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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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was filled with stories of the father of four. they gave us a glimpse into a man whose life ended violently during a traffic stop last week. jodie hernandez attended the services today and she joins us with more. hello, jodie. >> reporter: hi. there were plenty of tears inside the church. there were also a lot of laughs and smiles. those who knew and loved officer youngstrom say no matter how hard of a day he had on the road, he always ended it with a smile. and that's how many are remembering him. ♪ >> he was brave. he was courageous. he was dedicated professional. he cared. >> reporter: and hundreds of law enforcement officers from across the state and the country gathered to honor and say good-bye to officer kenyan youngstrom, the 37-year-old california highway patrolman gunned down during a routine
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traffic stop a week and a half ago. >> your work was well done. and we are forever in your debt. >> among those who paid tribute to the officer and father of four, his teenage son who shared the goofy side of his dad. >> he went out of his way to make people laugh. all the time. he was just doing the dorkiest things to make people laugh. >> among the most emotional moment of the service when officer tyler carlton, his parter in on that tragic day, took the podium. >> i often have thoughts that creep into my mind of why or what if or i could have. but then i keep reminding myself that everything does happen for a reason. that this was all in god's plans. >> carlton said he's proud to have served alongside youngstrom as he took his last courageous stand. >> i know you can hear me.
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i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. and i look forward to seeing you again, brother. >> reporter: and as his family took him to his final resting place, youngstrom fellow officers gave him one more salute. they say he's given them so much. >> he's taught me just to not sweat the small stuff and to, you know, love the job. i've always loved the job. but he always brought a different light into cherish your family. he's always been a great mentor and a great fellow officer. >> reporter: many people we talk to say they get comfort knowing that officer youngstrom continues to give by donating his organs. he's given new hope and new life to four others. reporting live in backerville,
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jodie hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and we do have more coverage of the service today on our website at including more video from today's ceremony and background on the case. in oakland right now, the s.w.a.t. team ended a standoff outside a home. no one was inside. but the scene caused huge traffic problems and a lot of noise in the neighborhood. oakland police fired grenades into the west oakland house near 12th and mandela street. several blocks were blocked off as police tried to contact the man they believed was hiding inside. when police made their way inside the home, the suspect had already left and is still at large tonight. >> san jose police are investigatesing what they say was a fight that ended with two people stabbed in the downtown area. investigators say it happened just after 2:00 this morning near the intersection of north
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ninth and east julian street. police arrived to find two men ages 20 and 21 suffering from multiple stab wounds. they were both rushed to the hospital but so far will is no word on their condition or any description of a possible suspect. up in flames. this is video of an early morning fire that hit a private school. you can see the flames engulfing this building which is a total loss. the damage, about $300,000. nbc bay area's reporter is live in beachwood school where investigators now know the cause. otoro? >> reporter: investigators were here even before the debris stopped smoldering and their early determination is that an electric cable that led to a stove in the kitchen sparked the fire. and it grew into a nearly uncontrollable inferno. at around 4:00 this morning, flames broke out and engulfed building one of the beechwood school. it wasn't an easy one for firefighters. it took nearly two hours to extinguish the blaze.
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when the flames and smoke finally stopped, the administration office and the third grade classroom were completely destroyed. >> there's quite a bit of loss. it's a very precious thing, things that were created that would be great to have some help somewhere down the line in replacing what's been lost. >> reporter: none of the other buildings were touched. the private, nonprofit school has 170 students and some 30 staff members for kindergarten through eighth grade. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i just feel really sad that it burned down. >> it's a heartbreaking task for school administrators and volunteers to sift through the rubble and try to salvage what they k the rest will be cleared away hopefully in time for the school to reopen next week. >> we told families we will call them if we cannot make it on monday. we expect to be functioning monday. >> there are books. there are computers. there are all the things that you need to run a school were in that building.
