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tv   Today  NBC  September 12, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's tuesday, september 11, and obviously a day of remembrance across the whole country, but you feel especially here in new york or washington, d.c. or shanksville, pennsylvania. our prayers and love goes out all day long to everybody who lost somebody that they love on that day. >> funny how you step out.
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and the weather puts you back to that day. because it was a crisp clear didn't you look up and people said it yesterday. it felt like it felt all those years ago. we have a show for you that is packed with a lot of stuff. one of the things we have been telling you guys about and we love that you responded so much to college. a lot of colleges are sending in videos. >> we want to come to your school and broadcast our show live from there. so you've got to again tweet with the hashtag #klg and hodau. heaven forbid they just get an education. waste your parents' money. send us a video. >> loyola marymount sent us this video from los angeles. >> we are here at loyola marymount and we wanted to send you delta love. next time you are in l.a. come visit! [ chanting ]
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>> they are cute! >> that's what i am talking about. the tridelts are coming out in force. >> should that frighten me? >> yes, it should. >> we didn't have fraternities. at oral roberts university. no sore roarities. last night was a big night. it was "the voice" premier. >> i thought you were talking about the u.s. open. >> that too, but "the voice" was rocking. this is when they do those blind auditions. >> now each person is getting 16 voices. so it's going to be crazy. >> cee lo, they wondered about the cat. he doesn't have the cat. the cat is bye-bye. look what is back. >> you may get the opportunity if blake doesn't do a good job. quite honestly, i don't think he
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will. >> it's a parrot. a peach parrot. >> what about the music? >> so they had a yodeler on. you know how hard hard it is to yodel? >> grac irk a sang "i want to be a cowboy sweetheart." ♪ i want to be a cowboy sweetheart. that's the life i love the best ♪ [ yodelling ] >> i like her. >> you have to be in such fine vocal form. you can't be the least bit hoarse. that means your vocal cords are nice and wide and not pulling on
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anything. good for her. i bet she's fun at parties. >> we saved the best for last. all four judges freaked when they listened to this. watch this. ♪ ♪ i'm going home to my own home but now i'm not afraid my own ♪ >> everybody but adam? >> adam didn't turn because he said he would not turn and he chose cee lo. >> okay. really it's smart. it's very smart. >> yeah. you know what i just thought? >> what did you think? >> speaking of smart. we're going to have him on in a
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little bit. matthew perry's new sitcom is called "go on." on paper you think come on, how could that be funny. i'm telling you i watched both episodes and it is hysterically funny. you are laughing out loud and then you're tearing up. he just walked in matthew, we weren't sure about this, but oh, my gosh have you got a hit! >> >> oh, good. >> it's a home run. the timing is crazy. >> your comic timing is -- everybody is so well cast and you feel for each person so much. >> matthew will tell you all about this. you will love it. there was this amazing 5-year-old kid. often you hear about people filled with talent. >> prodigies. >> produ >>. >> product gis. this 5-year-old is beyond. to infinity and beyond. just watch. it's in chinese, but you will figure it out. [speaking foreign language]
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♪ ♪ >> he must be almost 6. come on. >> if you didn't get -- >> aren't you glad you were never burdened with genius? >> this is so much easier than that. >> yes, it is. what is this, by the way? >> i think it's pomegranate. >> chanel 75 in honor of fashion week. champagne, passion fruit vodka. >> no wonder. that is so good. healthy. it has lemon and peach juice. andy murray. what a year he is having. >> it's his turn.
