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tv   Today  NBC  September 17, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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a local news update for you in half an hour. >> enjoy your week. have yourself a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. good morning. new anger, new attacks. demonstrators set fire to cars and clashed with police in kabul, afghanistan, as further south four american servicemen are killed in another inside attack. royal defiance. an italian magazine publishes more photos this morning of the duess of cambridge sunbathing topless as lawyers of the royal couple head to court in france to file a criminal complaint against the photographer who took them. and amazing or alarming, video of a toddler playing with a 300-pound gorilla just posted on youtube. it happened years ago, but it's sparking a big debate among parents today, monday, september 17th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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this is "today" with matt lauer and f-guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lawer. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. that wave of anti-american violence keeps spreading this morning with protests now in at least 20 countries. >> the latest demonstrations overnight in afghanistan, pakistan and indonesia, these were all sparked by an internet movie that ridicules the islamic faith. this morning we're going to get some unique perspective on what's going on from salman rushdie who faced a similar backlash to his fictional book "the satanic verses" some 23 years ago. also, new details on a case that gripped the nation in the '70s. you'll probably remember it. a former green beret and doctor convicted of killing his pregnant wife and their two daughters. jeffrey macdonald's story was made famous by the best selling book and tv movie "fatal
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vision." for 42 years he has maintained his innocence and is now hoping new dna evidence can clear his name. we'll have more on that story. on a much, much lighter note. it was a big weekend for korean pop sensation psy following his live performance on the plaza on friday. i leave for one day and look what happens out there. >> i was going to say. matt, you weren't here because you were worried your invisible horse dance wasn't up to snuff >> i was worried that i would have to do that and i watched some video of you guys doing that. meanwhile, he had a very big appearance. >> made a surprise appearance on "snl" and his single has climbed to number one on the itunes chart. this morning, as prompted, he will have a special message for his fans. >> get to that a little later on, take a breath and start with the very serious story of ongoing anti-american violence in the east. richard angel is in kabul. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt.
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these protests are continuing in pakistan, indonesia, here in kabul, but they do appear to be getting smaller. for u.s. troops in afghanistan there is a much bigger problem, insider attacks, and there were two more of them this weekend. almost like a storm, this cloud of anti-american rage is now moving to the fringes of the region. a few hundred afghans today expressed anger over the internet movie that lampooned the muslim prophet muhammad. some armed, they burned cars and clashed with police near a u.s. logistics base on the outskirts of kabul, but this isn't what has u.s. officials really worried here. four american soldiers were killed sunday by the afghan police they were working with at a tiny outbust near the pakistani border. five policemen from the outpost escaped. afghan police on saturday killed two british soldiers who were in the midst of treating a wounded man. more than 50 nato troops have been killed in these so-called
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insider attacks this year. u.s. policy is to train afghan forces so americans can leave here in 2014, but it's hard to train when the trainees are killing you. it's hard to draw down, too, leaving fewer americans to protect each other. >> this is a new phenomena. it's related to taliban activity, and it reflects a widespread belief among the afghans that the u.s. is coming out, and it's time to demonstrate your loyalty to the incoming power. >> reporter: the afghan government says it's now re-screening its security forces. >> i think we're going to continue to see this kind of violence, perhaps even escalating violence, up to and including the day we're all gone from there. >> reporter: on friday the taliban launched a bold raid on a tato base in southern afghanistan, the same one where britain's prince harry is posted. the militants got deep inside,
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killed two u.s. marines and destroyed six marine harrier jets. the militants wore american uniforms. it's increasingly hard to know here who the enemy is. that attack caused about $200 million worth of damages. these insider attacks destroy trust between u.s. and afghan forces, and it's their ability to work together that is the basis for the u.s. exit strategy from this country. matt? >> richard angel in kabul this morning. richard, thank you very much. the washington bureau chief of al arabiya, the arab language satellite channel. good to see think morning. >> thank you. >> let me ask you about the protests that we've now been watching for the better part of a week in parts of the middle east, the horn of africa. what's behind these, in your opinion? is this about this small-time internet movie, or is this something much deeper, a long simmering distrust of the united states? >> it's all the above. it's much long-simmering
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resentment of the united states. it has some legitimate reasons, but it's essentially a pretext, and it is not really about religion. it's about politics and world power. it's about what's taking place in these countries that are going through a tremendous complex, painful transition. take egypt, for instance, extremists and islamists with different interpretations of islam competing with the mainstream islamist group in egypt which is the muslim brotherhood. >> right. >> they whipped up frenzy against the movie initially, and then the president, who is very cynical, was looking to protect his flanks so he called for more demonstrations instead of containing the demonstrations or condemning them so what you have is a competition in egypt as to who is going to shape the future of egypt, and using this movie as a pretext. >> which raised the question. is this about the united states really at all, or is this about uncertainty in these people's own futures and their religious leaders and their political
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leaders simply finding a convenient target in the united states? >> it is about the united states only in a partial way. there are, as i said, legitimate grievances against u.s. policy, traditional support for the autocratic regimes, failure to solve the palestine problem, the way the war on terror was framed and conducted and the civilian casualties, all that's true. the problem is you have now more -- it has to do with what's taking place in those societies, especially in the arab world, in those societies going through this transition. >> right. >> you have competing forces using a pretext like the movie. you are going to see this taking place all over the arab world and the muslim world because these societies feel marginalized, feel aggrieved, and they are ruled by oppressive regimes, and the regimes are very good at directing the wrath of their own people, not against the injustices in those
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societies, but against the american boogieman. >> when you look back at the speech that president obama gave in 2009 in cairo when he talked about his desire to recalibrate the relationship between the united states and the muslim world or the arab world, where does that re-calibration stand as we now watch the images coming from many of these cities? >> it must be extremely ironic for the president who went to cairo to call for a new beginning with the muslim world to see that his policies are in tatters right now, and not necessarily because of his actions, although he's blamed now because he failed to solve the arab-israeli conflict and all that. that tells you that this is not essentially about the united states policy or about president barack obama. it's about what's taking place in those societies, and i think the president and the secretary of state will make a mistake if they make it a religious issue. we are not engaged in theological disputations with these people. this is role politics, and when
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the president talks about islam or judaism or christianity, we are playing their game. this should not be the game. the game should be that your societies have serious problems, economic, social, cultural, and have you to deal with those problems, and we are willing to help, but this is not about the united states. >> right. >> it's about role politics in the arab world and the muslim world. >> thank you so much for your time this morning. it's always good to see you. >> thank you. >> it's 7:09. here's savannah. >> matt, thanks. how are the attacks and protests abroad impacting the presidential race. chuck todd's is nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent. chuck, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> of course, these events don't take place in a vacuum, take place in the middle of a presidential campaign, and all along the president's advisers have said they are worried about an outside event, something beyond their control that could impact the campaign. does -- do these protests in the middle east have the potential to have that kind of impact to the extent that they expose weakness in the president's policies? >> reporter: look, they do. i'm reminded by all politics is
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local, even overseas, and when you hear some of his descriptions of what's going on, but, yes, this qualifies as one of those events. it plays into this narrative of, okay, are things better, you know. the president made promises about an outreach to the muslim world. are things better? matt brought up the speech in cairo. i remember being at that speech. you and i were both traveling with the president at that time, and to think that this is what we're seeing almost four years later where america is being protested as if it didn't matter who was president again, so i think when it calls into question some of those promises, yes, this is the type of unexpected event that could end up looking back, could be one of those things that derails the re-election. >> meantime, mitt romney is obviously trying to seize the moment, but i guess the question is he smart to go with foreign policy to the extent that that distracts him from the economy which is his calling card for the election? >> reporter: savannah, there's an internal dispute in the campaign about which direction to go, because on the one hand you could make the argument this plays into status quo versus
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change. are you better off? are you better off in the relationship in the middle east? are things better off here at home? on the other hand, at the same time is the economic message working? you know, that's what he had been focused on for seven months, and it hadn't made progress. it sort of hit a ceiling, so i think that's sort of the dispute internally in the campaign. on the one hand the romney folks don't want to look like they are off message. foreign policy crisis, as fast as they arise, they sometimes dissipate as quickly and the public may turn around and say, hey, wait a minute, what about the economy? >> real quickly, i want to ask you about an article in "politico" which details squabbling among romney advisers, a lot of blind quotes, anonymous quotes. is there an ominous sign for the campaign that they are blaming each other anonymously in print? >> reporter: this certainly doesn't happen in winning campaigns, right, savannah, the type of thing you read about losing campaigns. it reads like a prebituary, if
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you will, people will see who is going to get the blame for the republican party's best chance of knocking off an incumbent president in 30 years. this sounds like over-panic, if you will. 50 days, still a ways to go. the first debates are still coming up, and i've got to tell you both campaigns are so concerned about the first debates, they both have taken a lot more time out of their schedules due to debate prep than maybe people realize. >> chuck todd in our washington newsroom, thank you. 7:12. once again here's matt. thank you. to an alleged terror plot thwarted right here in the united states. an 18-year-old is due in federal court today for allegedly planning to detonate a car bomb outside a chicago nightclub. nbc's katie tur has details on that. katie, good morning. >> reporter: and the 18-year-old, matt, is here -- from here in this chicago suburb. he is a u.s. citizen, and as you said is due back in federal court later today. he's facing charges that he planned and then tried to carry out an act of terrorism just last friday.
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the fbi says adel daoud was intent on killing as many americans as possible. according to the criminal complaint, the 18-year-old from hillside illinois drove a green jeep cherokee full of what he thought was explosives to a downtown chicago nightclub and then attempted to detonate it. the teenager first came to the fbi's attention in 2011 when he sent e-mails sympathizing with bin laden, writing in one that osama wasn't crazy for wanting to destroy america. eventually court papers say daoud met with an undercover agent posing as an extremist. he picked the unnamed nightclub from google maps and allegedly told the agent he wanted the attack to be massive enough to make it in the news, like tonight. authorities say daoud was bent on terrorism, vowing repeatedly that it was in his heart. >> we're going to see more and more examples of this type of self-radicalization.
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this is the new wave in the terrorist threat, but it doesn't mean it's a threat that we can't deal with. >> a kid that i know, adel is an angel. he helped me -- my husband was away, and he helped me start the lawn mower. >> reporter: surprise from neighbors and a denial f3 f2 y esto se está volviendo una that one time he got punched at school, and he didn't do anything. he's a very passive person. the complaint outlines a number of online discussions in which daoud uses popular internet shorthand like lol for laughing out loud, a sign of just how assimilated into american culture the teenager is. federal authorities stress that at no time was there any danger that daoud would detonate a bomb. matt? >> katy tur in chicago, thanks very much. a check of the other day's top stories.
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tamron hall is over at the news desk. chicago mayor rahm emanuel has raised the stakes as the teachers strike has entered its second week. he instructed city attorneys to seek a court order forcing teachers back into the classrooms. on sunday the teachers said they were not comfortable with a tentative contract offer and wanted more time to go over it. firefighters have contained the largest of the mountain wildfires that broke out during a weekend heat wave in southern california. four firefighters were injured. meantime, several large fires are still raging in washington state, and canada is sending fire crews in to help out. in iraq this morning, a suicide car bomber killed at least seven iraqis and wounded more than ten others, including a member of parliament. that attack took place near the fortified green zone where the u.s. and other western embassies are located. china pledged this morning to protect japanese citizens and property after china's worst outbreak of anti-japan violence in decades. a dispute over a group of
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uninhabited islands is behind the friction that involves asia's two largest economies. major japanese firms have temporarily closed their factories in china and urge japanese workers to stay indoors. gasoline prices have jumped another five cents a gallon in the past week. aaa says the nationwide average now $3.87 a gallon for regular. reasons for this latest increase are tensions in the middle east and u.s. refinery shutdowns due to hurricane isaac. wall street will try to build on last week's rally. more now from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. that's right, occupy wall street protesters may try and blockade the new york stock exchange today, but investors aren't staying away. the stock market is close to levels it hasn't seen in nearly five years. that's after the federal reserve acted to boost the economy last week. now all eyes are turning to europe where leaders will meet this week to try and resolve the crisis there. tamron? >> all right. kayla, thank you so much.
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here's a question. what happens when a zoo keeps lions and tigers in the same enclosure and they happen to be u get a liger.rl? you've probably heard of ligers, a cross between a lion and tiger as mentioned. in russia one of the ligers made it with a lion to produce the world's only known laliger. the laliger cub has been named kiara after a character in "the lion king." it's 7:17, back to matt, savannah and al. what movie made the liger famous? it happens to be an american classic, my favorite movie, nusm ber one in the country. >> it is a classic. >> "napoleon dynamite." >> i've never heard of a liger. have you heard of it? >> mr. roker. >> severe weather down to the south. an upper-level low will be pushing its way into the southeast from new orleans all
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the way to charlotte, and as you look on the radar, you can see we've got stuff firing up already. a lot of rain through the southern gulf. as you go into the future, rain is firing up really making its way up into the southeast. later tomorrow, into the mid-atlantic states, risk of strong storms, maybe even a tornado. rainfall, anywhere from 4 to 5 inches of rain from new orleans all the way to lexington, kentucky and roanoke, virginia. that's what's going on around the country. good morning. here's the view in san jose. blanket of low clouds at about 2,000 feet thick, the marine layer this morning, so it will take some time for those low clouds to break up. inland areas the all day sea breeze. 65 in oakland, 62 in san francisco, upper 70s and low 80s inland. you'll notice temperatures staying mild through the middle part of the week. just a little warmer thursday. as fall arrives on saturday, cooling off for the weekend. that's your latest weather.
