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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 11, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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and my fiance, joseph james ogren. i love and miss you so very much. until we meet again. >> and extremely emotional ceremony at ground zero this mornings as america remembers the tragedy of september 11th. >> and a tribute to the firefighters that lost their lives. ceremonies are being held across the country today. it is tuesday, september 11th. you are watching nbc bay area news. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. today marks 11 years to the day terrorists attacked america
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killing nearly 3,000 people. pausing to remember the lives lost and celebrating our country's spirit. [ bell tolls ] >> in washington, president obama and the first lady observed a moment of silence at 5:46 a.m., the exact minute the first plane crashed into the world trade center back in 2001. at ground zero, victims' names were read by their families as people gathered around the pools where the two towers once stood. this year, compared to previous years, the focus on healing, leading to smaller memorials. nbc's danielle lee joins from us the new world trade center. she has what is making the ceremony different and unique. >> reporter: good afternoon, here. many people have left the national memorial behind me. about 1,000 people attended the
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ceremony that lasted four hours. it is smaller in comparison than previous years. for those that came, the emotions came back in full force. many tears were shed. this was a somber ceremony as families of those lost read the name of each victim, nearly 3,000, read one by one during the ceremony. many people gather around the reflecting pools where the trade towers once stood. many paying recognition. loved ones' names are etched in stone. making copies as they participated in the ceremony. no politicians spoke at the ceremony. that was for the families as they try to focus on healing. organizers are getting ready for another tribute at sunset. they will have a tribute of light mimicking the world trade center towers.
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reporting live, danielle lee. back to you. >> danielle, originally planned to have the museum opened in time for the remembrance today, but there were budget issues. what can you tell us about the construction now they agreed to move forward? >> reporter: they have agreed to move forward. we are hearing they hope to have the museum complete in a little over a year. inside of that will be the stairways used by the victims to escape the attacks and fire engines that responded after the attacks and pictures and stories to give a sense of what happened during that day. >> danielle, thank you. >> several 9/11 services are planned today all over the bay area. >> firefighters in san francisco observed a moment of silence at the moment the south tower collapsed. [ bell tolls ] >> the san francisco fire department rang its bell three
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times signaling the last alarm. similar services held at all stations in the city. and in san jose, the fire chief spoke from the 911 dispatch center. communities remembering the lives lost at the world trade center, the pentagon and in pennsylvania. >> marla, in shanksville, pennsylvania, people gathered to honor the passengers of flight 93. they crashed as they revolted against the hijackers. the names of the passengers and crew were read out loud. ringing bells of remembrance of the victims and many, the families in the bay area. flight 93 hits close to home. we have christie smith live in union city where family members gathered for a memorial service that took place this morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. very emotional ceremony out here
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that just wrapped up. it was actually larger than anyone expected. relatives brought flowers and one woman said every september 11th, her emotions come rushing back and it feels like that day all over again. that woman rang a bell as those of those who died on flight 93 were read out loud. the union city memorial is dedicated to the passengers and crew. her mother was on that flight. it crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. as passengers tried to regain control. this is a place where people can come and share their grief. 11 years ago seems like a long time, but it is not considering their lives were changed forever. >> i look up to a happy day when my mother was moving to
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california from new jersey and only to see the twin towers being hit on tv as i was getting ready to go to the airport to pick her up. the day just evolved from there. >> this year, originally was just going to be a small ceremony. when i told some of the family members that i was coming out here with flowers, they said i would like to come. then the others. we have citizens that are here. every year, i'm out here to remember them and honor them. >> reporter: that was the founder of the local memorial michael emmerson. he was actually at the national memorial last year for the ten-year anniversary. he wanted to be back in the bay area this year. at this point, they are saying that what they normally do is change out the flag also on memorial day. they read the names of all of the people who died on flight
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93. this is their fifth year. they say they will continue. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. in san bernardino, the tribute to the victims at the terror attack at the world trade center. police and firefighters in the bay area climbed the stairs at the college. they walked 110 flights. that is the number of flights in each of the towers of the world trade center. we will have continuing coverage of the day of remembrance throughout the day. including more local memorials taking place today. we have a schedule of those ceremonies on power has been restored to those in san jose after a car crashed and knocked out a power pole and knocked out electricity for hours. this all happened on almaden expressway at la rossa circle.