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he has been one of the guys who always came in second or third. he did great at the olympics and now here at the u.s. open. this thing with the five sets. these guys played for five hours. it looked exhausting. >> unbelievable. >> watching it gave you a knot in your stomach. >> what were you eating? >> everything. i can't watch any more sporting events. i am turning into a hog. i can't take it. i get that -- >> the munchies. >> absolutely. more bad news. breast-feeding is not the only cause of droopy boobs. i should have discovered this a long time ago. there's a new study, breastfeeding isn't the only cause of it. smoking which i don't have a problem with and drinking which i have been known to do. >> they tested out 161 pairs of identical twins? >> why not 160? why 161? >> i guess the ones that drank
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and smoked had droopier boobs than the other one. >> this is interesting. there were quadruplets. they couldn't keep track of them. they shaved the numbers on their head. so number one, please come forward. there's number four. >> they'll be in matthew perry's group in about ten years in therapy, right? >> what do you think of that idea? >> i'm sure that they talked to the kids about it. do you want to do it? they said okay. i don't think they dragged their kids and did that against their will. >> we want to come to your college, okay? >> we want you to keep tweeting. >> this is called twicker. we are not stupid. it's like a ticker with tweets. >> whatever. >> sarah, what did they say? >> we had a tweet from kayla at
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syracuse university who said they have the most orange pride ever. this campaign is on friday. that's why people need to get on it. we know they're not at class. >> usc we want to hear from you. virginia tech and miami-dade junior college. i don't think it's called junior college anymore. i think it's miami-dade college i think. that would be fun. oral roberts, you keep the prayers and tweets coming in. >> coming up, matthew perry has new group of friend. he can't wait to "go on" about them. too clever for words. right after this. ere she is ! hey, i got a leak ! yoo hoo ! wait a minute, come back ! um, miss ? up here! right. like 85% of us, you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, you need something powerful. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner.
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[ crunches ] mmm. [ explosion ] [ crunches ] [ explosion ] [ crunches ] [ explosion ] [ crunches ] [ explosion ] [ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. buy 4 cans of pringles, and get your speaker... ♪ [ cheering ] ... to turn up the flavor! [ crunch! ] and we are about to see a photo from oklahoma university. hoda and i want to go back to college, and we are searching for the college with the most spirit. >> we are trying to make it fun. tweet us the name of your school and campus and why you have the most spirit.
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>> in the meantime, you knew him as chandler bing on "friends", but matthew perry returns in a new comedy series called "go on." >> it is terrific. he plays ryan king, a widowed sports radio host forced to go to group therapy where he meets very many interesting people. one is a blind man who doesn't realize he's missing something very important to him, and ryan doesn't want to be the one to break the news. take a look. >> steven, why don't you read it? you know how george loves the sound of your voice. >> i dig that, ryan. thing is, i don't have my specks. >> it's wilt chamberlain's signature on a ball. from his 100-point game. >> that is so awful. because i'm a big fan of defense. >> that's not even the funniest stuff. we watched these things because that's our job. we didn't know what to expect. it sounds difficult to pull off.
2:18 am
it's a grieving therapy session where everybody has issues grieving about something. you manage to make it hysterically funny and humanly moving as well. good job. >> i'm so glad you guys like it. this would be terrible if you hated it. >> we'd be nice, but we wouldn't go on and on. [ laughter ] >> hey, hey. >> the writing is really -- the timing is crazy. do you have any fun with the script or do you go with exactly the way they write it? >> that was the cool thing. scott silveri, who was executive producer of "friends" for eight years. i worked with him very closely for a long time. that's the one thing i wanted to know when i met with him. about the show. "friends" was such a collaboration. i wanted to make sure he hadn't become a t a tyrannical jerk.
2:19 am
>> it happens like that. >> it can. and he promised that he was open to my thoughts and all that stuff. it's really fun. >> you hired the right people. you should respect them enough to bring what they bring to it. >> he wrote it and created it, but i came up with funny things from time to time and he allows that. >> i didn't recognize that the cast -- many of the cast and the people in the session, they are all so great. it reminds me of "the office" in the way the timing goes. >> they are all really funny and happy to be there. >> they seem like real people as opposed to -- >> sort of. >> i don't know them personally, >> but that lady just lost her partner. >> and she lost her cat. >> you play a game like tell us about the game you played in the pilot episode. >> it's called march sadness. we compare who has the worst story. >> you did it with brackets and the whole thing. they have five seconds to tell their story.
