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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 7, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a coast guard plane has located the boat of a bizarre child abduction. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. heading into the homestretch, just 60 days to go with the conventions wrapped up. how news on unemployment will shape that battle. two weekends of summertime left. we want to help you make those outdoor plans. your weekend forecast coming up. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. well, the coast guard has found that boat used by a kidnapping suspect in a bizarre abduction. south san francisco police say a man grabbed his two children and
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then took off on a stolen yacht. this all started off 3:00 yesterday afternoon. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in south san francisco with all the latest. good morning. >> reporter: yes. here in san francisco where this abduction started earlier this week. good morning to you, jon. coast guard station san francisco tells us they have located this sailboat, that they have a c-130 flying circles over it, trying to keep an eye on it until a cutter can arrive. one is on the way from treasure island as we speak to that boat's location, which is still about 50 miles off the shore between santa cruz and monterey. south san francisco police believe that christopher maffei and his two young children, age 2s and 3, are on board. he abducted them tuesday from their mother's home in stran and he took them out to sea on a 40-foot sailboat he stole from a harbor in alameda. the coast guard was able to locate them this morning after a
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tip came in around 4:00 this morning from a commercial fisherman who had heard the all points bulletin for the children on the coast guard emergency channel. he spotted that boat. the boat's called "unleashed." about 50 miles off pilar point where maverick's is located. he approached the vessel and made contact with the father. >> the short conversation and then he left the vessel and contacted the coast guard. we were able to get a photograph, the same photograph that we sent to you, out to the commercial vessel, and he did confirm that the person he saw on the boat was christopher maffei and he did see a small child on the vessel. >> reporter: the child seemed to be fine, nobody in distress. maffei had looked for boats for sale prior to tuesday's abduction and prior to allegedly steeling "unleashed" from that
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yacht harbor earlier this week. he's mentioned in the past wanting to sail to monterey bay or mexico. police do not have a motive and do not know why he would allegedly take his kids out to sea. again, a coast guard c-130 is over that sailboat as we speak. a cutter is on the way to try to attempt a rescue. we'll have more on this tonight at 5:00. meantime, reporting live in south san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. new this morning, two people are dead in vallejo and police are looking for the suspect who shot them. police found the victims in a home on atherton street near magazine street and i-80. both the 31-year-old man and 28-year-old woman were inside that house and they were shot to death. neighbors say they did see two men wearing hoodies running away from that scene just moments after hearing the shots. police say the man and the woman both lived at that home. they also say the shooting at this point does not appear to be random. also this morning, the search for a missing bay area college student has gone global.
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20-year-old cal polystudent brett olsen disappeared sunday during the annual labor day river float on the sacramento river. police are searching by land, and friends, even celebrities are looking for the man online. about 66,000 people have joined a facebook page dedicate odd this serge. howie mandel, kerri walsh showing their support. >> everyone realizes he's someone's brother and son and someone's best friend. it just hits home. >> also dozens of posters have been put up in the windows of ooh lot the downtown businesses in lafayette. former arnold schwarzenegger may be in trouble with the law. a sacramento judge hears arguments today on whether he violated state law when he reduced the prison sentence of the son of a political ally. schwarzenegger failed to tell the victim's family before
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reducing esteban nunez's sentence from 16 years down to 7. nunez is the son of former state assembly speaker fabian nunez. he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter after attacking a group of unarmed men back in 2008. the man who died in that attack was from -- his name is luis santos, and he is from concord. turning now to decision 2012, we are now just 60 days away from election day, and most pollsters say they are ten swing sta stateses that will likely choose the course for the country in the next four years. this morning weg got the latest jobs report showing america created only 96,000 private sector jobs, that number barely keeping up with population growth. danielle lee, that 96,000 falling far below expectations but the good news is it's kind of moving in the right direction. right? >> jon, yes, a step in the right
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direction. the problem is for many it's not a big enough step. job creation will be a big issue this election year and this report could hurt any momentum president obama gained following that democratic convention. rep kuublicans are going to use this as proof the economy is not improving quickly enough. as president obama leaves charlotte for a campaign event in new hampshire, he's preparing to encounter bad news about the jobs created last month. >> 100,000 jobs, that's a disappointment. expectation was somewhere between 125,000 and 150,000. >> reporter: equally concerning for economists is the unemployment rate. it dipped slightly to 8.1% as more people gave up on finding a job. vice presidential candidate paul ryan is blaming president obama. >> this is not even close to what a recovery looks like. we would need to actually have 150,000 jobs created just to keep pace with population growth. this is not what president obama promised. >> reporter: already mitt romney's campaign has released 15 ads in eight key states attacking obama's jobs record.