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savannah. >> al, thanks. now to the so-called "fatal vision" case, a former army doctor convicted of murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters. jeffrey macdonald has maintained his innocence for 42 years, but now his supporters are hoping that a new hearing can clear his name. this report from wilmington, north carolina this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. the story of jeffrey macdonald and the murders of his wife and two daughters have been the subject of tv movies, documentaries and books. for 4 years he's maintained his innocence and now the ivy-league educate kated doctor is hoping a new hearing will clear his name or help determine if he's a cold-blooded killer. throughout the 1970s, america was gripped by the case of jeffrey macdonald, handsome, a doctor, a member of the elite green berets, accused of stabbing and bludgeoning to death his pregnant wife colette and their two young daughters, ages 2 and 5. it was horrifically similar to
7:20 am
the manson murders. the word pig scrawled in blood in the family's apartment in ft. bragg, not carol. macdonald claimed hippies chanting acid is groovy broke into the home, killed his family and left him injured and enough. the army found there wasn't enough evidence to pursue the case, but in 1979 a federal jury found macdonald guilty. >> he argued that a gang of crazies broke into her apartment and did the killing, but jury found he did it. >> reporter: macdonald maintained his innocence, refusing to even seek parole. >> i'm not going to tell two or three bureaucrats that i am sorry for something i didn't do. i did not murder my family >> reporter: case led to a best-selling book, "fatal vision." then an nbc miniseries by the same name. which depicted macdonald as killer. >> i'm innocent of the charges, and i've always been innocent. >> reporter: case went all the way to the supreme court which upheld macdonald's conviction, but today in yet another court a
7:21 am
judge will begin to determine whether new dna evidence and a defense claim that federal prosecutor intimidated a witness to lie are enough to reopen the case. jim blackburn, who prosecuted macdonald, has since been found guilty of unrelated ethical violations and has been disbarred, but he says he still believes the verdict was correct. colette macdonald's brother bob stevenson says, quote, there is nothing new out there, but jeffrey macdonald hopes that's not the case as he continues to fight, as he has, for 42 years. >> they can't take away the rest of my life and brand me as a murderer. i'm not, and i'm not going to let it happen. >> reporter: macdonald is now remarried. he she is expected to be at the hearing later this weak.
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the time now is 7:26. good morning, everybody, i'm jon kelley. occupy protesters planning rallies all across the country to celebrate the so-called one-year anniversary of that moment. in san francisco, occupiers were again camped out on the sidewalks in the financial district. they say the movement hasn't gone away, rather they have become more focused. >> the movement grew and blossomed. i think different groups started realizing they had different focuses, so you have a group that works continually on stopping foreclosures. you have another group, the action council, which brings together community groups. >> events are planned across the city today, including a big rally and march later on tonight at 5:00 at california street and
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kearney. right now let's check in with rob mayeda to check out your monday forecast. >> good morning. we have a lot of low clouds all around the bay area and they're going to stick around through mid-morning, even around san jose. eventually we'll get the sunshine inland. on the coast, an all day sea breeze will keep temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. hour by hour you'll need the jacket all day doung along oakland and down into fremont. but south have san jose and out towards livermore and sunol, you'll still see highs reaching into the low 80s but cooler than the weather this weekend. not much change between now and wednesday. a little warmer by thursday. mike. hey, fremont looks just fine at the truck scales, but look on the maps and we'll show you the east bay problems. the dublin interchange, the accident, the overturned vehicle is off the roadway but still on the shoulder and on its side. we'll have to do a traffic break when the tow truck arrives in the next hour. very slow through livermore on the approach and continuing slow down southbound 680 through sunol. there was an earlier accident which cleared on the northbound
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side. that is better. slow both directions 880 approaching tennyson. the accident has also cleared. very slow at the castro valley y. slow down toward the san mateo bridge. the north side out of fremont slow from the dumbarton bridge all the way up toward tennison as well. thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates, check us out online at nbcbaybearia. back in a half hour with updates. see you then. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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♪ >> let me see you >> 7:30 now on this new england morning, september 17th, 2012. psy had us dancing "gangnam style" on friday and popped up on "snl" over the weekend and can claim to the hottest single in the country, number one on itunes. we'll hear from him on that big accomplishment coming up inside studio 1a. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. >> looked like a lot of fun. watched your moves. looked like a lot of fun. >> i'm sorry you weren't there because if you had been you would have been the one with the least rhythm instead of me. >> exactly, and tape of that forever. also, an interesting take on the
7:31 am
current unrest in the middle east. coming up, we're going to talk to salman rushdie whose novel more than 20 years ago made him the target of similar anger and death threats, and we're going to get his perspective on this situation in just a couple of minutes. >> and an update on the story we told you about before. a 19-year-old turned internet sensation for the way she's dealt with her severe acne. now she has a starring role at new york's fashion week, and we'll talk to her about that. >> and the programming note. tomorrow on "today" katie lee will catch up with justin bieber's mom. she's written a new memoir about some past struggles in her life, the outlook today and the justin the rest of us don't know. that's an exclusive interview with justin's mom tomorrow only here on "today," and she will be here live on wednesday. >> look forward to that. we'll begin this half hour with an italian magazine publishing more images of the duchess of cambridge sunbathing topless in france. nbc's michelle kosinski joins us live. >> reporter: while william and
7:32 am
kate are trying to enjoy a trip to the south pacific, an italian magazine published more of the photos, more than 20 pages of them and lawyers will be in court today beginning a battle against these publications. colorful, exuberant trip it's been for william and kate in asia. continuing their stay in the solomon islands embraced by the people. kate even wore a dress given to her as a gift and a nearly constant smile. details and moments the world would be focusing on if it weren't for the images snapped earlier this month in france when the couple believed they were in no one's company by their own. they were here on the terrace of a royal relative's chateau. the photographer reportedly several hundred yards away with a long lens and a clear view. today lawyers for the couple will appear in a french court seeking criminal charges, arguing that privacy was
7:33 am
breached, her image damaged by the circulation of these photos of kate sunbathing topless. so far accessible in france, ireland, italy and certain u.s. websites. no publisher in the uk has touched them and british companies with a joint venture with the irish newspaper that ran them is now considering cutting ties. >> we're frankly horrified of their decision to do it. we're frankly furious with it. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by many, including princess diana's best friend rosa monkton who witnessed press intrusion in her life until the night she died. >> my first reaction was disbelief followed by anger because it showed me that nothing has changed since 15 years ago when diana died. >> reporter: but the publications that have ran the photos have staunchly defended themselves. >> just a beautiful couple, an in-love couple. >> she's not our future queen, and she won't, you know, and they are very good pics.
7:34 am
>> reporter: today an italian magazine splashed out with 26 pages, who apparently have 200 pictures and said a call from the queen herself would not stop them. why go to court over this? if william and kate are successful, fines could be levied, future publications could be stopped, current ones pulled. however, the publications have arguments, too, they were not in the privacy of their home, outdoors in the view of the road. whose image was harmed by these or perhaps was it just the opposite? once again, the question comes up why didn't their security see this coming? savannah? >> all right. thank you. an attorney with field, fisher, waterhouse in france joins us this morning. sir, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> let's talk about this
7:35 am
lawsuit. do you think the royal family will be successful in this effort in france to get money damages assessed? >> they should actually have no trouble demonstrating that there was a severe invasion of privacy while the royal couple was on vacation in the south of france, so, yes, i think the chances are very much on their side. >> in some sense, of course, the damage has been done. the pictures are out. they have been published. so what is the remedy? is it just about money? >> well, there are several remedies possible in france. one would be damages, money, but i don't think that's what's at stake here. what the royal couple is looking for is an injunction which will prevent the magazine in question from publishing these photos on its internet website or from the magazine selling them to other magazines outside of france, and, again, the royal couple should be able to win on these requests. >> as you mentioned, it's the injunction that's really the
7:36 am
heart of this legal action, but in terms of the fines, do these publications look at it rather cynically and think, hey, it's worth it to pay that money and publish these photos that give us such notoriety. >> very much so. it's a very cynical and business-oriented calculation. money damages in france tend to be a fraction of what they would be in the united states, so any magazine, which is doing a cost-benefit analysis, is going to tell itself we're better off publishing these photographs, selling a maximum number of issues, and then going to court and paying whatever damages we're going to have to pay. >> what about criminal action against the photographer who shot the photos, i suppose, for invasion of privacy? >> yeah. if they could identify who the paparazzi is, they could go after him on criminal grounds, in other words, invasion of privacy, reaching into the private abode of the royal couple when they were on
7:37 am
vacation, but we'll have to first figure out who the photographer was, and that's not necessarily going to be such an easy thing to do. >> this italian publication that has published these photos this morning, how feasible is for the royal family to go country by country, publication by publication, trying to get these photos from being published? >> in europe there are at least 27 member states of the european union and if you have one magazine in each country that wants to publish these photos they will have to go through 27 legal systems to get an injunction in each one. a french court would not be able to prohibit the publication in magazines outside of france. >> it's a complicated legal mess. thank you for your perspective this morning.
7:38 am
we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> it is 7:37. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> all right. thanks so much. savannah, and we've got elizabeth and it's your birthday. >> yes. >> what's your name? >> alexis. >> it's your birthday. >> yes. >> how old are you? >> 10. >> double digits. >> above normal temperatures in the northeast, above normal temperatures out west where it stays dry and could use the rain. rain along the southeastern atlantic coast. latter part of the week, we warm up here in the east. some showers around the great lakes. above normal temperatures making their way out west. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in y around the bay area this morning, this view from oakland says it all. you've got the low clouds across the bay even into our inland valleys this morning. with the all day sea breeze, our inland temperatures will cool off from the near 90s we saw this weekend. by lunchtime you'll see mid-70s around the tri-valley, but look at san francisco and oakland, low to mid-60s through the day.
7:39 am
mid-70s san jose. some low 80s out by livermore and pleasanton. we'll see more of this type of weather until the middle part of the week, a bit warmer thursday and cooling down as fall begins this weekend. and a good group trying to do some work with women's ovaran cancer. >> it's gynecolongical. we want every woman to register online. >> thank you. >> coming up, the author salman rushdie on the parallels between his years in hiding and the current situation in the middle east right after this. i'm jessica simpson and i'm doing weight watchers. i was expecting it to feel like i was on a diet, but the good news is, i don't. i actually still eat real food. things that i love. i'm losing weight, and i'm not feeling deprived. i never thought i'd be able to say that. i still have a ways to go but i feel more motivated than ever. i'm a mom now,
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we're back now at 7:43 with a man who has a unique perspective on the current anti-american violence in the muslim world. 23 years ago salman rushdie watched as protesters raged against his novel "the satanic verses" in the middle east. he was marked to death and forced to hide for nearly a decade. now he writes about his life as a marked man using an alias while living underground in the new member roy "joseph anton." it's a pleasure to have you here. >> good to be here. >> this is a story that captured headlines 23 years ago. >> yes, yes. >> deeply personal story for you, and you haven't told it until now. why? >> partly because it was so personal, and i wanted to feel emotionally in a better place to tell it, but i always knew that i would tell it. and actually it's that personal story that i think needs to be
7:44 am
told, you know. how did a writer and his family and his publishers face off against this extraordinary act of terrorism. >> and so many connections to what we're seeing now, but let's try to remind people of the heat that was surrounding you. theit t thei the atiyah khamenei marked you, you were told by death squads that they had, quote, unquote, frustrated credible plots. what kind of fear were you living in? >> it was a aim of incredible stress. a lot of people who knew me then and afterwards said ten years afterwar afterwards, i was worried about my publishers, book sellers, translators, a lot to worry about. >> i remember my coverage at the time. i'm old enough to refreshes and i remember some story line that kept coming up that during this you were living this life,
7:45 am
enjoying the money and enjoying the fame, living a combination of a life of like james bond and david beckham, the international man of mystery and being whisked away by limbo and things. what was the reality? >> well, that was for me one of the strangest things that people should attempt to so dramatically distort what was going on. yes, i think sometimes it did look glamourous, if you arrive in a bulletproof jag and police leave out of the door, people think who the hell does he think he is? and for my side of it it felt like jail >> you write a lot about your friend and say throughout this entire ordeal not one friend ever said to you i can't be your friend anymore because you're too much of a hot potato. >> yeah. >> these people risked a lot to protect. >> you one of the things i really take away from that experience is the fact that i survived this because of the love of friends who did extraordinary things for me. >> so fast forward, 23 years, okay, and we're got a situation
7:46 am
in the middle east right now, and you look at protests going on in some of these cities, and do you see a connection? >> yes, i mean, one of the reasons why in the book i used this metaphor of the hitchcock movie "the birds" is to real say what happened to me was like the first bird, and now we're in the middle of the storm. >> but what is -- i mean, if you remember, the itollia had never seen the movie. >> the reaction is a much more larger outrage. we still live in a rage of outrage and people are defined by their outrage and feels that it justifies itself. >> but is it legitimate outrage in your opinion or is it manufactured outrage? think were you talking to one of
7:47 am
our producers over the weekend. you said it's kind of the outrage machine? >> there's an autorage industry, people who look for things to provoke their audiences, and it is, it's to a large extent manufactured. the fact that you can unleash these violent mobs like this is obviously completely unacceptable. >> and consider the fact that when you wrote "the satanic verses" 23 years ago it was not the age of social media. >> no. >> where a message can spread like wildfire. >> absolutely. it's much easier to do that now. >> when you look at this creator of this film in question, this internet film in, some ways do you have sympathy for that person, or do you feel that that person has done something horribly wrong? >> well, i mean, i think he's done something malicious, and that's a very different thing from writing a serious novel, you know. he's clearly set out to provoke, and he's obviously unleashed a much bigger reaction than he hoped for. i mean, one of the problems with defending free speech is you often have to defend people that
7:48 am
you find to be outrageous and unpleasant and disgusting. >> when you saw that man taken in for questioning over the weekend slightly shrouded to mask his appearance, any level of sympathy there? >> not really. >> why not? >> well, because he did it on purpose. i mean, he set out to create a response, and he got it in spades. >> salman rushdie, interesting, interesting perspective and i can't wait to read more of this book. it's called "joseph anton." >> thank you. >> pleasure to have you here. >> and we're back right after this. ♪
7:49 am
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try our new lunch-size grilled chicken fajitas, with sauteed onions and peppers, served with soup or salad. lunch break combos, starting at 6 bucks. enjoy them with friends, because a lunch together feeds the friendship. child's play, but a video shot more than 20 years ago of a toddler and a gorilla is generating some fresh controversy. let's take a look at that video. this little girl is actually i think 23 years old now, but her father -- she had been recently put this on youtube knowing that it might create some outrage, and sure enough it did. >> this is a guy who wanted to show people around the world how gentle and loving these gorillas could be, and so he allowed this little girl to go in there, in this enclosure and play with him. i think one of the reasons it's relevant today is because apparently there will r plans, though she's 23 that you mentioned, he may actually do this with other children in the future are and it's created
7:52 am
quite a debate. >> we upload it had to youtube. a lot of comments. a lot of people saying this is an example, an exhibit of irresponsible parenting. >> yeah. >> because these gorillas are gentle and loving until they are not. >> and then it's too late. >> wild animal. >> people think of the lion video, the man goes back and hugs, a beautiful video. >> you're making a choice for that baby. that's a bad choice. i think many people might say. >> we should do something online here. should send people to our website and say whether you think this is something that shows a wonderful side of nature, or do you think it's an example of very irresponsible parenting. >> or both. >> go to perhaps you can weigh in and we'll give the results of our less-than-scientific poll tomorrow. i can tell you myself my children will not be in the enclosure of the gorilla. >> dad, come on. >> and we'll also have news on psy after his breakout performance on the plaza. to help people be happy and healthy.