2:20 am
. are you ooh sports fan? >> i am. >> i know you love tennis. are you a mad sports guy to begin with? >> i am. i like all elements of this show. i plate sports deejays so we have real athletes that come on the show, so that's sort of a dream come true. but we have the touchy feely stuff, too. >> i have to say. >> how would you know? >> now terrell owens was in the first one. what other athletes will we see? >> chris bosh was on and who else? i'm blanking now. bob costas is coming on which is exciting. >> jeremy runic, the hockey player. >> you're in your element both ways because yu can tell you really know your sports stuff. you seem to be having a really great time. you had to be kind of nervous
2:21 am
about going back after a hit like "friends." there is always a part and know it was for me coming back from here. it couldn't be as good as something done in the past. >> that's the beauty. times have changed so much, we can't even compare it to "friends." 50 million people watched that. that's not going to happen. >> you never know. >> that can't happen. >> for could go on and on. >> friends was before -- >> the internet. >> and heat and fire and food. >> you are older and wiser now. you are a king and not a bing, but every bit as talented. we're so happy for you. >> it's a great show. a lot of fun. nbc has a winner. it's called "go on" that premiers tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc. >> sarah delivers a slice of the city with a pizza tour of new york right after this. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain.
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>> keep those tweets coming. this photo is from the
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university of tennessee. if you tweet us from your school and why your campus has the most spirit, we might just pay your campus a visit next month. >> now to sarah in the city, our girl hits the streets on the search for the greatest pizza. >> we are here in new york famous for its pizza. what other excuse do i have to check out the spots to find out what they are about. i didn't just eat well, but learned a thing or two along the way. new york city is known for its pizza, and i decided to check out the hottest places for the best slice in town. grimaldi's is your favorite? >> without a doubt. >> how do you eat it? >> fold it. >> you gs all fold? >> from brooklyn, you fold. >> now is the moment of truth. my first slice ever of
2:27 am
grimaldi's. the guys told me i had to fold it. >> you don't fold them. you put it on your dish and cut it. >> the guys told me i had to fold it. >> how do you eat it? >> mostly everyone cuts and eats it with a fork. never fold. >> never told. >> right now i'm in tribeca outside the restaurant, brick. let's see if we can sneak a peek or a bite. or an entire pie. i have never seen pizza that was this artistic and amazing. do you fold it or cut it? >> fold it. if you cut it, we can't talk anymore. fold it. >> any way you can, but just don't cut it. or we're not talking. that leaves me a lot of options. >> it's a hand food. like anything in life. anything sexual you don't want to use utensils. >> owe had!
2:28 am
>> now in soho at lombardi's, the first pizzeria in the united states. i am getting ready to check it out. even mona lisa is smiling, but that's debatable. how do you eat pizza properly? how do you eat a slice? do you eat it with a fork and knife or fold it? do you eat it straight up? >> i've got to say, that's an individual thing. i like to eat it with a fork and knife. >> you seem like you are pretty. >> thank you. >> you don't like to get your hands dirty, do you? >> if i have to, i will. i enjoy it with a fork and knife. >> i'm having a little deja vu. we have done this before. >> i want you to be nice and relaxed. good girl. >> you remember, it wasn't just me. >> legs like yours i wouldn't forget. >> because you never called. >> well, listen, i got to behave over here, okay?
2:29 am
>> now i'm in the west village to try famous joe's pizza. it said famous in the title so i had to try it. i will show them famous. one question i have is how do you properly eat it. i have been told you can fold, cut or eat flat. >> no no no no no. you have to pick it up like this and fold it like that. beautiful. >> that is beautiful. cheers. >> cheers. >> my work today is done. my goal was to have one bite, but the true taste test here, i broke that rule. and my diet. >> where did this come from? >> that's a great question. oh, yeah. i'm sorry. you can't -- this is how you are supposed to eat it. i am a fork and knife girl. how do you eat it? >> i like the tip to be lifted
2:30 am
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[ male announcer ] at subway, you got it made. try an egg white & cheese tricked out any way you want. subway. eat fresh. >> we are back on this tuesday with more of "today." tony danza is a triple threat of a different kind. an author, actor and teacher. he said he was never quite the model student, he wrote a book about his experience in the classroom. it is called "i'd like to apologize to every teacher i've ever had". my year as a rookie teacher at northeast high school. >> yes. >> hey, tony, how are you? the book drops today. >> it drops today. >> you said it was easy to write because you kept a journal. >> no such thing as an easy book to write. >> you said it. >> i did not say it was easy. i had a lot of information because i kept a journal and video stuff and i had lesson plans and a lot of information. there is a book about writing.