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>> this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. >> reporter: president obama's top economic adviser sees it differently. he calls any creation a positive. >> i try to look at the big picture, and i think the big picture is the economy is continuing to recover. >> reporter: obama supporters are ready to hang on. >> we're in a recovery, and the young people should understand that. and it takes time. >> reporter: but time is running out for both campaigns. just two months to go before the election. and both candidates are campaigning in the same states today -- iowa and new hampshire. the voters athere are going to get a taste of both sides of the jobs report, for democrats, a small step in the right direction, for republicans a recovery too slow for comfort. daniel leigh, back to you. >> thank you for the report. time to check in on the weather. christina loren is here. time to stick those umbrellas back in the closet. >> we're pret acloty close to o
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rainy season, which is why it's unusual to have this kind of clarity in the city by the bay. i have to build it up because it's good. taking a look outside, a gorgeous shot, beautiful panoramic view over san francisco. we can't even find a cloud in the sky. a little hazy but we're looking good. take a look at this. >> wow. >> the golden gate bridge. on the bridge itself we have so many tourists out there enjoying the beautiful sunshine. a lot of people in town this weekend. lots happening around here. just two weekends of summertime left. right now we're in the upper 60s in livermore and concord, mid-60s in san francisco. you'll notice uniform conditions, and that's courtesy of offshore flow. that's going to keep our numbers this weekend nice except for some changes on sunday that we want to tell you about. stay tuned for that. >> i like the tease there. shots so clear. no clouds. you can see forever. >> you can see for more than three or four miles, which is amazing out there. >> beautiful thing. we'll check back with you in a moment. coming up, a major airline grounded. we'll let you know the reason behind that move and the fallout that goes along with it.
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plus, the komen walk for the cure kicking off. the latest on the planned parenthood troefcontroversy. will the senate step in and help the economy?
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welcome back, everybody. we all know neil armstrong is a famous astronaut, but he's also a navy man much of his life. keeping with that tradition, he's all set to be buried at sea. his family says it was his wish, but they have not released at this point any details on that burial. the navy confirming it would perform that ceremony but would not say where or when, citing the family's wish for privacy. a public memorial service is set for armstrong. that will be held on september 13th at washington national cathedral. the us airways flights have been grounded. apparently this was a result of a bad practical joke. a flight was on its way from philadelphia to dallas-ft. worth but was forced to turn around
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and land back in philly. police got an anonymous call. somebody was trying to smuggle a liquid bomb to texas. authorities searched the man in question. no bomb was found and he was back on that flight no problem. but that very same man was eventually arrested when police arrested him and grabbed him in dallas on warrants not connected to the hoax. police weren't even aware he was coming until all the press from that joke tipped them off. got to take a look at this. serious star power on hand for tonight's stand up for two cancer telethon. tom hanks, halle berry, justin timberlake, taylor swift, samuel l. jackson. the list goes on and on. they're taking par in tonight's benefit at the shrine auditorium in l.a. in a unique move, all four broadcasting networks plus a dozen cable networks will all air the telethon at the same time commercial free. that starts at 8:00. 100% of the public donations are going directly to cancer research, so make sure to tune to this one on nbc bay area.
