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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hasn't done in a while. >> speaking of that forecast, tracking showers and thunderstorms on the radar this morning. we'll pin point those for and tell you where they are headed. >> with the peninsula getting more crowded i have two accidents on 880. we'll tell you about that. >> right now, tonight, a live look over san francisco as we get close to the weekend on this thursday, september 6, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. we have breaking news to tell you about, we continue following this. we've been doing it all morning long. southbound lanes on highway 17 have just reopened in the past 15 minutes. they were closed overnight so crews could clean up a truck fire.ç damian trujillo is live.
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sounds like one way's open, the other is closed, right? >> actually, they are both open now, jon. the southbound lanes opened at about 5:40 this morning, about 20 minutes ago, the northbound lanes actually opened early this morning, so things are back to normal here in both directions of highway 17 but not before this overnight headache for lots of people going to and from santa cruz. not before a big rig forced the closure of all lanes for several hours. the chp is still investigating that fire on the rig. no one was injured but officers say the potential was there. the 18-wheeler was carrying non-flammable liquid so that helped in knowing that crews were not dealing with hazardous materials. the hillside did catch on fire but crews were able to extinguish the flames before they got out of hand. >> with the winds on the hill, it pushed it up the hillside and
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fire was quickly extinguished so no structures were damaged. >> reporter: again, the southbound lanes of highway 17 here at bear creek road reopened about 20 minutes ago. the accident was actually about three miles south of here, over at red wood estates, so quite a road block for the overnight hours but again, things are back to normal on highway 17. live at the base of the santa cruz mountains, i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> 6:02. a memorial is growing this morning for a chp officer killed in the line of duty. christie smith is live in martinez where officer kenyon youngstrom's grieving co-workers have to get back on the job. >> reporter: good morning. a really sad feeling out here today. this is a chp office where officer youngstrom worked. there's a lot of support here, too. we're starting to see fellow chp officers from outside of the east bay showing up here to
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help, some saying they are doing that just in case this office is short staffed today. you can see that people are leaving flowers outside of the front door, the 37-year-old officer kenyon youngstrom was taken off life support yesterday after he was shot tuesday in a traffic stop along 680. that news was shared with an emotional crowd that gathered in cordelia where youngstrom was a community leader, a husband of four kids, two sons, two daughters. he was a man of faith and shared that with his kids' friends. >> his family would take me and we would go to church on wednesdays and it's -- his dad was a real cool dude. hate that he lost his father. >> reporter: officer youngstrom is also survived by a mother, a father, four brothers and a sister. his organs will be donated.
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a memorial fund for his wife and children is now set up at wells fargo bank. memorial services for him are still being planned but of course thousands of people are expected to attend. reporting live in martinez, christie smith, "today in the bay." it. such a loss. thank you. in the meantime we're learning more about the alleged gunman, 38-year-old christopher lacy was a computer programmer, he lived for many years in sausalito, he moved to a rural area about a year and a half ago. his neighbors said he was very private. police say lacy was well armed, they found a semi-automatic handgun, two extra clips of ammunition and a knife. his only other run-in with the police was a dui in 2006. stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of the still developing story. >> a bad situation for former alameda county supervisor nadia
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lockyer facing more legal trouble. the estranged wife of bill lockyer charged. investigators say police were called to a home last week where she was visiting with her 9-year-old son. officers reportedly finding meth and drug paraphernalia in the home. lockyer resigned as a supervisor back in april after a dispute with a former boyfriend who -- well t situation exposed their affair and her drug addiction issues. bill ended up filing for divorce. >> be on the lookout for lightning this morning, a chance of thunderstorms forcing cal fire to do something it hasn't 18 long time. we have team coverage. meteorologist christina loren is standing by in our weather center with today's forecast. let's check in with bob redell. he's in morgan hill with more on how cal fire is reacting to today's threat. >> good morning. this lightning threat had
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produced a red flag warning, the national weather service has since lifted that warning but cal fire is still on alert. we got done speaking with one of their battalion chiefs and asked why are you still on alert. their concern is over things called sleepers. they can smoulder for a couple of days and claire up into a fire. yesterday alone 200 strikes. making sure none of those flare back up. you see the fire spotter towers, they started manning those. and actually it was a good call yesterday, at least one fire spotter was able to guide their colleagues to a fire and get it knocked down. so again, they are concerned about sleepers, again lightning strikes, that can smoulder and they are also keeping a lot of staff over, keeping them on
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duty. their engines and dozers are ready to go and also they are in my fire crews. and to add to all of this problem we've had the unusual weather with the lightning and then the dry summer which has led to tinder dry conditions when it comes to vegation. reporting live, bob redell, today. >> thank you very much. now when it comes to the forecast for today. we've got showers and thunderstorms. good morning to you at home. as you can see right now not a lot of activity in our neck of the woods. look at this, rolling into sacramento storms on the radar. this activity has really calmed down from yesterday but we're getting pop-up thunderstorms from time to time and will continue to until about 10:00 a.m. maybe even noon today. 5:00 tonight you'll see that sun break through the clouds and we'll be mostly clear.