2:33 am
first you fix the refrigerator. you will do anything. i had to sit down and stay on task. >> what did you like about teaching? >> when i went to school and got out of school, my friends became teachers and i didn't. my life took -- >> you became a boxer. >> i was a fighter. my mother wanted to kill me. it's part of something i wanted to do. it's the road not taken, that thing on your mind. i also regret, hence the title, that when i was in school, i think a lot of people my age, a lot of people, you didn't take full advantage of school. why didn't you apply yourself? why didn't you get a's? we thought we were one kind of kid or another. i like the other one. >> you think teachers get a bad rap in the sense that people think the teacher's job is to teach you, but the kid has a job too, and that's learn. >> there is only one solution. you can complain about the teachers and there is bad teachers, but there is more discouraged teachers than bad teachers.
2:34 am
the statistics that are out, 30% after three years and 50% after five years quit. i went to orientation in philadelphia and 800 first-year teachers were coming into the district, but a lot of first year teachers. they were taking over the world. so gung how. something happens here. here's the thing. i got the solution. i don't know how to do it, but i got the solution. we can't want it more than they want it themselves. they have been conditioned that the teacher has to engage them. they don't have to do anything. they're there. they show up. the onus has to be put on the kids this is your life. i talk about a kid, one detention all year. charmaine. i took her, charmaine, by the way i didn't know when i gave her detention that i had to be there. i thought they went to a detention place. anyway, i say to her, charmaine, how long do you think you are going to be in school? she goes, oh, forever.
2:35 am
i said no, here's your life. this much is school. this is all -- if you don't take advantage of this, the kids have to understand it's not the way it was when i was a kid where you could fool around and do as little as possible and get a job on an assembly line or a constructions site, have a middle class life. can't do that anymore. >> why did you just do it for one year? >> because it's hard. the greatest compliment i can get paid is the great administrator and educator said to me, would you come back? i thought wow, this is a woman who at first was i need you like a hole in the head. she said would you come back. i said i mean it. at this age, i'm not sure i want to care that much about anything. it was so overwhelming. it's a lot. don't get me wrong, the issues today are interesting.
2:36 am
the strike in chicago and i think about the kids and the families that are disrupted, but can you imagine in this environment where it strikes and the unions and teachers are so demonized already, they knew it was going to be a public relations disaster. they still called the strike. that's how desperate it is. like a lot of people i think in america, we're afraid and scared. there are so many budget cuts. what do you go into teaching for? it's not to get rich. it's a calling. the kid will say -- it was a security involved. one of the job where is you -- no more. >> good luck with your book, tony. >> i'm sorry. one good thing about this. >> the book is available now and called "i would like to apologize to every teacher i ever had." >> we will talk to you about tidying up some small places in your house. >> how to organize your bathroom, right after this.
2:37 am
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>> we are going to be looking at a photo from the air force academy, a reminder to send us a tweet if you want to have us come visit your college campus. use the #klgandhodau. >> it looks like you're getting yelled at in that picture. >> yes. >> today we're tackling the bathroom. the most visited and smallest room in the house. >> from stocking the medicine cabinet to find a place for every woman's toiletries. lifestyle's expert lucy segal is here to help us try to clean things up and organize it. it already looks pretty. it looks like a model. >> the first thing you do is start in the shower. you have a nice shower caddy. i recommend one of those. this is about $20 at sears. it doesn't cost a lot.
