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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it was almost like airport security. >> right now at 11:00, making the black hole a little safer. oakland raider fans run into big changes at the coliseum, as the nfl enforces a zero tolerance policy. more than 60,000 people are leaving the oakland coliseum as we speak. and all of them went through the brand-new security process. it's not just for the raiders. this is league-wide, including
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49ers games. let's bring in cheryl hurd. longer lines. but in theory, safer games. not a bad trade-off, is it? >> reporter: that is true. raider fans are notorious for tailgating before and after the game. tonight was no different. as you can see, the parking lot is still packed. before tonight's game, they passed out this flyer because new procedures are now in place. raider mania is something new at every home game. but as the oakland raiders take on the chargers in front of the nation, new security measures. and one was arrest during the first quarter at the game. there is zero tolerance for bad fan behavior. >> we've implemented the use of hand-held metal detectors. >> reporter: some fans got a
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hand shake from the team ceo. the league's chief of security says stadium violence is not just an oakland problem. >> there have been situations where guns have been outside the stadium, where someone had a handgun that was loaded. saw we were doing the screening. police were on the scene, recovered the weapon. >> reporter: and there are ways to protect yourself once you're inside the stadium. banners are up everywhere, showing the number where you can text security for help. >> i come here a lot of times. i brought my children. and never, ever, have i ever seen any violence. >> the raider fans are like drunk. they're just passionate about their team. i don't feel safe. >> reporter: violence is often a reality when you mix passion and alcohol at a sporting event. we did catch that one arrest on tape. we did see several more, a tally
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of all the arrests will be made tomorrow. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. new tonight at 11:00, an ugly scene at at&t park monday night. a 21-year-old man suffered facial lacerations after being attacked in a restroom during a giants/dodgers game. they say smith approached the victim and started beating him. the suspect fled but was arrested nearby. he's charged with battery, vandalism and public intoxication. smith is facing a fatal dui trial. authorities say two died in a crosswalk last september after being hit by a car that jones was driving. it happened so fast. that's how i man described a terrifying crash that killed his
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mother. >> she loved life. >> he and his family were walk along a sidewalk, when a truck struck his mother. behind the wheel of that truck, a man with a history of drunk driving. >> i hope he understands my suffering. i hope he understands what he has done to our family, as a whole. >> it's unclear what led to the crash. nbc bay area has learned, he has been convicted of dui, being drunk in public, and petty theft. a bay area fire chief resigned after police say they bought him buying alcohol for a minor. tonight, we're getting new details on the resignation. george kiriyama is live in
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fremont where the former chief lives. >> reporter: no one came to the door. he turned in his resignation this morning. and the gilroy city administrator says it was the right thing to do. >> he was extremely remorseful. regretted his actions. >> reporter: the gilroy city administrator says the fire chief had a lapse in judgment. >> regretted the circumstances that gave rise to his resignation today. >> reporter: chief bloom resigned after he was caught and cited for buying beer for a minor. the young man was working as an undercover decoy for the santa cruz county sheriff's department. >> it is serious enough for someone serving as fire chief for the city of gilroy. most of his past was spent with the fire department.
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>> as chief bloom put it, he felt for the good of the department and not having this remain the foe us the of any continued tenure here, that he felt he needed to tender his resignation. >> reporter: now, gilroy police chief denise turner to oversee the fire department as they look for another interim. >> george, thank you. today, the request, tomorrow, perhaps the answer. suspended san francisco sheriff, ross mirkarimi, is asking that his case be postponed until after the november election. he says asking the board of supervisors decide his case while up for re-election, would deprive him of a fair hearing. the city attorney's office opposes any delay, saying the charter establishes a procedure
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process for official misconduct proceedings. and there's no provision to delay that process. the ethics commission will consider mirkarimi's request tomorrow. parkgoers are hearing that a ranger that used a stun gun on a dog walker is cleared of all wrongdoing. jean elle is live in montera this morning. there is new scrutiny on the case. >> reporter: tonight was the first time the community and park rangers got together to begin to clear the air. while tempers are cooling. the park service still has some work to do. >> as a new neighbor here. >> reporter: the golden gate recreational superintendent is talking about a january stun gun incident. just days after the ggnra took
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over the corral in montera. they say he gave the ranger a false name and was shocked when he tried to walk away from the ranger. this is sfrus rating to us. >> reporter: park users seemed more frustrated and fearful. >> i have my kids, my neighbors, walk the dog. and the dog gets off leash, which happens sometimes, kids are going to get tasered. >> in marin and san francisco county. we have the same issues with rangers. and things not working out well. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier, is challenging the position. >> to use a taser on someone walking away from you, i think is inappropriate. >> reporter: she plans to send the national park service a letter, asking the agency to
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revise the stun gun guideline. hesterburg has filed a claim against the ggnra. they say the park ranger who fired that stun gun transferred out of state in july. now, there are new rangers here enforcing those leash laws. water issues were discussed in all of those? >> water issues were not discussed. >> luncheon, barbecues, membership fees. looking at the biggest water district, and what it is putting on taxpayers' tabs. it was dramatic and caught on tape. the coast guard rescue after a plane goes down over the coast. and the new questions as the nation repairs to mark the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. temperatures drop right now. and quickly in the north bay,
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with 55 in novato, and napa. and potential mid-40s for santa rosa. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son.