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the total of 3,500 lost power. no word yet on what caused that crash. a man is recovering this morning from burns following a fire in south san jose. this was an emergency that forced him and another man to jumped from the second story window apartment. the fire gutting the monterrey villa apartments in san jose. this is cell phone video recorded by a neighbor. one man watched as firefighters tried to knock down the blaze. >> the balcony was up in flames. >> people had to escape? >> jump from the window. they did not come out the front door. the fire was in the front room. they came out the window. their bedroom, which is right next to my apartment. >> we can tell you one of the two men who jumped from the second floor is being treated for burns. the other man is said to be all
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right. 11 other people had to be evacuated. no word on the cause of the fire. the east bay vigil will be held for a college student who died on the sacramento river. 20-year-old brett olson will be held at his alma mater tonight. olson disappeared on september 2nd in chico. that sparked a week-long search. the college student's body was found sunday not far from where he was last seen. today in san francisco, supervisors holding a meeting to figure out what to do about possible radiation on treasure island. that city is buying the island from the navy for $100 million. the plan is to build homes and hotels on the property. here is the catch. the deal requires the navy to clean up toxins beforehand.
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the report rsuggests there is more radiation than reported. crews need to close the san mateo bridge to repair a cracked section of the roadway. for the past two years, steel plates were used as a temporary fix. now the bridge authority wants to build a long-term solution. construction will take place during the weekends of october 19th and the 26th. the bridge carries an estimated $ 16 million drivers a year. still ahead, the judge is putting the brakes on a plan to tell users how much radiation cell phones give off. and i'm steve any chuang in livermore where people are lining up for jobs in the east bay. i'll have details in a live report. plus, can the iphone 5 actually help rescue the american economy? we will do the math coming up. and giving you a live look
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of the san mateo bridge on this tuesday. the skies look pretty clear. traffic looks clear. it is 11:11. stay with us.
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happening now. people looking for a job are lining up in livermore for a chance of 3,000 jobs at a job fair today. we have stephanie chuang with more. >> reporter: very big crowd, marla. it is all thanks to the new outlet mall opening in november. these are retail jobs. competitive. we are here at the robert livermore center where hundreds are lining up. you see the line snakes around into the building where the job fair is located. all ages and backgrounds. high school graduations and people with masters degrees. all of them hoping to walk out
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with a job. >> i have been looking. it has been difficult. i had an interview last week with the large corporation in town. >> i got laid off and the company went out of business. >> reporter: you can find hundreds of stories of people waiting at a job fair at the robe robert livermore community center. they are hoping to get a job of the stores opening in november at the outlet stores. the project is bringing 3,500 new jobs. 2,000 are permanent and others temporary. the 70 employers here today say they are prepared to hire on the spot. >> we're excited to be opening in livermore. we have 50 positions looking to fill. >> reporter: it is promising news against a dim back drop of the national level. numbers show hiring slowed from june to july with employers posting 3.67 million jobs, down
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from 3.65 in june. falling below july's total of 141,000. but today's job fair is bringing hope for the locals like jenny who was laid off in 2002 from a computer company and has been working part-time jobs ever since. >> it would be nice to have something that is steady. especially the benefits. i have a couple of kids. i would like to have benefits. know i don't have to scrape from one thing to another. >> reporter: pargon outlets are scheduled to open in november. you still have time to come down. the second job fair will be october 23rd from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. no registration required. bring your resumes. live in livermore, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area.
