up over our local mountains. count on that humidity. you'll notice that, as well. the air has a weight to it today, feeling kind of sticky-icky. things are going to shift. we want to take you through
5:38 am
those changes, help you plan that wardrobe for the first week of school for many of you kiddos. first want to check your drive. you want to get ready to see that commute shaping back up to usual fall standards. mike, what are we tracking out there right now? >> the south bay right now. as a lot of the construction clears from the bay area, this one still stands out. we're looking at a smooth flow for 101. but we do have construction still overnight. there was a note put in between capital expressway. most have cleared. but you may find crews over on the shoulder, watch for that just for distraction and also cruisers can also pull you over for speeding. looking further north toward 101 and a live look past the area. this is northbound 101, shows the volume increasing over the last few minutes and that's why we're seeing slowing down into the upper 50s north of 680, 280, at the top of your screen here. live look across the bay. san mateo bridge, westbound, your commute direction your toll plaza with those taillights and a smooth drive across the span.
5:39 am
we'll continue up the east bay to oakland and we'll look at 880 past the coliseum. no delays although the volume starts to increase. south with those headlights, a good volume at the limit down to the san ma say you bridge. >> thanks so much, mike. california getting the spotlight today at the democratic national convention. we'll get you there for all the latest events, including former president clinton speaking tonight. we'll let you know what happened last night, as well coming up. the city of san jose strikes back in the fight to bring the a's to the south bay. we'll fill you in coming up. chase freedom gives you 5% cash back?
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at restaurants now... bon appétit guys, enjoy. activate your 5% cash back at
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welcome back, everyone. we're keeping an eye on brussels, belgium this morning outside the u.s. embassy where there's been a bomb scare. you see that car there with the doors open.
5:42 am
it is a suspicious vehicle. and you see looks like they're sending in somebody in right now. we didn't know if there was a canister of some type. but looks like they're literally investigating as we take a look at these live pictures. we'll keep you posted on any updates that come available to us. it is 5:42. now, moving on to decision 2012. some called it electric. the crowd on their feet several times, first lady michelle obama wowed democrats last night with a speech focused on family values. "today in the bay" tracie potts live with more on the first night of the democratic national convention and more of what's coming up for today. >> coming up today, we'll hear from former president bill clinton, but it was last night that first lady michelle obama really wowed the crowd here on stage talking a lot about she and her husband and their family and their working class background being a foundation for the decisions he's made as president.
5:43 am
lots of colorful examples of how they -- before going to the white house were really a middle class family, especially in the early years. she was very much trying to connect with women and the middle class. her message that president obama understands many of the struggles of the middle class because he's been there. well-received in the convention hall. now, coming up tonight, i mentioned bill clinton, former president who will be the keynote speaker. but also, just before the 10:00 p.m. eastern hour, the prime time coverage, we're going to hear from california's attorney general, former d.a. in san francisco, earlier on monday she was on the stage checking it out for tonight's speech. a pretty short speech she's doing, just a few minutes. she said she was nervous about it. she's being put in the national spotlight as the chair of the rules committee. pretty prominent position here at the dnc. and it certainly raises more questions about what her political future might be. laura? >> it will. one to watch, perhaps.
