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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 15, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, police question the alleged filmmaker of the anti-muslim film that sparked deadly riots around the world. and the president sends a message to those who attacked the u.s. embassy in libya. also, a pop-up scene in the east bay that gives a lifeline to veterans continues this weekend. we'll show you where it is and when it will shut down. and how a looming nhl lockout could make a big i pact in the south bay. >> nbc bay area news starts right now. >> good evening to you. i'm kris sanchez in. outrage over a controversial film made in the u.s. continues to spread around the world has federal officials question a convicted felon in california who may have helped to make that movie. dozens of anti-american protests
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and demonstrations are being held in cities around the world. tonight there are so many questions about the movie that led to the violence and the attack in libya which claimed the lives of four americans. nbc bay area's kimberly terry have in the newsroom with the latest. >> kim, today the man believed to be behind the con tr verse shul innocence of muslim's youtube video was brought in with federal officers. since the movie ignited, the filmmaker has been out of public view, staying with his family in their home. with his face covered, he willingly went to be questioned about possible probation violations. in 2010 the 55-year-old pleaded no contest to federal bank fraud changes and banned from using the computers or internet as part of his seasntence. >> he's not in custody. nobody is under arrest, he came along willingly. he was cooperative. absolutely no incident. he was very helpful to our
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deputy sheriffs. >> reporter: after about an hour and a half he was released and dropped off at an undisclosed location. today protests around the anti-american movie. students drew more than 2,000 people, the group chanted, death to america." in doha, qatar, hundreds marched toward the u.s. embassy there, demanding they leave, the u.s. embassy shut down and that the american government prosecute the producer of the movie. in sydney, australia, a number of people were injured. while the global demonstrations spread, the focus for the u.s. government remains on the deadly attack during one of the first protests which happened on september 11th at the u.s. consulate in libya. >> the question is was this just a target of opportunity or was this something, yeah, that where support and direction from the outside -- >> reporter: a day after receiving the bodies of the four
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americans killed in that attack, president obama sent a signal to the world. >> those who attack our people will find no escape from justice. >> because of security concerns over anti-american violence a state department has ordered that all family members and non-essential u.s. government personnel from posts in sudan and tunisia leave. a travel warning has been issued to american citizens in those two countries. >> thank you very much, kimberly. the taliban says the anti-muslim film is part of the reason for the attack on the camp in southern afghanistan on friday in which two u.s. marines were killed if group has claimed responsibility for that assault. the british royal prince harry who is based there for four months on his second tour of duty was about a mile away when that attack happened. a san jose neighborhood is struggling to cope with the aftermath of a deadly accident. an 8-year-old boy was killed last night when he rode his bike out of a driveway and into the path of an oncoming truck. today friends, neighbors bs and
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even stray jers garth thered to write sympathy and support at a growing memorial. >> somebody's kid, somebody's little brother, that's really sad. if it happened to my brother, thank god it didn't happen to him, i would be destroyed. honestly. i would probably do anything to bring my brother back, you know? >> the accident happened near the intersection of farm drive and decon court. the boy was rushed to the hospital but he was pronounced dead there. police say the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and cooperated fully with the investigation. they do add that this is a tragic reminder of the importance of driving slower than the speed limit in areas that are dark and densely populated. also in san jose, a wake-up call this morning. a car crashes into a house even before dawn and n. east san jose. it was just about 2:30 in the morning near the intersection of north white road. fire officers tell us one person was taken to the hospital with
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minor injuries. that home, as you can imagine, sustained significant damage. the battle against the west nile virus continues tonight in the south bay. santa clara county control is scheduled to south san jose starting tonight at 11:00, weather permitting. the fogging zone is between blossom hill road, cottle road, and chesbro avenue. adult mosquitos found in that area tested positive for the virus earlier this week. there have been two confirmed cases of the west nile virus in humans in the bay area. both of them in contra costa county and there have been five deaths statewide. tens of thousands of volunteers fanned out across the bay area and the state today with one goal in mind and that was to clean up the coastline. today marked california's annual coastal clean-up day. more than 800 locations got a bit of a makeover. one of the locations was san leanne dro where volunteers very handed trash bag, recyclable
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bags, gloves, and asked to remove any debris they found. >> i am surprised. there's a lot of coffee cups, tissue paper, those can holders that kill the birds. >> you know, this is our home and so trashing a home is like -- it's really hurting. >> coastal clean-up day is the state's largest volunteer event and it's 28th year it's been held. a lockout is looming. nhl officials and representatives of the players union did not hold any formal talks today. that now sets the stage for a lockout to be impose bid the league when they collective bargaining agreement expires at 9:00 tonight. at its core, the dispute is about money. players currently receive 57% of hockey-related revenue but the observers want to bring that number down by as much as 10%. the lockout would be the league's fourth work stoppage
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just since 1992. nbc bay area joins us now from hp pavilion from san jose to show how it could affect business necessary downtown area. we all know know it gets rowdy down there by the shark tank on game nights. hi there. >> hello. and the sharks organization, by the way, will not be commenting officially on the situation until the current collective bargaining agreement expires, which is at 9:00 tonight. in the meantime, good news is that usually thrive when there is hockey here at hp pavilion. they are now bracing themselves for a lockout. while players and owners play their big money game of chicken, those who depend an nhl season are already flinching. >> wondering how we're going to make rent, wondering how we're going to pay our bills. it's been a slow season for us already. >> reporter: during a typical hockey season, game nights, downtown san jose turns into a boomtown. >> that's when we get most of