7:53 am
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the time is 7:56. good morning, i'm jon kelley. in hours from now classes expected to resume after that massive fire last week at a menlo park prep school. crews spent the entire weekend tearing down portable buildings that were gutted by that fire at beechwood school. investigators say a faulty kitchen appliance likely started this fire last thursday. the fire did some serious damage. about $400,000 worth, destroying the school's administrative office and a third grade classroom. beechwood is a private school that is geared toward low income families and funded mostly by private donations. let's get a look at your monday forecast. rob is in for christina. what's happening? >> we're seeing a lot of low clouds even inland, all up and down santa clara valley too pushed in by a pretty strong sea breeze that's going to be an all-day event. temperatures will come down a few degrees inland, upper 70s to
7:57 am
low 80s. only 60s around san francisco and oakland. mid-70s today staying at least through the middle part of the week and some warming as we approach thursday there, mike. you know we have the bay bridge, obviously the backup. no big surprises for folks at home. add another 20 minutes coming down from hercules. red all the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza through that zone for the east shore freeway. we also have very slow drives coming off the castro valley y. 880 both directions has been crawling. that's much better but that rippled back coming south out of san leandro or north out of fremont and union city. slow for 880 southbound all wait toward mission boulevard but it is starting to migrate to the southbound direction where the south bay, northbound routes are the ones that are slowing. 101, 280, 880 and 85 at the bottom of your screen as well as 87, they're pretty tough. 87, new accident at capital expressway, jon. back to you. thank you very much, mike. by now you probably know the drill. the latest traffic and news updates are always available on nbc bay area facebook. we'll have another local update
7:58 am
in one-half hour. the "today" show rolls on.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ 8:00 on monday morning. it is the 17th day of september, 2012. right now, our crowd is screaming and they're jamming to the music of pink. and i have good news. if they come back tomorrow just about this time, they get to jam to the real thing, because pink will be joining us live in the 8:30 half hour. telling you, she always puts on a great show. come on down and check it out. on the plaza, matt lauer, savannah guthrie, al roker. more news coming up. >> one half of the show on the plaza, here we are, oh, my
8:01 am
goodness. >> look at david gregory. he did that on "meet the press." >> good for him for getting out there and trying it. >> because of the breakout performance on the "today" show, went to number one and he recorded a message for us. >> from last friday, "today" show, singing twice, it is climbing like crazy. now first time in history. can i cry? maybe a little bit? what can i say. unbelievable. only because of the "today" show, i'm on it, and i'm in it. thank you so much. >> oh, we're so happy for him. when people saw us dancing, they
8:02 am
wanted to try. >> completely shafted "saturday night live," it was only the "today" show put him over the top. >> we have to go back and do forensics on the timing. did he get number one before or after? and a remarkable teenager we met earlier this year, cassandra banks suffers from something many teens suffer from, acne. makeup tips she sent out over youtube became a sensation. she made it to fashion week in new york city and she's going to be here and we're going to check in with her in a couple of minutes. and we've got another person in the house, penny marshall, she has a memoir about her life in front of and behind the camera. the title, my mother was nuts. we're going to talk with penny marshall in a little bit. >> i love her. >> i want to see the l on her
8:03 am
shirt. natalie is on assignment, tamron hall has the headlines. violent protests in pakistan and indonesia against the anti-islam film that rid queues prophet muhammad. they sparked clashes with police that killed one demonstrator. in afghanistan, hundreds of people throwing rocks and burning cars on the main road leading to a u.s. military basin kabul. the protest comes one day after four american soldiers were killed in another insider attack. the 18-year-old suburban chicago man accused of using a weapon of mass destruction is due in court. prosecutors say an undercover agent gave him a phony car bomb, watched him press the trigger outside a chicago bar. the chicago teachers strike entered its second week, leaving parents of 350,000 students
8:04 am
scrambling for alternatives. nbc's education correspondent raheem a ellis is in chicago. >> reporter: good morning. mayor rahm emanuel plans to end it by going to court. they plan to seek injunction to force them back into the classroom. the mayor says it is a strike of choice and students are being used as pawns. they met sunday but failed to meet an agreement. they are looking over issues like job security. there will be no discussion with teachers today because of the jewish holiday. the earliest school could resume is wednesday, unless a court, the court that gives the city that injunction forces the teachers back to school sooner. >> thank you. an italian gossip magazine published a 26 page spread of topless photos of prince william's wife kate. despite legal action against the french magazine that published them first, the royal couples'
8:05 am
lawyers are in court psyching charges for invasion of privacy against the photographer that took the pictures. for what's trending, a quick roundup of what has you talking online. fans are going online to comment on "saturday night live" new president obama, jay farrell. he took to the podium in place of fred armisen. >> before i start, sasha, malia, go to bed. i do that to remind you i have two adorable young daughters and not five creepy adult sons. >> lorn michaels wanted to shake things up as the show entered a new season. fans of cool science helping this video from department of energy go viral. it shows sign way used to levitate solution. the goal to produce better drugs
8:06 am
with fewer side effects. lady gaga made headlines over the weekend when she wore a fur adorned outfit at london fashion week, won't say if it is real or fake. you see a carcass, i see a museum piece. she has worn a real carcass. >> never know with the gaga. another fashion statement, first of the season. very nice. is that cheddar? >> you bet. >> he doesn't know. >> greenville, south carolina, wyff, showers and storms today, 78 degrees. as we show you the afternoon highs, 50s in the plains, 80s in the southeast, 60s in new england. we have a risk of strong storms
8:07 am
to the southeast, wet weather to the tennessee river valley, up into the upper mississippi valley, thanks to a front. more warm weather in the pacific northwest. portland getting up to 87 degrees. in fact, almost warming up to be a devil there. . it will be warmer in portland than today. you can see the reason why over my shoulder. lots of low clouds over oakland. coupled with a sea breeze. we have 82 in fairfield. low 80s in livermore. oakland is 65. 75 in san jose. 62 in san francisco. you see the mild temperatures through the middle week. first member of a prison break ever to bring his mommy with him. who's this? >> it's flynn. >> all right, flynn what. a cutie. matt? what a caught ee.
8:08 am
matt? >> what are you in for. still to come, the acne ridden teenager that made it to fashion week. she'll stop by and we chat with her. first these messages. [ female announcer ] wake up
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8:12 am
>> over 12 million people have seen the inspiring youtube video where teen model cassandra reveals her secret under all of the makeup, a struggle with severe cystic acne. >> i carry everything down the neck because, well, i have acne there. >> what started as a tutorial in makeup became a lesson in grace and courage as we learned cassandra had been a victim of high school bullying because of her acne. >> having that feedback from other peers and students at school was really kind of felt traumatizing, put me into a recluse, isolated state. >> hey, everyone. >> as support for cassandra grew, so did her confidence. >> confidence is it essentially, you can't have one without the other. >> she posted videos to help teens find their definition of but. >> i want to bring you an acne update. you can still see i have some issues down here.
8:13 am
>> now besides being inspiration, she can add catwalk model to her resume. just last week, cassandra was asked to walk in fashion week for boy meets girl. she wasn't aware of the youtube fame when she was cast. >> i did not know who cassandra was when i was casting her. i was looking for confident women. for me, cassandra stood out because of her vibe, her look. >> thanks to cassandra, we know what's in fashion this season, confidence. cassandra banks is with us. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> look at you strut your stuff. how exciting was that? >> it was unbelievable. it was like that moment it was actually happening to me. >> did you feel nervous? >> you know, i was expecting a little nervousness, but i think it was more like i wanted to dance or bear hug somebody. >> you modeled before, but this had to be special. >> this was.
8:14 am
my preferred medium is probably print. this was cast through an online floor modeling, done a little runway, but this is new york fashion week. >> and designer stacy eagle didn't know about your struggle with acne. she hired you based on your beauty and poise. >> if you want to call it that, thank you. pretty much. >> must have made it particularly special. >> also, since it was online casting, i didn't have to fly out for the audition. so it made it much easier. >> last time you were here, your youtube video had 6 million hits. now you have how many? >> 12. >> 12 million hits. are you surprised how much it has resonated? >> i really am. i filmed this thinking i could speak to one or two people, i would get hate and commentary in high school. first off, a million views is ridiculous, but 12 -- >> your channel, you have 45 million hits on that. >> around, yeah.
8:15 am
>> even for everything you received from this, which has been so overwhelmingly positive, i understand there were some negative comments leading you to want to shut it down. >> well, you know, the first experience in school, i decided to basically run away from my problems. i overcame that issue, but found other things online, just that negativity. for a moment, i took a step back, said i can't do this any more, i'm not going to deal with this. >> people can be incredibly mean on the internet. >> i think so. i felt shielded, being anonymous. that was a step. i ran away from my problems before, i can't do it again. i have to continue what i am doing. even if everyone doesn't enjoy it, someone does, enough that matters. >> this piece started as a lesson in makeup but it is something a lot deeper, more than skin deep. >> i hope so. >> what is your message? >> well, i think there's a lot of messages. i think the first is confidence.
8:16 am
you can't have inner beauty or confidence, you can't have outer beauty without that inner beauty. also the strength is basically knowledge essentially. you can't be strong unless you understand not only yourself but other people. >> where are you in this journey. have you gotten to the point where you're okay going outside with all your makeup on or is that something you're working toward? >> i definitely am. you know, if you would have asked me a year ago, never something i could do. i go out without makeup all the time, i feel as free and liberated as if i wore full coverage foundation. >> you're the definition of beautiful inside and out. great to see your success. thanks for coming in. >> thank you so much. up next, penny marshall on her remarkable career and her biggest regret after this. caree regret, right after this. one m: [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. serve the world's best-tasting chicken. t-minus 10... that's why our whole chicken is delivered fresh. 9...8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7... t-5. all systems go. 4... with kfc's world famous secret recipes.
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good eye. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. introducing the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. we're back at 8:19 with one of the funniest and most respected women in hollywood. penny marshall is south with a new memoir called "my mother was
8:20 am
nuts." we'll talk to her in a moment, but first a quick look at her remarkable career. >> oh, my. >> two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. >> penny marshall became a household name in 1976 playing laverne defazio in the country's top-rated sitcom "laverne & shirley" about two friends who worked in the milwaukee brewery. after seven years of performing mad cat catches with her co-star cindy williams, marshall turned to directing, earning her place among the hollywood elite with her second feature film "big" which starred tom hanks and grossed over $100 million, as did the 1992 film "a league of their own," about an all-american girls professional baseball league in the 1940s. high-profile marriage to actor and director rob reiner, a romance with singer/songwriter art garfunkel and stories about her life both in hollywood and as a child growing up in the
8:21 am
bronx are part of her newly released memoir "my mother was nuts." penny marshall, good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, matt. it's an ungodly hour to be up. >> you get used to it. >> love the title. half of hall wood is scrambling to find new titles for their memoirs. >> well, wasn't your mother nuts, i don't know. >> my mother is still living, and i can honestly say my mom is not nuts. your mom is not with us. how would she feel about that title? >> she thinks she was nuts. >> so it's just honesty. >> yeah. >> i've known you for a while. >> yes. >> always thought of you being someone who was kind of private, and yet you share some really personal stories in this book. >> well, when you're writing a book, what are you going to say, what people already write? >> were you at all nervous about sharing some of these things about pregnancies and decisions to have an abortion and drugs and -- >> well, that was the '70s. come on, did you not do it? come on, matt, let's be honest
8:22 am
now. i bet you did. now i don't do it. now i'm allergic to everything. >> when you stop to think about in the drug section in particular you write about, we're not talking about just pot, by the way, talking about quaaludes and acid. >> loved quaaludes, why did you they take it off the market? they are not available, so they can't get it. no one hurt anyone on quaaludes. >> when you talk about doing these things with great friends like carrie fischer and the late john belushi, do editors when writing a book like this say penny, you've got to have a few good drug stories in there? >> no. that's what i did. i'm being honest. when i did it, i'm not blaming anyone else, you know, i did it >> you tell another story in this book that's a lot more serious about challenges you faced in your life. 2009 you were diagnosed with cancer. >> yes. >> it was lung cancer and a brain tumor? >> well, the doctor in l.a. noticed something, and said we've got to keep our eye on
8:23 am
that. he didn't and i was in new york at a giant game. >> right. >> and it was hot, and the security guys knew me from the nets game. i know every security person in the world from the nba, so he worked the giants game and i was hot, go home. my friend said you're working funny. i've got no support. i went home and felt no pain, no anything, and then my friends convinced me i should go get checked, and ronald perlman, bless him had a call waiting, went, to you know, the hospital, and i was diagnosed. it had me -- >> what's the word, metastasized. >> that was done here. >> you got the diagnosis, and from what i understand was to? >> is the driver still here. can he get my white castle >> i love hamburgers. >> if things are bad, then i
8:24 am
calm down. >> you write in the book about your brother, obviously a well-known director, gary marshall who gave you your first break really when he cast you on "the odd couple" and you say he would open doors for you, very honest about the fact he opened doors in hollywood for you, but us a walked through those doors you made it your point to shine. >> he said i'm not going to risk my career for yours, but i'll open the door, but you've got to do it from then on in. >> that's a lot of pressure. >> well, i didn't know what was going on. it was new to me. fear makes you do strange things, like ask for white castle. >> exactly. >> so i do things, and they laughed. >> when you signed on for "laverne & shirley," this sitcom quickly went to number one, one of the funny episodes, they are all funny, when you guys go on mexico to mexico. >> not quite south of the border. we couldn't say mexico. >> exactly. you wrote ron howard, henry
8:25 am
winkler and steven spielberg all came to watch the taping of that show. what was it like to be caught up in the middle of that? >> well, ron and henry were on the next stage so they came over. we shot on different nights, we split a crew, and we were in front of an audience. we were more worried about that than worried about who was standing in the wings, but it was something, steven said you did that in ten minutes, we would have taken weeks to do that scene. >> you went on to become an extremely successful and well-known director, and i was going to ask you what is it about your personality that makes you so good, and i think it might be this quote from the book about still having fun in your life. i've never wanted to grow up and stop playing. i still try to maintain a connection to the sense of play that i remember from my childho childhood. those experiences taught me the lessons that came in handy later in my life. try hard, help your friends, don't get too crazy and have fun. >> yeah. >> good words to live by. >> i think so. >> i think people are going to find this fascinating.