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we'll be watching for these thunderstorms all morning long. you can see the higher elindications get that convection when we see those pop up this morning. it's as we get that the enhancement. inland temperatures work out like this. about 80 at noon, 87 at 4:00 p.m. so people are writing in to my facebook page saying fall has arrived. no, it still feels like summer out there. we're getting the the tropical showers, it's not that cold yet. getting the best of both worlds, the showers of fall holding on to the summer heat. we'll take through the changings coming up. i want to get you more. >> folks hitting the road hitting something here in fremont. look to southbound 880, an accident that took a while to get to the shoulder. some slowing at thorton. another accident sounds like it's on the shoulder, both of think show slowing out of newark
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and in through fremont. smooth through milpitas and then northbound around san jose the issue. 880 for the slow on 101 and the build for 87 as well as 280. the involve starts to build we have the reopening of the southbound side. both sides now open all the way down to the summit but the backup is slowly traveling to the santa cruz site. these changing as we speak. live look outside, we'll end with this at the toll plaza. back to you. >> 6:09. we move to decision 2012. tonight president obama takes center stage accepting his party's nomination for president. >> all 188 votes for the president and the next president of the united states, barack obama. >> a bit of a formality. democrats submitting that last
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night. an evening belonging to bill clinton. he deliver add 47-minute speech to the crowd in charlotte. brought them to their feet several times telling delegates president ob deserves a chance to finish the job he started. >> no one could have fully repaired all of the damage that he found in just four years. >> the reality is thousands of people will not get a chance to watch president obama accept that nomination live and in person tonight. he was expected to speak outdoors at a big stadium but those events have been moved inside because of that bad weather rolling in. >> a scary moment for brandon mccarthy. took a hard hit. find out the precautions doctors are now taking. >> the search continues for a morgan hill teenager nearly six months after her disappearance. see how the show of support is unfolding. >> more good news about jobs in the bay area.
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>> good morning to you. boy, one of my favorite shots of the bay area. we'll check the changing forecast with christina. if you are just waking up with us this morning, a quick check of the top stories. >> highway 17 we can tell you now both lanes are open between san jose and santa cruz. chp opening the southbound lanes about 30 minutes ago. a big rig caught fire at about 11:00 p.m. last night. both lanes were shut down overnight. >> officers return to work a day after kenyon youngstrom died from injuries in a shooting on tuesday. his family took him off life
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support yesterday. his organs will be donated. >> a sad story there. cal fire now with extra crews on duty, worried lightning could ignite brush fires because of the dry conditions. thunderstorms may also roll through the bay area today. meteorologist christina loren will be here with up to the minute details and the forecast coming up. >> the family of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar say they are not giving up hope. last night her family, friends and volunteers held a vigil in front of the morgan hill library staying optimistic for her safe return. they used l.e.d. candles to fill out the word hope you see on the screen. it's been almost six months since she vanished. her mother is thanking volunteers. >> there are days as it gets longer and longer, sometimes i question about her recovery and
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then these people do things like this and it helps to lift us up and raise my hopes as well. >> the suspect in the case will be back in court later this to the murder and kidnapping charges he faces. >> the san francisco board of supervisors working hard trying to figure out what to do about possible radiation contamination on treasure island. the city is buying it from the u.s. navy. the deal requires the navy to clean up toxic contamination but a report suggest there is is more radiation than first thought. the board will meet on tuesday to discuss the issue. >> later tonight a screening of the new film on the 2010 san bruno gas explosion tragedy. trial by fire is a 30-minute documentary on the victims and first responders. after the showing there will be a public meeting. trial by fire will be at the san mateo history museum in redwood