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[ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, some controversy over who will pay the high cost of running the memorial and the museum at ground zero. the complex is supposed to cost more than $60 million to operate, with $12 million of that for security. the completed outdoor memorial, attracted about 4.5 million visitors its first year. now, the foundation that runs
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the memorial, would have to share the costs. we will have complete coverage of the september 11th anniversary beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. there are memorials planned across the bay area. click on the story on our home page for more information. luncheons, internet services, a membership fee. what do they have in common? you're paying for them for some of the border officials. >> our investigative unit found directors are charging taxpayers for questionable things. >> reporter: the seven directors represent almost 2 million people in santa clara county. their job is to ensure water resources are used in a practical and cost-effective way. they aren't paid a salary but they are paid for meets they attend. we looked at the records to see what they have been putting on the taxpayer tab.
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when celebrities make public appearances, they get paid. and so do these folks. $286 each time. plus mileage. for groundbreaking ceremonies, barbecues. and meetings with each other. >> i attend a lot of meets. that's direct. >> i have this one. >> reporter: no one is denying that they stay busy. they're public officials who aren't salaried. they can charge up to ten district-related events a month. these two directors brought home the maximum amount three years in a row. water issues were discussed in all of those? >> water issues were not discussed. >> reporter: look at the types of meetings they're asking for you to pay for. you went to a new year lunch celebration and you didn't talk about water issues, do you feel
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you should be charging taxpayers for that? we'll let him talk about that in a moment. meet director richard santos. the district spent $50,000 on his meeting fees, benefits and travel. do you feel you should have charged $300 to meet with him. >> it wasn't $300. >> reporter: $298.37. he stayed 30 minutes. it cost taxpayers nearly 300 bucks. the thing is, santos' district doesn't include san jose. he's not part of your district, though. >> no. >> reporter: according to the calendar, santos requested the meeting to discuss san jose retirement issues. you see, both are on the police and fire retirement board. do you know what reason you would meet with him? >> retirement issue. and on the district business. what can we do for him?
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>> reporter: so, you did discover water district issues with him. >> there's no meeting i go to offering what the water district can do for you. >> reporter: director collected $57,000 in fees. he had that lunar new year luncheon we asked him about earlier, when he said no water issues were discussed. do you feel you should be charging taxpayers for that? >> if people ask me questions about water, i am aware that people ask me questions. >> reporter: so, do you charge for it if it's just a matter of someone may ask a question? >> it's a judgment call. >> you are not necessarily paid to show up. you're paid to do your job. >> reporter: judy nadler heads
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up the ethics suspect at santa clara university. >> the presumption that when you go out in the public, someone will recognize you're a water board member, and have a pressing issue they want to discuss at a social event is unlikely. >> reporter: it's not just events they charge for. $1,400 in membership fees for rotary clubs and professional societies. >> i stopped charging. >> reporter: the taxpayers are still picking up the tab for director santos to have internet access. when he moved, the public paid for it to be installed at his new house. they should pay for the installation, too? >> they have. >> what is necessary is for the board members to have the right tools they can have to do their job. >> reporter: this is the water district ceo. he says it's important for directors to make a connection to the community by attending events because they are the ones who set policy.