8:26 am
penny marshall, always good to have you here. >> thank you, matt. get some sleep. >> i will get some sleep. good monday morning. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police are looking for a man on his way to montreal. he vanished while riding an amtrak train to visit his family. he left on the train on wednesday, but never made it to his destination. he may have been spotted in omaha on friday. amtrak issued a statement saying they are aware of the situation and working with local police stations along the train route to search for him. look at the roads right now. switching gears with mike. >> not a big deal here. we have general slowing
8:27 am
extending from san leandro and down to mission boulevard. it is slow in the southbound direction. smoother drive, but slow on the peninsula as well as traffic building for san mateo. we have more slowing for the south bay for 101 and 85. recovering a bit. back to you. >> that is good news. we'll take it. for the latest traffic news and updates, you can search for us on facebook. i'll have an update for you in half an hour. bap
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this monday morning. it's the 17th of september, 2012. happy new year to all of those celebrating rosh hashana today. pink will be here tomorrow on our concert stage. looking forward it that. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer and al roker. a celebrity mom, one who looked fabulous, but did you wonder how
8:31 am
the celebrity mothers pull it off? great tips from regular moms to how to get that celebrity look, and we're going to give a makeover to two ladies so we'll show you the results of that coming up. jane paul y ey is here with another inspiring story. when you find your passion and things don't go exactly as planned. she'll introduce us to a man who proves perseverance does and really can pay off. >> sorry, sorry. okay, okay. >> says my name. >> plus, who couldn't use some extra cash? he paid me for that. we're going to show you legal and moral ways to get cash in your pocket these days. >> hadn't thought about that, but, okay. blind auditions are under way on "the voice." this morning we've got a first look at a four-chair turning performance that we'll see later tonight. the artist is just 16 years old. never had a singing lesson.
8:32 am
you can see it all tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. >> just make sure we understand you did not pay to get kissed. that's a whole different problem. >> all right, all right. >> well, singing of nbc hits, "snl" had its premiere on saturday night. we want to say hello to bill hader. >> good morning. >> great to see you. >> hello, hello, hello. >> political skit and the debut of the new president obama skit. you as clint eastwood with with the chair, when you saw that at the rnc, was it like i can't wait? >> seth myers e-mailed this and said are you watching this, and i immediately went to it and said oh, yay. >> how many times did you watch that speech at the convention? >> i only watched it a couple of times. i got it pretty fast. >> he didn't do that, i don't think. >> i love when you eat the rotisserie chicken. >> so the other thing, he with
8:33 am
psy on our show on friday. >> yes. >> i know you were here in the crowd, they we didn't see you, and psy made a little surprise appearance on your program. are you a fan? >> i am now, now that i've met him. i had to do the guy -- yeah, that guy. i didn't have to do -- i didn't have to figure out the dance. >> you had your own dance. >> i had my own dance, and i went is that all right, and he went, yes. >> and congratulations on your emmy nomination. >> oh, thank you very much, yeah, yeah, that was crazy. that was really interesting, yeah. like i got nominated, and i'm like the guy that no one says oh, congratulations. they are like, oh, you got nominated? for stevan. >> how is that going to week? >> we do the show, i hop on a flight and go to l.a. so you'll see me asleep in the audience. >> good luck with that. >> thank you very much.
8:34 am
>> hill habill hader, we'll be g saturday and sunday. there's a live update this thursday at 8:00, 7:00 central, and then again saturday night >> great. >> let's see what we've got for you starting off with today. looking for a risk of very strong storms down through the southeast. rain spreading through the appalachians and sunny great lakes. sunny and warm in the pacific northwest. warmer in portland than it will be in l.a. today. then for tomorrow that strong storm risk stretches along the eastern seaboard with rain all the way up into month. probably will cause a lot of airport delays. a lot sunshine and heat from texas to the southwest. sunny and m here in san jose this morning with low clouds around the valley. that is one of two reasons why today's inland temperatures are cooler.
8:35 am
we have the low clouds and all day sea breeze. hour-by-hour, you are seeing 70s. mid-70s in san jose. cool in oakland and san francisco. not much change through the middle part of the week. and get that weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable, online. >> all right, mr. roker, thanks. when we come back, some real makeovers for real moms who want to get back in shape after having a baby. that's coming up, but first this is "today" on nbc. [ boy ] with box tops for education,
8:36 am
8:37 am
you can now earn even more cash for your school with two box tops on brands like old el paso, go-gurt, and green giant. look for specially marked packages in stores now! to earn box tops for education, with eboxtops™. shop at safeway through january 17th, buy five qualifying products and get 20 bonus eboxtops™ that you can redeem online. earn more and learn more at two ways to earn dot com. back now at 8:38. in this age celebrity mom where it seems women bounce back to their pre-baby svelteness in just a faw weeks, what's a mom to do in the real world.
8:38 am
author of the new book "how to look hot in a minivan" is here with celebrity hairstylist ted gibbson. ted and i were saying we love the title. >> thank you. >> if you were the editor of "us weekly" when this celebrity mom thing boom and you became a mom and said this isn't as easy as it looks. >> sort of fun to watch all the celebrity moms then. angelina jolie who ted does her hair, and -- and, you know, all sorts of a-list in hollywood was having a baby. i got pregnant at the same time and watching these women, objection they look pretty incredible. >> my results may vary? my results definitely varied. heidi klum andbury pregnant at the same time and back on a victoria secret's runway before i gave birth so that was crazy. in doing this book i thought listen, these women are not doing it by themselves and have pros who help them look great and bounce back and said why don't we share that with the rest of the moms in america. >> you're unlocking the
8:39 am
celebrity mom. >> absolutely. >> what is the common things moms do with their hair that is a mistake? >> more than a mistake, what happens after a woman has a baby is her hair tends to thin and she has issues with that, so i think as a hairdresser, what my role is to really help them feel really great about themselves, give them those best-kept secrets that are in hollywood that are rea for real women at home to make sure they can have the best hair ever. >> a couple of real moms to show. first we want to hear from jennifer and what she wanted to do with her hair. >> my name is jennifer and i'm a mom to 7-month-old sydney. being a mom is a 24/7 job and it's hard to find time for myself. i want to be a sexy mom and look like carrie underwood. >> i think jennifer is pretty cute. what do you think she needs to do that? >> needs a little bit of brightness. need to change your hair at least twice a year so if you're blond, change your blond for the fall and winter, a little darker. if you're in the summer and
8:40 am
you're blond, make sure it's a little bit lighter so you can see it. >> the before picture of jennifer one more time, and then we'll bring jennifer out so we can compare and see her complete makeover. jennifer, come on out. tell us what you did to change up her look. >> we actually made a lot of brightness in her hair and brought the length up. i think what happens, traditionally what women have happen, have a tendency to get stuck in a rut so by getting the length up and giving her a soft bang and making her very, very bright so she looked like carrie underwood. >> how do you feel? >> like my pre-pregnancy self which is great. >> you look gorgeous. great raw material to work with. look fantastic. >> thank you. >> our next mom and what she had to say. >> since i had my son seven months ago i feel like i've shifted my focus from myself to him and i would like to reclaim my style and great to start with
8:41 am
my hair. i'd like to get volume like penelope cruz. >> what was the prescription for swahti? >> women have a tendency to be afraid of hair color so when she spoke to her about changing her hair color she was a little nervous about it, changing the tone and bringing more warmth to her hair color would transform the color of her skin, as you'll see in a second. we brought the length up but she's had issues a little bit with thinness so one of the best kept secrets is hair extensions. >> let's bring her out and reveal her new do to the world. >> that's great. >> those are hair extensions. looks very natural. >> i brought her hair up above the shoulder, but what i wanted to do, she looks so magnificent, and the whole idea of changing the color of her skin and actually with her hair color, it brightened it up and made her really very sexy because that's what she wanted to be is a sexy mom. who doesn't want to be a section mom?
8:42 am
>> do you feel like a sexy mom because you look like one? >> i do, i feel a little bit sexy. >> thanks to ted. >> let's bring both of them out so we can have another week. what's your message, they don't all get to have ted gibson? >> listen, it's okay to spend some time on yourself. we martyr ourselves for our kids all the time, do a lot for our kids. i have a 5-month-old, they have young babies, too. okay to feel good about yourself and have fun once in a while. >> great to see the results here. thanks for being our models. you look great. >> thank you. >> ted and janice, thank you. >> and the book is "how to look hot in a minivan," and we'll be back with the story of a man who proves little changes can make big changes
8:43 am
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we are back at 8:44 with "your life calling today." jane pauley has sponsored the stories for us. a man who has had swinging success and we should clear that up. not that swinging, right? >> this is a dream most men would dream of, a golf scholarship at college, pro at 25, scottish open winner at 30, but when michael allen finally heard his life calling, he was better known as michael who? so who is this? at 53, michael allen is suddenly who's who. success has been a long time coming. there are worse ways to earn a living than playing golf, but year after year on the pga tour he was barely earning a living. >> my career was never very
8:46 am
good, you know, on the pga tour. i mean, one year i think i made $16,000. >> tell the folks about cue school. >> i'm the king. >> q school is where many try to qualify for the pga tournament. >> it's the most difficult, grueling tournament many men will play in their life. it gives you access to your dream and takes it away. >> michael allen has been through q school eight times which says a heck of a lot about michael allen. >> it says that i'm very desperate. >> it says a lot about resilience and perseverance, too. >> i've always believed in myself. that's probably my greatest talent because i'm not blessed with any phenomenal skill. >> but with a young family to support and after 334 pga starts without a win he called it quits. >> i mean, we couldn't even buy
8:47 am
health insurance. i tried to get into medical sales, and i started building homes. i was actually going to lose money at that, too. >> one season he worked at a golf club teaching when he wasn't hosing down range mats. >> a humiliating experience, but nothing that wasn't beneath me. i could do it. >> how did you get back here? >> these friends came along and said we believe in you, and we're going to help you get started again and we know you can do it. >> they offered to stake his comeback try for a year. >> what did your wife say? >> well, she said, michael, if you're going to do this again, must do something different. can't go about it the same old way. >> so he focused on fitness. >> and everything i do, every morning when i get up, in the evening when i stretch, it has to do with my fitness to be a better golfer. >> he saw a sport psychologist, still carries his book in a bag. >> helped me with goals, like one would be to get what you want, you need to let go of the need to have it. >> what else did he tell you? >> better to be decisive than
8:48 am
right. >> and he got a new swing coach. >> excellent. take the club back from there. >> he changed my game. >> three years ago allen took his new game to the senior pga championship, the most prestigious prize in senior golf. >> get up on 18 and hit a most tremendous tee shot i can right down the middle, and now i'm walking through the green. the camera right there, one of the first times in my life, and i said it's about friggin' time. 20 years later i went from michael who to actually winning the senior pga. >> what a champion tour debut for michael allen, the senior pga champion. >> it wasn't a fluke. last april he won tournaments back to back. he's been a leader and a leading money winner all season long.'s
8:49 am
>> good times and bad years. >> this is michael allen's winning season, playing the best golf of his life in his 50s. >> you are truly an inspiration. >> that's what i do. thank you. >> and michael remains the leading money winner on the champion's tour. the reality check, most people don't have angels like he did, and he couldn't have done it without the financial help from his friends, which he's repaid, but michael's success on secures the main takeaway here. it goes back to what his wife cynthia told him. just change something. who wouldn't be happier or better if you just changed something. i hope you'll join me at 10:00 a.m. eastern time today for my live internet radio call-in show at >> if you were to ask him, jane,
8:50 am
do you think he'll say the fitness side or the mental side of what he changed, which is most important? >> the mental part, because the conviction when he talked about, you know, to let go of the need to have that thing you feel you need the most and the idea that, you know, it is better to be decisive than right, which, by the way, i have carved somewhere, jane, better be decisive than right. it works in life. >> and does his story give a young lady who likes to swing a golf club or two the dream of getting out there on the tour one day? >> on the tour? he gave me a club, a driver, with a big nbc peacock and aarp on it. it's not magic. >> you keep swinging though. >> i do. >> jane pauley, thank you. still ahead, quirky ways for you to earn some extra cash, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
you may know you know him as the man who helped slow down the news on late night, but there's a lot more you need to know about the root's quest love. good morning to you. >> good morning to you all. quest love is best known as the root's drummer but in more ways he's more like a front man that has become a mainstream pop culture figure thanks to late night. but he's been a major force in
8:53 am
decades. most of you know him as the most recognizable member of the jimmy fallon house band roots. he never planned on bringing his roots to late night. you were interested. >> well, at the time, no. we were riding a wave, the incredibility, who would trade all that in for -- >> before fallon launched in 2009, quest and the roots spent almost 20 years recording and touring. they released 14 albums, won four grammys and were known as one of the greatest live acts in the world. a philly native grew up around music. his father was lee andrews of the successful '50s duop group. he spent much of his childhood backstage but it was not long
8:54 am
before his father brought imup front. >> my first performance was at radio music city hall at the age of 12. >> reporter: quest is one of the most popular musicians on twitter with more than 2 million followers. he dejays events regularly, has produced albums for everyone from jay-z to john legend, he was a musical director for the "chapell show" and in a broadway hid musical. >> he's the mohip-hop innovativ person of all time. he's withstood the test of time. >> reporter: the roots continue to keep quest grounded. the band practices up to five hours a day at the late night studios and is a force behind
8:55 am
some of the show's most popular segments. ♪ ♪ i'm scared of you >> it's still fun for us. i see no reason to stop it if we are still having fun. >> reporter: a new lighter chapter for one of music's heavyweights. the roots are now working on their 15th album and these days they do all their recording at in the rehearsal room at "late night." as you can see from the childhood photos, that afro was there for a long time. >> thank you so much. and just ahead, the hottest new gadgets and apps to make your life easier. al is my source for that. >> that's right. i love to be your app. >> first, we'll take a look at your local news and weather. al >> love to be your app. >> but first we turn to your local news and weather. >> there's an pp for that.
