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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 6, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a roundup of gang members in the south bay. i'm bob ridell. >> a south bay program designed to keep kids in school and why this program has been forced to shut down. a story only here on nbc bay area news. remembering the victims of the san bruno fire three years later. the tribute that is planned for tonight. the news at 11:00 starts now. good morning, thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. i'm in for marla tellez. breaking news in palo alto. 101 shutdown in dodge directions because power lines are down on the road.
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mike s that marsh road? >> the. 101 at marsh road. there you go on the right-hand side, this jam formed over the last five minutes. this is at university. this is about two and a half miles south of the incident. northbound side completely closed because of power lines that are record across highway 1 blocking both directions at one point. now you see a few cars heading south and they may have gotten on the freeway south of marsh but the southbound lanes should be reopening soon. show you what we are talking about. the full closure is an issue out of san carlos and redwood city and menlo park. palo alto northbound a big issue. that is where our camera was. your alternate, el ka me know or 280. look how clear that is right now. we get back to the live shot. i will read to you what is going on. they will not do somewhat a hard closure for the freeway because it sounds like pg&e will be
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pulling wires clear of the roadway. we will track this. we hear the southbound lanes are open and more traffic flowing northbound through palo alto. do not try 101 right now until we give you the update online and on the air. we will track this. back to you for now. >> a sad story. he lived to protect people but, unfortunately, doing his job ultimately cost him his life. this morning the chp mourning the life of officer kenyon youngstrom. impact of this fallen officer is felt by his fellow officers across the state and the entire nation. good morning, christie. >> this is where kenyon youngstrom worked. not hearing a lot from the officers today. one told me off camera he could not talk about this because he probably would break down crying but they are getting a lot of help. fellow chp officers outside the
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martinez area. flowers and food coming in and residents sharing stories what everyone calls just a really nice guy. >> reporter: a somber ceremony this morning to raise the flag half-staff in martinez as coworkers of fallen chp officer kenyon youngstrom cried and they weren't alone. >> i actually cried. it's really sad. it's a shame that people have to be like that. >> reporter: vickie lampert joined a stream of residents who brought flowers for the 37-year-old officer. brandy stewart says he once met him out on the road. >> i was dragging a trailer and i didn't have it hooked up right. he didn't even ticket me. he just told me that i needed to rig it correctly. so that i wouldn't lose the trailer. just a nice guy. i could have been ticketed. >> reporter: the husband and father of four was shot tuesday in a traffic stop and, yesterday, taken off life support. >> it's a great loss. all the way around. >> reporter: daryl lee is with
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the fire department. he once met youngstrom out on a call and said he was listening to that incident on the radio back at their station. >> that's really what it's all about. you want to go back to your families. after the end of the watch. and this one, it didn't happen. again, our hearts and prayers go out to the family. chp family. and all of the law enforcement. >> reporter: we're back here live. i wanted to show you a sign that was posted up by some high school students for officers who are driving in this morning. one officer told me off camera that youngstrom told him that he was actually a triplet and one of them passed away as a child so he still had a twin. i also spoke with the chp spokeswoman by phone and she told me they are all dealing with their grief but also meeting this morning and trying to plan a memorial service. reporting live in martinez,
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christie smith, nbc11 news. 38-year-old krivert lacy was a computer programmer who lived for many years in sausalito. lacy's neighbors say he was very private. police say he was well armed. found a semiautomatic handgun and two extra clips of ammunition and a knife had his car. the only run-in with police was a dui arrest in 2006. stay with nbc11 news for continuing coverage of this still developing story. can you find the latest updates on our website also this morning, a massive gang sweep going on in the south bay. nbc11 bob redell is joining us outside the santa clara county sheriff's department. the question people are wondering is this recent move all related to the recent spikes of violence in san jose? >> reporter: no, it's not. not according to the santa clara county sheriff's office.
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they say it's not related. it's just coincidental. this gang sweep they conducted this morning is something they try to do on a regular basis in their attempt to combat this problem that's been bothering san jose for quite some time now. an early morning knock on the door from law enforcement trying to arrest a known gang member in violation of the terms of his probation. he's not home as it turns out but deputies find and arrest a woman they say was in possession of drugs and they believe affiliated with gangs and one small dent into the massive problems of gangs on the street of the south bay. >> we're competing with the gangs and we need to show a force just like they would. >> reporter: three teams com priced of the gang unit and probation department performed gang sweeps this morning arresting those known to be in violation of their parole and checking on others to make sure they weren't in violation and something the law enforcement try to do at least once a month.