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just a great cause and a phenomenal lineup. speaking of fund-raising, the susan g. komen three-day walk for the cure just left madera in the fight against breast cancer. locally, donations not good, down by more than 50% with people still upset over controversial decision made nine months ago back in january. the national komen organization announcing it would stop fund breast screening at planned parenthood, a move because planned parenthood testimony was under investigation for using government money for abortions. that caused a big-time uproar. headquarters quickly reversing that decision, but the damage at that point was done and this morning, we had a chance to ask a national spokesperson what they tell people still upset by the decision. our funds go towards national research, large public health outreach programs, and locally we also fund and support local
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community-based and affiliate outreach programs. every 19 seconds, someone somewhere in the world is still diagnosed with breast cancer. and we are here and in it to win this fight. >> the local chanter is really upset because it never supported that planned parenthood move. but at this point, they're still just taking a beating because of it. this time last year they had raised over $210,000 locally. this year they're right at the $122,000 mark. if you want to get involved, register for sunday's race for the cure benefitting the local chapter at time for another check on the weather. christina loren, you say you have a little tease for us. what's happening on sunday? >> sunday is going to be cooler, jon kelley, but you'll have to wait for my seven-day forecast to find out just how cool. good morning to you. temperatures are nice and comfortable right now. we're in the 50s, 60s, and 70s depending on where you live. those microclimates are kicking in. want to start with this live beautiful stellar sunshine shot
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over san francisco. you can see for miles here. and tomorrow we're going to be socked in with fog even more so at this time on sunday. so enjoy that sunshine while it lasts. not just in the city, this is san jose. beautiful, beautiful sky here. just some high cirrus clouds overhead. as we head throughout the day, your temperatures will jump from the 50s and 60s into the 80s, but only the upper 80s across the bay. i want to show your visible satellite imagery. look at p marine layer, all the way out here in the pacific. we have completely clear conditions at the coast right now. if you want to hit the beach, it's going to be fantastic out there. a little on the cool side in clas plaiss like pacifica with the mid-60s there, but santa cruz, 71 degrees. san francisco today at 67 degrees, full sunshine all day long, 77 for redwood city, and right around 79 degrees perfection in los gatos. doesn't get any better than 78 degrees, face it, in san jose. you don't need that air conditioner. you won't need the heater in the morning. we're in that nice period between summertime and the start
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of fall just a couple weeks away. we stop the clock on your futurecast at 9:00 p.m. looking for the return of the fog at that point, but we'll see a nice, beautiful clear sky. if you want to do any stargazing in the city, you don't get many opportunities to do so. tonight is the night. look at what else takes place tonight. those giants back at it, taking on our rivals, the dodgers. and, you know, we're looking pretty good at this point. hopefully getting into the playoffs. 56 degrees at 7:00 p.m., 54 degrees at 8:00. west-northwesterly wind coming out at about 9 miles per hour. that could carry the ball to mccovey cove. catch all the action starting at 7:15, comcast sports net bay area, our sister station. i want to spend a little time on the seven-day forecast because it is the weekend, you made it this far, and we've got a great-looking saturday and sunday shaping up. 83 degrees on sat. a touch cooler for sunday. if you're looking for better beach conditions, you'll get them on saturday. low cloud cover moving in sunday
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morning and those low clouds will hover until about 11:00 a.m. as we kick off next week, things start to change. nice and crisp on monday. seasonal averages about 88 degrees. then we heat up. i've got to tell you, jon, i want to go a little warmer. it's just too far out to do so. but but we could be talking triple digits when we meet back here next week. that's your tease for next week. >> we will hang in there. thank you very much. triple digits. could be another scorcher. wall street trying to figure out what today's jobs numbers mean. scott mcgrew says investors are hoping the feds will step in once again. >> good morning. there's growing evidence it may have to, not only allow the jobs number today but economists revised some of the totals from previous months downward. wall street's going to have to wager whether that means the fed will step in. that would be good for stocks. or leave the situation alone, which would be bad for the market. other market news, intel lowering profit expectations. people are not buying computers as much as they used to.