8:56 am
good morning. it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a recent spike in crime has police pointing fingers over who is to blame. the city council will hold a forum tonight. the police union will hold a crime prevention in san jose. one claims this is fighting back
8:57 am
against the city over the pension reform measures. let's get a look at the forecast with rob mayeda. >> 70s to low 80s inland. oakland, 75. mild weather for the middle part of the week. we'll have more news coming up in a half hour. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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we're become now with more of "today" on a monday morning. it's the 17th of september, 2012. some princesses in the audience today which is nice. the weather here in the northeast starting to cool down a little bit as we inch closer to fall which arrives, what, later in the week, right? >> that's right. 21st. >> feels like it's here. >> i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and mr. al roker, and coming up a guest who will make us laugh. >> yeah, he really will. tom kotter is the runner up in "america's got talent," right there. he'll join us for a chat at the top of the next hour. we'll give him good material to work with. we eel talk psy and honey boo boo. not going to be pens out the ears. it will be hilarious.
9:01 am
>> sophisticated. okay, until somebody loses an eye. of course, who isn't looking for a little extra cash these days. well, you can earn a little extra, anywhere from five bucks to $1,000, in strange ways, but all you need is an internet, but you need to avoid the scams as well. we'll tell you how. and what about a gadget that takes the itch out of bug bites? >> really. >> that's right. >> or how about an pp that keeps track of your online orders. we're going to check out technology you never knew you needed but will make your life easier. >> yeah, that bug bite one is a billion dollar idea. >> i'm on it. >> natalie is on assignment and tamron hall is at the news desk with all the headlines. >> hey there, good morning, everyone, the chicago's mayor office says city attorneys are filing today for an injunction to force striking teachers back to work. the walkout in the nation's third largest school sector has
9:02 am
left 350,000 students and parent to scramble for day care and other day care alternatives. there was a tentative agreement over the weekend but teachers wanted more time to look over the settlement. several major wildfires are burning across washington state, but in southern california the largest of the mountain wildfires that broke out this weekend has now been contained. four fire fighters were injured fighting that blaze near los angeles. the topless photo ruckus heads to court today as lawyers for britain's royal family try to stop the publication of more paparazzi pictures of duchess kate middleton sunbathing. the pictures were taken while the duchess was on vacation with her husband prince will cram in the south of france. they have since been published in at least two magazines. the palace calls the photos a grotesque abuse of the young royals' privacy. president obama and republican rival mitt romney are beginning a crucial week on the campaign trail. the president will announce a new trade enforcement case
9:03 am
against china during a campaign stop today in ohio, a swing state which blames china for depressing its large manufacturing base. romney is expected to address the issue of immigration as he reaches out to latino voters in the los angeles area. at&t says it set a pre-order sales record for the iphone 5 over the weekend. the company doesn't say how many units were sold, but it does say the newest iphone is still available for pre-orders and will be in stores starting this friday. the price of gasoline has jumped another five cents a gallon in just the past week. aaa says the nationwide average is now 3.87 a gallon for regular. the nickel jump is blamed on unrest in the middle east, hurricane isaac's impact on the u.s. oil refineries and other factors. well, 3-d was a big draw at weekend box office. the 3-d release of "resident evil retribution" grabbed the top spot with more than $21 million in ticket sales. disney's 3-d re-release of
9:04 am
"finding nemo" and last week's champion, "the possession" fell to third place. the 22-year-old video of a toddler playing with a 300-pound gorilla is sparking a debate among parents, especially on the internet. the video just released by the girl's family has some parents deeply moved and others deeply upset. her dad who owns the zoo posted the video so people could see how gentle and noble the animals r.her daughter who is now an adult agrees. it is now four minutes past hour. let's go to savannah andal. >> is there a debate? there really needs to be a debate. >> i don't know who is on the other side. always somebody. >> my child with a wild animal, great idea. >> always somebody who thinks putting child with a 300-pound gorilla is a great idea. >> the guy who posted the video. >> weather-wise, risk of a strong storm from new orleans all the way up to charlotte today. we're looking at rain already, a lot of it in the central gulf, and that's going to make its way all the way up into the
9:05 am
tennessee river valley later today. as you can see that activity really gets fired up thanks to an upper level low that pushes further north, and that's bringing a lot of rain. rainfall amounts over the next 24 hours, anywhere from 4 to 5 inches from new orleans up to lexington, kentucky, and those strong storms move to the east tomorrow. that's what's going on good morning. we have a lot of low clouds across the bay looking out to alcatraz and sea breeze reaching inland to fairfield and livermore. a state of weather in the tri-valley. with the sea breeze and low clouds to start the day, highs will be running cooler than we saw this weekend. 70s to low 80s inland. more of this through wednesday and turning warmer. well, now today's "take 3"
9:06 am
where al, tamron and i give our take on some stories and joining us today is tom kotter who was runner up in "america's got talent." >> i'm still a little hurt. beaten by the dogs. had a nice doggie style. >> that was pretty good. >> i didn't think it was right -- i'm still bitter. four days ago. only happened four days ago. >> you able to get over this. >> i'm licking my wounds. >> like a dog. >> they got $1 million, what do you get? >> get to walk the dogs, 25 bucks to be a dog walker, thank you for that. >> you're a dead ringer for howard dean. does he look like howard dean? >> not as crazy. >> that's what he should have done. >> and not appropriate. >> now your wife is a stand-up comeic. >> she is indeed. funnier than i. >> really? >> yes. >> she should have been up there? >> should have been up there. she might have beatent dogs, who
9:07 am
knows. >> maybe she will try it for next year. >> she probably will. >> even though you came in second, this has got to be a boost for your career. >> people have told me my whole life i smell like number two, sorry, too early for that? >> yeah. >> it's great. it's wonderful, really was and i love the dogs, really a great act, so, you know, i think i'm the top human that finished though in the competition. >> want to get your take on some of the stuff we're talking about today. one of the things is psy. don't know when you were watching the "today" show on friday and went "gangnam style" with psy performing the song not once by twice, had a cameo on "saturday night live," hit number one is number one on itunes. >> his song spelled back wards is mangag. it looks like he ate spicy food and can't find a bathroom, that's what it looks like to me. i can't do it.
9:08 am
>> is it infectious, look how people responded. hundreds of kids. why do you think it's so popular? >> it's like the pet rock. >> you're bitter. >> should be called psycho, have you seen him dance? i met his wife, polly psy. we can do this all day. >> i'll save you. here we go, honey boo boo child. "here comes honey boo boo." people are asking is it a yay or nay? full disclosure, i bought every episode. alana and her momma june and her daddy sugar bear. >> you know too much about them. >> i'm a part of family. >> tell me if it's a yay or nay? >> for me i love the chubby cherub. she could be the love child of nancy grace and larry the gable guy, i don't know. >> that's so wrong to laugh at a child. >> but america is.
9:09 am
>> they are. >> she's 7 years old. >> that's her mommor, june. >> the thing is, this is from my standpoint why i watch it. i'm from the south. if you think that that's the only family or that's made up, you are wrong. >> really. >> and all my southern cousins, i love you. >> does it make it right? >> it's their life, and if they want to put their lives out there, why can't they. doesn't fit the upper east side perspective. >> but it feels somewhat exploitive, you know. >> of whom if they choose to? >> they are getting paid. >> you know they have made it because they were spoofed on "snl" this weekend. the favorite thing that seth myers said, they speak english but need closed captioning. >> subtitles on the show. >> should you be giving a 7-year-old go-go juice. >> half red bull and half mountain dew. >> that's the point. should you give a kid red bull and mountain dew. >> a negative. >> when i have one, i'll let you
9:10 am
so. >> would you give your dog red bull and mountain dew? >> i would -- i would give it to the dogs -- >> i'm not saying that's right. they are in the alone from below the mason-dixon line and i'm from there. >> let's move on. >> what have you got, new idol judges. >> again with the judges. >> yeah, yeah. we're talking nicki minaj and keith urban which i guess will be their version of christina aguilera and blake shelton. >> yeah. >> and, of course, randy is still there and mariah carey. >> do you think they will be good judges? >> too many judges. >> maybe they should judge one of them off. >> i like it, i like it. >> we talked about this last week. it's almost as if the judges have become more important than the contestants. >> yeah. >> the shows used to be about the singers, go figure. >> and it used to be where people would come to resurrect their career. enmaple ridge minaj is at the top of her game and mariah carey
9:11 am
still sells millions so there's some allure there for the big stars now when it used to be like randy jackson, we didn't know randy jackson when he started this show. >> you're adding a country star, urban, and minaj, a rap star, and whenever you merge country and rap you get crap so i'm concerned that that might not play well. four judges though, menage atrois and randy jackson. >> let's give niki some go-go juice. >> i like where you're headed. >> you brought some drunk passport photos. >> i don't bring them, i've seen them. >> have you seen them? >> i don't know. >> i'm not showing it. wondering if you have it. it's a little kid -- >> oh, this one. >> this is great. >> looks like the kid had some go-go juice. >> i haven't seen it. >> morning after go-go juice. >> kind of crashed after the go-go juice. >> guess you'll have to visualize it. >> thought we had it. >> he could slip into something more comfortable like a coma. >> they are looking and going through their files.
9:12 am
got an index card, rol-a-dex. there it is. >> oh, come on. >> hi, how are you? >> like the e-trade baby. >> wow. >> that's exploiting something. >> after not really having a good trade. >> looks like alfred hitchcock. >> he does look like hitchcock. >> i think he's cute. >> i got hosed on that deal. >> tom kotter, thanks for bringing the picture of your child. >> that's my kid. >> yeah. >> coming up next, strange but easy way to earn yourself extra cash. and from cleansers to cream, skin care for fall, but first these messages. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
9:13 am
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9:16 am
this morning on requested toys's money," some strange and new ways to make some extra money. all you need is the internet. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> i want to start off with the first off, the concerns. a lot of options out there, but a lot of scams as well. >> right. >> you need to be careful, so a checklist of what to do before you sign on to any gig that's offered online. you want to do a background check. go online and type in the company's name as well as the word scam and see what pops up. also check with your local better business bureau at to see if there's any
9:17 am
filed complaints. verify the contact information on their websites. do they even have a telephone number, call it and see if it works. red flags, do not give any personal identifying information over the net. >> social security, they don't need that. >> and by the way, this may sound crazy to say, but some companies will ask you money to reserve a gig, stay away from these companies. >> yeah. stay away from anyone asking for money if they are supposed to be paying you. let's get to the list of what we call strange but legitimate and easy things to do to make some cash. first up, >> a number of companies, offering jobs, jobs for $5 a pop. pfeifffiv is the site. solving rubics cubes, i spoke with a guy making up to $2,000 a month doing alec baldwin
9:18 am
impersonations over the phone. calls up and wishes your friend happy birthday, similar sites to fiver include and gigme, and givemefive. >> pretty impressive. a lot of people recycle soda cans, a few bucks here and there. you have a few ideas on recycling to put more money. >> the big money is with appliances or old cars or steel shelving. >> okay. >> you can get up to $2 a pound, depending on the type of scrap we're talking about. go to a site called to find quotes, you know, for what your different scrap could earn. i think copper is probably the most lucrative, and also for a local recycling center in your area. >> pretty cool. and people are making cash by renting their own cars. is that even safe? >> it is safe. >> there are a number of legitimate websites we found called
9:19 am
insurance is included. about $1 million. how it works you've got a car, only drive our cars about two hours a day and costs $700 a month on average to keep that car running are, so a lot of people are renting out their cars by the hour, by the day, by the week and making back some of that money on the average car owner makes $250 a month. >> so it's like your own personal zip car business that you're running. >> exactly. >> pretty cool. >> people are renting out their driveways. that makes out a lot of sense if you're not using it. >> a spare space in your garage, elbow room on your driveway, live near a stadium or beach, you're in business. i mean, people need parking these days, and parking is tight. can you make anywhere from $10 a day to $300 a month. new york, boston, san francisco, these areas are the most lucrative. >> that is good, especially to your point if you live near a baseball park. i think about even wrigley field. people rent out their roof tops. >> go to to
9:20 am
list your space. >> love that one and last by not least, sharing your opinions could get you cash. >> a lot of market research firms will pay us to give feedback on upcoming products and services go to 25 to 40 listings per day. monday today, often the busiest day for listings. they have already vetted these companies to make sure that they are legitimate and are safe, but you can do some focus groups over the phone. don't even have to leave your house. go on that site and see if you can make some fun. >> love that list. unique ways to make some extra cash, especially with the holidays right around the corner. >> exactly. >> coming up, apps and gadgets should make your life a real breeze. we'll have the must-s have after these messages. cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. these messages. have after these messages. every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically.