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teachers are on strike for a second straight day. chicago teachers walking out on 400,000 students after talks on a contract come up short. pay benefits and job security and students standard test scores. some schools are keeping the doors open for those kids who don't have anywhere to go. they are offering breakfast, lunch and activities. youtube is now on your iphone. scott mcgrew, has it always been there? >> reporter: yes, it has. thinking about it, it was the very first step because it was built into the iphones before iphones had apps. google today released this. a new iphone app from youtube. i'm showing this live from my ipad. it is really for iphone. an ipad app is coming. it is free in the app store.
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you can watch youtube to your heart's delight. the iphone 5 may boost the economy of the united states when it is released tomorrow or at least announced tomorrow. this according to analysts at jpmorgan. sales of the iphone could boost gdp by .50% in the fourth quarter. analysts expect apple to sell 8 million new iphones in the months of october, november and december. on wall street, a moment of silence after the open. this group "i will" is a volunteer group opening the bell this morning. you can go to for information about what you can do today. thank you. >> a bit of a chilly start to the day. >> cold? >> not now. it was this morning.
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let's check the forecast with christina loren. a beautiful day. >> it is beautiful. wait until you guys walk out that door when you leave the office. it is so nice out there. it is not just here in san jose where we're feeling that beautiful almost fall air come in. in san francisco, taking a live look. beautiful clear skies overhead. september is one of the clearest months in the city by the bay. 11:18 now. beautiful day shaping up. i want to point out old glory is not getting pick up from the wind. it will later on. temperatures will soar in the east bay. look at the temperatures. 67 in san jose. 63 in san francisco. 67 degrees in santa rosa. the climates are not a factor around the inner bay. you head out to the east bay and it starts to get on the warm side. 74 degrees. we have the cool ocean air. a short wave trough pushed
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through. we have the westerly air and a westerly flow in fairfield at 9 miles per hour. open up the windows if you don't have ac. as we head through the next couple of days, we have the good air quality with the strong onshore flow. temperatures will not soar. 89 in livermore. high pressure is in control. a short wave came through with the westerly flow. if you want to hit the patio tonight, fantastic conditions. even in san francisco. we are not seeing the fog roll in until later. 95 degrees inland. 77, bay side. two weekends of summertime left if you want to hit the beach. we hop in jon's paddywagon.
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right. plan to put radiation warnings on cell phones in san francisco has been blocked. the law would require cell phone dealers to give details on how much radiation is put off by each device and warn customers about health risks. it would be the first law of the kind in the country, but a federal appeals court blocked it from taking affect. consumers might interpret the law as san francisco's dangers of cell phones. that ruling was made after the cell phone industry sued the city over that ordinance. it is a good thing you are in northern california because something stinks in southern california. people from palm springs to los angeles had been reporting a strong rotten egg smell since yesterday. air quality investigators think the foul odor is coming from the salton sea which is 150 miles southeast of los angeles. it is a large saltwater lake and
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experienced a massive fish die-off. they say the smell is harmless. tell your nose that. >> i guess it is called getting funky in the wrong way. still ahead, royal sighting in singapore. why the duke and duchess of cambridge are visiting. how troops in afghanistan are observing the day.
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since 9/11, we have not lost our focus. we perform our duty in the series of our nation. >> you are watching the service
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in kabul, afghanistan, marking the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. there is a long of memorials through the day. britain's diamond jubilee is heading east. far east. prince william and his wife, kate stopped by to see an orchid named in honor of william's mother, princess diana. the couple is scheduled to meet with monarchs and members of the public. up next, get this, the only restaurant where hard hats are required. you need a hard hat to get in here. we will take you inside.
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welcome back. taking a live look over san jose. full sunshine. a little hazy. good air quality for today. temperatures are going to be on the warm side. upper 80s today. inland in the upper 70s bay side. mid-60s at the coast. heat wave around the corner. back to you. you may have heard of the pop-up restaurants. you might want to call this a pop down. >> a restaurant and award winning chef is all the rage, but it requires some work to get to. it is in a mine shaft. guests have to get 250 feet below ground. the meal costs $250. >> enter at your own risk. thanks for being with us.
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