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and so it's going to take some money and some time to get it put back together. >> reporter: now just a few minutes ago, school administrators closed the gate to the school. again, they are determined to reopen on monday. live in beechwood, bay area news. and an investigation under way into a reported marijuana farm after a robbery there. it happened this morning in a remote part of morgan hill. police received calls about a possible kidnapping. they found three men, two of them said they had been tied up and robbed at gun point. the thieves reportedly fled when the third man showed up. police are asking anyone with information to call the morgan hill police department. a visitor to yosemite national park recovered after becoming the ninth person diagnosed with the deadly hanta virus. three people have already died. it is spread in the feces of
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rodents. one case a year is more typical. in recent weeks, efforts have increased revealing what health officials say is a population explosion among mice. all but one of the nine people who became infected stayed in these signature tent cabins where mice apparently were nesting in the fly wood walls. it's a done deal. the warriors are moving to santa cruz. at least the team s the final approval for a city financed stadium was reached during a city council meeting last night that lasted into the early morning. these are the rendering of the arena. the team is relocated from north dakota to santa cruz. an interesting move, just in time for the minor league basketball season to get under way. >> still to come, a child left in charge to take care of his sick mother. now the 11-year-old is facing serious charges of abuse. plus -- >> it's just hard to kind of see him and not know what's going to happen to him. >> he has been given a slim
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chance of survival. but that's not stopping the parents of a 2-year-old bay area boy from launching an online campaign to find a match. his story is coming up next. also ahead, the newest bay area city to give up plastic for good. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. near the coast it was cool. if you went anywhere near the east bay, that thermometer went up. we had 96 in livermore. 92 in lafayette. and as you look ahead to our friday forecast, we'll start with 50s for the south bay. we'll have more coming up.
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a san francisco boy is fighting for his life tonight and time is running out. jeremy congress who is 2 years old needs a bone marrow match within the next two months. we have his story and how you
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can help. >> according to the program, there are nine million people on the national bone marrow registry, 7% are asian. you really need a match in your ethnic group. that drives down the numbers even more. jeremy is chinese. as it stands in that registry, he has a 1% chance at finding a match. >> jeremy congress was just like any other 2-year-old boy. until june when doctors told anthony and alice congress that hir son suffered from a rare form of leukemia. he needs a bone marrow match by december. >> love and adore him. so, yeah, it's just hard to see him and not know what's going to happen to him. >> ruby law with theation-american donor program is fighting for the congress family. she lost a friend on tuesday.
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she got nearly 400,000 youtube views after posting a plea for a donor online. she got a bone marrow transplant after waiting three years. that was last week. law says that was too long. >> it normally takes 45 days for the cells to take after a transplant. because she already received 15 rounds of chemotherapy, her body was really weak. >> getting people to sign up for the registry is difficult. they blame east asian superstition. >> they don't want to talk about the medical needs. they don't want to talk about what could happen or what could possibly happen. don't say it or you'll jifrpg it. >> but these young parents are fighting not for one future but for two. this is when jeremy first felt his brother kicking. she is eight months pregnant. she wants jeremy to get the chance to grow up. >> he's such a great little guy. we can't think about what a great older brother he would be.