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
. coming up, prepare your skin for dryer, colder weather. how to change up your skin care routine for fall. >> and the apps and the gadgets you'll never leave home without, and in the kitchen, you'll love this, an easy three-course meal. >> good bumps. >> after your local news and weather. [ man ] launch sequence initiated. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission: [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. serve the world's best-tasting chicken. t-minus 10... that's why our whole chicken is delivered fresh. 9...8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7... t-5. all systems go. 4... with kfc's world famous secret recipes. preparation complete... 3... 2...1... taste for yourself why fresh is better. mission accomplished. try our new freshly hand-breaded premium breast meat original recipe bites today. premium breast meat hey, becky.
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good monday morning. 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. union city police are on the hunt for a sexual assault and robbery suspect. investigators say it started when the suspect robbed a woman at gunpoint a week ago. she was said to be walking alone at 10:30 at night at almaden boulevard. he took her money after forcing her to the ground and assaulted her. police have a vague description saying the man had dark hair and medium build and a tattoo. the woman accused of killing a nursing student will be in court today. the trial is set to begin one year to the day after her body
9:27 am
was found. le's blood was found on the shoes and they tracked the cell phone to the location the night le disappeared. a quick break, but a look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:28 am
we show you oakland this morning. we have a lot of low clouds by the sea breeze. right now, the satellite view will show you the santa clara valley and oakland. you have the low clouds at this hour. the all day sea breeze keeping our temperatures warmer. at 3:00, mid-70s and low 80s. mid-70s in san jose. close to 80 in morgan hill. good strong sea breeze. the sign of what the weather will be like for the first half of the weekend and warming up on thursday. mike. look at this. let's give you the full screen. this is the foster city side of
9:29 am
the san mateo bridge. the accident blocking the fast lane approaching foster city boulevard. the other side of the bridge, the back up was just on the flat section. all the way back to the toll plaza because for a time we had two lanes blocked as the crew arrived. the flatbed tow truck should move both cars from the roadway. for the time being, avoid the san mateo bridge. use the dunbarton bridge. thanks for joining us. another local news update in a half hour.
9:30 am
aware of cassandra's youtube fame when she was cast. et? i think i think too much ♪ >> that is the one and only pink and she's back with a new slew of hits and an album that drops tomorrow and she will be dropping by our plaza for a live concert. pink tomorrow only on the "today" show so come on down. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and tamron hall who is in for natalie. >> imagine a gadget that will take the sting out of a bug bite. >> is that possible? >> it exists. >> or turn off all the electronics in your home with an app. >> like the clapper with you high-tech. >> this one is the apper.
9:31 am
>> cool new technology that takes the work out of your daily routine. >> pretty cool. and your skin care regime needs to change with the seasons. did you know that? >> no. >> because it's dryer. need to change what's on your body and face. the right products to get you glowing for the fall and then we'll head to the kitchen for an easy lesson in southern chicken like rosemary chicken and hummingbird cake >> i love hummingbird cake. >> just means tasty, that's all you need to know, delicious. >> and fattening. >> sounds good to me. >> how about a check of the wet they are. >> let's see what we've got with you starting today. a risk of strong storms and then as we look at the week ahead a lot of wet weather making its way in the early part of the week along the eastern seaboard. cooler than normal conditions in the mid-section of the country. dry, unfortunately, out west, which will continue with warmer than normal conditions. below normal temperatures and cooler here in the east and the latter part of the week we start to warm up along the eastern seaboard. look for dry conditions and warm
9:32 am
out west which is not good news for all the wildfires. mid-section of the country, looking at below normal around the bay this morning, we have a lot of low clouds. you can see both towers across the golden gate bridge. we have the sea breeze going and temperatures will cool off. not much change in the inner bay. the temperatures dropping off in livermore and pleasanton. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you. up next, the technology you never knew you needed, and you won't be able to live without right after this. ch ili'
9:33 am
s lunch break combos are a sizzling deal, starting at 6 bucks. try our new lunch-size chicken fajitas, sauteed onions and peppers topped with grilled chicken, served with soup or salad. chili's lunch break combos, starting at 6 bucks.
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9:35 am
could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! ♪ activia let's get it started ♪ >> this morning on "get started today," want an easier life? there's an app for that. expert katie linendahl is here with kutty-edge ways to take the edge off your everyday tasks. >> yes. >> moms, of course, very big user of apps and anything we can
9:36 am
do to help mom is a good thing. >> very big users of gadgets as well. one of my favorite products. not a whole lot of explaining needed here. this is a pack and play. go inside and pull up the string, super durable and -- >> oh, my gosh. >> where is this when i had my kids? >> right, and then to put it back down. >> give it a push, yeah, that's easy. >> wow. >> and just to make sure you do take the baby out first. >> you take the baby out first. director joe michaels asked that. >> that's making its tv debut. in retailers today. >> okay. >> next up, this is like your personal camera man. this is awesome. ever had to have a friend come over and need to take a little video and on the eighth and ninth take, oh, my gosh, you're horrible. have a little marker, put your device right inside the cradle. put your iphone in here, old flip cam in here, will follow the marker. you can see i'm moving, the
9:37 am
device is going to follow me so if i want to make a video for my blog or record a presentation, this guy is -- is your own little personal cameraman. >> like bob yaeger except it's in focus and it follows us. >> it's nice, right? >> that next one. >> you are going to love this one, so this is the therapic, $13. when it does is takes the sting and itch out of any bug bite. >> no. how? >> here's the deal. put 7-volt inside her. pretend you have a bug bite. hold the button down for 30 seconds. swear this, i test this out, my mom gets a ton of bites. i was like go outside, mom, get bit. that was the task for the we be. just not right, and the best part, this is one of those gadgets that the website looks like cash for gold, totally not going to work. 13 bucks, works like a charm. >> i'll have to give it a try.
9:38 am
>> makes your house look like a smartphone. >> looks like al has a hot spot in his pocket. >> something about my wi-fi. >> amazing. >> this is a smart switch. you plug this switch into the wall and can put any device, a fan, a stereo, curling iron and you can control it wirelessly with your smartphone or your ipad. now the really cool part about this is you cannot only set it to turn off and on at certain times, check the curling item 50 times before i leave my apartment. now i'm guaranteed this is off. >> as long us a have a wi-fi. >> correct. >> the cool part is you can take it one step further. i have programmed my lamp. every time i get a mention on twitter to go on and off and then with the motion sensor every time your cat walks past the litter box it will send me an e-mail alert to say, hey, you need to clean up so lots of different things you can do with this. >> you have a little too much time on your hands. >> i like gadgets. >> i'm very impressed.
9:39 am
>> moving over to the app side. this is an app for tracking and organizing all your online spending, so can you link up to five e-mail accounts, and the cool part is it will show all of your online receipts and track your packages, send you an alert when you're receiving a package. anybody that has to do expense reports, it is like a dream. >> wow. >> then you can actually go to your profile and see where i'm spending all my money. i do a lot of travel. $7,000 spent in the last year, 57% of that was spent on travel. >> wow. >> nice little option for you. >> fun places? >> oh, yeah. >> a lot of nerdy san francisco going on. next up is task grab it. a goal app, users have quinn it upled since the start of the year. very popular. anyone who doesn't have time, can you post any task from building your ikea furniture, copy edit willing, cleaning your home, picking up your laundry, choose any one of those tasks and people will bid on it. people bidding on these tasks,
9:40 am
they are making upwards of $5,000 a month just using task rabbit, so in the only great for people who don't have time. cool for people who need extra cash. >> how do you know the people that are bidding are okay. >> aren't crazy. >> there's a five-step background check. >> that background check takes like forever. five to seven days to pass that background check. a video process with it, but knowing that you're dealing with secure people. >> okay. >> next up. >> this is for my poor mom who has gotten bug bites everywhere, one of the favorite apps. home snap, take a photo of any home and it will show you the value of that home, the price that it last sold for, how many bedrooms and baths, local schools in the area. it will take you inside that home 360. as you can see here, i've pegged some of my favorites, and what's awesome is, too, can you see what other people are taking as well. this has had over 5,000 home snaps every single day. pretty awesome to see what a home's value is. >> pretty cool. >> and our last one. >> two more.
9:41 am
>> this one is like a personal translator in your pocket. translates 32 languages. it's had over 35,000 downloads in the four months it's been out, and i'm going to let you do the demoing here. english to spanish going. so english. >> my director is drunk. >> totally what i thought you were going to say. >> and instantly -- pretty awesome. and it's smart, too, and knows your voice more and more as time goes on and hotel tonight, saves you up to 75% off hotel rooms. ever seen an ad, last-minute cruise deals, same kind of deal with hotels. they need to fill their hotel rooms, so at 12:00 every day it will show you a list of all these hotels up to 75% off. choose that hotel, 2.5 million downloads to date in over 50 cities. nice way to -- not good for us planners. >> but for the spontaneous
9:42 am
folks. >> perfect option. >> and for your moms, bed bug bites. >> therapik. >> only $13. >> great to see you. keeping your skin healthy and cobeautiful with the cooler weather ahead right after these messages. is really my mother. they keep asking me if the dirty guy is really my son. huh -- what do you tell 'um? holy smokes, these viva towels really are tough, even when wet! [ mike ] for the record, that's my real father, cleaning up a real mess on a real grill. see? very impressive! you're a natural. oh that's much better... dad's got his tough mess, i've got mine. [ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. i think you got it.
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try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. country? rocker? glam? take off that mask and see! clean makeup won't fake up... won't clog your pores so it lets your skin breathe. it lets you be you! flawlessly. clean makeup. from easy breezy beautiful. covergirl.
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well we brought back layaway, so you can pay a little bit at a time. my kids are going to be like [tearfully] this is the best day ever! [ sobbing ] [ male announcer ] layaway's back. earlier than ever. through december 14th. walmart. now all general mills big g kid cereals have more whole grain than any other ingredient in cereals like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch, the delicious way to help them grow up strong. you're ready for whatever life could bring. ♪ did he catch the early flight home? will he surprise the kids? [ gasps ] [ knock on door ] we'll see.
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but with glade's motion-activated sense & spray that offers a hint of hawaiian breeze... can i open the door? ...your home is always ready for any surprise. glade. open up and invite life in. automatically fill your home with a welcoming fragrance, like hawaiian breeze. sc johnson. a family company. this morning on "today's beauty," fall skin care. with the change of seasons come a change in your skin. a board certified dermatologist joins us. good morning, dr. chapas, great to see you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> a lot of people don't realize how important it is to chain our skin care, the products that we use and how we care. number within own your list, don't forget your sunscreen. >> absolutely. >> don't think fall and sunscreen. >> that's the most important thing to remember because even though fall is around the corner, sun damage happens year round so it's important to wear an spf 30 or higher every single
9:46 am
day. >> 30 or higher even in the fall. >> absolutely. >> don't forget, even though the days are shorter, still accumulate sun damage during the fall, winter and spring so don't forget it every day. >> you also say one of the things we really need to pay attention, to and actually this is our responsibility, to check our body for moles. >> what i find happens in the fall is a lot of people notice things changing over the summer, and actually a change in a mole or evolving -- anything evolving in a mole is one of the most important signs in whether that mole is becoming cancerous so there's actually four things to look for. we call that the a, b, c and ds. lack at your moles all throughout your body where "a" sands for asymmetry, where one side of the mole is different than the other side. "b" stands for bothered, a hazy or shady border is something that should be checked. "c" stands for color. moles should be one color, more than one color or darkening, should be observed and "d" stands for diameter. any mole that's bigger than a pencil eraser should be a concern. >> check your kids as well.