2:42 am
you put your shampoo and all your little items so you don't trip or fall and keeps it nice and clean. >> they start out nice, but after a month you have six half shampoos. you have to keep up with it. >> i'm sorry, but i see a threat. that happens. >> kathy would catch it. >> what we have is a nice hook hanger here. this is about $30 at bed, bath, and beyond. you can even color coordinate your towels if you share a bathroom. that can dry on there. this is nice from bed bath and beyond. you need places to store things. this is about $50. just some toilet paper and such. >> and such. that's right. >> and of course the toilet. the biggest thing is that the space behind it doesn't get used. this is called a space saver for a reason. you can put all that stuff you don't want people to see and people do look.
2:43 am
according to the internet, 70% of guests go through your medicine cabinet. >> i look. >> i don't. >> you don't? >> why not? >> it's rude. >> no, it isn't. you want to know what kind of medicines they're on. >> that's why you don't keep the medicine in the medicine cabinet. you want to keep it in the kitchen. this is a nice spray by jerry watkins. it gets rid of any odors. you notice we have the cleaning devices. see how these are from bed bath and beyond. not expensive. >> i love it. this i love. >> that's awesome. around the sink. >> keeping the cleaning items out so every day you do a little bit. you mentioned things getting dirty. >> it doesn't get out of control. >> every day you do a little bit. >> watkins is all natural. i have three kids. you have everything out and easy to clean. then the medicine cabinet. you want to organize like items.
2:44 am
you don't need too much of anything. this is more than enough. >> for what you have, your husband can have the top shelf and this is your shelf and this is shared. the toothbrush you want to keep in the cabinet. a lot of gems float around in the bathroom. so you really are better. like when you flush the toilet. >> most toilets flush in an f flat. musically. >> i learn something on this show every day. >> you notice these pops of color that make your bathroom look tidy and neat by adding cohesive color. magazine rack is nice. according to the internet we spend about three years on the toilet. about 25 hours a year on the toilet. >> that's hard to believe. >> just telling you what the internet says. >> people with digestive problems. >> i thought of you. every bathroom. >> even my bathroom doesn't have one of those. >> all right.
2:45 am
thank you. >> we really appreciate it. we have more. >> we have a medicine cabinet because it blends in. >> lucy used to be our intern at regis and kathy lee and she has grown up so beautifully. >> thank you. >> tomorrow we're going to show you how to organize your play room. and proving good advice is at home, a parenting guide from two of our favorite producers have a sexy book, very fancy. >> we see you. >> we'll show you them in a minute. . i have a look at your forecast as we get closer to the weekend. outlook today looks quiet again across the east coast. not a lot to talk about. it has been very inactive here since that cold front came through over the weekend. a few showers and storms over south florida. here comes the next cold front. this going to drop temperatures from colorado up into the midwest.
2:46 am
so behind this on thursday look for a dramatic dip in some of those numbers. 60 degrees in denver for the daytime high. 91 in kansas city. so we're warming up quite a bit ahead of the front with a nice southwest flow, feeling more like summer. then all of this cool air makes its way east over the next couple of days. so by thursday we're looking at some showers to move slightly farther east, bring some of that rain down into texas, still dry in the west coast and off to the east here. 73 in chicago by thursday afternoon. 61 in kansas city. so a dramatic change in temperatures. and along that frontal boundary we could see a few thunderstorms. maybe some isolated severe. we don't expect anything like we had last week with that powerful front pushing through. 79 in louisville. 78 in new york city on friday. on saturday a september-like day. september tends to be pretty quiet. a few showers across the interior northeast. then on sunday some of that rain lingering in new england. we'll be very dry here through
2:47 am
the middle of the country, the nation's heartland slowly starting to warm back up. we'll be in the 80s, 85 in denver on the weekend. showers in the southeast and up around the u.p. of michigan, the western lakes will stay stuck in that pattern here for you on monday with temperatures at 79 in louisville, 77 in atlanta feeling a little bit like fall. remember you can wake up with al and stephanie week days at 6:00 a.m. on the weather channel. [ female announcer ] over the years, your mouth has sipped, snacked, ...yellowed... lived, loved, ...yellowed... chatted, chewed, ...yellowed. and over all those years, your teeth...have yellowed. fact is, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface. and, they whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. life opens up when you do.