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>> i love you. >> if you are a match, you just get a swab on the inside of your cheek. and for more on how you can help with the asian-american donor program, it's on our website. >> thank you, stephanie. we have the first ever death from west nile virus. the sheriff's department released a photo of 74-year-old howard stoltz who was a volunteer with the canine unit. one deputy says he was active, very fit and an amazing man. health officials say they counted record numbers of mosquitos in the county with the virus this season. most people who get it don't even know they have it. but in california this year, it's killed five people in five different counties. more mosquito fogging is scheduled for tonight in the bay area. just about an hour from now, trucks are scheduled to fog an area of brentwood between sand
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creek parkway and balfore road. tonight's fogging will go from dusk until 11:00 p.m. weather permitting. hop on the train. it appears many are. so many bart is scrambling to meet demand. they've seen record week day ridership this month include three week days where they carried more than 400,000 riders. 85% of the fleet is in use on a typical day and it is anxious to add new train cars. more than 400 new cars are on order right now. until then, bart is advising riders could be consider rat of others and do what they can to make room for everyone. it has been cede that justice delayed is justice denied. by that standard, thousands of californians are not getting a fair hair in court. members of the civil justice association and the u.s. chamber heard some hard truths from a california supreme court justice. she says state budget cuts have crippled the courts to the point
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where people stand in line sometimes over several days just to get help with every day disputes from traffic court to divorces. >> of course, the courts have to look at their programs and priorities. and unfortunately furloughing people, laying people off and closing courtrooms and reducing hours. so all of that means that service to the public in the judicial branch has been short changed and reduced. >> even the legislature and the -- >> she says it's ironic that state lawmakers keep passing new laws while the courts don't have the resources to enforce the laws. sounding the bell for help, the california dairy industry protested the price of milk at the state capitol today. producers say they are facing a financial crisis in part because of skyrocketing feed cost caused by the drought. they're asking for an emergency price relief hearing. >> that decision has put us in a very bad position. the rest of the country when times are good and putting money
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away because they were able to turn profit, they were servicing debt and now with what's going on with the drought and what's going on with ethanol and the policies that are really raising our costs, it's compounded the issue. >> 1600 california dareies, hundreds have filed bankruptcy and many more producers are looking to sell. the secretary of agriculture has already trimmed down the request by the industry three times in the last year. a true bay area hero was honored in sacramento today. san francisco firefighter william molkeem received the medal of valor for saving two people. three public safety officers got the award in the ceremony at the stap capitol. on new years day, he rescued an elderly couple trapped inside a burning building in the china town. he retired a few months later after more than 30 years of service. governor brown says he is honoring the man for going above and beyond the cool of duty. >> it's not about getting, but
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it's about giving. it's not about grabbing, it's about sacrificing. and that takes real courage. and that's what a medal of valor is all about. >> a riverside police officer and an he will ka hone officer were also honored today. medal of valor is the highest public safety award given to officers by the state of california. and not right now we're going to get a check with jeff ranieri. it was really nice september day out there today. made me very, very happy. >> i'm glad you approved. this time of the year some people are happy. some people are not. you know what? we definitely had something for everyone. 82 in san rafael. 66 in san francisco. you head to east bay, temperatures were close to the century mark. 96. and we have 90 into gilroy. you headed anywhere near the bay, the thermometer on the car dropped about a degree per mile. that's how drastic the drop is. even at the current hour. right now we have 60 in san
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francisco. 63 in san mateo. back over to livermore, 84. let's take you live to the sky camera. this is magnificent sight. out on the weather shots tonight. we have fog rolling by at the lower levels. you can see ti higher levels clouds at the top of your screen. it almost looks like a movie set. really? could you orchestrate anything better than that? high pressure is over us now. that has a lot of hot air with it. the problem right now, the reason why you're not getting hot at the coastline is we have a slight on shore wind right down to the surface. that will continue to keep us cooler at the coastline over the next 24 to 36 hours. we also have fog to start for the morning hours. 5:00 a.m., low clouds into the north bay. also for the entire coastline. not expecting too much though for the east and also the south bay to start. and then by all indications, this will be pushing back just like it was today about 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning for a lot of sunshine friday. don't worry, this inland heat is not going to go anywhere.
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in fact for tomorrow, we'll have upper 80s and low 90s inland. lots of sunshine for the afternoon. low 80s and for the coast, it will stay on the cool side. at least you'll get sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 60s by the afternoon. a quick look at our three-day forecast and what we'll see is low 90s on friday and saturday. sunday, temperatures are going to start to drop off. we'll have more on that coming up a little bit later on. janelle and diane? >> all right. thanks a lot, jeff. we wnt to have breaking news for you right now. we understand there is a fire burning in the oakland hills. it is a single home fire. what we know is it's burning on norfolk road. that's near marlboro terrace. it's near the top of the hill near grizzly peek. we have one single family home burning in the oakland hills. obviously weather is a concern. we did see some of that fog rolling in that jeff showed us in san francisco. that could help as well. single family home burning in
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the oakland hills near grizzly peak. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. still to come, getting around the bay a whole different way. the taxi service that will give passengers a new perspective. plus, more than just a smart phone. apple's new phone isn't even out yet but is powering other tech companies, we'll show you.