9:47 am
give them a little twill around. >> skin cancer, especially melanoma is quite rare in children, but it is increasing and dermatologists evaluate children as well as adults, so bring them in if anything is unusual. >> after a couple months in the fun having fun sun damage, how do i treat it? >> how do i treat the wrinkles or dark discolorations that have come out over the summer? great home products you can use and things that you can use in the office. specifically to treat wrinkles, some of the best things to do is a product with vitamin a in it as well as growth factor products which help to grow the skin and ease fine lines. >> what would be a growth factor product? >> a growth factor product is win called dermal repair. use it twice a day to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. sun damage isn't always wrinkle,
9:48 am
discoloration as brown spots and dark spots may come up. products that even and brighten the skin tone. >> all over the counter. >> and options for people who want an in-office visit. >> there's a brand new treatment with a device that helps reraise the summer damage as well as prevent new damage from coming. >> what we're looking at here. >> is that a lays her. >> a very mild treatment that gives energy to the skin. >> okay. >> to help fine lines and wrinkles. plus it has had a home regimen that's a skin seutical component to it. >> we should also change our skin cleanser, why? >> we have to leave the summer products behind and get ready for winter. the cleansers in the summer are too drying and want to switch to one that's more moisturizing such as these products myself. >> i always call myself arby simpson because my products are
9:49 am
so arby. we have to moisturize. >> leave the big lotions behind. heavy duty. >> all of these products are good for any skin type as well. >> put on the extra moisture riser, change your cleanser, a pleasure meeting you. >> coming up, a three-course southern supper, but first this is "today" on nbc. >> look, everything in a jar.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's kitchen," delicious southern favorite are on the menu. here with an easy meal you can whip up, even tonight. the southern living home basic cooking author is here. norman, good morning. >> good to see you. >> starting out with anyone who doesn't loved deviled eggs. >> we all love devil eggs. the great thing about our southern style cook book it teaches everyone how to become a
9:52 am
southern cook, from ingredients and classic recipes, all tested in the south's most trusted kitchens. >> let's start off with the proper way to do southern deviled eggs. >> yes, ma'am. we found this out through testing is bringing the eggs up to a boil and placi them in a pot before you turn on the heat actually helps them cook a little more even. >> place them in the pot first. >> and then pour the water over. >> a few inches of water above the top. >> nice. >> bring this up to a boil. >> and i'm sitting myself up for this awful question, but how long do you boil an egg? >> on this method. >> you bring it up to a boil and let it boil one minute and then you cover, it turn it off and threat stand for ten. >> excellent. >> you have it on ice here, why? >> we want to stop the cooking process. that way the egg doesn't overcook and for this we take them out and crack it. put a little bit of ice in there as well, and typically, this is kind of like the hard part. >> we know how to peel that
9:53 am
part. >> i didn't know how to boil one. i know how to peel it. >> once you get it peeled, nice slice out, take out the yolk. >> we have a lightened filling. greek yogurt. >> never heard of greig yogurt used with it. >> a little bit of cream cheese and parsley and a pinch of salt there. >> okay. >> i won't ask what is a pinch of salt, a half. >> okay. >> mix it up in there. >> why do you use the yogurt? that's interesting. >> wanted to lighten this up a little bit. >> for calorie counting. >> and we wanted to add some cream cheese in there and that way the filling is nice and stiff. >> get it in there and mix it in and fill it up. >> beautiful. >> just the standard here. sprinkle a little bit of chives on top or dill. >> or dill. >> olives. >> great alternatives, so we have this thing called the high society here. grab and a little bit of terragon, pickles, capers and pickled okra and a georgia
9:54 am
peach. >> i'm going to grab one as we walk over. >> rosemary chicken, why is this southern? >> it's southern because we love to cook family meals and love stuffing. stuffing with chopped pecans. >> why did you add pecans to your stuffing? >> more crunchy. >> i put this on a plastic rap and make it more neat and don't have to touch it. slide it into a greased baking dish. >> nice. >> you don't mind boxed stuffing. >> not at all. >> we love to do stuff, you know, that saves you some time. >> olive oil on there. >> how long do you break it is this. >> 20 minutes at 400. >> a little bit of parmesan cheese. >> and mushroom sauteing here, and we're going to make the sauce. >> we're making sauce. sauteed mushrooms and green onions. we'll add some chicken broth and a little bit of cream of chicken
9:55 am
soup. >> that's nice. this gives it a little bit of richness and chickens it and makes up very quickly. >> and i'll move you along to the hummingbird cake because savannah didn't know what hummingbird cake is. >> it has bananas and pineapple, an oil-based cake with cream cheese frosting. >> spoon that right over the top. >> i'll save some cake for savannah and al. not. i'm taking this home as my belated birthday gift. thank you. coming up, kathie lee and hoda, wow, they will tell us how to look cool in a minivan after your local news and weather. i can't read this fast enough because i have to try this. please, thank you.
9:56 am
good morning. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. one year ago today, people took to the streets as part of the occupy movement. overnight, protesters spent the night in the financial district in san francisco to mark the
9:57 am
year-long effort and keep it going. people protesting against foreclosures will gather at the war memorial building at noon. at 1:00, a mobile street party will form. at 3:00, protesters will bring trash bags at one market plaza. then at 5:00, the anniversary celebration and march gets under way on california street. there will be a debt burning and street festival at 6:00 tonight. let's see what kind of forecast they are up against. rob. we have a lot of low clouds into the santa clara valley. this is the story of the morning and afternoon for san francisco. we will see the patchy low clouds. mid-70s in the forecast in san jose. south of san jose, you should see close to 80. down a bit from the weekend. mild temperatures through the middle part of the week. san mateo, mike? not so much.
9:58 am
the accident we told folks about has cleared. it is slow. let's look at the peninsula side where the accident cleared after the last report. a half hour now of clearing time. all lanes have been clear. it is down from the incline and up to the flat section. jammed from the toll plaza. avoid the san mateo bridge. i thought you would get a break at 10:00. nope. use 237 or the bay bridge. we will show you the dumbarton bridge. moving slowly across highway 84. that say great option. marla. thank you, mike. for the latest traffic and news, find us on facebook, search nbc bay area.
9:59 am
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10:00 am
tv like you've never seen before. ♪ . hello, everybody. yes, indeed, it is fun damon. so glad you're with us today. >> i have to tell you what's funny about you. you changed the part on the hair and it's a whole new ball game. a part. that's all you it. >> i always let me hair tell me what it's supposed to do. and lawyer areura was fixing it morning and all of a sudden -- and it stays. >> and you have a photo today. >> yes, let's talk about fun things like what we did over the
10:01 am
weekend. you had a nice quiet one. >> yes. what did you can do? >> well, friday night i think it was, whenever the 14th was, because i'm so confused, i think we have a picture. the mayor was there. i had come straight from rehearsals. that's a very unflattering shot of my gut. see what happens when you don't wear spanx? you live to regret it. >> there's some good news for you. you know how you've been tweeting around like a crazy person? >> yes. >> well, he wiellen degeneres m have heard you. she tweeted you back. she said you two and your shenanigans. she didn't even say follow kathie lee. just you two and your shenanigans. >> well, at least she did.
10:02 am
i ran into her in l.a. a couple weeks ago. and we said hi. >> this is a big day for you, too, because tickets for scandalous go on sale at the box office. look at the line of people. >> what, really? >> oh, no, they must be my family. >> do you recognize anybody? well, okay. are you -- >> is that really a line? >> well, it allegedly looks line one. unless they found people on the streets. >> oh, my gosh, that's it at the -- >> there's savannah. >> and we paid full price! >> what is this, b-143. that's not good. >> only if we knew somebody. >> kathie lee, this is so great. we came down here, we said three n for the lion king and they gave
10:03 am
us these tickets to the premiere, the first preview night a of your show. >> you guys, that mean the world to me. >> and there's a $2 facility fee. >> and look who we ran into in line. your leading lady. >> i've only been here since 5:00 a.m. >> hi, sweetie. >> i wanted to be first on line. congratulations. >> oh, you guys, this means the world to me. >> she's crying. >> wow. >> let me just tell everybody here what you said. free tickets for everyone! >> i were oprah -- >> actually, these guys were in line first. >> you know you have that dream
10:04 am
that and you are not ready and nobody will show up, and you guys are -- it means the world to me. thank you. >> we love you, kathie lee. >> what's your name? >> mark. >> krissy. >> so are you excited? >> yeah, we're big broadway fans. we've been waiting. >> we're so excited she's in the show. >> thank you, guys. >> you you didn't have to do it because you're actually invited. >> anybody looking for tickets? looking for tickets? anybody need a ticket? i'm sorry. >> love you guys. it that is the nicest thing. >> did you believe that? isn't that the sweetest thing ever?t that is the nicest thing. >> did you believe that? isn't that the sweetest thing ever? that is the nicest thing. >> did you believe that? isn't that the sweetest thing ever?that is the nicest thing. >> did you believe that? isn't that the sweetest thing ever? >> i'm having such a good day and kate middleton is not having one. i've been in the barrel on occasion before, so -- >> kate's turning the barrel. you know she took her top off
10:05 am
the at a remote private home in france. she was sun bathing topless with her husband. someone snapped some pictures and as people tend to do, okay, but she -- and i guess they've been trying to stop the publication of these pictures. but the funny thing about life now is, when the pictures are out there, they're out there. >> and i guess an irish news paper it did it first. >> and then italian paper had dozens of photos with her. >> you know what i would do if i was the future queen of england, i think that humor is the greatest weapon any of us have. and she should say, you know what, i should have realized someone was shopping. i'm glad he shot them while they're still perky and before i have the royal babies and can't do it ever again. at least it wasn't harry. that's what i would have said. >> because it is weird because she's in a home, it's not her home. >> a relative's villa.
10:06 am
>> you would think if you're her, you would imagine that somewhere dangling from trees in the sky, somebody would be shooting a picture. there are satellites in the sky. >> that's why i'm not naked in my own shower. anyway -- >> but south of france there, everybody is topless. >> yeah. >> i remember when we were there years and years ago, and cody was maybe six or something. all these ladies are topless. and he said but why is it all the old and faggy ladies. none of the gorgeous -- i had no answer for him. >> it's usually that way, isn't it, though? >> you you go italy to the beach and these ladies with these mama mias are yelling at the kids and going like this and playing volleyball. and they have the sausages -- you just go -- i love the freedom. >> sausages? >> at the beach, they bring all the food and they have shave sa
10:07 am
and cheese and -- anyway, can you believe matt and savannah and al were down there? wasn't that the coolest thing ever? and what a great line of people buying those tickets to scandalous. okay. let's talk mcdonald's. this will make you ill. not the food. the food is delicious. but now they're put you go the calories up. and this is unbelievable. we can only get breakfast food. we went to mcdonald's this morning. >> that always powers me you can't get a cheese burger until 11:00. so let's see what the calorie counts are. let's move it on up. how much are the flap jacks? big breakfast, hotcakes. this is 1090. but the really amazing thing is the sodium, 2050 milligrams of sodium. how about about if you choose the fruit and maple oatmeal? 290 calories. how about the sausage and egg mcmuffin?
10:08 am
this with cheese. 450. >> what's it supposed to have at breakfast? >> you can't really eat breakfast. but anything with bread and cheese and eggs, bacon, egg and cheese is 560. the little teeny hash browns, which is nothing, is 150. but the big mac with the special sauce, and who doesn't love that -- >> i like the quarter pounder. >> the big mac is 520. >> i always take the bread off, though. that takes off maybe 20. >> and the hamburgers is 205 >> joanne has been using that app that makes you count your c right? she's lost five pounds in like a week just by doing it because makes you be cognizant of what you're actually putting in your mouth. >> you're right. wait, this is another big day. we haven't announced one of the big moments of the day. >> this is almost as big --
10:09 am
>> as the kathie lee scandalous. remember we've been talking about colleges. well, we have selected our top six colleges. you guys, first of all, it was a heated competition. i mean, and people got very in-tin inventi inventive. and both of us will be disappointed because neither one of our schools made it. usc and oral roberts didn't. here are the ones who made it. are you ready? syracuse university, ohio state university, university ever tennessee, brandeis university, university of south florida you can and creighton university. >> i'm here at syracuse university. and they are so excited to launch the first day of -- >> oh, my gosh, you have a marching band. >> every parent who is watching this saying why are they not in class. but here's the great stuff. we are going to actually visit
10:10 am
with sarah and learn more about the school a little bit later in the show. but we're so excited for the folks at syracuse university. >> thank everybody for us, sarah. we'll see you in a few minutes, sweetie. >> it's monday, so we always have our favorite things. and you liked my hair today. this stuff is terrific. super shine light moisturizing cream. instead of doing the oily stuff at the ends of your hair, it's a moisturizing cream. so it doesn't gets a i willy for their that's like my kind of hair. but it's $44 for five how longs at >> my favorite thing, i fell in love, just started watching the first season yesterday. i know we're at season three. i haven't even -- >> i keep hearing about it. >> i watched six in a row and i can't wait to get home as soon
10:11 am
as this is over and watch another one. because they're juicy, it's like a soap opera with -- >> and put into historical context. >> it certainly is. it's about this royal family who live in this royal place and they sun bathe topless. >> could it be drawn out of the headlines today? >> i think it could. i've seen six in a row. >> i'll do that over the holidays at christmas. i love those kind of things. hoda, we have one fan out there. drum roll, please. because that's how sarah does it. it is terry branch. >> terry works in a construction office with more than 40 men. she comes home at the end of a day to a husband and three teenaged boys.
10:12 am
he she nev she never misses a show. she says nothing's more relaxing than kicking back with today's talk, a great book and of course a glass of wine. all right, we want to kick back and relax. you are going to palm beach, florida. we love it there. two night stay, three course dinner and round trip airfare for two. >> she should take her best girlfriend. >> yeah. leave the boys at home. >> that's a beautiful spot. >> we hope she goes in the middle of winter. so beautiful there. all right. coming up next, william and kate take on the paparazzi over the topless photos. plus the new judges on "american idol," all the hollywood buzz. irregularity is no big deal,al think twice. it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this. with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown
10:13 am
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10:15 am
water back with today's buzz. >> from the much anticipated day would you of american idol's new judges to a report that robert p p patten son has taken kristen back. lets's talk "american idol." they finally announced the judges. >> yeah, it's mariah carey, nicki minaj, keith urban and randy jackson. >> that's what they call a
10:16 am
motley cry. >> a crazy train to crazy town. have you see marid mariah's qvc? maybe they should do a song together. >> maybe that's good. >> you like it when they don't get along. >> i love when two gals don't get along. >> let's move on to robert and kristen. >> the sun says they're back together. but i'm sure there are like twilight girls crying and screaming at the screen. but apparently rob claims the affair she had was -- >> didn't you think she was
10:17 am
totally demonized? it happened one time? >> it happened one time, i guess, so that's okay. doctor don't you think she's been demonized a little too much? >> he's the one with a wife and -- i feel like he's -- oh, rupert. he's the one with the kids and lady. >> has she left him? >> i think so. liberty ross, my favorite name ever, anyways -- i am with child. i'll name my daughter that. >> let's move on to the royals. how are they ever going to stop these pictures? >> i don't know. you can't. it's out there. be happy with it. she looks good. well, i've seen blurred shots. i don't really seek out breasts. so i haven't looked at -- >> they're not in your wheel
10:18 am
house. >> they're not in my wheel house. but the french magazine that released the first photo, because french privacy laws are much more stern, so they can probably get -- they need bucks. but why are you sun bathing nude? you're a big person. >> she wasn't nude. she was topless. in europe, everybody -- >> but if you're going to be the queen -- >> but i feel badly for her. she had been like perfect up until now. many people love her all the more. >> fergie came out and said i feel bad for her. remember, she had her own -- >> she has more. >> that's true. >> let's talk about snl's premiere season. >> it was great. first time doing obama which was really, really funny. >> his voice was uncanny. >> yeah. he's an amazing impressionist.
10:19 am
impersonato impersonator. i don't know. it's not like i write for a living. john mayer performed. >> everything is just blowing outside, man. he is everywhere. >> i know. and congrats to jimmy fallen. >> yes, creative arts emmy. >> good for him.oen. >> yes, creative arts emmy. >> good for him.n. >> yes, creative arts emmy. >> good for him. >> and the real emmys are this weekend. not the real emmys but -- >> oh! and my baby is due in december. >> thank you. okay. syracuse university shows off it spirit making it into the finals of our college challenge. >> and sarah is live on the campus. we'll talk to her after this. hey, where are you going with...this? oh, you don't need it anymore. i don't? no. we got a better way.