5:44 am
thank you very much, tracie. protesters marched in the streets of charlotte last night as that convention got underway. demonstrators were under the watchful eye of police as they made their way up through uptown charlotte. many chanted, others carried signs, some of which read dnc is meaningless. demonstrators were mostly peaceful throughout the day. it happened right now in portugal, firefighters finally getting the upper hand on several massive wildfires, dozens of water-dropping aircraft had to be used over the past few days and nearly 7,000 firefighters, including some from neighboring countries are on the front lines. despite that good news, portugal remains on high alert after a month-long drought left forests vulnerable to fires. san jose leaders stepping up to the plate on their quest to land the oakland a's. bob redell live with a look at
5:45 am
the steps they're taking for opponents who are against the plan. good morning, bob. >> san jose has been trying to get the oakland a's to move to the south bay for three years, a move that is opposed by the san francisco giants. the giants argued that silicon valley is part of their major league baseball territory. there's even a community group called stand for san jose that has sued to stop the city from building a new a's park. well, now the city of san jose has gone to court itself asking a judge for permission to delve into the background of stand for san jose. the mercury news reports the city wants to see if that organization has any ties to the san francisco giants to see if the giants are manipulating the process. the legal argument being that if the people for stand for san jose are city taxpayers who don't want the a's in their backyard, fine. but if the backers are a business competitor or include a business competitor, in other words the san francisco giants, then stand for san jose should
5:46 am
have no legal standing and therefore not be allowed to sue the city over this proposed ballpark. the giants had no comment for the paper on this latest legal maneuver. the team is no longer a supporter for stand for san jose. in court papers, stand for san jose called this move a violation of their free speech rights. it is ultimately up to major league baseball to resolve this territorial dispute between the giants and a's, which has been going on for three years now when commissioner bud selig will announce a decision, that's not clear. >> thank you very much for the update, 5:46. i was debatining washing th car today, probably not a good idea. >> don't do it. right as rain there, laura. marla's week is next week. good morning to you, let's take you outside. we have radar activated this morning.
5:47 am
i took the doppler, turned it on and look at what we found for you, some showers for you down in the south bay over the santa cruz mountains. and speaking of marla, she is the one that pointed it out this morning where she is in morgan hill. she's actually getting a little bit of steady precipitation. now, we're not picking up those returns on our radar, but that doesn't mean you're not going to encounter a few light showers on your way to work this morning. keep that in mind. showers around, especially south of redwood city and livermore. we're going to go ahead and divide the bay area in half. that's where we're expecting the activity. a better chance tomorrow morning, might want to give yourself extra time tomorrow morning because we're expecting measurable precipitation in the south bay. we had an interesting set-up out there. 58 to start you out in san jose. feels kind of tropical out there. our dew points are higher this morning, and what's happening is this moisture is surging up from the south. we also have an area of low pressure, the tail end is going to swing through and capture some of that moisture and transport it right here to the bay area. this is what we're looking at. more humidity today, we'll
5:48 am
continue to get those light showers down in the south bay. this afternoon, when it warms up, it'll be hot enough and unstable enough for some thunderstorms to fire off, especially over the higher elevation was and especially down in the south bay. the western-facing slopes. you might get caught under a thunderstorm or two. keep that in mind. 83 degrees in san jose. now with the addition of thunder and lightning, we have elevated fire danger. you want to keep that in mind. we could get a couple of dry lightning strikes. you want to be on your best behavior as we already have resources spread thin when it comes to firefighters because of that fire down in southern california. saturday to sunday, mid-80s, comfortable conditions feeling seasonal and our dry heat will return. 5:48, that traffic has returned. let's turn to your drive with mike. >> today, shaping up pretty standard, wednesday, but again, we're looking at the volume really starting to bump up now. approaching 880 and 17
5:49 am
interchange. and right there at the interchange, reports of an accident. the fender bender, we don't see any slowing, i don't see any activity in the lanes, but i'll track this incident and maybe they'll update the location. well, the volume builds for the live shot. no slowing on this scene, although there's the incident right mind the is 17. north 101 slows now from tully up toward 880, focusing north of 680, that will spread out over the next half hour. speeds will hover right around the upper 50s. there's a gradual slow as that volume builds for the south bay here. and also as it builds coming out of the pass, west 580 shows orange now, speeds out of the 40s and 50s as you're coming over through the pass. holding steady through livermore and botheringing down ibogging. live looks outside, how things are shaping up, here is fremont starting to build. another shot outside shows you the bay bridge. no real big issues, but there is a build for the volume and the
5:50 am
east shore freeway flows smoothly at the limit. but now building through berkeley and emeryville. and we'll look over to the peninsula, past university, these are the headlights moving smoothly. no slowing through san mateo and into the city. a smooth drive on the peninsula. >> back to school, back to work, back to the ballpark. giants play the arizona diamondbacks tonight at at&t park. to relax and get in the zone, they're hosting a yoga class on the field. hosting the team's first ever yoga day today with janet stone instructing. special tickets will allow 750 lucky yoga enthusiasts to attend a 90-minute session in the outfield at 8:00 this morning. >> i'm feeling this very serene music. >> i know. and head back to the park at night to watch the giants take on the diamondbacks. >> how about that? get in line at the ballpark.