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tsz a case police in elk grove say they've never seen before, an 11-year-old put in charge of his disabled mother and now charged with criminal assault. our sister station in sacramento has more tonight. >> inside this courtroom a tiny 11-year-old boy appeared today to face serious charges. >> the child was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. being the extension cord and then elder or dependent care abuse. >> but neighbors on this quiet elk rose street describe the 11-year-old as a good kid in a bad situation.
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a child serving as full time caretaker for his ailing mother. >> she was very, very ill. she continued to smoke. and maybe the son got really upset at her because he was the main man in that home, the cooking, the cleaning of the house, the father only came to put out the trash and cut the lawn. >> we tried talking to the boy's father today about why he would leave a child in charge of an ailing adult. >> is there something you can comment about your son? or your wife? sir? can you talk to us about your son? >> again, that was mike lori reporting. investors are getting a big boost from washington today and bay area app makers are getting a big boost from apple. let's check in with scott budman. he has the news and the numbers. hello. >> hello. the numbers very good. if you're holding stocks tonight, wall street on fire. thanks to the u.s. federal
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reserve which launched a new plan today to boost our slushish economy. they'll kep interest rates at record low levels until mid 2015 to make it easier to borrow money, trying to quicken the pace of economic recovery. investors love hearing that. stocks were off to the races from the opening bell. a 200-point gain for the dow. these are the highest levels we've seen since 2007. as for apple, its share price closed as an all time high today on the heels of an announcement of big money for the cooper tino company. also a big opportunity for companies working with apple. >> the new iphone 5 will be big for consumers but it will also be big for businesses. starting, of course, with apple. >> this connector is a connector for the next decade. >> beyond the phone itself, a new connector. it will come with the new phone but if you want to connect your iphone 5 with your old cord, you'll have to buy a $29
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adaptor. >> it actually makes the game easier to play. >> and whether we say big, the iphone 5 will actually add half an inch to the screen. good news for app makers who get to use the extra real estate. >> i think it's an opportunity. >> many of those app makers get advice from trilibis mobile, a company that specializes in mobile apps. it adapts to different screen sizes. >> they're interested in creating additional functionality. to engage their users even more. that's the first thing. but there is also possibility to use the real estate for additional advertising or other types of ways. >> advertising? hmmm? you are listening, facebook? or maybe companies can take a lesson from this app clumsy ninja. >> he probably didn't like that very much. he does like being tickled.
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so you can select the tickle center and tickle him a little bit. >> bigger games, more ads, this is going to be a very closely watched half an inch. if you haven't heard yet, the new iphone can be preordered starting tomorrow. it will go on sale september 21st. >> thanks, scott. still ahead, sugary drinks could cost you more in one bay area city. it's a fight to end obesity. but just who is funding this fight? we'll follow the money on both sides of the debate next. >> and the fallout continues in the middle east over an anti-muslim video. protests continue outside u.s. embassies. plus, we're learning more about the other victims in the deadly blast that killed an ambassador. and we're following breaking news in the oakland hills. here are live pictures where a home is burning on the 7,000 block of norfolk road. that is between grizzly peak boulevard and the hiller high lands neighborhood. firefighters are on scene right now. no word yet if there are any
6:27 pm
injuries. keep it here on nbc bay area for the latest information and we'll be back in a moment.