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intel makes chips for about 80% of all computers. kind of a funny tech angle the president obama speech last night. several people sweeting they liked the president's address but were disappointed he did not unveil any new tablets or iphones. ebooks could get cheaper. a federal judge ordered publishers to stop setting their own prices. let ebook sellers do it instead. prices on electronic books have jumped after apple introduced the ipad. they told publishers they could decide how much to sell books for. and apple would take a cut of that. that's called the agency model of selling. lots of people wondered why an ebook is sometimes just as expensive as a regular book even though there's no paper, no ink, no shipping. the government said it was because of that price-fixing. now, critics say the downside of this new decision is it makes it harder if not impossible for a new ebook tablet to come into the marketplace because big guys like amazon could drive them out
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of business. amazon's proved over and over it is willing to take a loss just to increase market share. back to you. all right, scott. thank you very much. how about this little side note from the business and tech world. twitter was on fire last night during president obama's speech. 52,756 tweets per minute. that is a new record for a political event. social media, a big part of that game plan heading to the white house. moving on, phyllis simpkins was a lot of things including a very generous woman donating millions of dollars to help out her alma mater today, san jose state saying a thank you. she died in july of '87 and is being memorialized at 3:00 p.m. at morris dailey auditorium. simpkins and her late husband, alan, pledged nearly $20 million over their lifetimes to san jose state. their gifts supported a long list of things including the marine laboratory all the way down to the marching band. that's a beautiful thing. coming up, an olympic gold
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medal swimmer making a splash in the south bay. going to teach the next generation of swimmers how to do it. also this guy, gene simmons, getting ready to do a little "monday night football."
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extremely safe in the water. now he has teamed up with the make a splash foundation to teach millions of kids how to swim and to do it very well. the free swimming lessons, that's right, free lessons kick off at 9:00 tomorrow morning at the fair swim center in san jose. ready for some football? the 49ers starting their nfl season on the road. they're in green bay at lambeau field sunday taking on aaron rodgers and the packers. gametime kickoff set for 1:25. the raiders opening up at home. apparently they're ready to rock 'n' roll all night, party all day. gene simmons, he's going to be there singing the national anthem. the kiss legend is going to take the field before the monday night kickoff before the chargers. expect to see a lot of tongue. cal and stanford and san jose state all playing tomorrow. the locals kicking off their season. there's going to be a record going on, not for cal or stanford tomorrow but for savanna state.
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how? the small college battling florida state going off as 70 1/2-point underdogs. that's the biggest spread in college football history. there's a very good chance savanna state could lose by more than ten touchdowns. last week alone they were destroyed by oklahoma state, 84-0. the silver lining, the school gets paid almost a million dollars to take the pounding. congratulations, gentlemen. coming up, superstar swimmer now trying to become a hollywood superstar. ryan lochte is getting ready to do a bit of acting. we'll tell you where you can check him out.
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olympic gold medalist ryan lochte making it clear he wants his career to go hollywood. looks like he's got a wish come true. lochte set to make an appearance on nbc's "30 rock." a writer for the show tweeting a picture of lochte and tina fey
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on set tomorrow morning. not his only upcoming tv appearance. he'll also be appearing as himself on "90210." he admits it's tougher than it looks. memorizing lines and trying to, like, say them and still, like, do the movement and all that, that was hard. if you want success in hollywood, zip this, unbutton this, keep it quiet, you'll be fine. >> wow. spoken like a true fan. i didn't say it. jon kelley did. temperatures today, 68 at 2:00 p.m. i love a confident male. your seven-day outlook shows you we'll hit the 80s. temperatures back in the 90s next week. "30 rock" starts right now. >> nicely done. thanks for joining us.
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