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city. tonight at 7:00. >> a new state report sheds light on allegations of poor maintenance by pg&e. the public utilities commission says the company did not cut corners on pipe line welds to cut costs. it had been following stayed and federal guidelines. and the company is following up on reports of defects found. last year several whistle-blowers from pg&e had alleged faulty repair work on the lines. >> in china a 3-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after being trapped under an out-of-control bus. the bus swerved while the girl was riding in the road. it hit her, pinning her under the tires. firefighters tried to use a jack. the ground was too soft. they had to dig her out. amazingly that little girl was not hurt. >> unbelievable. a scary situation, a's pitcher
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brandon macarthury in the hospital after taking a hot right to the head. watch this line drive catching him in the back of the head. the good news is he never lost consciousness which is pretty amazing. he was sent to summit hospital in oakland for tests. they have to check for swelling, concussion, et cetera. his prognosis is good but he didspend the night, the doctors can keep an eye on him. a's lost that 7-1. they have the day off. >> the giants had the day off as well today. last night against arizona, things get chippy in the eighth inning. the panda. didn't know a run was coming to third. big man. things didn't get much further. you wonder why everybody could enjoy the rain. diamondbacks take the game and
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take the series as well. >> nfl season under way, last year's super bowl champs against e cowboys. it's a tradition, the nfl started back in 2004. the defending kmamp has never lost until last night. the cowboys won it. 49ers get a chance to ease into the regular season. the team plays green bay on the road this sunday. raiders fans have to wait for the start of their season. all coming to the chargers on monday night. >> i like the fact the niners have a tough start, take on the packers. now we'll figure out what's happening weather wise. >> taking on san diego as well. we like that. yes, no coincidence here, temperatures are going to be
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perfection here in the bay area, once we hit monday. right now we've got showers and thunderstorms, in the south bay and the east bay. a different forecast to tell you about in the city by the bay. actually, have flight delays to report due to low ceilings so we're getting a mixed bag. a lot of activity weather. it's a good idea to give yourself extra time. not only that school's back in session but we have showers around. that spends to slow the drive. don't bother doing your hair. you can see who is winning. it's the hair. we have a little fog out there. not so much the case in san jose but you'll see the mostly cloudy start. look at this, outside of san jose. that's a pretty strong cell. we're going to look at that. keep in mind thunder, lightning in the forecast until about
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10:00 a.m. so works like this. 87 in livermore, 83 in santa teresa, and yeah, thunder is roaring. you want to stay in until you stop hearing that thunder. i'm going to look at that cell. that's pretty good. here is mike with your drive. >> no big price as we have this. i've 80 with the increased volume out of the pass. the orange through the altamont area. approaching 680 the dublin interchange. we're going to hook here,'s store freeway. through berkeley down to the toll plaza. the metering lights should be on. south where we have slowing. still because of earlier accidents you have the backup.
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you approach that heading down to fremont. the ripple effect, unexpected slowing. a live look will show you spots that we're talking about. still across the peninsula, 101 picks up the volume. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> good news to go with your coffee and pancakes. the bay area stop shops look. >> good morning. arizona state business school looked at all of the cities and when it came to large cities, san francisco had the fastest job growth in the country. 3.5%. san francisco is first, san jose's not on the list, houston 3.2% followed by denver, then phoenix and seattle tie it up at 2.9%.
6:22 am
the they list san francisco as a much bigger city than san jose because the u.s. census considers oakland and most of contra costa county. it's not only the wis even though it's the third largest. jobs were the focus of the trackic national convention. one plame about jobs. steve wesley's claim that 4.5 million jobs were under president obama is a bit shaky because that's technically accurate. the total is not because it ignores jobs lost early in the presidency. like someone saying they lost 50 pounds. they gained 20 in the middle. they lost 30 really. >> braking it down. >> i won you a hundred dollars.
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6:22. president observe wrap up the dnc accepting nomination for president. we'll have a preview.
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so the 9:15 meeting looks like it's going to start a little late... um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™.
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>> decision 2012. the democratic national convention wraps up tonight in charlotte, north carolina. >> of course it was never in question but this is when president obama will accept the party's official nomination to run for the second term.