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we want to update you on that breaking news in oakland where there is a fire burning. here are live pictures of what's going on. so our understanding is that it is a single home fire at this point. it's burning on norfolk road near grizzly peak. it is north of 24. and that is the exact same area that oakland hills fire started back in 1991 and hthen spread throughout the oakland hills. we have a ground crew on the way to the fire. one house is burning as we understand it right now in the oakland hills just about hiller high lands. we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. overseas, this is the scene tonight in cairo, egypt. protesters are in the streets in front of the u.s. embassy angry over an anti-muslim movie made in the u.s.
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and in libya tonight, late word that film was a cover for the deadly consulate attack which killed u.s. ambassador chris stephens who is from the bay area and three others in the city of benghazi on tuesday. libya announced four arrests to day saying the militants timed the attack to coincide with the anniversary of september 11th. in washington, there is concern that growing foreign crisis will become a factor in the u.s. presidential campaign. nbc bay area steve handlesman reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: like in libya tuesday, today's anti-american rioting, yemen got out of control. the mob in the capital storming the u.s. embassy complex and breaking in before police beat them back. no americans reported hurt. it's the third arab nation rocked by protests aimed at the u.s. this was egypt last night. another outburst of anger over the kurd anti-muslim movie said to be made in the u.s. but not by the u.s. government.
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secretary of state clinton tried to make clear about the video today. >> we absolutely reject its content and message. >> reporter: no criticism from mitt romney. after he took hits through accusing the obama administration of sympathizing with the riots. the president, a foreign crisis close to election day, is a chance to show off leadership and a chance for a high profile stumble, campaigning in colorado, he talked tough. >> i want people around the world to hear me to all those who would do us harm. no act of terror will go unpunished. >> reporter: but in libya, the fbi is just starting an investigation. besides the four murders, and the riots faced by president obama, there is the bloody rebellion in syria and new pressure on the u.s. from israel to get tougher on iran over nuclear weapons. republicans are implying president obama is wavering.
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>> this is a moment for americans to show our closest allies that we stand with them unequivocally -- unequivocally, no mixed signals. >> the middle east suddenly a factor in the race for the white house. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, washington. and we are learning more tonight about the other americans killed in yesterday's attack in libya. two of the men were former u.s. navy seals from san diego county. 4 #-year-old len d doherty was a trained sniper that worked as a private security contractor in countries including pakistan, afghanistan, and yemen. he was employed to protect the u.s. ambassador and had arrived in libya a week ago. he entered the seals in 1995 and ended his military service ten years later. his family says he was an avid pilot who loved the outdoors. len lived life to the fullest. he was my brother. but if you ask his friends, he was their brother as well.
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the fourth american killed has been identified is tyrone woods. this is video of his home in imperial beach. he was a navy seal for 20 years and leaves behind a newborn baby and two teenage sons. >> you can continue to follow this story on our website as well at we'll have complete details including funeral information when it becomes available. the national cathedral in washington, d.c., was packed today for a memorial service for neil armstrong. he died late last month but the memorial service showed tribute to him are far from over. fellow crew members buzz aldrin and michael come linz were among those in the packed cathedral. nasa administrator said armstrong should be remembered for more than just taking human kind's first small step on a world beyond our own. >> it was courage, grace, and humility he displayed throughout
6:34 pm
his life that lifted him above the stars. >> the memorial was here partly because of the space window, the stained glass imbedded with the moon rock brought back by armstrong and his crew. neil armstrong was 8 #. as his last request, he will be buried at sea. putting a lid on super sized sodas. new york city has passed a ban on giant drinks. it's the city's latest attempt as curbing the obesity epidemic. the city's bored of health approved a limit of 16 ounces when it comes to selling sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants and movie theaters. it does not apply to grocery stores. the aim is to cut calories more than 50% of new yorkers are considered overweight or obese. the ban will not apply to low calorie fruit juices, diet soft drinks or dairy based drinks like milk shakes. >> no soda for you is a battle bubbling up in richmond over a proposed tax on sodas and sugary
6:35 pm