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with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner.
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>> okay, moms. how many of you have used your ipad as a baby-sitter or gone by the two second rule after the binky hits the ground. if you answered yes to either one, you are not alone and it's okay. >> we have the two authors of the new book called [ bleep ] mom.
2:50 am
a therapy guide for the rest of us. they are the "today" show producers. this is the second book. good to see you guys. why did you feel the need for another one? what was it? >> it was after the first one, we just started hearing from so many moms. and everybody was like confused about, should i do attachment parenting? should i be a tiger mom? should i do this or that? we were just like, relax, chill out and embrace those less than perfect parenting moments. or as we like to call those, sh -- mom moments. >> this one says you are not paranoid. everyone does hate your baby. tell us about that. you really are having fun, but people are learning something. >> we had such a good time doing this. we are trying to release some pressure and strain and all the guilt that is related to mom. the fact that we have to be
2:51 am
perfect about it. >> look at your cute kids. >> we are in washington, d.c. i give my kids a little bit of education there, but we are relieving the pressure and saying it's okay. >> i have a question. what is going on here? >> this is me, and as you can see i'm reading my kindle, "50 shades of gray" for research and my kids are about to fall over the edge, but i'm not paying attention. wait until you see the next one. this is my daughter basically with the tree trunk slamming and pounding on a tree and i'm still reading. still reading. it's amazing how i finished all three volumes at central park. >> you are a shoddy mom. >> you have a chapter on how to drop your sick kid off at daycare before the teacher can figure it out. >> most people admit to that.
2:52 am
>> everyone admits to that. everyone does. >> 57% of moms said they would do that and 43% said no way. >> it's hard being a mom. you have to do what you have to do when you got to do it. >> it's hard to be a daycare person who is cake taking care of 20 people's children who are sick. >> we're give you advice on when you need to panic and how many calls before you have to actually go and get the kid. >> someone summed it up. audrey mcclellan said we are all shoddy moms at one time or another. they are making us feel normal about it. that's all we are trying to do. >> good luck with your book. >> some day they will leave us. >> no. >> they dedicated the book to their moms. >> coming up, how to make bite size treats for your next big party. first, this is "today" on nbc. you know, i was once used for small jobs.
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2:57 am
talking about something serious, a party, and we always are. bite-sized treats make things easier. >> peter callahan is here with an italian-themed soiree. >> he makes little foods. >> he's a genius. just one of our favorite guys. what do you have for us? >> we will start with a drink, ladies. >> that's unusual. >> called a scorpino. we make it in a bowl. this is lemon sorbet. i like to make it in front of the guests. we have a station here and we get our whisk out and we have it already soft to begin with. >> is there alcohol in there? >> alcohol goes in next. >> hoda doesn't like to wait for alcohol. a little vodka. what kind do you like? >> i'm happy with anything. >> okay.
2:58 am
this is on top. limocella on top. anyway, we will drink one. look how cute these are. thank you. >> they gave us an extra one. look at this caprese salad. here's a little mini pita. got some mozzarella. >> can we live here for one second. this lemon thing is beautiful. delicious. >> delish. >> look at that. >> mini everything. you can serve these at parties how? they are so little. a lot of smacking of lips over here. >> for a cocktail party and have a bunch for dinner. >> will look you look at this, you guys, spaghetti and meatballs. can you get a close up on that? spaghetti and meatballs.
2:59 am
>> is it crazy? >> it's a beef meatball with angel hair pasta swirled on top. >> look at the caesar salad. >> a fun wooden fork to go with it. and then garlic bread. >> bring us to the dessert portion, please. >> this is a rice crispy treat and yogurt, blueberries and a healthy dessert in a start shell. >> she already had a drink. >> talk about what we have here at the end. this is crazy. >> the last one is mini blueberry pancakes. breakfast for dinner and a cocktail party. >> so beautiful and labor intensive, but worth it. >> a tiny bit. >> worth it. >> you have a beautiful catering company and your come books. >> i have a cookbook. >> thank you. so much. tomorrow, what are we doing? >> rememberi


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