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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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at its core, this dispute is over money. right now players get 57% of hockey-related revenue. owners want to knock that down by as much as 10%. the lockout would be the league's fourth work stoppage since 1992. nbc bay area has more from the h.p. pavillion in san jose with what this could mean for businesses that depend on the sharks. arturo? >> reporter: training camp was supposed to start on the 21st of this month. opening day was supposed to be october 11. now it seems that schedule is in jeopardy of being disrupted. it's creating a lot of an excite among employees and vendors here at h.p. pavillion who work during the hockey season. and it's just as frustrating for busy in downtown san jose. -- businesses in downtown san jose. while players and owners play their big-money game of chicken, those who depend on an nhl season are already flinching. >> wondering how we're going to make rent. wondering how we're going to pay our bills. it's been a slow season for us
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already, and we're struggling to get shifts. >> reporter: during a typical hockey season, especially game nights, downtown san jose turns into a boomtown. >> that's when we get most of our business. it's packed in here four deep through the barment like all of us are going crazy the whole time. >> talking about night and day. you're talking 800 customers and 20 customers. a huge, dramatic difference. >> reporter: but when you take away those home game at the shark tank, it can easily turn into a ghost town. >> if you don't have that on a regular basis, especially for the season, it impacts every business down here. i mean, if you look now -- tables are empty. i'm pretty sure around the corner tables are empty, as well. >> reporter: as for the fans who would otherwise flock downtown to drink in the atmosphere, without hockey, staying home becomes a bigger part of their lifestyle. >> i'd be extremely disappointed, yeah. i'd be more disappointed with no season, obviously. but you know, i don't know if
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the -- if it's worth it to run 20 games. >> it's a fun social atmosphere. without it, it's just another day. >> reporter: the sharks organization will not be commenting officially on the situation until at least after the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement which expires, again, at 9:00 tonight. now, there was no bargaining between the two sides today. so at least for now, there is nothing that will prevent a lockout. live in san jose, arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> tough for fans and businesses. thank you. if your weekend plans involve flying interest or out of sfo or picking up a visitor, be ready it wait. airport officials expect delays for the next three weekends while one of the main runways is shut down for safety improvements. the first temporary shutdown began last night at 10:00. it will last until 8:00 monday morning. a san jose neighborhood is still struggling to cope with the aftermath of a deadly accident. an 8-year-old boy was killed last night when he rode his bike
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out of a driveway and into the path of a truck. today friends, neighbors, even strangers gathered to write messages of sympathy and support at a growing memorial. >> it's somebody's kid and somebody's little brother, that's really sad. like if it would happen to my brother, i would be destroyed. honestly. i would probably do anything to bring my brother back, you know? >> the accident happened near the intersection of farm drive and concord. the boy was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead there. police say the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and cooperated fully with the investigation. the boy was not wearing a helmet. police add that this is a tragic reminder of slowing down in areas that are dark and densely populated. also in san jose, what a wake-up call this morning. a car crashed into a house early in east san jose. it was about 2:30 this morning near the intersection of maybry and north white road.