10:20 am
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and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb.
10:22 am
we've narrowed down the competent to six universities that have showed us the most spirit. syracuse, ohio state university, the university of tennessee, university of south florida tampa, brandeis, and creighton university. hoda and i will be dropping by
10:23 am
one of those schools in october. you have to vote for your favorite. right now sarah is up at syracuse university home to some 15,000 orange undergrads. that's a lot of orange. >> and they might all be here right now because this crowd is a kathie lee and hoda fan fest. and you better invest in orange clothes fast. and these are actually two of the girls who were tweeting from gamma phi beta. >> we love them every morning. it's just like a religion. and this is just the reason that we thought you should come to syracuse. you look great in orange. >> they did say it was hard to find the orange outfits, so you need more. tell us why they should come here. >> if you get here in the next week, you can beat the snow. but it's great weather. we love it.
10:24 am
>> people may loan you their clothes for the wardrobe change. >> this is orange man. i'm the orange trooper. >> agent orange. >> why did you think that kathie lee and hoda should come visit you? >> i think this speaks for itself. if they come, i may be nice enough to let them wear a helmet, which is a big honor. >> hoda is really careful about her hair, so helmet references are not funny. yeah, careful. why do you think they should come here? >> she referenced the weather. you come here beginning of september, beginning of february, you'll get the same turnout, maybe even more. we're dedicated all year long. >> now, let's hear it from the masses of students right here. they naed to come here. >> look at that, wow. that's an awesome job.
10:25 am
syracuse, we love you. sarah will be at a different school tomorrow. don't miss it, you guys. it's really cool. obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper, i'm getting like, pep-pepper. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, zip zip zip zip zip! i'm literally getting zinged by the flavor. smooth, but crisp. velvety. kind of makes me feel like a dah zing yah woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. woooo! freshly prepared by real cooks [ man ] t-5...4... with our own secret recipes. 3... taste for yourself why fresh is better. 2...1... mission accomplished. try our new freshly hand-breaded original recipe bites today.
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10:27 am
san francisco. he called his family on thursday from denver, but never made his connecting train in chicago on friday. his cell phone and medication an and luggage were found in a sleeper car, but no track of him. coming up after the break, we will look at the forecast and the roads.
10:28 am
welcome back. still seeing cool temperatures around most of the bay except the hill tops.
10:29 am
you can see to the east bay and coastal range. for now, the low clouds around san jose. one reason why is the sea breeze. much cooler than this weekend. inland valleys in the 70s to low 80s. we will have warmer conditions on thursday. mike. another problem for the westbound san mateo bridge. the tow truck had to cross a couple of lanes. you see the flashing lights. chp blocking the access lane on the shoulder. slow here. on the high-rise and peninsula side, a smooth drive. all lanes have been cleared. we have improvements across the span. here at 880, moving smoothly. marla. thank you. thanks for being with us. coming up at 11:00, a few weeks to the playoffs and the a's are getting ready. playoff tickets are on sale. we will have more at 11:00.
10:30 am
today on this fun damon, we're having fun with the students at syracuse university, one of the final ists of the college spirit competition. we'll take you to ohio state university, university of tennessee, brandeis university, university of south creighton university. and now it's time to get schooled on the eight ways women accidentally undermine themselves. sort of sabotaging their own success and how they can stop it. >> tara toe fsophia moore, grea see you again. how did you discover that we
10:31 am
have a tendency to do these eight things? >> i was seeing there were a number of little things that we do, little things that we do, but they have a big impact on how powerfully we come across. >> i think a lot of women are trying to be modest or trying not to sound like they're too big for their britches. >> that's right. we don't want to be not nice, we don't want to come across as too aggressive, so these are things we do to try to mitigate how strongly we're coming across, but it's the wrong way to go. >> two words we should drop, the words just and the word actually. you can put them in a sentence? >> because sometimes those words are appropriate. the party was sully actually ony instead of saturday. but what i'm talking about is i actually have a question.
10:32 am
that makes it sound like we're surprised we have a question. i just think i just want to ask a question, i just did disagree. it minimizes what's coming next, what we're about to say. so we want to let go of both of those. >> it says most women begin a thought by saying they might be wrong, but -- >> exactly. and if you start listening for these thing, you'll hear yourself and the women around you doing them. one is i'm just thinking off the top of my head will here, but. and then you say what you really think. or i know you've all been thinking about this much longer than i have, but. >> so quit apologizing for your opinions basically. >> exactly. we're afraid of criticism or rejection and when we do that, it makes it less scary. >> isn't it sometimes modesty? you know you have a pretty good idea, but you tonight wayou don in like a bulldozer.
10:33 am
>> h >> modesty is wonderful, but women overestimate how often they need to show that modesty. usually we're doing them because we feel afraid or uncomfortable about asserting our voice when really if we just asserted in a straight better way, we'd be better off. especially when we're nervous about something. maybe you're going to talk to your boss or you're giving a presentation. >> can i have a minute, is that okay? >> yeah, you can say that. people say if you have a minute i want to talk to you about -- and it's something really important. or you say i'd like to tell take just a minute to tell you. >> don't make your sentences sound like questions. >> yes. when women raise their pitch at the end of the sentence, i'm so grateful for this opportunity -- >> people talk like that?
10:34 am
>> oh, yeah. >> thank you so much, tara. from words to wallets. why women worry about money and what you can do about it right after this. ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. [ man ] at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. [ female announcer ] and now, try our new chocolate chip cookie 90 calorie brownie. it's called passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment. so does aarp, serving americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp dicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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this is our perdue perfect portions, five chicken breasts individually wrapped so you can use what you want, and put the rest in the refrigerator. this is something even i can cook. i am not a perfect cook, but this is a perfect meal. [ jim perdue ] we believe in a better chicken. you kids almost ready? i've got breakfast waiting for you. wooo! uh oh. what? mom's doing her exercise video again. when mom's on a health kick, all of us are. and now she's made us breakfast. uh oh. [ male announcer ] eggo nutri-grain waffles. you know it's made with 8 grams of whole grain
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and is a good source of fiber. all they know is it tastes great. eggo nutri-grain waffles. on today and he money, whether it's your after school activities or paying for college or retirement, is a survey found
10:38 am
financial fears keep women up at night. so what can you do in here with advice are megan murphy and m.p. dunleavy. welcome ladies. >> 69% says their top fear was lifestyle. i'll never have enough money to go out to dinner, to get my nails done, to really have a life. and then of course providing for our children, you know, losing our job and being homeless, my husband's spending habits get us in the poor house. and then there was that 5% that say i don't worry. >> people don't have enough money even if they wanted to save for a rainy day these days. >> it's a big problem. not saving for emergencies. 71% of the women said that they don't even have an emergency fund. >> and everybody has emergencies at one point or another. >> let's talk about the middle of the night worries. i have some good friends who go
10:39 am
through this. you worry and sweat things in the middle of the night and if you were to say them outloud, just express them, they're not quite as scary. >> exactly. one of the interesting things that came out of the survey is how few women are talking to their friends about these worries. and yet it would alleviate so much anxiety to simply share that concern. >> women usually have a better communication skills than men. >> we're talking about 50 shades, our sex life, our relationship, why you mote yet o taboo. >> why? i think if you brought money up, it's the uncomfortable. like if your husband got a raise -- i think there's always a compare thing that happens. >> you can just say i'm really worry that had i'm not going to have enough to cover my mortgage this month. >> and we wish more women would because the second you talk about it out loud, you ease the anxiety and then you can get support.
10:40 am
>> other than talking it out, i mean, what if you really have -- we're talking about people with real financial concerns. what are some abcs that they can do? >> one of the first things, make a little time. just make a little time for your money. women feel pressed for time. >> what do you mean make time for your money? >> maybe like 15 minutes a week, just set it aside, where you -- >> layout your bills? >> yeah, contempt bllate it, ma think about your goals. >> and budget is a word like diet. but self and daily worth really mapped it out in a way that i can understand. 60% of your income goes to things like paying the rent, the mortgage, the bills. but then there's this 10-10-10 plan. >> yeah, it's really easy. another way to look at it is it's a save to spend plan. so it's not really a budget.
10:41 am
>> 10% for retirement, 10% for long term goals and 10 p% for t unexpected. >> and there's also 10% for fun money. which is what -- if 69% of women are saying i'm not going to be able to lead the life i want to, you can splplan for this. that's your out to dinner and manicure money. >> thank you so much. coming up next, how to look hot in a minivan. if you think occasional irregularity is no big deal, think twice. it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this. with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me!
10:42 am
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[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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10:45 am
remember the days when a pickup line that someone was hitting on you? if you're a mom, it probably means you're in line waiting to pick up your kid outside the school. >> we hit the streets to find every day moms who never thought they would get behind the wheel of a minivan. >> i thought they were very uncool. >> when my husband suggested us
10:46 am
to get a minivan, i was like that's it, my life is over. >> i can definitely looked at minivans and swore it was the epitome of subdivisions and stay at home parents and thought i would never do something like that. >> i never pictured myself in a miniv minivan. i always pictured myself in a ferrari. >> obviously if you're in the market for a minivan, somebody finds you sexy. >> why would i not want one of these hot chassises? when i ride in my minivan, i feel so unsexy. >> i'm very hot in my minivan. >> i'm a suburban mom with four kids. >> now, that's hot. >> oh, that's so cute. >> janice, you have advice for moms getting your groove bac how to look hot in a minivan.
10:47 am
>> hi, lila. >> she is precious. >> she's crazy about you guys. >> it's fun watching that we do the way others may see us. >> i totally relate. we bought one and part of my soul died the day we did it. >> i had my children later in life, i guess i had gone through that phase. is it age relative at all? >> i think it's age relative, but you have this picture of yourself as a certain way and then you buy that minivan and you think that young fabulous part of you you is over. >> people are cruel to women right after they've had babies. a lot of attention on the baby, but you were talking in the back about things that some famous people said about them afterwards. >> yes. i mean, even someone -- hilary duff. three weeks after she gave birth, people are posting on her twitter account that she looked fat. >> you know what's funny, hollywood moms, we wash them get
10:48 am
wash board stomachs weeks later and it's intimidating to every day moms. >> and part of the reason i wanted to do the book was give a reality check. demystify what celebrities do. they're working hard, too. they're professional good looking people. if millions of dollars were on the line if you didn't lose weight, you probably -- >> and they ahave trainers and cooks and everybody to help you along. >> and i talked to all the experts and they tell you what real women can do. >> you've lived the life yourself. clearly with this adorable one, you've been there a few times. >> this is my third baby and you never get used to how you feel or look after you've had a baby. it's really pretty traumatic. and one of the things i talk about in the book is nobody prepares you for what happens to you -- your mother doesn't, your friends don't. people don't talk about it.
10:49 am
i call it the what you didn't expect after expecting part. >> mom-nesia. >> are you more forgettable, it is a real phenomenon. not just you feeling crazy. obviously one of the most surprising things was what happens to your breasts after you have -- >> that's why kate middleton should be happy they got photographs now. >> very good point. all of ours should be immortalized at some point before babies. this happened to me. they shrink, they go away after being done breast feeding. >> and nipples are never quite the same either. your book is filled with a lot of great tips. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming. >> and thank you for bringing lila. come back again. >> we can't take it. already. one thing you may not have
10:50 am
expected after motherhood you can the mess. >> we'll help tackle that mound that's piling up in your kid's playroom. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
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10:53 am
back with our getting organized series. from arts and crafts to toys and books, instead of pulling your hair out, we'll help you pull it all together with advice from parents magazine lifestyle editor. >> good to see you. >> hard to get kids to clean up. hard to get teenagers to clean up, too, but let's start with the kids.
10:54 am
>> we have two rules and it's get things off the floor and pick storage that have doors, cover, lids. and these organizers, these are great because they'll be perfect for the little itty-bitty pieces and they sack themselves. so they feel like a toy and so it will get kids excited to clean up. they start at $5 and go up from there. and then will this is a great organizer for craft supplies because each material can have its own compartment. and you can hang it up. if you want to get the glue and scissors away from younger kid, you have an option to put it up and able. and this is a tool caddie, great for portability. kids can move around them to other rooms or even throw it in the floor. and then these are not built for toy organization, but you also want to think about what else
10:55 am
can you you use. and these are great because they can also be hung on the wall. >> they're flat on the back. >> very clever. >> so then toy chests have come a really long way. >> cute, right? >> this is the storage bin with a top that you want to look for so you can quickly conceal what's inside. and then if you follow me owe into the playroom, we have a chalkboard chest so people have an extra writing service, it doubles as a bench and really functional and moderned and cle. and then you have soft storage. this is a large hamper which is perfect for stuffed animals. and they also have a much making wall hanger. and back to the rule of get things up off the floor. and the animal designs are a adorable and fun.
10:56 am
books. huge problem for parents. so this is the local branch library cart. they can learn to love and respect books from an early age. and it also has room on the bottom for extra storage. >> that's smart. >> and last we have the via toy box. this could be my favorite. a completely modular system. the boxes are sold a la carte and you can choose which panel you want, you can add doors, different shades. you can do anything with it. >> are they stacked or bolted together? >> there's a meg nick nummechan keeps it secure. and this is more part of it. this is one configuration. but -- >> thank you very much. we'll check in one last time with sarah and the folks at syracuse university, one of our six finalists. vote for your favorite. sarah, how is it going there?
10:57 am
>> oh, my gosh. syracuse brought it today. they are excited. there see a sign over here that i need you to see. that one is definitely a guy that has watched the show. but tomorrow i'm off to ohio state. and i cannot wait. so this is so much fun. >> you look like you're having a ball. >> what a great group of kids. tom penn aorro tomorrow penny marshall. have a great fun damon, everybody. get some good sleep tonight. bye. trs ♪
10:58 am
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