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our business. it's packed in here. you know, four deep through the bar, like all of us are going crazy the whole time. >> talking about night and day. 800 customers and 20 customers. you know. it's a huge dramatic difference. >> reporter: but when you take away those home games at the shark tank, it can easily turn into a ghost town. >> if you don't have that on a regular basis, effort season, it impacts every business down here. if you look right now, tables are empty. i'm pretty sure they are around the corner as well. >> reporter: and as for the sharks fans who would otherwise flock downtown to drink in the atmosphere, without hockey, staying home becomes a bigger part of their lifestyle. >> i would be extremely disappointed, yeah. i would be more disappointed with no season, obviously. but, you know, i don't know whether it's worth bhil the season is going to run 20 games or something like that. >> it's a fun, social atmosphere. without it, it's just kind of just another day. >> reporter: now, not only will all of those downtown businesses
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suffer, but so will all of the hp pavilion employees and vendors who work during the hockey games. training camp was supposed to start on the 21st of this month with opening day being on october 11th. there was no bargaining between the two sides today so there's really nothing to stop a lockout from happening. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> shocking that it's the fourth time. thank you very much. next at 5:00, a lifeline for homeless veterans where vets can get help with everything from free hair cuts to hot meals. and it is a wine-making first in the bay area. why a rabbi from the east coast traveled west to make the next jewish holiday an even more festive one. and good evening from the nbc bay area weather center. this evening another warm day across the bay area. hang on. change is on the way. we're getting rid of the 90s that reached up in fairfield today. and also that marine layer starting to weaken. we'll break down your sunday forecast after this.
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tent city popped up in the bay area. a guest list was an exclusive one, it was bay area veterans. operation stand down is now in full swing. >> major anxiety issues, being in closed spaces, sleeping.
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>> reporter: that's just a snapshot of what marine veteran tomas is dealing with. just back from two tours of duty in iraq, 26-year-old from oakland is homeless, jobless, and lacking direction. >> it's hard. i mean, it's hard coming back and being used to something for so long and then coming back to civilian life and trying to adjust and find work where being in the military, it's -- your days are planned. >> reporter: but thanks to operation standdown, menina is not without hope. an entire tent city has sprung up on the county fair grounds. vets from across the bay area are getting much needed help, from hair cuts to hot meals to legal services. it's all here. >> the services provided here are, in a sense, everything you might need. we have dentists, doctors, orthopedists, dermatologists.
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>> reporter: jack bartholomew knows what a difference operation standdown can make. he went from a homeless client to a tent leader who now has a job, a home, and a new outlook. >> i finally just had to straighten my life around once i found this program, to help me get my life on the right path. >> reporter: meanwhile, he is hoping to clean up his credit and take care of some tax issues so he, too, can get back on track. he says there are thousands like him who have served their country but been dealt a tough hand. >> most veteran, at least in my generation, are young when they join. especially in the marine corps, joining right out of high school and not really knowing about taxes or just anything really. i mean, we're just growing up. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc area, bay news. >> the tent city will last through tomorrow. all of the services being offered at the east bay standdown are being paid for through donations.
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still to come at 5:00, a wine fit for the holidays, a bay area winery is trying to perfect the art monk of kosher wine. (car horn)
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tomorrow evening marks the start of the jewish new year but for many jewish families when they raise a glass the options for toasting the holiday are somewhat limited. nbc bay area shows us how a livermore rabbi is hoping to change that. >> reporter: the livermore valley has a reputation for some of the nation's finest wines.
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for many, those fine wines are undrinkable. that's because to those of the jewish faith, they simply aren't kosher. >> born in new york city, never seen a vineyard in my life. >> reporter: we may not know the working end of a grape crusher, this rabbi is out to change livermore's wine industry, he is teaming up with the wine maker to create what he says is the region's first kosher wine. >> to be able to fuse the livermore wine culture with the jewish community is bringing it to the. >> he will face a steep learning curve. background as a manhattanite didn't exactly prepare him for the rigors of crushing and barreling. >> in my culture skyscrapers and yellow taxicabs, this is as foreign to me as was antarctica. >> reporter: fortunately he will follow under the wine makers/foreman, donating the grapes, equipment, and the know
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how. >> everything has to be touched and done by the rabbi, so technically he will be making the wine. he even wants to drive the forklift. >> reporter: despite the limitations, they hope to produce 70 cases of kosher cabernet in time for next year's holiday. >> the rabbi says he has to punch down his particular grapes. i said, great, you can punch down some of mine while you're at it. >> reporter: in order for the wine to be labeled kosher, he must supervise everything from the crushing of grapes to the cleaning of machinery. though he isn't sure what the wine will be called or where it will be sold, he is sure he will be toasting the next jewish new year in style. >> today certainly would have been a nice day to be walking through the vineyard. anthony is here with a look at the forecast. foggy to start the day but lovely. >> what, you didn't get in and
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walk the bay area no, wine between the shows? we'll talk about that during the break. look at temperatures. very comfortable. if you're making plans to head out for an evening dinner. warm in gilroy at 90. 88 in livermore. big pictures of things, quiet set-up. high pressure across the southern half of california. there's a cool pool of air across the a zen sif fik. that's going to slide this way. basically, it's going to cool our temperatures by a couple of degrees each and every day. we're not talking about a big cooldown but tomorrow into tuesday -- or monday and tuesday, we're basically talking about each and every day a degree off our daytime high. 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be a little breezier than today, especially at that coastline as that area of low pressure starts to develop and those tight pressure gradients start to form across the pacific. for tomorrow morning i'll get another cool start in santa rosa. 51 in napa. 55 in san francisco. 54 in oakland to start the day.