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fire officials tell us one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the home sustained significant damage. the battle against the west nile virus continues tonight in the south bay. santa clara county control is scheduled to fog an area in south san jose starting tonight at 11:00, weather permitting. the fogging zone is the area between blossom hill road, coddle road, curie, and chesbro avenue. adult mosquitoes tested positive for the virus earlier this week. so far this year, there is been two confirmed cases of the west nile virus in humans in the bay area. both of them in contra costa county. statewide, however, there have been five deaths. tens of thousands of volunteers fanned out across the bay area and the state today with one goal in mind, and that was to clean up the coast. today marked california's annual coastal cleanup day. more than 800 locations got a makeover. one of the spots was in san leandro where volunteers were
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handed trashbags, bags for recyclable goods, and gloves. they weresked to remove any debris they found. >> i am surprised. there's a lot of coffee cups, tissue paper. those can holders that kill the birds. >> you know, this is our home. and someone trashing a home is like -- it's hurting. >> coastal cleanup day is the state's largest volunteer event. and this is its 28th year. the no-tax bargain for online shoppers is now over. california's amazon tax took effect overnight. it is the new law that requires internet-only stores to start charging sales tax ranging from 7.25% to 9.25%. amazon used to leave it up to customers to pay the taxes themselves. but less than a half percent of californians were actually doing that. and that was costing the state
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more than $1 million every year. so how are people reacting? amazon says it saw a spike in about -- of about 10% in sales as many people rushed to buy those big-ticket items before the tax kicked in at midnight. coming up next at 6:00, the alleged filmmaker of the anti-muslim film that caused a violent backlash is being interviewed by police in southern california. also, how one man is keeping his wife's legacy alive at a south bay school. it is tonight's "bay area proud." and why a famous bay area musical is looking for the next justin bieber. maybe barack obama? literally. ♪ [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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outrage over a controversial film made in the u.s. continues to spread around the world as federal officials question a convicted felon in california who may have helped to make that movie. dozens of anti-american protests and demonstrations are being held around the world. and tonight, there are still many questions about that movie that led to the violence and the attack in libya which claimed the lives of four americans. nbc bay area's kimberly thieri has the latest. >> reporter: the california man behind the youtube video was brought in for an interview with federal officers. since the movie ignited a firestorm of anger, he's been
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out of public view, staying with family. with its face covered, nikoula basseley naloula willingly went to be question good possible probation violations. in 2010, the 55-year-old pled no contest to federal bank fraud charges and was banned from using computers or the internet as part of his sentence. >> he's not in custody. >> no. >> nobody's under arrest. he came along willingly. he was cooperative, absolutely no incidents. he was very help fful to dew pot sheri -- to dew poiputy sheriffs. >> reporter: today angry protests continue. an angry protest of university students drew more than 2,000 people. the group chanted, "death to america." in qatar, hundreds of residents marched for the u.s. embassy there, demanding the ambassador leave, the u.s. embassy shut
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down, and that the american government prosecute the producers of the movie. in sydney,ous, ouaustralia, rio police clashed with protesters. while the global demonstrations spread, the focus of the u.s. government remains on the deadly attack during one of the first protests which happened on september 11 at the u.s. consulate in libya. >> the question is, did they -- of this just a target of opportunity, or was this something that -- where support and direction from the outside. >> reporter: a day after receiving the bodies of the four americans killed in that attack, president obama sent a signal to the world. >> those who attack our people will find no escape from justice. >> reporter: because of security concerns over anti-american violence, the state department has ordered that all family members and nonessential u.s. government personnel from posts in sudan and tunisia leave. a travel warning has also been issued to american citizens in the two countries. kris? >> thank you very much, kimberly. ahead at 6:00, a love story that is now seven decades old.
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see how one man's devotion to his wife is turning into care for the sick. it is a story to make you "bay area proud." and good evening from the nbc bay area weather center this evening. we're tracking warm conditions across the area. in fact, many of us in the east and south bay got into the 80s and 90s. things are about to change. a marine layer is deepening and a trough swinging in. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries.