6:26 am
tracie potts is live in charlotte and joins us with all of the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president we're told will talk about the middle class, something former president bill clinton focused on here last night in a speech that lasted 50 minutes with more than 100 rounds of applause. he laid out in detail what he thinks the obama administration has done and also false claims as he put it by the romney, team romney and the republicans, and he told americans and told voters what they should consider in voting for either romney or president obama. >> when we vote in this election we'll be deciding what kind of country we want to live in. if you want a winner take all, you're on your season society, you should support the republican ticket. but if you want a country of shared opportunities and shared responsibility, we're all in this together society, you
6:27 am
should vote for barack obama and joe biden.ç >> after that speech president obama appeared on stage with former president clinton. president obama will speak here tonight as opposed to the stadium where tens of thousands of people had tickets but now the weather has forced them to move those events today inside. >> thank you very much, tracie. >> christina loren is here to talk about what's happening outside. >> i'm tracking a strong thunderstorm cell now just moved through los gatos, look at that on the radar. you can see all of that red in the orange and yellow. that's a strong thunderstorm. it moved through los gatos over the past five to ten minutes. it's over campbell, stay indoors there and then it will be in san jose. we'll track these all morning long. back to you. >> 6:27. a commuter mess on highway 17. we'll show you why it took hours
6:28 am
to get the highway reopened. with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> a big rig fire overnight. find out what took so long to get traffic moving. >> a memorial is growing for a fallen police officer killed in the line of duty. >> also the weather could end up creating a fire threat forcing cal fire to do something it has not done in quite a while. >> a live look outside, what is in store weather wise? pretty whacky. we'll look. thursday, september 6th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we can tell you now highway 17 is now open in both directions, southbound lanes reopened less than an hour ago. >> the freeway was closed overnight so crews could clean up from a nitrogen truck fire that spread to a hillside.
6:31 am
the fire was put out quickly, no one was injured. but the accident really made things difficult for people trying to get to and from santa cruz. the good news is there's no hazardous material on that burning rig. >> these vehicles are designed to carry in this case inert liquid t nitrogen, what it did was the fail-safe mechanisms of the truck went into effect allowing the vehicle to stop and not roll back as well as the venting systems allowed off gases that there might have been, however, there were none in this case. it's an inert gas so there was no real threat of explosion. >> officials are still investigating the cause of that truck fire. the weather could create more dangers this morning as well. >> right. got to be safe. the chance of thunderstorms has cal fire on high alert this morning. we do have team coverage. bob redell is live in morgan hill to show us what cal fire is doing. first let's get the weather forecast and check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you.
6:32 am
we are watching a very strong thunderstorm cell located in the south bay. let's get to the doppler radar. show you where that is. and where it's headed. right now where 880 and 280 come together look at all that rain. you can see we have a lightning strike and if you're waking up with us in campbell, watch out for very slick conditions as the strong downpour just came through. we're about 5 to 10 minutes away from heavy downpours rolling through san jose. and this will continue to be the trend as we head throughout the morning. mostly concentrated in the south bay. these are fast moving thunderstorms and we're still concerned about the potential for dry lightning strikes so we're going to be all over this. i want to find out how bob is doing. you saw that lightning on my radar, bob. what are you experiencing out there and what are the fire crews most concerned about? >> reporter: good morning to you, christina. we're in morgan hill where it's overcast and dry but i can see looking north to the area you
6:33 am
were describing it looks like there's a lot of rain activity as you head north of here. just to give you perspective from the cal fire point of view, yesterday in the south bay they got information of roughly 200 lightning strikes. you would think that happened, why would they be concerned. they are concerned about sleepers, strikes that smolder for 24-48 hours and then actually blow up into a fire. goes against conventional wisdom. you think the fire strikes immediately. that's not the case. >> in some cases that is. it depends on what gets struck by lightning. if it were in grass or material that would burn and ignite easily that may be the case. because we're covering so much ground, the fires aren't necessarily vis visible right away. it could be small. >> so what is cal fire doing? they have aircraft that has been up, unfortunately the visibility is only roughly eight miles
6:34 am