5:51 am
see if yoga bear will show up. >> nice. >> i'm sorry about that. coming up, something new at the golden arches, mcdonald's going vegetarian. >> we'll show you where the chain plans to open the new restaurant. plus facebook desperate to prop up the stock. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. ♪ nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar.
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5:53 am
big mac hold the beef. mcdonald's planning to open vegetarian only restaurants. first location in india. catering to customers with preferences in that region. roughly 40% do not eat meat mostly for religious reasons. no word yet when the veggie-only
5:54 am
mcdonald's will open. >> it'll be interesting. facebook, a lot of people asking where's the beef. the company desperate this morning to shore up the sinking share price. the founder says you won't be able to buy his price or stocks any time soon, at least for now. scott mcgrew says, will that help? >> it might. there are two problems. first, investors are worried about revenue. that's a totally normal worry. second, this is a big one, is what we call the overhang. the idea that there are millions upon millions of shares out there that could hit the market. mark zuckerberg has filed paperwork promising not to sell any of his shares for a year to help ease fears of overhang. so too have two board members and facebook is moving up the date of a lock-up to kind of hurry it along in attempts to get from out under that overhang. facebook shares hit a new low tuesday below $18 a share to $17.73, less than half their value at ipo.
5:55 am
nokia will show off a new windows phone today. with the best-selling smartphone samsung having so much trouble, there might be room for a windows phone in the world. the phone will be able to tie into your computer better because of the windows operating system. these days that's less important than it used to be. amazon and apple, of course, announcing new products over the next few days, as well. >> thanks so much. >> thank you, scott. 5:55 right now. christina loren steps in to tell us what's happening outside. maybe some rain coming. >> yeah, we have showers steadily coming down over highway 17 this morning. give yourself some extra time there. you can see we've got some isolated thunderstorms rolling onshore. just to the south of santa cruz. however, our own marla tellez reported some light showers in morgan hill. and i want to zoom in and show you 17 getting nice and slick this morning. travel cautiously, give yourself a little extra time there.
5:56 am
we'll let you know how long these showers will last and when we're going to get a little more precipitation, a stronger wave of rain tomorrow. we'll talk about that 5:56 first. we'll check your drive with mike. >> good news, the road clears have cleared without any incident for 880 through oakland, that's north of the coliseum. and as that happens, well, all the rest of the crews are clearing. we're looking at 24, the approach to the bay bridge, mild slowing at the caldecott and that's about it. live looks outside show you the san mateo bridge, a smooth flow for the headlights westbound, your commute starts to build, but no slowing. and the south bay really builds for 101 north of 680, 880 slowing from tully up to 880. one of nasa's space shuttles heading for the new home in los angeles. not every is happy about that movie. local communities are upset close to 400 mature pines will have to be cut down just to make
5:57 am
room for the space shuttle "endeavor." next month the orbiter will travel from l.a.x. to the science center. it cannot fit through freeway underpasses and dismantling it would damage the delicate heat shield tiles. so the shuttle will have to travel the surface streets of engelwood and south l.a. it will replant twice the number of trees that are cut down. >> all right. 5:57 right now. still ahead, a new turn in the search for sierra lamar. the new approach investigators are taking this morning. plus, the event happening tonight to remind the community of her disappearance. here you go little man.
5:58 am
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