drinks there. no surprise the beverage industry is pouring a lot of money to defeat measure n. to night we follow that money, how it's being spent and where the money would end up if this proposal becomes law. nbc bay area's jessica agery explains. >> reporter: in the eyes of richmond councilman, this bottle of soda is one of the biggest contributors of childhood obesity. >> it is the smoking gun. this is liquid sugar. this is absolutely the worst. >> reporter: that's why you proposed measure n. >> one-third of our african-american and latino fifth and seventh graders were obese. >> reporter: if voters aprofit measure on november 6th, the city will charge richmond businesses a penny for every ounce of sugary drinks they sell. bringing in an estimated three million a year. >> every single penny that's of the proceeds from measure n would go unrestricted into the city's general fund.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: the no on the campaign spokesman. this is a city ordinance proposal and it says the proceeds of the fee will go into the city's general fund and will be available for any lawful municipal purpose. the councilman says there is a good explanation why he didn't earmark the money specifically toward anti-obesity measures. >> if you stipulate you need two-thirds majority to win. we don't want a small minority to derail this. >> reporter: so richmond residents have faith the politicians will do the right thing and support the measure. >> i think the money if used right can do so much good right here in the city of richmond. >> others, the women at cutin' up hair salon, aren't so sure. >> i don't think one city should be singled out. >> that doesn't make any sense to me. and what are they going to do with the money? >> educating the community on the dangers of sugary beverages is a better idea than taxing people. >> reporter: the community
6:37 pm
coalition against beverage taxes is doing what it can to defeat the measure including spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> it's lal over $300,000 has been spent on the campaign. >> and more could be spent. >> it's probably the majority of what we're going to spend. but i can't say that for sure. >> the american beverage association which includes coke, pepsi, and dr pepper bankrolled this initiative and we took a close look at their campaign spending report filed with the state. here's what we found. nearly $60,000 spent on billboards which are plastered all over the city. $5700 on campaign literature and mailings. more than $140,000 spent on political consultants. and more than $130,000 on polling and survey research. >> they're telling people and there is a new formula. so my interpretation of that is that they're frightened we're going to win.
6:38 pm
>> the councilman has acknowledged, okay, that the reporting contained added sugar is covered. >> more so than soda. it is juices and sports drinks. >> but one thing is certain, obesity a nationwide epidemic, cities are watching richmond to see what happens in this election. nbc bay area news. okay. we put all the campaign documents on our website as well as childhood obesity information from the cdc on our website. that is still ahead at 6:00, the high profile honor for golden's boys. how the little league team is getting kudos at the nation's capital. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc area bay area weather center. we're tracking the oakland hills fire. right now what we know a single family home on fire. no word on any acreage or
6:39 pm
damage. winds gusting to 0. that is not helping firefighters. humidity on the increase with fog rolling in. that's the good news. 73%. we'll have more coming up throughout the show. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made.
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all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters. we want to update you on our wraeking news in the oakland hills. a fire, a one alarm house fire is burning on the 7,000 block of norfolk road. the helicopter is panning off. they were just showing the home. it's on the right side of your screen. it's a cream home. you can see the terrain is very steep in the area. a lot of expansive and nice homes in the neighborhood. firefighters are on the scene. they're getting the upper hand. the smoke seems to be dissipating. but there are gusty winds about
6:42 pm
20 miles per hour. certainly not helping the situation. as well as the high temperatures today. but again, a fire, one home burning in the oakland hills on the 7,000 block of norfolk road. that is between grizzly peak boulevard and the hiller high lands neighborhood. no word yet of any injuries. keep it right here ande'll keep you posted on any updates. san francisco's going greener by extending the ban on plastic bags. a superior court judge upheld the new law which is scheduled to take effect next month. all retailers and pharmacies are now banned from giving plastic bags at checkout. starting next summer, all restaurants also have to comply. and like other cities in the bay area, retail stores are required to charge customers 10 cents for every paper bag given at the checkout stand. >> more praise for the boys from pent looma. congresswoman hit one out of the park when she took to the house floor yesterday in washington. she touted her hometown heroes and their run at the little
6:43 pm
league world series. >> i rise today to salute the little league 1-year-o2-year-ol stars from my hometown. i salute them for their amazing run in the 2012 little league world series. i couldn't be prouder of the way they represented our community and themselves. >> that speech is now part of the congressional record. she addressed the floor for four minutes. she recounted the achievements of every player on the team. >> that's nice. i like that. remember that incredible inning where they came back and had ten runs? it was crazy. we were so close. they were so close. >> they did so well. >> what's going on? >> we have cool weather on the coastline. it is hot in the east bay. we're tracking that heat. of course the conditions in oakland. and right now that is not smoke. that is fog rolling into the city. we'll have details on that in a few. this is an rc robotic claw.