yesterday. trying to see if there are so called sleepers. they also have people manning the fire spotter towers that came into use yesterday. at least one fire that was spotted by a person in the tower. they were able to guide a crew in there. they are also keeping personnel over shift. they have dozers and engines manned and they have inmate crews on the ready round the clock in case anything were to flare up here in the bay area. there had been a red flag warning called by the national weather service until 11:00 this morning but that has been lifted. christina is saying we're seeing lightning now so again, there is an elevated fire danger. reporting live here in morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it is 6:34. emotional scene as a memorial is growing for a chp officer killed in the line of duty. christie smith is live in
6:35 am
martinez where officer youngstrom's grieving co-workers are back on the job with heavy hearts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're seeing chp officers starting to roll into work. when they do, they are driving past the sign that you see there, thanks for all you do, you're in our thoughts. it's from monty vis the high school. some are coming from outside the east bay, they showed up just to help after a devastating loss that is touching so many people. 37-year-old officer kenyon youngstrom was taken off life support after he was shot in a traffic stop on tuesday. the sad, sad news shared at a vigil that was already planned in cordelia where youngstrom was a known community leader, husband and father of four, one mom said that youngstrom's son used to share concerns about his dad's safety. >> they knew the dangers of his work because his son was you know, talk with him and tell
6:36 am
them, he would be worried about his dad when he was out there. >> reporter: youngstrom served seven years with the chp, six in the army reserve so really, a history of service. his organs will be donated and we're told that memorial service is still being planned. i wanted to show you what officers are seeing at the front door. we were here yesterday. one set of flowers you can see how it looks this morning. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> sad for them. in the meantime t motive behind the shooting of officer youngstrom still not clear. 38-year-old christopher lacy who was killed at the scene by youngstrom's partner was a computer programmer. he lived for years in sausalito and moved to a rural area about a year and a half ago. lacy's neighbors expressed shock saying he didn't seem violent but was very private.
6:37 am
>> the only information he would give up is that he had been raised in oregon and every time they steer the conversation to anything about himself, about him, he'd change the subject. he didn't want anybody to know about him. >> police say lacy was well armed, they found a semi-automatic handgun, two extra clips and a knife in his car. the only other run-in was a drunk driving arrest back in 2006. >> new information on last month's chevron fire. a flash fire was discovered and put out about ten minutes before the more significant blaze. chevron submitting a report to officials yesterday, the seven-page report details the flash fire, air quality and response actions. it includes an event time line of the incident which starts from the discovery of a leak three hours before the massive fire. >> busy out there. >> a lot of people writing in
6:38 am
the thunder has woken everybody up in the south bay. you should see my phone, it's blowing up all courtesy of one cell right over downtown san jose. it just passed through the airport. look at how strong this cell is. we've had lightning, downpours coming throughnd a look where it's concentrated. 101 and 87. yeah, where two highways come together. travel cautiously. take it easy. we're going to deal with this activity in the south bay and the east bay. until about noon. then we're going to see clear conditions. bay side, about 68 at noon, 74 degrees there. the micro climates giving me a hard time. the fog will clear about 9:00 a.m. still pretty thick. flight delays out of sfo. coastal cities you'll see less humidity. we'll see the least amount of humidity in terms of the greater bay area. by tomorrow we get dry heat,
6:39 am
seasonal conditions to return. we'll continue tracking the storms coming up. let's see, i bet there is some impact on the roadways. >> good morning. there s. let's take a live look out here to the interchange. look at that, the sheen off of the roadways. you talked about the cell fossing over and we see wetter roads. it's not at deluge but it will affect the traction. do not disregard water on the roadways. we'll show you the effect. we're seeing traveled through the campbell area that's the effect and now we'll see that up toward the airport as well. the green blocks is where the rain has affected or may affect your drive. or having to use the wipers. we're looking here where earlier accidents affected the speed. thornton there is an accident on the shoulder. we're going to end with this map and i'll show you live shots as well. >> thanks so much.
6:40 am
6:39. the burgers are legendary but two bay area men have a beef with in-and-out. the focus after lawsuit this morning. >> there is a major recall announced for one of the most popular suvs out on the road. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs... school night ideas made easy. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel.
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so fun.