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but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] you could say our "bay area proud" story is about an officer and a gentleman. the gentleman is 93-year-old red carston. the officer, his late wife
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dorot dorothy. red says dorothy was immensely proud of her military service. even prouder of her chosen profession of nursing. how he chose to honor it and her is nbc bay area's "bay area proud." >> reporter: on the san jose state campus, up on the fourth floor of the health services building is where you'll find clues to a love affair going back 70 years. one that's not over yet. the one between the late dorothy carston and the love of her life, red. >> even today i'm as much in love with her now as i was the day she died. this one's her -- >> reporter: the two met when the world was at war. >> many years ago -- >> reporter: in 1942. red, a teenage soldier from brookly brockton, massachusetts, was sent to be ward master. at a station hospital in iceland -- >> that was one of my duties -- >> reporter: where the head nurse was a certain brunette from buffalo. >> i saw her sitting at the
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desk. immediately it was love at first sight. >> reporter: she clearly felt the same. and their bond grew as their unit moved across europe. deer the dorothy landing on the beaches of normandy after the d-day invasion. >> she was helping casualties. >> reporter: she was an officer and he was not. they had to keep their relationship a secret. >> we'd go to the movies. we'd sit in the back row in the movie house, where we could hold hands. that was the little things we used to do to be able to be with each other. >> reporter: after the war, red and dorothy settled in san jose where for 25 years she was night shift supervisor at san jose hospital and red, ever the dutiful husband, would every night help get her ready for work. >> i was delegated the one to polish her shoes nightly. >> reporter: when dorothy died two years ago, red admits he was lost. >> after she passed, i was in a
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fog. >> reporter: not until he struck on the idea of starting a nursing scholarship at san jose state in dorothy's name did his life gain meaning again. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he gained more than that, though. >> hi. hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> reporter: you see, the scholarship it turns out came with more than money. it came with a healthy dose of red. >> we refer to him as uncle red. >> reporter: tiffany lowe and verona montgomery regularly see him, come over to the house for dinner, and hear stories about dorothy. >> it's given everything i do a meaning, a direction. it says, like, i'm following her and being like her, and i have the opportunity to be great like her. >> reporter: none of which red believes is news to dorothy. he regularly visits her grave and updates her on the goings-on in his life. >> as i speak, we're being televised. >> reporter: he says theirs is a love story he would wish on anyone. a love story that has lasted a lifetime and then some.
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garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> hope my husband says nice things like that about me when i'm gone, too. meteorologist anthony slaughter is here with hopefully, you know, everybody says nice things about us when we're gone, huh? >> i hope so. even when we have bad news. that was a great story. man, make you think about the bigger picture, you know? let's talk about that bigger picture. of course, with fall just one week away, we have our fall outlook. here it is. we are showing you what the climate prediction center has issued this past week for the bay area. and here are the three things to take home. we are under an el nino watch as we head through november. that basically mean between now and november, as fall begins to move in, we're looking at below average temperatures, specifically inland because, of course, closer to the coast you get less influence you have of the air as it makes its way toward warming the surface. now as we also talk about that rain, yeah, it's also going to bring in a wetter rain season. this will be interesting to see
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how the next few months pan out. right now, beautiful, 84 degrees in gilroy. 86 in livermore. 61 in san mateo. cooler in san francisco with that onshore flow at 58 degrees. very cool already. now a big picture as you see, we don't have a whole lot happening. just the clouds being dprcompred because of high pressure. we have a cooling corridor that will slide through for the next couple of days. what this will mean is basically just a cooldown by a couple of degrees each and every day for this upcoming week, at least until about wednesday. that's when the ridge starts to swing back up, and we're talking about temperatures kind of similar to where they were today. for today or tomorrow and monday, we're basically looking at some morning fog for tomorrow with 50s and 60s at the coast. 70s, 80s inland with those breezy winds that i talked about. again, tomorrow morning, wake-up at 49 in santa rosa. 55 in san francisco. already there close to that now. tomorrow in san jose, 81 degrees. cooler in -- santa cruz at 73. to the east bay, this will be cooler readings compared to
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today's lower 90s. 87 in livermore. 85 in walnut creek. and a little cooler in san francisco as the 49ers take on the detroit lions tomorrow evening. for the three-day forecast, each and every day temperatures drop a bit. it will be foggy in the morning with afternoon sunshine. especially for tomorrow. lots of folks excited about football, and tomorrow the 49ers will be taking on the giants -- not the giants -- that would be weird. the detroit lions at 5:20. we'll be looking forward to a big win from the 49ers. and again, as we mentioned, fall begins in one week. so we'll be looking forward to seeing fall foliage pictures that all of our viewers love to send in this time of year. >> yeah. the niners take on the giant sometimes. just not -- >> yeah. working on it. coming up next, a sneak peek at some open auditions right up your alley, anthony. it's san francisco's whackiest, most extravagant, longest running show in theater history. ♪
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beach blanket babylon wants y you, the longest running show in history held auditions. s waited in line for hours this afternoon in san francisco for their chance to wow the audience with their musical talents. >> i'm kind of in a state of perpetual preparedness because they say, you know, theater-goers are professional auditioners. >> there you go. >> actually i've auditioned for this before. and so when i found out they were doing it again, i thought i would come down. that's exciting. >> beach blanket babylon follows snow white as she takes a journey around the world in search of her prince charming. along the way, she encounters a star-studded changing lineup of pop culture characters including everyone from lady gaga to
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justin bieber, even president barack obama to name a few. the producer says they will be reviewing videotaped auditions throughout the week, as well. and now henry woman ford is. we've beeniving anthony a hard time, thank goodness you're here. >> reporter: i'm glad i don't have to do the weather. he does a wonderful job with that. now stick with the sports. i don't even know geography. i couldn't do the weather. hey, coming up in sports, the giants look to continue their winning ways as they take on the diamondbacks in arizona. plenty of action going on out there. could the g-man give bearry zit the early lead? coming up next.