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>> to deter people from committing a crime and being gang affiliated and educate parents what may not know their children have gang affiliations and show them what to look for and then, you know, provide resources when people want to leave this lifestyle. >> reporter: deputies admit the sweeps have produced some, but not a lot of success in terms of reducing gang membership. and that is frustrating. knowing that in spite of their best intentions, there are still at least 100 different gangs out on the streets of santa clara county. >> as a member of society and as a parent, if i can take a gun off the street or dope off the street, that's the satisfaction, you know? gang violence is a community problem affecting all of us and if we can do anything to minimize that, that's good. >> reporter: these sweeps are still going on as i speak. there have been four arrests so far and three parolees targeted in this morning's sweep and the fourth was the woman who they stumbled upon. as for the man who was not home
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at the time they plan on finding him and arresting him. bob redell, nbc11 news. update to developing news we have been following this morning. 101 on marsh road in palo alto had been closed. good news this morning. it is now all back open this morning but you see the backup that remains. this is all because power lines went down across the freeway this morning. chp quickly opened southbound lanes but you see the after effects of the northbound lanes just being reopened right now. that is leading to a traffic backup so if you can avoid that area, you would best to do so right now. the good news all lanes are back open. it was a similar scene overnight on highway 17. that was completely shut down during that commute. the results of an 18-wheel tanker truck fire that happened about 10:00 last night near redwood estates. the chp says the truck carrying nonflammable liquids somehow caught fire and the fire spread to the nearby hillside and crews
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were able to extinguish that fire. >>. pushed it up the hillside with the wind and fire quickly extinguished so nothing was damaged. >> all lanes back open in time for the morning commute. no one was hurt in the fire. the family of a missing teenager are not giving up hope of sierra lamar. a vigil held in front of the morgan hill library staying optimistic for her safe return. they used led candles and paper bags to spell out the word hope. it's been almost six months since 15-year-old sierra vanished. her mother is thanking volunteers for raising her spirits. >> there are days, it gets longer and longer. sometimes i question, you know, about her recovery and then these people do things like this and it helps to lift us up and raise my hopes as well.
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>> the suspect in the case garcia torres is back in court later this month and still not entered a plea to the murder aelg kidnapping charges he faces. let's get to christina loren. strong thunderstorms rolling through the bay area the last few hours. how is it looking right now? >> completely, completely dry. >> wow! really? >> do you know what i mean? it's like mother nature waited for show to start and turned off the water works! it's all right. we are happy about that and no longer are we dealing with elevated fire danger and the red flag warning has been canceled. canceled earlier this morning. you can see from the live picture we do have some beautiful cloud formations left over from that tropical moisture still in place and still a little muggy out there. showers pushing into the central valley. the radar, though, nice and dry at this point. throughout the day today, sunny about everywhere. showers continue to exit and then by tomorrow morning, we will wake up a full deck of
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clouds. we are back to our seasonal pattern and onshore flow in the morning and won't feel as muggy but temperatures in the 90s and point that out. we got a big-time cooldown in store for you this weekend. we are close to the weekend and help you make those plans. yeah. my next report. >> look forward to it. change each and every day. thank you very much. still ahead at 11:00, tom brokaw was rushed to the hospital this morning attending the democratic national convention. we will have an update on his condition. >> reporter: i'm here live in san jose where the budget forces a program that is causing some to close its doors. that's coming up. a cool new gadget from amazon and a scary robot from the government. take a look at that coming up.
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a program that keeps kids in school is about to see its final days. the tabs program targets kids and gets them back in class but budget cuts and staffing levels are forcing the program to close
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its doors. we have the story only on the nbc11 news this morning. >> reporter: the police officers in the tabs unit take the kids back to their school to their classrooms and finding out getting information from these kids is difficult, they bring hem here to the tabs center behind me. but this program will be gone next week. it gets in his unmarked patrol car everyone morning. sergeant jason pierce is looking for kids who might be skipping class. >> on a typical school day, we have four officers in separate patrol cars and what they will do is go out into specific districts either in the east side of san jose or west side. >> reporter: the tabs program makes contact with kids to find out where they might be going.
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san jose police took roughly 3,100 students back to school last year. 20% of them are often repeat offenders but the tabs program is going away next week. . the sergeant worries about the trouble kids could get into on the street. >> they are either committing burglaries or some other type of crime. >> reporter: the staffing is low and budgets are tight so after next week, they might have a better chance of staying out of class now that there is nobody out there looking for them. the concern is not only that the truants will be suspects in crime but potentially also victims in crime, so that is also a concern. who else loses out in all of this? the schools because the schools lose money for every child who is not in class. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc11 news. a scare this morning for
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former "nbc nightly news" tom brokaw who had to make a trip to the hospital in charlotte this morning. he is down in north carolina for the democratic national convention. he was taping an episode of mnbc "morning joe" seen here and he felt lightheaded and complaining he wasn't feeling right. he went to the hospital as a precaution. brokaw later tweeted he is feeling okay and this was the result of taking a half dose of ambien the night before and he joked about it in one of his tweets and says right now, he is feeling fine. decision 2012. right now, president obama accepts the democratic nomination tonight inside, not outside as four years ago as weather scrapped those plans. the anticipation is building what he will say to convince america to possibly give him another chance. tracy potts is close to the stage where the president will speak tonight. >> but are we better off than we were when he took office? >> reporter: the last democratic president produced a record
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budget surplus but insists president obama needs more time to improve the economy. >> no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all of the damage that he found in just four years. >> reporter: tonight, the president says he'll focus on the middle class. >> how we can move forward and create an economy where middle class families, if they are working hard and acting responsibly, they have a shot. >> he will focus on his vision but it's, obviously, a sharp contrast with the division we saw last week in tampa. >> reporter: florida republicans are running this ad. >> how conservative are you, charlie? >> as about conservative as you can get. >> reporter: criticizing charlie crist an exrepublican for speaking here for president obama. >> it makes him a dangerous craft political opportunist.