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he also says everything the district does is transparent. >> i assume they are discussing district business and issues related to water. >> reporter: but if they didn't, you would never know. >> i would not know, no. there's an amount for the board members to be honest what they charge for. >> reporter: the directors can also charge their meeting feet to sit down with mr. goldie. those cost $16,000 last year. >> i think the board members work pretty hard. >> reporter: and for that hard work, santos says he deserves a raise. you feel like $286 is a lot of money to attend the meeting? >> for the meetings i go to, absolutely not. no. i think we're under paid. >> reporter: last year, $50,470 in benefits. do you feel you're underpaid? >> i got what i deserved. >> he told us he spoke about
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labor negotiations. to put it in perfective, we called nine other water districts and found that members get paid up to $230 a meeting. making $27,000 a year in meeting fees. none as much as the santa clara county water district. >> very interesting. thank you very much. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail to the unit at nbcbayarea.c let's bring in jeff with our workweek forecast. i saw 90s later in the week. >> temperatures will be warming up. right now, it's all about the cold in the north bay. temperatures in the mid-50s for santa rosa. we'll take you out live right now. we're fog-free. at least in downtown. but there is fog developing offshore that we're going to continue to track. let's get you in the next 48 hours. we have a cold front we're watching. not expecting rainfall with this.
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it's going to reinforce this cooler breeze across northern california. as we head later on down the seven-day forecast, that's what raj was mentioning. high pressure is going to produce possibly offshore winds and the most recent weather we've had to deal with. up on the coastline, some areas of fog and 50s and 60s. going to be real comfortable in the interior valleys for tuesday. 70s to 80s, with plenty of widespread sunshine. if you want that heat back, it looks like as we head throughout wednesday, that's when we flip the switch on this much hotter trend. we'll start out with low clouds in the north bay. the entire bay area coastline. you'll notice not much in the way of cloud cover for the east and the south bay. we're going to see a quick burn off of this, off of 11:00 p.m. in the noon hour. we'll see a sunny finish to our tuesday. coldish weather in the north bay. may have to click on the heaters
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here. down in the alma den valley app and mid-50s. day time highs on tuesday, real similar for what we had today. 87 in livermore. and 78 in san rafael. on your three-day forecast, the 90s will return on thursday. and it will last in the beginning part in the upcoming weekend. we'll expect low 90s on saturday and for sunday, upper 80s to near 90. more heat is coming our way. maybe the last gasp of summer, as by this weekend, we'll only have seven days until fall arrives from this upcoming saturday. by all indications, as we mentioned in our earlier shows, we may have a weak to moderate el nino for this fall and winter, which could mean wetter and colder systems. just ahead, amazing video of a dramatic rescue off of our coast.
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a father and son safe tonight after their single-engine necessary is a crash landed into the coast off of big sur yesterday afternoon. all of it caught on camera, by the u.s. coast guard crew that made a daring rescue. the crew was running out of fuel and had a few minutes to save the man and his son. the pilot was activating safety beacons immediately and for wearing their life vests. parents who send their children to private schools are much less likely to immunize their kids. the highest rate of parents opting out of vaccines at 84%. but 79% of the students at greenwood school in mill valley are not vaccinated. the new village school, also
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71%. the report finds that the number of unvaccinated kids in private schools is more than twice than in public schools. the raiders season opener and the a's and giants. ♪
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get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. welcome back to nbc bay area. it's the beginning of a new era for the silver and black. and it was all caught on national tv. oakland raiders have a new head coach, talent and could the new man in charge get the team back on track. the 2012 opener on monday night football. second quarter is where we begin. game tied at 3-3 and goal. philip rivers stays alive in the pocket. and finds malcolm floyd for the t.d. 22-6, chargers. raiders would add a two-point conversion to cut the lead to
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eight. the chargers recover. raiders lose, 22-14, was your final. >> there were some positive things that we can gather from that. i thought carson played well today. again, offensively, i thought we were able to move the ball. we didn't have a lot of points to show for it. over to the diamond for the giants and rockies. bottom of the second. rockies leading 2-1. pitcher alex white homers to left. the first of his career. he's having a good time trotting around the bases. bottom of the sixth, chris nelson, triple to left center. and that will bring in rosario. rockies up by three. seventh inning now, giants down 6-2, buster posey, two-run shot. his 21st of the season.
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but it was not. rockies win, 6-5. the a's open a four-game set with the angels. brandon moss showing who is boss with the lefty. 2-1, oaktown. sixth inning, cliff pennington, not known for power. but another lefty going yard. his fifth of the year. 3-1, a's. and the bottom of the night, the green and gold were founding on balfour to close it you. a's win, 3-1. they have won ten-consecutive games on the road. that will do it for now. they're winning in oakland. hopefully winning is contagious. and the raiders can catch on. they did not look good tonight. >> there was a lot of swearing in the newsroom by someone in particular. not going to say who that would be. >> i got kicked out of the newsroom i was yelling so loud. it was bad. >> eternal optimist, there were
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