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my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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there's a whole new way to get around san francisco. as nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us, it doesn't travel around the bay, it travels on it. >> i'm the youngest brother of a bunch of old great sailors. >> reporter: for most of his life growing up, taylor lewis never strayed far from water. >> kind of always been around the maritime community.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: now he's using his past to start a first of its kind service on the bay. >> traffic game changer. like to check in from the day. >> reporter: starting to day lewis and his company tideline marine group is laufrnling the first service. it is an on demand dock to dock service aiming to give passengers a new transportation. >> water taxi has been around for a while. >> it wasn't until this week that port commission signed off on the plan and gave tideline use of three docks along the waterfront including one near at&t park. >> this is one of our landing spots in the contract we just received. >> reporter: stops include pier one and a half and the hide street pier and will eventually expand throughout the bay. >> there is one way to get from two points. we're trying to redefine how people see the bay.
6:47 pm
>> his service is one of two approved by the port. san francisco water taxi company will soon launch a different sort of service along the waterfront. >> the san francisco water taxi service, you can think of more as like a gray line style hop on, hop off tour coach that will take you around the water up and down the san francisco waterfront. >> reporter: lewis envisions customers booking games to giants games, restaurants and night life. >> we're going to run late at night, like 3:00 in the morning. >> he says prices will run about as much as a regular cab with amazing bay views without owl the pesky buildings getting in the way. >> beautiful clouds today. >> nbc bay area news. what a great day to be out on the water. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> it sure is. numbers were up here mainly for the interior valleys. stayed cool at the coastline. 8 # in santa rosa.
6:48 pm
all that heat was trapped back in the east bay with 96 in livermore. and 90 in gilroy. we have so much hot air aloft that it is heating inland. you have the cooler breeze undercutting that hot air. that's why the coastline stays cooler for today. right now most numbers dropping into the 60s. also including oakland. that is good news for firefighters. we brought you to earlier in that breaking news battling that single family fire in the hills. let's take you out to our live sky camera network. what you see is clear conditions in san jose. beautiful green landscape for tonight. a little bit of mid level cloud cover. san francisco, it just gets better and better. the fog rolling on in. the sunsetting. also some mid level cloud cover here across the bay area. let's bring you back into the weather boards. what we're going to find is this autumn air for next week will continue to gain strength. it could drop our temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees as we
6:49 pm
head into that seven day forecast. for the next 48 hours, we're going to be at the mercy of high pressure. it will keep it mainly warm in the interior valleys. that's because at the coastline we have this cooler breeze right up against the immediate coastline. also for the enins la. we'll find a mix 60s to san francisco and pacifica. and then we'll find 80s near the bay and also few 90s here for the extreme interior valleys. by saturday, plenty of sunshine in that forecast. let's get you in hour by hour for tomorrow morning. we'll have fog up here to start. off the coastline, it's going to clear out quickly by 10:00 a.m. we're looking at more sunshine returning. day time highs on friday. we stay similar to what we had today. 8 san jose. 87 in evergreen. back for the east bay, we'll find temperatures the warmest here. 9 o in pleasantton and also 91 along the creek. and 07's by the bay.