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>> fewer than 20,000 will see the president in person tonight. most lost their chance when a storm threat forced organizers to move today's events to a smaller indoor venue. >> you got to choose what works best in the long run and they played it safe. >> reporter: tonight, president obama hopes to convince voters he's the safe choice. the president makes that speech here tonight with his job at risk. a gallup poll taken near the beginning of this convention shows an absolute tie between those who approve and disprove of his job performance. amazon at this moment unveiling brand-new gadgets. scott mcgrew at this moment is not there but here to tell us what is going on. >> it's happening in l.a. so i'm letting our colleagues down there handle it but it probably looks a little like this. this is a video of the last time he had something new to show. he is showing paper white, a new
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kindle with better resolution and it's lit so you can read it at night but still read in direct sunlight as well. that's better than anything apple can offer. the markets this morning, shares of amazon are up. broader markets doing very well. the s&p 500 index of stock at a four-year high. now, there are two reasons for this. the payroll company adp says 200,000 jobs added in the private sector and a nice preview from the jobs number from the labor department and central bank buying up its country debt, good news too. do you remember this? this is the scary robert dog thing that research agencies are looking at. look at that counter. 14.4 showing the robert they call it the cheetah. it will end up running at a new world record of 28 miles an hour. now you see bolt's top speed is 27 miles an hour. in the hundred meet dash in 2009
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meaning this thing can outrun him so he should never, ever anger the robert dog. >> why? >> it's going to carry packs and things for soldiers. say, in afghanistan. up hills and things where heel tracks wouldn't work. >> 11:20 right now. let's check the meteorologist with meteorologist christina loren. whammy but calming down. >> calmer than this time yesterday. we had to get through it this morning as well. we had thunderstorms. all in all, reports of 200 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes over the past 24 hours in the bay area. most of that activity was in the south bay and the east bay. san francisco, you're still feeling muggier than usually. dew points are up. look at the sunshine coming in. a beautiful summer afternoon shaping up and temperatures are comfortable! just about everywhere! want to show you the radar right now. we have the showers right now racing into the central valley and greater bay area is nice and dry.
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so as we head throughout the day today it's going to work out like this. we are already in the 70s comfortable right now in concord and livermore. not a whole lot of separation between what we have in san francisco and san jose. just 3 degrees of difference. and that is because of all that sunshine coming in. i want to show you where the clouds are still lingering. that is mostly over the santa cruz mountains. so as we head throughout the day today, continue to clear out and your highs are going to be very much on track with our receivable averages. 87 livermore and 67 san jose and 79 today in redwood city. you made it to thursday. that weekend is right around the corner. and take a look at how much nicer it's going to get in the inland cities. 88 friday and 84 on saturday. holding on to the low 80s. nice and crisp on sunday. back to you guys. >> looks good. still ahead, we are coming up on the two-year remembrance of the san bruno fire and show he tonight where you can go to honor a community that came together at such a tragic time. the 49ers welcoming a new member to their roster, kind of. we will explain coming up.
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later on tonight, there will ab screening of a brand new film on the 2010 san bruno gas explosion tragedy called "trial by fire." it's a 30-minute documentary on the victims and the first responders. after showing the film, there will be a public meeting hosted by san bruno as mayor and other city leaders and it will be shown to the san mateo history mutual in redwood city. >> 49ers just gained about 8 pounds as in a 8-pound health baby boy. congratulations going out to head coach jim harbaugh and his wife sarah. they welcome baby jack into the world this week. he was named after jim's father. both mom and baby are said to be doing well and the couple's third child.
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the daddy, he has to pay for the diapers and head back to work. he is leaving town to green bay for sunday's season opener against the packers. congratulations. >> big daddy is a busy man. congratulations to him. >> and so is mom! >> when we return, you're absolutely right on that. the highway high wire act and show you a family of lucky ducks and daring dash across the road. you have to believe it in viral video.
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quick question as we finish up. why did the ducks cross the road? >> hopefully, to get to the other side. look at the little ones! don't you hope they make it there, jon? a harrow scene a photographer caught on the freeway the cars are going by and one of the trucks it almost blew the little ducklings away. the good news they made it across the road! >> very happy. >> look at the ducklings go. >> mom really needed to get to the other side. that's scary! >> thanks for joining us. have a great day!
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