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>> 6:42. ford is recalling its new ford escape again, in the latest recall involving 2013 escapes,
6:43 am
plugs that fill the engine holes may not have been installed properly. coolant can leak causing engines to overheat and catch fire. ford says it will fix the problem at no cost to owners. less than two months ago ford recalled more than 11,000 escapes due to a fuel line problem. >> a nationwide panel of doctors call for improved packaging on laundry and dishwasherdi detergent pods stemming from poisoning. poison centers reporting an increase in those calls about children under the age of 5 consuming thoseç little colorf pods. they are often much more potent and contain strong cleaning agents which can destroy tissue and block air ways. >> never be too safe when kids are around. a big rig fire closing highway 17 between the south bay and san jose overnight.
6:44 am
we'll show you why this took so long to get the highway back open.
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♪ nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar. >> we begin with some news just in. tom brokaw, the nbc anchor for many years has been taken to the hospital. he was doing a taping of "morning joe" when he felt light headed so he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition or the cause. we'll keep him monitored. >> highway 17 is back open in both directions after a tanker truck fire snarled up traffic. southbound lanes opened just an hour ago. this accident happened around 10:00 last night near red wood
6:47 am
estates. chp says the truck carrying nonflammable liquids caught fire. crews were able to extinguish that fire before things got out of hand. >> with the wind on the hill, pushed it up the hillside and fire was quickly extinguished, no structures or anything was damaged. >> the good news is nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire does remain under investigation. >> a year and a half after the japanese tsunami cleanup nearly complete in one town. a crane lifting this barge out of the river earlier today. crews then cut up into pieces to try to make it easier to move. japanese officials say crews have cleared 84 cars, 37 boats and four heavy machines from four different rivers since work started in august last year. that was just a complete mess. the bureau now says all major
6:48 am
obstacles that might interrupt the natural flow of rivers and cause flooding they have been removed so that's good news. >> probably not flooding in the bay area but certainly what a way to wake up. getting a lot of calls from people. >> the rain's coming down so heavy. our roads aren't equipped for that. so we could see localized flooding. this is what we've been watching. for the past 15, 20 minutes look at that strong thunderstorm cell that rolled through. now it's moving into the eastern foothills. the next couple of hours we're fair game for more, brief heavy downpours, lightning strikes, a couple associated with this and people saying that thunder has really rocked them out of bed. you want to keep that in mind. travel cautiously. give yourself extra time. we'll see how this is impacting your drive. we'll get the word from mike.
6:49 am
but we're starting to see some of these pick up and roll through discovery bay and the extreme east bay. more thunderstorm formation, however, we'll set the ridge of high pressure bringing it into the bay area, start to weaken. so as we head through the second half of the day the activity will wind down and we don't expect as much action as yesterday the 200 lightning strikes in the greater bay area. 87 in livermore, 80 in san jose. throughout friday, the 90s return. it won't be as muggy. 83 on sunday, temperatures comfortable and crisp this weekend. then we bring back the 90s the middle of next week. let's see how the showers are impacting your drive. >> we do see some road effect on the map, the sensors showing some wet roadways. we showed you 287, the last cell
6:50 am
moving there. then it traveled toward 101. we'll get a live look and show you what it's like. not enough for folks to use the wiper but that is a possibility. through san jose, so be careful as you travel around the bend. in addition to the build-up we have your typical commute causing the slowdown into basically santa clara. it's more extensive than we see. a problem at thornton to the should they're caused this backup out of hayward into union city and fremont. that's unusually slow for that portion of 880. furd up off of the castro valley why. looks like the earlier ripple and the gray skies and talking about east of here may be some rain as well. we'll show you the roads as well.