6:50 pm
san francisco, 69. 8 ain santa rosa. and 70 in pacifica. that is the warmest. we'll find low 06's in half moon bay. berkeley, 72. vallejo, 79. three-day forecast has low 9 o's inland. friday and saturday. then that ocean ac will kick in for a lot of the bay area by sunday. temperatures start to drop into the 80s. here comes that larger increase by next week. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we have mid 80s inland. i'm being conservatives on the numbers. we could see upper 7 o's. no rain at this point. but it is a pattern transitioning. you know, for about the first time in three years it seems like fall is around the corner and the numbers are actually responding. so we'll see what this year has in store for us. >> thanks a lot. >> you're welcome. >> let's get to sports. >> live in the comcast newsroom to tell us what's going on. >> janelle and diane, how you doing, everybody? let's get it started with
6:51 pm
baseball. giants have the day off. they get ready for their series with arizona and the diamondbacks. the bay area team was in action. the as had a chance to make a little history. let's go to southern california. the as going for a record 12th straight road win. no score until torii hunter hits the solo home run off bret anderson. a runner on second. singles to center. eric aybar scores. it's now 5-0. torii hunter again. this time he singles to center. alberto scores. major league leading 16 ng time they've been shutout this year. what will that mean for the playoffs? because we have the rays taking on the orioles. they're looking to avoid the sweep. baltimore, 2-1 in the eighth. desmond jennings scores on the infield single. this game will head to extra innings. in the 14-20, they bloop one to
6:52 pm
left. matt choi can't miss. orioles win 3-2. they still hold down the top wild card spot. a pie in the face. that's what you get when you do something good. you get hit in the face. randy moss, mario manningham and brandon jacobs a few of the toys that the 49ers added to their offense the off-season. but as many botched rors from 49ers headquarters, the red and gold might have some outside the line options sunday against the lions. >> detroit defensive lineman may be the same from last year, the 49ers xpakt to see much different defensive front this monday. >> they're a lot more dialed in. i think the more experienced. working another year together. so they're flowing with each otherment seeing a lot of quickness and speed. >> they line up in different configurations. you know, they pressure more. they blitz you more. you have to be ready for it. i think it's really added to
6:53 pm
their profile. >> but greg roman is adding to the 49ers profile as well. constantly creating different formations, he rolled out a new one against green bay, butting leonard davis and daniel killgore in new positions. >> a lot of it is me running up in a tight end position which, you know, i've never done before. it is kind of fun. it's kind of challenging at times. >> get in there and practice that and get used to the angles. it is much different from where i am at center. it's fun. i enjoy it. >> kilgore played a wingback for the first time ever and the effect of this super sized package is obvious. >> and he is in. touchdown 49ers. >> i think leonard does that by himself. but, you know, more importantly, you know, just attitude. that whole formation says we're going to try to run a play and we're not deviating from anything. >> our mentality is try to stop
6:54 pm
us. >> romans didn't want me to reveal exactly how many new formations he created taking advantage of davis and kilgore's size and strength. we may see more of them sunday against detroit. the lions defensive front had four sacks in their game one win over the rams, three of them by the starters. >> thank you, mindy. and we have an update from the motor city. calvin johnson returned to the practice field today after missing wednesday's practice with an apparent foot injury. johnson should be good to go against the 49ers come sunday. and the hand shake revisited. it's right here on nbc bay area. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. >> and after the game on nbc bay area news and the news, by the way, i'm going to have highlights and reaction xlug sports sunday after that. i'll be joined by the former 49er joe medney.
6:55 pm
more news straight ahead.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
here are live pictures of the fire burning in the east bay hills. we're told as can you see here, it's a single home fire burning on norfolk road that's just north of hiller high lands. you can also see from the smoke here that the wind is pushing the smoke and the fire. jeff ranieri tells us the winds gusting at 0 miles an hour. again, this whole area burned in the oakland hills fire back in 1991. it has all been rebuilt. we'll bring you more tonight at 11:00. . ah.
6:58 pm
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