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>> reporter: welcome back. it's hunting season as in playoff hunt. the as and giant are moving in the right direction but realize they're a long way from their goal. let's go to the diamond where the g men are trying to avoid the snake bite in arizona. always a good series between these two. n. l. west times, knowing how to start the game off. get on your horse and keep running. he won't stop until he hits third base. his 13th triple of the season breaks the san francisco franchise record. next batter, the hot batter grounds out short this time. pagan scores, 1-0.
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bottom of the second and justin upton, he's got serious power. this is deep to center, but look at this -- make the catch. however, upton would homer in the fourth inning. now tied at one in the fifth. over to the rays and yankees. bottom of the second, scoreless. curtis granderson at the plate. one of the best home run ritters in the game right now -- hitters in the game right now. a two-run shot, his 39th of the season. 2-0 new york. bottom of the eighth, alex rodriguez bait hse hits. top of the ninth, rays threatening with two on. rafael soriano says not this time. yankees win 5-3, taking control of first in the a.l. east. meanwhile, cal and stanford were focused on upsetting their opponents this afternoon. both teams facing top 15 opponents. on the farm, usc is leading the
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cardinals 14-7 in the second quarter. we'll have in-depth highlight of that game at 11:00 tonight. what about the cal bears? the guys face 12th ranked ohio state. cal trailing 20-7 in the third quarter. take a look at brendon bigelow. whoa! he's off to the races. 81-yard touchdown run. extra point was good. that made it a six-point game. fourth quarter tied at 28. the kicker from 42 yards out. the third field goal of the game. this time ohio state makes them pay. braxton miller, 72-yard t.d. pass to devon smith. ohio state wins 35-28. fourth ranked oregon hosting tennessee tech tied at seven in the first quarter. until deanthony thomas says give me the ball, and i will take care of the rest. foot race, not going to catch this guy. 59-yard touchdown run, 14-7
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ducks. and just 2 1/2 minutes later, it was thomas again. this time 50 yards. my goodness. fumbles as he gets to the end zone. it's okay because the lineman, jake fisher, recovers. thomas, 220 all-purpose yards. two t.d.'s, oregon wins 63-14. over to the oakland raiders. not good news with their receiver. once again, bit by the injury bug. wide receiver and return specialist jacobi ford placed on the season-ending injured reserve list. the speedy 25-year-old who was entering his third season in the nfl underwent surgery on his left foot on tuesday. don't forget, the niners are gearing up for their primetime showdown with the lions sunday night at candlestick. you can catch the game here on nbc bay area. after the game, be sure to tune in to the 49ers official post-game show on comcast
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sportsnets bay area. then at 9:00, catch xfinity sports sunday back here on nbc bay area. you've got to have the remote ready, back and forth to catch all the action. >> you know it. anthony and i will be watching lots of football. thank you very much, henry. we want to thank you for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. of course we'll see you back here at 11:00. until then, have a nice night.


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