6:51 am
crossing over the san mateo bridge, picking up the volume owe kay across the span. a report of a fende bender, but 92 to 101 is clear. >> thank you. a memorial is growing this morning for a chp officer killed in the line of duty. christie smith is live in martinez where officer kenyon youngstrom's co-workers are back on the job. >> reporter: good morning to you. really sad day out here this morning. this is the office where officer kenyon youngstrom would ordinarily have shown up for work. 20 minutes ago we saw a man drop off flowers, didn't know him, just wanted to do that. you see how many are here, no s notes. he was shot tuesday in a traffic stop on 680. that news was shared at a vigil that was already planned in cordelia where he was remembered
6:52 am
as a community member, husband and father of four, friends say they will do whatever they can to help his children. >> to be strong, whatever he needs. >> reporter: youngstrom's organs will be donated and a fund for his wife and children sin place at wells fargo bank. memorial services are being planned but when they happen thousands of people are expected to attend. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. in the meantime, the motive behind the shooting still not clear. 38-year-old christopher lacy killed at the scene was a computer programmer. he lived in sausalito. he moved about a year and a half ago. his neighbors expressed shock saying he didn't seem violent and he was private. >> the only information he would give up is that he had been raised in oregon and every time
6:53 am
they steered the conversation about him he'd change the subject. >> officers say lacy was well armed. they found a semi-automatic handgun in his keep, two extra plips and a knife in that car. he had a drunk driving arrest twoyn 006. >> stay with nbc bay area use for continuing coverage of the story. you can sign of for e-mail alerts on our website. >> a berkeley law firm is suing in and out burger claiming discrimination claiming the restaurant maintains hiring practices that discriminate based on race, color and age. this one was filed on behalf of two african-american men from oakland both over 40. in and out denies the claims saying it hires from local communities and its stf reflects
6:54 am
the demographics of its communities. >> this morning at&t says it checked things and says no, it's not responsible for the blackouts plaguing the oakland police department radios. this announcement contradicts finding an investigation that reportedly found at&t's cell sites were interfering with oakland's safety radio system and endangering safety. at&t said it has finished testing and results show its cellular snl did not cause that interference. it will try to help the department pinpoint what caused it. >> former alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer is facing more legal trouble. the estranged wife of treasurer bill lockyer is charged with felony drug and child endangerment charges. investigators say she was calleded to a home where she was visiting with her 9-year-old
6:55 am
son. officers found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in the home. she resigned after a dispute with a former boyfriend who exposed their affair and addiction issues. bill lockyer filed for divorce two months ago. >> an update to a story just in. tom brokaw taken to the hospital in charlotte this morning. he is in north carolina for the democratic convention.ç he was set to be taping an episode of "morning joe" when he reportedly felt light headed. now nbc news says brokaw went to the hospital only as a precaution. a statement released is he is being evaluated and is in good spirits. >> on to decision 20 twol. tonight president obama officially accepting his party's nomination for president. >> 188 votes for the president and the next president of the
6:56 am
united states, barack obama. >> democrats submitting that nomination last night. it was a night that belonged to former president bill clinton delivering a 47-minute speech. they were loving it telling delegates president obama deserves a chance to finish the job he started. >> no one could have fully repaired all of the damage he found in just four years. >> a lot of energy but thousands of people will not get a chance to watch accept that in person. he was expected to speak at a stadium for about 70,000 people. >> 6:56. the rain representing san francisco pride. on the last leg as beautiful as some say they look. they suffered from the elements over the past ten years. volunteers mend them every year
6:57 am
to keep them intact but many are beyond repair and need to be replaced. san francisco pride is trying to raise $40,000 to renew the fleet of flags. >> a popular subject. >> scott, the most important news. >> right. tomorrow we get the labor department's report on unemployment. we get an early look that has the dow industrials up 200,000 jobs in the private sector. tomorrow we're going to mix in government jobs. so it may not be that good of a number tomorrow. but this is going to be a political football one way or the other. video out of miami of the city removing newspaper boxes because cf1 o contribute to trash and clutter. this morning it's reporting the same thing t university has declared newspaper boxes will not be allowed out side the $54
6:58 am
million journalism building where they publish. >> it's 6:58. the fall is upon us, feels like it. a trough out there. >> we're tracking strong thunderstorms rolling through. look at that cell. just about the size of san jose. came through the south bay. it's starting to weaken over the eastern foothills but we're fair game for these cells to roll through as we head throughout the morning and the activity is ramping up in the east bay. you'll get another weather update. let's see how this is impacting your drive. >> we had that leg, what you show above the road we see on the road, registering possibly puddles. the interchange through san jose, 101 likely had to use the wipers and then around the pend.
6:59 am
slow south 880 because of earlier accidents in fremont around thornton so slow out of hayward. 40s we now have the 20s in spots. on the peninsula side we're looking at smooth flow. no lanes blocked through san mateo and into the city. >> a check of the top stories. >> good news. highway 17 is open both directions between san jose and santa krus. a big rig caught fire last night. both lanes were shut down. >> officers returning to work this morning, a day after officer youngstrom died from inju injuries in tuesday's shooting. >> cal fire with extra crews, a little worried lightning strikes could ignite brush fires because of the dry


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