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tomorrow, again, not as warm as it was today. temperatures got into the lower 90s in places like livermore. over near fairfield tomorrow. a couple of degrees in livermore. 85 in walnut creek. 81 in san jose. tomorrow, san francisco, a little bit cooler. but, hey, there's football going on. everybody likes cool weather with football, right? by tomorrow afternoon, the 49ers will be taking on the detroit lions. that's right on 5:20 so you won't be seeing us tomorrow at that time. you will be watching football. very comfortable football weather. on that three-day forecast, each and every day again, temperatures tack off a bit. one 20 two degrees depending on where you're at. at the coast it gets chilly by monday and tuesday with lower 60s in places like san francisco with a little bit of patchy drizzle and fog tomorrow morning. and that fog and drizzle each and every day until about tuesday. a ridge starts to build so by wednesday and thursday, kris, we will being looking at temperatures similar to today, upper 80s and lower 90s. no major changes.
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but, hey, fall is one week away from today. get ready. >> time flies. well, cal/bears are probably wishing they were playing at home. comcast sportsnet is here to look at sports. how are you doing, henry? >> doing great, chris. better than some local football teams. hang with us because it is a very big day in sports. the gridiron, college football kicked into hi gear. cal/bears had a tough test in columbus against the ohio state buckeyes. twelfth team ranked in the country and it went down to the wire. highlights are next. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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this weekend. both cal and stanford face opponents ranked in the top 15th on the counrowountrcountry. usc trojans are tied at seven. meanwhi meanwhile, the cal bears were huge underdogs on the road. yes r yes, they faced them, cal trailed 27 in the quarter. third that is. brendan bigelow spins. breaks loose. 89 yards to the goal line. six-point game with the extra point. in the fourth quarter we were tied at 28-28 cal with a chance to take the lead. but their kicker missed his third field goal of the day. three plays later, here comes the buckeyes, 72-yard td pass to devin smith. ohio state wins, 35-28 is your final. well, it's mid september and both bay area baseball teams have the mlb 34r5ioffs in their
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cross hairs. there's a lot to be excited about for giants and as fans as october approaches and each game takes an added significance. right now giants have a one-run lead over the arizona diamondbacks. we'll get to that score a little bit later. over in oakland, the as are still riding high after a 3-2 victory over the oils in front of a sellout crowd last night at the coliseum. both teams are looking to secure their spots in the playoffs. and the players are looking forward to another electric atmosphere. >> i feel like we came the other way, especially the way the game ended. nobody expected it to end that way but everybody was pumped up. we saw everybody's emotions run wild. it's good to see a full pack. hopefully we can get it again tonight and take it again tonight. >> well, you always try to ride the good games and take the momentum from the day before. it was a good game from a fan's perspective. there were a lot of people out here. seemed to be a lot of excitement. you know, in the ballpark, which
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ask always good. our players feed off that. >> before we get out of here, don't forget 9ers prime time showdown with the lions. sunday night at candlestick is on the horizon. catch this game right here on nbc bay area. after the game, tune in to the official post-game show at 9:00, catch xfinity sports sunday right here on nbc bay area. once again, that's going to be a huge game, kris. harbaugh and his guys may be the best team in the nfl. still very early though. >> i'm sure that cal bears kicker is hoping that everybody is talking about that and not about him. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks, henry. when we come back, we will take you to an open audition for an historical bay area musical.
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beach blanket babylon wants you, the longest running musical review in theater history held auditions for male and female singers today. and dozens of people waited in line for hours at the club in san francisco this afternoon for that chance, to wow the audience with their musical talent. "beach blanket babylon" follows snow white white as she takes a journey along the world in saech for prince charming. she has a star-studded changing lineup, including lady gaga and justin bieber and even president barack obama to name a few if show's producer says they will be reviewing videotaped audition throughout the week as well. and anthony didn't make it over. >> i was like, oh, man. i got to work. but that lineup of all of those characters? >> it would be awesome. >> a twist. lady gaga and obama in the same thing? >> same thing. that's "beach blanket babylon." thank you for watching us. nbc nightly news is next. we will be back with you right here at 6:00.


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